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Dean walked back through the front door in a hurry after he made up his mind. He grabbed his jacket and hastily put it on and felt for the Impala keys in its pocket. He bent down and picked up the knife he had dropped in his pursuit of Sam moments before, he put it in the back of his waistband and noticed Lisa staring at him.

"Thank you" he said as he walked through the open doorway on his way to his true home, his and Sam's car.

"Dean, what are you doing?" Lisa nearly yelled as she grabbed his arm.

"Sammy is out there somewhere; I'm going to find him"

Dean pulled out of Lisa's grip leaving her in shock to stare after him as he pulled the Impala out of the driveway and sped down the street with a screeching sound mixed with the car's rumble.

He didn't know where he was going; he didn't know where Sam would be. He drove in the directions of Bobby's for ten minutes before he slammed on the breaks. The car skidded on the dark road and off to the side safely. Dean switched the ignition off. All he could do was staring at his hands that gripped the steering wheel.

"Where would you be?" Dean whispered to himself but his brother at the same time.

Dean's mind flew to all sorts of different places Sam might be. Places Sam and himself had been and all the places that Sam could have went when he was at Stanford and all the places he knew they both had wanted to go. His mind was a map with a million little red dots. He turned in his seat to face the passenger side where Sam should have been.

Dean held out his fist to the empty side of the car, "scissors, paper, rock" he said as he swung his fist three times in the air. He formed the sign for scissors with two fingers.

Dean, always with the scissors! He heard Sam's exasperated sighing in his mind

"Two out of three" he said aloud, his voice breaking, to the still empty car.

Dude! He heard Sam's voice as response in his head again.

Dean stared at the empty side for an immeasurable amount of time before he turned back in his seat and started the ignition, "Fine Sam, you win, we'll go there"

He pulled onto the road and turned the car around in the other direction. He drove nine hours only stopping once to fill up the cars tank. He didn't eat even though he was hungry, he didn't stop to use the rest room, he didn't stop for water even though he was thirsty and he drove without his usual music, he wanted silence.

As he finally neared his destination Dean knew he did the right thing leaving Lisa and coming here. He was only ten minutes away from the spot that he chooses out of all the other possibilities when he knew he made the right decision. He could feel the weight around his heart begin to lighten and he drove in autopilot down streets he hadn't seen in more than a decade finding his way to the small park.

He killed the engine and got out of the car and started to walk over to the swing set that was just out sight behind the bushes. Every footstep was heavy and all his ears seemed to focus on was the sound of his footsteps.

It had been fourteen years since he had been here. When Sam was twelve he had run away from the motel they had been staying at with their dad. It had been Sam and John's first major fight and the first fight that had made Sam leave. Sam only got as far as this park, three blocks from the motel when Dean found him sitting on the swing. That was the night Sam made Dean promise they would always be brothers, no matter what. A promise that Dean had been neglecting and every footstep reminded him of all the promises he had made with Sam that he had broken. And Sam was the most important person in his world yet he had broken the promise to be normal by leaving Lisa and he had thought about breaking the fourteen year old promise to Sam moments before he was sent into the future months ago but Dean felt he was breaking by staying with Lisa and not finding a way to break Sam out of the god damn cage.

The sound grew louder as his heart grew lighter until he turned the little corner to see a tall dark haired man sitting on the swing that was just too small. It wasn't any man, it was Sam, and it really was. Dean let out a sigh of relief, all his grief, worry, sadness, rage, all emotion except relief left him with that sigh.

He couldn't bring himself to step any further, all his energy drained away from him at the shock of his little brother being here. He tried to say his little brothers name but it stuck in his throat and came out as a squeak.

Sam jumped to his feet off the swing and turned in a defensive pose towards his brother. It took less than a second for Sam to realise who it was and his body dropped all defences. Sam didn't know if Dean or he moved but the distance between them had disappeared and Sam had his brothers arms gripped around him in a tight embrace.

Dean didn't want to let go. He needed to hold Sammy and not let him go lest he leave again. He could tell this was Sammy and not something else. When Sam finally pulled back and out of their hug, much too quickly for Dean's liking, his eyes met Dean's.

"How?" Dean croaked gazing into Sam's hazel eyes.

"I don't know Dean" Sam smiled, his arms still in his brothers tight grip.

"What happened?"

"I don't know, I remember being surrounded by darkness and pain and screaming and then I was outside of Lisa's house"

"You were there?"

"Yeah and then I thought about this park and here I was"

Dean just nodded not understanding and for the moment not caring, Sam was here and that's all that mattered.

"C'mon" Dean indicated for Sam to follow him. Not that Sam had much choice with his older brother still gripping his arm. Dean let go of Sam long enough for him to get in the Impala's passenger side. He watched Sam slide in before he got in the car himself.

"What now?" Sam asked once Dean shut the door and started the ignition.

Dean turned to face the passenger seat and couldn't help feel the relief now that Sam was in the area again.

"We've got work to do" Dean responded as he pulled Sam's laptop out of the backseat and passed it to Sam.

Sam opened his laptop and began searching his way through the internet for the Winchester's next hunt as Dean aimlessly drove his smile never leaving his face.

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