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Tai: Oh, well. Doesn't matter. Agumon, ready?

Agumon: On with the show!


Mysterious Digital Realm/11:00 AM

Now standing from his throne, the reawakened mysterious leader, Tyrantmon, stood after having spent nearly a year hibernating. He and his four warriors gained a major power boost through mental training whilst sleeping in suspended animation. The burly face of the leader smirked when 12 beasts faced them waiting.

Tyrantmon panned his view from right to left. He scanned each of these 12 beasts: all of them were animals based on the Chinese Zodiac. There was a tiger, a snake, a rooster, a sheep, an ox, a horse, a rat, a monkey, a pig, a dragon, a dog, and a rabbit. These 12 comprised of the highly skilled and dangerous group of assassins called the Devas. They were hired by the leader to help him collect Calumon. The Devas recently have infiltrated Tokyo in search of Calumon. Each time, they've retreated failing to retrieve him and claimed the opposition are more troublesome than they're worth.

Today, Tyrantmon discovered that the 'Juggernaut' program will see a possible launch. He has seen this as an excuse to implement a massive scale invasion utilizing their entire resources. Tyrantmon is counting on Yamaki to use the Juggernaut, which would benefit the mysterious leader's agenda.

"Today we invade Earth... only this time..." Tyrantmon declared as an evil smirk adorned his masculine and burly features. "We, the Galactic Pirates, will join you once that foolish human has unleashed his Juggernaut. Now, go, Devas assassins. This is your final chance to bring Calumon to me. Are we clear?"

The Devas nodded altogether before they marched through the portal behind them.

"It's time, my clan," Tyrantmon said. "Time to crush these Ascendants and turn this world into our new kingdom."


Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 2.5, Arc 3: Tyrantmon Unbound

Chapter 110: The Juggernaut Unleashed! Tyrantmon's Forces Cometh!


'How's it been, guys and gals? This is Tai Kamiya here. It's been a hectic last few months since we kicked Paradixalmon's butt. Not too long after that, Sora, Izzy, Joe, Mimi, Ken, Cody, and Yolei uncovered mystical items called Crest Weapons, which harnesses great mystical powers. Additionally, their Digimon each reached the Mega-level status and you can't imagine how ecstatic I was to hear that. About time you guys are a share fair of credit!

Anyhow, they used the Crest Weapons to defeat these demons, calling themselves the Devil Clan. Well, they succeeded in reviving in Daimaomon, but if you blinked you just missed him. He and his Devil Clan are now history courtesy of Sora and the others. That was a big day for them. I couldn't be anymore proud of them.

So, what have I been up to lately? Well, I'm back in the real world and... catching up with school assignments. Lucky for me, Sora's always there to support me. Today, we decided to have a date in the park.

Amongst other things? Well, no other activity from that mysterious evil force trying to hunt Calumon. Though strangely enough, these group of creeps calling themselves Devas are out looking for Calumon. Coincidence much? While these Devas are supposedly tough by Ultimate-level and low-class Mega-level status, we decided to let Sora and the others deal with them using their Crest Weapons and their Digimon. These Devas sure aren't worth mine, Kari's, TK's, Davis' or even X's entourage's time.

The battles with these Devas have lasted through the past month infrequently. Each time they're on the verge of defeat, they flee to lick their wounds. Luckily for Calumon, he has Sonja to protect him. Poor little guy. I think Sonja's growing attached to him, but she better be careful not squeezing him too tight!

Here's the lowdown on these Deva guys: there's a tiger, a snake, a rooster, a sheep, an ox, a horse, a rat, a pig, a dragon, a dog, a monkey, and a rabbit. They're based off the Animal 12 of the Chinese Zodiac. Jun and her team have come into contact with a few of these guys. Try as they might, the Devas proved to be too much for them until my sis donning the Kaze Girl gimmick, Sora and the others came to their rescue.

Like I said, these Devas are strong Digimon, but they've learned there are warriors who've already surpassed them. I don't know what they want with Calumon, but I don't imagine anything charitable. They and this mysterious enemy might have aligned together to meet a common goal. Well, they're gonna have to go through us!

On another subject, there's Impmon. Crazy little guy. He's been the neighborhood Digimon bully, but boy... did Patamon and Gatomon teach him a thing or two. They literally sent him flying in Team Rocket style fashion! Haha! Boy, that was hysterical when Kari told me. But, Impmon also showed a more daring side when he tried to take on the horse Deva, trying his best to boast about his own power. He practically tried giving his all and was sent sailing across town for his troubles. Since then, he hadn't been seen since... have to admit... I hope he's ok.

Last but not least, these secret government guys called Hypnos, at least according to X and Gennai, have warned us not to delve further into their investigations. That one guy, Yamaki, has creepy vibes all over him. When we learned that Hypnos collects Digimon for experimentation, I tried my best not to Instant Movement myself there and give them a piece of my mind. Now, they've got some secret weapon called Juggernaut. I don't know what they intend to do with it, but I intend to stop it should they ever use it. There's things even government creeps should never tamper with, especially with forces beyond their power. Hopefully they'll learn the hard way not to screw the order of the Digiverse.

So, to end it here, I'm on a picnic date with Sora... and time to eat! Later, guys!'


Odaiba District/Odaiba Park/March 26, 2006/12:30 PM

"Tai? Earth to Tai!" Sora''s voice interjected and caught her boyfriend's attention, who blinked and awoke from his daydreaming.

"Huh? Oh, sorry, Sora," Tai gave an innocent and playful smile as Sora simply gave in and put a grape in his mouth.

Taking the grape from her, Tai swallowed it and smiled. "That hits the spot."

"Can't believe you're still hungry after all those sandwiches you practically consumed. You Ascendants are walking vacuum cleaners!"

"What can I say? All that fighting has made my metabolism higher. Kari can definitely attest to that."

"I'm glad you're sticking around for a longer period. When is X going to call you back?" She asked while going through her picnic basket. She took out a blueberry muffin and started nibbling on it. "Does he or those Supreme Digi-Deities have any training you need to get done?"

"I haven't heard anything back yet," Tai said. "They always tell me everything last minute. It's a bother, but what can I say? I'm always prepared." He lied his head on Sora's lap and opened his mouth. "Mind sharing some muffin with me?"

Sora teased him by taking a piece and hanging it over his face. "You really like it when I feed you."

"Uh-huh. It makes me feel good," the Bearer of Courage grinned ever so innocently, which Sora has grown accustomed to and knows better.


"Hmmm?" Tai blinked as Sora dropped a piece of her muffin into his mouth. He welcomed the delicious piece and swallowed it. "Ask away." He said with a mouthful.

Sora giggled. "Well, what do you think of Kari's Kaze Girl, gig?"

"I think it's great she's a crime fighter, but who decided that outfit? Talk about attracting unwanted attention with that get-up."

"Mimi and Yolei got too creative. You can talk it up with them, but she needed something to keep suspicion to less than a minimum. Everyone knows we, especially her, stopped Virus. Kari just decided to take it upon herself to save a few civilians from lowly criminals."

"Impulsively taking action against injustice. Yeah, sounds like she's taking after me."

The Bearer of Love sighed, realizing the parallels between the Kamiya siblings. "Don't know if that's good or bad thing. At least Kari's not slacking that much in school."

"Heh, well she isn't a battle junkie like me. That's for sure!"

Sora nodded while running a hand through his big, thick hair. "She, TK, Davis, and Sonja have kept things secure. Heck, look at me and the others. We helped drive those Devas off with our Crest Weapons."

"Something tells me that's not the last time we've seen of them."

"Definitely not."

"Those Hypnos guys also have been a pain in the rear. Wait until I set them straight."

"Yes, Tai. Charging headstrong against Digimon and supervillains is one thing, but they're still human beings. I know they believe their intentions are good..."

"I realize that, but I don't have to like it," Tai muttered as he looked Sora in her eyes. He put a hand over her face and smiled. "Love you."

Nodding, Sora lowered her face level as they prepared to lock lips. Tai prepared to take a kiss from his girlfriend and just when he sealed the deal...


A loud explosion resounded outside the park, which alarmed everyone who heard the commotion. Tai and Sora scrambled to their feet. They saw Agumon and Biyomon hurrying over to meet them.

"Tai! That explosion..." Agumon called out as he and Tai realized whom launched the attack. "You know who's back to cause trouble."

"No doubt," the bold Kamiya furrowed his brows and intently glared at the billowing smoke covering the vicinity near the park. "Sora."

Sora frowned and dropped her right hand. A pink ball of light materialized and from it came Sora's Arrows of Love.

"We're ready for a second round with these Devas jerks!" Biyomon nodded while flying over near Sora.

"At least, it's not Tuesday. Sora, contact the others," Tai advised his girlfriend. "I'm going to find Kari, TK, and the others. Maybe even Matt if Yamato hasn't taken over. We've gotta take out the Devas and get some answers from them."

Sora responded. "Right. Let's go, Biyomon!" She called to her Digimon and headed out of the park with her.

Tai and Agumon exchanged nods before gliding off together to find their fellow Ascendants.


Akihabara District/12:35 PM

(Cue Digimon Tamers OST - Tamers Action)

Ravaging the vicinity near the Akihabara market district, the Ox and Sheep Devas, Pajiramon and Vajramon caused crowds to flee. In their search for Calumon, they happened to stumble upon Joe, Zudomon, Mimi, and Lillymon. They quickly intercepted the Devas from further ravaging the area.

"Looks like the Devas decided to crash our town again," Joe said as he extended his hands out and summoned his Spear of Reliability. "Ready, Mimi?"

Nodding, Mimi had her Fan of Sincerity in hand. "Lillymon, make lamb chops outta her!"

"Take the bull by his horns, Zudomon!" encouraged the Bearer of Reliability.

Zudomon and Lillymon immediately advanced attacking the Devas head-on. Zudomon hastily clashed head-to-head with Vajramon as mystic hammer clashed against the ox's two Deva Blades. Zudomon gained leverage with his height and weight whilst pushing back Vajramon. Vajramon gritted his teeth hard as he struggled to overpower his heavier opponent. Vajramon jumped back and crossed his swords together.

"I won't let you humiliate me like before, you human-loving traitor!" Vajramon roared, using his swords to create an energy beam. "Deva Blade!" He bellowed and fired the beam toward Zudomon.

Zudomon countered with his hammer, which nullified the Vajramon's beam.

"Weren't you guys supposed to be serving the Sovereigns? What happened?" Joe demanded an answer from the ox Deva.

Vajramon scowled. "A greater power came to us and offered us more power if we hand him Calumon. Don't take it personally, human. It's just business." He charged forward and engaged Zudomon with swordplay against hammer swings.

"So, you sold yourselves out to another higher power?" Joe was taken aback by Vajramon's claim. He gripped his spear and prepared to move in to hit Vajramon. "You're making a big mistake! We're not handing that poor little guy to you!"

"Lillymon! Stay on your toes!" Mimi cried out, watching Lillymon evading Pajiramon's arrows. "We're not letting them near Calumon!"

Lillymon dodged all of Pajiramon's arrows with agility. She cupped her hands together and fired a green beam at the sheep.

"Flower Cannon!"

Pajiramon chuckled. "Oh, please!" She opened her mouth and expelled an ear-piercing sonic wave that neutralized Lillymon's attack. "You got anything else you'd like to try?"

"A million of them!" Lillymon cried out as she flew down and landed a kick to Pajiramon's face. As her kick impacted Pajiramon's face and knocked her face, Lillymon glided across to meet her at close range.

"You got lucky the last time we fought! This time I shall clip your wings!" Pajiramon shouted while slamming her front legs down, enabling her to create a small quake. "Thunder Stomp!"

Lillymon saw her attack coming and swerved to the side. Taken aback by Lillymon's strategy, Pajiramon watched as Lillymon glided over behind and kicked her in the back. Pajiramon fell facefirst as Lillymon planted a boot to her head.

"Way to go, Lillymon!" Mimi cheered on her partner. "Hey, Lambchops, how do you like eating dirt again?"

"Oh... that's it!" The sheep screamed as she kicked Lillymon off and fired an arrow at her.

Lillymon did a backflip and let the arrow pass on by.

"And as for you!" Pajiramon turned and fired an arrow at Mimi. "I'll shut your trap shut, you loud mouth!"

"MIMI!" Lillymon cried out as she shot forward to try to stop the arrow.

Mimi gasped and hastily waved her Fan of Sincerity forward, which blew the projectile away.

(End theme)

"That stupid Crest Weapon! I'll just take it from...!" Before Pajiramon was able to apprehend Mimi, Lillymon came up and jumped onto her back. "No! Get off!" She felt her head being pulled back as Lillymon rode her around.

"Ride 'em, Lambchops!" Lillymon laughed as she made a complete mockery of the Deva.

"How dare you humiliate me!" Pajiramon screamed as she kicked her back feet up and knocked Lillymon into the air.

Observing his partner's difficult battle, Vajramon panted after taking a few direct blows from Zudomon's punches.

These Digimon and their human partners are making a complete mockery of us... the Devas...The ox Deva thought as he focused on Zudomon and Joe. He gripped his swords and held his ground while the notion of being bested by partner Digimon appalled him. It's true they've been fighting alongside those Ascendants for several years, but... we never did take into account these non-Ascendants would pose problems for us.

"Ready to surrender?" Joe inquired, waiting an obvious answer.

"NEVER!" The prideful Vajramon bellowed while charging forward to attack Zudomon.

Zudomon scoffed as he twirled his hammer. "Your loss, pal."

"I wonder how the others are holding up with their battles..." The blue-haired teen wondered as he gripped the end of his long spear weapon. "Just as long as we keep Calumon out of their grasp."


Golden Gate Bridge/12:40 PM

Meanwhile, an aerial battle commenced over the famous Golden Gate Bridge. In this vicinity, Ken and Yolei watched JewelBeemon and Silphymon engaging Majiramon. The fire-breathing dragon Deva swerved his whole serpentine body over the bridge while luring Silphymon and JewelBeemon to him. Majiramon turned his head and expelled fire at them.

(Cue Digimon Tamers OST - Theme)

"Move away, JewelBeemon!" barked Ken, watching his Digimon swerve away from Majiramon's fire.

"Extinguish those flames, Silphymon!" Yolei called out.

"Static Force!" roared Silphymon as he fired a condensed beam that cut through Majiramon's scorching flames. He was able to redirect the fire toward the skies and let JewelBeemon move in to land a hardened punch into Majiramon's face.

"ROOOWR!" Majiramon bellowed as his head snapped back following JewelBeemon's punch. He swung his tail forward and narrowly missed JewelBeemon. "Damn you!" He watched JewelBeemon glide over him. "Annoying pest!"

"This pest knows all your attacks from our last encounter," JewelBeemon corrected him.

"Hey, Ken, our Digimon can go Mega anytime if they wanted to," Yolei turned to the ex-Digimon Emperor. "How about we have them evolve and finish him off?"

"Sounds like overkill, but our Digimon in their current forms can handle him just fine," Ken replied.

"Guess your right. Besides, we beat Daimaomon and his cronies. These guys are a cake walk."

"Feh, foolish humans! We, Devas, will not be bested!" Majiramon exclaimed pridefully as he vanished, disappearing into a glowing beacon of light in the sky. "LET'S SEE YOU EVADE THESE!" As his voice boomed, a hundred or so energy arrows rained down from the heavens. "Flaming Arrowheads!"

"Trying to strike us down?" JewelBeemon said as he nodded to Silphymon.

The two Ultimates utilized their speed to move around Majiramon's flaming arrows, most of which hit the water and a few impacted the bridge. As an arrow slammed near them, Ken and Yolei were knocked off balance. Another arrow exploded behind them. The force of the explosion knocked Yolei off the edge of the bridge.

"AHHH!" Yolei screamed as she looked down at the water depths.

"YOLEI!" Silphymon hollered as he turned to see his partner falling off.

"NO! YOLEI!" Ken cried out as he lunged forward and grabbed Yolei, barely catching her right hand. "Hang on!"

"Ken... oh... god!" The purple-haired girl frantically cried as she closed her eyes.

As Ken pulled her up, Yolei sat on her knees catching her breath. Ken crouched over her and helped her up.

"Thank you, Ken," the whimpering girl whispered as she embraced him. "I could've died...!"

The Bearer of Kindness smiled and embraced her. "You would've if I didn't jump in before you fell. You're ok now."

"Oh, that son of a...!" growled Yolei as she summoned her Shuriken of Caring. "I'm ready to shove this shuriken up that dragon's ass!"

Ken sweatdropped while backing away from the infuriated girl. And she immediately shifts int kill mode. Typical Yolei and her mood swings.

Majiramon emerged from the skies and scowled angrily seeing his adversaries still unfazed.

"How could I miss?!" Majiramon bellowed.

"Maybe because your aim was off?" JewelBeemon pointed out. "Silphymon, ready to take him down?"

"Let's do it," nodded Silphymon.

As the two Digimon continued clashing head-to-head with Majiramon, Ken and Yolei used this time to help civilians flee to safety.


Central Odaiba/12:43 PM

The source of the explosion near Odaiba Park came from Mihiramon, the tiger Deva. Sora and Garudamon arrived as they quickly intercepted the tiger from rampaging through Odaiba. Garudamon flew over Mihiramon and dazed him with a punch, knocking the tiger off his feet. Mihiramon quickly recovered and instinctively swung his tail at the Ultimate. Garudamon grabbed the tiger by his tail and swung him across the street.

"Nice throw, Garudamon!" Sora cheered on her partner.

As Mihiramon recovered, the tiger's tail became armed with spikes. This time he was able to catch Garudamon and knocked her into a bus where people started running out.

"Get moving!" Sora called out to the people. She shifted back to see Garudamon dodging Mihiramon's spiked tail. She put an arrow on her bow and fired a single shot, which pierced Mihiramon's left eye.

"AUGH!" Mihiramon roared in pain, pivoting his view to see Sora with his good eye. "Human! You did this to me!" He growled and transformed his tail into a three-sectioned staff that pulverized the ground and unleashed an earth shattering force toward Sora. "Tiger Wing Blades!"

"SORA!" Garudamon shouted as she flew over and summoned her flaming phoenix. "Wing Blade!" She directed the phoenix toward Mihiramon's attack and knocked it aside.

Sighing with relief, Sora watched Garudamon barricading her from Mihiramon.

"Are you ok, Sora?"

"I'm fine thanks to you."

"That was a good shot, but I'll handle the rest."

"Right, but the moment you're in trouble I'm stepping in," insisted the adamant Bearer of Love.

Mihiramon bumrushed Garudamon and tried hitting her with his tail. She grabbed his tail and pushed him back. The two titans locked up while trying to gain leverage over each other. Sora took cover in an alley and monitored the struggle between the Ultimates.

"Tai, I hope you're able to find Kari and the others..." Sora muttered, readying her arrow for another chance shot.


In another section of central Odaiba, MegaKabuterimon went head to head with Sinduramon, the rooster Deva. Izzy watched from a rooftop whilst getting into contact with the other Digi-Destined via his laptop.

"Hold still, human lover!" Sinduramon squawked, shooting bolts of discharged lightning toward MegaKabuterimon.

The Ultimate evaded the incoming lightning blasts and charged up a blast from his horn. "Nah, but have this... Horn Buster!" His attack forced Sinduramon to evade and absorb by swallowing it up. "Want some more?" He fired another attack and made Sinduramon swallow it.

"What are you doing, MegaKabuterimon?! You're just empowering him by sending him more of your...!" Izzy quickly saw through his Digimon's strategy. "Oh, right. Why didn't I see that? Keep it going!"

MegaKabuterimon flew around Sinduramon while avoiding the rooster's lightning blasts.

Tapping into his email, Izzy sent messages to Kari, TK, and Davis. "Hopefully they can get my message. With luck, they're already aware of the Deva attacks. Hopefully, Calumon is with them and out of the Devas' reach." He clicked on the 'Send' command and waited for confirmation. "Prodigious. This should do."


Shakkoumon shielded crowds from Indramon, the Horse Deva, using his body to take the Deva's blasts. Cody witnessed from a rooftop, eagerly cheering on his Digimon. Shakkoumon flew forward and landed a headbutt into Indramon, pushing the giant horse several feet back. Indramon pressed his yellow trumpet shell to the ground, holding himself firmly down.

"Get him, Shakkoumon!" Cody encouraged his Digimon. He looked over his back glancing over his Blade of Nobility.

"Give up?!" Shakkoumon demanded from the horse Deva.

Indramon gruffed and retorted. "Never! You won't defeat us Devas, you human supporter!"

"You're misguided. Me and my partner's bond is stronger than anything you can comprehend, Deva," Shakkoumon remarked as Indramon blew into his trumpet shell. "This again."

"Horn of Desolation!" Indramon howled as he generated a powerful ultrasonic wave, which slept through the street.

Shakkoumon braced himself, opening the slot embellished in his gut. He absorbed the brunt of Indramon's attack and fired beams from his eyes.

"Justice Beam!" roared Shakkoumon, quickly hitting and blasting the trumpet shell out of Indramon's hooves.

"Keep it up, Shakkoumon," Cody said as he attentively turned and noticed the skies lit up by a series of explosions. "The battles are getting too far spread out. I hope the others are ok." He said drawing out his D-Terminal and sending e-mails to his friends. "One way to find out."

(End theme)


Somewhere in Shinjuku/12:47 PM

(Cue DBZ OST - (Unreleased) Bojack Unbound Menu Music)

Secluded from the rest and hiding in a tunnel, a battered Impmon sat staring at a wall. The bruises and cuts were inflicted following his beating at the hands of Indramon, who previously engaged a few members of the Digi-Destined. Impmon took matters to his own hands and prove to the them, particularly Gatomon and Patamon, that he didn't need help.

Well, the machismo front got Impmon a beating he'd never forget.

Even now, the poor little guy reflected to his savage beating as it remained fresh in his mind.

I could I have let that stupid pony beat me like that?! And those losers had to nerve to offer ME help? I can fight my own battles... I can... The imp stopped, realizing how stupid he sounded and immediately stopped making excuses for himself. "I have to get stronger... but, why can't I? If only I can evolve...!" Gritting his teeth, Impmon smashed his fist down. "I want to evolve!"

Just then he said this, his eye attentively caught a shimmering flash of green light pouring out of a corner. Impmon pivoted his head and faced the glowing green light.

"Way too convenient. My prayers shouldn't be answered this soon..."

"You poor little fool. Do you really desire more power?" A deep voice came from the glowing flash of light.

"And what if I do? Who are ya?"

"Do you feel you deserve more power?"

Impmon narrowed his eyes and curiously faced the glowing light coming toward him.

"I can grant you your wish, Impmon."

"Ya can?" inquired the imp as he didn't budge from his spot. He felt the warm green light beaming over him. This light... I feel some strong energy coming from this. "Hey, pal, who are ya trying to pull here? What can you do to grant me more power?"

"Why don't you let the light take you and we can then talk?"

Resisting the urge to tell him off, he also didn't want to waste any chances of gaining power from even an unknown source with a hidden agenda.

Impmon scowled. "I'm listening." Hesitant to trust this unknown source at first, he touched the light and felt himself being pulled into something like a vortex. Then, he vanished and stumbled upon the dimension where this 'voice' called for him.

(End theme)


Shinjuku District/Near Shinjuku Bridge/12:50 PM

Elsewhere, and on the other side of Shinjuku, the Deva battles spread far into the Shinjuku vicinity and approached the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.

One battle against two Devas commenced: Jun & Dinohumon, Jim & Guardromon, Mantarou & Grizzlymon, Momoe & Mikemon, and Chizuru & Sunflowmon vs. Sandiramon and Makuramon, the snake and monkey Devas. Jun and her team put up a valiant effort against the two Ultimates, but the Devas proved to be too much of a challenge for them. Jun pleaded for Dinohumon to recover and rebound against Sandiramon, who raised its hood and hissed.

"C'mon, Dinohumon! We can't lose to these freaks!" Jun exclaimed, raising her voice and rallying her Digimon. I wish I were strong my like brother and his friends! How are they able to press forth through these situations?

"These fools are a waste of our time, Sandiramon," Makuramon snorted. "Come. They wouldn't know where Calumon is. They aren't even near the caliber those Digi-Destined are." He turned and began walking off with Sandiramon following him.

"They're looking for... our sis and her friends," mumbled Chizuru as she nodded to Mantarou and Momoe. She then knelt over and helped Sunflowmon off the ground.

"HOLD IT!" Jim shouted so loud the Devas stopped abruptly.

"Is there something you want, human?" asked Makuramon, not giving Jim a moment's glare. "I hope you know we're here to conduct our business elsewhere."

Sandiramon scowled. "C'mon, Makuramon, can't I just finish them off?"

Makuramon dismissed his colleague. "Save your energy for what really matters."

"Don't ignore us!" Mantarou exclaimed as Grizzlymon charged ahead and attempted to strike Makuramon.

The monkey Deva whirled around and threw an orb at Grizzlymon. Grizzlymon was hit by the orb and sent flying into Mantarou. As Grizzlymon stumbled on Mantarou, Dinohumon bumrushed Makuramon and hit him with his ax, which Sandiramon stopped with his tail. Dinohumon grunted as he was knocked back by the other end of Sandiramon's tail.

"Dinohumon!" cried Davis' sister, scrambling over to pick up Dinohumon. "You jerks aren't getting away with this!"

"Bold words, human!" Sandiramon hissed. "That's it. I'm going to take her out first!" With that, he opened his mouth and released a venomous ax. As the ax headed toward Jun, something resembling an energy beam batted the snake's attack away.

"What?!" screeched Makuramon, who turned and saw Davis dropping in with Paildramon. "Oh, look. One of the Digi-Destined shows up."

"DAVIS!" Jun cried out with delight.

"Never thought we'd get saved by you guys," Jim said as he helped Guardromon up.

"Whew, looks like we came in time," Davis surveyed the area. He was relieved seeing his sister and her friends safe.

"All right, Devas! Back off!" threatened Paildramon as he aimed his blaster cannon toward the two Devas.

"Oh, so you and your pet think you can take us?" The monkey relaxed his posture, chuckling. "Do tell. Really?"

"Only except you guys aren't gonna last long," Davis grinned nonchalantly as he pointed to the skies.

Everyone present turned to the skies to see Kaze Girl, Angewomon, TK, Angemon, and Sonja descending near them. Upon seeing Kaze Girl and her group, Makuramon's eyes widened once he let the realization sink into his head.

"G-Gah... oh no..." Makuramon stammered with fear as he backed away. "Um, Sandiramon, we should get out of here!"

"Why? What's the big deal?" A dumbfounded Sandiramon looked at the new arrivals. "They're just Digi-Destined."

"No, you don't get it! That's because you don't know who these guys are!" The monkey screamed out. "These aren't just Digi-Destined... they're..."

"I think it's time you guys hit the road," TK warned them. "If you were smart, you won't pick a fight with us."

"Whoa, hold on, guys!" Jun said.

"It's ok, sis," Davis smirked whilst turning to Sonja and winking to her. "You sure you won't want to take them, babe?"

"Waste my time with a dirty monkey and a butt-ugly snake? I'll pass," Sonja snidely dismissed the two Devas and their presence. She carried on her back a backpack with Calumon side. "They won't get their hands on you, little one. Stay in there."

"Eh? A human dares insults us Devas?! Know your place, woman!" Makuramon screeched as he threw an orb at her direction.

Sonja casually raised a hand and caught the ball without batting an eye. Makuramon blanched when he watched her crush the orb with her hand.

Kaze Girl quickly interjected. "That's enough. Go back where you came from, Devas." She and Angewomon held their ground against the two Devas, withdrawing the opportunity to attack unless necessary.

"We're not leaving without Calumon!" exclaimed Makuramon. "We're here to collect our prize and receive payment from the collector."

"We know you, Devas, sold yourselves out to some Tyrantmon guy," Davis said.

Sandiramon scowled under his breath. "So, they're already in the know. Damn it all."

"Relax. Even if you fools know, it won't change the fact Tyrantmon will have Calumon," the monkey Deva proclaimed as he pulled out another orb. "Sandiramon, avert your eyes!"

As Makuramon threw the orb down, it shattered and kicked up a giant cloud that poured throughout the vicinity. Makuramon jumped on Sandiramon's head as the Devas made a clean getaway. They left the Digi-Destined behind the smoke and relocated elsewhere.

"Heh, those idiots are so gullible as to allow us to escape!" Makuramon laughed.

"Really now?" Came a familiar voice above them.

The Devas blanched when they saw Kaze Girl, Angewomon, TK, Angemon, Davis, and Paildramon hovering over them.

"Nice try, but we're not letting you off until you tell us where Tyrantmon's hiding," Davis said.

"Get moving, Sandiramon!" Makuramon screamed as the snake tried to move, but he felt his tail being tugged back. The monkey whirled around to see Kaze Girl lifting up Sandiramon's tail. "Oh no!"

Angewomon and Angemon quickly fired simultaneous holy attacks.

"Celestial Arrow/Hand of Fate!"

As the attacks merged, they formed a massive holy ball that hit Sandiramon's square in the face and destroyed him. Makuramon watched his fellow Deva let out agonizing screams before being deleted.

"S-Sandiramon!" Makuramon pleaded. "I'm so screwed! Maka!" He tried fleeing by his own power and was quickly cut off by Paildramon. "Ah!"

"Tell us what we need to know, pal," Davis demanded. "Or, you can talk it over with Paildramon."

"This won't take long," TK said.

Kaze Girl watched Jun and her team storming toward them. "We have to keep Calumon out of their hands. No matter how far we have to stop these guys."

"As long as Sonja is keeping him safe, we have less to worry about," Angewomon reassured her partner.

Nodding, Kaze Girl watched Paildramon and Davis pummeling Makuramon. "I hope so." She stopped to check her D-Terminal. "Guys, my brother's on his way here."

"My brother should also know what's been going on," the Bearer of Hope said as he checked his D-Terminal for his brother's messages.


Somewhere in Shinjuku, Kumbhiramon, the rat Deva, summoned five clones and surrounded Matt and ZeedGarurumon. The calm and ever collected blonde held his ground, shooting Kumbhiramon a cold glare.

(Cue Dragonball Kai OST - The Formidable Warrior, the Saiyan)

"Heh, you're not so lucky now. Huh, punk?!" The Kumbhiramons taunted Matt and his Digimon. "You're surrounded by us and you two aren't going to make a move? We feel insulted. Oh well. If you don't wanna spill the beans about Calumon, we'll tear you two piece by piece!" They laughed simultaneously, much to Matt's annoyance.

"Matt..." ZeedGarurumon watched the look in his partner's eyes shift. He knew where this was leading. "So, you're letting him out, huh?"

"Matt tried his hardest, but he can't keep me away from Tai's sister," Yamato said as a calm smirk smeared over his face. "But, let's get rid of this pest first." He withdrew both hands from his pockets and put on a pair of gloves. "The fighting gloves are on, rat boy."

Taken aback by Yamato's arrogant demeanor, Kumbhiramon gawked at the teen. "Eh? Fighting gloves? You, a human, fight a high class Deva like me? Bwahaha! You arrogant apes are always so full of yourselves."

"Now that wasn't nice," Yamato smirked. "Then again, a wimp like you isn't even worth our time. We already know which of you is the real one."


"To your left, ZeedGarurumon!"

With that, ZeedGarurumon pivoted toward his left direction and expelled a breath of ice toward the real Kumbhiramon. The rat frantically took to the air as his clones quickly dispersed.

How did he know where I was?! Kumbhiramon thought as he turned and felt a presence behind him. To his shock, he saw ZeedGarurumon and Yamato beat him by air. "You got behind me this quick?!"

"The guys we've fought make you Devas look like low-class amateurs," Yamato chortled darkly. "I almost feel sorry you had to engage us."


"End it, ZeedGarurumon."

"I'LL SHOW YOU!" Kumbhiramon screamed as he went for a striking attack.

ZeedGarurumon howled, shooting an beam from his back cannon. "Zeed Cannon!" The Mega hit Kumbhiramon and one-shotted him into oblivion.

(End theme)

Yamato smiled evilly seeing Kumbhiramon's data scatter away. "That takes care of the pest control." He and ZeedGarurumon quickly merged together as they became Metalla X. "Now, to settle things with Celesta X!" He rocketed across the skies and picked up on Kaze Girl's location. I'm locked onto you, Kari. Here I come!


Tokyo Metropolitan Building/Secret Room/12:55 PM

"Riley, Talley, is the Juggernaut ready for launch?" Yamaki ominously inquired standing and facing the big screen displaying a map of the entire Shinjuku vicinity.

"All systems go, sir," Riley said with a little hesitation. Is this really right?

Talley added. "We're ready to launch."

"Good. Now initiate the Juggernaut program."


(Cue Digimon Adventure OST - Akumu)

Suddenly, two green beams of light systematically shot from the two towers of the government building. All spectators caught on witnessing the beams seemingly ripping a hole in the skies like a zipper. This wasn't the first Hypnos had attempted to carry out the Juggernaut.

Tai and Agumon stopped as they saw the skies beginning to 'zip' open.

"Those idiots! What do they hope to accomplish with this again?!" Tai exclaimed as he turned and noticed Agumon's body beginning to shift. "C'mon, buddy. It's time we settle this once and for all." He and Agumon put their fingers to their foreheads as they used Instant Movement, relocating themselves inside the government building.


Other World/X's Planet/12:57 PM

Witnessing the Juggernaut program initiation, the masked watcher couldn't believe Yamaki had the balls to pull it off again. Keke, Sam, Tike, David, and Kara noticed X shaking with anger. BW was sitting with arms crossed and meditating.

"Damn that fool!" X cursed, clenching his fists. "Didn't he learn his lesson last time?"

"You mean Yamaki is using that eraser program again?" Sam inquired. "He knows he's just going to get Tai and Agumon on his ass again!"

Tike scoffed. "These government suits really piss me off."

Kara nodded. "Same here, bro!"

David added as he approached X. "What about the others?"

"As long as they stay far away from that building, they should be ok," X replied. "Tai and Agumon just infiltrated the government building with their Instant Movement. It won't be long until they pay Yamaki and his crew a visit, but my biggest concern is likely about to happen."

Keke asserted. "Tyrantmon. This is exactly what he wants. If the Juggernaut program is unleashed again, it'll break open the seal between the Southern Realm and the real world."

"Yeah, and Tyrantmon is plotting to unleash calamity on the real world with his clan," the masked watcher replied. "Pikkan and BanchoLeomon are already down there fighting one of the Devas. These Devas are just the beginning of a bigger invasion that's yet to come."

The other Ascendants looked to each other and nodded together.

"Send us down there then, X," Sam insisted on leading the charge.

David chimed in. "The Devas aren't a problem, but if Tyrantmon's going down there, we're heading him and his gang off."

"Hell yeah!" Tike added excitedly. "Let's get down there and kick their ass!"

Just then, BW stood up and finished his meditating. He overheard their conversation and approached the group.

"Bring me along. I want in the action, too," BW asserted. "I want a piece of this Tyrantmon bastard."

"Well, I'm glad you've decided to join us, BW," Keke said.

X nodded and beckoned them off. "Be careful and hurry, guys."


(End theme)


Somewhere in Shinjuku/1:00 PM

BanchoLeomon and Pikkan took turns beating up Vikaralamon, the massive big Deva. After Pikkan landed an uppercut to the behemoth's jaw, he floored him in one shot. The proud Alterian put a foot over Vikaralamon and snorted.

"X sent us to take care of these scraps?" Pikkan snorted irritably. "Really? Where's this feared Tyrantmon I've been hearing all about?"

BanchoLeomon probed nearby Ki energies, most of which he was familiar with. "Our friends aren't too far from we're at."

"Want to step in and finish the job here?" Pikkan walked off leaving Vikaralamon behind. "I hate getting pig stench all over me."

"Very well," the brave warrior replied. "But, we must steer clear from the Juggernaut's reach."

"Whatever. I'm not scared of some human toy," the Alterian grumbled, preparing to take to the air.

However, as BanchoLeomon stepped forward, Vikaralamon recovered and opened his mouth.

"Don't take your eye off the ball, you idiots!" Vikaralamon bellowed while expelling black ink from his mouth. He watched the two warriors vanished before his eyes. He looked up to see the duo and launched an massive glowing ball at them. "Fusion Ball!" As the two warriors vanished, his eyes widened with fear as they reappeared both extending their hands in his faces. "Oh cra-"


Watching Vikaralamon's demise from afar, the dog and rabbit Devas, Catsuramon and Antylamon, were filled with mixed emotions.

Catsuramon conveyed disgust with his colleagues' failures. "Tyrantmon won't be pleased with this. Vikaralamon was a fool to engage an Alterian, but to challenge BanchoLeomon, a renowned warrior on par with an Ascendant? He foolishly resigned himself to an early grave."

Antylamon, on the other hand, was facing an internal struggle with facing the enemy or turning against her Deva clan.

"Now, I sense Sandiramon and Kumbhiramon have fallen as well. Makuramon is in a dilemma. This clan will be reduced to just a handful before Tyrantmon arrives..." He stopped as he viewed the skies being split open. "Yes, it's only a matter of time. Antylamon, why don't you make yourself useful and find Calumon?"

"I'm not sure..."


"I'm not sure if I want to fight these humans any further. We've already betrayed our Sovereigns by taking on Tyrantmon's services... for what? More power? These humans only fighting us to protect Calumon. We're the ones who instigated this. Didn't we learn from our last mistake facing these Chosen ones? Those Ascendants, especially... their powers have long surpassed our own. We're just leading our own clan to their destruction."

"True, but Tyrantmon and his clan are ready to deal with them."

"But, these Ascendants have already overcome the likes of Burizalor, a feared tyrant... and just recently a bio-weapon named Virus and a dimension crossing monster. We're all but ants to these titans."

"Enough prattling, Antylamon. Find Calumon..." Catsuramon grunted as the rabbit vanished. His eyes fell on the skies perpetually opening up. "We must hurry. Tyrantmon will appear soon."


Shinjuku District/Near Shinjuku Bridge/1:04 PM

As Davis and Paildramon continued issuing Makuramon a beating, Jun and her team cringed seeing a completely different side to Davis. Davis relentlessly punches Makuramon repeatedly, trying to force the monkey to reveal Tyrantmon's whereabouts. Kaze Girl, Angewomon, TK, Angemon, and Sonja stood on the side watching Davis and Paildramon having their way with the poor monkey.

"Where's your head boss, monkey?!" The Bearer of Miracles demanded as Paildramon lifted Makuramon off the ground. He stared right into Makuramon's face, which was covered in bruises and his left eye was slightly swollen.

"Whoa... I've never seen this side of Davis before... scary..." Jun gulped while backing away.

"He's like that thanks to me," Sonja smirked deviously. "Looks like our training's toughened him up."

"I'll say. It looks to have worked out for him," TK replied.

Suddenly, Kaze Girl and Angewomon sensed an incoming powerful surge of power heading their way.

"Kari?" Angemon asked the Bearer of Light.

"Everyone! Get back!" Kaze Girl called out to everyone.

Before the others reacted, a force of energy impacted Kaze Girl and pushed her toward the skies carrying her along. This alarmed those closest to where she was taken away.

"KARI!" Angewomon, TK, and Angemon cried out.

Davis immediately dropped Makuramon and shouted. "OH NO! KARI!" He and Paildramon quickly merged to become Ultima X. "TK!"

"Right!" The Bearer of Hope responded as he and Angemon merged to become WarAngemon. "Angewomon!"

As she took to the air, Angewomon, the Ascendants, and Sonja flew off to pursue Metalla X, who took Kari away from the area.

"Hey, wait a minute, guys!" Jun screamed for them. "Get back! What about the monkey?!"

"You guys can take care of him! Don't worry, sis, I softened him up for y'all!" Ultima X's voice trailed off as he flew off too far for Jun to catch on as what he said.

"What?! Softened him up... and huh?!" Jun turned as she and the others saw Makuramon was nowhere to be found. "Oh, for crying out loud!"

"We need to spread out and search for that monkey, guys!" Jim said. "He couldn't have gotten far."

With that, the Digi-Destined group spread out into different locations to search for Makuramon. Unbeknownst to them, Makuramon was seen hanging upside down from a clothesline pole. He rubbed his puffy face and cringed from the beating Davis gave him.

"Stupid boy. He's gonna regret messing my perfect face! Maka!" Makuramon whined. He curled his tail around the pole and launched himself on a rooftop. He landed and gazed out to the skies darkening over the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. "Well, just my luck. It begins." He lowered his right hand and summoned another clear orb. "Time for me to let Tyrantmon out." He evilly chuckled with an gleam to his eye.


Angewomon, WarAngemon, Ultima X, and Sonja were closing in near Metalla X and Kari. It didn't take long for WarAngemon to recognize his own brother's Ki power.

"That was Yamato! He flew and made off with Kari!" WarAngemon growled as he narrowed his eyes and clenched his fists. "My brother's tried his hardest to suppress Yamato and prevent him from hurting Kari."

"He really has a thing against Kamiyas, doesn't he?" Ultima X sighed. "Can't he just let well enough alone already?! Sheesh! Kari did nothing to Yamato!"

"He feels no Ascendant should be stronger than him," Angewomon answered. "He was already getting over the fact Tai and Dimitri surpassed him, but Kari ascending to the next level was the last straw. Yamato's pride won't allow it."

Clenching his fists, WarAngemon X asserted. "We need to get there so you and Kari can merge, Angewomon. I swear if he hurts a hair on Kari's head..."

Sonja's eyes scanned the distance, isolating the energy signals of Metalla X and Kari from the the others. "We're not that far off. Don't worry, TK. We'll reach her in time."

Augmenting his flight speed, Ultima X shouted. "Let's move!"

The Ascendants, Sonja, and Angewomon were drawing ever so closer to Metalla X and Kari's location. As they flew across the now darkening skies, Calumon barely poked his head out of Sonja's backpack and curiously looked out over Tokyo.

"Guys, I'm also sensing an absurd amount of power from ahead," Sonja pointed to the where the Juggernaut split the sky over the government building.

"Wha...?" Ultima X gave a bewildered reaction, naturally which the others gave when seeing this startling and ominous event.

"Those creeps at Hypnos are no doubt behind this..." WarAngemon growled. "But, Kari comes first. We better hurry."


As she hit the rooftop, Kaze Girl rolled over and jumped to her feet. She found herself without Angewomon and her friends around. She sensed a cold presence behind her, causing her to whirl around to meet Metalla X close-up. Kaze Girl sprang back and defiantly glared him down.

(Cue Dragonball Kai OST - Desperate Situation)

"Hi, Hikari, it's been a while," smirked Metalla X.

"Yamato..." She muttered as she lowered her hand over her D-3.

"You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this," Metalla X said whilst encircling her. "I must say that is an awfully ridiculous get-up you're wearing. I know and seen you playing a super heroine. But, you don't expect me to seriously fight you in that get-up."

Kaze Girl took on a battle stance. "I'm not afraid of you, Yamato. I might not have Angewomon with me to form Celesta X, but I still have part of my Ascendant power to last me in a fight!"

Metalla X smirked as he phased and reappeared behind Kaze Girl. The super heroine spun around, landing a spinning back kick, to which Metalla X caught effortlessly. He pushed her back, prompting her to drop down on her hands and deliver a spinning wheel kick – akin to Fairymon's Tempest Twist.

"Stop, Kari," Metalla X said as Kaze Girl abruptly halted her attack. "I'm not fighting you as you are now."

Upon hearing this from the arrogant Ascendant, Kaze Girl stood and glared him down.

"That's a scary look, Kari. Listen, I will only fight you in the form you used to destroy Virus and Arkadimon."

"What?!" Kaze Girl was taken aback, almost afraid of using that Ascendant form again. "You have to be joking." She have a half-hearted smile and forced a chuckle. "You don't want to fight me... if I use that form. You won't last... I might kill you."

"Then, if that's how I'm going to become an Ascendant above a normal Ascendant, but do what you must. I don't intend to pull any punches though," Metalla X declared as he waited for WarAngemon and the others to come.

(End theme)

Just in time, and with luck, WarAngemon, Ultima X, Angewomon, and Sonja dropped in on their location. They group hurried over to check on Kaze Girl. Reassuring them, Kaze Girl faced Metalla X again and recapped her friends on everything between them.

"So, Metalla X wants to fight you?" Ultima X gaped in aghast.

"Kari, we don't have time for this," WarAngemon said as he pointed her and Metalla X to the sky over the government building. "Hypnos is at it again and looks like they're intending to delete every Digimon in the area. We have to stop that Juggernaut thing from reaching full power."

"Yamato won't let me, TK," Kaze Girl said, not taking her eyes off Metalla X. "No matter how hard I might try to convince him, he wants to fight me when I'm in my second Ascendant level. I have to give him what he wants."

"Kari, you're crazy... that form is overkill... you'll freaking murder Yamato!" Ultima X said.

Sonja rolled her eyes. "If you ask me, the jerk needs his ass kicked. If me stomping over his pride can't get it done, Kari can finish the job."

"Well, I don't really want to crush his pride, but I'm not going to let him push me around anymore," Kari said as she took off her visor and had her eyes locked on Metalla X. She then turned the switch on her watch, changing herself back to Kari. Her long blonde hair became its natural brown again. "Angewomon!"


(Cue Dragonball Kai OST - One Hit to Victory)

As the Bearer of Light and her Digimon merged, they became Celesta X. The holy Ascendant basked inside a golden aura, which seemingly lit up the rooftop. Metalla X focused on the Kamiya girl and probed her Ascendant powers exuding out of her.

She's still clearly stronger than her brother. I have to achieve this level... I must have it! Metalla X gritted his teeth hard and clenched both fists. He shot an intense warrior's glance at Celesta X. "I won't let you leave me in the dust, Hikari!"

Celesta X turned as she flung her long golden hair back, tied in ponytail with spiky tips.

"Kari, you really mean this..." WarAngemon muttered, looking between Metalla X and her. "All right then." He finally convinced him, reflecting to her battle with Virus. "We'll leave this to you."

"You can kick his butt, Kari! You did it to Virus... just don't go too far... ok?" Ultima X said.

Sonja nodded to Celesta X. "Show him what you've got."

"Oooh, shiny and pretty golden hair!" Calumon gleamed at the two Ascendants facing each other.

"Let's go and see if we can try shutting down the Juggernaut, guys," WarAngemon advised the group. "Kari, if you finish this fight... please don't go too far and destroy my brother's body."

"I'll join you guys later," Celesta X said, taking a battle stance. "I'm not going to lose."

As the group felt reassured, they glided off toward the government building. Both WarAngemon and Ultima X looked over their backs seeing Celesta X as the distance between them became too great.

"TK, Davis, Sonja," Celesta X genuinely smiled before shifting her view back on Metalla X. Her smile faded and gave away to a focused, fierce look. "Yamato, how about we relocate? I don't want us to get too distracted."

"Whichever you think is best, but I personally like our location."

Celesta X glided off the roof and ascended to the skies where the clouds were. Metalla X followed Celesta X's path and saw her staying afloat in mid-air. The two Ascendants finally launched themselves forward, igniting their long-awaited clash.

"C'mon, Hikari! Show me you're every bit superior to your brother!" Metalla X shouted as he relentlessly threw a punch at her.

Celesta X phased out of Metalla X's reach and reappeared above him. Metalla X whirled around and grabbed her left leg. He threw her through a cloud and fired a beam toward her. Celesta X recovered quick enough to backhand the beam aside. She shot forward and landed a kick to Metalla X's chin, disorienting him a bit. She flew over his head and landed a kick to his back. Metalla X fell back and stopped his own fall.

Celesta X waited for Metalla X and clubbed him in the face. Metalla X rebounded by hitting her with a headbutt to her face. The blow inflicted a cut to her right eyebrow. Leaving herself wide open, Metalla X backhanded her into the building and watched her hit the rooftop.

"C'mon, Kari! This isn't your best!" Metalla X exclaimed. "Where's the power you sued to destroy Virus and Arkadimon! I wish to challenge it for myself!"

Struggling to sit up, Celesta X felt her powers slowly rising.

Then, Metalla X sensed the sleeping force awakening. He could feel it. It was like a volcano waiting to erupt, but all it required was another push to finally erupt.

"You leave me no choice then, Kari," Metalla X chuckled. "Maybe, I should let those fools at Hypnos kill everyone you know... and I won't do a damn thing to help them! I'll let even Matt's brother, TK, die!"

"No... you won't...!" Celesta X growled as lightning began surfacing over her golden aura. The ponytail end of her hair was about to come off. The ground under her feet began caving under the pressure of her heightening power. Then, the band keeping her hair up in a ponytail burnt away, letting loose her now spiky hair. Her golden aura seemingly turned white as wings materialized behind her back. She raised her head and let out a siren's cry.

All it took was a moment.

Then, Metalla X felt an incredible force of power repel him, seemingly out of nowhere. He stopped himself from being blown into the sky.

Incredible! This is indeed Kari's true Ascendant power... Metalla X briefly paused as he noticed a trickle of blooding hitting his right-handed glove. His eyes and mouth were agape seeing his own blood. "Blood? My blood?" He stopped and got a good view of Level 2 Celesta X sporting her unique white aura. Just hitting me with her power was enough to make me bleed from the distance I was at?!


Metalla X's eyes widened again when he barely caught Celesta X vanishing. When he turned around, he came face to face with Celesta X level 2, the same power used to annihilate Virus' perfect body and slay Arkadimon. It was also the power that vanquished Dragomon. The proud Ascendant was starting to come to the realization that he...

"You..." Metalla X gaped in shock looking Celesta X in her cold and murderous gaze.

...made the biggest mistake in his life.

"Yamato, this is going to hurt me more than it's going to hurt you."

(End theme)


Tokyo Metropolitan Building/Secret Room/1:10 PM

(Cue Digimon Tamers OST - Hypnos Theme)

"Juggernaut's almost at full completion, sir," Riley confirmed to the head chief of Hypnos.

"Excellent," Yamaki replied with an ever sadistic grin. "Soon, we'll rid this world of digital kind forever. The Digi-Destined will have no choice, but to thank me..."

Suddenly, the security doors became breached once an energy blast tore it right down. Everyone present inside the facility became alarmed by the intrusion. Yamaki whirled around as he saw Tai and Agumon storming into the place.

"You two..." Yamaki couldn't believe his eyes. "But, security..."

"Oh, them?" Tai nonchalantly replied, folding his arms and looking over the trail of bodies of security guards behind him. "Well, they should know their place. They'll be sleeping for a while, but don't worry."

"We didn't kill them," Agumon said.

"But, we're definitely shutting down Juggernaut," Tai threatened while putting his right hand out, collecting a ball of energy in his palm. "You claim you're doing this for the better of mankind, but I can see through the lies of you government creeps. You're not out for the interest of the people, but yourselves and your positions. Why are you so afraid of digital kind?"

Yamaki stepped back, defiantly holding his stand against Tai and Agumon.

(End theme)

"Look at Agumon. Do you think he intentionally wants to hurt anyone? Not unless they're evil monsters or people who threaten those close to me. And you, Yamaki, fall under the latter. I doubt you're an evil man, but your intentions are too radical. That's why I can't let this Juggernaut run anymore."

"Who are you to talk down and lecture me, boy?!" Yamaki snapped as Riley and Talley watched the two exchange heated words. "You're the ones responsible for letting all these Digimon and these monsters into our world."

"But, we've done our best to stop any threats to both sides."

As Yamaki leaned back against the Juggernaut switch, he looked behind him and calmly smirked.

"I'm warning you, Yamaki. You set that thing at full power... there's a powerful enemy waiting to come into our world and roughshod it!" The Bearer of Courage warned him. As he made an advancement on the man, Tai stopped and sensed Celesta X's level 2 power from afar. What?! That's Kari! She's unleashed her Ascendant level 2 power... and she's fighting Yamato? What the hell pushed them to fight each other...?!

He's distracted...? This is my chance! Yamaki sneered as he pushed the button behind him, which initiated the final push to unleashing the Juggernaut's full power.

"No!" Tai and Agumon cried out simultaneously.

"Heh, you're too late. Even if you survive, let's see all those other Digimon try and escape this!" Yamaki exclaimed.

No! Guys! The big-haired teen said as he bumrushed and grabbed Yamaki's shirt, lifting him up effortlessly. "You bastard!"

"Tai! Look!" Agumon pointed to the screen where it displayed something resembling an orb hitting the vortex, which destabilized the Juggernaut and opened up a hole.

"No... what's that...?" The man asked as his eyes fell on the shocking chain of events.

What emerged from the gaping hole was a cloaked figure and fours flying behind him.

"Tai, that's...!" Agumon stopped as his partner finished for him.

Tai growled, still holding Yamaki up by his shirt. "...Tyrantmon."


Above the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building/1:15 PM

As the five hooded figures landed on the government building's roof, the leader, Tyrantmon, walked forward placing a foot on the roof's edge. He chuckled with a hood and mask concealing his face. His four colleagues approached near him and gazed over Tokyo.

(Cue Dragonball Kai OST - A New Foe Rears His Head)

"Lay your eyes on what will become our new sanctuary," Tyrantmon solemnly declared. He grabbed his cloak and ripped if off along with his hood and mask. Finally revealing himself. Tyrantmon raised his head and seemingly towered over his four colleagues. The leader of the gang resembled large teal-skinned man with a muscular. He looked something like a space gypsy, wearing a long-sleeved cyan coat, baggy white pants, and a purple bandana. Hanging down behind his back was thick and long orange hair. The muscle bound tyrant wore a long scar over his face.

"Lord Tyrantmon, our newest assassin is ready. Shall we leave you with him while we scour this human city?" The female colleague inquired.

"Leave me with Impmon," Tyrantmon stated. "Seductressmon. Lajinmon. Zekermon. Seethermon." He faced each four individual and beckoned them off. "Spread out, Galactic Pirates! Find Calumon and finish where the Devas have failed us."

Following their leader's command, the four Galactic Pirates finally split up and spread out scouring over Tokyo.

"This city will be ours by nightfall," Tyrantmon said as he calmly monitored the sky splitting open as a grid-like universe hung over the city. "Soon, the Southern Realm will merge with the human's world and bring forth calamity. Once I have Calumon, I will gain the power I need to become the king of realms!" He laughed as he flew up and vanished to meet with Impmon.


"Guys, we've got company!" WarAngemon pointed to the hooded figures that spread out. He turned to Ultima X and Sonja. "Looks like Tyrantmon's finally entered our world."

"Let's spread out and follow them!" Ultima X said as he looked over to Sonja. "You need to keep Calumon safe, babe. We'll meet up again."

"Be careful you two," the Artificial said as she watched the two Ascendants leave. "Ok, little one, we're going somewhere safe."

Calumon curiously poked his head out. "What's going on out there?"

"Stay inside," she whispered as she glided off and relocated to a safer location. With the sky facing instability, what else could this lead to? I don't even want to know. Davis, I better see you again.

(End theme)


Tokyo Metropolitan Building/Secret Room/1:18 PM

"You see what you've done, Yamaki?" The Bearer of Courage growled as he dropped the man and faced Agumon. "You're not helping our cause. Now, we have to clean your mess up..." He nodded to Agumon. "This isn't over. If I were you, I'd think about what you've done and do the right thing. If you don't, I'm coming back here and shutting this thing down myself. Are we clear?" He deepened his tone, conveying his contempt for Hypnos' actions as of late.

As Tai and Agumon used Instant Movement, they left Yamaki quivering and mulling. The man picked up the cigarette lighter he dropped and watched the big screen, which displayed random locations of the various battles taking place in the city.

"Sir..." Riley tried reaching him, but it came to no avail.

Yamaki gripped his lighter tightly and cursed. "...damn it all..."


Other World/X's Planet/11:20 PM

X was suddenly greeted by Tai and Agumon, who arrived in time to meet with the masked watcher.

"Tai, what are you doing here?"

"Tell me more about this Tyrantmon guy, X."

X sighed as he faced his former pupils and answered. "Tyrantmon has become unbound. He and his gang, the Galactic Pirates, came from Planet Void. The same planet you lured Virus to when he self detonated. Shortly after being freed from their imprisonment, they arrived in the Southern Realm and slipped into a pocket dimension to regain their full strength. So, in a sense, you two, as Omega X, are responsible this."

Tai and Agumon were deeply shocked when hearing this startling revelation.

"But, I know you two can correct this wrong. There's little time if Tyrantmon isn't stopped before the day is done, your world and the Southern Digital World will collide, bringing forth chaos."

"Then, we know what we have to do," Tai replied. "Agumon?"

"I'm ready whenever you are, Tai."

"Tyrantmon can only be taken down by an Ascendant of your caliber. So, ideally, either you or Kari have the power to defeat him. Tyrantmon's power is no different from Virus'."

"Then, we should have no problem," the big-haired teen said with the utmost confidence. "We just need to approach this situation more carefully. Agumon, let's head back."


X folded his arms and smiled behind his mask. "Take him down, guys."


Next chapter: The Merciless Galactic Pirates Attack! Arise, Dark Mega Beelzebumon!


A/N: When I said chaos, I really meant it. What started as a picnic date with Tai and Sora has spilled into a cluster of a mess!

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Seductressmon: Zangya.

Lajinmon: Bujin.

Zekermon: Bido.

Seethermon: Kogu.

Three Devas slain and plenty more to go (except Antylamon, who might turn a new leaf soon). Tyrantmon prepares his last assassin to deal with the other Digi-Destined while the Ascendants and the warriors battle the four Galactic Pirates. Sonja also plays a crucial role keeping Calumon out of the bad guys' hands. Tai and Agumon decide to pay Yamaki a visit and hopefully gave him a much needed reality check.

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