A/N: The battles with the Galactic Pirates and Beelzebumon gets heated, but how will our heroes fare in this installment? Read on and find out. :D


Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 2.5, Arc 3: Tyrantmon Unbound

Chapter 112: Intercept the Galactic Pirates! Tyrantmon's Scheme Unfolds!


Shinjuku Central Park/12:20 PM

Antylamon took cover behind a large stone. She carried an unconscious Celesta X in her arms and sat down, hearing the resounding screeches of a particular monkey Deva on the hunt for them. Makuramon hovered from a tree and landed on the ground. He scowled and scanned the forest as he completely lost track of Antylamon's whereabouts during the pursuit.

"Where the heck is that traitorous rabbit hiding?!" Makuramon screeched. "Antylamon, get out here and explain yourself! What is the meaning of you tending to an Ascendant?! You realize how dangerous and unpredictable they are!"

Antylamon paid Makuramon no attention and held Celesta X close. She looked ahead and spotted a tunnel across from where she was sitting. Makuramon threw his orb and pulverized a giant rock, desperately trying to reveal Antylamon's location.

"Damn it! I'm not telling you again!" The monkey loudly yelled. "Get out here and we'll discuss your treason against the Deva clan! Most of our brethren have already been slain! I would know. I was there to see Sandiramon perish against a group of Ascendants. The one you're carrying is likely one of them! She must die for Sandiramon!"

Looking over Celesta X, the rabbit was having second thoughts. However, her conscious was telling her otherwise. She kept silent and waited for Makuramon to leave.

Is Makuramon speaking the truth? Even if he is... what we're doing is wrong. He doesn't realize we're expendable to Tyrantmon if we fail him. Antylamon took a chance and slipped into the tunnel without Makuramon knowing.

"Ugh! This is getting tiresome! Primal Orb!" angrily screeched Makuramon as he jumped up and threw a barrage of orbs, which cleared away sections of the land. "Come on out, Antylamon, if you know what's good for you!"

Antylamon heard Celesta X stirring in her arms and put her on the ground. The Digi-Vitamin fell out of Celesta X's hand, which garnered the rabbit's attentively to the object. She picked it up and examined it.

"I wonder if she's supposed to eat this?" Antylamon wondered as she slipped the vitamin in Celesta X's mouth. She made her bite down on the vitamin and swallow it. "There."

After swallowing the vitamin, Celesta X was quickly rejuvenated. Taken aback by this, Antylamon was shocked to witness the Ascendant's speedy recovery.

"Oh my... I guess it worked?" The Deva was slightly surprised.

"Uhh... what...?" The Ascendant of Light came to her senses.

"I don't know why I'm doing this for you..." sighed Antylamon, rethinking her shaky position. "Perhaps, I've had a change of heart... and realized there's good in humanity. I sense good in you, Ascendant. Yet, you possess a great power. I believe you have the power to stop Tyrantmon's ambition to rule your world." She reflected back to her brief talk with Catsuramon. "You're the one who destroyed the bio-Artificial... that abomination named Virus."

Celesta X turned her head and saw Antylamon sitting near her.

"You're finally awake?"

"Who..." Celesta X squinted her eyes and clarified her vision. "...who are you?"

"The question I have for you... can you help stop Tyrantmon?" She asked Celesta X, who looked at her in befuddlement.

"I can, but aren't you one of the Devas I've heard about? Why aren't you trying to attack me?"

"It's complicated, but I bear no grudge with you, humans. I started to see the good in humanity. I came the realization we Digimon have our positives and faults like you humans."

Celesta X replied as she slowly lifted off the ground. "...well, I'm glad you're getting it, but your friends don't seem to agree."

"Only a few of us remain. With our numbers greatly reduced, Tyrantmon no longer sees any value in our services and intends to terminate us by sending his Galactic Pirate henchmen to finish us all. He intends to seek out Calumon to enhance his own power and open the seal of a being with immeasurable strength... perhaps strong enough to destroy your world."

The female Ascendant fell into shock and was speechless upon hearing Antylamon's ominous foretelling. Before she could speak, Celesta X was alarmed by explosions emanating outside the tunnel.

"What was that?"

"Makuramon is out looking for me. He has branded me a traitor for sheltering you. I saw me carry you from a lake which I found you laying unconscious."

"Wait!" Celesta X gasped. "I remember fighting Metalla X and getting hit by a powerfully charged blast, which knocked me out... and subsequently blacked out from that."

"Then, Tyrantmon and his cohorts have already summoned the Galactic Obelisks. They intend to merge your world with the Digital Realms to provide a new kingdom for themselves and their deity, Skykos."

Celesta X looked outside and saw Makuramon wildly throwing more Primal Orbs.

"Then, we better get moving, Antylamon," she turned and faced the rabbit Deva. "We can easily get by that monkey."

"Thank you."

Nodding, Celesta X clenched her fists and took a deep breath. "Makuramon isn't a big deal, but Tyrantmon and his deity is a bigger matter. I've beaten Virus. I can stop Tyrantmon and I'm sure my brother is out there. You can count on him to deal with this Skykos."

"Then, we have a daunting task ahead of us."

"Nothing to it! Now, let's get going!" Celesta X boldly declared as she grabbed Antylamon and flew out carrying her. She quickly sped by and flew past Makuramon, leaving him in the dust.

"Ack! What in Digiworld was that?!" Makuramon screeched as he waved the cloud smoke away. He glanced ahead and saw Celesta X flying off with Antylamon. "They're escaping! Antylamon, you get back here!" He immediately conjured an orb and hopped it, which carried him off into the distance and pursued them.


Near Tokyo Tower/12:23 PM

(Cue Dragonball Kai OST - The Ebb and the Flow)

Zekermon's battle with Keke, Sam, and Kara started to intensify. The three Ascendants launched a bombardment of blasts to force the Galactic Pirate into hiding. Zekermon slipped behind a billboard and watched Kara glide by. He flew out and surprised Kara with a sucker punch. He sent her sailing through a window and opened his hand.

"I'll start with you," Zekermon grinned maniacally as he prepared to hit her with a beam. Just then, he whirled around and saw Sam flying toward him. As Sam went for a kick, Zekermon swerved to the side and turned around hitting Sam's face with an elbow.

"Ugh!" Sam grunted as Zekermon drilled him with a faceful of elbow.

"Sam!" Keke shouted whilst gliding toward Zekermon and hitting him with a flying kick.

Zekermon was sent plunging into the ground where he slowly stirred and stood up cackling. Keke scowled and cupped her hands forward.

"Give me your best shot, bitch!" Zekermon goaded her.

Keke dropped her stance and flew over to check on her two friends. Zekermon scoffed and flew up after her. As Keke turned, Zekermon prepared to hit her with a blast.

"That was a missed opportunity!" The Galactic Pirate roared, charging up a ball of energy in his right hand.

Suddenly, a powerful force impacted his face and knocked him into a building. The attacker was none other than a fully recovered Kara, who looked absolutely pissed off.

"That was for cheapshotting me, you punk ass bitch!" Kara snapped.

"Thanks, Kara!" Keke called out.

Sam watched Kara's quick aggressive rush and sweatdropped seeing the fuming girl mouthing off the intergalactic warrior. Sam floated over to Keke as they watched Kara throwing a flurry of punches all over Zekermon. The intergalactic warrior went on the defensive and blocked all of Kara's punches and backhanded her aside. Like a pitbull, Kara clung onto Zekermon's arm and bit him hard.

"Gah!" yelled Zekermon, who threw Kara off his arm and fired a beam at her.

Sam glided forward and batted the beam into the sky where it exploded. Keke joined in and tended to Kara while Sam sized up Zekermon.

"Your fight is with me now. Let's go," Sam beckoned the alien to attack him.

Zekermon grinned evilly and cackled enthusiastically. "Sure, why not, boy?! I've got time to play with y'all!" He propelled forward and engaged Sam in a fisticuffs battle. He threw a punch, which Sam caught with one hand. The young Ascendant surprised Zekermon by throwing him over his shoulder.

Zekermon quickly put on the brakes whilst still in mid-air. He whirled around and faced the three Ascendants, readily prepared to continue throwing down with them. The longer their battle dragged, the more power was being released from the nearest Galactic Obelisk. Sam noted the gigantic tower and deduced its connection with Zekermon.


Central Odaiba/12:26 PM

Lajinmon was baffled when BanchoLeomon used his sword to skewer through the threads surrounding him and his colleagues. Pikkan and BW helped clear the path for BanchoLeomon. After clearing the thread labyrinth, Lajinmon hastily flew off and left the three warriors to catch him escaping him.

"You're not going anywhere!" Pikkan bellowed, forging a Ki ball in his hand and throwing it at Lajinmon. Much to his dismay, the intergalactic being phased out and let the beam hit a billboard, causing it to explode and collapse on the streets. "Damn!"

"Watch where you're aiming your attacks, Pikkan," BanchoLeomon reminded the Alterian, noticing crowds scattering away from the billboard. It had crashed in the middle of the street and blocked incoming traffic. "Seems not everyone's been evacuated on this side."

"Let's move! We have that sneaky bastard!" BW said.

While the trio scoured through the vicinity, Lajinmon reappeared behind a billboard. He poked a hole through and watched the three warriors searching for him.

"Hehehe, we're just beginning, my friends," the creepy-eyed warrior giggled a devilish chuckle as he plotted his next move.

(End theme)


Odaiba Bay/12:34 PM

What seemed like a while happened quickly. The Digi-Destined witnessed the fall of their Digimon before their eyes. Their opponent: Beelzebumon, Impmon's new Mega form. The majority of the Digimon took nasty hits and falls, causing them to revert back to their Rookie forms. Gomamon, Hawkmon, and Tentomon recovered enough to scurry back to the Digi-Destined, who were preparing their Crest Weapons and combining them to use against Beelzebumon.

(Cue Digimon Tamers OST - Tamers Action)

All the while, Rosemon, Phoenixmon, GranKuwagamon, and Vikemon engaged Beelzebumon. The Demon Lord made quick evasive counters through their attacks. Rosemon managed to catch Beelzebumon with a thorn vine, ensnaring his right hand. Beelzebumon seized the vine and jerked Rosemon forward, preparing to thrust his claws forward to gut her.

"Rosemon! Look out!" Mimi screamed for her partner.

Just then, GranKuwagamon dropped in behind the Demon lord and him with his front horns. He headbutted Beelzebumon hard enough to send him plunging into the beach. Beelzebumon sprang up on one foot and pulled out his Berenjena shotguns.

"Eat some of this, ya big overgrown cockroach!" Beelzebumon roared, firing double blasts from both shotguns.

As GranKuwagamon swerved around the bullets, Beelzebumon flew up and kicked GranKuwagamon's gut. GranKuwagamon doubled over from the blow and fell to the waters below.

"Focus everyone!" Ken exclaimed, trying his best to focus but his worries for his Digimon started overcoming him. It also became increasingly obvious the Digi-Destined feared the worst for the Digimon.

"Whatever new power he received, he's totally making us look like amateurs!" Tentomon observed, flying over the Digi-Destined and watching the ongoing struggle.

"This isn't looking good! Guys, are you almost done yet?!" Gomamon turned around and watched the Digiteam finally putting their Crest Weapons together.

"We have to get a good aim and hit him with full force!" Cody said.

Yolei called out. "Right! When Ken says fire, we fire!"

Watching Phoenixmon bombard Beelzebumon with fireblasts, Sora's fears began overriding her optimism. Beelzebumon proved to be more than a match for their Digimon partners together. In the back of her mind, Sora wondered if the Crest Weapons' strength could overcome Beelzebumon, but she reminded herself of the Digimon that Beelzebumon used to be.

I can't believe that's Impmon out there! I really thought our Digimon could've convinced him to change his selfish ways, but now he goes and sells his soul to the enemy. The Bearer of Love made a quick observation regarding Beelzebumon. "I just wish there was another way we could help change Impmon."

"The selfish punk made his choice," Yolei scoffed. "This is gonna be one wake-up call to him, courtesy of us!"

As Beelzebumon landed an uppercut to Phoenixmon's jaw, he turned and kicked Vikemon's face. Vikemon collapsed and fell over. Beelzebumon turned around and spotted Rosemon on the ground sitting up. Seeing Rosemon looking helpless and beaten brought a fiendish smile to the Demon Lord's pale face. He sauntered over to Rosemon and aimed his Berenjena shotguns.

Looking on fearfully, Mimi blanched when seeing her partner at the mercy of Beelzebumon.


Scowling, Ken roared and beckoned to the whole Digiteam. "NOW! FIRE!"

The Digi-Destined aimed and fired as the merged Crest Weapon turned into a cannon. The cannon unleashed a powerfully charged beam accumulated from the Crest energies that created the cannon construct.


As the powerful beam headed toward Beelzebumon, the Digimon took cover and left Beelzebumon out in the open. The Demon Lord turned around as his eyes and shock widened.

"Wh-WHAT?! OH SHI-!" Beelzebumon let out a resounding roar as the beam hit him head-on. However, rather than letting it swallow him, he pressed his hands against the beam and held it back to a standstill. Firmly planting his feet into the ground, Beelzebumon struggled to hold the earth-shattering beam. "I C-C-CAN HANDLE T-T-THIS!" He defiantly yelled and tried holding his ground against the beam.

"Look! He's struggling to hold it!" Joe pointed out.

"There's no way he can... or can he?!" Yolei had her reasons to worry. "Ugh, he's getting on my last nerves!"

"That beam was formed from our Crest Weapons' powers synchronized. Even if he tried to overcome it, he'll have taken enough damage for our Digimon to attack him at once," an overly nervous Ken deduced, keeping an eye on the demon's struggle with the beam.

"Doesn't look like he'll be holding out much longer!" Rosemon said.

GranKuwagamon growled. "Maybe not, but look! Look what he's trying to do!"

(End theme)

Gritting his teeth, Beelzebumon tried closing his arms around the beam and crushing it with his fingers. His fingers began burning when digging the claws deeper into the intense beam. He buckled against the beam and roared.

I can't believe this! He's holding his ground against it! Sora thought as her eyes and mouth went agape.

"He's got to go down sometime!" Cody shouted.

What's it going to take? Ken meticulously watched Beelzebumon struggling to hold the beam. "Wait! Look!"

The beam suddenly wrapped itself around Beelzebumon and binded his arms back. Then, the beam exploded right in Beelzebumon, triggering an explosion that forced the Digimon to take cover. The Digimon threw themselves in front of their partners, shielding them from the debris sweeping across the beach. It appeared Beelzebumon had met his untimely end... at least, that's what they believed.

A delicious idea immediately popped into the demon's mind, which was a last resort he was holding off until now.


Akihabara District/12:37 PM

Seductressmon, being her seductive and cool-headed self, gave a haughty laugh when Ultima X struggled to stand. After taking a few kicks to his face, Ultima X found himself taken by surprise and overwhelmed by the intergalactic woman's adept agility. Seductress hovered close behind Ultima X and placed her hand behind the back of his head.

"Any last words, little boy?" Seductressmon inquired, conjuring a Ki ball in her hand. As she prepared to fire, Ultima X jumped up and avoided the blast, which hit the ground. She flew up and went for a flying kick that Ultima X evaded.

If she fights anywhere close akin to Sonja, I should be able to hang with her! Snickered Ultima X, who continued avoiding the alien's kicks. However, he didn't take into account the slap she hit him with. He was sent plunging to the ground whilst hitting the back of a car. "Ugh!" He grunted, shaking his head as he saw Seductressmon walking up to him.

"Bored now," Seductressmon smirked. "But, allow us to part ways with a kiss." With that, she flew across and reached out to grab him.


A beam seemingly flew out of nowhere and cut through between the two. Seductress instinctively stopped and backflipped over the beam, letting it pass through and blow a hole in the ground. Alarmed, both Ultima X and Seductressmon looked up to see Sonja descending from the skies. The female Artificial landed near Ultima X and had her arms folded. Both women intently stared each other down.

"Sonja, hey, babe! Nice save, but I was gonna rebound..."

"Sure you were. Last I checked, she was kicking you around like a beach ball."

Ultima X scowled. "Well, hey, I don't like to hit girls!"

"You don't have any problems sparring with me."

"Only because we trust each other not to overdo it!"

Sonja flicked her hair back and placed the backpack on Ultima X's lap. She unfolded her arms and took a fighting stance.

"Hold on to that, Ultima X," she ordered. "And be gentle with it."

Nodding, Ultima X understood to whom Sonja was implying. He picked up the bag and held it gently while watching the two ladies encircle one another.

"Watch it, babe. She's a tough cookie!"

Sonja smirked almost evilly as her eyes locked on Seductressmon. The alien's smirk matched the Artificial's. Ultima X stood on the sidelines and utilizing this time to recover. He felt the bag move on its own and remembered Calumon was inside.

Oh, man! She's leaving Calumon in my care! Sheesh, I always get the short end of the stick! Ultima X groaned, keeping the bag safely secured in his custody. He murmured quietly to the bag as he made sure Seductressmon didn't hear him. "Relax, little guy. Big sis Sonja will handle the mean woman." He sweatdropped realizing how stupid he sounded trying cheer up Calumon.

"So, you're the one who's checking out my guy?" Sonja openly addressed Seductressmon.

The alien woman flicked her hair back and scoffed, her tone exuding arrogance. "What are you talking about? I was merely having fun with your little boyfriend."

"Oh, that's all I need to hear," Sonja said a she vanished and reappeared on Seductressmon's right side. She caught Seductressmon with a punch and sent her flying onto a car hood. She flew over and went for a straight punch.

Seductressmon rolled away and launched herself 30 feet into the air. Sonja jerked her hand from the car hood and flew up to meet with Seductressmon. The two immediately exchanged rapidfire punches and kicks while soaring around the skies.

"Go, Sonja!" Ultima X cheered his Artificial girl on. "Man, and I get the front row seat to see this, too! I'm the luckiest guy ever!"

While the ladies' battle flared up, Calumon began fidgeting inside the bag as he felt a dark vibe from afar. He sensed the presence of the Galactic Pirate's leader on the move and looking for him.


Shinjuku District/12:40 PM

"Hyah!" WarAngemon shouted whilst he and Seethermon exchanged punches. The Ascendant hit Seethermon with a punch that pushed Seethermon back.

"Sonuvabitch!" Seethermon cursed as he turned around and found himself on the receiving end of the boys' punches. He evaded their punches and flew into the air, luring Tike and David toward him. He drew out his sword and slashed the air, unleashing a cutting projectile that split the ground in between behind the boys.

Tike turned around and gaped. "Crap!"

David blinked thrice. "That was quick!"

"Keep your heads on your shoulders, guys!" WarAngemon called out to them. He readied himself and glared at Seethermon. He studied the sword in the wielder's hand. That sword of his reminds me of Dimitri's. Clenching his fist, the Ascendant channeled Ki into his knuckles.

"Not bad, boys, but let's see you keep up once I go all out," Seethermon widened his grin. He then launched himself toward WarAngemon and attacked him head-on.

"Get him!" Tike yelled out as he and David fired blasts at Seethermon's back.

Seethermon whirled around and sliced both beams with quick sword slashes. WarAngemon flew up and slammed into the alien's back. He pushed him away and knocked him into an empty lot where Seethermon landed. Seethermon recovered and waited for the three Ascendants to find him.

"That's it. Right this way..." Seethermon wore a fiendish smirk as a subtle green aura produced over him. The first signs of a transformation became obvious when his shirt began to show signs of tear from his bulging muscle mass. "Now the fun begins, boys."


Odaiba/12:43 PM

Elsewhere, Omega X was now scouring through the Odaiba area and had left checking back with his family. He flew off to search for the others.

"Everyone's scattered," Omega X said, placing two finger on his forehead. "All right, time to choose a location..." Suddenly, he sensed the closest Ki source and got a lock on someone. "Yamato. He and Kari were in a clash just a while ago. I ought check in with him first... and then Kari." He wasted no time and teleported to the Metalla X's current position.


Metalla X soared over the Odaiba vicinity and scanned for any invader activity. His eyes fell on one of the four Galactic Obelisks, which were summoned by the Pirates. He recalled one sending a powerful surge of power that neutralized Celesta X. If this stroke of luck hadn't occurred, Metalla X would've likely been at the mercy of Celesta X and put in critical condition.

Just when he flew over to investigate the large obelisk, Metalla X stopped when Omega X teleported right over him. Omega X greeted him.

"Hey, Yamato, where's my sister at?"

"She's hurt..."

"What?" Omega X frowned. "Did you...?"

"Behind you," Metalla X pointed to the obelisk behind them. "That construct released an immense blast that struck Kari and knocked her out."

"Yeah, I just flew by one and tried destroying it. My blasts don't seem to have any effect. So, where's Kari?"

"I left her in Shinjuku Park and gave her a Digi-Vitamin," the Ascendant muttered indifferently. "Knowing her, she'll recover and find that vitamin in her hand."

Omega X sighed. "Let's go back and get her then. You shouldn't have left her..." He quickly probed a familiar Ki from afar and honed on it with his senses. "Kari's energy is active now. She's on the move somewhere and she's with someone I'm not familiar with."

"Then, I can leave you to find her. There's a few dark powers engaging the others as we speak."

"Those must be Tyrantmon's goons. I can handle them. I'm more concerned about Tyrantmon, Hypnos, and that giant vortex in the sky. Those towers are widening the vortex's gap. If that hole grows any bigger, there's no telling what kind of consequences might occur to our world and the Digital Worlds."

"I only care about taking out Tyrantmon. I can leave you to close that vortex."

"Heh, typical Yamato," the Kamiya chortled, trying to lighten the mood amidst the chaotic atmosphere.

'Hey, Tai! It's X! There's more details I neglected to tell you regarding Tyrantmon.'

Omega X looked up and initially responded. "I hear you, X. Go on."

'Tyrantmon needs Calumon in order to summon his clan's deity. That vortex hanging above you doubles as a ritual to open the portal that contains this evil beast. The god that Tyrantmon and his clan pay tribute to is named Skykos the Exodian Priest.'

"Skykos?" Omega X was slightly taken aback by X's ominous words.

'Yes, but the good news is his power shouldn't be anywhere near his prime. He along with Tyrantmon and his people have been sealed on Planet Void for crimes against the Digiverse. The Sovereigns ensured they would remain sealed... until you lured Virus to Void and caused him to explode.'

As he started regretting his mistake, Omega X deeply sighed.

"So, it's your fault these guys were released?" Metalla X furrowed his brows. "I never thought you'd be so damn reckless."

"How was I supposed to know some demi-god and a clan of aliens would be sealed on a planet?!" The flabbergasted Ascendant shrugged off his rival. "Besides, I'm going to clean up this mess. I'll let Kari handle Tyrantmon, but I'll take Skykos."

'You better act fast. If Calumon is found, then you say hello to Skykos and all of our worlds will face great cataclysm. The four realms will open up and bring instability that may throw off the balance between our worlds!' The masked watcher raised a warning to his pupil and Metalla X.

Omega X replied. "We've got this, X."

"Humph, why let your sister take Tyrantmon? I should snuff out that fool by myself!"

"Need I remind you? You tried taking Virus on and you how well that ended, right?"

Metalla X realized he was metaphorically hit below the belt. He tried not to let Omega X's words agitate him and turned away.

"I'll take care of these aliens, but this is the last time I'm cleaning up your mess, clown!" Metalla X growled as he powered up an aura and glided off into the distance. He left Omega X rolling his eyes and shaking his head.

"That give just never ceases to amaze me," Omega X remarked, scratching the back of his head. "Anyway, now that I know Kari's ok... just never thought Yamato would give her a Digi-Vitamin."

'Must be a pride thing. He does want to fight Kari at her best. I guess Tyrantmon's plot for planetary domination got in the way of his fight.'

"Well, he better be careful what he wishes for. Kari's not always the gentle little sweat pea anymore," Omega X chuckled in amusement. "Thanks for the heads up, X. I'm off to find Tyrantmon. Do you know who has Calumon?"

'Last I checked, it should be Sonja. Calumon is usually hanging with her.' X continued his telepathic chat with the Ascendant. 'By the way, my team along with BW, Pikkan, and BanchoLeomon should be there fighting Tyrantmon's men.'

Nodding, Omega X turned around and probed the assortment of strong powers, including the other Ascendants.

"I know. I sensed them when I got back here. Do you know how I can take out those giant towers?"

'Tyrantmon's four warriors need to be killed or somehow neutralized in order to weaken the Galactic Obelisks' defenses. They're spiritually linked to these obelisks. Take out a warrior and the tower they're linked to loses power.'

"Got it! Well, I'm off. You don't need to wish me luck. We'll pull out of this..." Omega X powered up, raising an golden aura around himself. "Should the worst case scenario happen, I'll permanently put Skykos to rest for good."

'I hope it never comes down to Skykos' revival, but be careful.'

Omega X propelled through the skies and headed off looking for Tyrantmon.

"I hope Yamaki doesn't decide to take matters to his own hands. Oh, but I'll be ready if he tries to mess this up."


Once they landed on an street devoid of any people, Celesta X landed and set Antylamon down. Makuramon came dropping as he jumped off the orb. He threw an orb toward the two, but Celesta X easily intercepted it. The Ascendant fiercely glared at the Deva. Antylamon stepped forward and put an arm out to stop Celesta X.

"Are you sure?" Celesta X asked.

"Yeah, besides I know you can easily kill him in the blink of an eye," Antylamon said, popping her knuckles. "Besides, me and him go a long way back. I owe him big time." She walked forward and left Celesta X behind.

Celesta X acknowledged and respected Antylamon's wish. She called out to the rabbit Deva. "Make it quick!"

"Heh, you really haven't learned your place yet, Antylamon," Makuramon chuckled, raising his hand as another orb materialized in his hand. "It's time I put you in your place, traitor. Maka!" He screeched and charged forward with the orb in hand. He jumped up and threw the orb at her. "Treasure Ball!"

(Cue Dragonball Kai OST – The Fierce Battle)

Antylamon jumped up and kicked the orb back at Makuramon. The monkey sprang away and let the orb hit the nearest street sign, making it explode. Makuramon shot an intense glare and hissed at Antylamon. Undeterred by the monkey's fierce gaze, Antylamon lunged at Makuramon and tried to grab him. Makuramon jumped up and kicked the back of Antylamon's head.

"Uh!" Antylamon cried as she fell facefirst and rubbed her head. She whirled around and got caught by one of Makuramon's. It exploded in her face and knocked her back many feet. She crashed into a two vehicles and slumped to the ground.

"C'mon, Antylamon! You can take this monkey jerk!" The Ascendant shouted encouraging words for the rabbit.

"Maka?" Makuramon became irked with Celesta X's cheers. Before he tried cheatshotting her, Antylamon raced up behind Makuramon and hit him with an elbow to his face.

As Antylamon grabbed him, she hits Makuramon with a faceplant to the ground. She then grabbed Makuramon by his foot and swung him around, throwing him into the air. Makuramon grabbed a pole and used his tail to catapult himself back at Antylamon. He hit Antylamon with kick to her face. As Antylamon fell, Makuramon forged an crystal orb and prepared to throw it

"Time for you to come with me, Antylamon!"

"NO!" Celesta X protested as a golden aura flared and outlined her form. She shot an intense glare, which startled the monkey long enough for Antylamon to backhand him hard.

"Bunny Blades!" The rabbit followed up by cutting into Makuramon's orb and breaking it. Thanks to Celesta X's distraction, the rabbit was allowed to rebound and make an advantageous move against her former Deva colleague.

As he hit the back of a pole, Makuramon slid down and groaned whilst favoring his back. He saw Antylamon walking over and brandishing her blade arms.

Defying her to the end, Makuramon stood and growled at her. "You'll regret the day you betrayed us and help these Ascendant monsters. Tyrantmon will have his way after dealing with you and these Ascendant freaks! Maka!" With that, the conniving monkey made a hasty retreat and forged another orb, which he used to ride and fly away on.

(End theme)

Antylamon turned away with disgust as Celesta X approached her.

"Did I do the right thing?" questioned the rabbit Deva. She was greeted with a genuine smile from Celesta X.

"I believe you did. At least, you're not blinded by hatred for us," she said, taking a deep breath and leveling down her aura.

"Where do we go from here? I can't go back to my former colleagues."

"You can stick with me, but we have an uphill battle ahead."

Antylamon concurred. "Indeed. Tyrantmon will stop at nothing to find Calumon."

"Speaking of which, we have to find Davis and Sonja. They have Calumon with them," Celesta X said as she picked Antylamon up and carried her off. She scoured around the vicinity and tried probing for the nearest energy signatures she was more familiar with. She then gasped when sensing an evil Ki near Ultima X's location. "Of course, I can't sense Sonja obviously, but wherever Davis is, there's a fight happening, Sonja might be with him and she was left in Calumon's care."

"It's imperative we go there before Tyrantmon finds them."

"Right, hang on tightly, Antylamon!" With that said, Celesta X boosted her flight speed and soared across the city in a hurry while carrying Antylamon. I also sense my brother, Yamato, and the others. Looks like most of them are fighting the enemies. I wonder where their leader, Tyrantmon, could be? "Do you know what he intends to do if he does capture Calumon?"

"To awaken an evil deity he and his kind worshiped many digicycles ago. The name of this destructive god is Skykos the Exodian Priest."

Celesta X thought. I'm going to have to use my Amazing Grace power should this Skykos awakens. That's just the worst case scenario. But, if me or my brother takes out Tyrantmon, we'll have prevented this disaster. "We'll stop then, Antylamon. I promise."

"I hope you right, young one."

"We're getting close..." Celesta X suddenly stopped when she sensed three powers declining rapidly. That was...! Oh no!


Shinjuku District/12:46 PM

(Cue Dragonball Kai OST - The Clouds of War Spread)

Moments ago, Seethermon surprised WarAngemon, Tike, and David by transforming into a bigger and more-Hulk-like form. As his upper body bulked, his shirt tore off. Seethermon's muscular form was bathed in a bright green aura.

"Oh damn!" Tike exclaimed.

David shouted. "Somebody's been taking their vitamins."

"More like roids," WarAngemon remarked as Seethermon charged forward and swung his sword at them. He ran up and hit WarAngemon with a punch.

WarAngemon barely evaded Seethermon's punch, but the alien kicked the Ascendant through a glass window. Tike and David flew up and attacked Seethermon simultaneously. Seethermon dodged the kids' blows. He grabbed their David and threw him into Tike. Tike caught David and hit the ground.

"Time to skewer you little turds!" Seethermon roared, charging ahead as he jumped up and brought his sword down.

As the kids flew out of the way, Seethermon used his sword to cut a car down in half. He turned around as the boys charging up their attacks.

"Double Tsunami Wave!" The boys shouted, sending blue energy beams that hit Seethermon head-on.

Though the attacks didn't hurt him, they were enough to slow down the hulk-like warrior. WarAngemon recovered from his fall and watched the boys holding off Seethermon. He accumulated holy-powered Ki in his right hand and clenched his fist tightly. He seized advantage of the situation and ran up behind Seethermon, who was continually held back by the boys.

"NICE TRY, BOYS!" Seethermon roared as he countered and slammed his sword down, which split the ground in two.

Tike and David took to the air avoiding Seethermon's sword attack.

Suddenly, Seethermon felt a powerful force coming up behind him. He turned around and raised his sword. The minute he brought his sword down, WarAngemon lifted one arm and blocked it. WarAngemon ran enough Ki through his body to strengthen his skin.

"Now, you die! Seraphi Fist!" WarAngemon roared as he used his other hand and punched a hole through Seethermon's gut.

"GYAH...!" Seethermon yelled out painfully as he dropped his sword and doubled over. As WarAngemon jerked his hand out, Seethermon fell on the ground and died as his body dissolved into data.

"That takes care of him..." Before WarAngemon could finish, he noticed the Galactic Obelisk nearby gradually lost power and collapsed on its own. I see. We take out these guys and those towers will fall with them. Now to find the others...

Just then, WarAngemon heard pulverizing shots being heard. He looked up to see Tike and David falling unconscious on the ground. Unaware of what just happened, WarAngemon ran over to catch them.

"Tike, David! What the hell just happened...!?" However, as WarAngemon tried to make wind of the situation, he felt a dark presence behind him.

(End theme)

The moment he turned...


One resounding kick hit WarAngemon's face and knocked him out.

WarAngemon, Tike, and David all lied unconscious together. The culprit behind this attack was Tyrantmon, who stood over their forms with a burly grin etched on his face.


Odaiba Bay/12:50 PM

(Cue Naruto Shippuden OST - Amaterasu)

The end result horrified the Digi-Destined and the Digimon. Rather than being brought down by their Crest Weapons, Beelzebumon surprised them as he swallowed the power and absorbed it into his being. He had instinctively absorbed all the data within the beam and augmented his own strength. Granted, he realized he could only do this with an attack weaker or on par with his own.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Yolei cried out, flabbergasted when seeing what happened.

Cody was equally speechless. "H...He absorbed the attack!"

"Does that mean...?" Mimi stammered.

"He just made himself stronger by absorbed the data from out Crest Weapon's cannon blast," Ken concluded, fearing the worst.

"It can't be!" Sora exclaimed in shock.

Beelzebumon let out a deep and relieved sigh, raising both arms into the and laughing. "Ahaha! Thanks for the fill, ya punks! I feel recharged and stronger than I've ever been before!" He clenched his right hand and felt more power flowing through his body. Man, that gave me quite the boost! Heh, now to turn it against these little punks!

"Here he comes! Intercept him!" GranKuwagamon called out as he led the charge on Beelzebumon.

Rosemon and Phoenixmon came around at the front while blocking out the demon's advance. Vikemon charged behind Beelzebumon. Standing calmly, Beelzebumon jumped into the air and flipped over Vikemon first. He crossed both arms together and delivered a double claw slash over the behemoth's back.

"Darkness Claw!" shouted the demon biker, who knocked Vikemon flat on his face and caused him to regress to Armadillomon.

"No! Armadillomon!" Cody cried out.

"Starlight Explosion!" Phoenixmon roared, flapping her wings and sending golden grains of dust over Beelzebumon.

The demon vanished right out of Phoenixmon's view. Before she had a chance to react, Beelzebumon reappeared behind Phoenixmon and blasted her with massive black beam that knocked her down. Phoenixmon turned back into Biyomon and lied nearly motionless.

"Biyomon!" The Bearer of Love shouted.

Finally, GranKuwagamon and Rosemon mounted an assault by launching simultaneous attacks at the corrupted demon.

"Dimension Scissors!"

"Forbidden Temptation!"

Beelzebumon danced around the cutting-edged projectile coming his way. He then used his Darkness Claw to cut through the barrage of rose petals. He flew up hitting GranKuwagamon with a kick to his face. He pulled out one of his shotguns and blasted him.

One resounding shot later and GranKuwagamon turned back into Wormmon.

Rosemon desperately threw a rose vine to ensnare Beelzebumon with. He seized the vine and jerked her forward and hit her with a Darkness Claw attack. Rosemon's body shuddered as she fell and regressed to Palmon.

"No... he... he beat them all easily!" Izzy exclaimed.

As Sora, Ken, Cody, and Mimi ran over to collect their Digimon, Beelzebumon landed near them and raised one hand.

"Where do y'all think you're going? The fun's just beginning!" Beelzebumon greeted them with a sadistic grin. "Now I should start absorbing y'all next!"

Just then, Izzy saw a message in his email from Gennai. He pulled it up and opened it, pulling up Gennai on a live video feed.

"Gennai, we're in real trouble here!"

"I know. Impmon has apparently been given power to become Beelzebumon thanks to Tyrantmon. Now, my guess, Beelzebumon intends to absorb as much data until he's strong enough to oppose the others. However, I've discovered there is a limit in how much power intake Beelzebumon can absorb. He can't eat any attack stronger than he can take or it'll be too much for him to intake."

"In other words, Beelzebumon's appetite can only take so much."

"But, the others are too occupied with the enemies. If this Tyrantmon is here, he'll be looking for presumably Tai, Kari, Yamato, and the others."

"That's right, Izzy. Which is why I've found a possible solution. It may help get Beelzebumon off our backs and prevent him from eating too much data."

"Well, I'm all ears, Gennai. We don't have much time!"

As the Digi-Destined backed away with their partners, Beelzebumon sauntered over calmly and eyed each member. He licked his chops and allowed his gluttonous nature to surface. He turned and eyed Yolei first.

"You first, ya purple-haired, loud-mouthed bitch!" Beelzebumon snapped as he charged forward to get her and Hawkmon. "I'll kill you and eat your partner! That way I won't have to listen to your loud mouth anymore!"

As Yolei prepared to run with Hawkmon, Ken put himself in front of Yolei.

"KEN! NO!"

"You'll have to go through me first, you gluttonous monster!"

"Have it your way!" Beelzebumon roared, readily drawing out his claws to stab Ken with.

(End theme)

Suddenly, a barrage of blasts shot out of nowhere and cut Beelzebumon from the pass. Everyone present turned to find Jun, Mantarou, Chizuru, Momoe, and Jim along with their Digimon partners.

"You guys!" Yolei was never more relieved to see her siblings save her at the last minute.

"Jim!" Joe called out to his older brother.

"Thanks, Jun!" Mimi called out to Davis' sister.

"We were just in the area and saw you were all caught in a fight," Jun greeted them, openly grinning out to them.

Beelzebumon scoffed when he noticed the Scooby Gang Digi-Destined . "More Chosen punks wanna step in and play heroes? Heh, that's fine. You wanna send your Digimon out to rumble with me?! C'mon!" He tried instigating Jun and the others to send their Digimon to engage him head-on. "I'll knock 'em all down like I did with these losers!"

Jun, the Inoue siblings, and Jim stepped back, letting their partners take the stand. Dinohumon, Guardromon, Grizzlymon, Mikemon, and Sunflowmon stepped forward still recovering from their last battle with the Devas.

Speaking of Devas, Catsuramon jumped down from out of nowhere and landed near Beelzebumon.

"Hey, isn't that one of the Devas?!" pointed out Cody.

Armadillomon shook his head. "Yeah, but what's he doin' here, I wonder?"

"Don't know, but likely up to no good," Sora said.

Beelzebumon was as befuddled as to the reasoning for Catsuramon's arrival. If that wasn't enough, Makuramon arrived with auspicious timing and found Catsuramon.

"And now that monkey Deva!" shouted Jun.

"What the heck is going on here? Are these two in league with that dark Digimon?" Mantarou wondered.

"Catsuramon, I tried to bring back Antylamon, but the stubborn fool wouldn't listen to reason!"

"I see. Then, we're all that's left to oppose these Chosen. I've already come to the conclusion that Tyrantmon no longer sees any value in our services anymore. He's likely sent his warriors to finish us for our failures."

Upon hearing this, an evil grin adorned Beelzebumon's features.

"By the way, who are you?" Makuramon asked, looking up at the demon biker.

Beelzebumon laughed aloud. "Oh, you two are freakin' suckers! I guess you haven't gotten the memo. Here, I'll make this short and sweet." He surprised everyone by catching Catsuramon with a claw thrust "You're fired!"

(Cue DBZ Faulconer, Buu the Majin Sagas - Scary Buu)

"Gah..." Catsuramon gagged as his body dissolved into data, which Beelzebumon absorbed.

The Digi-Destined and the Digimon were shocked as they witnessed Beelzebumon mercilessly killing the Deva.

"Did he just... kill him?!" Yolei covered her mouth in shock and aghast. "Aren't they supposed to be on the same side?!"

Cody quivered with a mix of fear and anger. "That monster!"

"Remember, there are no true loyalities on the side of darkness," Ken said. "One could say the same for the side of righteous."

"What are you doing?!" demanded the monkey Deva, who ran up and tried to hit him with an orb. Then, he got the claw treatment into his gut. "...no..."

Beelzebumon grinned evilly and grabbed Makuramon's head. With one crunch, he killed Makuramon and incorporated his data into his being. Swallowing the monkey's data through his mouth, Beelzebumon felt his body overflowing with data energy.

"More power. Yes, this is perfect! It's made me much stronger!" Beelzebumon bellowed.

"He's coming for us next!" Palmon screamed as Mimi folded her hands around her.

"You aren't getting your hands on us or our Digimon!" Mimi, the spitfire she gradually had become, spat out at the demon.

"But, none of our Digimon can stop him," Sora said. "We need to regroup!"

"Sorry, kids, but you ain't going anywhere," the demon shot a piercing and devious glance toward the Digi-Destined. "Those two Devas and your special beam fed me well, but I need more. I must feed!"

Just then, Izzy tapped into contact with Gennai as the former Digital Knight responded to him.

"The most I can do is trap him a portal, which should send him into another world. I've located a world with little digital life for him to consume."

"You better hurry, Gennai. Beelzebumon just killed two Devas and absorbed their data!"

"I still can't believe this is Impmon," murmured Sora. "He's let his new power go to his head."

As Beelzebumon walked forward, he sank to one knee and tried to control all the data he's incorporated into his being.

"What's happening to him?!" Jun asked as she and her team convened with the Digi-Destined.

"His body is adjusting to all the data he's absorbed. Who knows how long it will take," Ken observed. "Don't any of you send your Digimon to attack him. You don't want to see any of our Digimon share the fate that befell those two Devas."

Beelzebumon roared in pain while rolling on the ground and waiting for his body to adapt to the data he's taken in.

Izzy anxiously waited for Gennai to give him another response. "Hopefully it'll delay us enough for Gennai to open a portal." Please, hurry, Gennai!

(End theme)


Central Odaiba/12:53 PM

Lajinmon was caught in an ambush by BanchoLeomon, Pikkan, and BW. Before they could spring an attack on him, the Galactic Pirate sensed Seethermon's life presence had faded.

"Seethermon let himself get killed," Lajinmon scoffed. And it seems Lord Tyrantmon is finally on the move. I better reconvene with him! "Sorry, but an urgent matter calls for my attention. Feel free to locate me if you wish." With that, he forged a ball of energy and slammed it into the ground, which kicked up an explosion that blinded the three warriors.

With the warriors distracted, Lajinmon used this time to escape and fly out to meet with Tyrantmon.

"After him!" BW yelled as he was the first to see Lajinmon escape.

"Wait 'til I get my hands on that short bastard!" Pikkan growled.

The trio flew off in pursuit of the Galactic Pirate. They saw him flying toward the Shinjuku side.


Near Tokyo Tower/12:55 PM

As for Zekermon, he flew up and sensed Seethermon's Ki vanish.

"Seethermon's gone? Now, we've lost an obelisk," the alien observed. He turned to the Ascendants ready to take him on. "Another time. I can't keep Lord Tyrantmon waiting." He quickly flew off and headed back to Shinjuku where Tyrantmon was presumably waiting.

"Oh no, you don't!" Kara cried out.

Sam flew off after the alien. "You aren't getting away!"

"I wonder what has him wanting to leave in a hurry?" muttered Keke as he followed behind her friends.


Akihabara District/12:57 PM

(Cue Dragonball Kai OST - A Battle of Rivalry)

Sonja and Seductressmon's catfight brawl pressed on with both ladies seemingly being on par with each other. Ultima X watched from the sidelines and cheered his girlfriend on. Sonja and Seductress lunged forward simultaneously with both having the same idea. They hit reach other with flying kicks. Both ladies' feet locked up as both withdrew away. Seductressmon flipped back and landed on all fours. Sonja did a few backspring flips and landed on the opposite side.

"WOW! Man, I must be the luckiest guy on this side of two worlds!" Ultima X exclaimed. "Get her, babe!"

Sonja flashed a evil smirk toward Seductressmon, who also seemed content with their heated fight.

"I never thought I'd find an equal," Seductressmon commended the Artificial. "Not bad for a human."

"Who said I'm fully human?"

"What are you then?"

"Why don't you come here and I'll tell you?"

"No, thanks," the alien chick chuckled as she ran up and yelled out a fierce battle cry. She then flew down as the ladies exchanged a lighting fast barrage of fists and kicks. She backhanded one of Sonja's punches and slapped her in the face. "Got ya!"

Sonja returned the favor and backhanded Seductressmon. "Likewise."

Both ladies cried out and went for spinning back kicks. Again, both had the right idea as their feet connected and created a spark that knocked them back. Sonja and Seductressmon slid back waiting one to make their next move.

Man, this is getting so good! Ultima X thought whilst keeping the backpack safely secured.

Suddenly, a large presence quickly came up behind him. Before Ultima X had any time to react, he felt a resounding blow hit him from behind. Ultima X let out a deep gasp as he hit the front of a car, which alarmed the girls. Sonja turned and gasped when her eyes fell on Ultima X laying beside the car.

"DAVIS!" Sonja screamed as she flew over to pick him up. "Are you ok?" She then noticed the backpack he had holding Calumon was gone. "No... Davis, where's...?"

"Thank you for saving me the trouble of finding the key to the Galactic Pirates' ascension," Came a deep and manly voice, causing both Sonja and Ultima X to turn around.

Standing before them was Tyrantmon, who ripped open the backpack and pulled out Calumon. The tiny Digimon struggled and cried out for anyone to save him. Seductressmon hovered next to her leader and poked at Calumon's side.

"He is quite cute, Lord Tyrantmon. Are you sure a Digimon this small contains a power strong enough to revive our Skykos the Exodian Priest?"

"Yes. As you know, Calumon contains a rich power that grants a wielder the power of evolution and he is said to wield the power to unlock seals. We've spent months hunting this creature down and now he is finally in our possession."

"Skykos?" wondered Ultima X as he struggled to stand up.

"Let him go, you big ugly bastard!" Sonja demanded as she took a stance against the Galactic Pirate leader. "I'm getting you free, Calumon!"

"Sonja! Help!" Calumon pleaded.

The female alien pirate laughed at Sonja. "You're barely on par with me. What makes you think you stand a chance with Lord Tyrantmon?"

"Maybe if she has me fighting with her?" Ultima X said, standing by Sonja's side.

"ENOUGH!" Bellowed the Pirate leader, who unleashed a powerful blast hit the ground near Ultima X and Sonja.

As the two took to the air, Seductress flew through the smoke and kicked Ultima X hard in the face. Sonja flew over to save him, but Tyrantmon surprised and caught her with a punch to her gut knocking her out. Tyrantmon grabbed Sonja whilst Seductressmon carried Ultima X across her shoulder.

(End theme)

"Shall we reconvene with the others? Unfortunately, it seems..."

"Seethermon has met his end. We lose one obelisk, but it matters not. With one obelisk gone, Skykos' power is cut down to one quarters of his former strength. Even with that strength lost, he'll be enough to make this world crumble." He lifted Calumon like a trophy and chortled deeply. "We have what we need now. Come, Seductress."

The female alien smirked nodded. "As you wish."


Shinjuku District/Top of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building/1:07 PM

The first ones to arrive on top of the government building were Celesta X and Antylamon. They looked around and saw the area completely ravaged. Celesta X scanned the ravaged area and saw it was freshly destroyed, but she wondered who. Her concerns were soon answered as she proved two evil Kis closing in.

"Get ready," Celesta X warned the rabbit Deva. "You might want to stand back. I'll take care of this."

(Cue Naruto Shippuden OST - The Prophet)

In no time, Lajinmon and Zekermon came out into the clearing. They carried beside them WarAngemon, Tike, and David. They dropped the trio much to Celesta X's shock and anger.

"TK! Tike! David!" Celesta X exclaimed as she looked up to see Seductressmon dropping Ultima X on top of the boys. "Davis!"

"So, you bring along the last remaining Deva I presume?" Came Tyrantmon's voice.

The three aliens bowed as Tyrantmon landed on the roof and threw Sonja next to the other fallen warriors.

"Sonja!" Celesta X cried out. Her eyes then fell on Calumon, who was held captive in Tyrantmon's custody. "Calumon! No!" She tried running up to save him, but the three Pirates cut her off from the pass. "Let him go now!" She held her ground and looked over her shoulder seeing her friends laying unconscious.

"You two have come just in time," Tyrantmon proclaimed, letting Calumon hang over his head. "Now, you're the first to bear witness the return of Skykos the Exodian Priest!"

"No, we're too late!" Antylamon cried out over to Celesta X.

"No, we can still stop him!" Celesta X said.

Just then, the Pirates watched Keke, Sam, and Kara land near Celesta X. Following the Ascendants came BanchoLeomon, BW, and Pikkan. They faced the Galactic Pirates and readily faced them down.

"Make that more witnesses," the Pirate leader smirked, letting a big smile smear over his burly features. "No matter. You're all about to witness the bigger picture unfold."

"Tike, David!" Kara saw the two boys laying unconscious.

"That does it. We're taking these creeps down," Sam declared.

BanchoLeomon growled, readying a stance. "Don't any of you let up. We can't let them succeed!"

"And we won't," Pikkan scoffed, standing in his battle posture. "I've got the little freak in the turban."

"Should any of you get by my warriors, then you can have me," Tyrantmon offered while flying up into the air and distancing himself from the rooftop. "Attack, Galactic Pirates!"

With that, the three aliens marched ahead and readily launched an attack on the warriors. In no time, the government building rooftop into a chaotic warzone, which would then spill all over the vicinity.

(End theme)


Next chapter: The Coming of Skykos! Warzone Spills Over Tokyo!


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