"Why did she have to come here," Sheena'Ven nar Dressa mumbled to herself, as she walked down one of Omega's streets. She instantly hated Omega since the moment she stepped out of her transport, got a good look at the station, and saw for herself it was every bit as filthy and unwelcoming as she had heard. But she had to be here; she had to find her friend.

Sheena was a young female quarian whose pilgrimage had begun only a few days ago. Like all quarians, she wore a protective envirosuit. Hers was all black, even the gorget around her neck, and had been meticulously decorated with cloth. The cloth was orange—more red than yellow—and it had no patterns; it was just a solid color. The cloth wrapped beautifully around her arms, torso, and thighs; she had obviously put a lot of time into her look. Her hood was slightly baggier than normal, but it was securely fastened around her neck; the ends of it were loose and free, hanging over her shoulders, almost mimicking shoulder-length hair. She had a single belt wrapped around her torso, just below her chest, and a larger one wrapped around her hips which held some small pouches and pockets. There was a knife strapped to her right thigh, which was the only weapon she carried, and two small chain bracelets on both wrists, made out of plain steel. She carried a small backpack on her back.

She hated the idea of coming to Omega for her pilgrimage; she had heard many stories, and received many warnings, about the Terminus System's de facto capital. The massive space station was infamous for its lawlessness and corruption. Mercenary groups, slavers, and pirates were the ones in control here. With no law enforcement or government, these groups had free reign to do whatever they wanted. The closest thing to law and order on the station was the fear and respect rival groups had between each other. None of this appealed to her; she was generally a kind person who enjoyed socializing and being openly friendly with people. This wasn't the place that rewarded that kind of attitude.

She had spent about an hour walking in what she hoped was the right direction. She often felt the urge to ask for directions, but she felt intimidated by the people she walked past; it felt dangerous to even look at most of them. Since arriving, she had seen numerous alien races in person for the first time. She knew about them, thanks to the six months of training and preparation quarians undergo before going off on their pilgrimage, but it was still fascinating to see them in person. She saw many batarians, turians, salarians, asari, and even an occasional krogan—which she made sure to stay clear out of the way of. But as she walked past a particular alley, she saw an alien she had never seen before.

Though he was an alien, his face had a familiar structure. He had two eyes, a protruding nose, a mouth with lips, smooth skin, and cheeks. Asari, quarians, and humans shared these particular facial features, and it was clear from a distance which one this alien was. He was a human.

He had olive skin, relatively short but messy black hair, and light facial stubble growing on his face. He wore plain black pants and a dark jacket, with a white shirt under it. He was sitting on the ground of the alley, with his back to a wall, one knee bent upwards. Despite his unkempt image, he looked fairly young; he was probably in his early to mid twenties.

Shortly after noticing his presence, she observed that he was throwing tiny pieces of food at a furry, fist-sized animal only a few feet away from him. Perhaps it was because seeing him feed the small animal had been the only act of kindness she had seen since she arrived, or perhaps it was because she had found herself somewhat fascinated by humans ever since she first learned about them, but Sheena decided to go talk to him, and ask him for directions.

"Excuse me?" She asked as she approached.

He instantly turned his head up and looked at her. The very first thing she noticed was the expression on his face. His eyes beaded slightly as he focused on her, and his forehead tensed up as he looked at her with suspicion and distrust. The second thing she noticed, was his eye.

His right eye was a steely blue color, and there were two glowing rings around his pupil, the outer one had three dots that formed the shape of a triangle. His eye was clearly a cybernetic implant, but it looked sophisticated and advanced. For a moment, she thought about how it seemed unusual for someone who appeared to be a vagrant to have an advanced implant like that.

"What do you want?" He asked curtly.

"I was wondering if you could give me directions. I'm trying to find a friend."

"No, I can't."

"Can't or won't?" She found herself regretting the question as soon as she asked it. It almost seemed like his abrupt answer was a warning for her to leave him alone.

"I can't help you. I'm not from here. I don't know the area."

She was relieved by his response; it was an actual response, and not a threat like she expected. But she decided not to keep pushing for directions, "Oh, well… thank you anyway."

He looked away, expecting the quarian to leave. He stared back at the ground where the small animal had been, but it was gone now. Obviously it got scared away by the quarian. He then looked back up at her, realizing she was still there.

"What was that creature you were feeding? Is it a pet of yours?" She asked.

"Just some vermin."

"Why were you feeding it then?"

"Is there something else you need? Or can you leave me alone now?" He ignored her question, clearly growing impatient.

Though his impatience was obvious, his tone didn't seem threatening. It almost seemed like there was a hint of sadness or desperation in it. She found herself intrigued by this human, and despite his rude attitude and unkempt appearance, she got a feeling in her gut that she didn't need to fear him. She was going to push her luck and keep talking to him.

"So, I haven't seen any other humans since I arrived here. Are they just not common on Omega?"

The human sighed. She initially couldn't tell if the sigh was of frustration, or if he was just giving up. "There aren't that many humans on Omega. But this district in particular is almost completely devoid of us," he responded, noticeably calmer than before.

"How come you're here then?"

"I have my reasons. Now please, leave me alone," the tone in his voice made it obvious that the question had hit a nerve.

Sheena sighed, and decided admit defeat and leave. She was going to ask one more thing before leaving, "Do you… need some credits? For food or something? I don't have that much on me, but I can spare some."

The human looked up at her again. His face appeared surprised, and somewhat confused. He looked at her for a short while, and finally responded, "No… I don't need anything."

"Okay. I just thought I'd offer. Well… goodbye."

She looked at him for a moment, then turned around and walked away, leaving the alley and continuing on her way. He watched her as she left. While there were far bigger concerns on his mind, he couldn't help notice she had an attractive body. Quarians have the same sexual dimorphism between their genders as humans, and her thin waist, wide hips, and long legs—in proportion to her body—looked nice. But in no time, she was around the corner and out of sight. He went back to staring at the floor, where the rat had been.

Her mind had many thoughts running through it as she walked down the street. She had never interacted with a human before, so she had no way to be sure, but something told her that the one she just spoke to wasn't a common human. His behavior seemed unusual, and he seemed trouble. Why was he specifically in an Omega district with very few humans? What was the story behind his cybernetic eye? What seemed to be bothering him?

"Heh, Jorid was right, there is a quarian walking down this street!" A voice said off to her side. She stopped and turned her head. There was a turian and three batarians walking in her direction. The batarians were armed with assault rifles, and the turian had a pistol hanging off his hip.

"Who are you? What do you want?" She said, stepping back away from them in caution.

"We want you, cutie," the turian sneered. Sheena immediately grabbed her knife from her thigh and threateningly held it in front of her.

"Stay back!" She yelled, holding the knife tightly. The group just laughed to themselves.

"Ever talk with humans? They have this metaphor I really like," the turian said, clearly amused at her pitiful defense, "'don't bring a knife to a gunfight,' but it isn't much of a metaphor with you, is it?" He laughed as he pulled out his gun, letting her get a good look at it before pointing it at her.

"Do you want my things? Just take them! Leave me alone!" She yelled once more. The hand she held her knife with trembled slightly.

"No, I said we want you," the turian spoke in a sinister way, there was no longer any more amusement in his voice, and it was clear he was losing patience.

"What…? No—no you can't! I'll… I'll die! You can't do that!" She was now terrified, believing that they wanted to rape her. Rape itself was an evil, despicable act, but doing it to an unprepared quarian was guaranteed death. "Leave me alone!"

"Oh, believe me, I would love to try some quarian pussy one day," the turian said, "But we need you alive and healthy. Grab her," the turian gestured with his head as he gave the instruction.

The batarians began to approach her, and she threateningly swung her knife at the air in front of her. She was breathing heavily, and her body was deep into 'fight or flight' mode. Fighting was clearly out of the question, so she decided flight was her only option. She was just about to turn to run, when suddenly, all four were instantly blown to the side.

It was as if a massive gust of wind had hit them, and their bodies flew for ten feet, and then rolled for another ten. Their weapons were knocked out of their hands and skittered on the ground. The turian managed to hold onto his gun. He looked up, still laying belly down on the ground, and pointed his gun forward; his hand trembling from the impact. Sheena turned her head in the direction he was pointing, and saw the human she had met earlier standing there.

"If you make a move I'll shoot!" The turian yelled. He had instantly realized that they had all been hit by a biotic push from this human. While the turian wasn't a biotic himself, he knew that biotic attacks were typically associated with certain hand movements and gestures. If the human so much as raised his arm, he would shoot to prevent his biotic attack.

Sheena was looking at the human standing off to her side. He then quickly blinked with his right, steely blue eye, and immediately afterwards there was a loud splat with a snapping sound. She turned her head to the source of the sound, and saw the turian's body at the foot of the nearby building. His body limp, lifeless, and contorted. He had been instantly thrown against the wall by another biotic attack from the human.

"If any of you three even look at your weapons, you'll end up like the turian," the human warned as he approached. The batarians stayed on the ground, afraid to even stand up. This human had killed the group's leader seemingly without even moving.

"Please, human, let us go. We're sorry!" One of the batarians blurted out. He was clearly terrified.

"No, you're not sorry. You're not damned sorry at all. You're just afraid. Afraid like she was," the human retorted, pointing at the quarian.

"W-we're with the Omega Sons!" another of the batarians said. He was afraid to threaten the human, but he hoped that hearing that they were part of a gang would get him to back off, in fear of retaliation.

"I don't give a shit who you're with," the human responded, almost mockingly, "I will kill you if I see you again. Leave. Now," the human coldly demanded. The batarians got up, and ran. None of them even thought about picking up their guns to take with them.

Sheena looked at the human who was standing near her. He was over a foot taller than her, which shouldn't have surprised her since she already knew humans were generally a larger race than quarians, but it was still somewhat intimidating. She slid her knife back into its sheath strapped to her thigh.

"Thank you… that was really amazing. Thank you so much," she finally said. She suddenly remembered that the turian had mentioned a name, "Wait… are you Jorid? The turian mentioned a Jorid."

"No, I don't know who that is," the human responded, and then asked, "Why don't you have a gun? Don't they give you a gun before your pilgrimage?" he asked curtly.

Sheena was surprised by his question. She hadn't expected a human, or anyone really, to know about quarian pilgrimages. But she decided to just answer his question. It was surprising, but it wasn't impossible for him to be familiar with the quarian rite of passage.

"I have one, in my bag. But… it's broken. I took it from my ship's armory before I left, without realizing it wasn't in good condition. It was a stupid mistake," she responded, sounding embarrassed.

"Then fix it."

"I can't. I… I don't know how,"

"What?" he asked in disbelief, "You are a quarian under there, right?"

"Yes, I'm a damn quarian!" she shouted, the question had hit a nerve, "And just because I'm a quarian, doesn't mean I automatically know how to fix guns and ships!"

She paused for a moment, and realized she had just raised her voice at the man who saved her life. She immediately felt regret, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell at you. I just—I've never been very good with tech. I know quarians are supposed to be good at it, but I'm not. It's always made me feel a little alienated back on the fleet, and I've often been teased about it. I'm sorry I snapped at you."

The human looked at her for a short while, thinking about her words. He then walked towards the dead turian and bent over, picking up the pistol that was near his body. He moved towards Sheena, and held the gun up for her to take.

"Now you have a gun that works."

She hesitated for a short while before taking it. She took it, but she felt weird holding this weapon. It was the same weapon that had threatened her earlier, and that had probably taken many lives. She held it in a disgusted manner, with just her index finger and thumb.

"I don't know if I want this. It was his gun."

"A gun is a gun. You point it at someone who threatens you, and that person goes away," the human said as he began to walk away, heading back in the direction of his alley. Sheena immediately pulled her backpack off, put the gun away in it, and ran in his direction. She figured he probably wanted to be alone, but she didn't care. As far as she was concerned, he was a friend now.

"You don't seem to need a gun," she said, catching up and walking next to him, "That was really amazing by the way. I had heard of biotic people before. I didn't know you guys were so powerful."

"We're not," he responded, but then continued, "I am, but most biotics aren't."

She quietly laughed by way of a quick snort and asked, "Well, what makes you so special?"

"I'm not answering that," he immediately responded. They had now reached the alley they met in, and were walking into it.

"Sorry," she mumbled. She wasn't going to pry him for information about his biotic abilities. It was obvious she wasn't going to get any. She decided to try her luck with another question, "What's your name? Mine is Sheena'Ven nar Dressa."

He didn't answer, he just grabbed his bag off the ground where he had been sitting, and proceeded to walk down the alley, carrying it over his left shoulder. She just followed him.

"Oh come on, you can't give me a name?" She insisted.

"Do you always ask so many questions?"


He stopped walking, and took in a deep breath. He sighed, "I'm doing you a favor by not telling you anything about me," his voice took a somber tone as he responded.

She looked at his face as he stood there, and then took his hand and held it. Sheena had forgotten that humans had five fingers, and it initially felt weird to her, but she squeezed it gently nonetheless.

"I just want to know your name. How can that be of any harm? Please?"

She completely expected him to pull his hand away, but to her surprise, he didn't. After a short period of time, she even felt a very light squeeze from his hand. She didn't know it, but hers was the first hand he had ever held.

"You can call me Lev," he finally responded, and continued walking. The momentum of his walking caused his hand to slip away and depart from hers. But she just kept walking beside him.

"Thank you," she said happily, "Wait, I know humans usually have more than one name. A first and a last right? Sometimes more? Which one is that?"

"Just call me Lev."

"Oh. Okay… Lev," she said, still maintaining her upbeat tone.

There was a short period of silence, and Lev finally commented,"I didn't know quarians were this cheery."

"We're not," she answered, "I am, but most quarians aren't,"

She had responded intentionally mirroring his earlier comment about biotics. He turned his head to look at her, and she saw something that almost seemed impossible to come from his face; a smirk. It was very subtle and weak, but it was still a smirk.

There was a lot Sheena wanted to know about this human. She also had to find the friend she had came to Omega for. And there was something in the back of her head that troubled her; why did the turian say they needed her alive?