Author's Note: Hey all Fruits Basket fans. I've been a fellow fan for over 2 years now. That's still kind of new compared to the rest of you probably. I finally listened to the recc ads and gave it a try one day, and instantly I fell in love. Now I'm another one of the tons of knowledgeable fans lol

Now before getting on to the story I have to say a few things. Despite liking the manga, I must say I loved the anime storyline better. And no it's not just because of Akito; although that's one of the reasons lol. I just love how they portrayed all the characters there, so that's one of the reasons I decided to write a fic. Not only for Akito/Tohru purposes, but also to give my version of a Akito/Tohru story that picks up after the anime ended. So it's very much like other fic authors out there.

So yes in final this fic is Akito/Tohru. Not Kyo/Tohru or Yuki/Tohru although I do love those pairings too, just not absolute.


I don't claim to be a awesome perfect fic writer, so there might be some grammar mistakes here and there, this is because I don't have a BETA. So I appreciate comments about some errors missed, but please NO FLAMES! This will be my first Fruits Basket fic, and the pairing itself is not even canon(although the last episode seemed likely ^^)


-Shigure Household-

Tohru had lost track of exactly when was it that fateful day when Shigure, Hatori, Yuki and herself paid Akito a visit. To what started as a tense climatic experience it ended as a silent revelation of Akito's deep inner turmoil. When they left the Sohma estate that day neither of them uttered more of the experience, and to what Tohru thought; to everyone else it seemed that it never occured.

It was because of this Tohru didn't even mention or bring up anything Akito related; for the fear of bringing up something unwanted. In her heart though, she secretly had frequent flashbacks of the event. Everything from the look of Akito's hurt face when he uttered the words "they didn't even ask me", to the shocked expression after Tohru consoled him, all leading to the indescribable expression when he released his strong grip on her, and backed away.

Tohru shot up from her bed quickly. Anyone seeing her would think she had just had a nightmare, but the reality was she didn't. It was yet again a recollection of the event at the Sohma estate. Tohru quickly passed her fingers through her locks, slowly gripping some and sliding them through her grasp. She remembered how tightly Akito had yanked at them that day, she also clearly recalled the pain she felt as he pulled and pushed. For some reason however the memory of him slowly releasing his grip and the look of his glassy eyes always won over the pain of the memory.

To anyone else it would've been the perfect nightmare, but to her; Tohru Honda it wasn't, she didn't know what it was exactly. Was it pity? Was it sorrow? She didn't know what she thought still of the mysterious young Sohma head. All she knew was surprisingly she didn't hate him. The real question was though, did he still hate her?

-Sohma Estate-

It was a beautiful morning at the estate. The Cherry Blossoms were still blooming, the greenery still bright green, and overall the outdoor scenery looked like a paradise. To any outsider, they would be envious and marveled at the view, and grand size of the buildings, if only they knew the darkness beneath it. If only they knew that the beautiful people both men and women with the Sohma name were cursed. No one knew, no one knew their pain, no one could ever understand except the Sohmas themselves. At least that's what Akito Sohma had thought before that outsider, that normal naive seventeen year old girl changed his thoughts.

How could a girl so plain looking, so airheaded looking change him, the Sohma head, the God of the Chinese Zodiac of all people. He refused to believe it, a person he despised so much could change him. Make him go back on his actions, his threats. As he recalled that day, he at first felt like ripping her hair out. He wanted her to suffer, to teach her a lesson she wouldn't forget for playing around with his pets. He wanted her to suffer as they all suffered. In the end it wasn't so, he let her go, and worse yet he couldn't even speak up afterwards. He was left speechless by the incomparable twit, with those bright teal eyes that were wide with innocence. A fool of a girl that stammered and blushed when he came to visit Yuki and the filthy cat's school. That idiotic miscreant that always wore those two childish looking blue bows...or were they yellow...

Akito woke up with a start, it had been a while he had a dream. In fact he couldn't even recall him having a dream in years. What did he have to dream about? For one night, unnoticed to everyone, he'd slip away in death. Instead of everyone holding a funeral they'd party, for the curse would be much easier to lift with him gone, or they'd all go one living normal lives, thankful that he died. Which is why until that day came, he'd wanted to hold his cursed pets close. Have them know just how they are dealing with, before laughing at his grave.

As he unknowingly balled his fist into his futon, along with it coming a headache; he remembered his dream. Why had he been dreaming of that girl of all people. His first dream in ages and it was of her. He didn't know if it was his fury or not, but all of a sudden he felt blazing hot, and needed air. He slowly sprawled out of bed, and crawled towards the shoji door. As he slid it open, he lay out on the veranda porch, and lay on his side. His ebony hair twirling in the breeze, his shortness of breath returned gradually to normal.

Soon a small white sparrow bird perched himself on the bird baths drinking water. Taking a few drinks, it flew closer towards Akito's laying body.

Not bothering to move, his bangs obscuring his eyes, he spoke up. "Dear dear, did Hatori send for you. I have nothing to tell you, except you may tell Hatori to not bothering checking up on me today. It'll make his job much easier if he just leaves me to die. It is after all what you all want."

The bird moved closer to him landing on his thigh, resulting in a sudden slap from Akito. "Don't you hear me? GET OUT!"

As the bird flew away, Akito looked at the entrance gate of the estate. The walls were high enough to hide any view of outside. He knew though beyond those gates, was that wretched girl continuing to live with the mangy mutt, the filthy cat, and Yuki. A girl living with three single young men, that does not even sound innocent at all. How does she even get by, as pure hearted when she shares a home with men; two being her own age. Surely a home filled with teenage boys is filled with testosorone and hormones. How haven't they expelled her from school yet?

Wait why did he care about this? He knew with their curses they couldn't get that close to her. Why was he even thinking about it in the first place?

"I want to know you Akito, please tell me how you feel; because right now Akito you're alive."

Akito clutched his head. He hadn't the slightest idea as to why her words kept coming to his mind. The most likely reason must be because he doesn't want her to take away his Yuki and everyone else away from him. "Yes that must be the reason" He said aloud, assuring himself. There could be no other reason then that.

Author's Note Ok this is more like a prologue starting chapter then an actual chapter. I just wanted to give you all a feel for my story first. I'm pretty proud of it so far, but strangely my prologues are always better then the story itself. Hopefully though, this fic will be different.

I'd like to add to everyone before getting a review/comment that it's common with lots of Akito/Tohru fics. Akito's gender is never revealed as being a woman in the anime. Being given a pure male voice in both the English and Japanese versions of the anime, and a extremely flat chest, not to mention different actions towards the other Zodiac members "cough Shigure cough" it is left up to the viewer either to accept him as the anime portrayed him as a male, or for diehard manga fans to look at him as he was in the manga. Comments in reviews such as "Akito is a GIRL" will be ignored, and deleted because I do in fact know this, but like I said earlier this fic is based on the ANIME not the manga.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed my prologue so far, and

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