Title: Perchance to dream…
Fandom: kuroshitsuji
Author: kira
Words: 300
Rating: G
Summary: Soma, while nursing Ciel back to health, dreams of home…
Warnings: mildly spoilerish for chapters 29 & 30…


Soma divided his time between watching the flames that shone brightly in the fireplace and his little patient, who was fast asleep. H was seated at Ciel's beside, nursing him back to health, which consisted of wiping his feverish brow with a cool, damp cloth. He sighed softly, thinking of all those times his grandfather had done the same thing whenever he was sick. Propping his head up on his upturned palm, Soma stared into the fire. The dancing flames made his lids heavy and it was not long before he was resting his head on the bed, dreaming of India.

It was not his usual dream, the one where an overjoyed Meena would show him just how happy and grateful she was to him for rescuing her. Instead, he dreamt he was on the back of elephant enjoying a tiger hunt. And because he had been so worried about him, Ciel had entered his dreamscape. They shared jellabies and halwa, with Soma spoiling his little friend the way his grandfather would spoil him by stuffing him full of sweetmeats. It was a glorious dream in which they not only caught a tiger, but several deer and an old gaur bull. After the hunt, a huge feast was held. Just when things were getting good, with many barely clad nautch dancing for their entertainment, the firelight shining on the tiny mirrors sewn on what little clothing they wore, Agni woke him.

"Wake up, my prince. You cannot sleep here."


"Yes. Master Ciel's fever broke; you did a wonderful job of nursing him back to health. Mister Sebastian will take over now."

"I did?"

"Yes, now come. I will carry you."

"I'm not a child, Agni."

"True, but you're tired."

"Yeah…" Soma said as he climbed onto his servant's back…