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I do not know if what I do is for the right reasons. I guess every mech struggles with this at some point in life. However I feel it weigh heavy now on my spark, a pang of hurt and regret I cannot express or alleviate. My pride I suppose. I don't want this, I don't want to be here right now. I cannot do this.

My tanks churn and I lurch forward. I grasp my servo against the rock face of the mountain I am currently situated on and I wait. I know why I've run, why I've chosen this place. No one would find me. No one will know. Perhaps I will die. I turn lifting a servo over my mouth but it does not stop it, my servo falls and I purge against the rock face.

I left a datapad telling them all not come looking for me, that, I have my reasons for leaving like this. I need to be alone as ascend. I hate myself, for what I am doing, for running. I hate what's happening to my body; something I cannot run from anymore or deny.

Fighting the urge to purge again; my servo clamps down against my chassis and I hiss as the pain deepens. I move slowly up but find I won't be going much farther, I can feel the seals breaking in my chassis and the lubricants leaking out between the plates lets me know; I will never reach the top.

Looking up I see a ledge; with a force of will, I didn't know I had left; I pull myself up to it, finding a rock overhang. It's not as good as a cave, but it will protect me, hide me from view. It will keep me covered while I birth the child I never wanted to Sire in the first place. I groan again moving to stand and stagger over to the outcrop moving under it. I trip getting there, but crawl down to take shelter.

With a hiss and a pop; my chassis opens slowly from the left side I feel my bumper splitting in two and craning up over my shoulder joints, the lower panels pull down and wrap around my hips. I'm flying blind right now having no idea what I'm doing. I search every databank I have for the proper files and I just cannot find them. I moan and lay back against a large rock surprised it holds my weight. I never asked for this, I was never given a choice.

The field around the child within me spikes and I open my mouth, a silent scream, my intakes gasp, the labor program is in full swing and my body prepares to eject my youngling into the world. A world that I don't want it to see, and I don't want this world to see it either. I struggle with myself, and wonder if I have the courage of my convictions to kill it. I hate myself, more and more as the moments pass by.

Another surge and I lower my head to my chassis. I wish ratchet were here, but I know I cannot ask for his help in this, I cannot ask for anyone's help. I scream now as the plates shift almost forcing the being out of myself but I know my body will not eject it just yet, I can still feel my systems attached, when they release I will know I have to grab it from my chassis. I can feel the instinct; I know where to place my hands as another scream erupts from my vocalizer.

I have kept it hidden for months now, and I fear I won't be able to keep it hidden much longer. I feel my tank churn and turn purging what's left of the energon in my system out onto the dry ground. Laying back my servo wipes my mouth and I groan my optical shields shutter twice and energon floods over my optics. I can feel the excess running down my facial plates as I cry. I moan and lurch forward suddenly feeling the swell of pain again.

"Here! I found him!" I turn my head and see Prime coming up over the ledge. Our optics meet for a moment and I seal mine shut and turn my head away. I am flooded with sheer panic right now. The fact I cannot do what I had come to do. Birth the child, and kill it. "RATCHET! FIRST AID!" he calls out. I want to close my optics and have him disappear I wish everyone would disappear."Everyone else stay down there." He's rushing to my side now a hand sliding behind me supporting my body. I look up at him apathy in my optics.

"Mirage." He says my name with a quiet reprimand. "Why did you not tell us?" I open my mouth to speak but turn away from him to purge again. The purge hurts worse than my chest as nothing comes up. "RATCHET!" prime's voice is loud and desperate as he pleads for our medic. "We need you NOW!"

Soon I'm surrounded. Ratchet is to my left, Prime to my right, and First Aid sits at my stabilizers. They kneel around me as I lay in a pool of lubricant and energon. Ratchet curses. "Primus…He's birthing…" he said and turned "Get something clean to put the little one in…I don't care if it's a plastic tub…I need something go…" He pushed Aid away, and I watched the small mech as he gives me a sideways look; disbelief. They don't know what they are seeing but they know it's true, the way Ratch is acting I know he's handled this situation before now. I pray to Primus for safety.

Ratchet looks into my optics and I shake my head. "Ok Mirage you're doing great, I just need to start moving lines, and it's going to feel uncomfortable." He looks up at Optimus motioning his servo. "Hold him upright I need to get a better view." Optimus scoots my body upward and I lean back against his chassis, he's holding me. "Here we go I know you're not ready Mirage but we don't have a choice…severing main connection pin. This little one is ready to come out….come on kid…" As the pin fails I feel the tubes detract from metal chamber the child is in. I hear a chatter of noise as my body releases the being from within me.

I grit my dent and scream, finding it distracting as I feel the tug against my systems. "It's out!" Ratchet announces pulling the wet mass into his servos. My hud flashes red, I can't stay awake anymore. As my body falls into recharge, I think I'm glad they found me I could not have done this on my own. If I had I would never have survived. Question is my fading I even want to live?

He sat beside the berth holding the small femme in his hands. Her purring and chirping sounds making him smile softly. "You're sire will be fine…" He tells her slowly running a large digit over her black and blue helm. The smile on the medic's face is an old soft one. Saved only for patients like this.

The little femme's tiny servo reached up fumbling to grab onto the large green digits before her. The smile of the mech holding her; fascinated her as she blinked her optical shields making soft chirring sounds grasping at the digits with her small servos. "How is she?" Prime's voice broke the quiet of the medical bay. Turning the chair around to face the door Ratchet smiled.

"Perfect Prime she's absolutely a perfect femme." Ratchet did not stand he merely looked up to the leader who knelt down beside the chair.

"And Mirage?"

"I've repaired most of what I could of his systems…I'll bring him back online in a little while." Ratchet said softly.

"Do we know who the creator is?" Optimus asked.

"That would be a question for Mirage…I'm not at liberty to say even if I knew…" Ratchet trailed off optics returning to the small creature in his arms "Have you informed the others of his condition?"

"Not yet…I am debating whether to do so or not." Prime sighed. "I don't understand why he felt the need to run."

"Perhaps the creator is among us?" Ratchet looked up and shrugged. He didn't know and that was his way of telling Prime how to go about asking. Optimus looked down at the femme whose optics shifted to look up at him. Her intake hissed and Prime's optics blinked directly at Ratchet; full of concern. "She's fine still expelling the fluid from her vents…" Ratchet reached up a small rag and ran along her main vents and rubbed the lubricant away that was flowing from her mouth. "She'll be free of it in a day or so." He smiled down at her.

"Mirage is?" Prime broached the question quietly.

"He's fine as I expressed before, his systems were just over taxed I am surprised he carried her as long as he did without us knowing, and carrying is not easy." Ratchet intoned "Femmes have an easier time but I've seen mechs like Ironhide carry and not be able to keep the composure that mirage seemed to hold around us."

"I agree…" Prime said "Why was he keeping it secret?" Prime stood and setting his servo on his hips he looked to Ratchet again "Perhaps he did not know, or was not aware."

Ratchet stood clutching the small femme to his chassis "It is unlikely that he would not have known…." He said smoothly. "He was in discomfort for most of the time I'm certain…if not in outright pain." Ratchet shrugged slowly and stepped forward offering the femme to Prime. "He never once came to me, for pain issues or discomfort….he had to have known…he just hid it well behind that noble pride of his."

Optimus lifted her up in his hands and pulled her to his chassis against the glass. The femme touched the chrome lining the glass and chirred at it. Seeing a warped reflection of herself in the chrome she batted at it softly with her little black servos.

"She likes you." Ratchet smiled and turned to Mirage. "He needs more time to recover. I won't wake him just yet and I'll keep her here near him for now."

Prime's nod was slow as he kept his optics focused on the youngling in his hands. He smiled down at her and she looked up at him rolling back in his palm grasping once again at his fingers. "Hello little one." Prime's voice was soft as his finger trailed over her torso. "Welcome home." Was all he said as she chirped up at him stabilizers and servos wiggling.

As my optics open I know exactly where I am. "Where is it?" I try to sit up but a hand forces me back down. "Where is it?" I repeat.

"Your little one is safe." Ratchet ties to assure me, but I am far from assured. I groan trying to shift up to a more comfortable position my chassis burns. "I know I'll get you something for the discomfort." He turns moving towards a berth secluded away from mine. Above it hangs nuts and bolts tied by little wires. Lifting his hand he strokes the small objects and they start to move. He walks away from the berth to retrieve what he was after.

As I sit up I can see my young, resting in a clear containment berth, little black and blue. Its hands trying grasp at the tiny nuts and bolts strung up over it, just out of reach; that Ratchet has set into motion. I look down and sigh resting back and I just stare at it. I don't know what to do, what to say, or how to explain myself. I don't even know if I want it at all. All the fear and pain starts to flood into myself and I seal my optics closed. I was going to kill it. I still don't know how to feel, and this cold indifference makes me feel less like an Autobot.

"Here we go." Ratchet returns to my side and holds a cube to me. "This should make you feel slightly better…I've gave you something about an hour ago to help alleviate the stirring in your tanks. I want you to drink this slowly and try to keep it down." I shift and take the cube in my hands. I look at it and frown. The color is slightly off, and this doesn't make me want to drink it at all.

"It's purified mid grade you need it so drink it." Ratchet instructed and I watch him turn going back to the youngling to lift it up in his arms. I lift the cube to my mouth and drink a sip; it's all I can manage before setting the cube down beside me. The taste is strong. Ratchet walks over holding the youngling pressed to his chassis.

Standing beside me he turns and I roll my head to face it. "She's beautiful Mirage." He tells me, as his optics lock onto her; now I know that it is a femme. I wonder quietly what to call her, and decide I can't make that decision right now. I shake my head at him but look him in the optics, I feel awful and I'm not in the mood to look at it. I don't want it. I need to say it, why can't I say it. "Well…" Ratchet back tracks to set her back in her containment berth. "We'll work on that later huh?" He's clearly talking to her and not me. His finger trails down her body and she wiggles. I turn away. As he returns to my side he motions to the cube "drink more." He instructs and I groan.

"Ratch…I can't." I say "I'll purge." It's the truth.

Ratchet sighs and nods "Not uncommon after a separation." He says softly. "She however…is healthy as a petro rabbit." He smiled and pulled a stool up to my berth. I lay back and sigh. I know its coming that question. "How do you feel?" Well, it's not the question I was expecting.

"Tired." I voice softly. "Sore…Like I'm going to purge…"

"She took a lot out of you and you did a damn good job not letting anyone see it." He says "Why hide it?" He leans forward on the berth and folds his hands under his helm, just a casual conversation.

"I don' tknow…" I say looking away trying to hide the truth. "I didn't think anyone would listen…I just wanted to forget."

"You don't want her?" he shrugged his question even almost in disbelief.

I close my optics I hate this question "I am not sure…I don't feel I am sufficiently prepared." I say softly; again covering up the truth.

"And running to the mountains…to birth her there" He sighs softly touching my servo. "…were you planning to leave her?" there was no malice in his voice or the accusation that I had gone to abandon her. I cringe at the statement, he's caught me."Or did you just not have any idea what you were doing?"

"I don't know." I say softly turning my head "Ratch I was…" I'm distressed now it's eating at my spark. "Ratch…I …" I can't explain myself not right now.

"Frightened I know." Ratch slides his understanding servo to my forearm. "Who's the sire?" He got to the question I feared would have been his first. I close my eyes and shake my head. "You won't tell me?" I shake my head again. "Don't expect Prime to accept that answer Mirage." He says and I shutter my optics shaking my head. I hate myself I hate myself. I feel the urge to purge and feel the churn in my tank. His grasp on my arm tightens and I open my optics facing him "You are going to be alright." Ratchet smiles patting my shoulder. "If this is not something you can handle …we'll work something out." His optimism scares me, and I turn away from him. I can't hide my shame; I note my cloaking device has been deactivated. He's not blaming me for not saying more, but I blame myself, I can't even tell them all the truth.

"I should never have come to earth." I say softly regret floods my vocals.

"Well….drink a few more sips of that and try to get some real recharge." He instructs and I nod rolling my head to the side. In the periphery of my vision I can see him pick her up and hold her, he turns leaving me in peace taking her out of the medical ward, and it's hard for me to focus. I take a few more sips of the bitter energon before I set the cube down. I can't drink anymore, and my systems fall into recharge; It does seem the only safe haven.

Ratchet strode through the command center on his way to the conference room. "Ratch?" Ironhide stopped him moving to his side. "That what I think that is?" The black mech looked down into the hummer's hands.

Ratchet nodded; "Come on I'll explain in the briefing room." Ratchet looked down at the little one cradled in his arm she held onto a single servo digit as he walked and she mouthed the tip of it. Ratchet looked at Ironhide as they walked. "A gift from Primus himself she is so beautiful."

"S'that what all the mess with Mirage was about?" Ironhide looked down into the medics arms. "Hey …" he smiled touching the femme's helm with his blunt index digit. "Oh she's a sparkbreaker ain't she?" Ironhide smiled and pulling his servo back. "Look at those optics…bluer than the sea." He chuckled "one lovely little lady…" He looked up and opened the conference room door allowing Ratchet entrance first.

"She sure is Ironhide." Ratchet looked up meeting Prime's gaze as they stepped over the threshold. "She sure is." Prime crossed the distance toward Ratchet and motioned him to sit in the chair at the head of the table; Prime's chair.

Sitting down slowly, ratchet smiled, holding the small femme in his arms; braced against his chassis they could see her small helm, back, and her servos that clung tightly to the roll bar on the medic's chest. Her blue and black coloring was highlighted by the lights in the room. "Alright…down to business." Optimus said rounding the table. "Mirage left base without permission and headed into the rocky mountains." Prime opened the map to the main view screen behind ratchet. "Unfortunately what happened after that is unusual to say the least. Prowl and I have decided that for the betterment of Mirage, we are dismissing this incident. Ratchet has the remainder of the information."

Ratchet spun the chair back to face everyone "This …little beauty belongs to Mirage. He is her sire." Ratchet held up his servo as servos around the table began to rise. "Let me finish." He smiled looking down at her. "She has no name yet, and Mirage has not said who the creator is." He stood and turned so those gathered at the table could view her better. "A femme…" he smiles. "When there is more information I will let you all know …for now Stay out of medical's recovery ward, Mirage is having a very tough time right now, and until his emotional well being can be sorted out I've asked for no visitors. I will be keeping Mirage and his daughter there for now. Until other arrangements are worked out."

Optimus glanced around the room slowly. "Are we clear?" He asked looking around the table at the group of mechs and femmes who all gave curt nods. "There's nothing more right now, you are all dismissed, report to you superiors." He said softly and turned to Ratchet. Ratchet and Optimus watched the bots leaving. Some of them were smiling and talking about her already, others just left to go about their days. Prowl walked up to Prime with a curt nod.

"Sir" Prowl nodded "Ratchet." He turned his head to the medic and then focused back on Prime.

Smiling Optimus turned and looked down at his second. "Yes?"

Prowl handed a datapad to Prime. "Duty roster sir….I have already taken Mirage off his normal patrols...I'll stick Smokescreen on them for now." He smiled and looked at the femme. "Hello." He nodded to the child but said nothing else to her.

Optimus looked over the list before signing off and handing the datapad back. "there you are…thank you prowl."

Ratchet looked up at Prime with serious optics as Prowl made his way out of the room. "We need to discuss Mirage." Ratchet sat back down in Prime's chair and Optimus took the seat beside it. "He's fine, physically but emotionally I'm not sure if he's ready for her…I have a sneaking suspicion he was going into the mountains to leave her to die."

"What are we to do?" Optimus asked softly reaching out taking the little femme out of Ratchet's hands. Her vents yawned and Optimus pressed her to his chassis. "He doesn't want her?"

"I'm not sure…he's confused for sure, he says he doesn't know what he wants, and he won't give up the name of the Creator." Ratchet shifted drawing one leg up over the other leaning back crossing his arms over his Torso. "I'm more than worried about him…this doesn't feel right…I've never seen a Male Sire…or a Female creator not want their young….lest ….they weren't given a choice in the matter."

Optimus nodded figners playing with the small femme as she tried to grasp on to them. A digital cry when she could not. Optimus smiled and gave the finger to her freely, this silenced her and she clung to it before drawing it close to mouth it quietly. "I am worried about the both of them." Optimus said softly. "Would you like me to speak with Mirage?"

"You or Jazz would be best." Ratchet smiled. "Someone, anyone, …he just doesn't want to talk to me." Ratchet shook his head and sunk back in his chair "Got himself plugged and didn't want to deal with it so he pretended he wasn't …and now…" Ratchet didn't need to go on.

"Despite how Mirage feels the little one will need a name, and to be cared for." Optimus said firmly.

"I am going to handle her care for now Optimus, she's very small and medical is the best place for her now, but when she gets bigger I can't." Ratchet sighed.

"I understand my friend." Optimus noted. With a sigh Optimus stood still holding the youngling to his chassis. "Perhapse if you let him feed her…something anything …" he suggested "At least have him pick a name…we cannot continue to call her Little one." The leader sighed quietly and smiled watching her in his hands, she was already wrapped around his spark.

"I'll see what I can do…I can't make promises, he still won't look at her." Ratchet said "However to do that..." Ratchet stood up and stepped forward. "you must give her back to me." A quirk of a smile played of the medic's lips "Softy." Optimus smiled at the jab and nodded.

"I suppose I am." With his final statement he relinquished the femme back to the medic's waiting arms and watched them leave. He wondered for a moment what would become of them all, what was going to happen. This was the last thing he expected to have to deal with amongst his ranks. Turning he hit his comm. "Jazz will you join me in the conference room please?"

"Sure Prime …on my way." Jazz's extra chipper voice was the response he met and prime took his seat to await the arrival of his third in command.

I don't feel the pain I felt before as my optics come online; sitting up quickly I look around. "Whoa Raj.." I turn my head and see Jazz sitting beside me his hands pressing my chassis back to the berth."Yer not ready for that."

"Sir." I nod slowly laying back as instructed.

"How do ya feel?" he's got a smile on his face and his presence brings me peace. We've been friends a long time, he's my senior officer.

"Like hot slag." I say softly than lay back exasperated "Primus when can I go back to my quarters?"

"When you and the lil'one are ready…you aren't ready." I turn my head to him. "You really should hold her once." He says to me and I turn my head back to face the ceiling. I'm going to purge. "She's beautiful…kissed by Primus himself." I look back at him and nod.

"Fine…" I cave anything to get him to shut up, it's just holding her right, that can't be all bad. I'm still scared as pit to even consider it.

"Excellent." He's excited as he turns to the small containment berth beside mine. I watch as he carefully lifts her out and moves to lay her against my chassis. She's recharging and I lift my hand holding it over her back so she doesn't' slide. "There ya go." Jazz smiles at me "She's so beautiful." Though my hand is on her he's petting her helm with his finger and I just don't know what's wrong with me, why I don't feel anything for her. I don't love her like I should, honestly I could care less.

"You all keep saying that…" my voice is broken and I don't know how to feel looking down at her, she looks so much like myself, and the creator; it's a wonder they haven't guessed the sire by just looking at her. I sigh and so does she. I don't believe she's beautiful, I think she's horrid.

"Hey this is something you have to face man; you can't just run from it." Jazz's words sear into my mind and I shake my head. I want to lash out at him but I don't.

"I'm not ready for this." I say softly shaking my head trying to offer her back to him.

"No one is…usually." Jazz smiles as he touches her small servos. He holds her to my body and I can feel her spark beating against my own, they are almost synced. "We're all here to help ya man." Jazz flashes that smile "Promise." I don't want to listen to this slag anymore.

I sigh softly "I'm so scared…I can't do this…get it off me."

"Sure ya can." He chuckles laying his head down on the berth watching her small form and still petting her. "how about we start with a name for the lady?" He's not removing her.

"I don't want to name it." I say firmly.

"Fraid to get attached huh?" Jazz asked and I nod. I am not going to lie to him, I'm scared to pit. He waves his hands "Ok better idea…I'll get a list of names from everyone on board…kay..and we'll choose the best name from that list…that way…everyone is helping and has a say."

"I uh." Anything to get him to take it off me and leave me alone. "Alright…I'll choose from a list." I say softly just to shut him up.

"I'll help you…." He smiles "we'll figure this all out little lady I promise." He tells her with such honesty.

"Really take it now I cannot do this." I utter and slide her toward him across my chassis. "I just…can't"

Jazz nods quietly lifting her up against his chassis and he stands holding her "keep calling her 'it'." He frowns and takes a deep intake of air. I know when my commanding officer is mad, and he's madder than the pit right now. Jazz moves setting her down in her berth upon her torso plate.

Turning back to me with worried optics and I know I've been had. His face is serious as he folds his arms across his chest "you were forced." It's a statement but also his realization of the truth. I choke and look away energon starting to stream out my optics.

"Jazz." I hold up a hand and try to stop him."I don't want to talk about-"

"Who forced her on you?" jazz is livid and I seal my optics shut and shake my head. I feel my tanks fighting me, guilt, oh the guilt.

"No…" I won't answer I can't and my body temp rises setting off alarms on the medical berth. Ratchet storms in from his office. Rushing to my side checking my vitals, I seal my optics shut, to block them both out. I wish I was dead. I want to die.

"Alright calm down." He orders and I panic I can't look at either of them. I struggle on the berth unable to keep still.

"Mirage!" jazz says "WHO WAS IT?" he demands servos grasping my shoulders pressing me down onto the berth.

"JAZZ THAT'S ENOUGH!" Ratchet is sedating me I can feel it and my hud flashes red again and I fall into recharge. I hear the femme chirr but nothing more as blackness over takes me, I see his face, it's Creator's face; I wish I was dead.

Ratchet sighed as Mirage went offline. "What was that for!" he demanded. "He's in enough distress without you coming in here screaming at him…"

Jazz's smile is gone and the serious face that Ratchet now perceives gives him the slightest hint of fear. "He was raped." The words roll off the spy's vocalizer like a knife in the air. Turning to look sadly down at the youngling as she slept, he wondered who could have done this to Mirage. "No wonder he doesn't want her…or feel like she's his." Jazz frowned and reached down lifting the little one back up in his arms and turning her recharging face to meet his optics. "But that isn't your fault little lady…no…that isn't your fault."

Ratchet's plates paled. "Optimus and I were trying not to think that was what was going on." ratchet sighed and lowered his head optics drawn down to the floor as the next question is asked. "When do you think it happened?"

"I'm not sure…but we're going to find out…get me your best medical guess as to when she was sparked." Ratchet nodded and turned moving back to his office. Jazz lifted his comm. "Prime and Prowl to medical ASAP." He said over his comm. He got confirmation pings from both and waited holding the blue and black beauty in his hands against his chassis. "Primus this is all slagged up now."

Ratchet never felt his office could feel any smaller than it did right now. Optimus had his head down contemplating the statement from Jazz. Prowl hand a servo over his mouth and was unable to speak. Jazz leaned against the door to the office and sighed "I don't know what to do Boss bot." The femme was clutched to Jazz's chassis still. Holding onto him in her recharge against his warm spark.

"Ratchet?" Optimus looked up.

"I don't know Prime …on Cyberton the little one would be taken to the hatchery and given to a family….the only thing I can suggest is that we send Mirage to another Autobot outpost."

"And what of the femme?" Prowl asked "We're at war…"

"She's safe here…" Ratchet said "We'll figure something out."

Prowl looked up "I may know who the creator is…"

Optimus blinked "and how would you know something like that?"

"She looks like Doubledealer…" he sighs "Remember said he would fight for us, then the cons offered him big guns and he flip-flopped sides?"

Ratchet's optics widened "her helm…"

"She's blue and black and is the Spitting image of Doubledealer." Prowl said standing forward he looked at all of them. "First off, we're going to remove the Femme from Mirage…he's troubled enough …and she's not helping him heal, she's making it worse for him, he's reliving it every time he sees her."

"Agreed and done." Ratchet didn't need to be told twice.

"Second…we're gonna get in touch with Ultra Magnus, Ratch is right she is safer here, so we'll send Mirage to Magnus; he can protect him and has the compassion to deal with this kind of thing."

Optimus nodded "Agreed." He looked at the three around him not sure where to go next.

"I think we should call her WildWake." Jazz smirked moving onto a happier ideal.

"No." Ratchet held up his hand "Absolutely not."

Optimus smiled "Crosshair?" he asked and met with Prowls shaking head.

"Perhapse we should wait." Prowl suggested.

Ratchet stepped forward and sighed looking out the Plexi wall to the small berth where Mirage lay. "Slickdrift."

The other three mechs looked at each other "Slick…"Jazz smirked and it swelled into a smile. "Not bad Ratchet…" Jazz looked down to the femme in his hands a finger sliding over her helm. "Slickdrift." He smiled. "We going glyph her now or later?"

Ratchet laughed "I'll put the glyphs for that name on her later." He smirked "once we find a parental unit." He says "Who would also get her Glyph and she the partents." He said walking up to Jazz touching her helm. "She's so small." Ratchet frowned. "Who will it be?"

"Not I." Prowl backed up leaving Ratchet Jazz and Optimus standing in the middle of the room. Ratchet stepped back.

"I care for the youngling but I am always needed here…I can watch her but I cannot take full care of her." He admitted.

Optimus and Jazz looked at one another blankly. "Prime I …"

Optimus held out his hands taking her from Jazz to clutch against himself. "I could never say no... to an Autobot." he said cutting off Jazz's speech. "I will care for her. That said, However, I will need help from all of you." He said, and every head nodded.

"Yes sir." Prowl said. "Shall I come up with a schedule?"

"You'd do it even if I didn't ask." Prime smiled and held her up closer to the glass of his chassis. Her optics fluttered but she stayed in recharge mouthing at his fingers that rested against her torso. A servo digit running across her helm. "Slick…" He said affectionately. "Why do I have a feeling this name is going to be a cause for problems later?"

Prowl lifted his datapad already typing out schedules "Don't know Prime, but she's already wrapped around your servos." He smirked as he made his way out the door. Jazz backed up following him away leaving Ratchet and Optimus.

"Well….welcome to parenthood Prime….let me hook you up with some information and data files. You've never had one so young before…" Ratchet said turning to his desk.

"That would be …beneficial." Optimus nodded looking down at her recharging form and wondering if this was one of his better ideas or the worst one yet.

The small being moved in his palm turning her face to him her optics fluttered open and she chirred softly up at him. "Hello Slick….I'm your Sire." He replied softly lifting her up closer to his face to look her over more carefully. "I promise to protect you, defend you, and care for you…and you…" Knowing full well the child didn't know what was going on either way; he voiced his mind. "And you….are wanted."