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With Rin and Shippo

A long howl woke Shippo up a while ago. After tossing and turning for a bit, he decided he couldn't get back to sleep. So he followed his mother's scent to where it was strongest, he drowsily climbed in bed, unknowingly with the recovering Rin. He fell asleep for a few more hours only to be woken up again, this time something kept tickling his nose. He peaked through his lashes and saw something black and silver flecked, and what ever it was 'god it was fluffy' he thought groggily. The next time he felt the fluffiness attack his face, it caused him to sneeze which caused him to fully wake up. When he sat up, he was even more confused, not only did the fluffy not belong to his mother, but some girl was in his mom's bed. Her scent was familiar, sort of , she kinda smelled like Sesshomaru, but somehow like his mom too, that's why he couldn't really tell she was different from Kagome's lingering scent.

Shippo's sneeze woke up the young inu girl, it rung in her newly sensitive ears. Her tail twitched in curiosity. Shippo blinked the sleep from his eyes, then asked " Who are you?!"

"Rin is Rin. Who else would Rin be?"

"No,Rin is a human, you are a youkai. So who are you really?"

Rin sighed,"Rin told you, Rin is Rin and Rin IS human! Who are you? Do you know Kagome nee-san?"Shippo blinked at her, then said

" But you are a demon you even smell like one! Hai, Kagome is my Okaa-san. Do you have an Okaa-san?"Rin teared up at his last comment

"..no. Rin is an orphan. All she has is Sesshomaru-sama... Do you.. Do you think Kagome nee-san would be my Okaa-san?"Shippo turned his head to the side and thought about it "

I think so, but what would she do with Sesshomaru?" Rin look dejectedly at the futon, her eyes widened.

"When did I get a tail? Why does your tail match mine and Sesshomaru-sama?! Are you Sesshomaru-sama's hidden son? Is Kagome nee-san really Sesshomaru-sama's secret wife? Would you be Rin-chan's Ni-San,...since we match now...?"

Shippo just sat there stunned for a few seconds. 'Geez,' he thought. ' I just wanted to get back to sleep..'

"How bout we go in search of some breakfast, we can brainstorm over food. That way I'll be able to think better." He suggested. And thus the two children followed the smell of rice and eggs through the meandering hallways of the Shiro. When they came upon to ten foot doors guarded by similar dogs that guarded the front door, they knew they were in the right place.

'Mmmm food!' was the resounding thoughts between the two pups. They scampered on up to the table set for 10. Two cushions were on a raised dais After a shared look between them, Rin took the cushion next to the right raised one and Shippo took the cushion next to the left raised one.

With Sango and Miroku (Aka a forest about a day's journey from Kagome and Pack)

'Miroku we haven't seen either Kagome or Inuyasha in days. Do you we should just head back to Edo?' Sango had just sat down to the fish Miroku had prepared.

'No, lovely Sango. I can still feel traces of Inuyasha's aura on the wind. He must be close. Besides we need to get Lady Kagome the information from the villages that we've visited.' Miroku thoughtfully munched his fish as he watched Sango cuddle close to Kirara. Sango sighed in agreement, as much as Miroku made her uncomfortable with his pressing manners, he was right. She'd have to live through this for Kagome's sake. At least she had Kirara to keep her company.

Once the remains of breakfast were cleaned up and the fire put out, they both got up and stretched. Kirara, who was now well rested since they had been on foot for the past two days transformed to her bigger self. And thus with Sango in front and Miroku trying to cop a feel behind her on the large fire cat, they set off toward Inuyasha's aura.

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