(Alright, a couple notes to clarify things before we get started - because this IS the doctor, after all, and the details are everything.

First off, this story is NOT centered on Jenny, although she WILL eventually arrive. Just… not quite the same way as the first time.

Which brings us to the second point - the nature of this particular AU. Back when the family of blood was chasing the doctor - don't worry if you don't know about them, this is meant to be enjoyable whether you watched the series or not - he went and hid in that school.

This version says he made a more sensible, if perhaps more dangerous, choice and hid in a CITY, that was a bit closer to our own time. You know, a big, smelly, busy place where it's much harder to track a single scent. Overall, it actually worked rather well - the family of blood was forced to be more subtle, and only caught up with him at the end of their time limit… Unfortunately, while they failed to kill him, they got to Martha before they ran out completely. She died, and the fob watch with his memories was never opened. (For those of you who don't watch doctor who, I promise you - I am NOT making that stuff up.)

The doctor - as John Smith - continued to live as a biological human, got married, had a kid - eventually - and is now a happy old man with a rooted life.

His daughter, meanwhile, inherited a genetic marker which marked her - for the watch - as the doctor.

This is HER story.)

Penny flipped the page, brushing away any stray hairs out of habit as she tried to figure out exactly what creepy thing Edward would do next. She sighed a little when she realized she'd have to wait for the next insult, flipping the page again as she stretched. She wondered how long exactly a girl could stay upside down.

"Um… are you okay?" came a voice, most likely from the other side of the fence.

She tucked the book under her arm as she tried to figure a good way to glare behind her own back. "Of course I'm not all right," she sighed, giving the cause up for lost after a moment's reflection. "I'm hanging upside down by my bloody skirt! So why don't you do what I called your agency for, and get me down?"

"Um… I'm not…"

"Would you stop talking and get me down?" she demanded, waiting until she felt the gate shaking before sighing in relief. It turned into a squeak of shock as his hand gripped her cloth, yanking her up for a moment before they both tumbled to the ground.

She felt the ground smash into her knee before she could think, the specially made fibers made useless by their shortness as she scraped against the ground. "Ow," she whimpered, softly. She could already imagine how much her father would rant at her about the "silliness" of a bullet proof miniskirt. Assuming he poked his head up from his books long enough to remember.

A groan drew her attention to the side as she looked up and down the man besides her, gently poking him in the side when he failed to do more than moan. "You all right?" she asked, her voice softening a little when she remembered that not everyone's clothing had shock absorbers. She hesitated for a moment before continuing, hoping he'd speak up before long. "You guys got here pretty quickly, honestly. So… um… sorry about the whole snapping thing. Blood flow to the head makes me bitchy."

"I'm not from the company," he muttered, pushing his way up with another groan.

"Oh? Sooooo… you're sorta trespassing, aren't you?" she smiled, gently brushing a wave of red hair from his eyes. He looked sort of cute, she decided, when he blushed so furiously.

"I- y- you told me to come over here!" he managed to stammer out, back slamming against the fence as he gawked at her.

"Yeah, but I'm burglarizing the place. You know, I thought I'd have to pay extra to get you to commit a crime, but now that you're an accomplice…" she smiled. "Mind lending a girl your hands?"

He gawked again, eyes bulging as he tried to sort out what she had said in his mind. "You… you're… fourteen…" he managed.

Her smile froze as the words left his mouth, cracking a little as it widened. "Oh, so just because a girl's waist is too thick, and her hips are too small, and her breasts are still tiny, you just assume she's a fourteen year old, is that it? Well, I apologize for being a late bloomer, you… You…. You bloody little half pint, toothpicked, trespassing-"

His fingers slammed against her mouth with an audible smack, her eyes widening at his stupidity as he desperately shushed her. She waited for him to remove them before loudly adding "assaulting," to her list.

"Look," he whispered, "I'm sorry! I'm… you're a very nice… mature… adult?"

"I'm eighteen, you wimp," she seethed, wrenching her hand from his fingers. "And I'm so very glad you've decided to apologize. Now come on and help me break in, before I have to pay those guys for not doing any work."

"…You planned this, didn't you?" he muttered, after a moment, walking in her footsteps as she strode up to a run down building.

"'Course not," she shrugged. "Would take way too much time. I just took advantage of the situation in order to get your help." She paused, shooting him a quick glare. "And would you please relax? It's my shed. I'm just breaking into it to figure out if Dad hid my iPod here. Least that's my current excuse -I've been trying to get into this place since I really was fourteen."

"Why?" he whispered, warily looking around as Penny withdrew a small stick from her pocket.

"Habit, probably," she shrugged, jabbing it at the key hole and biting her lip. She grinned as the stick gave at the pressure, sliding inside and hardening into a key as she gave it a quick turn. "Would you imagine all the awesome things that have got to be in a place like this?" she demanded, pulling her father's invention smoothly free.

"It's a run down shack," he pointed out, head bent to the ground as he glanced inside. A box crashed to the ground as she slammed the door behind them, the contents spilling out. "A damp and dark run down shack."

"Yeah, but it's a run down shack owned by a family that lives in an opulent mansion. With only one box." She bent down as she spoke, knees sliding on the ground as she considered adding another few inches to her clothing. "It's the only box Da ever let Mum throw away, according to her. All the other boxes here are empty, but it was like he wouldn't pay attention to this one… Makes a girl curious, you know? He pays more attention to most of his inventions than he does to me."

"So, what?" he whispered, bending down next to her in the darkness. "You've been searching for four years because it's the only thing he ever threw out?"

"Not the only thing," she muttered under her breath. "Just the first of two." Her fingers closed on something, and a flash of light peeked out from between her fingers. "He hasn't said a word to me in the last four years."

The item cracked between her fingers and the light blinded her in the former darkness.

"Blimey," she whispered, in a voice deeper than her own. "That does explain a few things."

(Clearly doctor who does NOT belong to me, and you can thank fanfiction.net/~mouseycat for the wonderful editing!)