Authors Note: Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been posting. My computer has decided that it doesn't want me to be on the internet, and my little cousin stood on it while it was sitting propped up against the wall so the charger home is pushed into the computer and it won't hold a charger now. I'm going to try and find a flash drive so I can still post chapters, I have 2 chapters written down on paper. I know what you're thinking, "2 chapters?". Well, this Hannah thing really has my muse in a funk and she won't give me anything nice to write right now. If I can find a flash drive I'll post more, but until then, I'll probably have to go on temporary hiatus, but I promise, it won't be one of those 'short' breaks that's like 2 years long, it'll only be like 2 months. On the other hand, I've started a blog about Bones which, on the bright side, can be posted from any computer. I also have a twitter and I would like people to follow me on there. I love all of you guys!


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