A/N: Ok, here we go, guys. The conclusion of this 3-part mini-arc. The Digi-Destined gain the Crest Weapons and their partners are about to go Mega! Now, it's time for the last rumble with the Devil Clan, but can they prevent Daimaomon's revival without Tai, Kari, and the others?

Before we start, here's another corner.

(A world tournament is shown and held in some city.)

Dimitri: Hey X, you send me an invitation to fight someone.

X: Indeed, well he's kinda like you since he's from the future.

Dimitri: Really?

(The guest opponent reveals to be...Ben 10,000!)

Faith: That's the guy we're fighting?

X: Yes. His name is Ben 10,000. And he's Ben Tennyson's future self in an alternate timeline as a famous hero. He uses a device called the Omnitrix to turn into many aliens of fighting evil doers.

Dimitri: That is impressive!

Ben 10,000: Thanks for inviting me in, X.

X: Its not a problem Ben.

Ben 10,000: (turns to see Dimitri & Faith) It looks like I'm battling you out.

Dimitri: (ready his battle pose) Trust me, I'm not going easy on you. (He and Faith fuse into Angemon X) I have the holy power of the Ascendant.

Ben 10,000: (smirk) We'll see about that. (transforms into the raptor-like XLR8)

(After wards, both fighters engage in battle. Angemon X tries to lay many punches, but XLR8 dodge all of them!)

Angemon X: (surprise) Impressive speed!

(XLR8 counters, but Angemon X evade as well. Then XLR8 becomes Four Arms and lays a punch at Angemon X's face. Angemon X punch and kicks Four Arms' chest. Four Arms backs off and turns into the fiery Heatblast. Both Angemon X and Heatblast fire ki blasts and fireballs at each other. Neither of them are going to lose that easily.)

X: (watches the fight till he turns to the readers) Back to the story, folks.


Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 2.5, Arc 2: Side Stories

Chapter 109: Prevent the Demon's Revival! Summon, Mega Evolution!


Digital World/Northwest Edge of Continent of Server/Lunar Temple/5:55 PM

Intrigued with the events unfolding, Pianomon couldn't believe it. Before his own eyes, he witnessed the Digi-Destined wielding their new Crest Weapons. Additionally, the Digimon partners' bodies were brimming with power, giving them the initial boost needed to evolve. Tambourinemon, Drummon, and Cymbalmon were baffled by what was happening.

Ken, Yolei, Cody, Mimi, and Joe gazed over their new weapons. Yolei's eyes gleamed over the Shuriken of Caring as she could feel the energy resonating in her hands. Ken examined his Boomerang of Kindness closely and couldn't shake off the shock over this outcome.

"Incredible..." Joe gazed in awe at his Spear of Reliability.

"Now just y'all, but I'm feeling a surge of new power flowing through me!" Shakkoumon exclaimed.

Silphymon nodded. "Indeed, likewise... and I feel like I'm about to evolve."

"Judging by the glow covering you guys, that's obvious," Cody added.

"But, what about Sora, Izzy, Biyomon, and Tentomon?" Mimi inquired as she turned toward the temple. She had a worried look etched on her face. "I hope they..."

"Look, Mimi, if you guys have your weapons, then they have theirs, right?" Yolei said as she turned and faced the Devil Clan. "I wouldn't worry about them."

Ken concurred with his friend's reassured statement. "I'm sure we'll be seeing them shortly. We have bigger things to worry about. The first thing we need to do is wipe out that jar and take out these demons!"

JewelBeemon, still glowing, replied as he readied himself for battle. "Don't have to tell me twice, Ken!"

Upon seeing the group standing their ground, the Devil Clan's reactions didn't change much, if at all. They evilly chortled together and slowly advanced on the group. Pianomon focused on the jars, which continued leaking out more dark mist. The mist engulfed the skies and blocked out the light from gleaming over the temple grounds.

Drummon cackled with a tongue hanging out. "Geh, heh, heh! Don't think just because you got those toys, you can strike us down! Bwah! I can easily kill ya where ya all stand!"

Tambourinemon dismissed the Digi-Destined's new weapons. "The only thing you can do is wave those little instruments and hope we'll go away. Ain't gonna happen, kids!" He laughed evilly as his claws jutted out longer than before.

As Cymbalmon walked forward, he eyed the Digi-Destined closely. Then, he turned as JewelBeemon came gliding toward him. JewelBeemon landed a strike into Cymbalmon, which managed to daze him for a few seconds.

"Nice hit, JewelBeemon!" Ken shouted, holding a firm grip around his boomerang. He moved really quick! I couldn't even see him!

"I feel like I'm ready to evolve further, Ken. The power of your Crest and Crest Weapons is feeding me more power!" JewelBeemon declared, raising both arms overhead as his body absorbed more of his Crest and Crest Weapon's energies.

"Go for it, JewelBeemon!"

As the golden light enveloped his whole body, JewelBeemon's body quickly started expanding into a gargantuan size.

(Cue Digimon Adventure 02 OST – Beat Hit!)

"JewelBeemon... Mega Shinka!"JewelBeemon shouted as he turned into a large black-bodied advanced form of a Kuwagamon. "GranKuwagamon!"

"Go for it, Silphymon!" Yolei barked out in command.

Cody turned to his Digimon partner. "Your move!"

"Silphymon... Mega Shinka! Valkyrimon!"

"Shakkoumon... Mega Shinka! Vikemon!"

Mimi and Joe nodded to their Digimon partners, giving them the signal to join in. Lillymon flew ahead with Zudomon charging forward.

"Give them hell!" Joe shouted.

"Zudomon... Mega Shinka! Plesiomon!"

"Lillymon... Mega Shinka! Rosemon!"

As the five Mega Digimon moved in, the Devil Clan warriors proceeded to head off the five Megas. Pianomon stood on the sidelines as he continued the ritual. He stopped his chanting when Ken, Yolei, Cody, Mimi, and Joe were running over to stop the ritual.

I can't afford to waste anymore time! Lord Daimaomon, you will return and exact your vengeance! The Pterodactyl-faced demonic being hissed in thought as he forged a barrier around himself. "Try and get me, Chosen! You're only delaying the inevitable!"


Sora and Izzy were still awestruck by their Crest Weapons. Sora examined her Arrows of Love and held her ground against the Karatenmon. Izzy watched Garudamon and MegaKabuterimon sitting up and glowing.

"This is..." The Bearer of Knowledge glanced over his Shield of Knowledge. He quickly veered his view toward Sora and nodded. "They're drawing power from our Crests and our Crest Weapons. Let's give them another boost!"

"Right! Garudamon, MegaKabuterimon!" Sora called over to their Digimon partners. "You know what to do!"

"It's our time to shine," Garudamon said as her body became bathed in red scorching flames. "Garudamon... Mega Shinka! Phoenixmon!"

MegaKabuterimon bellowed as golden light bathed over him. He grew as his powers became augmented several times over. "MegaKabuterimon... Mega Shinka! HerculesKabuterimon!"

As the two Megas grew, their heads touched the temple ceiling and broke through to the outside. Sora and Izzy jumped on their respective Digimon as they flew out, luring the Karatenmon after them.

Observing the on-going battle from afar, Sora saw their friends and their Digimon engaging the Devil Clan. Izzy saw several profiles pulling up on his laptop's Digidex program.

(End theme)

"Our Digimon evolved into Mega," Izzy observed while pulling up the Digimon profiles. "Our Digimon evolved into Phoenixmon and HerculesKabuterimon."

Sora pointed to the other Digimon. "And them?"

"Seems they've managed to hit their Mega-level stages," said the Bearer of Knowledge. "Let's see here. Wormmon is now GranKuwagamon. So, he's managed to hit his own natural Mega stage. Hawkmon became Valkyrimon. Armadillomon is now Vikemon. Palmon evolved into her Mega form, Rosemon. And Joe's Digimon became Plesiomon. Wow, this is incredible! They've all evolved thanks to these Crest Weapons!"

"On top of receiving a boost from our Crests," the redhead said whilst focusing on the Devil Clan battle. "Even with these weapons, I just hope we can turn the tide and stop these guys from reviving Daimaomon."

"Move to where our friends are and help them, guys!" Izzy commanded while pointing to the battle.

"Right!" Phoenixmon and HerculesKabuterimon exclaimed in unison.

Glancing over her shoulder, Sora watched the Karatenmon catching up behind them. "We've got company!"

"We'll take care of them," Phoenixmon said as she turned around to see the Karatenmon heading toward them.

Wow, Biyomon... I still can't believe you're a Mega now! You look beautiful. Sora thought as she firmly held her Arrows of Love. "Show them what you're made of, Phoenixmon!"She held on tightly while Phoenixmon turned around and saw the coming Karatenmon flock. "Now!"

(Cue Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 OST – Edge of Spirit)

Nodding, Phoenixmon unfolded both of her four majestic wings. Holy flames leaked out from the wings. She the flapped them vividly, sending a barrage golden dust that caught most of the Karatenmon. "Starlight Explosion!" She was able to purify most of the Karatenmon, causing them to explode into data and turn into Digieggs, which floated away.

The remaining Karatenmon drew out their weapons.

"Take the rest, HerculesKabuterimon!" Izzy shouted as the giant insect joined in to help Phoenixmon.

As his pincers became imbued with electricity, HerculesKabuterimon and fired empowered bursts of electrical power. What he fired was basically an enhanced version of his Electro Shocker. "Mega Electro Shocker!" Bellowed the insect as he cleared the other Karatenmon.

The Karatenmon leader and two of his men withdrew their weapons before turning tail by flying away.

"Eh, this isn't worth our lives! Retreat!" The leader declared as he and his cohorts flew off retreating to follow the Digieggs, which floated far from the temple area.

"That'll teach them!" HerculesKabuterimon said.

Sora turned and watched their friends fighting the Devil Clan. "But, we've got bigger problems to deal with. Izzy, let's get in there."

"I'm with you!" added the computer whiz.

Wasting no time and leaving the Karatenmon to retreat, Phoenixmon and HerculesKabuterimon headed toward the heated battle against the Devil Clan.


Meanwhile, the Digi-Destined tried their best by cutting through Pianomon's barrier. Ken threw his boomerang forward, which the barrier repelled and knocked back into his hands. Using his Blade of Humility, Cody tried his hand slicing open a fissure through the barrier. Yolei threw her Shuriken of Caring, which bounced off and hit the ground. Mimi used her Fan of Sincerity to blow away dust into the barrier, but Pianomon simply laughed off their attempts.

"It's no use!" Pianomon taunted the Digi-Destined's efforts. "My barrier can't simply be taken down by your weapons!"

"What's going on here? How come we're not able to cut down this stupid barrier?" A flabbergasted Yolei wondered, picking her shuriken.

Ken deduced. "We should try combine the power of our Crest Weapons. My guess, that'll produce enough force to break down his defenses."

"Sounds like a plan, Ken," Cody added as he and the others watched their Digimon desperately holding off the other Devil Clan warriors.

"Stay on him, Plesiomon!" Joe shouted encouragement to his partner.

While Plesiomon wrestled Cymbalmon back, the demon jumped kicked him in the face. Vikemon charged right in and landed a headbutt, dazing Cymbalmon.

"Grrr! You wanna wrestle with me?" Cymbalmon grumbled, punching a fist into his right hand. "C'mon, then, you wimp!" He charged toward Vikemon and landed a forward punch, which Vikemon barely evaded by sidestepping.

Valkyrimon and Rosemon kept Tambourinemon occupied with aerial attacks.

Drummon grappled with GranKuwagamon.

"Man, just look at our Digimon!" The purple-haired preteen cried excitedly, almost shocked to see her partner lasting much longer than his previous attempt as Silphymon.

"Our Digimon finally hit the Mega level and they're hanging in there," Cody commented. "I never figured Armadillomon's Mega form to look like a Viking version of Ikkakumon."

"Well, I never expected Armadillomon to turn into a giant teacup either," Joe remarked.

"Guys! Look!" Mimi called to the group and pointed to skies. "It's Sora and Izzy! They made it!"

Ken quickly added as he and the group saw Phoenixmon and HerculesKabuterimon. "Not just that, but their Digimon look like they achieved their Mega forms, too!"

"Guys down here!" Joe called out to them.

(End theme)

As Phoenixmon and HerculesKabuterimon landed, Sora and Izzy jumped off to reconvene with their friends.

Quietly observing them, Pianomon chuckled. "Hm, so you've all found the Crest Weapons. It makes little difference. You'll never prevent Lord Daimaomon from returning to this world!"

When Sora and Izzy showed them their Crest Weapons, the others were in awe.

"Arrows of Love? Fitting, I'd say," Yolei said.

Cody studied Izzy's Shield of Knowledge. "And your shield will come in handy."

"Ken, you figure we combine the powers of our Crest Weapons to take down Pianomon's barrier?" The Bearer of Love asked when she shifted between seeing Pianomon and her team.

The ex-Digimon Emperor nodded in response. "Yes, because individually our weapons can only do so much. We've already spent half of it empowering our Digimon."

"Then, let's make it count, guys," Izzy replied as he held his shield.

"Phoenixmon, HerculesKabuterimon! Give the others a hand with those Devil creeps," Sora took charge as everyone crowded behind her.

Both Phoenixmon and HerculesKabuterimon flew off to aid their friends with the Devil Clan. As Phoenixmon joined in the aerial battle against Tambourinemon, the tables were turned on the demon. Drummon was hit with a powerful electrical blast from behind. HerculesKabuterimon joined in to help GranKuwagamon.

"Grr! You cheapshot!" roared Drummon, who recovered and pounded his chest angrily.

"Guys, focus on taking down the barrier!" Sora shouted as she placed an arrow on her bow string.

With that, each of the Digi-Destined took out their Crest Weapons and carefully invoked their Crest Weapons' powers. Sora focused hard, allowing the arrow and bow to become an extension of herself. Izzy did the same whilst holding his shield forward. Joe whirled his lance and gripped it hard, unleashing power from it. Mimi waved her fan forward. Ken threw his boomerang. Yolei cried out, channeling the force in her shuriken and threw it. Focusing hard, Cody invoked the energy behind his blade.

Pianomon blinked thrice, observing the Digi-Destined. "What are they...?" He sensed the combined energies from their weapons. "They wouldn't dare. Even if they unleashed a synergistic force, it still won't be enough. Your efforts are in vain, Digi-Destined!"

"NOW!" Shouting with authority, Sora directed the charge against Pianomon. She was the first to attack as she fired an arrow imbued with the weapon's force.

One by one, the Digi-Destined launched their weapons against Pianomon's barrier. Izzy's shield expelled an earth-shattering blast. Joe and Cody both landed simultaneous strikes against the barrier, cutting it open much to Pianomon's dismay. Ken's boomerang and Yolei's shuriken possessed enough power to break the barrier apart like a shell. Finally, Mimi used her fan to knock back the jars sitting near Pianomon. Pianomon screeched out of shock and headbutted his way through the barrier.

Once his barrier shattered like glass, Pianomon gaped when he saw the jars shattered.

"N-No! You fools!" Pianomon hissed angrily. "What have you done?"

"Whoa! Did you see that?" Joe exclaimed. "We did it!"

"Looks like we've just stopped them from reviving their master," Yolei wore a proud smile.

However, Ken had a differing view while monitoring the skies.

"But, why haven't the skies cleared away?"

"Ken has a good point, guys!" Cody noted as he gazed around and noticed the still darkened skies. "Why is there still darkness covering the skies?"

"Maybe they need more time to clear?" Mimi shrugged.

Sora gasped as she saw Pianomon getting up and laughing. "Guys, we still need to get rid of him!"

"Hehe," Pianomon chortled while his eyes darted back and forth, watching the black mist blocking out the sun's light. "Looks like it's not too late. Like I said, you brats are just delaying the inevitable. Our master's revival is only a few moments away." Chuckling evilly, his eyes veered from the Digi-Destined and eyed the direction of his colleagues. "Finish them off, Devil Clan!"

Tambourinemon screeched loudly as he hit Valkyrimon, Phoenixmon, and Rosemon with a sonic wave blast. The three Megas toughened it out and flew through his sonic wave scream.

Valkyrimon drew out his sword and attacked Tambourinemon in a sword frenzy. "Feral Sword!"Each time he hit Tambourinemon, the demon swerved around his strikes.

While Valkyrimon kept Tambourinemon occupied, Rosemon came up and hit the demon's back with a thorn whip. Dazed momentarily, Tambourinemon turned and was met with a fiery blast in his face. The attack came from Phoenixmon, who motioned over to Rosemon.


"I am!"

"Crimson Flame!"roared Phoenixmon, who expelled a fiery blast that hit the demon head-on.

Rosemon summoned a rose-shaped rapier and hit Tambourinemon with it. "Rose Spear! h

Overwhelmed by their successive attacks, Tambourinemon was sent plunging toward the ground. Valkyrimon dove toward the falling demon and hit him with an energy-based javelin.

"Laser Javelin! h


When it was all said and done, Tambourinemon screeched loudly after Valkyrimon's attack and plunged through a rockface situated near the Lunar Temple.

"Way to go, Valkyrimon!" Yolei hollered, cheering for her partner.

"Aren't they just great, Sora?" Mimi turned to her redhead friend.

Sora watched Phoenixmon and smiled. "No doubt they are. I still can't believe they were able to take him down!"

Seething behind raspy breaths, Pianomon watched Tambourinemon's downfall before his eyes. "No... Tambourinemon! You're still able to fight!" He then anxiously shifted over to see Drummon and Cymbalmon having trouble with their opposition.

Drummon tried wrestling back both GranKuwagamon, but had HerculesKabuterimon to contend with. Drummon lunged forward attempting to take GranKuwagamon down. As GranKuwagamon sidestepped him, HerculesKabuterimon hit him with a headbutt and knocked him back.

"Here's one for you!"GranKuwagamon howled, shooting laser boomerang-like cutters. "Dimension Scissors!"He hit Drummon with it. Though, the attack didn't cut him into pieces, it stunned him for a bit to let HerculesKabuterimon take his fair share of the action.

HerculesKabuterimon hit Drummon head-on with his horn and threw him into the air. As Drummon sailed over him, HerculesKabuterimon expelled a stun blast from his horns. Drummon tried covering up, but the blast broke through his defenses and sent him crashing down.

Cymbalmon was on the receiving end of powerful water blasts.

"Hydro Impact Crusher!"roared Plesiomon, shooting successive water blasts that seemingly stunned Cymbalmon.

Vikemon charged forward, drawing out his 'Mjolnir' morning star weapon. He clubbed Cymbalmon with a devastating gut shot that knocked him into a rockface.

"So much for your crew!" Yolei openly taunted Pianomon, who was seething at the sight of his cohorts beaten.

Pianomon growled deeply. "Fools! Get up before Lord Daimaomon makes his grand return!"

"I doubt we'll be seeing your boss returning," Ken replied. "It's over."

I'm sure none of these Digi-Destined destroyed Lord Daimaomon. They're are too insignificant to accomplish such a feat. The Devil clansman glanced over the Digi-Destined and their group. His eyes shifted over to the black mist as something seemingly began emerging. "What? What's happening?"

One by one, the other Devil Clan members recovered and watched what Pianomon was seeing. Something resembling a body began materializing within the smoke.

Joe closely observed. "Hmm? What are they looking?"

"Guys... um... you might want to see this!" Yolei stammered frightfully as she pointed to the skies.

"Something's forming behind the mist!" Cody exclaimed.

"No, it couldn't be... are we really too late?" Sora said.

Shuddering, Ken felt dread and shuddered from the terrifying darkness surrounding the vicinity.

This isn't good! But, if Daimaomon returns, it'll have to be us that has to stop him! Ken thought as he watched the body, which now took on a more physical form, morph into a familiar face that the older Digi-Destined recognized.

"Yes... YES! IT'S LORD DAIMAOMON!" Pianomon boasted, laughing manically. "Our Demon Lord has returned to us, my brothers!"

(Cue Digimon Adventure BGM OST - (VenomMyotismon's theme)Shitou)

The Devil Clan lowered their heads and bowed before the massive figure that descended from the mist. The Digi-Destined and their Digimon held their ground, watching dreadfully as the Demon Lord landed. As the dark mist faded, the terrifying figure of the revived Devil Clan leader was revealed. Sora, Izzy, Joe, and Mimi blanched as dread filled their bodies. The newer Digi-Destined, though never seen Daimaomon, shuddered at the sight of the demon lord.

"Lord Daimaomon, you have returned,"Pianomon said with sheer delight.

Opening his eyes, the over eight-foot tall, dark green-skinned figurehead surveyed his surroundings, which was unrecognizable since his previous demise. His attire was same as he wore before: full body purple shirt with matching colored pants coupled with red waist belt. A white circle was inscribed on his chest along with a Kanji symbol, translated as 'demon', embroidered at the center. Adorning his head were pointy-shaped ears. As he opened his mouth, Daimaomon revealed sharp pointed canines, both at the top and bottom.

Now wearing a dark purple aura, Daimaomon stretched his arms overhead and laughed manically, gleefully taking in the dark mist around him.

"Yes... YES! I AM BACK!" Daimaomon declared, laughing as he turned to the Devil Clan behind him. He noticed Pianomon bowing down before him. "Pianomon, so, you're the one who revived me."

(End theme)

"Lord Daimaomon, it's good to have you back."

Daimaomon chortled evilly, dropping both arms to the sides. "I see remnants of our clan has survived into his day and age. And to revive me with our archaic dark magic, I'm astounded you were able to migrate my soul from the realm between life and death."

"Lord Daimaomon, it's an honor to be in your presence again," Tambourinemon raised his head, acknowledging the demonic lord.

"Tambourinemon, Drummon, and Cymbalmon," Daimaomon pivoted his view on the three Devil Clan members. "You've been fighting in order to revive me. Judging by your wounds..." He turned and faced the Digiteam behind him. "Yes, I recognize a few of these faces. They're the Chosen."

"I see. You recognize a few of them, but which one of them destroyed you, milord?" asked Pianomon.

"None of them. The one I seek is not here," Daimaomon scoffed and turned his fully body around, shooting a chilling glare at each Digi-Destined member. He alternated his view between the older and the newer Digi-Destined. "No matter. We'll kill these fools before we hunt down the one who killed me. Yes, the Bearer of Hope will get his when I choke the life out of him!"

"I'd like to see you try and mess with our TK, you overgrown freak!" Yolei barked at the revived demon lord.

"Yolei, don't provoke him!" Cody cried out.

"TK won't even need to fight you, Daimaomon," Sora turned to the villain, readying another arrow. "This time we're sending you where you belong!"

"Hah!" Daimaomon laughed off Sora's threat. "My body was simply destroyed. My spirit still lingered on this side until the remaining members of my clan would find a way to revive. Here I stand ready to wipe you out, Chosen! Just as I should've done from the start!" He raised his right hand as black energy imbued his fingers. A devilish grin adorned his features. "Drummon, Tambourinemon, and Cymbalmon, this is your chance to prove yourselves. Finish these fools and I'll reward you with great powers."

The Devil Clan trio headed off and bumrushed the Digi-Destined's Digimon partners.

"This is our chance to show we won't need Tai, Kari, or the others," Izzy said. "Let's make this our battle to win."

"RIGHT!" The Chosen shouted in unison as their Digimon took off to fight the Devil Clan.

Observing the two sides clash, Daimaomon folded his arms and chuckled. "Ah, the first thing I see after being revived will be a bloodbath. This shouldn't take long..."

As Cymbalmon headed off both HerculesKabuterimon and GranKuwagamon, he opened a hand and unleashed a white beam, which blasted the ground near the two Megas. The force of the explosion blast knocked them back, allowing Cymbalmon to get the jump on them both. The demon landed body shots all over the insects.

"Heh, time to end this! Soul Crusher!" Cymbalmon declared, expelling a mouth blast that headed toward them.

Before their bodies and souls were ever crushed, Ken and Izzy watched their Crest Weapons float out of their hands. The weapons seemingly threw themselves in front of the two Digimon and merged together, producing a box that contained the demon's blast.

"WHAT?" Cymbalmon gave a bewildered reaction.

Daimaomon was greatly taken aback. "How did...? Are those the fabled Crest Weapons?"

"Yes, and we tried to stop the Chosen from getting the weapons!" Pianomon replied.

"This will be problematic," growled the demon lord, watching his three subordinates engaging the Digi-Destined's partners.

Opening his mouth, Tambourinemon fired an earth-shattering beam. "Devil's Beam!" As the beam hurtled toward Valkyrimon and Rosemon, Yolei and Mimi's weapons floated from their reach. "What's this?" The moment when the shuriken and fan combined, it produced a fan covered with blades.

The newly forged weapon spun forward and cut through Tambourinemon's attack.

"Curse you!" Tambourinemon screeched as he prepared to incinerate the weapon. Then, coming down from overhead, Phoenixmon dove down to ensnare him with her claws. "Bah! Fool!" But, as he prepared to fire, an arrow shot him in the back and dazed him.

Sora provided her partner an open opportunity to send him falling with fiery blasts. Once hit with multiple fire blasts, Tambourinemon plunged into a statue and was left laying in a heap.

"Indeed, they're already proving to be a greater nuisance," Daimaomon growled deeply, seething under his breath. "These three are disgracing the Devil Clan name."

When seeing his lord expressing discontent, Pianomon conveyed fear being near him.

As Drummon pounded against Vikemon's weapon, Plesiomon came up and blasted the demon back with a powerful water bullet. Drummon was hit with full force and knocked off his feet.

"Won't be beaten by you, pets!" Drummon bellowed furiously while pounding his chest. He harnessed demonic energy into his palms and amassed them together to forge a giant black ball. "Negative Ball!" He then hurled the attack at the two Megas.

Suddenly, in response to Drummon's initial attack, Joe and Cody's weapons flew from their hands. The weapons merged into spear with a sharper blade in place of the smaller and duller one. It plunged through Drummon's blast and sliced it open like a gutted fish. The explosion was quickly nullified as the bladed lance's mystical properties purified the demonic power. That was not all as the bladed lance flew across. Drummon phased out of the weapon's reach, Then, as he reappeared and flew into mid-air, the bladed lance swerved around and pierced through his most vulnerable spot: his back. Drummon fell and hit the ground with the blade flying out of his gut, opening up a giant albeit grievous wound.

"ENOUGH!" Daimaomon bellowed angrily. His face contorted while showing off gritted teeth. Clenching his fists, he discharged blasts toward the Digi-Destined's Digimon and hit the ground near them. As the Digimon moved back and shielded their partners, Daimaomon hovered near his three Devil Clansmen. "You three couldn't defeat them individually, but once you become one with me, we will destroy them together." Dropping both arms, he closed his hands, making the three Devil Clansmen float off the ground and encircle him.

"I see... you intend to combine their demonic powers and incorporate them... further augmenting your strength!" Pianomon exclaimed.

"Your frivolous attempts end here, Chosen!" The demon lord laughed aloud as the three demon's bodies exploded and turned into black glowing orbs. These orbs floated around Daimaomon and merged with his body. Once all three entered his being, Daimaomon felt his natural strength being augmented tenfold.

"Um, guys! He's growing bigger!" Joe gulped as he pointed to the now expanding Daimaomon, who grew a staggering 27 feet in height.

Mimi shrieked at the sight of the overgrown demon lord. "It's deja vu all over again! Devimon much?"

"He's bigger... so what?" Sora rebuked, standing her ground.

Ken nodded. "Though we've had to depend on Tai, Kari, Yamato, BanchoLeomon, and even the D3s to bail us out, we've survived against greater enemies."

"We can't back out of this now, guys!" Cody affirmed his resolve to fight on and persevere.

"This is our chance to shine, guys! Let's not waste this!" Yolei boldly shouted.

"We are the Digi-Destined, guys," Izzy said. "Let's send this demon back where he belongs!"

The group cried out in unison and raised pumped fists into the air. The passion of the preteens and teens invoked the Digimon's fighting spirits. Nodding to each other, they faced the direction where Daimaomon sauntered toward them.

Pianomon floated over and landed on Daimaomon's left shoulder. He taunted the Digi-Destined and continued boasting his master's newly enhanced power.

"Do you really believe you can defeat Lord Daimaomon as he stands now? You fools are submitting yourselves to your early graves."

"I still intend to find my slayer once I've rid of you!" bellowed the imposing Daimaomon, lifting and pressing down his right boot on the ground. He created an enormous quake, causing a tremor that split the entire Lunar Temple in two. Flexing his right hand, he pointed to the temple and fired a blast, which wiped the temple off the map. "That's just a taste of what's to come!"

The purple-haired girl gaped in aghast, seeing what was left but a wasteland. "I'm so glad we're out of there!"

"He's just posturing," Sora said. "Phoenix, are you ready?"

"I am, Sora."

(Cue Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 OST – Wild Rush)

As the Digimon advanced, they gang-attacked Daimaomon and dog piled on him, much like in the manner of the original Odaiba group's Digimon gang-attacked Devimon. Plesiomon wrapped its neck around Daimaomon's right ankle. Vikemon seized Daimaomon's left leg. HerculesKabuterimon and GranKuwagamon latched onto Daimaomon's right arm. Rosemon tugged onto the demon lord's forehead with vines. Valkyrimon and Phoenixmon blasted him with repeated blows to his chest.

"...fools! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU'RE TRYING TO OVERPOWER?" Daimaomon let out a beastly roar, throwing up a demonic aura that knocked all the Megas backs. "I am Lord Daimaomon! You will not deny me my revenge on the Bearer of Hope and his Digimon!"

As he harped on his master's mantra, Pianomon laughed at the futility of the Digi-Destined. "Do you see? Learn your place, you brats! You will not deny the rise of the Devil Clan race!"

"No, we're not giving up," Sora declared as the symbol of Love flared brightly on her chest. She grasped the red light now glowing in her hand. "The power of Love."

Joe muttered, grasping his now glowing symbol of Reliability. "The power of Reliability."

Mimi pressed a hand over her symbol of Sincerity. "The power of Sincerity."

Izzy chanted and held a hand on his symbol of Knowledge. "The power of Knowledge."

Ken focused whilst grasping his symbol of Kindness." The power of Kindness."

Yolei muttered with her hand over the two symbols of Love and Sincerity. Both converged to form her own unique symbol of Caring. "The power of Caring."

Likewise, Cody found that his symbols of Knowledge and Reliability merged to form his own symbol of Humility. "And the power of Humility."

Once the Chosen invoked and released their Crest energies, they converged with their respective Crest Weapons. However, Daimaomon wouldn't have none of it and prepared to open fire. However, the demon lord didn't count on being abruptly interrupted by their Digimon partners.

"Don't you dare come near our friends!" HerculesKabuterimon growled.

"Hit him with all you've got!" Phoenixmon shouted as she lead the attack. "Starlight Explosion!"

"Mega Electro Shocker!"

"Dimension Scissors!"

"Hydro Impact Crusher!"

"Rose Sword!"

"Laser Javelin!"

Ba-Boom! Ba-Boom! Ba-Boom!

Registering and hitting like missiles, the blasts slowed the giant demon lord. However, he pressed forward, but the relentless Digimon didn't deter and pressed forward with their never ending assault.

"I CANNOT BE DENIED MY REVENGE!" Daimaomon roared as he charged up and raised his right hand. "I'll clear you and these pitiful humans away!"

(End theme)

While the Digimon kept Daimaomon at bay, the energies from their Crest symbols combined with the Crests Weapons to form a giant golden sword. The seven Chosen stared in awe at the large golden weapon hovering over them.

"Did we make that?" A flabbergasted Mimi asked.

The Bearer of Reliability gaped in shock. "Wha...? Whoa! That's a huge sword!"

"That sword was created from the combined energies of our Crests," Ken pointed out. "It's time we use it, guys."

"Everyone! Direct the sword towards Daimaomon!" Sora ordered as she and everyone pushed their hands forward, 'sending' the sword toward Daimaomon.

(Cue Digimon Adventure 02 OST – Target ~ Akai Shougeki)

As he smashed Vikemon and HerculesKabuterimon's heads together, Daimaomon sensed an enormous power hurtling toward his direction. His eyes widened in disbelief as they fell on the glowing sword shooting toward him at blinding speed.

"Lord Daimaomon! Move!" Pianomon panicked.

In response, Daimaomon swerved aside and let the sword barely fly past him. The Digi-Destined were stunned with shocked disbelief, having realized their efforts were wasted.

"Hah! Nice try!" The gigantic demon lord taunted the humans and the Digimon. "It's time we end this once and for all! This place will become a giant wasteland! Farewell!" He pushed his right hand forward and channeled an enormous force of power through his palm. An evil grin smeared over the demonic being's features as the entire vicinity quivered under his growing power. "Daimoku...!"


As his ears picked up on the ear-piercing explosion, Daimaomon whirled around frantically and...


(Song abruptly ends)

Daimaomon bewildered those present as he caught the sword before it impacted him. Gritting his teeth, the giant demon cackled and had both hands clasped around the edge of the sword. Horrified with the turn of events, the Digi-Destined and the Digimon watched on helplessly.

"Hah, this was supposed to be your ace in the hole? I'm thoroughly disappointed," Daimaomon laughed as he grabbed the sword and prepared to dispel it with his demonic power.

Relieved, Pianomon turned and faced the Digi-Destined, taunting them again. "I seriously hope you didn't believe that would kill Lord Daimaomon. He will not be denied his revenge...?" His eyes quickly turned and saw the sword...


(Cue last 35 seconds of Target ~ Akai Shougeki)

...explode and turn into a beam, which pierced through Daimaomon's chest. Daimaomon let out a blood-curdling roar as a gaping hole formed over his chest.

"AUGH!" Daimaomon screamed while falling to his knees. As he succumbed to the holy energies consuming him, his body began to dissolve. "Grr... no... this can't be..."

"Lord Daimaomon, this can't be. You were supposed to have your revenge... gah?" Pianomon gasped as the light swept through him and dissolved him. He screamed out his final cries before dissolving altogether. "HAIL THE DEVIL CLAN!"

"We got him?" Joe couldn't believe what he and the others witnessed.

Ken nodded. "His arrogance was his own undoing."

"He overlooked us being a threat and concentrated solely on getting revenge on TK," Sora said, watching Daimaomon down on all fours as his body continued dissolving.

"Well done... Chosen... you were to utilize the Crest Weapons... and unlocked their potential..." Daimaomon commended them as he coughed and saw blood on his own hands. "...but... don't think... this is the last you'll ever see the Devil Clan... we always find a way to recoup our losses... and we always find a way back in this world... but, for now... this victory is yours..." Daimaomon laughed evilly. Bearer of Hope, you and your Digimon can rest easy... but realize that my clan... can always pursue you later... or perhaps your future kin... we will cross paths on the other side.

Following his ominous last words, Daimaomon's laughing face was all that remained as it, too, dissolved into dust. The light, which consumed Daimaomon, faded as the Crest Weapons floated back to their respective owners.

"We did it...?" Mimi blanched, overwhelmed with disbelief. "We really won?"

Joe crouched on the floor and let out an exasperated sigh. "Oh, thank the digiheavens we managed to pull through that!"

When the Digimon regressed to their in-training forms, they hurried over to their partners. Sora picked up Yokomon while folding her bow across her right arm.

"You were great out there, Yokomon," Sora said, giving her Digimon huge props.

"You guys finally reached the Mega level and I must say you did well," Izzy said, holding on Motimon.

"I can't believe we were able to beat a monster you guys had trouble to begin with!" Yolei added, reeling over the major turn of events which unfolded.

Ken reflected to the entire battle. "He didn't count on us standing united. Daimaomon was also defeated by his own personal revenge."

"At least we were able to lift that burden off TK's shoulders," Cody said.

"Not like TK would've need to worry anyway," Motimon said.

Just then, the group heard footsteps and turned around to see Gennai come into viewing. The Digital Knight approached the Digi-Destined and congratulated them.

"Well done, Digi-Destined. On top of acquiring the Crest Weapons, your Digimon were able to advance to their Mega-level stages," Gennai nodded approvingly. He glanced at each member holding their Crest Weapons. "So as long as you wield those, you will be more than capable of fighting alongside or defending your partners from danger. Most importantly, you unlocked the full potential of the weapons and used their powers to seal Daimaomon."

"Is that monster done for good?" inquired Izzy.

"Once you sealed his fate, his spirit, along with his henchmen, were sent to Other World," Gennai confirmed. "But, what was said is true. There are still Devil Clan members lurking out there somewhere. Though, with you guys possessing the weapons and with Ascendants on our side, we won't have anything to fear from them."

"That's good to know," Sora sighed with relief.

Gennai cleared his throat. "Well, now that you've saved the Digiworld on your own, why don't we go and tell the others how you stopped Daimaomon? Tai will want to hear all about it."


Other World/X's Planet/6: 45 PM

"They were able to thwart Daimaomon and his clan," X proclaimed as Sam and Keke stood behind him. "See, guys? I told you Tai and the others weren't needed."

"Never doubted you to begin with," Keke said.

Sam sighed. "I kinda did, but I'm glad I was a wrong. That battle was too close to call for them. Heck, it's about time their partners reached their Mega forms. They sure didn't disappoint."

Nodding, X turned his focus on the Digi-Destined. "The Crest Weapons proved their worth and having the other Digimon reach Mega-level is always a plus. Luckily, I was able to nab Tai, Matt, Kari, TK, and Davis' Crest Weapons out of there before Daimaomon blew away the temple."

"Are you safeguarding them somewhere?" Sam inquired.

"I stashed them, because they won't need the Crest Weapons. They have their Ascendant strength to rely on. However, should there come a time they'll need them, I'll present them."

Keke smiled. "Fair enough. I'm just glad Sora, Mimi, Ken, and the others have something they can use for a battle."

"Yeah. The Crest Weapons came at a good time, because what's coming next... the Digi-Destined need to prepare. The mysterious enemy from the southern realm... who hasn't seen much activity lately might be ready to make their move. Daimaomon and his clan are a cake walk compared to these brutes."The masked watcher added as he vaguely hinted another force at work. Tyrantmon... I know it's you working behind the scenes. When are you making your next move?


Next episode: The Juggernaut Unleashed! Tyrantmon's Forces Cometh!


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