Here is another chapter to Starcrossed Irken Blues!

Night arrived not too long after Ally ran from Dib and Zim. She quickly ran inside the house with Lou and took off his disguise to inspect it. Much to her suprise there was a sleek hole on the back.

"Lou? Why does this costume have a hole in it?" Ally asked her S.I.R. unit.

Lou shrugged. "I dunno...I don't know how it got like that."

"Well whatever it was that made this hole, I have to fix it because Zim is now suspicious of us!"

Ally went upstairs to go to the hall closet to get a needle and thread while Lou looked down in shame. "Sorry sir..."

"Its alright Lou. I'll think of a way to convince Zim that we're not from Irk. I just hope he didn't sent Gir after us!"

(Meanwhile outside of Ally's home base)

Gir was floating in the air watching through the walls of Ally's house with his x-ray vision. He watched Ally take off her human mask while going upstairs. He smiled as he saw Ally's true face as she went to the hall closet to get a needle and thread.


He then turned his x-rayed gaze at Lou, who was already in the kitchen preparing a snack. Gir's mouth watered as he saw what kind of snack Lou was having.


Yes, Tacos! Gir watched Lou cook the hamburgar bits in the frying pan and the cheese melt in the microwave. Sizzle. Melt. Sizzle. Melt. Gir couldn't take it anymore. He wanted tacos and he wanted them now, so Gir drifted down to the doorway and lets himself in.

(Meanwhile where Zim, Dib, Gaz, and Tak are at)

The four friends quickly dashed to the area where Gir was and looked at the house where they saw Gir walk in.

"Dammit Gir!" Zim cursed.

"Whats the big deal? If Ally's an irken, wouldn't she be happy to see you and Tak?" Gaz asked.

Tak shook her head. "Its not that simple...some irkens have turned their backs on the irken empire so that they can either follow their own dreams or to take the universe for him or herself. That would immediatly brand them as traitors."

"So Ally could be a traitorus irken?" Gaz asked.

"EXACTLY!" Zim shouted. "I knew that Ally was strange since the day we met her!"

"Just like I thought you were strange when I first met you?" Dib smirked as he crossed his arms.

Zim glared at Dib, then started tiptoeing towards the doorway to Ally's "house". Dib, Gaz, and Tak followed him, only that they reached to the window to peek through.

"Well?" Zim whispered. "What do you see?"

"Come see it for yourself doofus." Gaz snarled.

Zim growled but snuck over to them and looked through the window. They watched Gir walk to the couch and sit next to Lou who had the plate of tacos in his lap. Gir reached for a taco and started eating it.

The four were absolutely dumbfounded.

"I can't belive it... that S.I.R. unit didn't even scream out in alarm."

"I wonder if its broken like Gir?"

"Silence! Gir is not broken! He's just programmed to be stupid so that he can throw off my trail as an Irken!"

"Oh come on Zim, I still think that The Tallests wanted to get rid of you."

"You lie!"

"Will the both of you shut up? Let's just go inside!"

The four kids sneaked inside Ally's home and managed to get behind the couch without Lou knowing.

Zim starts trying to get Gir's attention. "Psssst Gir! Gir!"

But Gir didn't listen. Zim, Dib, Gaz, and Tak listened to the sounds of him chewing the taco.

"Om nom nom nom nom nom..."

Then they heard Ally's footsteps coming down the stairs.

"Hey Lou! Are the tacos done yet?"

In a panic, Zim and Dib quickly snatched Gir from the couch. Gir screamed a bit but Gaz quickly covered his mouth.

"What was that?" Ally asked.

Lou snapped out of his gaze from the t.v. "What was what sir?"

"There was a scream in here. Must've been the t.v..."

Ally's eyes rested on the plate and saw only one taco. "Wow Lou, you must've been hungry...sorry I took so long."

"I didn't eat any tacos sir."

Ally blinked. "Seriously?"

Lou nodded. Ally stood there confused until she started to have an idea on what's going on. She looked at the floor and noticed a few clumps of mud on the floor.

"Hmmmmm...I think I'll go and make myself a taco. You can have the other one Lou."

"Thank you madame!" Lou chirped happily and started eating the taco.

Ally went inside the kitchen, she stood beside the fridge in the darkness and starts to hear some familiar voices.

"See? I told you she was irken!"

"Glad to know that you're right and all but now she knows that we're here! We got to get out of here before she catches us!"

"I knew this was a dumb idea!"
"You think that everything is dumb!"
"Shut up Dib!"

Ally smirked a little then took out her laser gun, she slowly exits the kitchen and looks at Lou. "Lou, will you be so kind to remove yourself from the couch?"

Lou got up holding his dinner plate, knowing what his master was going to do, he moved out of the way.

Ally raised her foot and kicked the couch out of the way. "HANDS UP!"

Zim, Dib, Tak, Gaz, and Gir raised their hands up in the air.

"I knew it..." Ally sighed with little frustration.

"We are so busted..." Tak squeaked.

This is all I got for now. Hope you enjoy it and I apologize for the delay.