This is my new story, Poor Grimmjow. Hope you like it, and no flames!

WARNINGS: Yaoi/Slash, Mentions of lemon, (kind of), kind of Renji-bashing, Grimmichi!

Disclaimer: …Seriously, I could never measure up to the greatness of Tite Kubo.







"God damn it." Muttered Grimmjow Jeagerjaques as he glared at the innocent looking kitten that he just knew was the devil itself.

"Grimm, why are you growling at Yuu?" asked Ichigo Kurosaki curiously as he stared at his lover, who huffed at him before pointing dramatically at the kitten.

"That… THING keeps trying to steal you away from me Ichi-chan!" he said in annoyance, and Ichigo blinked at his seme.

"Grimm. It's a KITTEN." He said, stressing out the last word, and smiled down at the red kitten with the strange tattoo like markings, which mewled cutely at him. Ichigo bent over to pick up Yuu and began petting him softly as Yuu nuzzled up to him.

"You're so cute. Yes you are, yes you are!" cooed Ichigo as Grimmjow spluttered indignantly at his orange haired uke.

"But- but- but- Ichi-chan! I don't like him!" wailed Grimmjow and he grabbed onto his 5'1" (1) lover around the waist before burying his face in his hair. Ichigo scowled at him and pushed him away, not at all amused.

"I'm sorry Grimmjow," snapped Ichigo at Grimmjow, who looked surprised at the use of his full name. "But if you don't learn to like Yuu, you will sleep on the couch!"

And with a huff, Ichigo whirled around to his bedroom and whispered reassuring things to Yuu, who looked like he didn't know what the hell was going on. But Grimmjow knew better. He could see the evil glint in that infernal feline's eyes when Ichigo had snapped at him.

'You may have won the battle, Yuu,' thought Grimmjow angrily, 'but you haven't won the war!'


And this is the end of the first part. Just so you know, this is significantly shorter than the next bit.

(1) Ichigo is actually 5'9", but it is fun making him small and kind of petite. Hee hee, I love using that word on Ichigo. Petite.