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In a secluded residence, walled and excluded apart from normal society; the usual quiet surroundings were riled up and tension filled the area. A group of young men were crowded outside on the one of the buildings many verandas.

A grey haired young man rubbed his temples as he was still riling up his hidden anger and disbelief; whileas his friend with stark white hair tried to ease his tension by giving his shoulders a shake.

Shaking his head slowly while not moving his current position, he finally spoke. "All this time and Akito had her trapped here; here out of all places. How couldn't any of us have noticed?"

"Yuki don't blame yourself, who would've thought she was here. She's still alive, and safe; the search is over, all we need now is to find a way to get her out of here." His white haired friend said as he removed his arm from his friend's shoulder.

"That good-for-nothing Akito; you call this safe! She's trapped here where we're supposed to be. This torture is meant for us not her. She doesn't need to go through this heap of trash. What's worse, she was...was...pregnant! I don't even want to imagine exactly what Akito has done to make her suffer. There's no way she's willingly staying here for this." A hot-headed teen said as he clenched his fists, and kicked a wooden post. "Just think we were in school, while she was here...arggh" He punched the post, resulting in him stroking his knuckles in pain seconds after.

"Kyo darling, you're not helping anyone here by saying that!" A college-aged girl said as she punched him in the back.

"Akito must have forced Hatori and Kureno not to say anything, but Shigure, what was Akito saying to you when you found him before we did? Did you get to talk to Tohru?" A blonde German younger teen said to an older mid-twenties man who was further away from their group conversing to a similar aged man with long silver hair, and another young man with his caramel colored hair tied into a low ponytail.

With a shrug of his shoulders, he replied. "Not much, just plain old Akito babble. He didn't want me or any of the rest of us near Tohru...or else."

As soon he finished his sentence, the mentioned young man appeared from the nearby shoji door that had suddenly just opened. "Well said Shigure, I guess dogs really do need to be disciplined for obedience." He said with a cold smirk, as he then eyed the rest of his zodiac.

"Well, well, having that girl here really does bring you all back. If it weren't for her I would have to leash you all up, and drag you to come back to the place you belong." He said as he looked at them all with a menacing glare. As he expected, none of them dared to speak of him in his presence. Just as he had always known, his pets were indeed cowards.

"Anyone else, have something to say of me...hmmm...anyone. How about monstrous cat? It surprises me you actually dared to enter the Honke, with your short time left. Very bold and daring you've gotten I've see; I have to inform Kazuma, or perhaps your new female acquaintance has something to do with it." He said as he walked towards the cursed cat, who was trembling as he held back a much wanted outburst.

"Not every girl out there is enough of a blind idiot to accept your other form like your first lucky chance. It's only a matter of time, before she and everyone else at Kazuma's dojo reject you for the disgusting, revolting monster you truly ar-"

"Akito, stop this!" A voice shouted out that caused everyone at the area to gasp slightly except for one, who just narrowed his eyes and turned towards the one who spoke.

"Another achievement actually do dare to speak against me now. Another one of your lessons from your therapy studies at your oh-so precious university. Tell me, since it's been so long since we last talked just between you and me. How is it going? I hear you have a chance on being nominated most-likely to succeed on your high school graduation. Are you going to be chosen for valedictorian as well, that is if you're actually good enough for that?"

Yuki stood up slowly, slightly trembling, as inside his heart was pounding against his chest from fear. Normally he would be the last to dare to talk back to Akito. That was usually in Shigure's calling. This time though...this time it was different. He wasn't going to just sit around and let Akito get his way.

"This is different Akito."

"Of course it is, I have no need to talk to you in front of the rest of these useless animals. All I want is the lucky rat. Hatori." He replied as he summoned the dragon who had been standing behind him alongside Kureno. The young doctor stepped forward motionless at Akito's calling.

"Both Kureno and yourself, take care of this; you know what to do." He said as stepped back into his room with Yuki following slowly behind.

Now that they were alone in the closed room, Akito walked slowly around the room, waiting for an outburst he knew was to come. He sneered as he shook his head. "My little lucky rat, back here again in my room. It brings memories, memories of when you were first brought to me by your parents after the hound deserted me. I must say, you were definitely more entertaining then he ever was."

"What do you want with Tohru. Where is she, what have you done to her? Let her go Akito, she has nothing to do with our curse. She's not a Sohma, she shouldn't be mixed up in our business. We are your zodiac, it's only us that you command and control. Tohru is just an outsider, she's nothing to you." Yuki spoke up despite his voice being a bit shaky; he was still determined to say what he wanted.

Akito twisted his lip in disgust. "Nothing to me, she should be nothing to you. That girl is nothing but an outsider; however that didn't stop you from bringing her into our family, our curse. Silly..silly blame me, when it's all your fault in the first place. If only you would have just never had talked to her in the first place, it could have all been avoided so easily. "He said as he smiled maliciously.

"I warned you not to speak out of limits with an and everyone else disobeyed my warning. Now you must suffer the consequences"

"You warned us about outsiders not being ever able to accept us with our curse. Tohru wasn't one of them, and you; you couldn't stand the fact that you were wrong. That you had been wrong, and you couldn't take it, couldn't you. Take the fact that someone else actually cared about us, besides you. That we had someone else in our lives instead of just being you. Now instead of taking it out on us, you took her, because you just wanted to be in control once again." Yuki replied as his eyes moved with his anger that welled deep inside for so long.

Akito eyes turned into slits, as he stepped forward towards Yuki. "One thing is wrong with your story. How could anyone ever care about vermin like you? With or without that girl I have and always will be in control of all of you for as long as you live. You've forgotten this is past just pure feelings here my sweet little Yuki. A bond holds us together, and as long as that curse still stands; none of you, not even a girl can meddle in the way. I'll make sure of that as your head." He said in a low chilling voice, as he backed Yuki up against the wall.

"Is that what bothers you? That someone loves me the vermin, Kyo the monster, the animals; instead of you. Is that why you locked her up here, to have you to yourself to torture. " Yuki said as he looked at Akito straight in the eye.

Akito flinched back. 'What does this rat think he's doing, who does he think he is.' He thought as a sharp quick burst of anger boiled inside of him. His zodiac, his pets were trying to go up and over him; the head of the Sohmas. It seemed like Shigure wasn't the only one who had to be taught a lesson.

A week later

Time seemed to have been frozen for a period of minutes, as Tohru stood there staring at the person she least suspected. Hatsuharu was Motoko's secret love? It all reeled in to Tohru's mind in a matter of seconds. Hatsuna's snow white hair was nearly identical in color to Hatsuharu's, even both of their names were similar. It was only obvious that Hatsuna's mysterious father was standing right before her now.

Tons of emotions surged through her; fear being the main one, instead of relief at seeing an old friend again. Once seeing Hatsuharu, a surge of memories surged through her, memories that thrusted her back again into her old life; the life she thought she would never turn back to or see again. Then immediately she thought of Akito; the Honke, the only place where she had felt safe and at peace for the past seven months. She suddenly had a strong urge to disappear back into the haven that was the Honke, and what she had called her new home.

It was these thoughts that caused her to break out of her shock and realize both Hatsuharu, and Motoko had taken notice of her.

"Tohru?" Haru spoke up surprised. "How did you...when did you..." Without any further questions, he turned and faced Motoko. " could you. All this time you knew Moko, and you didn't say anything to me; to Yuki." He added after slightly pausing when saying the prince's name.

It was at that moment Tohru realized that every Sohma that had attended the banquet, now knew of her stay at the Honke. It was no longer her safe haven away from the outside world. She was at a loss at what to do, all she knew right at that moment was to run. Run away from it all.

Without giving it a second thought, she bounded out the back entrance of the apartment, and ran into the nearby city block without as much as looking back. She heard what she thought were footsteps of someone running after her, but she continued despite feeling weak, lightheaded, and breathless. She came to a quick halt when a familiar sight came into view.

At a corner shop she saw a dark haired boy who she immediately recognized as Kakeru, a member of the student council at her old school. He seemed to be taking down a flyer that was posted on a shop window. A sudden gust of cool wind blew forth, causing a stack of the flyers to fly off in different directions with the exasperated male teen taking chase after them.

Tohru noticed one of the flyers rolling down the street with the breeze, stopping when it hit against a electric post near her. Her curiosity taking the best of her, she bent down and decided to have a look at the mysterious flyer's contents. The moment she discovered what the flyer's purpose was; she immediately regretted ever having to.

It was a picture of herself, with the headline stating the words missing. As the bottom texts read:

Reward: Missing local high school student. Last seen around Tokyo area. If found call Yuki Sohma

Tohru let her eyes remain on Yuki's name. 'Motoko didn't lie at all; Yuki really has been looking for me all this time.' She thought as she suddenly felt like breaking down. Despite having a temporary safe haven at the Honke, it all came crumbling down to pieces; with only her previous problems remerging themselves.

Along with it, would come her old friends. Having discovered her whereabouts, there would be no doubt that they would leave their new lives to come to her aid; even if that could have meant going against Akito or worse, finding out exactly what happened to her.

Covering her face with her hands in despair; she didn't even want to imagine what would take place if everyone found out exactly how she ended up in the state she was currently in; or what Akito would do to them in return. It seemed as if in a matter of minutes, her presence, her friendship to the Sohmas had complicated all of the lives of the people she deeply cared for.

Once again she felt alone, as alone and unneeded in the world as the dreadful day her very life-force had left and never came back. The life-force that always was there to comfort her, love her, and always told her what was the best to do.

"Oh mom, I wish you were here to tell me what to do. Everytime it seems that everything's going to be alright, that everything seems to be going better for…all gets ruined because of me." Continuing to grip the flyer tightly, drops started to fall and stain the ink with her tears.

"Yuki...his future...his only chance at making his dream come that he knows about me...he'll..." The thought of the insecure and shy teenage class president abandoning it all for her sake made her heart heavy; especially after having achieved so much since her disappearance.

Her thoughts then drifted to Kyo, of how she had learned that his time was limited. An even earlier imprisonment was unthinkable, but she knew her hot-headed cat-friend would risk it without a second thought.

Flashes of images of her dear friends Uo and Hana entered her mind. She hadn't known about their whereabouts at all since her stay at the Honke. What were their accomplishments since she had left? What would they leave behind once they would take wind of her reappearance, and she would burden their lives as well?

"Everything would be fine if it weren't for me...everything." She whispered to herself, letting the breeze take hold of the flyer. Her mind shifted to a far-off state as she closed her eyes and reminisced on memories of the past; memories of when the late Kyoko Honda was alive and well. She smiled recalling her mother's gentle smile when she would call out her name.


"Mom" Tohru slowly said aloud, opening her eyes and taking in what she saw ahead of her. Her heart started pounding, as she quickly outstretched her arm towards what she saw in anticipation. She lost all sense of practicality and walked slowly towards what she saw. In her mind she felt as if she was floating towards the figure that she was seeing before her eyes, in a dream-like sense.


It continued to call out to her, as she desperately tried to reach it. With each step she took, the figure seemed to be further away from her. Its warm glowing presence obscured it's features, somehow however there was something so familiar about it's soothing voice she couldn't help but feel drawn to it.


Somewhere in the far end of her mind she heard a familiar yell being called out, followed by a thundering loud screech. Her gaze shifting for just a minute away from the glowing essence, her eyes widened to face a massive trailer truck that was just mere yards away from her; blaring it's echoing horn. Merely flinching her eyes shut, remaining frozen in place; she awaited the light, the end of it all. Her only regret was not being able to-

"You imbecile, do you really wish to kill yourself that badly!" A voice shouted out to her making her eyes shoot open. No longer being in the middle of the busy roadway, she currently was standing on the sidewalk; having been pulled out of harm's way in the nick of time.

Gazing back where she had last seen the glowing figure, it had now vanished leaving only a mere traffic of people filling the sidewalk. Had she imagined it all?

"Do you hear me? Tell me just what were you doing, why didn't you stay where I left you!" The voice continued, raising it's pitch to that of anger. "Answer me, you obnoxious -

Tohru looked at her savior, who was firmly grasping her shoulders. If she would tell any other person that the sound of the words obnoxious and imbecile was a source of relief; they would have pictured her as mental, however it was the plain truth. Never before had she felt such a sense of relief to see a face that others would dread to see.

Interrupting his usual rant, she spoke up breathlessly as she started to feel slightly lightheaded and weak. "Akito..I...want..." Trying to maintain her composure, her legs turned into the state of weak gelatin; that collapsed beneath her, as she fell forward against the unexpecting male chest. "...make me disappear" Her voice barely audible whispered into the ear of the Sohma head, as her senses slipped away to a state of unconscious while hearing a faint steady heartbeat.

Meanwhile unbeknownst to the event that had taken place just a few blocks away, a tense silence had taken over the small apartment building. Once he had heard a sudden door slam shut behind him; the sense of relief that had just merely seconds ago welled up inside of him, quickly vanished into once again loss.

His heart racing, he turned in his step to quickly bound after the missing runaway. As he reached for the doorknob to the apartment's back door, a force slammed the ajar door shut; a voice following straight afterwards.

"Let her go Haru!"

Hatsuharu turned in his stance to face the girl he was just minutes ago embracing. This time however what he felt as he gazed upon her wasn't a mere sense of longing, or pleading, but a loss of trust. He frowned and spoke up with a pure sound of hurt in his voice.

"Let her go! Let her go where exactly? I trusted you Moko; I trusted in you to the point if Yuki himself would have told me that you lied to me about Tohru, I wouldn't have believed him. How long have you been lying to me? Please tell me this is the first time you actually saw her, that for some odd reason of all places Tohru somehow managed to end up here."

Motoko frowned and stepped away from being only inches away from his face; her voice having turning from loud and demanding to soft and quiet. "You're right about one thing. If someone would have told me seven months ago that I would be friends with Tohru Honda, I wouldn't have believed them either."

Slightly shaking her head, her gaze lowered to the floor beneath her as she sighed deeply. "Yet look at us now, bonded by either fate of some sort, or by our similar circumstances. We understand each other, and if there's one thing that I understand from her the most; is the desire to let everything go and just to be able to breathe again."

Looking back up at the Sohma teen who was until a few moments ago, the key secret of her past; her gaze hardened once again into that of frustration. "And here you want, me; to rat her out and tell you of all people. As flaky and naive as she may be, I'd rather trust her any day."

Haru quickly grabbed Motoko's arms, desperately trying to find a reconnection to the previously missing girl. "Moko you don't understand, Tohru's alone and she's in danger; you on the other hand have m-"

Slapping his hands away the minute they touched hers; the emotions began to stir inside of her. Deep inside she mentally slapped herself for succumbing to Hatsuharu's pleadings earlier; a part of her was glad that Tohru had intervened in the nick of time, however her other half knew that Haru was one of the people Tohru wanted hide from.

Feeling guilty and partially responsible for Tohru's cover being blown, she knew she had to think of something to put a stop to Haru's questions. Weither or not what Haru was saying was infact true; covering up for Tohru is what mattered most at the moment. If there was one thing she knew how to do well; was changing this Sohma's mind. Her method however was one she knew she would regret once again later.

"No you're the one who doesn't understand, just as you don't understand anything else! I have not come up with that line again. Asides from the fact that you're being responsible; you wouldn't be any different then the hosts down in Ouran. Why don't you go back to your model, and blow of some steam there?"

At the mere mention of the comparison, Hatsuharu felt his heart accelerate, his breath getting quick, and his muscles starting to twitch. Suddenly he felt something strong, something mighty take over him, and somewhere deep inside of him something snapped.

Motoko watched as the fragment that was left of Haru's composure slipped away, with his gentle eyes turning into wild ones. Although she did mean what she said, she knew that line would do it.

Seconds later, she was pinned against the wall by her shoulders tightly, followed by Haru's voice changing from that to soft spoken to loud and brash.

"Listen do you have any idea the risk I'm taking by being here? You have no idea how hard it's to control the animal in me!"

Motoko puttered her lips sarcastically. This would be much easier then she thought. "I've seen enough of you Haru, the closest thing to an animal you can be is a cow; and I say just a cow since the only bull you have in you is what comes out of your mou-"

Once again the small apartment complex felt to silence.

"Mommy, mommy where are you." A tender soft voice spoke up from the darkness.

Trying to look for the source of the voice, yet all she saw was darkness around her. Again she heard the voice calling out, with each call sounding closer to a whimper and a cry as if were a lost child. About to call out to the hidden child, a white light suddenly shone above her forming a spotlight of some sort a slight distance away from her; there a small figure lay crouched down hugging it's knees.

As she ran closer to the figure, its form became more noticeable. It was in fact a little boy; no older then three years old. He shivered slightly as she knelt down beside him.

"Did you get lost; I'll help you find your mommy." She told him, gently stroking his brown locks.

The boy looked up at her with his cobalt blue eyes filled with tears. With a gentle smile, he quickly hugged her as tightly as his tiny hands could. "Mommy I found you."

After I few seconds of initial shock took place, she simply smiled and giggled softly. "No, no I'm not your mommy, but I'll help you find h-

"Yes, yes you are, my mommy the rice ball."

Puzzeled by how the boy knew about her childhood name, she started to question who the boy was. "The riceball huh." She put on a smile despite feeling like doing the opposite. "Tell me then, what does that make you?"

The boy blinked twice, and simply shrugged his shoulders. "It makes me Alto."

At the mere mention of the name, the girl's eyes widened as she gasped in shock. "A-Alto!" Shaking her head in disbelief, she quickly disagreed with the boy. "No, no you can't be; it's impossible."

"but Daddy says I'm his puppy." The boy said in a low monotone voice, as his features suddenly grew dark. "He says that you don't care about me."

The girl furrowed her brows; slightly insulted by the comment. "Now wait, I never said anything lik-"Her reply was cut short into complete and utter terror as the boy's face morphed and transformed into another, a familiar face that was much older then the boy's years. Along with his face, his voice deepened into another, his height grew, taller, and taller until it grew into a giant figure towering over her.

"Why don't you love me?" The deep voice said as large and powerful hand lowered to grasp a hold of her.

Backing away in fright, the girl fled back into the darkness; away from the giant terror, crying for help as she ran.

The endless dark surroundings then morphed into a bright familiar place causing her to stop in her tracks. Looking behind her, the giant figure had disappeared leaving her alone in what she recognized as the Honke. Thoughts on how did she end up in the Honke from the mysterious dark place crossed her mind, while she walked down the hallway she had come to know so well.

A short distance ahead of her Kureno along with Hatori appeared from a doorway, engaged in a deep in conversation.

About to call out to them, her lips quickly sealed themselves shut once more, as Yuki and Hatsuharu emerged from behind them. Panicking she was unsure of what to do. Should she hide once more, or just face her old friends? Her doubts of question were answered when she overheard their conversation.

"No matter what it takes, I'm going to defend her in the trial. She had every good reason to just snap like she did. She just did what we all wished we would have at times. She wasn't one of us, that alone makes her innocent." Yuki said with a determined tone.

Haru merely shook his head. "Still though, do you think Akito will make it by then? He's in pretty rough shape; I'm surprised he's still even breathing."

Tohru's eyes widened in shock. Was Akito actually dieing? Without a second thought to her insecurities or her fears, she dashed down the long hallway she had come to know by heart; only stopping when she reached a certain doorway.

Her breath stifling, and hand trembling; she grasped the doorknob, and slowly opened the door bit by bit as it creaked. What lay behind the door was the traditional room that belonged to Akito. It was as the norm, nearly empty with only the traditional must-haves for the Head: a futon bed simple looking yet soft as a feathers, a nightstand loaded with unused medications and other medical assortments, and last the only piece of furniture that stood out in the room asides from the sliding shoji door, and the traditional tatami mats; a large beautiful armoire adorned with beautiful print of drawings that were painted on skillfully with ink in pure traditional Asian style.

However despite nothing being out of place, something was obviously wrong. The room's usual bleak and tense feel that would make anyone run out for some needed air was gone. Instead the room was breezy, bright with the veranda door wide open, and filled with bright sunlight while smelling of pine instead of ink and cotton.

Mustering up her courage, she managed to call out his name. "A-Aki...Akito-sama."

With no reply towards her call, the room's silence made it feel even emptier then it actually was. As she tried to come to terms with what exactly was going on, a slight tickling sensation came upon her feet along with the breeze.

"Flowers?" She said in surprise, bending down to pick one up. Purple and pretty in appearance, the small vine of flowers she recognized as Aconite had somehow blown into the room. What struck her as odd was how such a rare flower that she had yet to see in her many trips to the garden; ended up drifting into Akito's room.

Withered flower petals along with green five leaved clovers lead a trail out to the veranda. Her curiosity getting the best of her, she stepped out into the veranda; hopeful to put a end to her search.

The grounds of the Honke were as lifeless as Akito's room; the fountains over the pond had turned off, and not a single bird or butterfly was in sight. It was an overwhelming silence that caused a chill run down her spine, making Tohru want to scream.

Instead a faint scrape, tap-like sound broke the silence for her; a sound that although barely audible was still heard due to the extreme silence. Looking towards the direction of the faint sound she caught sight of a trail of blood; streaked across the veranda as if something or someone had dragged right through it.

The streaked trail lead down to another room which despite having it's shoji door shut, the silhouette behind it's translucent paper door was still visible as it lay on the floor barely moving.

Her throat suddenly dry and goose bumps spreading across her arms, she managed to call out to the unknown. "Ex-excuse me, a-are you alright? Do you need any help?"

The figure merely twitched, and a weak groan was heard as it's response; prompting Tohru to get closer. "If you're hurt, I could get some help". She said carefully sliding the door open to reveal to her horror the unknown person's identity.

"Akito-sama!" She gasped quickly kneeling down next to his laying body. Cold, weak and covered in his own blood, he gazed back at her with lifeless eyes while she held his head in her arms. "Akito who did this to you? Tell me, say something please." She said, feeling heat suddenly rush to her face.

Beginning to shiver, he slowly attempted to speak, his only words coming out like a whisper. "Wake up."

A voice suddenly came from behind the pair, startling Tohru. "No need to feel guilty Tohru, there's no use crying over spilt milk."

The previous figure she had fled from; now stood in the doorway of the veranda behind her.

Tightening her grip on Akito, she painfully cried out. "Don't get any closer Shigure, who did this to Akito? Tell me!."

Shigure shook his head plainly as he spoke. "Tohru you don't have to be in denial. You did what you had to in order to escape. Now we can get out of here both you me and Al-"

"I'm not going anywhere with you or anyone until you tell me this instant who did this to Akito!" Tohru interrupted him angrily standing up, prepared to face her fears due to the situation at hand.

"Why Tohru, don't you did." Shigure replied to her, walking into the room.

Tohru felt as if she had been hit by a train as his words kept fading in and out. "Y-Your lieing to me, I would never-"

"Have done such a thing. Yes I suppose it was surprising, it surprised us all. Then again nothing could surprise me after you decided to marry him." He said scratching his chin. "Although stabbing your newlywed right after the wedding is a tad severe."

"Wedding? What are y-" Tohru stopped short once she caught sight of her alleged ring finger that beared a golden gleaming ring. "No it can't be true, it's not possible." She cried, backing into a hanging assortment of plush Mogetas dangling from a musical mobile.

It was then that she realized that the room she was in was a nursery. A nursery in complete disarray with it's tables knocked over, glass arrangements shattered and blood having stained just about everything.

"Dear Tohru, don't you realize that you are his weakness!" A deep sultry woman's voice spoke up from behind her, as it forcefully pushed Tohru against the wall."I told you to wake up!"


The dark and bleak surroundings disappeared around her as a bright light started to emerge.

Eyes tightly shut and screaming with all her might, Tohru did something that she recalled Kyo had taught her when they had just met; she jabbed. A shout of pain was heard, as the person pinning Tohru against the ground lifted away giving Tohru a chance to escape. Without as much as looking back, she bolted down a nearby a narrow sandy trail that curved its way deep into a thick evergreen glen; the words still echoing in her mind.

Don't you remember, you did

The image of Akito bleeding profusely kept emerging itself. Tohru felt a knot form in her stomach; it's muscles beginning to contract. Wrapping her arms around her torso, she hunched over in discomfort therefore putting an immediate stop to her running.

Bringing herself down to her knees, she leaned against a large boulder; hoping that the sickening sensation would fade.

'This feeling, I felt like this once before.' Tohru began to think and recall a previous time where she had felt this sick, this disturbed; this lost.

"Don't look at me." He said as he morphed before her eyes, into a large monster-like creature; staring straight back at her, before running off into the woods.

"Kyo" Tohru said aloud as she returned back from her memory, only to look at the boulders and silent wilderness around her. The memory of when she first witnessed Kyo's other form, not only made her realize that the very same pain from that day had returned, but that it was much worse.

Slowly crawling across the rocky floor, each movement as exhausting as the next until her resistance finally broke through. Her stomach churned violently inside of her; finally reliving the revolting sensation by regurging itself.

"Is that all you do; wallow in your own self pity, and vomit your tears and sorrows away? Tell me, am I really that revolting?" A annoyed and brash voice complained as it stepped out of the glen's forestry behind her.

It was as if the instant those words were said, the minute she heard the voice that uttered them; the painful feeling that arose within her that caused her to feel overcome with melancholy, vanished. Trembling slightly she turned and looked behind her to see a expressionless Akito with a bruised cheek and disheveled hair.

The weakness in her legs having faded, she slowly rose to her feet.

"You really are something aren't you? First you're alone in a room with that mongrel again, you suddenly go into labor, get carried to a commoner's hospital, leave me absolutely deaf with your screams, break just about every bone in my hand by crushing it, run off and get yourself nearly killed in the middle of the street by leaving the very atrocious place I left you in." He continued, his voice raising in volume as well as tone.

"I wonder if you truly want to be seen as a pathetic lit-" He was abruptly cut off from his venting when the pressure of something running into him sent him reeling back against the forest ground.

Caught by surprise, he stared down at the unpredictable girl who had literally just run into his arms. Trembling slightly, she slowly lifted her arms from gripping his black shirt to encircling his neck; bringing them into a close embrace.

Finally speaking up as she nuzzled closer against his shoulder. "I thought I'd never see you again. I don't know what I would do if something had happened to you."

His eyes grew in size, at the girl's outburst. 'What is she trying to prove?' He thought, suspecting something was behind the sudden change in the girl's actions.

Grabbing her arms and pulling them apart, he glared at her; determined to get to the bottom of her facade. "I've had enough of you, and enough of this. Either you're terribly indecisive, or a cheap no-good liar who's trying to make the better of herself."

The words 'cheap' and 'liar' struck a cord, instantly getting Tohru back to her senses. Noticing Akito's anger, she quickly attempted to calm the young Sohma head down. "Akito-sama I've neve-

"Don't Akito-sama me, I had to drag every last pound of your body off the street after the little fainting stunt you did back in the city. I took you to a place where no one would be able to find you, and when I attempted to wake you up from whatever type of dream you were having, you started to fight me. Now after running through the forest as if you lost your mind and getting yourself covered in your own filth; you try to convince me of what exactly?" Akito interrupted her, having lost any patience left in him.

'It was just a dream.' Tohru thought, letting out a sigh of relief. Despite having her share of nightmares in the past, for some reason this particular nightmare had left her uneasy. ' It all seemed so if it were a memory of some kind...but there's no way I could possibly ever do what I did to it's impossible.' She continued to convince herself, while her eyes remained fixed on Akito's stricken cheek.

'but I did that to him.' She couldn't comprehend how she had treated Akito so carelessly, while he had done so much for her in return. Her mind was spinning, and she had no idea how she was ever to explain herself.

Her usual calm and collected mind had turned into a one full of insecurity, doubt, fear, and instability. Flinching slightly, her lips quivering; she shifted her gaze to Akito's eyes, the eyes that were so often hidden from view, the eyes that sent a chill of power and terror to many. Yet as she looked into his deep silver pools, she sensed a hint of loneliness and an overflowing amount of...betrayal.

Akito shook her shoulders once more, her silent response being unbearable. "Did you hear me, I want you to tell me what happened? You're hiding something aren't you, tell me what is it? Say something!"

'What can I tell him? What do I say to him? It'd be foolish to tell him about the dream, and mentioning about Haru is out of the question.' She thought, her nerves getting the best of her.

Without as much as giving her choice of words a second thought, she spat back defensively. "I'm not hiding anything! You just wouldn't understand!" Immediately she let out a gasp; quickly cupping her hands over her lips. She looked at Akito in fear for his reaction to her thoughtless response.

His posture straitening, his annoyed face changing into an emotionless one; his hands released her shoulders slowly, while seconds passed without a single sound between them. The few seconds in complete silence seemed like full minutes to Tohru, each one as agonizing as the one that followed.

That spoiled dare he hand me a petunia

He's just a child, he doesn't know yet of the flower's significance.

That's right Akira, defend him. How could you possibly tell me such things while he hands you pear blossoms, and yarrow? He knows the flower's meanings very well. He loathes me, everyone loathes me in this wretched place, you just don't understand, no one ever understands what I go through.

Akito's hands tightened into fists at the recollection of the distant memory. His eyes beginning to wince in response to holding back a strong outburst; he slowly looked away from her to stare at nothing in particular, with his voice finally breaking the uncomfortable silence.

"So that's it then, there's simply no way I could ever understand anything in relation to you." His voice had no hint of anger, sadness or surprise in it. It was instead cool, calm, and somewhat tranquil. Tohru however had heard this voice before, and she knew it was the farthest from tranquil. It was a voice that whoever knew Akito well enough would tremble in fear upon hearing it. It was Akito's voice of deception. The voice that Akito used to fool others before striking out in a furious rampage.

Tohru slowly took a step aback wary of Akito's sudden actions. He could just as well suddenly lash out towards her, as he had done in the past to so many others. Doing it to her now wouldn't be much as a suprise to her; especially after what she had just carlessly said.

"Well you do have a very good point. There is no way I could understand someone as demented as you are. In fact how could I possibly comprehend anyone asides from myself. I am the head of the Sohmas; emperor of the zodiac, everyone and everything else outside of my intended purpose is of no relation to me. Therefore including me in any outlandish affairs other then Sohma business is a huge waste of my time." His words changing from being calm and collected to having a hint of some unexplained emotion that Tohru couldn't decide if it was spite or...

Yellow Hycinths' mean Jealousy

Recalling the yellow flowers that had appeared in her room very early on in her pregnancy; brought her to a possible conclusion. 'Is Akito still jealous?'

She quickly shook the thought off her mind. 'What am I thinking, that was so long ago, there's no way Akito could still be feeling that way after all this time...but still Akito does seem somehow-'

Akito turned his gaze back towards Tohru, and narrowed his eyes. "Your pitiful feelings are no concern of mine. Your wish was to disappear; your wish has been granted. Until the preparations are finished at the Honke for your return, you are to remain here alone for a week's time. You shall find it comforting I presume; after-all not a commoner or fellow Sohma is aware of this place's existence." Having said those words, he pushed past her and went further into the seemingly never-ending glen without as much as waiting for a response.

Tohru was left stunned, by his sudden actions; only regaining her composure after Akito's figure got further and further away from her until finally disappearing behind a willow's foliage.

Your wish was to disappear; your wish has been granted. You are to remain here alone for a week's time.

'No' Tohru's heart escalated in beats. 'I wanted to go away, but not like this.' She thought as the silence of the glen began to overwhelm her. "Akito wait please, I don't want you to go!" She yelled, running after him.

The last time Tohru had felt this alone with nothing but trees around her, was a time that Tohru had placed far back in her memory; nearly forgotten completely if not for this moment having forced the memory back into her mind. The time when she was all alone in a certain small tent.

She was highly optimistic back then, due to having her school friends to comfort her during that bleak time, however this time she couldn't tolerate the thought of being alone in a forest once again.

"Akito! Where are you?" Tohru continued to call, ignoring her hair occasionally being pulled and snagged back by multiple branches as she ran. What did strike her as odd however, was that the deeper she seemed to run into the glen, the fewer trees she would see. A slight breeze that had a unique salt like smell to it, blew past her, along with the faint cries of seagulls being heard. It wasn't long before she caught sight of a beam of sunlight pouring itself though the trees, highlighting a clearing ahead of her.

Anxious to find her way out of the glen forest, she quickly rushed towards it; hoping Akito was there as well. Upon reaching the clearing she stopped in place, and stared in awe and amazement at what she was seeing with her own eyes.

Ahead of her was ground that was neither dry, barren, nor covered with rocks and dirt. Instead there was warm, powder like, sand that glimmered with the sun's reflective light. Sand dunes, Palm trees and beach wood took the glen's evergreen tree's place. The smell of sea salt was now evident, along with the sound of crashing waves. Getting thoroughly lost in the scenic beauty, she slowly closed her eyes; enjoying the warm sunshine on her face Upon opening them once again, she let out a tiny startled shriek realizing that Akito was now standing a few feet ahead of her, with his back facing her.

Letting out a sigh of relief, she walked towards him; now comforted with the fact that she wasn't alone.

The sea breeze continued to blow, tousling both Tohru and Akito's hair with its passing. Akito remained completely motionless, continuing to stare ahead of him despite Tohru having slowly approached his side.

'It's strange how underneath this sunlight, and the way he just stands there looking at the horizon...somehow it looks just like a painting that would belong to one of those fancy art galleries in town.' Tohru thought to herself, as she felt a bit of warmth rise to her cheeks. Quickly bringing her hands to her cheeks, she shook her head to free herself of her thoughts. 'What am I thinking at a time like this? I should be apologizing, or saying something at the very least.'

"I'm not going to even bother wasting my time to ask why you are smiling like pych-" Akito hadn't expected for the girl that he deemed incoherent to continue to follow him after what had just happened. Yet here she was, standing right next to him, looking like a wild woman and smiling right at him. Something in him started to stir, and he couldn't explain weither it was annoyance, disgust, or simply fed up with the girl's antics. One thing he knew for sure, was that he did not want to see her dull face for the present time being. Just as he was about give her a warning to not come near him, she interrupted him abruptly.

"Don't! Please don't call my crazy. You can call me anything, but crazy." She said, her voice about to crack. "I...about earlier...I'm sor-"

"Hmph" Akito scoffed, already predicting what she was about to say. "Don't give me another 'oh Akito I'm sorry, forgive me I jus-' Enough save it for another idiot that cares. Infact save it for the better yet save it for the rat...I'm sure you are anxious to be in his arms again."

"Akito I"

"And which reminds me; since when did you assume you can stop calling me by sama. Did you forget your place at the Honke, or is it due to me not being able to understand?" He added bitterly.

"You will think I'm crazy!" Tohru shouted, her voice full pain; the pain of the memories that she recalled. Her words had made Akito stop in the discussion that had heated up in mere short seconds. Taking this chance to fully explain herself, she decided to tell him the truth; at least the truth that was safe to tell.

"The reason I wasn't at Motoko's house when you found me, the reason why I was in the middle of the street was because...I saw my mom." Tohru felt her face heating up once again, this time with more intensity. "I left Motoko's house because I was worried...about the Honke...Alto...everything; it was then that I saw her on the other end of the street calling me." Tohru looked at her feet below her, too embarrassed to face the young head.

After a mere few seconds of silence, she heard him speak. "You're an idiot."

She quickly bit her bottom lip, awaiting the anticipated ridicule she had endured from so many others in the past. Somehow though she wasn't sure if she could bear to hear it from the him.

"A complete fool..." Akito continued, shaking his head as he did so. " to think that I wouldn't be able to understand that weak story. You call yourself crazy, I beg to differ; you're nothing but a low-class, gullible, scatterbrained wimp. The only crazy thing you have done is agreeing to stay with me."

Tohru blinked twice at Akito's response. 'He doesn't think I'm crazy?' She thought, looking back up at the Sohma, who merely had placed his hands in his pockets. His gaze however was casually to his side, staring once again to nothing in particular.

"That further clarify myself: agreeing to stay with the Sohmas in general. The most logical thing you could have done in your life, was to leave once those pathetic pets of mine who couldn't do the right thing by keeping their mouths silent about the curse. However you the oh-so-ever charming peasant not only accepted them, but became their own innocent geisha; tending to their as they put it victimized pleas."

Tohru furrowed her eyebrows slightly confused. Despite Akito having called her a multitude of different names; her confession had not been the source for them. It was as if she told him she had a headache instead. 'It's strange, but somehow it seems as if he's trying to cheer me up... in his own way.' She thought.

"'re lying to me, and something else happened." Akito not taking Tohru's silence lightly, began to think if what she had just told him were infact true.

"I'm not lieing, I'm telling you the truth. You have to believe me." Tohru quickly responded, grasping Akito's arms as she pleaded. Upon contact, Tohru felt his cool skin against her hot and bruised one. His slender hand despite being smooth, Tohru could feel his finger joints protrude slightly.

Akito shook his hands free from her grasp, after a few seconds had passed. "How can I believe such a poor liar? You're still not telling me something, and mark my words I'm going to find out; nothing escapes me for long. For now you go your own way while I heed mine. If there is one thing I desire now is solitude." Without another word, he continued to walk along the beach-like area until he vanished behind the sand dunes.

Tohru held back her desire to call out to him, the turmoil she felt deep within her overcoming her senses. 'That's it, I really have ruined everything. Akito doesn't want to even look at me, everyone knows that I was at the Honke all this time, Haru might find out the truth, I have no idea what Shigure might do from now on, then there's'

Why Tohru, don't you did."

Tohru shook her head free of the horrible recollection of the previous nightmare. 'Why won't that get out of my mind?' She thought; the images of a blood soaked Akito making her restless. 'What do I do? How can I possibly make him understand, and believe me' She thought while she rubbed her temples in despair.

Always remember Tohru to never take your friends for granted, when all else fails; just be yourself.

Immediatly her mood brightened, once her mother's words went through her mind. That piece of advice in particular had helped her multitude of times in the past with Uo, Hana, even back when she first met Yuki and Kyo. Akito however wasn't a typical friend, and it was that factor that made Tohru apprehensive on turning her mother's advice into actions.

A movement on her shoulder made her jump out of her thoughts, only for her to smile afterwards upon realizing a white seagull had perched on her shoulder.

"Oh hello there pretty bird, you're a friendly one aren't you." The bird merely gave his shrieked cry in response.

"Come to think of it, I never have seen a bird like you this close before. I wonder why you're not off flying with your friends." Tohru continued as she placed her hand underneath the bird's beak, who pecked slightly at her hand in response.

Tohru frowned slightly. "I'm the least one you want to be around with birdie. I'm just a bucket load of problems." The bird turned his head to look at her, then looked downwards. In an instant the bird flapped it's wings and flew towards her, pecking at her stomach and hips.

"Ouch, ow, wait a minute, stop it!" Tohru said amongst the bird's frantic flapping, while trying her best to push the bird away.

The bird relented, flying off to hover a distance above her. Once Tohru caught her breath, she took note what the bird had done. In it's beak was Alto's birth certificate which she had previously folded away in her pocket. With a small shriek the bird flew ahead of her, causing Tohru to pursue it.

"Give it back please!" She begged, following the bird further along the beach. The bird continued to fly along the beach until it looped down a slope and disappeared from her sight.

"No!" Tohru yelled, while she was forced to skid to a halt. Now Tohru knew why the bird had disappeared from her view beforehand. What before she had presumed was merely a hidden beach hideaway, turned out to be just a mere sandy cliffside. The reason for the smell of sea salt, and the cool breeze around her finally made sense to her once she caught sight what lay below beyond.

The cliffside slopped to a hidden cove far below her. The sound of the waves coming from the actual waves crashing against large boulders alongside the cliffside's rocky slope. It was all so beautiful, and serene that Tohru's own breathing seemed loud for the secluded area that appeared untouched by human contact.

"Am I still even in Japan?" Tohru wondered, thinking that a place as beautiful as this had to be on a foreign faraway island for it to be so...vacant.

A familiar shriek caught her attention. It turned out that the seagull from beforehand had continued to be persistent. A few meters next to her where the bird had seemingly disappeared from her sights, turned out that the bird merely had been standing at a sloped stone pathway; staring straight towards her, the birth certificate still held tightly in it's bill.

Tohru couldn't help but think to herself that in a way the bird was taunting her. Slowly she walked down the pathway; the path's steep and elevated stones were stacked in a stair-like manner. With the passing of each stone; she went from stepping from stone to the next, to completely letting her body drop to next step.

Once she was within arm's reach of the feathered thief, she was out-of-breath, sore, and overall exhausted from the whole ordeal. As she lay there motionless, she closed her eyes, and began to mumble under her breath. "...P-Please...give it to it." She managed to groan.

The sound of footsteps, and a frantic flapping of a bird's wings were heard. The last thing Tohru remembered seeing were black shoes.

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Tohru awoke from her slumber with heavy eyes. She immediately wondered how long she had been passed out. Despite still being slightly worn out, she felt more refreshed then she had been previously. She sat up, and began to stretch only to stop midway.

A pool of clear blue water lay before her, it's waves having died down considerably. The pool was encircled by a towering cliffside, while a canal of water connected the pool to the vast oceanside.

Despite the fact that the pathway had lead her to the hidden cove she had spotted earlier; Tohru was more surprised by seeing Akito kneeled at the cove's edge, hunched over and cupping some water with his hands.

'I thought he didn't want to see me again.' She thought as she smiled upon seeing him sooner then she had imagined. 'He didn't leave after-all.'

Slowly getting up, she walked towards him, prepared to say anything in order to get him talking to her once again. "A-Akito..I..." She took a deep breath, and rubbed her lips against each other nervously. "Akito-sama...I'm sor...I mean no...I want...I...don't want...I..lov..." Tohru stumbled over her words, unsure of how to explain what she truly felt like saying.

She took notice that Akito had actually been pouring some water onto himself, as if washing himself clean. His ebony black hair, clung to his face as it shone underneath the sunlight. Tohru quickly closed her eyes, as she cleared her throat and said the first thing that came to mind.

"Akito-dono, what are you doing?" She said quickly, her face heating up.

After a brief moment of silence, Akito answered her. "What else can I possibly be doing? I'm washing off your repugnant vomit that you carelessly rubbed all over me. Just because you decide to continue walking in your stench, does not mean I am going to."

Tohru opened her eyes in wonder. She hadn't recalled her getting that sick earlier, or even less the fact that she carelessly covered Akito in her shameful waste; but when she looked at her clothes, she knew he was telling her the truth.

'It must have happened after I had that nightmare, and I ran off feeling sick.' She concluded to herself, ashamed that she had hugged Akito afterwards. About to apologize, she decided to withhold it.

" probably won't believe me, but... I... didn't even know I had done that; really I didn't. If I would have known I would have never...I know... done that." She told him, thinking over her words carefully.

"I'm sure you didn't." Akito replied flatly, continuing to rinse himself, not bothering to look at her.

Tohru glanced towards the pool of water, trying to think what she should say to get things back to normal. 'Normal?' She thought in disbelief. Somehow, strange as it might have been, but the life she had back at the Honke, the life every other Sohma thought she would live in fear and torture, was the life she now came to call normal.

'What can I do?' She thought. 'I know what I would do if Uo or Hana were upset, but Akito is dif-' She stopped in her thoughts. If she had tried to think back on the amount of times she thought Akito being different, she wouldn't know the total amount. Recalling the times he had told her of his past, and the way he was treated by Hatori, made her ponder a certain question of...

'Has Akito ever had any fun?' She thought sadly, imagining how his childhood must have been like; cooped up in the Honke, filled with lessons, lectures, with a horrible mother, and all...alone.

Looking back at Akito who was now washing his face with handfuls of water; a thought entered her mind. A thought that could have come straight from her mischievous ex-yankee mother. Smiling widely, she slowly crept behind him, her heart thumbing against her chest in anticipation. She felt renewed energy flow through her, as she raised her arms forward.

When she was only mere inches away from him, Akito looked behind him, with a sour expression. "What do you think you'r-

"Gotcha!" Tohru quickly pushed him face forward into the pool of water with a laugh. A joyful feeling welled up inside her, withstanding the urge to prance.

Akito finally emerged from the water gasping for air while splashing frantically.

Tohru giggled aloud. "Wow the water's deeper then I thought. It's a good thing you know how to swim."

Akito began to cough, as he reached out for the first thing he laid his hands on; Tohru's leg. Within seconds Tohru was pulled into the pool, squealing as she was dunked.

The water was fresh as oppose to the usual salty, and had a moving current even though it had appeared calm. Tohru swimmed to the water's surface, laughing after she caught her breath. Akito's sudden action had caught her by surprise; never would she have imagined her sudden impulse idea would have resulted in this way.

Kicking her legs against the water beneath her, managing to stay afloat; she began to feel an object brush against her leg. It's touch gave a slight tickling sensation.

It was followed by an unexpected quick tug on her leg; causing her to get pulled back under the water. Instinctively she thrashed and kicked her legs fiercely in an attempt to release herself from the unknown object's hold. She feared to breathe as she would reach the water's surface only to be pulled straight back under. Her adrenaline rising, and her blood pumping, she gave a final swift kick that striked the object that was seemingly trying to drown her. It released her immediately, giving Tohru a chance to swim away.

Returning back to the water's surface, she gasped for air, her breathing quick and heavy. Looking around her, the surroundings remained as quiet, and serene as they had been minutes ago. It was as if nothing had occurred. Tohru then realized it was too quiet.

Looking at the pool around her, she could see no movement asides from her own. Having compared the few moments that had passed, she wondered if either she was a terrible swimmer, or if there was something wrong.

Wiping some of the cove's water residue from her eyes and nose, she called out "Akito-dono."

She received silence as a response.

Thinking for a few seconds, she tried to piece together the reason for Akito's silence. "Akito if you were the one pulling me as revenge for what I did to you, then you succeeded, but please come out you're scaring me." She continued to speak to the body of water; this time with a more shaky worried tone.

No movement changed, and Tohru's heart began to race with fear. "Akito, please stop this; this isn't funny, I mean it!" Tohru yelled, desperation in her starting to rise.

Looking back at the spot where Akito had previously been crouched over; it turned out that held down by a rock lied Alto's birth certificate.

' But how did he...when did he?' Tohru thought to herself, when after a few brief seconds she came to a conclusion and widened her eyes "Oh no what did I do!"

Without a second thought, she dived back into the water to locate the missing Sohma.

Cerulean translucent waters engulfed her as she swimmed deeper into the cove. Somehow the shallow cove's appearance was deceiving to the unknowing onlooker. The deeper Tohru continued to swim, the darker the surroundings became; all the while Akito was nowhere in sight.

Panic began to well up inside of her while she desperately searched to and fro.

A familiar tickling sensation reoccurred; brushing itself against her leg. Recalling it from moments before, she quickly reached for the source amongst the darkness; grabbing hold of a handful of fine, silken smooth material. Pulling it towards her revealed the source to be an unconscious Sohma; his body motionless, and limp as it floated along with the current.

Her previous fear being replaced by a sheer instinct of protection, she lifted his body alongside her to the water's surface.

Much to her chargin, she had ventured farther down the cove then she had expected. Her previous surroundings were no longer in sight, whereas now she was surrounded by towering cliffsides with their heights making it impossible to see what lay above them.

Cradling Akito by the shoulders, her mind remained set on getting Akito to safety before the crashing waves drowned them both. Once spotting a small cave entrance, she quickly headed towards it; pulling Akito along with her.

After much struggle, she used to what seemed to be every last bit of the strength she had in her to pull Akito's body into the dry cave. Never would she have thought that she would be one day be thankful that Akito was underweight and thin framed.

Without wasting a single moment, she kneeled at Akito's side and hovered over his body. Shaking him roughly, she frantically called his name.

"Akito wake up...please wake up Akito, you can't die now...not yet...please don't die!" With all self-doubts and personal boundaries forgotten, she leaned forward and pressed her ear to his chest; hoping to hear the slow, but steady heartbeat that belonged to the Sohma head. She couldn't.

'What do I do, what do I do!' Tohru thought, when a faint memory of her high school flashed into her mind.

Remember students, the human brain needs a constant flow of oxygen; if left without air for over four minutes there is little chance for survival.

"CPR" Tohru said aloud after recalling the health class instructor's words.

With one look at Akito's state, she didn't think twice about saving him by the best means necesscary. Taking a deep breath, she leaned forward and pressed her lips to his.

Upon lifting her head to breathe once more, something held her down while a sharp pain to her lip followed. Forcefully pulling back to touch her now stinging, bleeding lip, she was met with a stream of water that shot against her face.

Blinking twice in shock, she felt her face heat up madly as she stared back at the now fully conscious Akito who glared at her. He slowly lifted his arm to wipe his mouth from the water he had just spat towards her.

He finally spoke. "So this is who you really are?"

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