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Central Digigalaxy/Planet Cretaceous/2:50 PM

Planet Cretaceous is digi-planet roamed by Digimon dinosaur-types. A place where the herbivores grazed peacefully while the carnivores hunted. Most of the area is a lush jungle, who knows what lurks there.

Deep in the forest, a small cute Digimon was flying away from something. This Digimon is white, has two ears with purple stripes that are use for flight, purple stripes on its feet, green eyes, and a red triangle with three small black triangles on its forehead.

Two roars are instantly heard and two carnivore Digimon appeared behind their frightened prey. One is an armored, emerald T-Rex with two huge claws on its feet like a raptor. Its name is DinoRexmon. The other is a ruby-orange Spinosaurus with a sharp, metallic sail on its back, hence the name Spinomon. Normally, these two carnivores are rivals, but today they formed a temporary truce to catch a special prey.

"Culu!" squeaked the frightened Digimon.

The cute Digimon continued escaping. DinoRexmon attempted to bite down its prey, but the small Digimon evaded its huge jaws.

As the chase continued, the small Digimon stumbled upon in distance what seems to be a Digimon that's bigger and meaner than the two dinosaurs. DinoRexmon and Spinomon's eyes widened of the predator's appearance. It looked like a huge muscular tyrannosaur, only it has three claws on its tiny arms, its scaly grayish-green, and its jaws are abnormally huge. Its name is VastatoRexmon, the top carnivore dinosaur on this planet and even the whole Digiverse. VastatoRexmon roared loudly, which gave the cute Digimon a chance to escape, while the two carnivores were distracted.

DinoRexmon and Spinomon team up to bring down the VastatoRexmon, but the VastatoRexmon swept its two opponents away with its tail. Spinomon then decided to cowardly flee, knowing that it'll never challenge the dinosaur's might. The DinoRexmon, however, arrogantly faced it. DinoRexmon slashed VastatoRexmon with its huge talons, but VastatoRexmon received little damage. VastatoRexmon then bit the DinoRexmon's neck, snapping it, and threw its fallen and dead opponent to the ground. Blood poured from DinoRexmon's broken neck. The top carnivore walked and stomped on DinoRexmon's dead body. Then the VastatoRexmon roared in triumph and presumed to consume its prey.

In another area of the jungle, the small Digimon flew safely from the predators. The creature was relieved to not encounter these dinosaurs again, but then he stumbled upon a portal. Somehow it appeared out of nowhere. Curious as it sounds, the Digimon entered the portal, which would change its life forever.


Earth/Shinjuku District/Skyline/2:55 PM

The tiny one stumbled out from the portal and floated right in the middle of a skyline hanging over a Tokyo metropolis. Opening its eyes, the Digimon curiously scanned the skies and turned seeing an airplane passing by in the distance.

"Culu?" blinked the curious Digimon. "Where am I?"


Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 2.5, Act 2: Side Stories

Episode 103: Grace and Beauty, Here's the Kaze Girl! Search for the Love Thief!


Odaiba District/Local Cosplay and Designer Shop/February 9, 2005/4:30PM

"Ok, Kari! You can come out!" Mimi called out as she, Sora, Mimi, and Yolei stood outside the girls' dressing booth. She and the others watched as the curtains pulled open, revealing a set of lavender boots.

Sora and Yolei quickly took pictures with their phones as their friend walked forward in a new set of gear. Mimi clapped her hands together and beamed at the Kamiya girl dressed in her new Kaze Girl attire. As for Kari, she slowly walked out unable to look herself in a mirror. Yolei was all grins as she ran up and put an arm around Kari's back.

"C'mon, Sora! Take a picture of us!"

"Wait! No, don't...!" Kari pleaded for the redhead not to take their picture.

It was too late. Sora took their picture and wore a sneaky grin, much to Kari's dismay. Yolei pulled herself from Kari, letting stand out in plain sight in her new Kaze Girl gear. As her cheeks blushed, Kari gazed over the pink schemed armored bikini like Fairymon that fit her petite frame. Underneath the armored bikini her body was covered in a white body suit. Her feet were neatly placed in long purple boots and her hands were fitted inside light gray gloves. A pair of angel wings protruded from her back. Her outfit was still incomplete as her hair still hadn't been fitted with the headgear.

"Guys, this is... really embarrassing..." Kari blushed, dismissively shaking her head.

"What are you talking about?" Yolei added, opening her cell to reveal the photo she took of Kari. "You look freaking adorable!"

"I picked the best crafted outfit I could find! The angel motif definitely fits you!" Mimi said, walking up and adjusting the wings on Kari's back. "I asked that the outfit take on some angelic features."

"Guys, I really appreciate this, but you didn't need to go out of the trouble."

"Nonsense!" Yolei shouted as she pat Kari's back. "You look great!"

"Hey, girls! Is she ready to come out?" Davis called out from outside the girls' dressing room.

Sighing deeply, Kari conceded to their wishes and opened the door. She walked out with Sora, Mimi, and Kari to show off her Kaze Girl gear. Sitting outside, TK and Davis were awestruck by Kari's eccentric and colorful attire. Naturally, Davis became head over heels when seeing his old dream girl dressed in a half-Fairymon and half-Angewomon heroine outfit. Needless to say, TK was flabbergasted.

"K-Kari?" Davis stuttered, openly mesmerized by her Kaze Girl gear.

"DAVIS!" Came Sonja's voice, prompting the gogglehead to inexplicably freeze in his place. He slowly pivoted his head and saw Sonja walking out carrying a bag of clothes. "So, that's really Kari?"

Sighing with relief, Davis was relieved when Sonja walked up and examined Kari's Kaze Girl outfit. "Yeah, that's Kari, all right." Whew, close one! Glad she didn't notice!

"Doesn't she look adorable?" The purple-haired girl asked when nudging Sonja's side.

"I guess?" Sonja curiously looked up and down over Kari. "How do you feel about this, Kari?"

The Bearer of Light sweatdropped. "Well, it's not too bad. At least it fits."

"I didn't ask if it fits. I asked if you like it?" Sonja asked as she prodded the wings. "This thing looks silly."

"Buwah? Can how you say that?" exclaimed Yolei, waving her hands out in front of Sonja frantically. "Hey! Explain!"

Sora scratched her head. "Hate to say it, but I'm inclined to agree."

"Hmmm, maybe it could be improved," Mimi reconsidered as she walked over to meet with one of the store owners.

"Well, I like it!" Davis said.

"At least someone agrees!"

"Davis, Yolei," Kari backed away as she slowly walked back into the dressing booth. "As much as I like the compliments, but this just isn't for me."

"Hold on, Kari," TK called over to her, quickly drawing her attention. "I think the costume looks really good on you."

Hearing this from TK, she stopped and looked him in the eyes. "You think so?" She pointed to her Kaze Girl costume as a smile curved on her face. "If you think it looks fine..."

Meanwhile sitting on two chairs, Gatomon, Patamon, DemiVeemon, Poromon, Biyomon, and Palmon watched their partners amassed near the dressing rooms.

"I don't know what the hub bub this is all about, but don't ya think Kari looks funny?" DemiVeemon giggled, eating from a crackerjack box. He gave one to Patamon, who swallowed it up whole.

"Hum, I don't know. It's close enough to resembling Angewomon," Gatomon attentively eyed Kari's Kaze Girl outfit. "But. why Kaze Girl? Why not Angel Girl or something like that?"

"Who knows?" Biyomon replied. "Maybe that's just a name that rolled out of Yolei's crazy mouth."

"Knowing Yolei, I couldn't put it past her," Poromon sighed, knowing exactly the type of person his human partner was: one determined and stubborn girl with a crazy imagination.

Adjusting to her Kaze Girl gear, Kari flexed her arm out and jumped into the air. The outfit was not only flexible but light. Kari watched Mimi walk over with one of the store's cosplay designers. However, before they could reach Kari, there was a sudden commotion that occurred outside the store. A crowd of people were seen fleeing from what looked like floating spiky puffer fish with arms and carrying with guns. The Digi-Destined quickly noticed the commotion and saw what really were Digimon. Their Digimon partners sprang out of their seats to see the Digimon chasing away the people and carrying behind heart-shaped pink objects with human girls inside. Screams of people caused distress in the store as these Digimon blasted through the front door.

"Get down, guys!" TK cried out as he and Davis threw themselves in front of the girls.

Kari and Sonja sprang into action as they protected the customers and workers from the coming debris from hitting them.

The Digimon assembled at the forefront barricading the invaders from the people.

"Those are Digimon!" Mimi cried out.

"What Digimon are those?" inquired Davis, firmly locked his hands over his D-3 Digivice.

"Those are Pukumon!" DemiVeemon confirmed as three of these Pukumon floated with young girls encased inside floating pink hearts. "Don't let their size fool ya! They're Mega-level Digimon."

"Indeed, their Needle Squall and Globefish Poison will prove to be trouble," Poromon added. "Well, trouble for us Digimon and normal humans."

"Pfft, but we Ascendants can kick their butts," the Bearer of Miracles wore a big grin and dropped into a fighting stance. "DemiVeemon, get ready, buddy!"

"You, too, Poromon!" The purple-haired girl shouted, drawing out her D-3.

"DemiVeemon Shinka! Veemon!"

"Poromon Shinka! Hawkmon!"

"Wait, but those guys are supposed to be Mega-level! You two couldn't take them!" Sora called out.

"No, but they got us," TK replied as he nodded to Davis, Kari, and Sonja. "We can quickly take these three guys out."

"They've got hostages," Kari quickly noted the girls sealed inside Pukumon's heart bubbles. "Our first priority should be to save them."

"Leave them to us, Kari," Davis stated as he and TK stepped forward. "Ready, TK?"

"Yeah," the blonde-haired preteen nodded as he dropped into a fighting stance. "What are you freaks doing with these girls?"

"Heh, don't you know? We're the Pukumon brothers!" The middle one, who was more rotund than the other two, declared with a raspy voice. "We're infamous from our parts!"

The one on the right, a slimmer one, shouted with a higher-pitched whiny voice. "We're here to steal love for our master!"

"Your master? Now, that just sick," scoffed the Bearer of Miracles. "However this loser boss of yours is, why doesn't he come out and do it himself? He too afraid or something?"

The one on the left, a small one, snickered a devilish giggle. "Oh, a wise ass, eh? Our boss knows what to do with wise punks like you!"

"Digi-Destined, I presume?" The rotund Pukumon scanned the assembled Digi-Destined. "Yeah, our boss knows all about y'all. In fact, one of y'all was the one who killed that Virus guy. Which one is it?"

"Uh, boss, it's..." The skinny Pukumon pointed toward Sora. "It's her, isn't it?"

The Digi-Destined nearly wanted to facefault when hearing the Pukumon argue amongst each other. Kari was more baffled that she resisted the urge to correct them.

"It's me!" Kari shouted and openly confessed, attentively garnering the Pukumon brothers' toward her direction. "Over here. I'm the one you're looking for!"

"Kari! Why did you have to tell them?" Mimi called out on the girl's indecisive action.

"Relax, guys. Kari can take care of herself, remember?" Gatomon reminded the group. "Right?" She winked to her human partner, who firmly stood her ground.

"Heh, interesting! Then, we'll catch you and your girlfriends while adding them to our collection!" The tiny Pukumon declared. "Our boss will be happy to suck the love out of you!"

"All right, enough fun and games! Ready, aim, and fire!" The fat Pukumon shouted as he and his colleagues fired beams from their guns.

As their guns fired beams, one beam hit a female store clerk and encased her inside a heart bubble. Another hit a lady and trapped her in a heart bubble too. The Digi-Destined were taken aback witnessing the Pukumon pulling in their new victims. As one beam attempted to hit another lady clerk, Mimi threw herself in front. In no time, the Bearer of Sincerity was trapped inside a heart bubble much like their other victims.

"MIMI!" The Chosen shouted in unison.

"No! Mimi!" Palmon cried out as she jumped onto the bubble and pounded against it. Eventually, she got sucked through the bubble and joined Mimi. "Help us!"

Mimi pounded her fists against the bubble. "Get us out of here!"

"That's it!" Davis scowled as he opened his hand and readied a Ki beam. However, he was stopped by TK. "What are you doing?"

"You might blow the bubble up along with Mimi and Palmon!" The blonde chided him.

"You're right. What was I thinking?"

"MIMI!" Sora cried out as she picked up a chair and threw it at the middle Pukumon, who blasted the chair into pieces with a beam.

As the Pukumon shot Sora, the redhead was sealed up in a heart bubble. Biyomon flew out to attack the Pukumon, but ended up in a bubble, too. Sonja quickly flew up and landed a punch to the tiny Pukumon, causing him to explode into data.

"GAH!" The slim Pukumon freaked out at seeing their colleague being one-shotted into data dust. "She just killed him with one punch!"

"Let's retreat! We'll return to avenge our colleague!" The big Pukumon shouted as he and his partner opened a portal.

"WAIT! GET BACK HERE!" Kari shouted as she flew out to stop them.

Before she could save her friends and the victims, the Pukumon slipped right through the portal with their luggage. Kari was met with a portal closed up in her face. She couldn't even throw a punch as the portal sucked them up too quickly for her to reach them. She landed beside Sonja as they checked to see the people around them were still shocked from the event.

"Guys, this is bad! We need to find Sora, Biyomon, Mimi, and Palmon!" Yolei exclaimed, realizing how helpless she felt seeing her Ascendant friends taking action. She didn't even get a chance to even stop the Pukumon. "They could be anywhere in the Digiworld if that's where they went."

"Obviously," TK scoffed as he hurried over to Kari. "We need to see Izzy. He might know exactly where to find these creeps."

"Right, let's go," Kari nodded as she picked up Gatomon. "By the way, I'm taking this outfit."

"You are?" Gatomon blinked.

"Yep, it's about time Kaze Girl makes her debut scene."

Davis rushed over to Sonja and marveled at her strength. "Man, what a shot, babe!"

"It's nothing. Finding our friends is more important," the Artificial was indifferent to her own strength.

Pulling out her D-Terminal, Yolei sent an e-mail to Izzy. "Just sent a message. Let's head for his apartment to see if he's home, guys."

The group nodded as they headed out of the store and stormed off to meet with Izzy.


Elsewhere in Shinjuku District/4:55 PM

The tiny Digimon was greatly shocked with the crowds walking through the streets. His ears tucked back into his head as he nervously backed away and shuddered, recoiling from his new environment. This was the first time he's entered the real world. He was scared and rightfully so. He has been pursued for as long as he could remember by a group of villains along with numerous large predators.

Now, all he could think about was finding safe refuge. He took to the air and flew off to relocate somewhere else in Shinjuku. He scanned the city from the air and passed by a building with two towers.

"I wonder if there are any nice Digimon here to play with?" The little one wondered curiously whilst navigating across the skies.


Odaiba District/Mansfield Apartment Complex/Izumi Residence/5:20 PM

Once Izzy received Yolei's e-mail, he and the group convened to meet in his room. They recapped him on the whole Pukumon incident and their friends being captured. Izzy sagely nodded while listening to their side of the story.

"Right. Looks like the Pukumon brothers are up to no good again," Izzy replied as he turned his chair and pulled up the Digital World map on his laptop. "I've been monitoring these jerks for a few days. Tentomon's told me all about their infamous reputation."

"Tentomon, they mentioned they're taking these girls to steal their love for their ring leader," TK aptly put it in the Pukumon's own words. "What do you know about this leader of theirs?"

"He's hidden in a cave near the Tyrannomon valley," Tentomon informed them. "From what my sources tell me, he's just discovered that humans would give him rich and ample energy. He's been dying and in need of energy to continue his evil plans."

"Then, we're shutting down this operation of his," Davis said, smashing a fist into his right palm. "Right, Veemon?"

"You said it, Davish! We can take this guy out without going Ultima X!"

"Yeah, you guys really won't need to turn Ascendant at all," the Bearer of Knowledge concurred with Davis and Veemon. "But, you will need to retrieve all the girls they've captured. Make sure they're all safe." He scanned the monitor and pulled up an e-mail message sent to his mailbox. "Hmm, looks like Gennai just sent me a message."

"What does it say? Does he know where we can find these Pukumon brothers?" Kari inquired.

Upon scanning the e-mail message, Izzy gasped and stood up from his chair.

Alarmed, TK called out to the distressed computer whiz. "What is it, Izzy?"

"Those Pukumon brothers never even retreated to the Digiworld. They've relocated in Odaiba!"

"Then, what are we waiting for? How about I go take care of them myself?" Sonja stood up, cracking her knuckles. "I killed one and I can get the rest."

"You can take them out, babe," the Bearer of Miracles turned to the female Artificial.

"Hold on, guys," Izzy interjected. "I suggest you split into two groups. Davis, TK, and Yolei, you can open a Digital Gate in my laptop and go find their ring leader. Kari, you, Sonja, and Gatomon head off to save those girls from the Pukumon brothers."

"All right, fair enough," Hawkmon nodded.

"Then, what are we waiting for? Let's get to it, guys!" Yolei declared as she pulled out her D-3.

"Kari, we leave Sora, Mimi, and those girls in your hands," TK turned to the brunette, who readied herself for action.

"Hold on, Kari," the Bearer of Knowledge quickly approached Kari and slapped on a watch on the girl's right wrist. "I had Gennai concoct a watch that should help complete your disguise when you're out crime fighting. It should complement your outfit. Try it."

Nodding, Kari examined the watch and noticed a yellow switch. She pressed it and then with a flip of the switch her Kaze Girl makeover became complete. The hair color scheme changed from brown to blonde, which grew down past her shoulders. Her bangs became much larger and hung down the sides of her face. A visor now covered her eyes. She checked herself in a mirror close by and smiled, striking a pose akin to a Super Sentai hero. She openly smiled and gave a thumb up to Izzy.

"Wow, now you almost look like me as Angewomon!" Gatomon was awestruck with Kari wearing features that honored her Ultimate form.

Sonja nodded to Kari. "Ready to save the day, Kaze Girl?"

"Let's do it!"

"Ok then! Let's move!" TK declared as he pointed to Izzy's laptop screen. His D-3 unlocked one of the hundreds of locked digital gates. "Digiport open!" With that, he, Davis, Yolei, and their partner Digimon were pulled through.

As for Kari and the others, they took off from Izzy's window. Gatomon evolved into Angewomon as she accompanied Kaze Girl and Sonja.

"There they go," Tentomon stated while sitting in Izzy's bed.

Shrugging, Izzy sat down in his chair. "With all that went down recently, they don't really need my luck. They got this in the bag." Nonetheless, he sat down and scanned his laptop to check on the Digiteam's progress in the Digital World. Suddenly, his eyes shifted to the map of the real world. He caught two strange yellow beacons, which flashed in a nearby sector. "Hmm? Another one?" This is the second anomaly I've caught in the past week. I've pinpointed another beacon like this and tried pinpointing its exact origins, but... strangely enough Gennai told me it's not from the Digital World. At least, not our Digital World. What does this mean?


Inside Tokyo Tower/Top Floor/5:35 PM

Once they hit Tokyo Tower, the Pukumon brothers, now with a third new member to replace their fallen brother, dropped in uninvited while capturing more young women. After trapping a few more, they scared the people out of the building and contained their prisoners.

"Whew, we've managed to get a decent amount," the new member said, wiping the sweat from his forehead. "Shame what happened to our little brother."

"You should've seen it. A human woman killed him with a punch! It was surreal!" The slim Pukumon told him.

Suddenly, the large Pukumon noticed a group of three arriving by aerial flight. He beckoned to his brothers. They saw Kaze Girl, Angewomon, and Sonja busting through the window glass. The trio landed together and dropped in making their grand entrance. The Pukumon brothers panicked whilst shielding their captives. Kaze Girl stepped forward as she pointed to them.

"Hold it right there, you jerks!" Kaze Girl defiantly shouted at the Pukumon brothers.

"Huh? Who's that?" The new member asked, pointing to the masked heroine.

The big one answered, grumbling. "Hmm, I don't know? She almost looks like that Digi-Destined with the short brown hair and she was pretty cute." He blushed. "This one has long blonde hair and she's hot."

Sonja sweatdropped as she overheard the Pukumon's exchange. Seriously? Are they that slow? He doesn't even recognize Kari?

"It's time you release these prisoners. They did no harm to you!" Kaze Girl yelled out in the manner of a strong heroine. She crossed both arms together and pressed one foot forward whilst striking a flashy pose. A spotlight from the ceiling beamed over Kaze Girl, which further emphasized her heroine entrance. "I am grace and beauty! I am Odaiba's crime fighter! Kaze Girl!" She turned and gave a flashy albeit suggestive pose. She heatedly pointed to the Pukumon brothers and shouted. "Surrender now!"

(Cue Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 - Edge of Spirit)

Angewomon and Sonja walked forward, not giving the Pukumon brothers any chance to prepare an attack. The big Pukumon brother fired a beam from his gun, but Angewomon countered shooting an arrow. He launched himself forward, shooting spikes from his back.

"Needle Squall!" Big Pukumon shouted, launching a barrage of poisonous spikes at Angewomon.

Angewomon put her hand out and forged a white barrier, shielding her from the spikes.

Sonja quickly ran up and kicked the big Pukumon, sending him into the ceiling and bouncing around like a ping ball. Kaze Girl instinctively sprang into action against the two other Pukumon brothers. They fired gun blasts, attempting to trap her in a heart bubble. She evaded the blasts by shifting on one side to the other. She phased out, catching them off guard and reappeared behind them. As they turned, she got down on both hands, spreading her kicks and hitting them both with rapidfire kicks.

"Rapid Kicks!" Kaze Girl shouted as she quickly knocked out the two Pukumon. She turned and gasped, nearly covering her mouth when seeing them laying unconscious. "Whoops!" That was close. If I kicked them with full force, they would've died. She turned and watched the big Pukumon hit the ground behind her. "That takes care of them then! Thanks, guys!"

As the big Pukumon recovered, he woke up and saw Kaze Girl's butt hanging right in his face.

"Hmm? Hehehe," blushed the Pukumon as he inched closer and placed a hand on her butt.

Upon feeling Pukumon groping her buttocks, Kaze Girl screamed and whirled around kicking him in the face. The force behind the kick sent him crashing through a wall and into the outside. The big Pukumon was seen hanging on a tower with his eyes spinning and a large bump on his head.

Kaze Girl chided him. "You pervert! Kaze Girl doesn't take kindly to creeps groping under aged girls!" She flew out and grabbed big Pukumon, pulling him back in. She produced a ball of pink Ki and shaped it into a rope, using it to tie the three Pukumon together. She pinned them down with a foot over them. "This ought to teach you a lesson!" She turned watching Angewomon and Sonja freeing all the captives. "Nice work, guys!"

Sonja and Angewomon gave Kaze Girl a thumbs up with their mission accomplished.

When Sora, Mimi, Biyomon, and Palmon awoke, they saw Kaze Girl, Angewomon, and Sonja standing over them.

"Guys?" Sora blinked while noticing their new surroundings. "We're not in the store anymore."

"Nope, more like Tokyo Tower," Sonja pointed out.

Angewomon added. "Are you all ok?"

"We'll manage," Biyomon replied whilst ruffing the goo from her feathers.

"Huh? Kari, is that you?" Palmon gasped in awe when seeing her in full Kaze Girl gear, including the new touch-ups.

"Yeah, Izzy gave me a watch that can further change my appearance," Kaze Girl nodded as she spun around and struck a heroine pose. "What do you y'all think?"

"Very cute and the blonde hair does go with the outfit," Mimi nodded and gave her approval.

Suddenly, Kaze Girl's friendly features shifted to a fiercer demeanor. She turned around and sensed a fluctuating energy power. She saw the three Pukumon's bodies glowing. Angewomon and Sonja whirled around catching the glowing Pukumon. The three Digimon seemingly merged into one and became a larger Pukumon armed with a giant cannon under his belly. The freed women and other bystanders fled from the scene in terror whilst the giant Pukumon prepared to open fire on the heroines.

"You thought you beat us? We combined together to become one!" The giant puffer fish laughed as he fired spikes through a window while flying out. "Let's take out fight outside!"

"He's getting away!" Sora shouted.

Kaze Girl frowned and flew out to pursue Pukumon. Angewomon and Sonja jetted out carrying Sora, Mimi, and their Digimon.

"Look at Kari go!" Palmon directed everyone to see Kaze Girl gliding forward hitting Pukumon with a kick, which disoriented him.

Pukumon groaned after taking a strong kick from Kaze Girl. He rebounded by shooting the large spikes mounted on his back. Kaze Girl dodged every spike and even intercepted a few with energy blasts.

If this keeps up, someone's gonna get hurt! The masked heroine scowled and hastily glided across to meet Pukumon head-on. She clenched her right hand, channeling Ki in her knuckles. As she drew nearer, she phased out and caught the Pukumon off guard. Then, she reappeared on his left side and landed a punch to his face, sending him plunging to the ground.

After hitting the earth, Pukumon deflated and split back up into the three Pukumon. Kaze Girl landed with her group and folded her arms.

(End theme)

"I didn't want to fight you, but you were trying to hurt these people," Kaze Girl said, reproving of their actions. "Your brother my friend killed will be reborn in Primary Village, but he'll be reborn good."

"What about these three?" Mimi asked. "You're not going to... you know..."

"I'll let Gennai take these three back to Digiworld. I'll deliver them to him." Just then, she heard her D-Terminal give a subtle ring. She pulled it out and opened it, which revealed an e-mail from her friends. A smile etched on her face knowing good news came. "TK, Davis, Yolei, and the others found the ring leader. These guys are definitely getting locked up." She closed the D-Terminal and forged another energy rope to tie the Pukumon brothers with. She effortless picked them up with by the rope's knot as people nearby took pictures of her.

Sora folded her arms and watched Kaze Girl bask in her glory. "Looks like Kari's getting comfortable with the heroine gig."

Mimi giggled. "She sure is!"

Sonja smirked. "Hah, yeah."

Angewomon nodded in approval. "Kaze Girl's debut scene meets with success."

As bystanders approached Kaze Girl, one teenage guy approached her.

"Say, babe, what do they call you?"

"Just call me, Kaze Girl!" She winked.


Odaiba District/Mansfield Apartment Complex/Izumi Residence/6:00 PM

"Great work, guys!" Izzy chimed in and communicated with the teams via their D-Terminals. "That takes care of the Pukumon brothers." He switched the Digital World map back to the Real World one. The same yellow beacons he spotted and discerned a moment ago reappeared. "But, we seem to have another dilemma."

"What is it, Izzy?" Came Davis' voice. "Did one of the Pukumon get away?"

"I can't confirm, but it's in the Odaiba prefecture. I've found two beacons and they read digital," the Bearer of Knowledge keenly followed the beacons moving across the grid. "They're located in the southern side of Odaiba. One of y'all might have to check this out."

The voice of Kari boldly interjected. "I'll check this one out, Izzy."

"Thanks, Kari."

"Good luck, Kari!" TK and Yolei called out.

The feed from both lines cut off as Izzy focused on the screen.

"So, you think there's more Digimon on the loose, old pal?" Tentomon curiously asked when viewing the grid map.

"To be honest, I'm not quite sure myself," he bit down on his bottom lip and scanned the beacons. He isolated both of them from the screen. The point of origin where they ambiguously came from is still vague. Maybe Gennai or X would know.


Shinjuku District/Building Rooftop/6:15 PM

The tiny Digimon found himself near the edge of the wall. He couldn't back away any further as a large red-skinned ogre monster resembling Ogremon advanced. It hefted a spiked wooden club and prepared to pulverize him. He had completely forgotten the mission, which was assigned to him. Then, before he landed the fatal blow, the creature closed his eyes.

"HOLD IT!" Came a loud cry from above.

The ogre looked up and was met with a kick to his face. The monster fell back and accidentally elbowed the tiny Digimon, sending him flying off the roof.

"NOOOO!" The little one cried out as he stopped his own fall and opened his ears to glide freely through the air. "Culu! That was close!"

Slightly disoriented, the ogre rubbed his jaw and looked across to see Kaze Girl staring him down. He advanced forward and swung his club, attempting to pulverize Kaze Girl with it. She swiftly caught the club and kicked him in the side rib. Then, she grabbed his arm and threw him across the rooftop. The ogre hit the ground and groaned when hitting his head near another rooftop edge.

Izzy said there might've been two Digimon here. I wonder... Before Kaze Girl could finish her thoughts, the ogre stood up and roared angrily.

"I am Fuugamon! I came here looking for the one named Calumon!"

"Calumon?" Kaze Girl murmured as Fuugamon bumrushed her with his club. Before he could hit her, she analyzed his move and sidestepped his swing. She evaded another swing and landed a spinning kick to his face. After taking him down, she backflipped and landed on her feet. "Who's this Calumon? And why are after this Digimon?" She demanded an answer.

Needless to say, the stubborn ogre wasn't willing to answer and charged ahead to attack her.

"That is none of your business, human! Now, die!" bellowed Fuugamon as he attempted to punch her head off.

Kaze Girl quickly met him and landed a punch, but punched a hole through his chest killing him. The Fuugamon roared in agonizing pain as his body shifted and twisted before turning into red data. Dropping her clenched fist, Kaze Girl mulled over the mentioning of this 'Calumon.' She scanned the area and tried probing for this aforementioned Digimon's energy, but to her dismay she couldn't pick up anything remotely digitized.

"Calumon?" She wondered as she watched the red data dissipate into the sky. "Wait until I tell the others about this." With that, she hastily flew off back to Odaiba and contacted her friends with her D-Terminal to share her latest find.

Unbeknownst to her, a hooded figure had closely observed the brief skirmish and Kaze Girl swiftly ending Fuugamon's life.

Ascendants? Here? Wait until I tell our leader!

The figure opened a portal and swiftly re-entered undetected to spread the latest news on the 'other side.'


Tokyo Metropolitan Building/Secret Room/6:30 PM

Riley reported on the vanishing beacon. "The Wild One, as you proclaim, has inexplicably vanished, sir."

Sitting in his chair, Yamaki flipped his lighter and meticulously eyed the grid screen. "So, it did. It was quickly intercepted by something. I have a good feeling it was one of them."

"Them, sir?"

A calm smile formed on the man's face as he chuckled. "You heard me right. Let's give them some room to demonstrate how they deal with these intruders. The Juggernaut Project has just begun in the works. We're going to take our time with this, Riley. Once your new colleague arrives, then everything will be set into motion."


Next episode: New Chosen? Jun, Mantarou, Momoe, Chizuru, and Jim?


A/N: The Side Story saga is underway. In addition to Hypnos, the Wild Ones start hitting the scene, but working under some ring leader that wants Calumon. Yep, Calumon makes his story debut! I told you I'd be delving into a pseudo-Tamers arc and adding subtle and not-so-subtle nods from that series (including Tamers' first scene, Calumon's arrival, and the addition of Fuugamon, who fights and dies against Renamon in Tamers episode 2). Kaze Girl also makes her flashy debut. Her outfit is indeed a mash-up between Angewomon and Fairymon (but with a bodysuit underneath to keep things less suggestive) to reflect her transition into Odaiba's new heroine and her poses are a parody take on magical girls and less like the Great Saiyaman. Haha!

Hope you enjoyed the opening of this arc. There's still more to come! Next chapter will focus on minor characters about to graduate into Chosen ones.

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AnimatedFord's commentary: Hey guys, this is my first commentary. The idea I wrote of Calumon being chased by these Jurassic Park, King King dinos is a MUCH darker version of back when Calumon stumbled upon Maildramon and DarkTyrannomon in Digimon Tamers (and also back in YYGDM). So VastatoRexmon is my parody OC of the Vastatosaurus Rex from Peter Jackson's King Kong, the Mega form of MasterTyrannomon, and the top carnivore dinosaur Digimon in the Digiverse. Scary right? It just went from a cartoonish Tyrannomon to THIS..realistic thing! Oh, and I did the characters talking before the chapter begins, is like back when Kanius did the original D-Fusion stories, he had random characters talk about..stuff. I decide to brought it back for fun.