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I don't know why Elizabeth wanted to see me before the wedding, and I mean in the church. I left Aaron and Nicole with my family in the church while I went off in search of Elizabeth.

After asking I found her. I couldn't deny how beautiful she looked. Her dress of course was pure white, and strapless. It had an empire waist making her look a little taller then she was. Her brown curls were covered by her lacy veil. "Emily, I'm glad you could come."

"But you didn't want Rebecca." I replied.

"As you well know, Rebecca and I didn't exactly get along." Elizabeth grinned, "In fact I have something to ask."


"Okay, my sister was supposed to be here, but for some reason she couldn't be here. So could you take her place?"


"As my maid, well I guess you'd be matron -of-honour. I have her dress and you two are about the same size."

"Uh…" was the best response I could come up with.

"You seem shocked." Elizabeth said with a small smirk on her face.

"You hated me."

"I hated Rebecca, I never hated Emily. She was…is my best friend."

I picked up the dress she wanted me to wear. "I would be honoured to be a part of your wedding."

This is the way I always pictured things. Of course I always thought I'd be the one marrying Nikolas, but if it wasn't me I'd want Liz to be the next choice.

After the service Nikolas pulled me aside, "I can't give up my rights."

"Nikolas, you'll be able to see her, now that I have to come back, but Aaron really wants to adopt Nicole, and he can't unless you sign away the rights."

"Must you return to France?"

"Yes. We established a life there, we have jobs and things. Plus Nicole has school and a lot of friends."

"You could get jobs here. Plus Nicole is the same age as Angel, and Emma and Josslyn are only a little older than her."

"Maybe next year. For now we need to go back."

Nikolas's eyes began to tear, "I missed you, the real you, Emily."

"I figured as much. You told me, Rebecca."

"At first I tried to make you her. I mean her you."

"The problem Nikolas is that you never tried to see Rebecca for who she really was, you just saw me as a replacement for the girl you lost."

Nikolas looked at me, "Okay I'll sign the papers, but I do still want to be a part of her life."

"You always will be. I can't keep her from you now that she knows the truth." I grabbed Nikolas's hand, "I really did love you. At a time I really loved you."

"Me too."

(One Year Later)

"Where's my great-granddaughter?" Edward mumbled

"With her sister last time she called." I replied.

I had kept my word to Nikolas. Aaron, Nicole, and I had returned to Port Charles only a few weeks ago. I once again am working at the hospital. I just feel so like at home there.

My relationships with my friends will never be what they were. I still feel closest to Lucky, Liz and Nikolas, but we can't be what we were. Lucky is slowly recovering, doctors say there is a long road but he's strong. I feel that Liz and Nikolas want me to be the same way I was when Diego killed Rebecca, but I can't.

Aaron's memories are returning being here. If I had known that would have helped I would have returned years ago. Nicole loves it here. She spends more time with Angel then any one of us. I guess she adores having a sister that's practically her age.

Jason is the hardest to deal with. He constantly wants to see me, yet cannot bring himself to come to our house, since for now we are staying at the Quartermaine's. Jason still is not exactly a family person.

"When she return?"

"This is a Nikolas weekend, she'll be back Monday morning."

Grandfather pouted. He looks like a child when he does that.

I shook my head and wandered outside. I made the right choice. This is home.

I…Emily Sakura Quartermaine-Lewis was officially home.