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"Damon to be a vampire you do not have much patience" giggled Elena as she finished the touches on her hair while an impatient Damon sat on the edge of the bed constantly tapping his foot.

"You are going out with me you don't need to look pretty with me on your arm" Damon smirked.

"I wonder sometimes why I chose you again" Elena slightly leaned to look out the bathroom door to give a cocky glare at Damon.

"Because I am the sexiest, irresistible, gorgeous thing your little human eyes ever laid on" as he slowly walked to the door frame and leaned on it.

Elena turns to face him and walks up to now where they are faced to face and smiles innocently, "Don't forget an egotistic, arrogant ass too".

Damon closes the remaining space between them and gently brushes his lips against her and replied with a wide grin "but you love it" and pulls her closely as he deepens the kiss.

"We better…get going…or we are going to be late" panted Elena while trying to gasp for air between kisses as she pushes Damon towards the door

"Do we really have to go, we can see Bonnie and Stefan another day" Damon stated while dragging his feet out of the bedroom door.

"Yes we have to go, we spend every day together and I did have a life with friends before I met you" Elena stated as she and Damon head down the stairs and towards the front door.

Damon put a hand across his heart and feigned hurt, "I'm hurt kitten are you telling me that you do not like spending time with me".

Elena looked at Damon with a smile and shook her head, "you know that is not what I meant I was just hoping that we can spend our time somewhere else other than the bedroom".

They closed the door and headed towards Damon's blue mustang. He opened the door for her to get in and as he closed the door he gave her his signature smirk and wiggled his eye brows, "kitten that is my favorite spot"

Elena glared at Damon but smile slightly as Damon closed the door, "well I guess that spot needs a time out tonight".

Damon sighed as he walked over to the other side of the car and sat in the driver seat. The car stirred to life as he headed towards the Grill. Minutes later Damon and Elena entered and spotted Stefan and Bonnie at the table signaling them over.

Elena and Bonnie were blabbing from favorite couples out right now to shoes and accessories while all Damon could think of is how he would rather drink vervain then hear them talk about girly stuff. He couldn't bother Stefan because he was too busy drooling over everything that came out of Bonnie's mouth like a love sick puppy. Damon knew that he still loved Elena but he never knew that he would go after the best friend. He smiled at himself as he realized that they had to share something other than the Salvatore name.

It felt like hours and Damon was getting restless. Elena must have recognized Damon silence and smiled till she got his eyes and leaned in and kiss him gently on the lips and whispered in his ears, "I take it you are ready to go". Damon gave her his best sad face and hoped that the face can prove how much he wanted to leave. Elena took in his face and couldn't help but to laugh which got the attention of Stefan and Bonnie.

"Well its getting kind of late I think that we should get ready to go" Elena stated as she collected her things.

"I guess your right we should do this..." Bonnie was saying before Damon cut in and replied, "In another month". Bonnie snorted and Stefan glared at him with a disgust look on both of their faces

Elena glared at Damon and shoved him slightly and replied, "What Damon is trying to say is we should do this again soon how about next week". It was Damon that then shoved Elena lightly and gave her a-hell no-look. Elena ignored Damon and looked at Bonnie and Stefan who enjoyed the fact that Damon was being manhandled and Stefan replied, "Can't wait".

As the Elena and Bonnie gave each other hugs and promises to call one another tomorrow. Stefan and Damon gave each other a nod and the couples took off from each other and headed different directions.

The ride in the car was silent all the way home. But the mad look on Elena face and the evil glare that she kept showing Damon proved that when they got home that he was going to be yelled at. He was thinking of the quickest escapes but then it hit him, "I am a vampire for crying out loud, what can she do ground me". He chuckled inwardly as they pulled up to the boardinghouse. He opened the door and looked over to Elena who was biting her lip in anticipation. He sighed and thought "let's get ready to rumble".