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Eyes Closed Tightly
Chapter one

It was perfect this family was precisely what he had been looking for. The worst sort of human lot he could think of. They all seemed normal and kind but he knew they hid behind a pleasant façade. The overly obese males were cruel and simple. Their thought process not at all intelligent, they loved to hurt others they deemed not normal. In their cookie-cutter world anyone who stepped out of line deserved to be beat down.

Red eyes narrowed in anger as the stick of a woman served the bloated males their dinner. A sadistic smirk twitching at his lips, he couldn't wait. He had to go in there now, he had to disrupt the family's lovely dinner. Create havoc and make them see the world in much prettier colors, the only colors he had grown to love.

With one last fleeting glance the young man stood and made his way out of the bushes. The dark figure crept to the back door, his black trench coat swishing behind him. Reaching out his hand to touch the door handle. Soon the world would be filled with screams. They would bring the silence that he needed to maintain a normal out look to everyone who saw him. The door creaked open and his smirk widened it was too easy, these simpletons would soon be dead for their lack of common sense.

He inhaled smelling the freshly cooked roast beef and baked potatoes set out for dinner. It was heavenly he could almost taste the mouth-watering food on the table. Opening his eyes he was disappointed in seeing only darkness. His stomach gave a grumbling pain, wishing for the food it could smell but never having the pleasure of consuming.

Harry let out a frustrated sigh squeezing his legs closer to his chest as he stared in the direction of the door to his cupboard. He could make out the outline of light under the door. It would do no good to beg to be let out. Last time he had done that, he had to nurse a swollen ankle and bruised head. His begging got him thrown down a flight of stairs.

He let out another sigh then flopped to his side, the mattress under him made a grown and dust settled around him. Closing his green eyes he wished for the darkness to come so that the day would end. Then the screaming started, his eyes opened wide, he sat up eyes fixated on the grate.

He watched them, disgust crossing his visage as the males consumed their dinner. Not once chewing with their mouths shut as they gasped and grunted out words complaining about one thing or another. It was an utterly disgusting display that would hunt him for days to come. He hid himself in a darkened spot in the hallway just out of sight of the dining room giving him the view. He shook his head and then smiled mercilessly.

With that thought he stepped into the dining room. At first he went unnoticed, then the woman looked up her eyes wide and her silverware clanked against the scarcely filled plate. This caused both males to look up, mouths full of food. The larger man stood, his chair wobbling, his large face turned purple. The woman screamed as the dark figure pulled a gun making everyone freeze in fear.

"Sit down please." He smiled eerily at them. The fat man stumbled back almost toppling the chair before he fell into it creaking under the man's weight. The young man walked into the room. Standing at the end of the dining room table, he smoothed a wrinkle in the white tablecloth; he would enjoy corrupting the pureness of the material.

"Wh-who are you?" the woman stuttered then grew pale. The gun swung pointing to her face.

"What an irrelevant question to ask." His voice floated around the room, it was alluring and deadly. "I would think you would have asked 'why I am here?' Or maybe you should say 'please don't kill us', but to ask who I am?" He smirked, red eyes flashing in delight. "I guess I could tell you but I think I will have not you grow attached." He wiped imaginary dust from his coat. "Though I will tell you now, you will be dying tonight." The atmosphere changed in the room. The child screamed as his father lunged from his chair; it took the raven haired man off guard, giving Vernon enough time to knock the gun from the man's hand.

Petunia stood, her chair toppling over and she ran to her son. Grabbing Dudley she covered his eyes as her husband and the younger man fought. She backed into a corner, no way to escape. The intruder fell to the floor and swiped out Vernon's feet causing the large man to fall heavily to the floor. He screamed as the raven grabbed his hair and then a knife from the table. Raising it up his hand tightens its grip. Cold hard dread filled him as he heard the forgotten gun cock. He turned, his red eyes falling on a ten year old standing in the door, his small hands holding the gun and green eyes open in wonder and curiosity.

The raven let go of Vernon and stepped back. Green eyes looked at his uncle then looked back into red eyes. The young man could see the bruises and cuts on the small boy, his clothes too big for the frail and small body they hid. This child was scared but not of him, he noticed the gun had not moved from where he had been standing and now seemed to be trained on the fat man rather than him.

"Boy!" Harry jumped the gun almost fumbling out of his hands. He looked away from the man with strange coloured eyes and focused on his Uncle. "Give me the gun." The fat man's face was turning purple. Harry trembled, the gun shaking. "You know what's good for you boy! Give me the gun!" Petunia held Dudley as Vernon got up; the large man took a step forward making Harry take a step back. It was with this the realization dawned on the intruder. He looked to the small dark hair boy and his blood boiled.

Harry was scared, He didn't know what to do, he held the gun but he still felt powerless as his uncle stalked forward. He could only think about how bad this was going to end if he didn't give the gun to his enraged uncle, how the man was going to beat him to near death. His hands shook and he took another step back, bumping into the wall. His frightened green eyes looked up to the wild red face of his uncle.

"Give me the gun, you freak!" the words echoed, his fingers hesitating on the trigger. Larger hands gently held his. Then in a flash, his uncle's loud booming voice was shrieking in pain, a hand was over his eyes so he couldn't see the knife lunged into his uncle's leg.

"You don't want to be tainted like that, allow me to do it for you. Keep your eyes closed and I'll make your world all better." He whispered into Harry's ear, making him shiver. The hand holding his own tightened reassuringly. "Now give me the gun." The voice was alluring, his hands loosened and the gun was slipped from his hands. He could hear his aunt and uncle screaming at him. It was already too late.

"Good, now keep your eyes closed tightly." He did as was told. The hand was removed from his eyes and he could feel the man leave his side.

There was more screaming. Harry was tempted to open his eyes but he kept them closed. He heard the gun go off multiple times. His aunt made the most noise, screeching. Another gunshot ran through the room and her screams stopped. He could hear Dudley whimper and crying for his already dead mother as uncle Vernon screamed in pain, he was still cursing him with his last breath. Dudley he let off a few high-pitched squeals before gargling and becoming silent.

The man looked at the bloody corpses around him. Smiling in satisfaction at a job well done, he turns toward to the child in the doorway. Leaning against the wall he raised his gun, pointed it at the child. His hand wavered. It would be so simple just to end his life, make the child's pain go away. He looked to the still closed eyes and his hands fell to his side. Walking over to Harry he reached out grasping the child's smaller hands. His eyes flicked beneath the lids.

"Keep them shut, it's time to go." He began to walk but he stopped, as the child didn't move he looked down. His eyes were still tightly shut.

"Who are you?" Harry needed to know before he allowed the man to take him wherever he wanted.

"I go by many names." There was a pause. Harry's hand was grasped tightly then released. "But you may call me Tom, who are you?" he began to walk Harry now walking with him. The child's smaller hand was firmly gripping his. As they left the house through the back door Tom looked down into bright green eyes.



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