A year later

Brennan sat picking at her salad; Booth peered at her over his burger."Bones are you okay?"

"Yeah." Brennan speared a tomato.


"All right if you must know I got a letter this morning from Northwestern."

"What are they crowning you as this year?"

"Nothing, tradition says that last year's honored alumnae, is on hand to honor this year's honored alumnae"

"Who is it?"

"Kelli Sanders."

"The chick that choked on her martini when I came up behind you last year?"

"That's the one."

"We're going right?"

"Yes, I already booked our flight, booked our hotel, and changed Parker's weekends with Rebecca, this works out better for her anyway the weekend before we go away she has plans with Brent."


Brennan reached for Booth's hand,"I know you don't like him, Rebecca does and Parker tolerates him. You should try to do at least that."

"I do for Parker's sake if I act like I like him, it makes it easier for him."

"I know. I was thinking maybe we could take a long vacation when we go up stay in the city, I'll show you our old house and other thingsā€¦."

"Bones I'd love that, but you don't have to if it's going to upset you."

"I want to, it's been 21 years Booth it's time."


A month later

They were in the same room; the room changed their lives forever. Brennan looked at the wedding band on her left hand and smiled, as Booth came up behind her." what yak smiling for Bones?"

"I'm just thinking about how wonderful these last 6 months have been and how lucky I am."

"They have been good haven't they?"

"Yes. Let's go."

Booth escorted Brennan to the reception hall and left there for a minute while he got them drinks. Kelli pounced, "Thank you for coming, Temperance."Kelli looked at her left hand and gasped "Who's the lucky guy?"

"Seeley, the guy I was here with last year."

"He married you?" Kelli had a hard time saying that.

"Yes." Brennan smiled.

"Some things do change I guess."

"That they do."

Booth came over then and handed Brennan a drink Kelli walked away winking at Booth. Booth gave Brennan a kiss.

Bones I think she wants to get rid of you so she can have me."

"Mw too when I told her we were married I thought she was going to have a heart attack."


"She could barely speak and when she finally got her voice all she said was 'some things do change I guess."

"That's all she could think of? Is it that odd you got married?"

"To her it is, she had all the guys, I had none, now the tables are turned she doesn't like it. It doesn't help that you're extremely hot."

"Excuse me." Booth mocked offence.

"Booth I love that about you." Brennan kissed him, in the corner Kelli watched with anger on her face.

The End