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Chapter 32: Epilogue: The Prom

Family Matters

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Warning: This story contains slash.

Epilogue – The Prom

As far as anyone in the magical community knew, Alexander Cullen was dead. According to the e-mails that Marcia had sent the supposedly deceased teen—carefully worded so that no one who happened to intercept them would be able to deduce whom the Witch was corresponding with—a very emotional service had been held for Alex in the Dining Hall of the New England Academy of Magic. She and Eric had cursed themselves so that they would appear to be his heartbroken best friends during the whole affair. Not that they weren't heartbroken over his leaving school; they just couldn't force the level of sadness that was expected of them.

The international press had made a very big deal about his death as well. It wasn't that they cared about him. No one knew that he was born Harry Potter except for a select few; their actions were meant to fool Lord Voldemort and his followers—who were aware of that fact—into believing he was dead. The press was interested in his death because it sent a chilling signal to the world about the Death Eaters' power and made the magical governments of the United Kingdom and the United States look utterly incompetent.

Of course, the truth would be a much better story. An unknown Potter child surviving the Killing Curse just as Jonathan Potter did. A second Boy-Who-Lived.

Over the next week, Alexander just rested and recovered from the physical and emotional wounds of the past school year. It took some time for him to really accept the fact that one chapter of his life had ended. That he couldn't contact the Potters even if he wanted to or hang out with Eric or Marcia anymore. That he'd killed someone, even if it was justified. It was all a bit much to process.

On Saturday night, just over a week after the Third Task, he was wearing another dark suit as he and Edward entered the Forks High School prom arm-in-arm.

"People are staring," Alexander muttered under his breath.

"Jealousy," the mindreader answered.

Alex laughed. "Liar."

"Some of them are jealous," Jasper interjected as he leaned forward to whisper in his mortal brother's ear. Alice giggled as her mate spoke.

"And the rest?"

"You're happier not knowing," Edward answered truthfully. "But that isn't what matters. I'm happy. You're happy. Let's just enjoy ourselves."

"I think I can do that," the Wizard answered as he allowed his boyfriend to pull him directly to the dance floor as soon as they entered the room. "But you need to realize that you can't protect me from their bad attitudes forever, you know." He could see the Mallory and Stanley girls glaring at him viciously.

"It's my job to-"

"You're my partner, not my bodyguard," Alex interrupted as the pair began to sway to the soft music; the vampire's protective routine was getting a bit old. "I don't need protecting from all of the bad things in the world."

"You only need protecting from yourself," the immortal joked.

The pair continued to dance through several songs. Alexander took the opportunity to look about the room and observe the different reactions of the students and faculty members in the room. Most everybody returned to doing other things rather than stare at the pair of boys embracing each other, but a few students were still watching. The pretty and nice brunette—Angela, Alexander believed her name to be—looked a bit pleased at the pairing while the large jock that had been the head of the group of teens in Port Angeles appeared to be very uncomfortable and was trying to look anywhere but at Edward and Alexander.

As he was turned about the dance floor by his date, Alex could also see his siblings dancing. Jasper never looked happier than when he had Alice in his arms and cold and stoic Rosalie was actually beaming as Emmett twirled her about.

Edward pulled his mortal boyfriend close as a slow song started. The green-eyed boy sighed in contentment as they danced. "I could actually learn to like to dance if we keep doing this."

The vampire chuckled as the statement.

Alex's eyes slipped closed for a minute. When he reopened them, he noticed that several students were staring at something, but it wasn't him and his date this time. He followed their collective gaze to the door where a girl in a wheelchair was being pushed into the room by Jacob Black.

"Bella Swan," Edward whispered to his date in answer to an unasked question.

"Do we need to leave?" the boy questioned. With the way her blood affected Edward, he was concerned that the temptation might be too great.

"No. I will be fine as long as I have your delicious scent to distract me."

"And now I feel like an appetizer," the black-haired boy joked.

"Don't say that too loud. Jacob Black has been shooting me glares since he caught sight of us. The last thing we need is for him to become any more worried for your safety than he already is."

"Jake's worried?" the boy asked before looking at his Quileute friend. The boy smiled warmly at him, but his dark eyes strayed to the vampire whose arms Alexander was in.

"Jacob doesn't like seeing us close. He's sizing up the other boys in the room, trying to find a more suitable match for you. He is even imagining you in the arms of a couple of the boys from the Reservation."

Alex frowned. "I should talk to him."

"No, you really shouldn't," the immortal answered. "He's only concerned for your wellbeing. Let him adjust to seeing us together and then talk to him about it later. Also, you don't wish to ruin Miss Swan's evening by fighting with the boy kind enough to take her to the dance; she's had such little joy in her life as of late. Let's just enjoy the moment."

"Alright," Alexander acquiesced. "But there is something I want to ask you about."

"Ask whatever you'd like."

"I love you," the mortal began. "And I've been giving a lot of thought to my future lately. About what I want. And about whom I want in my life. I've reached a decision." He paused for a moment before leaning in and whispering into Edward's ear. "Mom and Dad asked me last summer if I wanted to become a vampire. I told them 'yes,' but I didn't make a decision about when it would happen. I've thought about it, and I want to go ahead and become a vampire sometime during the summer," the black-haired boy whispered.

Edward pulled back and moved both of his hands up to frame Alexander's face for a moment. Then, very carefully, he pushed the mortal's ebony hair back away from his eyes. "Are you sure?"

"Yes. But that was an announcement, not my question. I want to ask you about us. About if, once we have eternity in front of both of us, you'd be interested in spending it with me."

The way the immortal became perfectly still told Alexander that he'd managed to surprise him. After a few seconds—a very long span of time for a vampire and an even longer one for the mortal who'd just made his intentions known—"Are you asking me-"

"To be my mate," Alex finished brightly.

Once the mortal had clarified what he was asking, Edward's reaction was instantaneous. He dipped his head down and captured Alex's lips with his own, surprising not only the Wizard, but every one else at the prom.

"Is that a-" Alexander tried to ask once the kiss ended.

"Yes," Edward answered. "It's a yes."

The duo smiled lovingly at one another before continuing their dance. As they began to move about the floor once more, they could see Jasper, Alice, Rosalie, and Emmett all grinning at the pair.

"You asked, so that means you have to be the one to tell Carlisle and Esme," the vampire jokingly whispered into his mate's ear.

Alexander grinned broadly. "Gladly."