A/N: The Digiuniversal Tournament concludes in the explosive finals!

It comes down to two warriors: Omega X and Pikkan. It's fighting time!



Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 2.5, Act 1: Digiuniversal Battle Tournament

Episode 102: The Finalists Clash! Omega X vs Pikkan!


Central Digiverse/Nexus Arena/Digiuniversal Tournament Venue

(Cue My-Hime OST Kagutsuchi Kourin)

The most surreal moment had just occurred in the Digiuniversal Tournament finals. Everyone present in the Nexus Arena had their eyes fixated on the Ascendant basking in his golden and blazing glory. X, Simms, and BW watched outside the ring, each sporting smiles when Omega X unveiled his full-powered form. This was Omega X's first major fight since the War Games with Virus. The other three Higher Ones gaped in aghast at the intense power leaking from the Ascendant.

Shinmon, Shintomon, and their aides watched Omega X standing amidst the golden aura flaring like fire around him.

Pikkan, all the vast majority in the arena, was astounded with Tai/VictoryGreymon's transformation into an Ascendant. He assessed Omega X's power and smirked anxiously.

Amazing. He's just as astounding like I've been told!

"He's at full power like during his fight with Virus," assessed BW.

X scratched the bottom of his chin. "Yeah, he's sure at top form. Pikkan just might have trouble at his hands." He painstakingly observed Omega X and Pikkan standing face to face.

"Father, this will be a good fight," Shintomon stated as he and Shinmon were absorbed by the fighter's stand-off.

Omega X and Pikkan dropped into fighting stances as lightning bolts clashed across the Digiverse's infinite skies.

"Let's see what you're made of, legendary Ascendant!" Pikkan barked out.

(End theme)

"Heh, I might as well go all out with you," Omega X said with a smile. He cupped both hands to the side and forged an orange ball of Ki. "Terra Beam!" He launched it right at Pikkan, who quickly phased away and let the beam hit the ring. The blast left a large hole near an edge of the ring. Whirling around to his upper left direction, Omega X sensed the Alterian's presence and yelled. "GOT YOU!" He fired a beam from his hand and caught Pikkan reappearing.

(Cue Dragonball Kai OST Frantic Cover)

Pikkan jumped into the air and evaded the beam. He phased out again, throwing Omega X off. Omega X turned and saw Pikkan behind him. He threw another beam at him and watched him vanish. Pikkan phased across the ring, making Omega X shoot blasts everywhere he turned. As Pikkan reappeared in front of Omega X, the Ascendant fired dual beams from both hands, sending them at Pikkan's direction. As usual, Pikkan jumped into the air and avoided the blast.


The blasts ignited a double explosion that kicked up a dust cloud across the ring. When the cloud cleared, Omega X scanned the ring and saw no signs of the Alterian, but there were decently sized holes where his blasts hit the ring.

"Hey, Ascendant! Look above you!" Came a familiar voice, which drew Omega X's attention toward the skies.

Omega X caught Pikkan standing atop of one of the moons floating above the arena. Omega X scowled and gritted his teeth seeing the Alterian unfazed.

Damn it! I couldn't keep pace with him!

"Your power is impressive, but you'll need better focus if you want to follow me!" The proud Alterian said, wearing a cool smile. "You've disappointed me, Omega X. I'm ending this fight right now!" With that, he floated off the moon and, after a loud yell, began revolving his own body around so fast he literally turned himself into a tornado.

"Mega Typhoon!"

The large twister shot down toward the ring and swept Omega X along with it. While caught inside the twister, Omega X spun around and was cut all over his body. The force of the twister sent hurricanes that nearly swept away the arena audiences.

"Give it up, Omega X! You know there's no point in resisting this!" laughed Pikkan, taunting the Ascendant in his predicament.

"N-No, I won't give!" Omega X protested against adversity. Then, he gathered strength and flexed his arms, seemingly beginning to resist Pikkan's twister. With a yell, Omega X flexed his whole body and stopped his own body from spinning out of control.

Catching this, Pikkan gasped. "What?"

As he powered up, Omega X pushed out his golden aura and made the twister seemingly vanish. Pikkan stopped spinning and called out his twister attack, watching Omega X shoot up at him with blinding speed.

"Super Fury Blitz! Times 20!" Omega X bellowed as his golden aura was mixed with a fiery red, intertwining them into a bright orange flare. The combined power-ups augmented the warrior's speed and power, allowing him to catch Pikkan with a punch and sending him crashing into the moon.

Upon receiving Omega X's punch, Pikkan rammed into the moon. During this brief interval, Omega X took this chance to fire another Terra Beam, but Pikkan shot right back and hit the Ascendant with a head-butt. Omega X plunged hard in the ring center with his own weight cracking the platform. He bounced right back to his feet out of the hole and watched Pikkan diving down behind a trail of bluish energy. Omega X rebounded and fired a yellow beam from his hand, hitting Pikkan whilst they struggling to hold the Alterian back. The clash of energies lasted a good few seconds until Pikkan seemingly pushed through the Ascendant's beam. Pikkan surprised him by swerving to the side and landing a kick to Omega X's head, dazing him a bit. Omega X was sent skidding across the ring with Pikkan flying in pursuit of him. Omega X slid near the edge of the ring stopped as Pikkan flew ahead to kick him off. Omega X kip-upped off the edge and flipped over Pikkan at a hair's breadth. The Alterian's leg swept through air itself instead of Omega X as the Ascendant landed behind him.

Both fighter stopped to catch their breath after fighting a good few minutes. During these few minutes, the ring was filled with holes and the audience were left stunned in silence.

(End theme)

"It's been a long time since I've fought anyone as powerful as you are."

Omega X replied. "That's because you're a strong guy. I always find that my strongest opponents bring out the best outta me."

Pikkan added as a smile crept across his face. "Well, this should be exciting then since I'm about to be much tougher."

"Wha... your power!" Omega X gasped as he sensed Pikkan's power suddenly shooting up. "...it's skyrocketing!"

(Cue Gothic Symbol Metal Lifeclock)

Just then, Pikkan performed a series of strange and elaborate movements with his hands and arms. The Alterian then crossed his arms and slammed his fists together.

"Thunder Flash Attack!"

Then, shooting from out of Pikkan's fists was a wall of fire. Before Omega X even had a chance to react, the wall of fire hit him and blew across half of the arena. Once the flames died away, Omega X was left battered and burnt a little with his side of the ring melted into goo, and the crowd was left charred and smoked following Pikkan's attack. Omega X slowly recovered by sitting up and grunting.

In-Incredible! I couldn't even block most of it! Omega X thought as his eyes fell on the Alterian. He felt pain shooting throughout his whole body and making him strain. As he struggled, he caught Pikkan performing the move again. His eyes almost widened in shock from Pikkan building up to his attack. He found himself in a position with no way to counter this move. My body's feeling his power shooting up again! He's doing it again! If I don't move... I'll be more than just lose!

"Thunder Flash Attack!"

Bracing himself, Omega X nearly dropped to his back and let the fire hit him with force. The fire swept across the ring and incinerated the pillar supporting a section of the arena. The section of the audience near the pillar hollered and panicked in shock, watching the pillar beginning to collapse. Omega X was laying on his back with both arms crossed in front.

The Higher Ones witnessed the attack awestruck. X, Simms, and BW began worrying for Omega X, who caught himself in a do-or-die position. Upon witnessing the events from the balcony, Shinmon and Shintomon sat up from their seats, watching Pikkan standing over Omega X.

Baffled, Otto quickly asserted. "Wow, I must say I didn't think he'd use that rare technique in this event!"

Jean added. "This event has been nothing but shocking developments!"

"Sheesh, it took us over thousands of years to build this place and they're tearing it up in less than 2 minutes!" Russel exclaimed, picking up his cowboy hat off the ground.

Astounded with the escalation of the fight, Buddhamon turned to the prince.

"Prince Shintomon, my lord, should we stop this from going further?" Buddhamon asked.

Kibitomon added. "I'm inclined to agree. They will destroy this entire arena at this rate."

"No, it's all right," Shinmon reassured them. "I can't deprive my son of a highly contested match. Let them go the distance. We haven't seen a fight this intense for many millennia."

Shintomon's smiled widened when he watched Omega X and Pikkan standing off again. "Yes, let the fight continue. We'd rob the audience of a fight they'll never forget."

"C'mon, Tai," X muttered as he felt his entire trembled when realizing Omega X's current dilemma. The possibility of his protege losing this match had him anxious, which Simms and BW noticed. I remember the last time I was caught in a fight with Pikkan. I know exactly how Omega X is feeling right now. It's going exactly the same direction as last time...

As Omega X still laying on the floor, Pikkan quickly took to the air above the ring. The Alterian hovered over the ring and spotted Omega X not moving from his position. Pikkan fired a beam at his fallen adversary. Quickly withdrawing his arms away, Omega X phased out of the beam's path and exploded on contact with the ring. Omega X reappeared over Pikkan and propelled himself higher into the sky. Pikkan was in hot pursuit of the Ascendant and followed his direction. Pikkan closed in on Omega X and reached his level. The two warriors hardened their glares as they met at an even eye to eye level. Both simultaneously launched beams toward one another. The beams impacted each other hard, exploding and pushing back the two warriors.

The competitors, now spectators themselves, were baffled with the clash of energies exploding above the arena.

"What's happening up there?" Reapermon asked, his jaw nearly dropped. "I've lost track of them!"

Paladin nodded. "Likewise."

Though unable to see them, Yaramon was awe inspired by Omega X. "Wow... what a warrior! What a man..." She nearly fainted again as one of her Mermaimon servants caught her.

However, the very few with better perception followed their movements. Those being Shinmon, Shintomon, X, and BW.

Shinmon eyes followed Omega X and Pikkan spinning across the infinite skies above the Nexus Arena.

Both warriors hopelessly spun around and out of control of their own plight. Then, they both yelled out and struggled to get out of their spins. Then, they landed on what was described as the ceiling of the Nexus Arena. With their own legs, they landed on this 'ceiling' and sprung off it like a springboard, throwing themselves off if and speeding down toward each other. As they were about to cross paths, they came into heads as their fists collided. Then, the warriors engaged in a flurry of punches and kicks at high speed, which they evaded and maneuvered around. This heated close engagement of dodged attacks lasted a good. Then, with picture perfect accuracy, their fists collided again. Both exchanged intense and battle hardened glares. Their other fists collided, making them split apart from the release of their own power clash.

"Terra Beam!"

As the beam hurtled at him, Pikkan batted the Ascendant's attack aside.

Damn! I've got to catch him off guard!


Once again, Pikkan vanished and reappeared above Omega X, landing an overhead elbow smash into the Ascendant's back. He dropped Omega X back to the ring. Omega X gingerly regained his footing once Pikkan landed back in the ring. Although his vision blurred, Omega X clearly saw Pikkan standing out in the open.

"I've... got to... somehow..." Omega X muttered, struggling to stand despite the blows he's taken during the match.

"Now, I'm going to finish this with the technique you love so much," Pikkan declared as he began his movements, setting up for the end of the match.

(End theme)

This is it! If I'm gonna pull something off, I've gotta do it now! His attack has to have a weak point!

Just when Pikkan smashed his fists together, Omega X picked right up on the counter to the Alterian's attack.

There! I found it!

"Thunder Flash Attack!"

Barely a tenth of a second before the fire hit, Omega X flickered out using Instant Movement. Upon seeing this, he turned and caught Omega X standing by his side with hands forging his Terra Beam. Realizing he was in this position, Pikkan couldn't attack or defend himself against the Ascendant's charge.

"Terra Beam!"

Omega X blasted Pikkan head-on with the beam and sent him flying out of the ring. Pikkan hit the nearest wall barricade and fell out of bounds. The audience were stunned in shock and fell in silence upon witnessing the turn of events unfold. It was surreal not just to see a clearly favored warrior losing, but to see a warrior from Earth defeat the Alterian Empire's elite fighter.

X sighed with relief and nodded. "Nice rebound, Omega X!"

BW added. "Pikkan sure wasn't counting on the Instant Movement being used against him."

"Indeed a nice turnaround," Simms concurred with the two.

The ring announcer, shocked and rightfully so, shook off the surreal moment and shouted into his mike. "...oh! Pikkan has clearly landed outside the ring! Tai & VictoryGreymon... err... I mean Omega X is your winner, ladies and gents! With his victory, he has become the Digiuniversal Battle champion!"

The arena roared in unison as Omega X waved to his new fans cheering him on. Sitting up after his fall, Pikkan groaned and saw Omega X offering a hand to him. Pikkan accepted it with a smile and pulled himself off the ground.

"You got me good, Omega X."

"It was a mistake to use your Thunder Flash move a third time. By then, I already picked up on it three times to locate a counter to it."

Pikkan chortled. "Looks like my arrogance was my own undoing. I don't usually say this, but you're an impressive fighter... for being part-human. Enjoy your belt, prize money, and special training." As he said this, he turned and walked away.

"Where are you going?"

"Back to my world to train harder to tweak my technique and come back to face you in a rematch. Next time, I'll win."

"Should be fun," Omega X smirked, watching the Alterian leave.

Just then, X, Simms, and BW hurried over to Omega X. They tried calling out to Pikkan, who was already halfway across the arena.

"Let's leave Pikkan be, guys," X reassured them. "He'll come back. It looks like you've won him over, Omega X."

"I'd sure like to have him join our side. He'd make a valuable asset," the Ascendant said as he split back into Tai and Agumon. "Ah, much better! So, where do I get my belt and prize money?"

"You'll get it in a ceremony shortly," Simms said.

"Indeed, you will get your awards for your spectacular performances, Taichi and Agumon," Came Shinmon's voice, who was now behind the group with his son.

Shintomon clapped his hands for Tai and Agumon. "Wonderful show you gave us! It was the best I'd seen my whole life!"

"You made my son's day with your match with Pikkan," the Supreme Digi-Deity stated as he walked up to Tai. He clapped Tai's right shoulder and did the same to Agumon. "We'll be sure to throw you a big feast after the ceremony."

"Hear that, Tai?"

"Got that right. Can't turn down a big meal."

"Permit me to ask if you're willing to stay a little longer to receive your special training?"

"Well, Lord Shinmon, I would, but I'm worried how my friends are doing back home. I don't want to keep them waiting for me."

"There's no need to worry. There are no imminent threats that may present danger to your world now. If there are minor inconveniences, I'm sure your friends back home can deal."

"True, but that's not what I'm concerned with. See, my girlfriend back home... last I checked it's almost Valentines Day and..."

X interjected as he approached his former proteges. "Relax, the Supreme Digi-Deity can permit you to travel back between Other World and Earth as long as you promise to take the special training."

"When do I start with this special training?"

"Whenever you feel like it, Taichi," replied Shinmon, wearing a genuine smile. "Though, I must insist you come by for longer intervals. There's so much of Other World you've yet to explore and many worlds to access. These fighters you've competed against and witnessed are just barely the cream of the crop."

"You mean there's more stronger guys in the Digiverse?" asked Agumon, who didn't seem that all surprised. "We've got to meet them sometime, Tai."

"We can make that a priority. About Sora," the teen smiled broadly and nodded. "I know the perfect place back in Digiworld where to take her for Valentine's. I'll be sending her a message soon to let her know how I've been doing."

"Good to know," nodded X. "I'm sure you two will have a good get together. Curious, what place have you chosen for the Valentine's setting."

Tai chuckled and pressed a finger to his own lips. "That's a secret. I'll let you know."

X and Simms turned to each other, shrugging as a smile slowly crept behind the watcher's mask. Shinmon beckoned over the group to follow him away from the fighters. They arrived in the back as Tai just remembered something.

"There's something I need to do before anything else."

"What is that, Tai?" Simms looked at the teen inquisitively.


Pikkan's Locker Room

After a few minutes of meditation, Pikkan closed his locker and flung over a training bag over his shoulder. Without even turning to greet them, the Alterian addressed his guests and smiled.

"Guess I forgot to close my door," Pikkan shook his head, looking over his shoulder to find Tai and Agumon behind him. "What brings you two here?" Then, he saw X, BW, and Simms walking through the doorway. "I see. Something tells me you've discussed recruiting me back to the fold?"

"It's my idea, but I was wondering if you'd like to join my group. After fighting you and assessing your powers, you'd make a great asset for our side."

Pikkan whirled around and faced the group standing before him.

"Just in case another big bad that decides to set up shop on my world."

"Fight for humans? What do I get in return?"

"The rematch you want? You got it."

Folding his arms, the proud Alterian didn't give this any second thought and nodded. "Done deal. When you're ready, just name the place and time. I'll be ready."

The Bearer of Courage smirked, nodding. "You got it." He and Pikkan shook each other's hands, securing a fairly handled deal.

"I swear you're persistent as an annoying Astamon I knew," the Alterian shook his head. "But, since you beat me, you've earned my respect, Tai."

"It'll be great to have you on our side, Pikkan," X said as he walked over and shook his hand. "Your power will surely provide us with more muscle."

"Just let me know when there's ever a threat that comes by to wreck Earth.""

"Sure," replied the masked watcher.

BW walked over by Tai's side and addressed him. "Remember you and Agumon owe me a fight, too."

"Sheesh, I've got a ton of promises I can't break!" Tai resisted any urge to laugh, realizing he had two warriors awaiting their chance to engage the Ascendant in epic clashes. "And I thought Yamato was bad!"

Agumon added. "Speaking of Yamato, I wonder how the others are doing back home."

Nodding, Tai looked up to the ceiling and sighed deeply. "I'm sure they're doing just fine, Agumon. I'd guess it's just another dull day for them." Maybe a dull day is better off without some megalomaniac running loose, but I'm sure you'll deal with them, Kari.


Earth/Odaiba District/Odaiba Notama Apartments/Kamiya Residence/#1306/February 7, 2005/7:30 AM

(Cue Godzilla against Mechagodzilla OST Mothra's Song (2003 version) )

A few weeks have passed since Tai and Agumon's departure into Other World. Back on home, the younger sister of Tai Kamiya was fully readjusting to normal activities since the War Games ended roughly over a month ago. Kari Kamiya, garbed in her middle school uniform, neatly put on her shoes and walked outside before turning to wave to her family. After eating a slice of buttered toast, she closed the door and raced out with her backpack. Gatomon barely poked her head out to see the girl jumping off a balcony. Kari took to the air and flew off to the direction of her school.

"Nice to have things back to normal, huh?" Gatomon smirked a cat's smile.

Kari giggled a bit with her long hair flowing behind her back. "Yeah, but I hope it stays that way. I hope Tai and Agumon are having fun in that other world place."

"Heh, I wouldn't worry about those two being bored. I'm sure they're having a ball back there."

"Hah, good point!" Kari laughed aloud, facing the route to which she was taking. Though, I can't wait to see you two return home. Thing's been dull without y'all around.

Once Kari landed in an alleyway, she decided to take the usual route to get to her school. While the paparazzi crowds have pretty much died down, she avoided running into reporters as badly as possible. Poking her head out, she scanned the vicinity and saw her school just several kilometers ahead. She was to meet with TK and Davis before 8:00 near the front gates.

"Coast is clear," whispered Kari as she made a dash for the school.

Then, she abruptly stopped as she heard the sound of gunfire. She turned and caught a commotion at a bank. She hid behind the alleyway as she and Gatomon spotted bank robbers throwing bags of money into the back of their truck.

"Ugh, not again. This is the third bank robbing I've had to stop," a miffed Kari furrowed her brows as she nodded to Gatomon.. In a flash, they merged together and become Celesta X. Celesta X pulled out a white sheet and folded it around her face, leaving only her green eyes as she dropped her backpack against the wall. She hastily flew into the air and jetted toward the bank where the robbers were preparing to leave with their loot.

(End theme)

Firing repeated shots with a machinegun, a robber laughed as cops took cover behind their cars. "Haha, c'mon! Try and take us, ya pigs!" Suddenly, the robber felt his head snap back as Celesta X flew down, kicking him in the face and knocking him out. She then elbowed another robber in the face, cold clocking him out.

"Wh-Who the heck are you?" The third robber shouted, shooting at Celesta X.

With quick reflexes, Celesta X caught all the bullets and dropped them out of her hand. The robber gaped in shock, unable to move as he felt weak-kneed. Celesta X lunged forward and kicked him in the face.

"That schoolgirl's kicking out boy's asses?" exclaimed another robber in the passenger's seat. "Step on it! She's a monster!"

With that, the driver pushed the gas pedal and drove down the street in attempt to escape.

Celesta X scoffed and put her hand out. With a yell, she sent a light Kiai wave and watched it hit the back of the truck with force. The truck was toppled over as it crashed into a light post.

"Wh-What just happened?" a police officer was astounded with what happened.

Before they realized what even happened, Celesta X vanished from site.

"It was the local masked heroine again!" Another officer said to the chief.

To the shock and awe of spectators, they watched as the 'local masked heroine' successfully busted another attempted bank robbery. This was the third group of robbers that Kari has had to stop in the past two weeks. Since defeating Virus, her only opponents have been low life robbers. To better disguise herself from the media, she resorted to wearing a cloth that doubled as a mask to cover her face.

"Whoever it is, the heroine was clearly wearing a school uniform," one of the other officers said.

While the police rounded up the robbers, Kari sneaked out of the alleyway and bolted toward her school.

Gatomon poked out of the backpack and chuckled. "We better stop before we cause too much a scene."

"Sorry, but I couldn't just hang back and let criminals have their way."

"We're close to the school!" Gatomon said.

Standing at the front gates, TK and Davis waited just like they promised while waving out to their friend. Kari stopped in front of them, wiping her forehead.

"Morning, Kari!" Davis said, greeting his first dream girl with a goofy grin. "Say, you're kinda sweating."

TK knew exactly what Kari was going to say and nodded. "Another bank robbery?"

"Yeah, and I had to stop it."

"Did you go Ascendant?"

"Yep, but Kari covered her face to make sure the witnesses don't know."

"Kari, we really need to keep on the low profile for a while."

"I know, but I couldn't stand by and let the robbers get away. It isn't right."

"Great job, Kari! You took down a bunch of thieves! Wish I-" Davis stopped as TK gave him a dismissive nod. "Oh, right. Well, maybe we can give Kari a disguise or something if she wants to help fight crime."

"No, it's ok. I can stop."

"But, they're going to be wondering where the local masked heroine has gone," the feline said.

Just then, Patamon and DemiVeemon poked their heads out of their partners' backpacks. The two added to the ongoing discussion regarding Kari's dilemma.

"Maybe she can ask the girls to help find a disguise for her?" Patamon suggested.

DemiVeemon concurred as his eyes lit up."Yeah! She can be like those masked crime fighters I see on Davis' TV! Hey, Davish, maybe Sonja can help, too?"

"No, guys, really! It's ok!" Kari pleaded to the boys and their Digimon partners. "I mean it, I can stop with the crime fighting!"

"You know. Mimi, Sora, Yolei, and Sonja could help," the blonde-haired preteen said, rubbing his chin as he and Davis exchanged grins.

Needless to say, judging by her two friends' looks, Kari Kamiya had a bad suspicion where this would eventually lead.


Shinjuku District/Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building/9:30 AM

"Another sighting of this masked vigilante?" Yamaki was seen sitting answering his cell. "And stopped the robbers with just a yell?" Must be one of those Digimon. "We'll look into it. One of my team look into it..." He closed off his cell and sighed out of exasperation. This is the third time. A masked vigilante linked to these Digimon stopped another bank robbery? That should be the job of the local authorities. If they keep this up, the police may be out of their jobs.

"Sir," Came a familiar voice, making Yamaki withdraw from his computer screen and over to the young red-haired woman dressed in a lab coat. "I know I have a semester left to complete at my college, but I'm honored you're giving me a chance to help you."

Yamaki smiled coolly and stood up from his seat. "That's all right. In fact, I've just recruited a likely partner for you to help pump more new blood."


"She's a technical prodigy named Talley Onodera. She most recently survived an encounter with the monster named Virus. I'm having one of my team bring her here in a few days. You'll be introduced to her and soon we'll begin your training."

The redhead complied with her new boss. "Yes, Mr. Yamaki."

"When it's all said and done, Riley, we will ensure that Hypnos rises to police and stop digital life."


Next episode: Grace and Beauty, Here's the Kaze Girl! Search for the Love Thief!


A/N: Omega X vs Pikkan, while short, was fun to write. The mini-arc served three purposes: 1) expand on the Digiverse, 2) introduce new characters (Pikkan, Paladin, Higher Ones, Supreme Digi-Deity Shinmon, Shintomon, etc.)/reintroduce BW in his new body, and 3) establish Pikkan and BW to become part of the Digiteam roster. Otherwise, I wouldn't have adapted this arc since it's a filler arc in DBZ as much I liked it. The 'Astamon' reference was intentionally linked to the one from Accel Stream.

The chapter begins the split between the Digiuniversal Tournament arc and the Side Stories. Now, with the transition halfway through this story, we enter the Side Stories. This part of Season 2.5 will take elements from the Great Saiyaman Saga and Digimon Tamers. For all intents and purpose, this will be a 'Pseudo-Tamers' season, adapting some early parts of that series.

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