Eventually we had made it to his room; however it took entirely too long, in my opinion. You'd think by that time my arousal would have subsided at least a little, but that would be wrong. Every time I heard any small noise or word muttered by Crona, it perked up again; though it never died down much at all due to how amazing the simple contact of his hand was.

I let myself into his small room and pulled him along with much more force than before, only taking a few large steps to get to the bed. Being this close to my goal, my actions were momentarily completely controlled by my lust. Letting go of any concern for his well being, I swung him around by just his arm and pushed him onto the bed, climbing on top of his thin frame.

As he fell, he made a shocked noise that sounded something like "Uwaah!" It was at this point that I realized how forceful I'd been, and that that was no way to earn someone's affection.

I looked away, my face flushed, my arousal pressed against him. "…I-I do apologize for my behavior." While I did feel guilty for being rough with him, I'd still gotten this far and didn't plan on stopping. I made no effort to get off of him. It would have been entirely too difficult to deny myself the wonderful feeling of my shaft nestled against his wiggling hip as he moved beneath me, trying to get into a more comfortable position.



"W-why are you on top of me?" I looked back at him; he was facing away, avoiding my gaze. His cheeks were a dark red that highly contrasted against his otherwise pale features. I had no intention of giving him a straight answer to this question.

I unbuttoned the collar of his dress, running my fingers along his neck gently. "Crona…" I said his name, my voice laced with lust. I nibbled on the skin beneath his ear, hearing him gasp. A smirk spread across my lips. I considered the gasp permission to continue. My lips brushed against his neck and he squirmed. An evil thought passed through my mind and I adjusted my hips before pushing them against his, making my previously abandoned erection press against his mostly limp member sharply. He instinctively pressed back and a low moan escaped his lips. Is eyes widened and he clasped his hands over his mouth quickly, as if it would take back the noise. I found it incredible just how sensitive he was sexually.

I ran my tongue up the underside of his neck, ending with a kiss on his chin. I tugged his hands away from his mouth, him giving very little resistance. Then my lips were working against his, and much to my surprise, his worked back. He kissed delicately, experimentally. His lips were soft. I was sure I was being a little too rough with the way I was kissing him, but he didn't seem to mind, even moaning quietly against my lips. I was shocked with his talent. He didn't seem to be skilled due to practice, but he tried to learn from me, remembering the things I'd done to him, and throwing them back at me later with his own gentle twist.

He cautiously lifted his hands off the bed, hesitantly putting them on the back of my head, unsure if it was the right thing to do but unable to keep himself from doing it anyway. I snickered into the kiss, he was so cute.

My fingers started to bunch up his dress, slowly lifting it as I kissed the meek boy. I had it gathered around his knees, unable to move it up anymore as it was under his body. I rolled off of him, returning to the kiss quickly, leaning over his body to do so. I tugged at the dress and he took the hint, lifting up his hips. My hand ran up his smooth, flawless leg as I pushed up the black fabric. He broke the kiss to gasp when my fingers stroked his inner thigh. At the point I'd gotten the dress hiked up over his navel, I glanced down to see he had on women's underwear, some incredibly cute black panties with white lace trim. However, this did nothing to disguise the fact that he was, indeed, male, especially in his current state. My hand brushed his still clothed arousal, rubbing back and forth along it slowly as I looked down at him to watch his reaction. His lips were parted, eyes closed. He was writhing slightly, quiet moans escaping his mouth. A slight blush graced his cheeks as one knee slid against the other leg.

Looking down at that the way he'd licked that sucker meant nothing. It also reminded me of just how badly I needed those pants off. But I had to pace myself; take it slow, don't get too eager

I shrugged my jacket off of my shoulders and started to work open the buttons on my shirt. Crona looked up at me, obviously disappointed that I'd stopped my teasing massage, but his eyes were lidded with lust, and he looked me up and down, seeming to have gone into a different world, forgetting about any self-concerns and just filled with raw want. Quickly, my shirt was discarded. I was on my knees looking down at him. Suddenly, unexpectedly, uncharacteristically, he reached up, one nimble finger extended, and ran the appendage slowly down my chest. My head went back, the simple touch was a lot for me considering my level of arousal, and I'd never expected any of his actions to be that foreword. It continued it's descent, it's destination quite obvious. It neared onto it, running over my navel, tickling the area just below, and finally, smoothly making it's way over the waistband of my pants and across the obvious bulge. Then something amazing happened. He cupped his hand over my throbbing groin, kneading it sensually, sending shockwaves of pleasure through my body. I groaned, very audibly.

Crona scurried to his knees, his dress falling back over his exposed legs, and he kissed me. I didn't want to fight with his clothing any longer, so I reached down and pulled it up over his head, breaking the kiss. I was trembling a little, both of us were, so getting the dress off was a bit more of a hassle than either of us wanted at the time, but eventually, thankfully, it was gone. Then there he was before me; nearly all of him; exposed. He was hairless, pale, not even a single birthmark to spoil his perfection. His nipples were a soft pink, his waist held a smooth but evident curve, and his hip bones were sharp and protruding, but not so much that you'd be worried about malnourishment. I simply looked at him for a while, taking it in, smirking.

"K-Kid-kun…. Don't look at me like that… I-I-I-I don't know how to deal with it." His head was turned down slightly, hair falling over his face, a blush spreading across his cheeks. I couldn't help but think it again; he was so cute.

I cupped the curve of his waist in my hands, leaned foreword and licked his neck. I nipped the skin gently; his hands were on my shoulders, his head back, baring his flesh. I left a nicely sized mark on the nape of his neck and worked open my pants, no longer able to stand them.

Once my pants were gone, I pulled his hips to mine, moving against him. I put my hand on the back of his head and brought him into a fiery kiss. We were moaning into each others lips. He pressed himself against me harder to create more friction.

I lowered him on to the bed, slipping a few fingers into his panties and playing with the waistband. My other hand went into action, joining in assisting them off of the thin hips. Free of all confinement, his cock bobbed up, showcasing itself. I hadn't expected as much as I saw from such a small, feminine boy. While he didn't have an exceptionally large member, it was much larger than I had ever imagined it to be. I grasped it gently, loosely, running my thumb along the tip. He pressed against my hand, groaning quietly. I smirked, nibbled at his neck; he trembled.

I knew what I wanted to do at that point, and began my descent.

As much as my own prick needed attention, I wanted to please him much more. I wanted to taste him. So badly.

My tongue flicked out against an erect pink stub, the boy beneath me shivering. I pressed the muscle against the outer edge of the areola, swirling it inward, ending with a gentle bite that made him gasp. I continued downward, leaving love-bites along the way, paying special attention to his hips because of how amazing I found them. His hands were in my hair now, gently urging me just a little bit lower, please. Oh god, please, just a little, almost there… His body spoke a thousand words he didn't have the confidence to say outwardly.

I decided I'd grant his wish- Oh, what a wish it was! Who ever would have thought he'd want such a thing from me? - And licked the underside of his throbbing member. His fingers gripped my hair tightly. Slowly, delicately, I ran my tongue round and round the head, occasionally taking a break to suck it for a moment, or pay special attention to the small slit. He writhed in pleasure, bucking his hips up, trying to get me to take more of him in. I gripped his thighs, holding him down. My lips slid down over the hard piece of flesh, taking as much of it into my mouth as possible as a long breath of air escaped through my nose. I sucked him sensually, enjoying myself almost as much as he was, I'm sure. My eyes closed, groaning lowly, I found pleasure in the feeling of him filling my mouth, nudging his way into my throat. I didn't even have to try hard at all to deny my gag reflex, something about him there felt too right for my body to attempt to rid itself of.

My own member ached; I couldn't help but begin to fondle myself through my boxers. This only made me moan louder upon him, the vibrations of my voice causing him pleasure and making his cries more audible as well. I tasted salty drops upon my tongue, he was nearing climax. As his moans escalated I doubled my efforts, excited to taste him, to feel that sense of accomplishment as I bring him into ecstasy. As he finally fell over the edge, crying my name out loudly (shamefully, it seemed he felt) I sucked him hard, swallowing every drop greedily until he was completely limp in my mouth.

I crawled up his body and laid over him, propped up on my elbows. I kissed him gently; he didn't kiss back. His lavender hair stuck to his forehead, his eyes glazed over, he was panting. The poor kid, he seemed so exhausted. It dawned on me that he was quite an awkward individual, not able to "deal" with many things, and he'd probably never experienced any sort of sexual pleasure before, let alone received a blowjob from someone such as myself, who enjoyed reading so much that I'd actually sat down and absorbed every word from many cosmopolitan magazines the Thompson sisters had laying around. While I'd never actually partaken in such activities, I felt as though I was somewhat of a literary expert on them (It seemed to me that I'd done a fine job considering it was my first time, anyway. So never let anyone tell you you can't learn anything from magazines).

So I laid upon him, watching him as his eyes were slowly slipping closed, and suddenly felt guilty. Not for taking advantage of him, for I had no intention of doing that, oh, no, I would have loved a relationship, what I felt guilty for was the fact that as I laid there watching him slip into a calm sleep I had the selfish thought, so you're just gonna let me lay here like this? I know you can feel that. And suddenly felt awful. I mean, yes, I had just gave him what was probably the best orgasm of his life and it was beginning to look like I wasn't going to get anything in return, but I had gotten to taste him, to see him moan and writhe at my touch, and I had plenty of inspiration for later that night when I could take care of the issue on my own. That was much better than nothing, and we could always continue this another time.

I let my head rest in the crook of his neck, breathing in his post-orgasm scent. He shifted beneath me, and I put it off to him simply finding a more comfortable position. Needless to say I was thoroughly surprised when a thin hand that was shaking slightly slipped into my boxers and brushed against my painfully hard cock. I shot up, propped up at arms length, looking down at him with wide eyes.

"I-is something wrong, Kid-kun? D-D-Did you n-not want me to touch you?" Once again his face blushed a deep crimson. His eyes still contained a desire to sleep, but it seemed to be over run by the desire to finish what we'd started.

"I do, I was simply taken back. I didn't expect you to." I rolled off of him, laying on my back to allow him easier access, though at that moment his hand had retreated.

"B-but you helped me s-s-s-so I… I-I-It's just right that way, right?" He tried a weak smile and his hand dived back under the seam of the silk that contained my sensitive organ.

I wanted to object, tell him that he didn't have to do anything he didn't want; that if he was tired, he could sleep; I could take care of myself, but he was gripping me and tugging and rubbing and using his talented hands from years of practiced sword-fighting and I couldn't seem to muster up anything besides, "Ohhh, Crona, keep going, just like that, more, please, mmm don't stop…"

After about 5 minutes of being worked so damn well, my cries were silenced as I was thrown into an intense orgasm, most likely from having to wait so long. Crona removed his hand, which was now coated with the thick, stick white substance. He looked at it, unsure what to do, before getting an idea. I saw his eyes light up, and slowly he let his tongue brush against one of the nimble appendages, lapping up some of my cum. He smiled, he'd liked it.

He'd liked it enough to go back for more.

Ha! Lameeee ending. Sorry 'bout that.