Yeahhh! So this is my third Soul Eater fanfiction, second one posted online...

It's KidxCrona. Male Crona. Because... Well, that's my opinion on the matter. And.. I'd like to ask you guys to refrain from arguing that point. Pleehhzz. You can just pretend he's a girl if you read it. A girl with a penis.

Anyway, it starts out sort of crack-y in the first half, but by the second half it's more.. steamy. ;D Om nom.

I tried my hardest to keep them in character, but that's actually really hard to do when you're making a slash fic of this anime, I'm coming to realize. Or maybe it's just me. *shrugs*

So, I hope you guys like it and that I don't suck.


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Something about this made me feel so guilty. The way I was watching him... It felt so wrong, yet I loved it. The way his tongue moved over the hard, sweet surface; his surprised look as he was taken back, not expecting to enjoy it as much as he did; the way he instantly went back for more; in that moment forgetting about all his concerns and shyness, simply wanting to have it against his tongue again. It all stirred such terribly sinful reactions within me. In fact, as I watched intently, feeling guilty yet somehow encouraged by the taboo of it, my pants were seemingly getting tighter around my crotch.

Thankfully we were at lunch and the large table hid this from my peers.

I suppose I should give more detail as to just what was going on here. I'm a student at DWMA. Actually, my father is Lord Death. I attend the school not because it's required of me, but because I chose to do so. While attending I've come to have a few... Friends. I currently sat with them at lunch. Maka, being the kind-natured person she is, had brought suckers for everyone to enjoy. Across the table from me sat Crona; shy, innocent Crona. When he'd received his candy, he'd stared down at it, his eyes capturing a certain level of... fear?

Perhaps, it was likely, it does seem as though that's usually what he's feeling.

Black Star had questioned him in a loud, unnecessary manner that simply frightened the skittish Crona further. He'd let out a few of his fearful noises, seemingly panicking. He looked around quickly at everyone, as if trying to figure out their emotions, to find out the right answer to give us. In the split second his eyes had rested upon me, my breath hitched in my throat. I swiftly diverted my gaze and felt a feint blush sweep across my cheeks. It wasn't often he looked my way, but when he did my heart raced.

While Black Star's booming approach surely wasn't the best way to settle our curiosity, we'd all been at least slightly concerned as to why he hadn't begun to eat his treat, or even put it down, or reject it... He just stared at it. That is, until Black Star questioned, at which point the feminine boy looked up, not seeming to focus on any one of us individually when he spoke, and said:

"I-I've never had something like this before." His voice was at a reasonable sound level, then it shrunk as he turned his head away, "I don't know how to deal with it." He appeared to be ashamed; embarrassed of the fact that he'd never had something as simple as a sucker. He probably was. While I knew it wasn't the most polite time for such an emotion, I couldn't help but feel a flutter within me at the adorable display he'd put on thus far.

It was then when it had begun. I hadn't been expecting it, or I would have prepared myself. And by prepared, I mean left. If I'd known what was about to take place, I would have

gotten out of there as quickly as possible.

Maka cheerfully, with a slight smile and a laugh, reassured Crona, talking him into opening his candy and trying it out before making any final decisions. With shaking, unsure hands, he slowly worked open the simple wrapper that could have been gone in and eighth of the time had it been anyone else opening it. Then he'd held up, level with his mouth, yet still inches away. He looked at it. Nothing happened. For the longest time he simply stared at the object that would have been completely inanimate had he not been trembling ever so slightly. We all watched in suspense. His eyes darted over each of our expressions again. His body visibly slacked as he let out a small breath, as if he'd realized there was no getting out of this, he'd have to try it. The sucker was now closer to his lips, they parted, only a little. He was shaking more now, so frightened by something so delicious. He looked around again, the object closing in, not even an inch gap now... His eyes closed tight, his tongue poked out, softly, not rigidly as you'd expect. It gently pressed against the treat, running up its round surface, reaching the top, ending its swipe with a slight flick.

While the other students continued to watch in suspense for his reaction, I tried to wipe the small amount of blood that had trickled out of my nose away as discretely as possible.

I looked back up at Crona just in time to see him puzzle over it for only a split second more (finishing, I assume, what he'd been doing while my gaze was away) before his shoulders relaxed and a small, relieved, slightly blissful smile came upon his face. He'd liked it.

He'd liked it enough to go back for more.

This time I braced myself, trying to focus on keeping my composure although I knew at this point it was far too late to avoid arousal completely. Just as Crona had had a taste of that sucker, I'd had a taste of watching him lick and enjoy it, and there was no possible way I could deny myself more.

Crona pressed the lollipop to his open lips, his tongue wrapped around the hard treat as half of it rested just slightly in his mouth. I watched his eyes slip shut, it was the first time he'd ever had one; evidently it was quite incredible to him. His tongue pulled back before he removed the newly found source of enjoyment from his mouth with a wet smack as if he'd kissed it. Those murky silver-blue orbs peeked out from hiding for just a moment; the pink appendage peaked out from within the wet cavern of his mouth to rid his soft lips of any leftover sweetness before the swordsman returned to run it along the slightly wet spot he'd left upon the simple item moments before.

My eyes nearly went wide at the spectacle, although everyone else had returned to their normal chatter. I continued to watch his tongue dancing along the candy orb joyously, even hearing a few quiet, hardly audible little mews of satisfaction. My mind had gone to the worst of places long, long ago, and now I sat in awe, giving into a vivid fantasy of him beneath me making those noises at my hand. My pants had begun to be uncomfortable, and I was very thankful of the table. However, the table would do me no good if I remained there, watching Crona's unknowingly erotic display until it was time for us to move on, when I'd have no chance but to stand. I tried to look as calm and collected as I possibly could, but it felt like the heat in the room was rising, and I wanted to terribly to take off my jacket.

"Kid? Are you alright? Your face is all red." I jumped at the mention of my name. It was Tsubaki.

"Oh! I'm fine. Just a little warm." The confrontation, if you can call it that, was actually quite helpful. Either I was not even slightly attracted to Tsubaki to the point she killed the moment completely, or I'd been startled bad enough that the raging arousal in my pants had gone down some.

"K-Kid…" My eyes went wide for a split second, though I quickly regained composure. That voice. That soft, sweet voice… Saying my name. Crona said my name. My head was in the clouds.

I cleared my voice, "Yes?"

"Look. W-we got the s-s-s-same flavor." I felt my body get 10 times hotter. My erection returned to its previous hardness. It was true, we had. That wasn't what made me so… Bothered. It was the fact that his voice was directed at me. I found it incredible. As did my… Lower regions, which at this point had become harder than I could ever remember them having been before on any other occurrence in my life. My head was spinning, I felt like I could fly away at any second. He was so cute, the one person I could ever consider to be anything more in my life than a mere acquaintance. But my hormones took it a different, much less… Publicly acceptable way. They'd somehow assumed that since he was talking to me, I actually had a shot at getting him in bed. While my mind was being logical, putting it simply, be realistic, Kid. It's simple chatter, nothing more. My much less rational aspect of myself was forcing me into imagining just how the situation would play out.

"Oh, yeah. We did." I cleared my throat again. I was glad there were other people around, because if not, I'd have to pin him down and make him show me some more of those cute little sounds. I didn't want to taste my own sucker; I wanted to taste his lips. And, worst of all, so terribly wrong, oh, how badly I wished he'd lick me like that lollipop.

With that thought, I felt myself twitch. It was incredible how erotic I found him. Never before had anyone made me this aroused, or even come close. Then again, maybe I hadn't been looking at the right people. Oh, who was I kidding, I hadn't been looking at anyone at all. They all had flaws that were much too big to look passed. But him, Crona… Well, that was a different story. When he slowly ran his moist tongue along the sweet candy again, I almost groaned aloud.

Then the moment was ruined. Rognarok popped out of Crona's back and, quite loudly, commanded Crona to let him have the lollipop.

Crona nodded with a small grunt of acceptance (if you could call it a grunt, it wasn't even a little assertive) before handing Rognarok the candy and laying his head down in his arms, I assumed he was trying his best to avoid conflict.

Great, he'd scared the poor boy. Now not only did I not get to watch him sensually licking and sucking, but I didn't get to see his soft features and endless eyes. But then again, it wasn't all that bad… There it was; his pretty little head. Lying right in front of me. His hair looked so soft. I could stroke it if I wanted; feel the silky strands falling between my fingers, comfort him; make him trust me. I couldn't help but imagine the things he might let me do to him if he trusted me. He might even trust enough to appear, ehem, extremely obedient and willing. Perhaps he'd get on his knees in front of me, his dress discarded, allowing me to take in every inch of his thin body, it's amazing contours, as his hands and mouth worked my…

"Crona. Come with me." I said suddenly, before I knew why. I'd been lost in my sinful thoughts long enough that Rognarok had finished eating the stolen treat and gone back into Crona.

He lifted his head a little, just enough to show me his eyes. "W-where will we go?"

I looked away, "Just come, please. Quickly." I stood up awkwardly, trying to disguise the obvious tent in my pants. Crona stood as well and walked in my direction. Once he was close enough, I grabbed him by the hand and pulled him along as I walked (still trying to hide my incredibly relentless hard-on, unsuccessfully). When I began to pull him along with me, a little more forcefully than need be, he'd made a fearful, surprised noise, but came along anyway. I was undoubtedly thankful for this. If he hadn't followed, I would have looked like more of a fool than I already had.

In all honesty, I was just as confused as he was as to where we might go. I hadn't planned that far ahead. In fact, I hadn't planned at all. I just couldn't hold on any longer. I wanted him so badly, though it filled me with shame. I'd only recently come to terms with my homosexuality, finally realizing it was the only option. How could I sleep with a woman, when their bodies are so different from my own? There would be no symmetry. I hadn't, however, completely accepted my undying attraction to Crona. As an individual, he wasn't symmetric at all. But... He was just… so… cute. I couldn't help myself. I was sure it had to be more than just lust. I could handle lust, easily. But there was obviously something more there that made the sinful urge impossible to deny.

However, there was no time to contemplate life during the current situation. Right now my focus had to be on figuring out where to take the gorgeous, meek boy who was sending electric surges through my body with just the contact of one clammy but soft hand. Just like that it hit me; Crona's room. It was there. It wasn't symmetrical or neat, but it was there and I was sure he'd be a fine distraction. At least for now, I'd have to fix it later.

"Crona, we're using your room." I said as a statement, even though I didn't expect him to feel forced into listening to me.

He made a short accepting noise; I considered that to be enough and continued my walk to his gloomy quarters. The skin-to-skin contact of our hands was making me throb in the constricting pants. Without thinking, I reached down with my free hand as we walked and grabbed on to what had may as well been a shaft of steel in my trousers, releasing it after only a second. I shuddered, bending my neck awkwardly and releasing the hand of the boy I was walking with, as the muscle in my hands had tightened up quite a bit with the shudder. My knees buckled in but I regained myself before I'd fallen. Unintentionally, a low groan escaped the back of my throat. My face reddened and I straightened my jacket, cleared my throat, grabbed onto Crona's hand and walked again. This was turning out to be an incredibly embarrassing situation. I was supposed to be smoother than this…