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Of Dragons, Knights, and Fairies

Chapter 1 – Pleasant Talks and New Encounters

It was once again another glorious, sun-filled day in the city of Magnolia, home of the increasingly famous magic guild Fairy Tail. The rather extraordinary guild hall showed its colors proudly to anyone who would pass by and welcomed them with its gate opened wide. On the inside was the marvelous guild hall itself, full of life and the banter of various mages enjoying each other's company. On the whole the guild was actually fairly quiet for once, due to the absence of several of the chief troublemakers, Natsu Dragneel and Gray Fullbuster, to their respective missions. Without their constant bickering and fighting the guild hall had actually managed to keep itself intact for about a week. It was practically a miracle.

Erza Scarlet was also gone on an S-class mission to fight some gigantic monster or other which would not have a chance against Erza's blade. With most of the Fairy Tail 'team' gone Lucy found herself alone with Wendy and the two cats Carla and Happy. For some reason Happy had decided not to go with Natsu on his mission, but Lucy had a feeling she knew why, as Happy had been keeping rather close to Carla for a while now even though Carla for the most part ignored him. Lucy and Wendy sat on the counter stools while Mirajane worked behind the counter with her bartending duties. At the moment Wendy found herself mesmerized with the stories Lucy was telling her about the missions she, Natsu, Erza, and Gray had been on.

At the moment Lucy was telling Wendy about the time all four of them had gone to help out a theatre production. "We thought we were just going to help out back for the play, but when we arrived there we found out that the actors had all left the production!"

"So what did you all do then?" Wendy inquired as she sat transfixed by all the adventures Lucy had been telling her.

"Well we still had a job to do so we all became actors in the play!" Lucy then closed her eyes and nodded her head in remembrance and when she opened them up again she continued. "I took the role of princess Yanderica and Erza took on the gallant Prince Frederick. Gray took on the role of the evil villain who had captured me while Natsu was the dragon that he summoned."

"Natsu played a dragon?" Wendy quickly tried to imagine it in her mind, and at the very least the fire breathing part she could see instantly, but the dragon part was a little harder to imagine since for some reason the dragon in her mind had Natsu's hair and scarf on which looked rather strange.

"Ha ha ya he did! They put him in a huge dragon costume and he breathed fire all over the place. So we practiced and practiced and Erza really got into it and then we took stage." Lucy paused at this moment and a bit of a pained look crossed over her face. "It was a complete disaster! The story was all off, Erza got severe stage fright and forgot her lines so the whole production got rushed, Gray used the wrong character name and Happy couldn't keep Natsu up in the air for very long in his dragon costume and he crashed into the stage floor. Everything went wrong!"

Then Happy jumped into the conversation to continue where she left off. "Aye! Then Natsu caught Lucy's dress on fire so Erza quickly rushed over cut off her cl-" Lucy quickly muffled Happy's mouth with her hand and the side of her mouth twinged. She was thankful she had been able to stop Happy before he gave away too much of what happened to her.

"Ah well anyway, so then everyone started fighting and the whole building collapsed around us! I was so embarrassed I thought I'd die!" Happy protested in mumble but Lucy wasn't about to let his mouth run off quite yet.

Wendy tried to keep a straight face through the whole account but she could not help herself and burst out laughing so hard that she started to tear up. She started to get herself back under control and wiped her eyes with her arm. "I'm sorry Lucy," she had to stop talking to sniff back some fluids before they ran out her nose, "but you all had fun right! You always get along so well together. I want to have the same kind of times that you guys have together."

Lucy smiled at Wendy and at long last allowed Happy to breathe again. "Don't worry; I'm sure we'll have plenty of good times together in the future since you're a full-fledged member of Fairy Tail like us! At least the audience liked us that time, but then we had to perform that same play so many times over…ugh!"

Wendy grinned and moved around on her stool to face the counter more when she saw Mirajane walk over to them.

"You all did a fantastic job Lucy, I was glad I was able to see it that day. Everyone who was able to watch were so happy to see you guys act." Mirajane beamed at them and Lucy's face darkened and bowed down a bit, but she managed to raise it back up with a rather pained smile on her face.

"Ha ha ha, well thank you Mirajane, but really all we did was create one big mess."

"Oh Ho! Don't be so modest, Lucy! Your performance was wonderful!" All three girls turned down to look at Master Makalov and Lucy's face became a mask of horror. "Actually I thought everyone's performance was marvelous! Especially Erza's, when she went to save you Lucy and cut off-"

Before he could spill the fermented beans Lucy managed to cut him off by yelling "MASTER!"

"You were quite spectacular Lucy." Makalov winked and Lucy reddened and her whole body sagged as the Fairy Tail guild master walked away with his inner thoughts, though the smile and slight reddening in his cheeks gave him away to what he was remembering.

"That's it…I'll never be able to get a boyfriend now." Lucy's soul tried to leave her body but unfortunately failed in her opinion. Lucy managed to come back to reality when she heard a sudden gasp from Happy. Wendy and Lucy looked over at the suddenly trembling Happy.

"Happy is something the matter?" Wendy asked with concern for the blue cat.

"Yes, are you all right?" Carla also asked not sure what to think of what the 'male cat' was doing.

"Carla…I just realized something so horrible that I don't think even if a fish the size of a whale suddenly fell from the sky on top of me so I could eat it I don't think I could shake off this dread I'm feeling."

"If a fish that size fell on you Happy I don't think you'd be feeling anything at all" Lucy could not help but think in her head.

"Well, what is it, Happy?" Wendy looked troubled as Happy continued to shake fiercely.

"What if, what if," Happy's tightly closed eyes started to overflow with a stream of tears and then he snapped his eyes open, "Natsu is having a large barbecue and is eating mountains of crabs, and fish, and meat, and fish without me! He could have left me behind just so that he would get all the food to himself!"

As Happy bawled on, Lucy sighed, Wendy did not seem to know what to think, and Carla merely shook her head at the male cat's antics.

"Seriously, is food all you and Natsu can think of? Sometimes I find myself feeling sorry that there exists an Exceed like you and a Dragon Slayer like Natsu. Wendy, for being so much younger, is ten times more mature than both of you." Carla turned her back on Happy and crossed her arms.

"But Charlie, surely you can sympathize with me?" Happy implored to Carla's back but got no response from her.

Wendy couldn't help but smile at her two cat friends. She really felt blessed to have made so many great friends, and Wendy thought that she couldn't be happier then she was right now. She did admit though, that she wanted to see Gray, Erza, and Natsu again soon, and she had to wonder how they were doing on their missions. "Hey Lucy?"

"What is it Wendy?"

"Do you have any more stories?" Wendy asked, wanting to hear more about their amazing adventures.

Lucy could only smile and comply by telling Wendy of yet another adventure the four of them had gone on.


On the northern border of the country of Fiore in the mountains, Erza was engaged in fierce combat with a beast about the size of the small mansion. Erza was currently fighting in her normal Heart Kreuz Armor against a beast that could have easily passed as Deliora's cousin. Man shaped with a little Gorilla in it, but with the face of a demon who preferred its horns to be big and curly, it snarled at the young woman who dared to try and defeat it. Erza glared back at the monstrosity with stony eyes that showed complete trust in her own ability to defeat the beast before her. Quickly realizing that this was an opponent it could not intimidate, the monster struck with one of its large, hairy arms and clods of earth shot up around the fist as it created carriage-sized crater where Erza had been but a second before.

Before the monster could react Erza had already charged up the monster's arm, by jumping on it just a moment before impact, and slashed at the monster's face. The monster didn't even flinch and a moment before her sword could make contact magically the beast's left horn maneuvered itself in her way and blocked it. Horn and sword clashed together with a sound akin to metal upon metal and Erza stood face-to-face with the creature.

"Oh, you seem to have an interesting ability there." Erza commented right before she had to jump down to avoid the monster's other hand that was trying to smash her while she was on its shoulder. Not one to miss an opportunity, she made sure on her way to the ground to make a long gash in the creature's body with her sword which made the creature roar with rage and step away from her before she could travel the whole length of its body. She landed on the ground gracefully and readied herself for the monster's next attack when she noticed that the wound she had given to the monster's side was already starting to heal up. "I see. It is no wonder you've been able to cause so much destruction even though you've already fought at least two groups of mages. While your magical horns are certainly a benefit to your power, it's your regenerative abilities that have allowed you to survive for so long and keep rampaging unchecked."

Of course the creature had no idea what she was saying and was angry at this small human that had managed to wound it even though the wound closed up right away. The monster bellowed at Erza and a fierce wind blew from its mouth by the force of its roar which moved Erza's earrings, hair, and skirt, but the Titania of Fairy Tail stood her ground with a determined look on her face. "It has become clear that I can no longer go easy on you." Erza activated her requip magic and at first the monster looked very confused when she suddenly become naked before her new armor formed over her body. Then Erza stood before the monster clad in her Heaven's Wheel Armor. The armor was almost completely silver with a white skirt and blackish-blue skirt armor. Her mid-riff was exposed and her top armor consisted of only an armor bikini, yet her arms and legs were fully armored and she wielded two large blades. The most interesting part of her armor was the beautiful, silver, blade-like wings that spread out like a seraphim's from her back. A circle of swords appeared all around her and almost looked as if they were extensions, or silver light rays coming out from her wings. The overall effect was dazzling and as beautiful as if a battle maiden from the heavens had descended to earth to visit a battlefield full of warriors, but this Valkyrie was here only to bring down a monster and that would be the only soul she would be sending to heaven.

The creature was only dazzled for a brief moment before it decided to pounce, extending its body into a full leap, soon Erza was enveloped in the monster's shadow as it tried to crush her with its body and pierce her with its horns. Erza crouched down and readied her blades and waited as the monster came closer, then she opened her eyes wide and with a burst of incredible power and speed from her legs shot up to meet the descending behemoth. "Tenrin Blumenblatt!" All of Erza's swords struck out against the creature while the creature's horns did battle with some of her hovering blades and nearly struck her as the two combatants passed each other by. They bother landed on the ground facing away for each other, and then the wounds from Erza's blades opened all over the monster's body and it fell down onto its hands and breathed heavily from the massive damage Erza's attack had inflicted. Erza turned around to face the creature, and she could see that despite its multiple and deep wounds it was already starting to heal. She had not been able to inflict enough damage to kill it and soon it would be back to full strength again. The creature turned its bloodied face toward her and she could the last of her slash marks fade.

"You really are quite persistent." Erza stated bluntly as she sized up the creature once again and turned her head slightly when she heard a cracking noise coming from her left. Her wing tip had been damaged and there were cracks in the design; the creature had to have incredible power to have done even that amount of damage by only grazing her armor. She had to find a way to destroy the creature quickly or the battle would last on forever, and eventually she would lose enough stamina to get hit by one of the monster's attacks. It wouldn't happen for a while but in an indefinite fight the outcome would be clear.

Erza was about to exequip her armor when she heard a voice coming from some nearby high grounds which was really nothing more than a bunch of rocks piled up on top of each other. They were located near the top of a mountain so the pile of rock was really the only place higher then where they already were at the moment and there were also no trees near the top so the rock pile looked very conspicuous compared to the rest of the mountain top which thankfully had no snow at the moment. "Hey do you need any help!" The rather loud and spirited, yet melodious voice came from brown-haired girl with very clear eyes.

The girl was perhaps a little shorter than Erza but her spunk sure made up for that. Her hair was tied into a extended, fan shape at the back of her head with a red ribbon and was quite spiky, although the rest of her head looked quite smooth and flat and she had a longer lock of hair in the front the fell to the right side of her face. Her clothes consisted of a pair of tan shorts that looked like they had an intimate relationship with the earth, brown hiking boots, a white collared shirt that had the top button missing so her neck was exposed, and a light brown vest that looked like she never buttoned it up and preferred to just let it hang loosely on her body. Also on her person were two identical light blue bracelets with white rims on each of her wrists and she was carrying a small knapsack with her, filled with the few belongings she had brought with her. She wore two light blue fingerless gloves that ended about half-way between her first finger joints and her knuckles.

As for her figure, she looked very lean and fit but with enough muscle to show instantly that she probably trained her body quite frequently. Her proportions were fairly average, not overly generous in any area but certainly not dismal either; there were definitely some curves to her body but perhaps in a more minimalist kind of way. Her skin was lightly tanned so it shone with a healthy glow, though perhaps her cheeks were at least a little sunburned, but otherwise she was fine. What really defined her were her eyes, and a smile that reminded Erza slightly of Natsu with that goofy grin he'd sometimes sport after a particularly grueling fight or that he used to encourage someone. Her clear eyes were large, but with a sharp quality to them so they looked purposeful yet friendly and her smile was bright and large, as if nothing in the world could bring her down.

Both Erza and the monster were unsure of what to make of the new girl that had just shown up, giving them a temporary pause to their combat. "I thank you for your offer but your help will not be necessary." Erza looked at her a second more before returning her gaze to the monster; it would probably be best if only she had to fight, or the girl could get seriously hurt if she attempted to help. She was about to exequip but then heard the newcomer start to run down toward them. "I thought I told you I did not need any help!" Erza tried to dissuade her but she just kept on coming with a rather calm smile on her face as if she knew exactly what she was doing.

"You did," the girl replied back as she got between the monster and Erza, readying her gloved fists for combat, "but I never said that I wouldn't help you so there's no use arguing with me." Erza could see from the girl's stance that she was completely serious and that there would be no point trying to persuade her to turn away from the fight. Erza gave a little sigh and then changed into her Black Wing Armor so that she would be able to give one powerful, decisive blow to the monster to kill it in one go.

"All right then, just keep it occupied until I get a clear shot so I can take out the demon in one blow. Can you do that for me?" Erza asked. She could see that the girl was getting quite ready for a battle by the way her feet were shifting ever so slightly under her; she was definitely no amateur but Erza was uncertain how she expected to fight the creature with no apparent weapon in her hands.

"Oh I'll do more than just distract him! Just you watch me!" With that exclamation, the girl shot forward toward the beast who had been watching her intently from the moment she first appeared. The creature almost looked insulted as it bellowed its battle cry at the approaching figure and shot at her with one of its magical horns that stretched itself out toward her to try and impale her on its point. Erza watched dumbfounded as she continued her reckless charge, not even bothering to steer clear of the approaching deadly tip of the creature's horn. It was what came next that was even a greater surprise to her though.

As the two got close enough the girl brought back her right arm and then shot her clenched fist toward the approaching horn and shouted, "Fist of the sound dragon!" Once the two forces collided the most horrific sonic boom exploded from the impact and a visible ring of compressed sound erupted from the girl's fist. For a brief half-second it seemed as if nothing had happened, and then the creature's horn suddenly fractured into a million little pieces that were soon scattered all over the ground. That horn which Erza had not even been able to put a scratch on with her swords now lay scattered all over the ground, decimated by a single punch. The girl was most definitely a dragon slayer, though she had to admit she doubted even Natsu could have been able to shatter that horn, much less in one blow. The destructive power seemed to be too great to be real, so there was probably some kid of trick to her attack that had allowed to obliterate the monster's horn in one go.

The monster was completely furious at having one of its precious horns destroyed and lashed out at the girl with its foot. The girl didn't have time to dodge and could only to protect herself with her arms as a hoofed foot smashed into her and sent her flying. Erza could see that the girl was hurt and that she was wincing, yet the girl, even as she was flying in the air, launched another attack at the creature, "Screech of the sound dragon!" She opened her mouth wide and shrieked at the behemoth, compressed sound waves buffeted the monster and it clamped its monstrous hands over its ears to try and block the oppressive noise. Erza found herself wincing a bit from the scream even though she wasn't in the sound wave's magical blast radius. The creature fell to its knees as the girl fell down to earth and bounced around on the ground for a bit before coming to a painful halt. Once the monster uncovered its ears Erza could see blood running from the creature's eardrums and down the sides of its face. Its face looked pained and slightly puzzled as it tried to get its bearings. Erza quickly realized that the girl had just effectively deafened the monster, though she doubted it would be for long with the creature's abnormal regeneration rate.

Taking her chance Erza leapt toward the creature's heart, taking advantage of the fact it couldn't hear her and its reflexes would be slowed down as a result. Yelling out loud, Erza struck the creature full in the chest with one powerful swing and felt the blade slide through easily and puncture the creature's heart and perhaps a lung as well. The creature tried to retaliate with its remaining horn but was too slow and Erza was able to quickly make her escape. The creature tottered around unsteadily on its legs for a few moments, and then collapsed on the ground dead. Erza noted with some interest that the horn that had been shattered by the dragon slayer's power had no sign of regenerating, which meant that either the monster's regenerative power had no influence over its horn growth or that the girl's attack had somehow prevented it from being able to grow out again. Erza returned to her normal armor and walked over to the creature and cut off its other horn which without the magical power of the beast had become soft enough for her sword to slice through. She decided she would take the horn as proof that she had accomplished her mission.

"Ha ha I guess I overestimated myself a little back there! I didn't expect him to have such a powerful kick, ouch." The girl walked over to Erza while rubbing her arms a little. Despite having been 'hoofed' by the monster the girl really only had a lot of bruises all over her body and her clothes looked even dirtier than before, her white shirt even had a hole in it on her mid-section, but overall she looked fine. Like other dragon slayers Erza had encountered, she was pretty tough.

"Well thank you for giving me the opportunity I needed to slay the beast. I must say that was quite amazing when you shattered the creature's horn; my swords could not even scratch the surface while it was still alive."

"Well actually it's really not as amazing as you think; really all I did was match the sound frequency to resonate with the horn, causing a compounding amplification of vibrations which is what was able to shatter it. It works really well as long as the object I'm trying to destroy is all made of the same material so the resonate vibrations effect is better." The girl then stretched her arms and her legs to see how the painful it was.

"Well it was still impressive to witness." Erza lifted the giant horn, which thankfully had shrunk in size after all the magic had left it, onto her left shoulder and held her right hand out to shake the girl's hand. "I am Erza Scarlet; it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

The girl looked at Erza's extended hand for a brief moment, smiled broadly and shook her hand with her own. "Oh that's right, I appeared on the scene without introducing myself, sorry about that. I'm Lorette Nolani; it's a pleasure to meet you Erza!" Their hands stopped shaking but Lorette did not let go of Erza's hand and her eyes grew visibly wider as she realized just who it was she was holding hands with. "You mean you're Erza the Titania from Fairy Tail!" Surprise was very evident in her voice and she even looked even a little scared.

Erza merely nodded and then it suddenly registered in Lorette's brain that she had not let go of Erza's hand. Quickly she did so and with her other hand started scratching the back of her head, which ruffled her hair. She looked rather embarrassed, "Oh, sorry for butting in on your fight back there, I didn't mean to interfere or anything but I guess I kinda did huh?" Her eyes closed in embarrassment and her cheeks flushed ever so slightly.

"Do not worry about that. I was glad for your assistance. By the way," Erza looked over Lorette again really quickly, "you had a knapsack with you if I remember correctly. Where did you leave it?"

"Oh I left that over on those rocks I dramatically appeared from; they should be right th-." Lorette's words caught in her throat and she sounded like she was going to choke as she realized where she was pointing. She was currently pointing at the gigantic monster's body and under it was the wreckage of the rock formation she had been on only a few minutes before. When the large creature had been tottering around for its final few seconds of life they had not noticed before, but it had stumbled over to the rock formation and collapsed on it, crushing it under its weight, which caused the rocks move out from under each other, which made the whole formation collapse.

"Ah…" Lorette was silent for a moment as the reality sank in. "My stuff! It's all been crushed!" Frantically she started to search for her knapsack hoping beyond hope that it was somehow all right.

"I'm sorry," Erza clenched her teeth and looked away, "if I had been more careful I could have preventing your belongings from getting damaged. You can hit me if it will make you feel better!"

"Um, no, it's all right really." Lorette did not even want to think of what might happen to her if she actually hit the legendary Titania; the images that came to her mind were quite gruesome. "Well it would help if you looked for my knapsack with me."

"All right, if that is what you want. Just let me know when you need to relieve some stress and I will gladly take any punishment you give me." Erza quickly went over to the wreckage to help with the search.

"Really it's quite all right." Lorette quickly came to a conclusion as she watched Erza come over to help her and that conclusion was, "This woman is scary, no wonder she's the famous Titania. I hope I never get on her bad side!"

The two women searched through the rubble for Lorette's knapsack and Erza could not help but notice that Lorette seemed a little on edge. "She must have something very important in that knapsack," she thought, not realizing that it was herself that had put the girl on edge.

"Do not worry; we will be sure to find it!" Erza smiled confidently in Lorette's direction and she could only smile back with a bit of a distressed smile, hoping that nothing bad would happen in the future.

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