The Truth Revealed

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Chapter 1

I sat uncomfortably in my seat. Why was I doing this now? I should have done this years ago. There were two separate times in the past ten years I should have returned to Port Charles, but instead I stay in France. I think I stayed for my child. That's right; I have a child, a daughter. I named her Nicole Laura Lewis. She was named for her father and grandmother, yet I tell her that her 'father' and I just like the name. Her 'father' is my husband Aaron Lewis. Since I never had Nicole's real father give up his parental rights (considering he doesn't know she exists) Aaron can't adopt her, although I know he wants to.

"Scared, Becky?" Aaron asks.

"Not really." I replied, "Okay a little, I mean I wasn't exactly being begged to stay."

Aaron smiled, that smiled that always makes me melt, "Do you feel guilty?"

I lowered my eyes, "Do I ever not? Will everyone ever forgive me for the way I treated them?"

"You weren't exactly yourself." Aaron explained, "If you tell them exactly what and how everything happened I'm sure they'll understand."

"How are they going to understand when I hardly understand everything myself?" I wondered.

Why was I returning now? Simple Nikolas Cassidine and Elizabeth Webber are getting married. I wasn't invited to the wedding or anything, but I felt the need to return home. I should have returned before this. Edward Quartermaine after suffering multiple heart attacks had a stroke about three years ago and never fully recovered. Lucky Spencer got addicted to pills and alcohol, and one night two years ago with his little sister in the car, drove into a tree. His sister Lulu was fine, a little banged up, but Lucky hit his head and to this day remains in a coma. Some other little things happened, Jason Morgan and Sam Macall after several breakups finally got married about eight years ago, yet got divorced two years later. They have since dated other people. Sam was dating Lucky before his accident, and according to what Aaron found on the internet, she is still devoted to him, and actual began studying to be a nurse so she could remain by his side. Ethan Lovett-Spencer dated several different women before dating Kristina Davis, which drove her mother Alexis crazy. That didn't work out so he found some chick named April who worked at Jake's and they got married and left Port Charles.

"Maxie had a baby." Aaron's voice interrupted my thoughts. He was typing on his laptop, "Port Charles police commissioner Mac Scorpio's daughter Maxie Jones gave birth late last night to a girl Georgie Samantha Spinelli. The baby's father Damian Spinelli said 'We named our daughter after Maxie's sister who is no longer with us and our best friend.'"

I sighed, "Babies just keep coming. Liz and Nik had a baby too, remember?"

Not to long after I had Nicole, I found out Nikolas and Elizabeth had a little girl of their own. They named her Emily Angel Cassidine. I know exactly why.

"You're still not happy about that are you?" Aaron asked me.

I pouted, "You know why…it all has to do with what happened twelve years ago."

Aaron leaned back in his chair, "She's insane. We all know that." He grinned at me, "At least something good came out of it. It led you and me back together."

I smiled as I looked over at my little Nicole, who had fallen asleep almost as soon as we took off. "Yes, it led me back to you."


I stood quietly on the docks of Port Charles. How many times had I stood in this same spot in my lifetime? I was a little nervous. This is a spot between many places in Port Charles, anyone I once knew could walk right by and notice me.

Although Aaron told me I was stupid for doing this I tried to change my appearance when I came back in an effort to hide myself. My hair which was long and brown is now short and blond. Aaron tells me that changing my hair colour and style is not going to hide me, just make me seem like I got attacked by Tyra Banks for 'America's Next Top Model.'

I moved over and sat on one of the benches and turned my face to the sky. "Hey, Sis, have I done the right thing? I wish I knew you better. Don't worry, I promise I'm going to make everything right again. They won't hate you anymore."

That's right. I had a sister; a twin sister who I never knew existed really until after her death. I'm glad frequently that we were identical, so at least I knew what she looked like. Just like me. Long brown hair, beautiful brown eyes (So Aaron tells me,) fair skin, and a bright smile. I often wonder what she was really like as a child.

I stood up and nearly slammed into a young girl with brown hair, "Hey, watch it." She said, "You could hurt someone."

"Sorry." I muttered. She looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn't quite place a name to a face.

"You new here?" she asked.

"Sorta. I was here before, but I've been gone for awhile." I answered.

"I bet you know my cousin, Nikolas than. You here because of the wedding?" she asked.

I glanced up at her. It must have been Molly Lansing, Kristina Davis's half-sister. "In a way."

"You look rather familiar." Molly told me.

I figured that Nikolas still kept a picture on his mantle. "You probably knew my sister." I noticed the boat I had been waiting for had pulled up to the dock. "Maybe I'll you around."

As I got on the boat, Molly cried, "Wait, who was your sister?"

I didn't answer. I just couldn't. One problem if I said either name she would call Nikolas and tell him I was coming. I'm absolutely sure he doesn't want to see me. Then again, he might want to see me, just I'm not the me he remembers.


Wyndermere looks the same way it always had. As I opened the door, I noticed a few different things. I guess Elizabeth had some decorating done, for her.

As I stood there I wanted to hate Elizabeth, I really did, but I couldn't bring myself to do so.

Before I walked into the main room, I pulled out a picture of my twin that I always keep with me. I never leave the house without it. I kissed the photo, "Don't worry sis, I'll make everything right again."

I walked right into the main room, where I caught Nikolas staring off into space. "Nikolas?" I asked.

Nikolas turned to look my way. He narrowed his eyes. "Do I know you?"

Did I really look that different? "I should hope so. Nikolas it's me Emi…I mean it's me Rebecca. Rebecca Shaw."

Nikolas stared at me, "Are you insane? I could have sworn I almost heard you say your name was Emily."

I blushed, "Maybe because my name was Emily."

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