After the events of Twilight Princess...

Warning: YAOI, non-con, smut!

Link wiped the sweat off his forehead as he got off his horse and watched his friend close the gate to the barn house.

"Thank you again for herding them," Fado, Link's employer and good friend at the ranch, patted him on the back.

Link nodded with a friendly smile. It was another day of hard work, but peaceful nevertheless. It's been a while since he last helped at the ranch, and after a week of returning to Ordon, he was already adjusting to his old familiar routine before his days of sword fighting, rescuing, exploring, and encountering the King of Evil himself. Link couldn't believe that a week had gone by already. He felt like he had just returned home only a day ago. Entering the green forest and familiar path leading up to his little house, there waiting for him that very day beneath the ladder were his friends, all excited at his return as they ran up to him, especially the young children he had saved earlier in his adventures. But the person he looked forward to seeing the most in that small crowd was the face of the young girl with short blond hair who looked up at him expectantly and gave him a warm smile.

"Welcome home, Link."


"Huh?" Link shook out of his reverie as Fado lifted an eyebrow.

"I said you can go now," the ranch owner repeated.

"Oh, right. I'll be on my way now." Link grabbed the reigns and led Epona away as Fado waved goodbye to him.

Walking through the village, Link said to his horse, "I hope you don't mind, but I would like to stop by first to see a friend."

Epona neighed knowingly before grunting.

Heading towards the spring near his house, Link began reminiscing about his adventures. It felt good to finally be able to rest and relax, but at the same time, he couldn't help but miss some of the places he visited, the challenges he faced, the thrill of overcoming his enemies, and…

The sound of glass crackling filled the air.

Link stopped suddenly in the middle of the road, ignoring Epona's questioning glances at him.

Link…I…see you later.

A tinge of sadness filled the pit of Link's heart. He frowned as he remembered the sad smile and beautiful deep eyes of the Twilight Princess looking at him one last time before disappearing back into her world.

And then the mirror shattered.

Link shook his head. As much as he felt as though he had just returned from his adventures only yesterday, images of his former companion felt like distant memories. The little imp had accompanied him on his journeys, and as much as their relationship with each other were strained at the beginning, a deep friendship slowly developed between the two during their hardships and struggles as they fought to save the twilight realm and the land of Hyrule.

Link suddenly felt Epona nudge him in the shoulder.

"Oh, sorry girl. I was just thinking."

Epona blinked at him silently.

Link stroked the horse's beautiful strands before petting her face. "I was remembering an old friend."

The horse neighed again, as though to ask who, although the horse must have known. After all, Epona was well aware that while Link rode his back when they traveled through Hyrule, another presence lingered in the shadows throughout the way.

"Well, let's continue on our way." Link led Epona once again towards the springs.

When Link arrived in the secluded area, he found the young children running around.

"Link!" Talo, the proud boy with a red bandana half hanging off the side of his head, waved.

All the children looked up and ran towards the Ordon Hero.

"Hey everyone," Link chuckled.

"Have you come to play with us?"

"Yes." Link's eyes subtly looked up to see a young girl walking slowly towards them, her kind smile always on her face.

"Hi Link," she greeted shyly.

"Ilia," Link nodded.

Epona neighed and Ilia giggled, walking up to the horse. "What's wrong, girl? Has Link overworked you again?" Her eyes wondered suspiciously to Link, who nearly jumped and gave a nervous chuckle.

"We just herded the goats today. It wasn't much," Link quickly explained to unsaid accusations.

Ilia watched him closely before smiling again and returning her attention to the horse. "Come, Epona. Let's get you cleaned." She took the reins and led the horse to the water.

Link blinked before smiling with affection as he watched the young girl effortlessly guide his horse.

"Hey Link. You have a goofy look on your face again."

Link shook his head and looked down to find Malo, the youngest one with a mouth that was much too sarcastic for someone his age.

"C'mon Malo. Don't make fun of him," Beth winked at Link as she nudged Malo away.

Link slightly blushed as he looked away.

"Hey Link! So, are you going to play with us?" Talo asked again as he crossed his arms. "We want to see some of those cool archery skills of yours. Mind showing us again?"

Link smiled and nodded.

"Wow! Three in a row!" Talo exclaimed excitedly as he watched Link shoot another arrow into the same exact target, splitting the former arrow already in the target's place.

"That was great! Show us again!" Beth jumped up and down excitedly.

"It looks like your skills are already getting rusty," Malo commented blatantly.

"Shush you!" Beth glared at the young boy.

"Perhaps," Link chuckled as he pulled back on his bow before releasing another arrow, this time into another target higher up in the trees.

"Another one!" Talo yelled out. "Hey, how about you hit that one over there?"

Link looked at where the boy was pointing and saw a target hidden further away in another tree, partially blocked by various tree limbs. He frowned.

"I put it up there earlier this morning," Talo stated proudly. "It was hard climbing up in that tree, but it's a great target to practice on, is it not?"

Link nodded and held his bow up, one eye closed as he aimed the arrow at the challenging shot nearly obscured by the branches. Suddenly, something flashed amongst the trees, and Link's other eye opened immediately as he let out a questioning gasp.

"What's wrong, Link?" Beth asked, noticing the unusual hesitation in her friend.

Link blinked a couple of times. Did he see something?

Nothing else moved.

Shaking his head, he concentrated on the target again, ready to release the bow.


Link turned his head at the noise, accidentally releasing the arrow. To the children's surprise, an angry Ilia was stomping towards them rather quickly. "Link! I found a splinter in Epona's leg!" The young girl held up a piece of split thin wood.

Link dropped his mouth. How did that happen? In fact, how could he have missed that? He made sure to inspect Epona before handing her off to Ilia, in case there were some not so serious injuries that he could quickly brush off.

"Ilia, don't be mad. Link didn't do it on purpose," Beth defended him.

Meanwhile, both Talo and Malo returned their attention back to the target before dropping their mouths. There behind the obscured branches was an arrow stuck straight at the bull's eye. Even with the distraction, Link had managed to hit the target perfectly.

"Ilia, I can explain," Link held up both of his hands.

Ilia sighed. "Just be more careful next time." She looked up at the darkening sky as the moon began to rise. "It's getting late. We need to get back for dinner."

The kids all moaned.

"C'mon. I promised your parents I'd have you back at your homes just in time for dinner."

"But, Link still has to show us his cool swordsmanship. You know, like how he defeated that giant monster in Death Mountain! Or how he took down a dragon in the sky!" Talo began swinging his arm as though holding an imaginary sword.

"Calm down, Talo. We need to go now."

"Aw…shucks." Talo felt dejected for a brief second before smiling again. "We'll see you tomorrow, Link!"

Link smiled and nodded his head as the kids prepared to leave. And then, he quickly caught up to Ilia while the children chatted amongst themselves.


The young girl turned around in expectation.

"Um, I'm really sorry about Epona."

Ilia smiled at him. "Don't worry. I know. You just be more careful from now on."

Link blushed at that sweet affection on his friend's face, his heart slightly fluttering.

"Goodnight, Link." Ilia then left as she and the group of children headed back towards the village.

When Link saw them disappear, he walked over to the spring where he found Epona, who was still slightly wet from being bathed. He pet her gently. "You got me in trouble again today."

Epona neighed, as though in amusement.

Link eyed her suspiciously. "You didn't happen to do that on purpose, did you?"

The horse looked back at him innocently.

Link smiled and pet her nose. Suddenly, there was a rustling of leaves, and Link swirled around, his senses on high alert. He looked around the spring. "Who's there?" he called out demandingly.


Link was growing uneasy. He felt some presence nearby, and not a good one either. Still, he could not see anything else in the secluded spring. Sighing, he looked at Epona, who only looked up at him questioningly.

"Maybe I'm paranoid," he said, half to himself. Perhaps all those long days of battles and sleepless nights, as well as those times running around as a wolf with an extra sense, had heightened his awareness and sensitivity to his surroundings.

He yawned as he realized how tired he was. He decided skipping dinner would be best for tonight, even after a long day's work. He was still resting from his travels and adventures, and had slept long hours for the past few days. Tonight would be no exception.

"Let's go home." He led his horse away from the spring. Normally, he would dwindle a little longer in the area to enjoy the view of the moon hitting the surface of the water, but for some reason, he felt slightly uneasy tonight. He thought it better to leave the area for now.

Up the tree in his little house, Link shut the door behind him and headed towards the main room before climbing another ladder to where his bed was on the second level. Slowly, he walked to his desk where a large sheath lay next to it up against the wall.

Link stopped, his eyes looking at the proud, purple handle of the Blade of Evil's Bane protruding out. He reached out his hand and gently touched the sword that had accompanied him on so many dangerous ventures and battles.

The sword that never failed him. The sword that always bore the power to vanquish all that was evil in its path.

Link had planned on returning the sword to its rightful place after the defeat of Ganondorf, but laziness and attachment had settled in once Link returned to Ordon Village. He knew he should properly take the sword back to the Sacred Grove, but it was hard to part with the blade that had always aided him whenever his life was at risk. And right now, he was glad that he had put off returning the sword to its rightful place. He had been feeling quite unsettled today, and his instinct was telling him to hold on to the sword for now. If anything, he'll promise to return it by sometime next week.

Yawning, Link stretched his arms and wiggled his body around, loosening the tense muscles. He should really eat something, but he was just too tired. Perhaps all that traveling in the past had finally taken a toll on him, and now it was time for him to catch up on some rest. He tugged on his Ordon attire, wondering if he should change to his loose nighttime wear. He swung his arms around, feeling how light his clothing was now compared to the green outfit he wore on his adventures, with said outfit now tucked neatly away in a locked box down below in the basement. He wasn't sure when he would need it again, but had put it safely away for now to at least keep it clean.

Feeling lazy, Link decided to remain in his Ordon attire, and blew out the lamps in his home before slowly climbing into bed. As he reminisced about his adventures, he remembered the Gorons, the Zorans, the friends he befriended in Kakariko Village.

He stared up at the dark ceiling that was bathed in moonlight, watching the shadows that reminded him of Midna, and wondered how she was doing. For the longest time, she was always there beside him, hiding in his shadow.

Now, she was gone.

He frowned. He missed her, and recalled the little imp who turned out to be a…not so little imp.

Yawning once more, he spread out his arms and closed his eyes before deep slumber soon took over him.

Link had sweet dreams. He was riding Epona throughout the fields of Hyrule. He found a hundred rupees lifting up a rock. He ran into Princess Zelda, who invited him to tea. At the little tea gathering, there were plates of sweet delicious bakery.

Link smiled in his sleep, feeling gentle caresses on his cheek. He could see Ilia smiling down at him, and soon Ilia suddenly turned into Midna in her original twilight princess form. And once again fingers brushed his face and the strands of his hair. He watched Midna give a deep, gruff chuckle.


More deep, gruff chuckle.

Manly chuckle.

Link was confused. Midna suddenly turned back into Ilia, who giggled.

With a deep, gruff chuckle.

Link opened his eyes. He still felt a hand stroking his cheeks. He blinked a couple times, trying to make out the shadowy figure before him in the dim space. Had Ilia sneaked into his home in the middle of the night? No, the figure was too large to be Ilia. Or perhaps Midna had come back to visit him, finding a way to his world in the middle of the night. Still, the figure before him was much too large to be Midna even in her normal, tall form.

Link blinked a few more times, focusing his vision in the dark. A pair of gold eyes stared down at him. Frowning, Link tried even harder to see clearly. Soon, large white teeth grinned at him.

And then Link's heart froze. Swallowing as his eyes adjusted in the dark, the moonlight starting to make everything oh so very clear, he felt a large rough hand brush his cheek once more, and he shivered as his eyes slowly widened in horror.

No. Impossible. This…can't be real.

Link tried to swallow as he felt something caught in his throat and everything suddenly felt very cold.

"Sleep well, Hero?" the gruff voice crackled slowly, deeply, mockingly.

Every inch of Link's muscles tensed as his skin felt the icy, chilly presence of the large, dark hand slowly running down his cheek. Link opened his mouth to speak, but found that he had lost his voice. He tried to speak again, his large blue eyes still on that evil smile. His heart suddenly began beating rapidly, pounding against his chest.

And then, much to the intruder's surprise, Link flew out of bed, blasting past the dark figure in a flash as he launched his body forward, an arm stretched out reaching for the Master Sword.

And much to Link's surprise, he felt a large hand grasp his ankle midair and pull.

Link fell flat on his face as he was dragged back towards his bed. Kicking and struggling, Link pushed off the ground and kicked around, trying to loosen the grip on his foot but to no avail. Instead, he heard loud laughter that echoed throughout his small house as he suddenly flew into the air and crashed into the other figure. Shocked, Link pushed away and fell back onto the hard floor, looking up with frightened eyes.

"Impossible!" Link cried out, shaking. "I killed you!"

The dark figure gave another hearty, frightening laugh.

"This can't be real. You…Ganondorf! You are dead!"

The evil figure bellowed in deep laughter once more before staring down at the trembling boy beneath him. He stood up from the bed, which made Link crawl back.

"True, you did…or thought you did," Ganondorf sneered. "But you have underestimated me." He held up the back of his hand, revealing the triforce brimming brightly once more on his dark skin. "The goddesses…are on my side."

"No!" Link cried out. This can't be real. Ganondorf is dead. He had thrust the Master Sword through the very evil king's chest. Link's eyes immediately went up to where the blue glowing wound is. Traces of the wound are visible, but the wound itself was no longer glowing. Somehow, the triforce had returned to Ganondorf and made him alive once more.

Link immediately turned on his feet and leaped once more towards the Master Sword sitting right besides his desk.

"I don't think so." Ganondorf smashed a hand onto Link's back, pushing the boy hard against the floor and only two feet away from the sword.

Link gasped, feeling the wind knocked out of him. He looked up again and saw the shiny handle of the sword. Shaking, he reached out his hand, his fingers almost touching it but still not quite. He gasped for air as he used all his might to stretch his arm, teeth clenched and eyes desperate. Almost.

Ganondorf looked at the sword and laughed again before grasping the back of Link's tunic and pulling the boy up midair. He threw the boy across the room, watching the hero gasp painfully as he crashed into the wall before falling limply on the floor.

Link shook as he slowly pushed himself up, the pain throbbing throughout his body from the unpleasant contact. And then, he heard loud heavy footsteps before a hand shoved him against the wall once more. He gasped, struggling to breathe as the hand pressed harder up against his neck. He clawed on the arm and thrashed around.

"Pathetic," Ganondorf grinned as he leaned in on the struggling boy.

Link coughed, having trouble getting the air into his lungs as he felt heavy breathing on his face. He looked up at those glowing gold eyes brimming with the reflection of his own frightened form.

"Well, well, Hero. Did you really think you can rest so easily now after supposedly defeating me?" Ganondorf breathed some more on the boy. "This is the last time you ruin my plans. You have become more than just a nuisance." He bared his white teeth again as he smiled. "Now, how should I punish you for all that you had done to me?" Ganondorf lifted up Link, watching the boy struggle once more, before throwing him onto the bed.

Link felt the hard impact on his back, but was partially relieved that this time it was the bed and not the hard wooden floor.

Or so he thought.

For he looked up and suddenly saw Ganondorf towering over him, standing beside the bed and licking his lips with a strange look in his eyes.

"I could not have all of the triforce. I could not have my kingdom. I could not have anything." Ganondorf grinned his evil grin. "But, I think I will be content with having you."

Link didn't understand the words he was hearing, but either way, he obviously knew he didn't want to belong to the King of Evil if anything. Who would? He glared at Ganondorf.

"I don't know what you're talking about, but I will destroy you right now should you continue to stay here."

Ganondorf raised an eyebrow as he saw the ferocity in those clear, blue eyes once more. The same ferocity that he saw when he had his duel with the hero back in the fields of Hyrule.

What nuisance.

Still, Ganondorf grinned. "And how would you do that without your sword?" he motioned with his hand towards the Master Sword sitting quietly behind him against the wall. He sneered at the annoying weapon and returned his attention to the bed when something flashed right past him. Ganondorf immediately turned back around and saw the hero once more leap for the sword. Now furious, Ganondorf reached out his arm and clasped the back of the hero's tunic before pulling him back with brute force, tossing him hard and slamming him back against the bed.

Link gasped in pain, slightly disoriented before finding the angry figure towering over him once more.

"Stubborn, aren't you?" Ganondorf commented, more annoyed than ever. "Now you're really asking for it."

Link growled as he attempted to punch that large face when he met empty air. Confused, he suddenly felt a fist struck him in the stomach. Gasping, Link doubled over, coughing at the pain before feeling himself pushed back down onto the bed. He felt the other climb onto the bed as well, and attempted to thrash around again when he felt two heavy hands grab his wrists and press them down above his head.

"I'll kill you again, Ganondorf!" Link yelled out angrily. "I'll vanquish you-" Link froze as a mouth pressed up against his own. Hard. His eyes widened at bright gold ones staring back at him with extreme intensity. He felt the large mouth begin to suck on his lips, and he struggled and mumbled into the mouth when something pressed up against his own and tried to enter. Shaking his head, he tried to wiggle free when his mouth lost the war and he felt a long wet tongue force its way into his cavern. Link trembled, frightened and struck dumbfounded as the tongue explored the inner corners of his mouth. His blue eyes stared back fearfully at gold ones now grinning lustfully at him. And then he gasped for air when the mouth finally left his lips.

"Quite worked up already, Hero?" Ganondorf smiled as he saw the boy's now flustered cheeks and confused blue eyes. And then the larger man latched his lips onto the other's once more, this time releasing the boy's wrists to now grasp those beautiful dirty blond locks.

Link struggled with his eyes closed, not believing what was happening. Ganondorf invaded his village. Ganondorf invaded his home. And now Ganondorf was invading his mouth. Link gasped for breath between breaks as Ganondorf kissed him hard, sucking on his now swollen lips and licking all around his mouth.

Disgusted, Link hit the other man, pushing and thrashing as large heavy hands continued to grasp his hair and rummage through his locks with unbridled passion. Finally, Link's blue eyes opened with determination, and he kicked hard at the other's groin. Immediately, the mouth released his, and Link gasped once more for air as the King of Thieves groaned in pain.

Ganondorf looked up at the boy with angry gold eyes that brimmed with fire.

Link suddenly half regretted his action.

"You…will pay for that." Ganondorf launched out a hand and struck the boy.

Link blinked at the pain before gritting his teeth and attempting to fight back. But he was held down once more as Ganondorf got on all fours and looked straight down at the boy.

"You stopped me from having everything I ever wanted," the man sneered. "But this time, you won't stop me from having you. I will break you beyond your imagination." Ganondorf's eyes wondered over that body, his eyes lingering at the strange villager attire that contrasted largely with the green attire of the hero in the legends. "This does not suit you." With one hand still on Link's two hands, Ganondorf reached down and untied the orange band holding together part of Link's clothing. He used that to tie both of the boy's hands together against the bedpost.

"What do you want?" Link glared again, struggling in his binds.

Ganondorf smiled. "Didn't I tell you, Hero?"

Link felt a large hand run down his face and chest.

"So beautiful and innocent."

Link wasn't quite sure what was going to happen, but whatever it was, it was definitely not good. Perhaps Ganondorf was going to torture him slowly in the most excruciating way possible until he begged for death. Or perhaps the beast would beat him up senseless and tear him apart inch by inch before killing him. If anything, he was quite sure that Ganondorf is down right pisst at him right now for having ruined his plans.

Another hand caressed his cheeks, and Link shivered at the touch.

"Stop touching me!" Link jerked his face away, blue eyes glaring back.

Ganondorf smiled wider as he grasped the head and leaned down to smash his lips against the hero's.

Link thought about biting down on the other man's tongue when those lips began traveling away from his mouth, now landing at the corners of his neck. Link's eyes bulged and he gasped as he felt the mouth began to suck on his skin, teeth occasionally biting down as tongue licked.

"What…what are you doing?" Link breathed, trying to twitch away from the strange contact.

"Breaking every part of you." Ganondorf trailed his lips down the neck, feeling the Adam's apple bob up and down from the hero swallowing uneasily. Smiling, he began kissing ferociously all over the neck, the face, the mouth. Link shut his eyes tightly as saliva slobbered him and hands roamed all over his hair. And then he felt his head pulled back as Ganondorf ran a tongue down his neck once more before stopping at his left collarbone.

Link cried out in shock and pain as teeth sank into his skin. His eyes now wide open, he gasped some more as he felt the wound being licked and sucked on. He couldn't tell if he had bled, but the sharp pain was enough to sting his eyes.

"Delicious," Ganondorf snickered. He pulled away to get a better look at the boy, who was now extremely flustered and breathing uneasily. "But it appears you still do not understand what I plan on doing to you."

Link swallowed and glared back once more despite his flushed cheeks. "You said you were going to break me."

"Ah…and do you know what that means?"

Link blinked blankly.

Ganondorf leaned forward and whispered into a long pointy ear, "I'm going to fuck you hard tonight. Over, and over, and over." He licked the earlobe and bit, sending the boy trembling with fear. Nibbling a bit more, he finally pulled back and saw blue eyes looking back at him, completely terrified.

Link's heart tensed. No. Ganondorf could not possibly mean what he said just now, could he? Why would he want to do such a thing? A man to a man. That makes no sense! In fact, it was impossible! But when a hand began running up and down his chest before sneaking up under his tunic, Link's face filled with pure dread and horror.

"STOP!" Link shouted, surprising Ganondorf. He began kicking and moving, trying to get the disgusting hand off of him when he felt one of his nipples being pinched. Link yelped in surprise, and he felt his shirt lifted up as Ganondorf leaned down and licked the other nipple. Link began grunting and twitching, a strange unknown sensation running throughout his body as he felt his nipples played with. Ganondorf sucked and licked and bit his swollen buds, sending him falling into some odd dizzying state.

The King of Thieves smiled and cupped Link's flat breast, squeezing playfully and watching lustfully as the boy beneath him let out a moan.

"So pure."

"Stop it," Link barely pleaded. His breath grew shorter and uneven as hands and mouth and tongue molested his body. And then, he felt two hands suddenly grasp the tunic and tear it into pieces. The hands soon traveled downwards and grabbed onto the hilt of the pants.

Ganondorf chuckled as he watched the boy look at him in shock. "Don't worry. I will make you enjoy everything tonight." Ganondorf ran a hand over the cloth above the groin, sending the boy shivering even more.

Link looked to the side, not believing what was happening. He shut his eyes, resisting as the hand rubbed hard against his member, sending electric currents running up his spine. He opened his mouth in surprise. This felt strange. This felt very strange. And then, the hand slipped inside and directly rubbed against the delicate skin. Link gasped at the feel of a warm hand on his private area, his heart pounding wildly in disbelief. And much to his chagrin, he felt his member begin to harden.

No, impossible! Ganondorf could not possibly send him into this state. This is all a nightmare. A horrible nightmare. He's going to wake up soon. He's going to wake up to the noise of his friends calling out to him outside beneath his window like they always do. He's going to hear Epona neighing in the background. He's going to get up and get ready to go help out at the ranch again. He was going to stop by and see Ilia.

"Ahh!" Link cried out as a hand suddenly clasped his member hard.

"My, my, is it tight in there?" Ganondorf teased. "How about we…give it some air?" Ganondorf took out his hand and with both hands now on the hilt, tugged the pants down swiftly with one pull down to the ankles, revealing the now hard on standing erect.

Link gasped at the cold air hitting his private part.

Ganondorf watched in amusement as the other boy tried to hide his face, completely embarrassed. He looked down at smooth skin slightly tainted by small scars, probably from the journeys the hero embarked on in the past. But they were just battle scars. Save for the wound on the collarbone, this skin had been untouched.

He smiled as his eyes landed on the hardened length. "A virgin, are you?"

Link snapped his head back to the front, glaring at Ganondorf. "Why does it matter?"

"Oh, but it does matter, because…" Ganondorf leaned downward. "I will be the first to mark you." He opened his mouth and engulfed the member.

Link let out a cry of shock at the feel of a warm cavern encasing his manhood. He shook and trembled, scared and confused as a strange overwhelming sensation filled his body. He vaguely saw the other man bobbing his head up and down and running his tongue along the sides of the shaft. And then he felt his member sucked on hard, the mouth devouring him hungrily as he frowned and began whimpering at the unwanted pleasure spreading across his body.

Pleasure? No, he should not be feeling such things.

But that was exactly what he was feeling. Link twitched around and fell into fits of spasm, torn by this unknown feeling. He squeezed his legs together, the sensation too much for him, but then he felt a foot pulled up away from the pants, leaving the pants to dangle on the other ankle. His legs were then cupped up into the air as Ganondorf opened his mouth wider and engulfed his balls too. Link screamed, his eyes nearly rolling to the back of his head as a long tongue ran around his sac before warm lips began sucking and massaging. Oh, this feeling was wrong, so wrong, but Link found himself losing the battle as his body betrayed him and buckled. He cried out, chest heaving at the feel of Ganondorf engulfing both the length and balls together, sucking mercilessly and glazing every inch of that sensitive skin with a talented tongue. Link shook as he felt himself teeter over the edge.

"NO!" Link shouted in protest as his body came hard into that foul mouth. His ears listened in horror the sound of swallowing as his essence disappeared into the very person he hated the most. He trembled, orgasming uncontrollably for a few more seconds before relief washed over him. The sound of lips smacking made his stomach want to churn.

"Delicious," Ganondorf leaned up once more, licking the cum off the corners of his mouth.

"I'll kill you!" Link shouted, horrified, angry, and flustered as he panted for breath.

Ganondorf's smile disappeared as he looked at the boy in contempt. "You came, didn't you? You betrayed yourself." He latched his mouth onto Link, feeling the boy gasp at the taste of his own essence.

Link coughed at the bitter and foreign taste, disgusted that he was orally receiving his very own semen from the mouth of that…that…monster!

Suddenly, he felt his pants completed pulled off that one ankle and thrown to the side. He trembled, completely vulnerable in his naked body.

"You will enjoy this, Hero. The feeling of a man taking your body to his heart's desire." Ganondorf looked lustfully at the pale skin and blue eyes now filled with pure fear. "That's how I will break you." Ganondorf began groping the hero, hands rummaging everywhere as he kissed different parts of Link's body.

"Nn," Link became incoherent as a tongue ran down his inner thigh. He moaned when a hand slipped behind him and began massaging his buttocks. Those large, callous hands touched and grabbed him without hesitation, hungrily yet gently at times.

Link tried to figure out a way to escape, but the touches were clouding his mind. He found himself having trouble thinking. Instead, he could only feel the hand that was now pumping his member. A thumb began teasing the slit at the top, making him thrust up uncontrollably. Link squirmed and stiffened his whimpers as another hand massaged his balls, fingers twirling in circular motions before groping hard.

"Hero, do you know how two people have sex?" Ganondorf asked, enjoying the site of a very flustered and conflicted hero.

Link found it strange that the King of Evil wanted to start a seemingly casual conversation while stroking his erection.

Not receiving a response other than heavy breathing and dazed blue eyes, Ganondorf grinned sinisterly and asked, "Do you know how two men have sex?"

Link shook his head, mostly from the feeling of the hand still stroking his length.

"You will learn soon enough." Ganondorf leaned back and took off his top and tossed it to the side, hearing the heavy material land on the floor with a heavy clunk. He then placed his hands on the other's knees and pushed them apart. Sticking three fingers into his mouth, he wetted them before running a finger up and down the rim.

Link shuddered, his heart beating fast as his chest heaved. He was downright scared, his courage almost completely gone at the moment. And then, he let out a surprised cry as a finger shoved inside his hole. He shook at the penetration as the finger began moving in and out. In and out. In and out.

"This feels weird," Link managed to say in a quiet rasp.

"Oh, it will feel even better soon," Ganondorf chuckled as he shoved a second finger in, scissoring and stretching the insides.

Link shut his eyes and tensed uncomfortably, not enjoying his private being invaded like that, as though he wasn't invaded enough already.

"You seem to be enjoying this."

Link opened his eyes at the comment and dropped his mouth in horror at the sight of his length standing even more erect in a strange shade of color. A third finger entered him without warning, and Link bit down on his lip, immediately squeezing his legs back together.

No. He was not enjoying this. He was not. He was not. He was not.

Then, why was his body reacting this way?

Finally, the fingers left him, and Link breathed a sigh of relief. But that relief was short-lived as Ganondorf grasped his erection once more and began pumping. Link yelped, feeling the large hand go up and down the shaft, his cock now leaking precum. And then the hand stopped. Link breathed again when he heard the sound of a belt unbuckling. His heart filled with dread.

Oh no.

Link began thrashing his body around rapidly, desperately, violently as he saw the large figure toss away the belt before lowering his pants to reveal a massive hard on that sent Link shivering in fright.

Ganondorf smiled at the hero struggling vainly, and he reached out a hand to wipe up the precum still on the boy's cock. He then began wiping the precum on his own erection, stroking it and moaning and licking his lips in anticipation as he prepared himself to claim this boy.

"Let me go!" Link gathered all of his courage as he gave the order. "Let me go, now!" He fought within his binds, his eyes growing more ferocious and more terrified at the boding scene. And then he felt both of his legs spread apart swiftly and lifted up in the air to hook onto two broad naked shoulders. Link gasped and looked up to see his enemy grinning widely at him.

Ganondorf turned his head to the side and licked Link's foot, sending the boy trembling. He was going to make this painfully slow for the hero. He ran his tongue down the leg, leaning in to nuzzle his nose against the thigh, and stopping right before the wet, weeping groin and moist entrance.

Link's heart was pounding out of his chest, his breathing growing erratic. No, he could barely breathe. The air was so stuffy at this point, or was Link convulsing? No, he was growing delirious. He was growing more delirious as he felt that disgusting wet tongue slobber the inner corners of his legs and thighs, running teasingly over his navel, and tickling his stomach. Perhaps he was delirious this whole time. Perhaps this was all in Link's mind. All those days fighting in the field, visiting temples and destroying enemies in dungeons had probably gotten to his head. He was imagining the whole thing. Soon he would wake up and it would be morning and the sun will shine through his peaceful home.

But that hope soon dashed away as cold reality bit into him. Literally. Link let out a hoarse cry as teeth sank halfway into his inner right thigh while lips began sucking harshly. By now, his erection was weeping from the lack of contact, spewing out more precum.

Ganondorf laughed at the pitiful sight. He sneered at those blue eyes glazing over at the strange feeling. But he himself could also no longer hold back anymore. He will have the hero now. He swiped up more precum and put some more on himself. And then he leaned forward with those legs on his shoulders pushed up into the air. Without warning, he thrust in hard in one swift motion, sending the boy screaming in agony.

Link threw his head back, arching his back at the first penetration, his eyes wide open in shock as he felt his insides tear. Every part of him was being ripped apart, physically and mentally.

"So…tight…ah…this feels so good…" Ganondorf grunted, enjoying this wonderful feeling as he felt those muscles clench around him. He pushed in further, getting in deeper.

"Take it out! Take it out!" Link protested, shifting and squirming, eyes still in horror at what was happening. "Take it out!" It was too big. Much too big. How could Ganondorf think of fitting anything that massive inside of him? "TAKE IT OUT!" Link screamed as the intruding member went in deeper, tearing more muscles along the way.

Ganondorf smiled and laughed as he watched the other boy continue to scream and shift around, trying to eject the foul thing inside of him. He then slowly pulled halfway out.

For a second, Link thought his enemy had complied with his request when he let out another sharp cry as a second thrust came through rapidly. And then a third. And then a fourth. And then a fifth. And then Link was seeing stars as he was being thrust into again and again and again. But something strange happened, and Link suddenly threw his head back and arched his back as something hit a bundle of nerves unbeknownst to him and sent him nearly reeling out of control. Ganondorf's massive cock hit the same spot again, and Link gasped at the intense feeling showering his flushed body. He began moaning in shame as the spot was thrust against repeatedly. His eyes fell into a daze, and he struggled to focus, but to no avail.

Ganondorf smiled as unwanted pleasure washed over that flushed face before him. The cries of reluctant moans were music to his ears. He knew he had hit the spot. He slammed into Link, hands now pushed down against the bed to gain more momentum as he thrust. And thrust. And thrust.

Link felt maddening pleasure engulfing his senses. He let out loud cries and moans and whimpers and, soon, began to cry. The tears welled up in his eyes and he cried for it to stop but his body wouldn't listen and continued to betray him, reacting as Ganondorf now began running his hands all over, twisting his swollen nipples and molesting his erection. He twisted and squirmed and pleaded and shouted angrily, but only to fall back into this sweet agony. Ganondorf pleasured him with no bounds – limitless, unbridled passion rendering his mind senseless.

And then, Link felt something loosen around his wrists. He quickly looked up and saw that the binds were finally coming apart, most likely from the bed rocking back and forth from all the hard thrusts. Seeing a light of hope, Link noticed that Ganondorf was now preoccupied with kissing all over his chest as he continued to thrust. Blue eyes filled with determination, Link quickly struggled with his hands, undoing the binds. And then, much easier than he expected, the binds came apart.

Smiling, Link quickly dropped his now free hands to punch his enemy when he suddenly found his enemy climbing up and wrapping his arms around him into a tight embrace. Link felt the heavy weight of the body against him as it thrust more into him. He quickly attempted to push the body away, but the figure only clung onto him tighter. He began punching the shoulders, the arms, whatever his hands could reach in this awkward position, but still the body pressed up against him, making it hard for him to breathe. He gasped as he felt Ganondorf's lips kissing his neck before nuzzling up against the inner corner, heavy breathing sending the skin shivering with goose bumps. Link clawed at the skin on Ganondorf's back, scratching and tearing and pushing and pounding, desperate shaky fingers struggling to tug and pull the foul beast off of him. But still the body continued to cling to him, squeezing him and kissing him and thrusting into him with unrivaled passion and intensity.

Link felt his arms weaken and he scratched the back some more before letting out a whimpering defeat and clinging on to let the thrusts ride him. His mind was dazed at the constant pleasure spreading across his body as each thrust struck against the same bundle of nerves. He clung and cried and pleaded as his virginity was being taken away by the most hated person in the world. He wanted to become numb but his body felt every inch of those touches, those violations, those invasions. His erection was rubbed roughly against by Ganondorf's stomach, and he was about to fall over the edge as he felt something climb higher. And higher. And higher.

"Ah…! Ah…! Ah…!" He gasped with each thrust, his tear stained face being licked away as everything started to blur. And then, he arched his back and let out a shrilling cry as the most intense sensation swallowed him whole and made his mind go blank. Unbelievable pleasure washed over him and he heard the other let out a loud grunt. Warm liquid shot out of him as the other's filled his cavern, and Link shivered as his hands tightened on that broad back and his hips spasmed uncontrollably. A few more thrusts and then Link fell back onto the bed as the body above him fell on top of him as well.

Link panted at the echoes of the orgasm, his skin starting to cool down by the night air. He felt both of his arms go limp and slide off the back he had held. He looked up at the ceiling in shock and horror, unable to accept what had just happened, as he continued to feel the hot breath of Ganondorf on his neck and a strange ooze filling deep inside of him, making him shiver some more.

Ganondorf pulled out, hearing the other let out a small whimper. He leaned back and looked down at the limp boy staring blankly, too shock and stunned to say anything. His eyes wondered down and he smiled at the cum-stained stomach and warm liquid now leaking out of the boy's buttocks.

The hero was now broken.

Or so he thought.

Ganondorf's eyes widened in amusement as he watched the boy slowly turn his head to look at something.

Link stared at the Master Sword still sitting peacefully against the wall. He reached out a hand, making a feeble attempt to reach the Blade of Evil's Bane, even though knowing full well it was too far away. He stretched out his fingers, his eyes filled with desperate determination as he tried hard to grasp the weapon that can save him.

Ganondorf watched, surprised that the hero still had any strength in him. Smiling, he lowered himself and whispered hotly into Link's ear, "Was that good for you?"

Link's eyes narrowed and he began heaving and wheezing, the anger building up inside of him. But he wasn't just mad at the other. He was mad at himself. He was mad at himself for enjoying that pleasure, nevertheless even feeling that pressure. He was mad at himself for not being able to fight the other one off. He was mad at himself for falling senseless as the other one molested him and violated him in unthinkable ways. Link stared at the sword, still reaching out for it.

But the sword would not come to him. And then, with an angry growl, he swung his fist at his worst enemy.

Ganondorf dodged it just in time, surprised that the boy was still resisting, but easily pinned down both of the hero's arms against the bed. He spoke to those ferocious blue eyes, "What's wrong? Do you feel so helpless without your sword?" He began laughing mockingly. "But I'm not done with you yet. There are lots I can do."

Link breathed against his pillow, face turned to the side. He was lying on his stomach, the bright moonlight shining over his flushed body. He was tired. He was really tired. And he ached all over. He felt a large hand run down his back, massaging his muscles and hips while petting him gently. And then he felt the hands travel down to his buttocks, pinching and toying with the cheeks before teeth bit down on the skin and nibbled, making him gasp. He felt sticky, drenched in sweat and leftover cum that stained his body. A tongue ran around his hole before pushing in, causing him to stir and groan and shut his eyes at the sensation. He quietly cursed the other man when he felt a finger slide in and begin poking and probing and circling teasingly. He whined as another hand slipped beneath his body and rubbed his groin, playing with it and massaging it in unfathomable ways.

Link had lost count of how many times Ganondorf had his way with him. His body was battered and bruised, littered with disgusting marks left by the other's foul mouth. And each time he came, the sensation was just as intense if not more so than the one before. There was a point where he thought he had nothing left in him anymore, but Ganondorf had proven him wrong each time. And thus he continued to spew out his juices again, and again, and again.

Suddenly, Link trembled fearfully as the other person lowered himself into him, that massive erection sliding up and down the rim of the crack teasingly before finally entering. Link tensed in agony and clawed at the bed sheets, letting out a long drawn out cry before biting the pillow.

"Enough," he managed to whisper within the cloth.

"Not yet," Ganondorf replied, fully pushing in.

Link gasped and arched his back as he lifted up his head at the intrusion. With half lidded eyes, he moaned and groaned, feeling himself rub unwillingly against the bed as Ganondorf slowly slid in and out of him. He fell back down and whimpered into the pillow incoherently, the slow thrusts driving him mad when a hand grasped his hair and pulled his head back. He felt a mouth suck on the side of his neck before teeth scraped the skin, inching downwards towards the shoulder. His fingers clenched against the sheets as another large hand reached down and played with his manhood, groping and stroking and cupping and massaging. The first hand pulled back harder on his hair, and Link was now sitting on his spread out knees. Sharp teeth nibbled playfully at his ear in time with the thrusts behind him.

Finally, he shuddered as he came again, shooting out cum onto the already stained bed. Ganondorf cupped his face, turning it to the side and kissing him hard, tongue sticking down his throat before pulling back and leaving a trail of saliva between them.

"Please, let me go," Link pleaded, reduced to a pool of puddle.

"I can't do that, my pet. You are mine." Ganondorf licked the side of Link's cheek, feeling the hero tremble as tears welled up in those broken blue eyes. "Why do you resist? Do I not make you feel good, Hero?"

The last few mocking words brought angry tears to Link's eyes, and he clenched his teeth, stiffening his sobs as Ganondorf, still inside of him, continued thrusting some more.



Chapter 2 will be up soon.