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Boys, boys, boys

Episode 1: A Strange World

"Ow," Kurama said in a huff. His foot had been stepped upon by no other than our very own awkward detective, Yusuke Urameshi.

"Sorry, man," the dark-haired sleuth muttered. He and the fox-boy were crammed inside a traveler box that was meant to fit only one person.

Yusuke tried to shift his body sideways to give Kurama a little room to wiggle, but he was only able to move an inch before being repelled back by a crackling energy wall. He bounded back, his body pushing into Kurama's. He cursed silently, hating Koenma's chosen way of transporting them to another world.

"Are we there yet?" he whined.

"Much as I'd like to say yes, Yusuke, I have no idea," Kurama sighed.

When Yusuke Urameshi first saw the traveler box as they were briefed only a couple of hours ago inside Koenma's dark office, he was amazed.

"Cool," he had said with bated breath.

"Amazing technology," Koenma gloated. "Got it only last night. Should save us some transportation costs."

Even Kurama blinked as Koenma explained how it worked – it was similar to a telephone booth and would transport its passenger to different locations at the speed twice that of an airplane. Moreover, it had an invisibility button that should make things easier.

Koenma then launched into an explanation of the different buttons and switches. Yusuke was getting sleepy until he'd heard the mention of "missiles" and "energy projectiles". At those cool features, his eyes lit up like a true blue male teenager obsessed with things that go boom.

Yusuke had circled the machine like a cat, but he paused when he spotted Kurama holding back.

"What's the matter?" he asked. He got silence as an answer. "We'll find Hiei, don't worry," Yusuke said a little too cheerfully, assuming.

"It's not that, detective. I do find the contraption a bit… innovative. However, Koenma said this is the first machine."

"Yeah, amazing huh?" Yusuke followed, using Koenma's own chosen adjective. "Even Reikai goes hi-tech nowadays. I have ta admit I'm intimidated a little bit.""

"Yusuke, there's two of us."

"Oh," Yusuke whispered, almost inaudibly.

So it was that they found themselves hurtling through the night sky, crammed in the stupid box that Yusuke hated with every bit of his soul.

To hammer the nail on the coffin, the 'innovative' machine had no airconditioning.

Yusuke swore to himself that this would be his last mission for that damn spoiled Reikai brat.

He and Kurama sweated like pigs in a blanket. Kurama's sweat smelled musky and foresty, which in a strange way he kind of liked. He was more self conscious of what Kurama thought he smelled like though. He wouldn't want his friend to think he was a stinky teenager.

When he felt the machine slowly descending on a field, he muttered a thousand prayers of thanks to whatever god was listening. He also felt's Kurama's body straighten up to prepare for their landing.

Finally, upon touching ground (Yusuke's little heart jumped for joy), the machine's energy walls dissipated with a quick twing!. Yusuke welcomed the blast of the cool night air like a long-lost lover.

"Waaaah!" he inhaled and exhaled. He had never appreciated fresh air as much as this ever in his entire life! He took another gulp and took his jacket off, sitting on the grass and breathing deeply. They had landed on some sort of field near a bridge, with a huge electrical tower nearby.

Suddenly, he remembered that he wasn't alone. He glanced at Kurama and saw the diminutive redhead had sat on the grass across him, looking amused.

Yusuke scratched his head. "Just give me five minutes, fox-boy... I'll be up… in no time…"

"Dear leader, you need to work out more," Kurama taunted.

"I can work… out all I want… once I get enough oxygen…" Yusuke said as he wheezed his way through the statement.

To Yusuke's surprise, Kurama just chuckled and lay down on the grass, putting his arms underneath his head.

"If being crammed into a booth with me would cause you to become this exhausted, what more other things then?" Kurama chided.

Yusuke blushed immensely at the statement. Damn Kurama and his teasing! Yusuke knew better than to make something of it – the fox was always flirty, it didn't matter who he was with. It was his nature. From day one of meeting him, Yusuke learned that about the redhead. The taunting smirk from their first encounter. The wink when he stepped in front of Hiei and took the blade. The soft brush of a thanking whisper when he gave half of his life to the accursed mirror.

Somehow though, he still couldn't quite make himself become used to it.

Luckily, Kurama couldn't see his face turning beet red.

"This is Hiei's fault!" Yusuke said, blaming the wide-eyed fire demon. "If he hadn't gone and run off again, we wouldn't be searching for his sorry ass."

As soon as Yusuke released the statement though, he wanted to take it back immediately. Kurama remained silent and Yusuke smacked his head in frustration.

A month ago, during a drunken evening, Kurama and Yusuke decided to strip off and submerge themselves in an onsen. Yusuke's mind had traversed the most taboo and sinful of sceneries then, thinking that the moment would lead to events he was sure he would regret the next day. He kept his head low in the bubbling bath, hiding his excitement, unsure of what the fox (who had stood in all his naked, and big, glory in front of him) would be up to.

To his surprise, Kurama leaned back across him and just poured his heart out, confessing to being in love with their jagan-bearing teammate. He said everything in a huff, as if it was the most forbidden feeling to admit in the world.

Yusuke couldn't determine if he was disappointed or relieved. Just that he felt something.

Back to the present, Yusuke's mind raced to make amends for his offending statement. Insulting Hiei would probably be the last thing he'd like to do in Kurama's presence.

"Geez, I'm sorry, man," Yusuke said out loud, lacking the vocabulary and the ego to say something else more subtle.

"Not to worry, detective," Kurama said quietly. "To be honest, I'm not too worried about his safety. I can still feel his energy."

Yusuke noted the sadness in the voice. Although Kurama tried to keep his voice upbeat, Yusuke knew that Kurama's feelings for the runt weighed him down.

"Great!" Yusuke said, deciding to distract Kurama with his own usual brand of cheer. "I guess now that we're cooled down, we can start our search!"

Kurama sat up slowly with that statement and nodded at Yusuke with a slightly more optimistic smile.

Even Yusuke felt a little giddy. It had been some time since their last mission, and though he wouldn't say it out loud to Kurama, he was kind of thankful for Hiei's disappearance. It gave them something to do, and he knew that Hiei can't be in real danger anyway – they felt his energy still in the human world, and it wasn't wavering a tiny bit. He admitted secretly that he was more worried that Hiei was the one up to no good.

"So, what did Koenma say again?" Yusuke said, rubbing his hands together and putting on his usual confident smirk.

"Urameshi, you're our leader, you shouldn't forget these things," Kurama giggled.

"But that's what I have your brains for," Yusuke retorted.

"Right…" Kurama said, shaking his head. "Well, Koenma said that since Hiei disappeared, he's been sensing unusual energy activity in this area. It's a simple investigate, get-Hiei-out-and-report-back case."

Yusuke nodded, glad at the beat of Kurama's voice. "I remember this small detail the brat mentioned-"

"Cat ears," Kurama said with a calm face. "He warned us to not be surprised. This area is sort of protected by Reikai, since a different breed of humans reside here. Some of them sport cat ears and tails until they turn into adults."

"Probably why Koenma is worried. If this area is protected, he doesn't want Hiei messing around with it."

Yusuke noted Kurama taking a deep breath at the mention of Hiei's name. A strange look passed over the fox's face, but it was over before Yusuke could even register what it was. It wasn't exactly worry

"Anyway, our landing point is a great way to start investigating strange occurrences," Kurama quipped, interrupting his thoughts.

Yusuke's eyebrows raised in question.

"Look over there," the fox said, pointing to the opposite side of the field.

Yusuke turned around and spotted a pair of shadows in the distance. One was small, kneeling down and holding up a bigger shadow, who seemed to be lying down on the ground.

Yusuke noted the aforementioned cat ears on the smaller shadow.

They both got up, nodded to each other and ran towards the pair.

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