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It all started with one question.

"Soul, What are senses?"

The meister had asked it as a joke, to test his IQ a little bit.

Needless to say, Soul had taught her well, and never again would she have to question how smart her partner was.


He looked at her with his eyebrows raised, did she seriously just ask that? Did she seriously walk into his room just to ask that?

"Soul, why are you looking at me weirdly?" She had a confused expression on her face, waiting for an answer.

He ignored the question. Of course i'm looking at you weirdly, you asked me what senses are, and you're the bookworm. He thought it was obvious. He looked at her a little longer, the outside of his body screaming of boredom, the inside of his body going crazy. She only gave him one simple look, the face of confusion. That innocent expression inflicted the weapon with interest, interest in...his partner? The way he saw her hair frame her face, some of it softly resting on her face. The way he saw her face, her skin. When had it gotten so smooth looking? His eyes wandered up and down her body. Those legs... he slurred in his mind. She was wearing her signature skirt of course, but she had taken off her jacket and vest, leaving her only with a loose dress shirt and a tie, hair let down. It definitely looked like a school uniform. A school uniform... he repeated in his head, usually the sign of provocation isn't it?

And this whole time, Maka thought Soul was only looking at her because she thought that was his way of thinking, so she let the silence continue as those crimson eyes scanned her.

Oh how those crimson eyes liked what they saw.


After a few minutes of just looking at her, Soul walked over to her. He grabbed her shoulders lightly and turned her whole body to face his bed. Maka, being clueless, didn't even realize she was facing his bed, she just knew she was turned around. Soul had come up behind her and wrapped his bare arms around her arms, locking them to her sides. His own wardrobe consisted of jeans and a t-shirt.

He rested his chin on her shoulder, nuzzling part of his nose in her long hair, kissing her hairline behind her ear. He grinned silently when he felt her shiver slightly at the sudden movement.

She smells so...beautiful he encouraged himself.


He suddenly became possessive.

Do it...claim her. She's yours.

The weapon kept hearing that demonic voice in the back of his head, also encouraging him.

Take her, make her YOURS and ONLY yours.

He tried to tell the voice to shut up, but he liked what the voice suggested, he liked what he heard. He surveyed his own feelings, he wanted her now. He'd always wanted her, but he'd always put that feeling in the back of his heart, the back of his mind, he would never go there with his meister.

"S-Soul? What are you doing, you're acting kind of strange." Maka asked nervously, arms still locked at her side due to Soul's arms around her. Her voice slightly cracked, still shaking from Soul's lips that still rested on the back of her ear.

Hearing her voice, he left his thoughts.

He removed his lips and placed them by her ear, grinning a mischievous smile.

"You want me to answer your question right?" He taunted

She shivered again, the feeling of his breath against her ear turned her mind to mush.

"Y-yeah." She said hypnotically.

"You can't complain at all." He slurred in such a melodic and tempting way, Maka's body froze at the sound of his voice.

"W-Why would i-?" she couldn't bring herself to finish her sentence.

Soul could feel his partner's uneasiness, and it ignited a flame in his chest. He liked what he was hearing, Maka's voice so unsure he knew he was practically controlling the situation. A sudden burst of confidence, and in one swift motion he turned her around so that she was facing him. He pushed her down back first onto his bed and climbed over her, hands placed on either side of her head. Maka was awestruck, what is he doing? She thought how is this answering my question? Soul stared into her eyes and smirked.

Do it, show her who she belongs to.

He liked hearing that suggestion. And now, it was Maka's turn to hear that suggestion, in a different way.

Soul leaned over and put his forehead on hers. "I'll teach you all about senses." he teased. Maka's face downed in pink due to their position and his closeness. "So you better listen up."

Of course, he meant for her body to listen up as his body spoke.


Soul swooped down closed the gap, finally tasting her lips. He pressed them together softly, tilting his head to give their kidding space much more room. Maka's eyes stayed open for a while in shock, S-Soul is...! She panicked in her head, w-what do i do? This is my first i don't- her thoughts were interrupted as Soul's tongue lightly tasted his meister's lower lip. She liked that feeling, A LOT more than she thought she would. It turned her brain to mush, disabling her to think about it any longer. The domino effect of brain failure, to loss of thought, let to her unconsciously beginning to kiss him back. Again, he brushed his tongue over her lip a little more aggresively, demanding entrance, which she eagerly allowed. At last, she could taste his lips, his mouth.

The kiss lasted a while, neither of them coming up for breath. Their lips fiercely battled each other, fighting for dominance over the kiss.

Good, you've finally shown her who she belongs to. Now OWN her. The voice in his head demanded.

He didn't need to be told twice, his own lips were hungry to taste more.


Soul moved one of his hands away from the side of her head, to under her back. In a need for balance, Maka's instinct reflex was to wrap her arms around his waist and thrust him closer to her body, their lips never parting.

In one breath he separated the heated kiss, his lips roaming elsewhere in search for more. He glided his lips down her cheek to her jawline, making sure he hit every mark on the way down to her neck. She liked the way it felt to be carressed by her partner like this. He used his other hand to sneak it's way under her shirt from below, using his fingertips to stroke the area by the belly button. Maka arched her back, accidentally moaning slightly as she adjusted her body. She liked the way his touch was so gentle and sincere, how soft it was, how warm it was.

"Soul..." she said, trying to cover up the sound she had just made. "You..."

"Shut up." His lips finally left her jawline and headed to her neck. "I'm. Trying. To. Teach." He said in between butterfly kisses down her neck until his lips found a destination to rest, right at the base of her neck near her collarbone.

Another reflex and her arms went under his t-shirt, yanking and tugging it up his body. Soul understood, and he relieved her neckline of his lips, using the hand that was around her back to push his torso off of her chest so she could remove the shirt. But of course, science got in the way. The leverage of his upper body pushing up, caused his lower body to thrust and pound against her lower body. She felt a fire ignite from below and the shirt came off. She had her arms around his waist again.

Soul leaned down to face her, nose to nose. "Tsk tsk, distracting the teacher in the middle of a lesson." He taunted, his hands had wandered and ripped off her tie, throwing it to the floor. "I really should give you a punishment for that." Maka was practically hypnotized, she could feel the touch of his lips slightly brushing against hers, but just barely. Soul smirked on her mouth. "But you're lucky i'm one of the nice ones." He closed the gap again, leaving Maka no room to have dominance over another kiss fight. His hands had wandered to her shirt, unbuttoning it from the bottom up. Once her shirt was completely open, his arms moved behind her back again and even quicker than before, he moved his lips from her lips straight down to her collarbone again.

The sudden change in movement caused Maka to moan again and with the help of her weapon's hands, arched her back, pressing the two naked torsos together.

The feel of her skin, overwhelmed him. It sent shockwaves throughout his body, tempting him to continue.

Yes, take her. Take her body. Take her soul. Take what is rightfully yours.

His lips once again found hers. He moved one of his hands to her legs, and stroked the inside of her thighs, the other hand still on her back. Her body shivered, in a good way. The sense of touch overwhelmed her body. Her hands felt the need to snake down his lower torso and head for his belt. Soul tried to release her lips but she wouldn't allow it, not while she was in the midle of something. She took her less dominant hand to grab his neck and force their mouths to meet again. Soul was a little surprised at her sudden aggressive take on the situation. With one hand she skillfully undid the belt and the zipper, something Soul hadn't noticed until she tried to reach down there.

The hand stroking her dangerously close to her underwear grabbed her wrist at light speed, telling her not probe under his pants. They let go of the kiss and stared into each others eyes. It was an awkward position, Maka had one hand around his waist, Soul holding her other hand by his undone pants zipper, that only a few of her fingers were able to access, and his other hand carressing her back.

Soul smirked. "Class dismissed."

He got off of his meister and sat at the edge of the bed, stretching his arms and back up in the air. Maka just sat up, holding her open shirt closed with one hand, using the other for balance.

Fool, you should have made her your property, you coward.

He just laughed at that voice in his head. Soul was about to get up but Maka had gotten a hold of his arm and pulled on it, making him sit back down.

"Maka, what're you doing?" he asked blandly.

She grinned, much to Soul's surprise that he raised an eyebrow.

"Yo, you ok?" he asked as if none of it ever happened.

Not letting go of his arms, Maka threw one of her legs to the other side of Soul's legs, straddling him VERY close. What is she doing? He thought, a little frightened. "Excuse me teacher." Her voice was eerily playful. "I need to talk to you after class." She put both her hands on his shoulders and threw him down flat onto the bed...they had switched positions. She leaned over and put her forehead to his. "Could i have extra credit?"

She forced her lips to his.

Make him yours Maka. A voice told her in the back of her head.

She finally understood the sense of touch, how? Soul had touched her heart in that heated moment, and now she wanted to touch his in return, the same way; but she had touched his heart the moment they first shook hands.

Luckily for Soul, she doesn't know that.

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