The heat of the late afternoon warmed the skin of the Hylian lying lazily on the grassy field underneath the setting sun. A wet nudge to the cheek immediately woke him up, startling him as he opened his eyes.

"Oh, hello there," Link smiled as he rubbed the wet nose of the large goat who was next to him, watching him curiously. The young man yawned and stretched his arms before sitting up to pet the animal's head.

"Oi! Link!"

Link glanced up and got onto his feet upon seeing Fado waving at him from the other end of the ranch.

"Can you help me herd the goats now?" Fado called out.

"Sure!" Link called back as he plucked a weed strand and blew into it. Within seconds, Epona, who had been grazing nearby, headed in the direction of her master. Link climbed on and began herding the goats back into the barn. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the Ordonian children all gathered at the fence, always enjoying watching him finish his daily duties. Upon getting the last goat into the barn and waiting for Fado to lock up, Link hopped off Epona and led her in the direction of the gate, where his friends waited eagerly for him.

"Link! Let's play at the spring! I put up new targets for you to try out!" Talo stood in front of him excitedly, throwing up his arms.

"No, Link is going to teach me some new sword maneuvers!" Colin argued, his wooden sword and shield hooked onto his back.

Link chuckled before replying apologetically, "I'm sorry, but I'm a little tired today. How about next time?"

"Aw…" the children all groaned.

"Come now, Link had a hard day today," Ilia shushed them. She shyly glanced up with a kind smile at her friend, who slightly blushed. "But I'm sure Link wouldn't mind if we all walked back with him to his home."

"Of course I wouldn't mind," Link beamed as the children all cheered and followed alongside him and Epona. The short trip was filled with endless chatter as each child fought for the Hylian's attention. By the time they reached the tree house, Link had heard around twenty different topics.

"Well, I guess we'll head off to the spring now before we go back home for dinner," Talo commented, noticing the sky growing dimmer.

"You take care, Link," Beth waved as she ran off with the rest of the group.

Ilia, who was the last to leave, chuckled and said to Link, "I better go watch them."

Link nodded with a smile. And then, he noticed that Ilia seemed to be waiting for something. "Is…there something else?"

"Oh, no," Ilia glanced down, slightly blushing. "It's just that…it was unnecessary of you to give us all those rupees."

Link blinked and then smiled gently.

"I mean, I already told you, the food was nothing, really," Ilia continued. "We wouldn't have accepted the bag of rupees if you weren't so insistent with my father."

"Ilia, of course I have to thank you properly." And then Link gave the young girl a warm hug, surprising her. "Thank you, for everything," he spoke sincerely.

Ilia blushed even more at the embrace. And then, the two bid their goodbyes and parted, with the young girl glancing back one last time before she disappeared into the forest towards the spring.

Link led Epona to a tree and tied her up. Stroking her face and fine hair, he smiled at her and said, "Thank you too, for always being there for me."

The horse neighed in response, nudging Link and emitting a light-hearted chuckle from the Hylian. Patting his horse, Link told Epona goodnight before climbing up the ladder and entering his home. Upon shutting the door, he proceeded to lock it effectively, checking and double-checking before pulling a chair from the side and tilting it so that it sits right at the doorknob, preventing it from turning. He then strolled to the kitchen and began cooking dinner.

He spent his evening in silence, drinking his soup and staring out absent-mindedly. And then, he cleaned up before sitting at the kitchen table once more, thinking. It had been over one week since his captivity. When he had returned, he had chosen not to tell anyone of what had occurred. Instead, he had continued on with his story of his illness, adding this time that having been sick had left him delirious enough to feel the sudden urge to go fishing, and thus he had illogically left his home for two days to a lake before recovering and realizing where he was. He then quickly rushed back to Ordon Village. Ilia was extremely worried upon hearing the story, stating how dangerous it was for him to leave the village on his own when he was sick and delirious. He could've fallen into the lake by accident, and may not have been able to swim given his health at the time. Or, he could've worsened his illness. In fact, when she read the "Gone Fishing" sign, she was already assembling a search party for her missing friend, grabbing help from Rusl and Fado. But Link had returned by then before they had a chance to leave. Ilia was relieved to find him well and healthy again (although thinner and more exhausted looking), and Link was surprised at how easy it was for his friend to believe everything he had said.

Yawning, Link decided to go to bed early. It was already dark outside, and he climbed up the ladder tiredly before collapsing onto his bed face first. The sheets felt so clean, and he breathed in the fresh scent. The morning after his return, he had proceeded to immediately burn the bed sheets and pillow case without wasting time. He did not welcome having to sleep on those dreaded sheets again, sheets which were stained with the proof of the nightmare he went through. He had also chopped up the kitchen table, the very table where Ganondorf had taken him multiple times on. The chopped up wood served as great firewood to help incinerate the bed sheets. Upon cleaning down his house with a mop and sponge, which had taken him a full whole day and a half (and he had to reject Ilia's offer to help him – there was no way he was letting her touch those nasty stains), Link stopped by Colin's house to ask his mother if he could buy the extra bed sheets she had stored away as backup for the winter. The kind woman of course gave the bed sheets to him for free, despite Link's protests. The Hylian then set out to build a new kitchen table for himself, which had taken him two days to complete (with the help of his little friends, who didn't really help at all but rather kept him company). And most importantly, Link spent that week savoring his freedom, kissing the ground outside his home, hugging the goats (which disturbed Fado somewhat), and breathing in the fresh outside air as much as possible.

All was back to normal, except for one thing.

Link turned to his side and stared at the sheathed Master Sword lying next to him on the bed.

Every night, he slept with his sword next to him, sometimes hugging the powerful weapon within his arms. He stayed on alert, prepared for a second invasion by his enemy, and felt it safer to have the blade next to him at hand as closely as possible.

But that wasn't what was bothering Link.

For ever since his return, he had been sleeping restlessly. When darkness settled in the night, his heart would begin pounding, and he would find his body burning up on its own, an internal desire breaking through the surface rebelliously every single time. And tonight was no different. Link flipped onto his back and felt his chest heaving as he began to feel hotter, the temperature rising unexpectedly. He frowned and closed his eyes, trying to calm his body down as strange reactions began to occur. Turning back onto his stomach, Link wrapped his fingers around the bed sheet, commanding his body to stop.

You are mine, Hero.

Link swallowed as he tried to shut out that voice speaking seductively into his ear.

You are mine.

Those disquiet whispers never cease to leave.

With a trembling hand, Link found himself reaching down, heart pounding wildly as he licked his lips and felt his fingers slip into the front of his pants and wrap around the shaft. His hand began stroking, slowly, feeling the tender skin of his manhood, and Link bit his lip as he panted and moaned, lifting up his head at the burning sensation as his member hardened immediately. He stroked and stroked in a steady, rhythmic motion, suppressing unsuccessfully his gasps as the pleasure washed over him and his body grew hotter, and hotter, and hotter. He could feel that husky breath on his face, warming his skin. He could hear the low grunts and whispers of love into his ear, sending his heart pounding exitedly. He could feel him touching his body, reaching places that left him humiliated beyond belief.

You are mine.

Link arched his back and opened his mouth to release fits of short cries as he came within his pants. Collapsing back onto the bed for breath, the hero shivered and trembled once more before finally relaxing. Rolling onto his back, he pulled out his hand and stared shamefully at the white stains.

Every night, he heard that man's voice. Every night, he felt that man's touches. Every night, he saw that man in his sleep, that evil grin and lustful smile bearing hauntingly down upon him. Every night, his body reacted by itself, accustomed to what it had been trained to do for the past few days before Link's release. And every night Link masturbated, again, and again, and again.

The truth was, Link wasn't free. He was never free. His body had been bounded by some strange spell, craving and desiring for those pleasures that had been showered upon it generously and constantly during the hero's captivity. He tried to calm it, begging and pleading for it to stop. But his body continued to cry out angrily, demanding again and again, and Link had no choice but to give it what it has been denied.

And because of this, because he spent his nights touching himself and coming multiple times with the image of that man in his mind, he felt ashamed to face Ilia in the day. Therefore, his contact with her was kept at a minimal, much to the girl's disappointment. Link felt guilty for pleasuring himself, still seeing that man's face, smelling that man's scent, hearing that man's voice, and feeling that man's body. Ganondorf had engraved himself on the hero deeply, and Link is now feeling the aftermath. His enemy's presence was always there, wooing him and caressing him and whispering unspeakable things into his ear. Those possessive, callous yet gentle hands always loomed over his body, brushing teasingly around every part they could grasp.

Link felt those urges coming on again, and he turned and hunched over his knees against the bed as he stuck both hands down his pants and began stroking, whining and groaning and moaning loudly. He began swaying his hips in time with his hands, rocking forward and back, his body wanting it to be harder, and harder. It was not enough! He bit down on the sheets and he hit another orgasm and cried out, burying his face into the bed sheet to muffle the shameful sound as he continued stroking faster and faster, hardening immediately until he jerked and shuddered, reaching his second orgasm. He gasped and whimpered as he relieved himself and stained his pants even more.

The constant trip to the spring to wash his pants was becoming a pain. There were only so many pairs of shorts he could change into.

Link collapsed onto the bed and gasped for breath, his face and body completely flushed. He opened his eyes and stared at the Master Sword sitting peacefully and safely next to him. With a shaky hand covered with cum, he reached out and grasped the middle before pulling it towards him and hugging it against his chest. He wrapped his limbs around it, eyes wide and trembling as his body continued to quiver nonstop. He closed his eyes and swallowed, trying to calm his body down. The coolness of the Master Sword immediately soothed him, and Link found his breathing steadying as his body temperature went down and he breathed a sigh of relief. But the anxiety still filled his heart at how his body was tuned to react in this manner whenever it hit around evening every single day. He hugged the Master Sword tighter.

You are mine, Hero.

Link shut his eyes tight to block out the voice.

You are mine.

"No…" Link stuttered, his body growing hot again.

Why do you resist?

"Stop…" he whimpered frighteningly as his hips began rocking up and down against the sheath of the Master Sword that was wrapped within his arms and legs.

Don't I give you only pleasure?

Link's eyes flew wide open and his lips parted with a whine as his heart picked up speed and his hips swayed and slid harder up against the sheath. His pants began to feel tighter as his length hardened, and Link gripped the Master Sword tightly as he rubbed himself up against it, moaning silently and gasping in shock. His body ached for contact, pressing itself closer to the weapon as it rocked itself. Link whimpered helplessly as he humped the Master Sword, wanting more pleasure and more pleasure. He groaned in short high-pitched squeals as he picked up speed and swayed, and swayed, and swayed, rubbing his groin lovingly against the sheath.

"Ahh-ah!" he cried out, flinging his head back as he squeezed his legs tightly together and came, shuddering in ecstasy at the climax. Panting for breath with face flushed, Link lowered his head closer to the bed and stifled the tears, shaking in shame as he clung to the Master Sword. He wanted to make it stop, but his body ached for more and more each night.

What has Ganondorf done to his body?

It was early in the morning, and Link climbed down the ladder to attend to his horse. However, he found Epona missing. Suspecting where she could be, he headed down a path in the forest and arrived at the cold spring where Ilia was washing his horse. He watched as Epona neighed upon sensing the presence of her master, and the young woman turned her head to see where the horse was staring at.

"Oh, morning Link," she smiled warmly.

Link returned the smile and walked towards the two. He held out a hand to stroke the cheeks of his horse. "Sometimes I think you're being spoiled too much, girl," he chuckled, receiving a nudge in response.

"With everything you put Epona through, she deserves to be pampered," Ilia giggled. And then, she watched in surprise as Link placed his forehead against the side of Epona's long face, closing his eyes and breathing in deeply. Ilia opened her mouth to ask her friend what was the matter, but decided not to disturb him. Instead, she waited patiently before Link pulled back and looked at her.

"I'll be taking Epona to Fado's ranch now. He wants me to help finish fixing up the fence."

"Hm," Ilia nodded, handing the reins to Link.

"Come girl," he pulled gently as he led his horse away.

Ilia watched Link disappear with Epona back into the forest before frowning. She noticed that Link seemed different, sometimes distant, yet, she couldn't quite figure out why. Instead, she sighed and decided to rest at the spring until the rest of the children come find her.

Link tugged on the grass restlessly as he took a break from fixing the fence at the ranch. Sighing, he decided to lay on his back, placing his hands behind his head as he stared at the clouds. A breeze came by, and he closed his eyes, enjoying the wind when he smelled a strange, quiet, dry scent.

Like deadness.

Opening his eyes, he sat up and looked ahead, watching as the wind carried away and headed south. The air falling still once more, Link glanced over his shoulder at the north where the breeze came from. Blinking, he got up on his feet and dusted his clothes before stretching and yawning. It was getting close to sunset, and Link wanted to finish fixing Fado's ranch today before heading home. Thus, he picked up his tools and began working again.

Night fell, and Link stayed a little later than normal to finish up the task before finally going home on Epona. He passed by Colin's house where Rusl, the swordsman who trained him, waved a greeting. The stroll back home was peaceful, and Link took his time as he noted the houses and small river stream, and heard the faint screech of the hawk that flew above him occasionally. Most of everyone were in their homes, with very few walking around this late in the day. The smell of delicious cooking flew out of the chimneys and brushed by Link's nose.

Link sniffed and breathed in the sweet aroma. He could almost taste the stew, just like the one Ganondorf made.

Link shook violently for a second. His heart began beating rapidly, and his horse paused in her footsteps, noticing something strange with her master. Link glanced down and pet Epona. "It's nothing girl," he assured her. The horse glanced at him suspiciously before continuing in the direction of his home. Meanwhile, Link dropped his head into his hand, feeling feverish.

Up in the tree house, Link sat at the kitchen table, staring at the stove that was now cooling down. He had already finished his meal, but he continued to sit there. Thinking. Some time passed by before Link finally got up from his chair and climbed up the ladder to his bed. Flopping himself onto the mattress on his back, he tuck his hands behind his head and stared at the ceiling. There was a nagging feeling, and he couldn't quite pinpoint what it was. He turned to his side and gazed at the Master Sword on his bed. The elaborate design of the sheath glimmered brightly, and the purple handle so ornately designed glistened proudly. He reached out a hand to touch it when he noticed the distinct symbol of the Triforce on the back of his hand. Frowning, he held it up, stretching his fingers out at the mark that had been born with him. Sighing, he turned back onto his back and sprawled out his limbs, staring at the ceiling once more.

Some more time passed by.

Finally, Link hopped off the bed and climbed down the ladder. Lighting a lamp from his kitchen cabinet, he hooked it to the side of his stash and lifted up the cover in the floor before climbing down below through the darkness. He had not gone into the basement for awhile, and the place had already gathered much dust, even though he never bothered to sweep the area in the first place. Landing on the floor with a thump, he brushed himself off, careful not to put out the small flame, and held up the lamp as he walked through the room. The light bounced off the walls, revealing boxes, jars, shelves, and other items stored away and sometimes forgotten. Shadows danced against the small flame as the hero passed by each object. Upon reaching the end of the room, Link set the lamp down on the floor and got onto his knees to open a large chest. There, he pulled out the green tunic and held it up against the glow of the dim light emitting from the small flame beside him.

The night was no longer young, but the air was still and chilly, with the occasional gentle breeze passing by. The moon above shone brightly, illuminating the hero below who was adjusting the strap on his shoulder, which hooked the shield and Master Sword tightly against his back. Tidying his green cap, Link glanced into the horizon that was barely visible except for the stars that littered the sky at the end. Checking his sword once more, Link patted Epona, who he was sitting on. The horse glanced back at him, blinking with a look asking him about the strangeness of this venture in the middle of the night.

"Sorry girl, but it looks like we have another adventure awaiting us," Link smiled apologetically, stroking the strands of hair. Epona only grunted once before returning her attention to the front. Link raised his head and glanced up at the stars where the North Star shone brightly. The two were at the end of the entrance to Ordon Village, facing Hyrule Field. Link had left an apologetic note on his door, letting everyone (specifically Ilia) know that he has something important to attend to, but that he would return one day. Taking a deep breath, his gaze fell back onto the horizon. He closed his eyes, feeling once more that same breeze that carried a strange, distinct dryness with it before blowing away. Opening his eyes and straightening himself, Link reached back with a hand to touch the sheath of the Master Sword on his back, feeling the weight of its power even through the tips of his leather gloves. With determined eyes and a smile, his other hand tightened around the reins.

He wasn't sure what he was planning on doing, or what he would do once he got there, but he knew where he needed to go.

Link shook the reins and kicked his feet. "Heeya!" he cried out. And thus, the hero and his horse went shooting off into the distance through Hyrule Field, the sounds of galloping breaking the night as the two travelers headed in the direction of the north.



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