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Author note: My take on the end of Swan Song. BE WARNED SPOILERS AHEAD PROCEED AT OWN RISK


Dean couldn't stop picturing his little brother. Sam's briefly limp body mere moments after Lucifer had taken control, Sam's frame pausing, hand in mid air, his eyes glazed momentarily, Sam falling into the pit. The last days of his youngest brothers life had gone quickly, too quickly, too soon. It should have been years, he was only twenty-six, Dean thought.

Sam was the same age that Dean had been when their father had went missing. Dean remembered feeling mostly care free at that age, well mostly care free except his worry for Sam. Sam should have still been happy like Dean had been at that age.

Dean bit down on the inside of his cheeks to stop the tears from rolling. He looked at Ben, he didn't want the kid to see him cry, and Lisa seeing him cry nightly for the past week was bad enough.

Dean tried to turn his attention to the dinner Lisa had made. It was hot, smelt delicious and was the first home cooked meal Dean had seen in more than two decades. He couldn't get his mind away from Sam though. The same images flicked through his head, behind his eyelids, constantly.

He bit down harder.

Dean's fingers tingled and his gut twisted. He could feel someone looking at him and knew it wasn't Lisa or Ben. He set his gaze on the window to see whatever was just beyond it. The streetlight was out but Dean's eyes stayed fixed and hawk like on the dark area just out sight. He waited for his eyes to adjust so he could know what it was.

Sam felt nervous under his brother's gaze, he had to make a decision now. Let his brother see him and doom him to a troubled life again or hide and let him have a normal life. He knew Dean couldn't see him and the ridged way that he was staring at him told Sam that he would any second.

Should he leave and give his brother a normal, apple pie life; the life Dean should have had all along if not for Sam but he couldn't just walk away from Dean easily. He wanted Dean to know he was ok, he didn't want Dean to feel what he felt when Dean was in hell and Dean was his brother and all Sam wanted was to walk through the front door and embrace his brother.

Any second now Dean would see him and then he wouldn't know what to do. He walked to the front door in hopes that he would have more time to decide away from Deans gaze.

Dean saw a shift in the light outside and saw a dark figure more towards the house. It was the same shape as the yellow eyes demon's dark form and he felt a surge of fear rise in his throat. He couldn't fight anything without Sam by his side.

Dean rose from his seat timidly and prayed that his knees wouldn't buckle. Lisa looked at him with worried eyes. His response to her was to make a hand gesture that told her to stay here. He walked out of the dining room and towards the front door. He grabbed the demon knife from jacket that was on a stand near the door and tightly gripping the knife he threw open the front door of the house.

Sam heard Dean burst open the door as he pressed himself against the side of the house praying his brother wouldn't find him, he needed more time. He held his breath as his body nearly formed with the wall he was that still against it. Sam let a single tear slide down his cheek as he mouthed his brothers name.

Suddenly Dean's fear disappeared and was replaced by something else. The heaviness that had been pressing on his heart vanished and a spark of hope returned to his otherwise listless eyes. He could feel Sam's presence, he was sure of it.

He dropped the knife and ran out of the house in the direction he could just tell his brother was.

"Sam!" He bellowed as he continued running around the house in pursuit of his little brother. He could feel his lips twitching in a smile and his tears running freely at the hope his brother was here.

"Sam!" he yelled down the street once he had rounded the little house. He stood under the broken street light smiling ridiculously. "Sam..." He panted still smiling. The street lamp's light flickered on as Dean's smile vanished. The feeling of grief returned and Dean didn't know why.

Lisa looked out the window to see Dean collapse to his knees, "Ben, go to bed" she said as she stood up out of her chair, her eyes not leaving Dean. Ben sighed and groaned but did as he was told. Lisa heard Ben's bedroom door shut before she allowed the water in her eyes to spill over as she watched Dean weep in the street. He just needs time and space Lisa told herself.