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"Stupid, insensitive InuBaka!" Kagome grumbled in her mind.

She endured hell and high water, Satan coming to earth, the Mayan apocalypse, and Hell had literally frozen over, twice. Not to mention killer, jewel crazed demons and psycho undead mikos out for her blood. Think it couldn't get any worse, right? Wrong! Then she got the memo that Inuyasha, the boy whom she thought she loved and loved her back, didn't so much as care for her anymore!

Kagome remembered when Inuyasha told the group of his intentions to mate Kikyou after Kagome's test. So while in her era she took her time packing and relaxing. While at home she was mauling over how to deal with the stress when a silver haired man showed up and threw her over his shoulder. He drug her through the well kicking and screaming. She was furious with the way he expected her to just up and leave and drop everything in her life at home all for his precious jewel shards. Beating on his back at being treated like a sack of rice, Kagome raged inside He doesn't even respect me as a living being for Christ's sake! After screaming "SIT!" repeatedly, Kagome was finally freed, receiving an icy glare from Kikyou for her efforts.

Her routine consisted of: 1) hearing them in the wood 2) on the disgusting occasion accidentally bursting in on them in the middle of some intense physical intimacies 3) They would insult her mercilessly calling her useless 4) return to camp and attempt to sleep. This cycle repeated for three months, then she finally lost it. Her merciful soul was sent on a rampage at that very moment. Her miko abilities, even though they were not trained well, gained power in exponents to the point it where it could have rivaled Sesshomaru's strength.

On her way to Kaede's home, a boar demon attacked her. It was an ugly black demon with wiry hair and broken tusks. Kayome received multiple gashes on her arms before two arrows took the boar demon down. Hearing a rustling in the bushes, she searched to find the ones near by to find a very cold and scared Rin.

"Oba-san! Rin was so scared! Have you seen Sesshomaru-sama or Jaken-san? " the young girl asked, her bottom lip quivering

"Rin-chan, I'm glad I found you, but I haven't seen Sesshomaru-san."