The Omega Sons was a medium sized crime syndicate; one of dozens found throughout Omega. They weren't as large or well-equipped as some of the major organizations, such as The Blood Pack or the Eclipse, but they managed to control a few square kilometers of territory, and were organized well enough to have expansion on the horizon. Their headquarters was based in a four-story apartment building, whose interior had been gutted and restructured for the gang's needs. Located deep within the district, there were similar sized buildings to all its sides. There was a service road that ran along its right side, which allowed vehicles to access the building's large garage, which made up half of its first floor.

The three batarians that were with the group that tried to kidnap Sheena were now inside the building, heading straight towards their leader's office on the second floor.

"Jorid! We have news," one of the batarians urgently said as the three entered Jorid's office. His office was well furnished and located in the center of the building; it had solid, windowless walls on each side. Jorid had specifically chosen this location for his office due to its security. By being near the core of the building, he was well protected from outside attacks. He didn't have to worry about snipers from rival gangs picking him off while inside.

The leader of the Omega Sons was another batarian, who currently sat in a luxurious chair in the corner of his office, reading a data-pad. As was typical for him, he was wearing expensive, designer business attire. While he had never been afraid to get his hands dirty as he built his organization, he saw himself first and foremost as a business man, and he made sure to reflect that with his clothes. His attire also served the purpose of establishing his position as leader. While a variety of races made up the Omega Sons, over half of the members were batarians. One's social caste is a major aspect of batarian culture, and dressing better than his subordinates was a constant reminder of his position over them.

"I take it my informant at the space port gave me shitty information again?" Jorid asked in a calm, impassive voice as he continued reading from his data-pad. He could tell by his tone that they brought bad news.

"No sir, he was right. We found a quarian girl."

Jorid looked up from his data pad, at the underlings standing before him. He noticed there were only three batarians; a turian was missing. "Where is Antius?"

"He's dead, Jorid," the batarian responded, "Right after we found the quarian, we were attacked by a human biotic; he killed Antius."

"A human biotic took out the four of you?" Jorid said tensely, clearly upset at their incompetence. Four armed men should have been able to handle a single biotic.

"This biotic, he was powerful. We never stood a chance. He knocked all of us to the ground, and then killed Antius without even moving. I've never seen a biotic like that. He, he was more powerful than even Nezeena!"

"Is that so?" Nezeena's voice was heard from behind the three batarians. She casually strolled into the room, and headed towards Jorid. "A human biotic more powerful than me? That doesn't sound very likely. I think they're lying to you, Jorid. Making up excuses for their incompetence," she reached Jorid, leaned over and kissed the side of his face.

Jorid's girlfriend was an asari in her late maiden stage. Her blue skin had a hint of purple, and she wore a tight fitting white outfit with dark blue accents. Her outfit exposed her midriff and the top of her chest. Despite still technically being in her maiden stage, she was a powerful biotic, even by asari standards.

"I meant no insult, Nezeena," the batarian apologized, "But we're telling the truth, we swear. It was a human biotic, and he was powerful," he made sure to tilt his head to the left; a gesture of respect among batarians.

"A powerful human biotic, here. Interesting," Jorid said with some intrigue in his voice, "What else can you tell me about him?"

"We couldn't get a good look—" the batarian who had been speaking was suddenly interrupted by one of the others.

"His eye! I think his right eye was a fake; a cybernetic implant," the other batarian said.

Jorid remained seated for a short period of time, clearly deep in thought. He then got up and walked towards his desk, where his private terminal was. "Leave. I need to make a call."

. . .

"Hey, can I ask you something?" Sheena asked as her and Lev continued walking down the alley. They were about half way through it.

"You didn't give me a choice."

"Very funny," she figured he probably didn't mean it as joke, but she giggled anyway, "I wanted to ask about your biotic attack earlier."


"We're trained and taught a lot of things so that we're prepared for our pilgrimage, and during my training I was shown a few vids of biotics and their attacks. I remember in all the vids, the biotics always had to do things like thrust upwards, or swing their arms; gestures like that. How come you don't have to?"

"Body movements technically have nothing to do with biotic attacks," Lev began to explain, "But biotics are trained to associate their attacks with physical gestures. By binding the necessary mental processes of a biotic attack to muscle movements, it makes the attack easier to do and more powerful."

"So you don't need to do that? You didn't move when you killed the turian."

"I blinked my right eye. I've trained to be able to associate that movement with a light throw."

"A light throw? Keelah, are you like the most powerful biotic in the galaxy?"

"No. I'm up there, but there are others who can spike higher. My biggest advantage is control; I have extremely good control over my biotic powers. It's how I can unleash a throw strong enough to kill with minimal biomechanical feedback."

Sheena was happy to hear him explain all this. He seemed to be warming up to her a little. Or at the very least, he felt comfortable explaining all this. Perhaps his biotic abilities made him feel alienated, and being given a chance to explain them helped him open up?

"So, who taught you all this? Who trained you?"

"I'm not answering that," he responded, back to his old curt self. The question obviously bothered him, "And why are you following me?"

"Oh don't give me that! You try to hide it, but I can tell you're enjoying talking with me," Sheena teased, and gently bumped into him with her shoulder.

"You sure seem to enjoy talking."

"Of course, quarians are generally a social people. However, the ship I was raised on, the Dressa, is one of the smallest ships in the fleet that children can be raised on. I was very close with my family and friends. Talking to each other and socializing was all we had to do. The whole ship was like a big family, and we always felt comfortable with each other."

"That sounds… nice," Lev said quietly. He meant it. Sheena hoped he would share something about where he came from, but she wasn't surprised when he didn't say anything else. She decided to change the subject.

"Why do you think that turian wanted to kidnap me? He specifically said he wanted me alive," Sheena asked, looking up at Lev. His face just stayed focus forward.

"To sell you as a slave," Lev responded without much thought, "Probably to someone who needs a mechanic, or for some other tech work. It's really the only thing quarians are useful for."

"Excuse me?" Sheena stopped walking. Lev took a few steps before realizing she wasn't moving. He stopped and turned to look at her. She then said, "So you don't think I can be useful for anything then? Since I'm a quarian who's not good with tech? You think I'm useless?"

Lev looked at her as she stood there, clearly upset over his comment. He felt a tiny hint of remorse over what he had said. But at the same time, he didn't think he was wrong. He decided to say what she wanted to hear, "I don't know you, so I can't answer that. I'm sure you're good at something."

"Damn right I am," she responded, and started walking again. His answer was good enough for now. He just stayed quiet and resumed walking. Sheena then added, "You shouldn't say things like that about other races. Humans aren't perfect either," her voice was quieter than before.

"We're close."

"Really? And how do you figure?"

"A human can't out-strength a krogan, but he can out-maneuver him. He may not think as fast as a salarian, but he can sure out-power him. A human may not be a natural biotic like an asari, but he can become just as powerful. There's a lot of reasons humans are so successful."

"Oh Keelah… keep talking like that and I'm going to think you belong to that pro-human group that attacked the flotilla last year," Sheena said in a mocking tone. Lev stayed quiet.

They reached the end of the alley, and there was a small, empty street before them. Lev made sure to look in all directions, before quickly crossing it and entering another alley on the other side; Sheena followed. She noticed it seemed like he was purposefully trying to stay out of sight.

"Hey, where are you headed anyway?" Sheena finally asked, as they walked down the new alley. This one had particularly tall structures on both sides, which gave it a very dark and shadowy ambience.

"I'm heading towards the space port on the other side of Omega."

"What? You're leaving Omega? Why?" Sheena asked, completely surprised. She stopped and grabbed his hand to keep him from continuing to walk. They were standing next to an old, flipped over garbage dumpster.

He looked at her for a short while and sighed, "I'm sure it's obvious by now. I'm hiding from someone, don't ask who. I drew a lot of attention to myself back there, and now there are witnesses to my presence here. That's why I want to leave."

"Where are you going to go, Lev?" Sheena asked. Her voice was gentle and showed genuine concern over his situation.

"I don't know. There really isn't anywhere I'll be able to hide for long. But that doesn't matter. I just need to keep moving."

"I wish you'd tell me what's wrong. Maybe I can help?"

Lev took his bag off his shoulder and dropped it as he sat down on the ground, next to the dumpster. He ran both his hands through his hair, and let out a quiet sigh in frustration, "You can't help me. And the less you know, the better," He looked up at her, and decided to change the subject, "What about you? Weren't you looking for a friend? What's that all about?"

Despite noticing he was upset, Sheena felt very happy to hear the question. It was the first time he actually asked her something personal; the first time he showed some interest in her as a person. She removed her backpack and sat down too, between him and the dumpster.

"I came to Omega to look for my friend, Vara. She grew up on the Dressa with me. She's older than me, so she got sent on pilgrimage earlier, several months ago."

"Why'd she come to this piss-hole?"

"Because she's an idiot! I told her not to come here, I had heard how bad this place is. Other people warned her too. But she wouldn't listen. She was desperate for 'excitement' and 'adventure,'" Sheena mocked as she said those words. She paused for a moment and sighed, "We… we kept in touch. We'd send messages often, but… a couple weeks ago she just stopped responding. I'm just, I'm worried something has happened to her…"

There was a period of silence, and Lev wasn't sure what to say. He figured her friend was already dead—a very real possibility on Omega—but he knew saying so would just get Sheena upset.

"She was—she is like a sister to me. I really want to find her. She's the only reason I came to this damn place," she said with some desperation; her voice wavered slightly. Her head was tilted down, staring at the ground in front of her as she spoke. Lev could tell from the sound of her voice that her eyes weren't far from tearing up.

Lev lightly bit his lip as he thought for a moment. This quarian girl was unlike anyone he had ever met. She was sweet, kind, and friendly at a level he had never observed before, and he actually found himself wanting her to be happy; she had so much positive energy in her. He finally, hesitantly, said, "I'll… help you look for her."

She turned her head and looked at him, "Are you sure? I mean, you said you wanted to leave…" despite how her words gave him the opportunity to take back the offer, it was obvious from the optimism in her voice that she had already accepted it.

"Hiding is pointless. I'll never stay hidden; not from them. The important thing is to just keep moving. If I'm helping you find your friend, then that means I'm moving."

Sheena felt bad to hear him bring up his plight again, and she felt some guilt knowing she was inadvertently profiting from his problem, but she was still glad to hear he was going to stay and help her. "Thank you. It makes me really happy to have someone help me with this. Thank you so much, Lev."

Neither of them said anything for a while. There was a long period of silence, but this time it was Lev who broke it.

"You knew Omega was dangerous, yet you came to look for your friend. You're risking your life for her."

"Yeah. I guess I am."


"She's my friend," she responded with ease; the answer was obvious to her, she didn't even need to think about it. "Haven't you ever had a friend you'd risk your life for?"

"No," he said quietly, almost in a whisper, "I never really got the chance to make friends."

Sheena put her hand on top of his and gently held it. He could only feel the material of her envirosuit glove against his skin, but he felt some comfort from her gesture nonetheless.

"Maybe you would feel better if you talked about it?"

"Another time. Let's just look for your friend," he responded, changing the subject. He still believed that her friend was probably dead, but he figured Sheena needed some closure. At least she wouldn't have a reason to stay on Omega if she could figure what became of her.

"Okay. Thank you again. Vara will thank you too."

It was peaceful in the alley where they sat. The tall structures on each side, as well as the large metal dumpster that they sat next to, gave them a feeling of comfort and security. They were protected by brick and metal in many directions, and each other. Minutes passed as they sat together in the quiet.

"The turian!" Sheena suddenly said, interrupting the quiet, "He specifically said he wanted me because I was a quarian. Do you think maybe that gang took Vara?"

"It's possible. I don't get why they would specifically be targeting quarians like that," Lev commented, "Did she have a place here? Maybe we can find out what happened there. Maybe she's there now."

"Yes she does, she has a small apartment in this district. It's what I was trying to find when we met. I don't have the address, but I have a holo of the building. She sent it to me not long after she arrived. Here, let me show you," Sheena raised her left arm and activated her omni-tool.

Lev watched as she typed into her omni-tool, which he observed was a very old, out-dated, and basic model. The interface was slow and often lagged, but after a short while a holo of a rundown apartment building appeared. It was several stories tall and located on a street corner. Across the street from it on the opposite corner was what appeared to be a strip club. Most of the club was beyond the scope of the holo, but a portion of its sign was visible: '—st Den.'

"'Ist den… ust den…'" Lev mumbled quietly, "Lust Den. That strip club near the building is The Lust Den. I know where it is, I walked past it when I first came here."

"You do? That's great!" Sheena eagerly said, "Let's go. How far is it?"

"About an hour's walk. Maybe a little more," Lev responded as he got up, swinging his bag over his left shoulder.

Much to Sheena's surprise, he offered his hand to help her up. She smiled under her mask as she took his hand, and he pulled her up. The two then proceeded to keep walking down the alley together.