I've never seen the huge attraction to human Music. I mean, it never seemed so important, or good for that matter. So, I was never really sure why I went out to Club Exoskeleton, a new Rave in Arizona, an invasion site. For a while, I just lurked outside, getting suspicious stares from bouncers, Ravers telling me to come in. Finally, after a few days of hanging outside, I surrendered, and paid, walking in. Opening my mind, I extended it in all directions, picking up the thoughts f those around me. It was a strange experience. To this day, I dunno how I should describe it, but these humans weren't like any other humans I've scanned. They had a strange connection to each other, even to those they didn't know, and a strange passion for music. There was one mind in particular that I was attracted to. I couldn't tell if it was male or female, but they literally LIVED for music. There was hardly a moment that passed without some song playing off their iPod. They felt such a deep love for techno, music, and bass rhythms. Looking deeper into their mind, I found a strange resistance. I tried to push against it, to break it, but I was met with a strong force I couldn't break down. I scanned the area, humans packed around me. I felt mildly disgusted, and the music gave me a headache. It smelled like human and beer. I kept contact with the mind, and soon met the owner.

It was a girl, around 17, with bright green eyes, hair dyed purple, and doing a complicated dance routine to the song playing. As it switched, she screamed out, "Hecks yeah, JUMP WITH ME, HUMANS!"

She began another routine, keeping in tune with the beat, jumping up and down. Slowly, her dance became more intricate, with spins, kicks, twirls, all the while staying perfectly in tune with the beat.

"Man, she's good!" someone said.

"Yeah, jumpen like that's hard!" another human said.

I scanned the minds of those around me. Some of the people not wasted or making sense were calling it jumpstyle. I watched the girl, transfixed, oblivious to what was around me. Had I not been paying so much attention to this solitary Raver, I would have noticed the two figures coming up from behind me, weapons in hand, and I could have defended myself from the blow to the head that sent me tumbling to the ground, world going black around me.