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Tai: You said it. We're ready for anything to fight this D-Reaper.
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"Yamato": Who cares! I can take care of this freak myself.
Dimitri: Yamato, we don't know what we're up against.
"Yamato": Butt off, kid! You, Taichi, and Kenny (Kensuke Rainer) here all show off being the strongest!
Keke: (teasing Yamato) You mean, to date so far?

Sedna: Dimitri, this personality side of your dad is so full of hot air.
(Before another conflict, a voice stops the violence)
?: That's enough. All of you.
(They turn to see a red weasel, alongside with a baboon with a red butt. They are I Am Weasel and IR Baboon.)
Gabumon: Who are you guys?
Tike: Say are you guys are from that I Am Weasel show? Well thanks for stopping the fight. (glared at Yamato) This guy here makes problems all the time.
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IR Baboon: IR Baboon always like to fool around!
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?: And so does me and Pikachu!
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Other World/X's Planet/2:30 PM

X and Simms witnessed the tide of the battle shifting to the Ascendants and the Kai Destined. They were relieved when Tyrantmon and his cohorts were defeated. However, the conflict has yet to be resolved. The real threat, Skykos the Exodian Priest, has yet to be defeated. However, with Omega X in his Ascendant level 2 form, the masked watcher and his colleague had their faith placed on the Ascendant's shoulders.

"It's amazing how far Tai has come along since he and Agumon trained under you," Simms mused.

X folded both arms behind him and nodded. "Indeed, and together they created the first Ascendant in over a millennia. Since then, we've seen more Ascendants produced, including my friends. They, Dimitri, Yamato, Kari, TK, and Davis have followed Tai's lead. Even Ken has invoked what little Ascendant power he's had in his being."

"About that, X. Ken didn't inherit the full bulk of the Ascendant power. Care to explain why this is the case?"

The masked watcher stayed silent for a few moments until he immediately addressed Simms.

"We will once this battle has been decided. Simms, we're heading to Earth."

"Yes, sir."


Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 2.5, Arc 3: Tyrantmon Unbound

Chapter 115: Path to Power! Legacy of the Ascendant!


Near the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building/2:35 PM

Omega X and Skykos had a brief stare down as lightning shot down from the skies and lit up the vicinity. Both warriors weren't fazed a single bit by the thunderous blast. All spectators (WarAngemon, Ultima X, Sonja, Tike, and David) watched the two warriors and waiting for one to make the first move.

(Cue Kamehameha the Great by Scott Morgan of m0rganstudios)

Skykos initiated the first attack and flew across hitting Omega X with a punch. Omega X countered by crossing his arms overhead and stopping Skykos' fist. Omega X and Skykos repelled one another back with their battle auras. Skykos felt a powerful whiplash from Omega X's electrified aura. Omega X glided over and landed a series of punches all over Skykos. The god-like being took on the Ascendant's blows. One kick from Omega X sent Skykos plunging toward the ground.

"All right, Tai!" WarAngemon called out.

Tike and David cheered on. "He got him good!"

Skykos stopped himself before hitting the ground. He hovered into the air and lunged toward Omega X. Cupping a hand to the side, Omega X unleashed a beam that hit Skykos in the face. Skykos narrowly backhanded the beam aside, but before he could rebound, Omega X phased behind him and clobbered him with a punch to the back. Skykos fell and hit the ground, leaving a crater in the wake of the impact.

"Man, Tai's really taking it to this guy!" Ultima X was openly impressed with the Bearer of Courage's relentless assault.

Offering no immediate comment, Sonja scanned both the Ascendant and the Exodian Priest.

Picking himself out of the crater, Skykos stood up and looked up seeing Omega X descending near him. Skykos sank to both knees and felt an excruciating pain in his back. Lifting his head, he saw Omega X methodically walking over to him. Gritting his teeth, the proud deity opened his right hand and forged a long sword made of ebony stone. He channeled his own evil Ki into the instrument and bumrushed the Ascendant.

"Take this, Ascendant!" Skykos swung the ebony sword over Omega X. Much to his dismay, the Bearer of Courage evaded the strike and caught the sword. "What?!"


Omega X thrust his fist into Skykos' chest. Succumbing to the pain shooting through his body, Skykos stumbled back and fell to one knee, but still kept his ebony sword in one hand.

"This can't be! For a mortal to deal this much pain to me... I will not let this stand!" Skykos declared as he slammed the ebony sword through the concrete. Twisting the sword counter clock wise, he summoned from the cracks of the ground eight black orbs that surrounded the two warriors.

Surveying the area, Omega X closely watched the black orbs floating near them.

"Watch it, Tai!" Ultima X called to him.

WarAngemon carefully measured the output of dark powers from each orb. "Those things can seriously damage him. Tai, stay alert!"

Omega X, being calm and reserved in his level 2 state, held his ground. Skykos lifted his ebony sword overhead and beckoned the eight orbs back to him. The sword siphoned the eight orbs and accumulated enough power for Skykos to utilize.

"I've amassed enough power to deal you the pain which you've given me!" Skykos boasted as he swung the ebony sword down.

Omega X took no chances and flew straight into the skies.

Skykos' sword unleashed a black projectile from the sword that packed immense planetary destructive power.

"Death Cross!"

The projectile turned into a giant black cross. As the cross picked up speed, Omega X used Instant Movement to evade it. However, the cross expanded its perimeters and hit Omega X, who just happened to relocate on top of a building. Omega X pushed his hands against the immense dark power. He planted a foot down while trying to gain leverage. Skykos glided through the dark cross and came down with his ebony sword ready to split the Ascendant in two.

"I have you now!"

Omega X closed his eyes and vanished out of Skykos' reach. Realizing his opponent used Instant Movement again, Skykos called the dark power back into his sword. Picking up on Omega X's presence, he whirled around and was met with a kick to his face.


On the receiving end of a roundhouse kick, Skykos was knocked into the government building. Omega X hastily glided toward the building and watched the rooftop collapse. In the blink of an eye, a massive black pillar of dark energy ripped the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building's rooftop. The once recognizable building was being torn down. Skykos floated from the ravaged building with a few scratches on his seemingly invincible body.

"Let's relocate, Skykos. I know the perfect place we can finally settle this," Omega X said.

Skykos furrowed his brows. "Matters not. Any location you choose will be your grave."

With that, Omega X flew off into the distance and left Shinjuku. The Exodian Priest pursued him in a hurry.

"They're relocating, guys," WarAngemon motioned to the others behind. "Let's follow them!"

"No way we're missing out on this!" Ultima X said.

Sonja held onto Calumon with dear life. Before she joined the boys, she saw Antylamon in need of help. The female Artificial descended near the ex-Deva and carried her on her back. Sonja effortlessly carried Antylamon and followed the four Ascendants.

(End theme)

Opening his eyes, Calumon weakly murmured. "...feel weak..."

"Relax, little one. Rest assured, it won't be long until that monster meets his maker," Sonja promised the dying little Digimon. "Tai needs to hurry and take out that energy that Skykos took from Calumon!"

"Well, when push comes to shove, we'll give Tai help," WarAngemon informed everyone as he got nods from them.


Elsewhere, Metalla X picked up his speed and closed in near Omega X's direction. He saw his rival luring Skykos toward the Odaiba location.

"Taking our deity friend to Odaiba? You want to settle it once and for all there," Metalla X said as a devilish smirk adorned his features. He powered up and propelled forward like a rocket. "I'm not going to be denied the chance of seeing one of us destroy this monster!"


Angemon X (now carrying Celesta X), Valkyrie Sailor Sedna, BanchoLeomon, Keke, Sam, Kara, BW, and Pikkan were storming toward Odaiba to witness and help Omega X if possible.

"We're almost there, guys," Angemon X announced. "And hopefully father doesn't do anything foolish."

Sedna added. "I hope we can get there in time."

BanchoLeomon focused as he probed Omega X and Skykos. "They're choosing a new battle location to settle it once and for all."

"The epic finale, huh?" Sam said.

"And in Odaiba no less," Keke commented. "Wasn't long ago Paradixalmon attacked here."

"But, Omega X intends to finish Skykos on home turf," the future warrior stated.

And going all out in that Ascendant 2 form, too. Pikkan thought, grinning from ear to ear. "Let's see how far you've gone since our tournament fight."

The group were drawing nearer to their destination and saw the Fuji TV Station ahead of them.

"They've landed," Sedna proclaimed.

Kara blinked. "Away from the TV station?"

"Now, we're really hitting close to home," Angemon X murmured. The same location where Tai and the gang defeated VenomMyotismon.


Tokyo Bay/2:47 PM

"Looks they're on the move. Omega X is about to fight the Exodian priest. Tyrantmon's been defeated by Celesta X," Gennai plainly confirmed as he, the two Olympus Digimon, and the File Island Digimon watched two streaks of light shooting across Tokyo. "They're heading east!"

"Then, there's where we'll follow them," Sora affirmed as the other Chosen nodded.

Falcomon added. "Ken, Yolei, and Wormmon have been healed. They're good to go."

"Let's go. We'll find the others there," Ken insisted as he picked up his Crest Weapon.

Watching Ken and the others readying their Crest Weapons, Gennai smiled genuinely. "You're all eager to go. Good. So am I."

"Jim, you and the others scour around these parts and try locate our families," Joe insisted.

Jim nodded and ran off. "Right. Let's move, guys!" He and Jun led the Scooby Gang Digi-Destined from the vicinity.

"Be careful Yolei!" Chizuru called to her sister.

"I'm ready!" Yolei declared.

"There's no way we're missing out on this!" Cody said.

"Better move fast. According to the online map, they're heading for the Fuji TV Station," Izzy pointed out and displayed his laptop screen. It clearly indicated a few beacons heading toward the Odaiba area.

"There's no time for us to lose. Let's go!" Sora said as they evolved their partners and headed out to witness the final battle.


Odaiba District/Near Fuji TV Station/2:56 PM

Omega X chose the battleground for the final battle. He and Skykos both descended several kilometers from the famous Japanese Fuji TV Station. Metalla X was the first to arrive and witness the two warriors face-off.

"Looks like I came on time. Perfect, and I'm the first to witness this epic battle," Metalla X observed his rival and the Exodian Priest. "Let's see how far you've come. You and I have been through many battles. Devimon, Myotismon, me, Burizalor, Virus, and now this. You're not an Ascendant level 2, and just like Kari, you've hit a plateau I wish to achieve."

'Well, get ready to be mesmerized again, Yamato. When will you learn you'll probably never become an Ascendant level 2?'

"You'll see, Matty boy. Mark my words."

(Cue Dragonball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi OST – Burning Soul)

Omega X and Skykos flew at each other and landed powerful blows that rattled half of the entire area. Metalla X felt the tremors emanate from their clash and tried following his rival's movement, which only irked him further.

Skykos swung his ebony sword down, splitting the earth along with a monument close by. Omega X flew into a wall and catapulted himself into Skykos. He landed a kick and hit him with a barrage of lightning fast punches. One chop to Skykos' neck dazed the Exodian Priest. Skykos rebounded by shooting Omega X with eye beams. Dazed momentarily, Omega X was hoisted by the throat and slammed into the ground. Skykos flew up shooting energy blasts that seemingly drove the Ascendant six feet under.

"What does the clown think he's doing toying with him?" Metalla X scowled. "He should get this over with."

Meanwhile, the remaining TV crew from the station stayed behind to capture the battle on film. The ones that stayed behind were part of Hiroaki Ishida's TV crew. This was the same team that stayed behind during the Odaiba Fog Incident and even covered the War Games. Hiroaki noticed Metalla X floating in the distance.

"Isn't that...?!" Hiroaki exclaimed. "Matt!"

Overhearing the man's calling to him, Metalla X snorted. "Bah, it's your daddy, Matty boy. How aggravating. He should've left with the others."

'Don't talk about my dad like that, you bastard!'

"Don't like it? Deal with it, punk."

One of his crew members raced out and called to Hiroaki. "Man, we shouldn't even be here! We're getting too close! You saw how intense these can be!"

"Matt..." Hiroaki muttered as he turned to his team and beckoned to them. "We're leaving!"

Suddenly, Skykos noticed Hiroaki and his crew trying to flee from the vicinity. He wasn't about to let them off the hook and swung his ebony blade. He threw several black projectiles created from the blade slashes. These slashes ripped through the ground and headed straight for the TV crew, Hiroaki accidentally lost his footing whilst running too fast.

"Hiroaki!" One of the TV crew called out.

Upon seeing Hiroaki's predicament, Metalla X growled. "That fool!"

'Yamato, please, save my father! I beg of you!'

Why should I? He's not my dad!

'But, he's mine! Now, if you want a rematch with Tai and Kari that badly... please... save my father! I really want him and mom to one day renew their vows. It would mean a lot to me and my brother. This once... if you have a heart.'

Gritting his teeth, the vexed Ascendant flew over and beelined past the projectiles. He surprised Hiroaki and stood right in front of him. Metalla X braced himself and fired.

"Final Blaze!"

As Metalla X launched his attack, it pushed and knocked Skykos' projectiles toward the skies. Skykos snarled furiously seeing his attack fail. Metalla X dropped his hands and straightened his posture.

"Thank you, Matt," Hiroaki whispered as he stood and tried approaching him.

"Your son asked me to save you. Now go and get out of here if you don't want to die, Hiroaki."

When hearing Yamato call him by his name, the man was taken aback. He tried to reason with Yamato, but Metalla X turned around and glared him down. Hiroaki took a hint and ran off leaving the Ascendant behind. Metalla X shifted his focus on Skykos, who floated near him.

"Foolish man. Who does he take me for? His own son?"

'Thanks, Yamato.'

"Save your thanks, boy. That man has no business being here and I won't be held accountable if anything happens to him."

(End theme)

Skykos scowled at the Ascendant who dared to redirect his attack. "Foolish mortal, I would've gotten rid of a bunch of insects, but you had to play hero. For that, you will pay!" He formed a black ball of energy in his hand.

"Bring it on, bitch!" Metalla X beckoned the Exodian Priest to attack.

"SO BE IT!" Skykos bellowed as he prepared to throw his attack down.


(Cue Dragonball Kai OST – One Hit to Victory)

Suddenly, an holy beam hit Skykos in the face and burned away at his face. He uncovered his half-burnt face and saw WarAngemon gliding forward, hitting him with successive punches. Skykos evaded through WarAngemon's attacks and swung his blade. He hit WarAngemon and sent him flying back. Tike and David flew over to land a double kick into Skykos' gut, but the Exodian Priest teleported out of their reach. He hovered over the twosome and threw an energy ball.

Tike and David swerved around the attack heading for them. Skykos flew over to Tike and backhanded him aside. David came up behind Skykos and tried biting his head. Skykos grabbed the little Ascendant and threw him onto Tike. Ultima X flew up behind Skykos and blasted him with a beam to his back. Skykos turned around and swung his ebony sword. Ultima X narrowly dodged and flew down to help WarAngemon up.

"I'll be ok, Davis," WarAngemon said. "But, I'm not about to be beaten that easily!"

Ultima x nodded. "Likewise, man."

Laughing aloud, Skykos taunted his adversaries. "Fools! You aren't going to last much longer once both worlds are me!" Raising his right hand, the demonic priest pressed both hands together to form a black pyramid-shaped construct over his head. This pyramid crew twice as big as his own body and floated several feet above him.

"You think I'm gonna let you finish?!" Metalla X bellowed as he launched up and fired a blast that hit the pyramid. It didn't destroy, but slowed the pyramid's growth process.

"Grrgh!" Skykos grunted under the stress of keeping his summoned attack afloat.

I think Yamato's figured something out! WarAngemon noticed the pyramid shrinkage. "Keep blasting that pyramid!"

With that, Tike and David stood as they readied their attacks with Metalla X, WarAngemon, and Ultima X. Each launched blasts simultaneously and caught Skykos' pyramid head-on with their successive attacks. The attacks all but delayed the pyramid from expanding anymore.

Just when it looked Skykos would regain the upperhand, Angemon X, BanchoLeomon (holding onto Seductressmon), Pikkan, BW, Keke, Sam, and Valkyrie Sailor Sedna arrived to help them. Finally, the other Digi-Destined (Sora, Mimi, Izzy, Joe, Ken, Yolei, and Cody) dropped in with their Digimon (Phoenixmon, Rosemon, HerculesKabuterimon, Plesiomon, GranKuwagamon, Valkyrimon, and Vikemon). Sonja descended near Ultima X with Calumon in her arms.

"Look!" Sora pointed up to Skykos.

"Who's that?!" Joe asked.

"That's Skykos and seems we came in time to stop him," Izzy noticed everyone present.

"DIMITRI!" Mimi beckoned to her future son, who noticed his mother. "Just when things couldn't get better."

"What is this?!" Skykos demanded as he saw the Ascendants, Digimon, and Chosen surrounding him. "You fools all think you can defy the power that is Skykos! I am destined to rule both your worlds!"

Suddenly, the ground began rumbling as streams of golden light shot out of the ground. Nearly everyone cheered watching Omega X floating out from the earth. Skykos turned and gawked in absolute shock.

"T-This can't be?!"

Stirring in Angemon X's arms, Celesta X awoke to her brother's presence. "Tai... glad you're still with us."

"That's Tai for you," Sailor Sedna smiled when seeing her old friend floating near Skykos' level.

"Skykos, you fail to realize you''re several millennia behind the times," Omega X lectured the Exodian Priest. "No doubt your power is great. During your time, you upheld a reputation to spread fear amongst the ancients that sealed their power into Calumon. That same power you've taken for yourself."

Skykos protested. "I am the monster you should fear!"

"But, your power has been one-upped by a new legacy. The legacy of Digi-Destined and Ascendants."

Every Chosen and Ascendant present took this to heart and felt Omega X's power escalate. Then, everyone's Crest symbol lit up from their chests and hit Skykos from all sides. Skykos hissed angrily as he flew up screeching and holding his face.

"Keep it going, guys!" Omega X encouraged his friends.

Metalla X noticed the Crest of Friendship expelling blue energy from his chest. But, this wasn't his doing. It was Matt, who took the initiative and took advantage of the Ascendant's delayed reaction.

"We're not going to let him take over our worlds!" Sora declared, letting her Crest of Love along with the others take action.

"STOP! STOP THIS!" Skykos covered his face while screaming painfully. He even unfolded his massive wings around his body and protected himself from the Digi-Destined's Crest light. Omega X directed his Crest of Courage's energy toward the Exodian Priest and caused him to recoil. "STOP!"

(End theme)

(Cue Dragonball Kai Insert Theme – Super Dragon Soul)

"All the power you've taken from the ancients' catalyst will be returned to its rightful holder!" Omega X bellowed as he looked to Calumon resting in Sonja's arms. "Calumon, we're not letting you die!" He declared as his right hand began glowing and his aura's light expanded around him.

Skykos unfolded his wings and threw his arms out while producing a black aura around him.

Both auras clashed and nullified each other. Every Ascendant and warrior present measured the influx of powers colliding. Omega X and Skykos ascended into the skies to contest their powers for one final clash.

"There he goes!" WarAngemon said while keeping his symbol of Hope burning on his chest.

Angemon X and Sailor Sedna stayed close to each other witnessing this eventful moment.

"Let him have it, Tai..." Celesta X muttered, turning to see Calumon and feeling his life essence fading fast. "Please, hurry... Tai."

Looking on from atop the Fuji TV Station, X and Simms saw Omega X luring Skykos toward the skies.

"Let's see how an age old god fares against an Ascendant 2," Simms mused, getting the best view along with X.

The masked watcher followed the two beings. He smiled subtly, keeping his demeanor hidden from the Higher One.

As Omega X and Skykos finally reached the skies, they circled around one another and powered up to their fullest. Skykos' skin turned a dark magenta complexion, indicating he had maxed out to his full power. Omega X's golden flared like a wildfire preparing to sweep through and ravage the landscape. The maxed-out powers changed the weather around them and this was reflected with the strong winds picking up.

"This is where you end!" Skykos declared as he flew out to meet Omega X.

The Ascendant retorted in a determined tone. "No!" He flew ahead and met Skykos head-on, landing a punch through his chest. He grasped the essence the demon took from Calumon and firmly held it in his grasp.


Omega X beckoned him to take it. The Exodian Priest launched long tendrils from his body and tried to grab Omega X, who moved through the assortment of tentacles waiting to crush him. Suddenly, a bright red glow in Omega X's hand caught the Ascendant's eye. He opened his hand revealing the Zero Unit that seemingly imbued him with an extra power boost. His aura turned orange to reflect this as his golden aura and the Zero Unit's red glow coalesced.

"The Zero Unit...!" Skykos gaped in shock seeing the Sephirot race's last resort firmly in Omega X's hands.

"They're putting their hopes in me," Omega X muttered as he glided toward Skykos. Readying his right hand, he cupped his hands together to create a big ball of blue energy. "You've had this coming for millennia! Say farewell, Exodian Priest!"

"NEVER!" defied the demonic god as he created one last black pyramid and threw it. "Darkness Pyramid!"

"Super Terra Beam!" Omega X unleashed his finishing attack, combined with the Zero Unit's power.

As the attacks collided, Omega X's massive beam annihilated the pyramid and engulfed Skykos. The Exodian Priest bellowed his final roars as his body broke down into bits. Omega X's Terra Beam soared through the skies. The beam flew through the heavens and exploded, which lit up the skies hanging over the planet.

Everyone present, near the battle and across Tokyo, marveled at the drops of blue energy that fell from the skies.

(End theme)

"Well, I'll be..." Simms was at a loss for words with the eventful moment. "Skykos is no more?"

X smiled behind his mask. "The Ascendant's legacy continues." He beckoned the older gentleman to follow him as they flew over to meet with Omega X.

Still firmly holding the Zero Unit, Omega X smiled. "Thank you, spirits of Sephirot."

(Cue My-Hime OST – Hime Star)

Suddenly, Sonja and others near her watched Calumon's body glowing. The tiny creature seemingly flew out of Sonja's arms on his own power and floated over toward Omega X. He watched Calumon floating over to his level. The Zero Unit reacted as it reattached itself on Calumon's forehead. The synergy between the catalyst and the Zero Unit reconnected as a transparent figure materialized around Calumon's small frame.

The white ghostly being resembled a young man in his mid-20s. He looked like Gennai but with long golden hair and yellow eyes.

"I am Keter, an ancient of the Sephirot race, and wielder of the Zero Unit. Thank you for reconnecting the Zero Unit with the catalyst and destroying that monster Skykos. Warrior, you and your allies have our greatest gratitude." The ancient being said in a calm and sagely manner. "Keep Calumon safe in your sanctuary and ensure you use our power wisely. With the Exodian Priest gone, the Zero Unit is now in the hands of the just."

"You have my word, Keter," Omega X reassured him, and with that he watched Keter vanish.

As Keter's presence entered Calumon, the small Digimon opened his eyes. He scanned around and saw Omega X.

"Hi, mister gold hair."

Omega X nodded. "Hello."

Seductressmon was shocked with the turn of events. He was able to destroy Skykos?! What kind of beings am I with?!

Nobody, sans Omega X and likely X & Simms, had any inkling of an idea of Keter when seeing him briefly. However, it didn't matter. What mattered more were the two worlds saved again and another evil entity being thwarted. Omega X floated over with X and Simms to meet with everyone. Calumon flew over to Sonja and hugged her. Omega X walked over to Celesta X as the siblings genuinely smiled to one another.

The Kai Destined once again stood united and held their heads high. Sunlight beamed through the darkened clouds and spread over the city.


Shortly after Skykos and the Galactic Pirates were beaten, the local fire and police departments were aided by Japanese and US military with finding citizens trapped in debris and transporting many to safe refuge. The Kai Destined even helped with the cause.

The Digi-Destined were relieved to learn their families were safe in a convention center.

Jun, Jim, Mantarou, Chizuru, Momoe, and their Digimon were reunited with the Digi-Destined. Both sides shared their experience over the latest developments that had just occurred. Joe and Jim found their parents waiting for them. Davis and Jun were hugged by their parents while Sonja watched from a distance. Yolei cried happy and hugged her parents as her siblings playfully teased her for it.

(End theme)


"It's over," Yamaki muttered pathetically, seeing the government building still standing but ravaged. He nervously gripped his lighter. Riley and Talley both watched him from the sidelines. Before Riley could approach him, Omega X landed beside Yamaki. "You..."

Omega X powered down as he split into Tai and Agumon.

"Just so you know it's me, Yamaki," Tai confronted him.

"Are you satisfied? Well, are you? Hypnos has collapsed... and all that we worked for is in ruins," he muttered coldly as he glared deeply into Tai's eyes.

Unfazed, Tai furrowed his brows. "Let this be a lesson learned for tampering with forces beyond your control, Yamaki. You have no idea of that powers that dwell in the Digiverse."


"Their universe is parallel to ours. They have living creatures, who laugh, cheer, cry, have minds of their own, have genuine emotions, and can feel pain. You and you team have conducted atrocious experiments that killed many Digimon. I can't forgive you for that."

"What do I have left?" Yamaki conceded, hanging his arms to the sides.

"Yamaki!" Riley tried to stop him.

"Take my life if you must to punish me for all I've done."

The Bearer of Courage nodded dismissively. "No, I'm not giving you that satisfaction, Yamaki. You do have a chance to repent. Rather than fight us, we should be helping one another when another crisis like this ever happens."

"Work with you?"

Agumon added. "Why not? It's your choice, but we'd recommend it!"

"But, I'd make the smart choice, Yamaki. Otherwise, you're left with a ruined reputation. What other way would you have it?"

Yamaki reluctantly considered shaking Tai's hand. He curved his upper lip and tried turning his back to Tai. But, Riley stopped Yamaki putting an hand over his arm.

"Please, Yamaki. Look at how far our so-called progress took us. It's as he said, we can't tamper with the forces beyond our foresight and control. Do you really want to continue your war with an whole parallel universe? We try and who knows what other forces we might provoke. Look at what happened today!" She reasoned with him. "We nearly lost Tokyo!"

After taking a few minutes to reflect on the events, Yamaki took off his shades and faced Tai's direction.

"Tell me what you and your group needs," the man finally complied.


There was discussion regarding Seductressmon and Antylamon's fates. With their allies gone and Tyrantmon betraying the former, they were left with nowhere to go, but imprisonment. Gennai instructed BanchoLeomon, BW, and Pikkan to escort Seductressmon, but Celesta X convinced them to give her a chance to redeem herself on a trial basis. She even asked Gennai to allow Centarumon, Piximon, and Andromon to watch Antylamon until she is ready to serve their needs

Most reluctant to do so (namely Yolei and Cody) weren't sure whether it was a wise decision.

Antylamon, on the other hand, was thankful to Celesta X. She accepted to go to File Island under the watchful eye of File Island's warriors to prove herself worthy.

However, Sonja came to Celesta X's defense. The Artificial reminded them how she was their former enemy and look how well things turned out for her.

Seductressmon spoke up. "You really want me to join your side? After all I tried to do?"

"If I can join the Digiteam without much trouble, I think you have a bright future," Sonja reassured her.

"I don't know."

Celesta X powered down as she split into Kari and Gatomon.

Kari approached Seductressmon. "It's ok. We can take baby steps. No need to rush. Same with you, Antylamon. Even you two deserve second chances."

Seductressmon nodded. "All right, but if I'm joining you, I need a new name to distance myself from my former group." After a few minutes of mulling over, she addressed them. "From now on, you can all call me Sheila."

"Welcome to the team, Sheila," Kari said. "You can count on me, Sora, Mimi, Yolei, Keke, and Sonja to guide you. As for you, Antylamon, I think the Digimon of File Island would love to have a new warrior to guard them."

And with that, two new members were added to the roster, but they needed to prove themselves on a trial basis. Should they complete their trials, under tight supervision, Sheila an Antylamon will have proven adequate enough to become the Chosen's allies.


'That concludes what was one of the most chaotic day of our lives. Between Devas, alien pirates, Beelzebumon, and a power-crazed god, we managed to turn the tide against adversity and kick its butt! But, we couldn't have done this without each other and X's friends. We're the Chosen and at this point we can make the impossible possible.

Though saving the two worlds came at a price. Parts of our city was ravaged by the invasion, but luckily we worked together with the local law enforcement and fire department to help those who were lost from their families and got people back to their homes.

Yamaki, a man who got lost in his own convictions, turned a new leaf. It took a ton of persuasion. Hypnos was shut down for the time being after Yamaki was fired as the head of the organization. Fortunately, I was able to work something out between us. Yamaki and his own team just might be of some use after all. Lucky for us, the Juggernaut program was dismantled and let's hope it stays that way. Oh, and Sora told me her dad might help Yamaki and his team using his research or something. Don't know anything about that, but I think it might be Digimon related.

We have two new additional members to our group: Calumon and Sheila. Calumon's Zero Unit remains intact with him and with him, we have the power of digivolution. For now, we left him in the care of Azulongmon and the Sovereigns. Now Falcomon has a pal to interact with that isn't a grown adult. We intend to visit Calumon, especially Sonja as she's grown attached to him. How sweet.

As for Sheila, she's going to be put under a trial basis. Her background history is shady, but my sister believes we can give her a chance. We'll see how it goes. The girls are gonna show her the benefits of freedom from Tyrantmon. From what I hear, BanchoLeomon, BW, and Pikkan agreed to put Sheila through these trials. Sounds tough. She better good luck with that.

Antylamon will be taken to File Island to start her trials. Should she succeed, she'll be granted pardon and be allowed to work with our File Island friends. I wish her luck, too. Piximon can be tough.

It'll be a long for our city to recover following this invasion aftermath, but I'm optimistic.

With a few days removed from the battle against Skykos and the Galactic Pirates, we were called by X to meet him and Simms in Azulongmon's sanctuary. From what I understand, we're going to be told about the origins of where out Ascendant powers originated from.

Should be an interesting back story. Hope I don't fall asleep.'


Southern Digirealm/Unknown Digiworld

Beelzebumon stood in solitude on a seemingly lifeless and desolate world. There was nothing but endless desert and some rock formations situated far off in the backdrop. The demon Digimon noted a bunch of data balls, being blown away like tumbleweeds, passing along by him.

"I'll find a way out of this dump. I swear it," Beelzebumon vowed. He quietly and discreetly surveyed the area. He saw a bunch of oddly-shelled and tentacled creatures. They were a Chrysalimon swarm waiting for him to collapse out of exhaustion to feed on him. However, the hungry Demon Lord wasn't going to gang up on him that easily. "You punks got a staring problem?" He readied his claws. "Come get me! I'll run this whole world by one digicycle!"

And with that he charged the Chrysalimon and prepared for another gluttonous feast.


Digital World/Azulongmon's Realm/March 29, 2006/3:30 PM

The Digi-Destined, Old and New, came right on schedule as they were asked.

Tai & Agumon, Yamato & Gabumon, TK & Patamon, Kari & Gatomon, Dimitri & Faith, Davis & Veemon, and Ken & Wormmon were asked to step forward. X, Simms, Keke, Sam, Kara, Tike, and David were standing before them.

Sora & Biyomon, Mimi & Palmon, Sailor Sedna, Izzy & Tentomon, Joe & Gomamon, Yolei & Hawkmon, and Cody & Armadillomon stood on one side from the Ascendant group.

BanchoLeomon, BW, Pikkan, Sonja & Calumon, Falcomon, Dianamon, Minervamon, Gennai, Centarumon, Piximon, Andromon, Antylamon, and Sheila stood together on the opposite side.

"Welcome, everyone," the masked watcher addressed those present in the sanctuary.

"What's this about, X? You wanted to tell us about where our Ascendant powers derived from," Tai spoke before anyone could interject.

"You haven't explained why Ken is with us. He's no Ascendant," Dimitri stated.

TK added. "No need to keep us in suspense, X. We're ready."

"Very well," X replied as Simms and the others behind him stepped away giving him room. Clearing this throat, he started as Tai, a reluctant Yamato, Kari, TK, Dimitri, Davis, Ken and their Digimon partners gathered near him to listen. "Yes, you see. Sans Keke and the others, each of your Crests are imbued with the DNA of the first legendary Ascendant."

"You don't mean that psychopath Yagami, do you?!" Davis tried to interject.

"He's a fake. No, I mean the true and genuine Ascendant that existed over a millennia ago."

"Go on," Tai nodded, looking around as the others near him waited.

"Well, Tai, as I and Huanglongmon told you before, you already know about the first Ascendant. But, now that the others are here, I'm ready to tell you all in full detail," X went on as he folded both arms behind his back. "Thousands of digicycles before Tai and Agumon combined their power to create Omega X, there lived a being known as the first Ascendant. He was your predecessor. In fact, he is the predecessor for you guys and Taito's team." He eyed Tai, Yamato, Kari, TK, Davis, and Ken specifically. "Though, the legend of this being was more about his renowned power than the Ascendant himself. He achieved a level so overwhelming that he could only maintain it by retaining that specific form. His strength was greater than all yours combined. Once a peace loving being transformed into a savage monster hell bent on avenging his loved ones. The Digital Knight Council were the ones that tried to subdue this monster and depicted him with golden skin. With his power so overwhelming, he destroyed himself along with the planet he once called home. To this day, this Ascendant was fabled as a story passed down for several generations."

"That's some back story, but what does he have to do with us being Ascendants?" Kari asked. "How did we and Taito's team get these Ascendant abilities to begin with?"

"Before this Ascendant destroyed himself, his DNA was collected and placed under intensive studies by the Digital Knight's science division. Many Crests were developed. The first generation created were incorporated with the legendary Ascendant's DNA. Taito and his group were the first to receive these specialized Crests; each one carried the data of this monstrous being. When their biology mixed with his, their human physiology changed and mutated into those of Ascendants."

Simms interjected. "But, their Crests were imperfect..."

Agumon queried. "Imperfect?"

"Thus a new set of Crests were entrusted for the next generation: you guys, the Digi-Destined. However, there was only so much of the legendary Ascendant's DNA to utilize. Only a few of the Crests could support and contain this power," X walked over meeting Tai, Yamato, Kari, TK, Davis, and Ken. "The chosen Crests would be Courage, Friendship, Light, Hope, and Kindness. When these Crests finally activated, the data from the legendary Ascendant resonated with your bodies and evolved your human biology into those of Ascendants."

"So, we pretty much mutated into Ascendants without us knowing?" Tai was baffled hearing this revelation."

"Yes, but it took some time. Some of you developed quicker than others. You were able to gain the power of flight and others developed keener senses like Kari, who was able to better feel the darkness. But, eventually it was through physical training with your Digimon that allowed your Ascendant power to become realized."

Sora spoke up. "X, that doesn't explain why the Digimon gained these certain abilities."

"Well, since they're already fully digital, they quickly inherited some Ascendant abilities than you guys. But, the bulk of the Ascendant power would go to you guys. When your body structures changed from human to Ascendant, you each became digitized beings themselves and thus were compatible enough to merge with their Digimon partners. When both Digimon and human partners merge, a complete Ascendant is born."

The Kai Destined were speechless, namely the Ascendants, were speechless when hearing this.

"Granted, strong desires and emotions were also prerequisites to finally become full Ascendants. Look what happened with Tai. When Burizalor killed Sora, the power from Tai's Crest of Courage stayed with him and triggered the Ascendant DNA that inexplicably mutated his human physiology."

"So, those of us who received the legendary Ascendant's DNA are no longer human?" TK inquired.

"Not ordinary humans, at least. You've gained abilities beyond any normal human," the masked watcher turned toward Kari and Gatomon. "Some already had special abilities before becoming full Ascendants. Kari, do you recall being able to sense peculiar activity beyond the human world?"

"Kinda. I do remember being able to see Digimon with my brother when he returned from camp briefly."

"You're a unique case from the others. Not only has Kari had special abilities to begin with, her Crest of Light not only granted her Ascendant abilities, but acted as a conduit to allow the spirit of an ancient being to possess Kari. This being called herself the Amazing Grace. She in a sense wields two completely opposing powers. But, these opposing powers have managed to synchronize with each other. However, when these powers merged, it affected Kari and invoked the Ascendant fury that made her calm and bloodlusted, if you've seen recently in her battle with Virus. These were powers that were never meant to cross, but today Kari has learned to maintain it."

"This is unbelievable," Gatomon was shocked as she looked up to Kari, who was equally surprised. "I always knew you were special, Kari, but since we've merged I know better. I'm glad for our sake you can control it."

Looking over her hands, Kari conveyed reluctance. "I know you guys need me to use this power, but doesn't change the fact I still fear it."

"We know, Kari," TK said as he approached and hugged her.

Patamon nodded. "TK will get stronger so you won't have to carry that weight, Kari."

"Thanks, guys," she said.

X turned from Kari, shifting his view over to Dimitri. "As for you, Dimitri, with you being half-Ascendant born from an Ascendant father and a human mother, you inherited the Crest of Hope's energies from TK in your future timeline. That extra boost allowed you access to great reserves of Ascendant abilities."

Dimitri replied. "I know that full well after my uncle TK trained me and helped bring out my Ascendant power. When he died, I gained the remnants of his Crest's energies after he died and that finally unlocked my Ascendant power."

"But, you still haven't explained to us about me and Ken!" Davis quickly cut Dimitri off, which he apologized for. "Sorry, Dimitri, but I have to know."

Veemon added. "Yeah, we wanna know!"

Sonja barked out to Davis. "Wait until he's done, you two!"

Yolei added. "I do wonder about Ken. He hasn't exactly become an Ascendant like Tai and the others."

Hawkmon deduced. "Maybe there a flaw prevented him from becoming a full one?"

X sighed deeply. "I was getting to you guys." After clearing his throat, he went on. "Sadly, Ken couldn't initially invoke the Crest of Kindness because he was corrupted by the darkness. During his Digimon Emperor phase, he used it to power his base instead. It was used as the base of the Golden Digiegg of Miracles, which Davis luckily enough used to evolve Veemon into Magnamon. The Golden Digiegg housed both the Crest of Kindness and the bulk of the Ascendant power derived from the legendary one. When Davis activated it, all of that Ascendant power went to him. What little Ascendant power remained was in the Crest of Kindness, which Ken received following the battle with Chimeramon. And that tiny reserve leaked into Ken's body, which was only enough to power up his Crest Weapon and unlock a few latent abilities. Your keen senses are as good as Kari's I'd imagine. Otherwise, you don't have enough power to support a full Ascendant form. I'm sorry, Ken."

Ken sadly nodded, trying hard not to reflect on his tenure being the Digimon Emperor. Yolei, Hawkmon, Wormmon, and Sam shared sympathy with him.

"At least you didn't turn out like a monster like my uncle from our former world," Sam muttered, referencing the Digiverse where he, Keke, and the others came from.

Ken spoke up and addressed X. "In other words what was meant for me went to Davis instead."

The masked watcher nodded. "Correct. The Digieggs and the Crest of Kindness were created by the Sovereigns during the time of peace prior to the Emperor's uprising. This was intentionally to make way for the next generation of Chosen should another crisis arise. Lucky for us, we found that team. Two generations of Chosen and my colleagues have done well protecting two worlds from every form of evil that stood in their way. Human, Ascendant, Digimon, Higher One, it makes no difference. We're all in this long-standing battle against the darkness together. Speaking of darkness, how could I forget our psychopathic Ascendant pal, Yagami? His crest was called the Crest of Despair. We once thought it was destroyed along with Agumon X's egg after Burizalor destroyed the Northern Digital World. It was the ninth Crest that ended up in the possession of the seemingly unstable Yagami. Once taking that crest, he became consumed by despair and was transported to a Digital World where he and Agumon X began their path of destruction. They became GalacticNova X and you guys know the full story in your latest battle with him."

Agumon frowned. "Of course, how could we?"

"That nutcase nearly killed us all," Tai replied with anger in his tone.

Yamato remembered what it was like feeling despair when facing the once believed legendary Ascendant.

"With that, all of you wielding the Ascendant power are part of its legacy," X clarified to them. "You guys are the legacy of the Ascendant."

"We've all gone been through a lot, guys, but we'll continue fighting the good fight," Tai said, turning around and facing everyone. "Right, Yamato?"

Yamato glared daggers into his rival and reluctantly nodded. He didn't share much enthusiasm like Tai and the others.

"So, now that we're all here? Let's liven this bitch up and have a party!" Tike declared, pulling out a box of cake.

Kara eyed the cake like a starving beast. "That cake is for us, right, bro?"

"By us, you mean just you two?" David sweatdropped.

"Hold on, you two," X said as he marched his friends forward and beckoned them to join the Digi-Destined for group shots. "Just for keep's sake."

"Dad, come over here and join us!" Keke called Yamato and Gabumon to join for their family group photo.

"You think she'll join us?" Sailor Sedna wondered, turning to Dimitri.

Dimitri sighed. "Hard to say. Looks like I'll have to drag his ass over here."

Faith nodded. "I'll help out, too!"

Mimi facepalmed. "Ugh, sometimes he can be such a pain. Hey, Yamato, we're not leaving until you come over here!"

Yamato curled his upper lip in response and growled. "Curse that woman."

Matt mentally taunted the proud Ascendant. 'Aww, the poor prideful jerk can't stand being nagged by a mere human female? Face it. You have no choice but make a good impression for Dimitri and Keke. This is something they need. This also would mean a lot to me. Could you just suck it up and go along with it?'

"Fine," Yamato grumbled. "I'll do it. C'mon, Gabumon."

"Right behind you," Gabumon complied.

As the twosome walked forward, Mimi & Palmon, Dimitri & Faith, and Keke waited for them.

X took pictures of the following groups:

Ken & Wormmon, Yolei & Hawkmon, and Sam.

TK & Patamon, Kari & Gatomon, and Tike & Kara.

Davis & Veemon, Sonja, Calumon, and David.

Yamato & Gabumon, Mimi & Palmon, Dimitri & Faith, Sailor Sedna, and Keke. Another group shot with TK & Patamon and Tike.

Joe & Gomamon, Izzy & Tentomon, and Cody & Armadillomon.

Finally, X put the camera down and set the timer on. He raced over to get into a picture with Tai & Agumon and Sora & Biyomon. Two more were taken to include Sailor Sedna in one and Kari, Gatomon, & Kara in another.

X and Keke then took a picture together.

Finally, everyone gathered for the grand finale group picture.

After the group shots were taken, X walked over to pick his camera up.

"Thanks for taking pictures of us, X," Sora said as she walked up behind him.

"It's something I've wanted to do for a while, Sora," the masked watcher said, turning around and meeting her eye to eye. "I hope you didn't mind."

Nodding, Sora added genuinely. "Of course I don't mind. This is something I would've suggested."

"Guess we think in parallels, huh?" He gave a nervous laugh.

"I know who you are. No need to hide it from me anymore," Sora smiled, surprisingly X with a hug. "I had a feeling ever since Tai and I talked more about you. You taking a picture with us was the last dead giveaway... my son."

X smiled behind his mask. "Anything to make you and Tai happy."

While family love was expressed amongst the groups, there was one who seemingly felt out of place. Sheila walked over and sat out, reflecting to her near demise at Tyrantmon's hand. She still couldn't comprehend why Kari bothered to save her. She didn't feel like she belonged with the Kai Destined.

"Still trying to adjust?" Sonja asked as she sat beside Sheila. Behind them were BW, Pikkan, and BanchoLeomon. "Some of us aren't exactly Digi-Destined or Ascendants either, but that doesn't matter to us."

Sheila muttered. "Easy for y'all to say."

"Not really," BW said. "Some already get used to it, but others take a while to adjust."

Sonja patted Sheila's back. "They'll grow on you. Trust me. Look at me, I deal with Davis, but I've grown attached to him."

"We'll see after I get done with these trials."

Following the group photos, a party was celebrated. There was much dancing, food to eat (mostly gobbled up by Tike and Kara), and festivities to partake in. When the party ended, mostly everyone left to go home – either back on Earth or back in the Digital World. Dimitri and Sedna stayed for a few days, but had to soon depart and return to their own dimensions.

"Ready to go, guys?" Tai turned to Agumon, Sora, and Biyomon behind him. They nodded. "Ok, then. Put your hands on me and Agumon, you two."

"Tai, Sora," X drew their attention. "Thank you. We'll see each other again."

With that, Tai and Sora nodded as the former used Instant Movement to teleport them home.

"Well, X, we're back in a time of peace," Simms said.

"For now, but there's still a few conflicts waiting to be settled," X alluded. "We must take adequate measures to prepare for them."

Of course, following reconstruction of Tokyo, more conflicts were yet to be resolved, including the inevitable encounter with GranDracmon. This required help from the Digiteams and heroes from the other dimensions: the YYGDM-01 and XLR-08 universes.

Three years have since then passed. The Chosen now enter the 10th year since Tai and his team were selected as Chosen to begin with. However, one more major obstacle would stand in their way before the celebration of the big 8/01 date.


'Hey, everyone! This is Kari Kamiya! Wow, has it been three years already?! Time has flown by. It wasn't too long since we saved the worlds from those creepy Galactic Pirates and Skykos!

Anyways, time has flown by for me and our friends. Some of us have just recently graduated from high school. Namely my brother and all the other older Digi-Destined. Yolei has just graduated, too. That leaves me, TK, Davis, and Ken to finish our last years. Cody is in his last year in junior high.

What happened in these past three years? Well, we went through an ordeal of eventful battles. With the help from our friends in the other dimensions, we finally defeated GranDracmon and his evil forces. Shortly after that, we dealt with a tyrannical Lucemon, a trio of anti-Ascendant armors that required my brother, Yamato, and Kensuke to save us, and for me... I faced another enemy that desired for my power... and my hand in marriage. A powerful being named Griel, who claimed to think we Ascendants are 'fakes', desired to have me. Griel was an Evo-lite and seemed much stronger than most of us. Even I couldn't stop him. It took my brother, Kensuke, and TK to save me. And finally, we had another encounter with the crazy psychopath named Yagami, who again was defeated thanks to me, my brother, Kensuke, and the others.

Now, why would I need to be saved despite having the Amazing Grace? Well, a part of me still remains hesitant to bring out that power. Secondly, over these last three years, my training started slipping... and I ended up sacrificing some of my own power to help empower TK's Ascendant form. This happened one night after we had sex. TK confessed to me how disappointed he was to never reach the Ascendant I've achieved. In order to help my friend, I offered my body and my power for him. One night of sexual intercourse was all it required for me to transfer some of my power to TK. But, this came at a price... my power slightly diminished as a result. Granted while I still have access to Ascendant 2, I'm not as strong as I once was during the fight with Virus and GranDracmon. This would explain why I struggled with Griel and Yagami. By now, my brother and Yamato are likely a little stronger than me. That's to be expected though.

But, it was worth to help my friend TK... who is my current boyfriend. We're both dating and remain training partners. He and Davis help me patrol Tokyo during my Kaze Girl duties.

As for Sheila, she passed her trials and officially joined our side. She's mostly seen with BanchoLeomon. They're sparring partners, but I think there's something going on there, despite what he might tell us. I'm glad. Sheila's a good asset for us to have.

Calumon currently remains with Falcomon, who's seen a growth spurt in these last few years! Calumon is also under the careful watch of Azulongmon and Gennai. We do come visit Calumon every other week.

When me and the others aren't taking care of Digiworld duties, Jun, Jim, and Yolei's brother & sisters take care of business with their Digimon. The Scooby Digi-Destined, a name they've given themselves, take care of duties for us when we're busy with school and civilian things.

As for Beelzebumon, we've been told he's on a distant world in the Digiverse. I do feel sorry this had to be Impmon's fate. I never wanted it to be this way. No one deserves to be alone. But after hearing what he did to Ken and Yolei, I'm honestly conflicted... a part of me can't forgive what he did to my friends, but I partly feel pity for him. Maybe isolation will help change the error of his ways? I can't give an honest answer regarding this, but I hope he comes back with a brighter outlook on life.

Yamaki and his crew took back their organizations after some crooked Japanese officials tried using the Juggernaut again. Along with Sora's dad, Yamaki and his team are helping us secure the borders between the real and Digital Worlds.

The Digiworlds have undergone some reconfigurations. Azulongmon's Digirealm has expanded and new Digimon types are starting to appear. Though, strangely enough, we've had little contact with Zhuqiaomon recently. I wonder why? Even the other Sovereigns don't know what's going on.

A Digital World Tournament took place where Mummymon won again. I have a feeling his days as champion are just about running out. My friends and I have been talking about the next one coming up very soon.

But, first, my third year of high school.

Here's another eventful chapter in our lives!'


Odaiba District/April 8, 2009/3:30 PM

"Hey, Kari!" Called a teenage boy behind her.

Turning around, a long-haired Kari, garbed in a green high school girl uniform, whirled around with an angelic smile. A teenaged TK, wearing a long-sleeved green boy's uniform, approached and walked her along toward school.

"Hey, guys!" Called Davis, who ran up behind them wearing a similar boy's uniform. He had his goggles hanging over his neck like a necklace. "Wait up!"

"What took so long?" TK asked, waiting for hear his friend's next excuse.

"Well, you see. The teacher needed me to help find a book and..."

"We know you beat up those gang members after school," Kari sighed. "I kinda feel sorry for them. Kinda. Davis, we're only on our third day back to school."

"Heh, well, they asked for it," proudly grinned Davis, who cracked his knuckles.

"Davis, if Sonja finds this out, she's gonna chew you out."

"I just won't tell her. Simple."

"Tell me what?" Came Sonja's voice, which made Davis freeze in his place.

As Davis looked ahead, he saw Yolei, Ken, Cody, Sonja, and the Digimon waiting for them.

"Hey, guys!" Yolei waved to them. Fresh out of high school, the purple-haired girl enjoyed her freedom from school and her choice of wardrobe reflected that: wearing looser blue jeans, a short-sleeved red shirt, a black-and-white dotted fedora, and brown boots. "What took y'all so long?"

"Davis, that's what," Sonja smiled toward Davis. She wore an unbuttoned blue jean vest with a white shirt underneath, loose jeans, and sandals. "Let me guess. A fight?"

"Yeah..." Davis murmured as Sonja pulled him into a playful headlock.

Veemon cringed watching them roughhouse each other. "Sheesh. Watch it ya two!"

Patamon and Gatomon hurried over to greet TK and Kari respectively.

Cody, dressed in his junior high gear, added. "So, where to now?"

Ken, garbed in a navy blue boys' uniform, replied as he surveyed the area. "Nothing for us to do."

Just then, the group noticed a bank robbery taking place not too far off from the local area. This quickly caught Kari's attention as she opened up her right sleeve and revealed her transformation watch.

"Can't resist it, huh, Kari?" Gatomon smirked.

Armadillomon chuckled. "Those bank robbers are asking for it."

"You guys are welcome to join in," Kari said, pushing the watch and switching to her Kaze Girl gear. "Any volunteers?"

(Cue Dragonball Kai Opening (Full) Dragon Soul)

"I'm in!" Gatomon chimed in,

TK stepped forward. "This'll be a good way to kill boredom."

Davis cracked his knuckles. "Man, this day couldn't get any better."

Sonja shrugged. "Whatever, just don't kill anyone, Davis."

Yolei gawked at the battle ready trio. "C'mon, guys! I was going to suggest going to the mall. Not an all out br-"

"Yolei, let's not impede on their fun," Ken said, readily pulling out his Boomerang of Kindness.

"Fine," Yolei sighed, giving into the Ascendant's wishes.

Hawkmon chuckled. "Ken's right, Yolei. We shouldn't impede on their fun."

"Well, maybe I should throw my hat into the ring," the purple-haired girl said, taking out her Shuriken of Caring.

Cody took out his Blade of Humility. "Why not?"

"No worries, Cody. We're not killing anyone," Davis reassured them. "Ready, Veemon?"

"Let's rumble, Davish!"

Kaze Girl beckoned. "Let's go!" She, TK, Davis, and their Digimon took the lead as they bolted down toward the bank robbers.

The bank robbers' faces turned pale once they saw Kaze Girl and her Digiteam storming toward them in a hurry.

"It's Kaze Girl and her band!" warned one of the robbers.

"So much for our lucky day..." The gang leader grimaced as he prepared for the pain.

As far as this was concerned, this was another weekday for the Digiteam.


Central Digirealm/Golden Castle Above the Clouds

X emerged out of the room described to be an endless dimension, akin to the Room of Time. It was Huanglongmon's more intensive version of the one Azulongmon had. Prior to their return and meeting Dimitri the first time, Tai and Agumon stayed with Huanglongmon. The twosome lasted only six months due to the extremities and harsh conditions the room provided, which prepared them for the Room of Time training with Kari and Gatomon.

As X turned around, the masked watcher saw a lone figure standing behind him. The focused individual opened his emerald eyes. The distinct characteristic of the hair was less rigid; it was more flowing and smooth while growing down the warrior's back. His face remained concealed, but the energy radiation around him produced a power so great that the aura pulsed at a high frequency than it ever did in his previous Ascendant forms.

"Are you sure you want to keep this between us and not tell the others?" X addressed him.

Omega X smiled behind the darkest corner of the room. "Until the time is right. You and he are the only ones who know. I have a feeling I'll be requiring this power sooner than later." He powered down and looked out to greet X. "Things have been kinda boring lately. I'd like to invite our friends from the other dimensions."

"What do you propose?

The jovial Ascendant added, grinning profoundly. "How about a Digital World Tournament?"

(End theme)


End Credit Themes

(Cue Dragonball Z Opening (Full) – Head-La-Head-Cha-La!)

(Cue Digimon Adventure Opening (Full) – Butterfly)


Season 2.5 Complete


Next episode: Three Years Later! Welcoming the New Age!


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Well, lots of developments happened. Skykos is gone. Yamaki changes a new leaf. Sheila (formerly Seductressmon) and Antylamon join the side of good. Yamato displays a rare act of heroism, thanks to Matt. Additionally, the Digiteams are given a back story on the first Ascendant. Interesting history, huh? Yes, the first Ascendant is based off the first Super Saiyan legend that Vegeta briefly mentioned in the Namek Saga. No, I don't plan to show the first Ascendant. I'll leave that to the power of y'alls imagination!

A few things: 1) The aforementioned battle with GranDracmon takes place during Siege of GranDracmon. Go have a look at! It's crossed over with the YYGDM and Accel Stream characters, too! :D

2) The aforementioned battle with the DFKai!Lucemon takes place shortly after Siege of GranDracmon. It's a movie fic event, in which Lucemon challenges our a few of our Ascendant casts. Likewise for Yagami's return as it takes place several months prior to Season 3. Speaking of Yagami, I still need to write the first Yagami movie fic! =(

3) The battles with the Anti-Ascendant armors and this Griel character will take place in Chaosblazer's upcoming Accel Stream second season. Stay tuned for that.

4) Kari having intimate sex with TK slightly depowers her and boosts TK up several notches. Well, combine that and her slacking off training caused her unfortunate regression (but Kari does later pick up on her training before the tournament). As pointed out, she's still able to go Ascendant 2/Amazing Grace, but she's not as powerful as she used to be during the War Games & GranDracmon conflicts. She transferred some of her power to TK to help empower him. Despite these setbacks, she'll be the third strongest Ascendant behind Tai and Yamato, both of which have caught up past Kari.

5) Last, yes, that last scene with X and Omega X does briefly show and tease... Ascendant level 3! Season 3 will be chock full of 'em (not really, just a tiny handful). :P

For the reviewer who gave me the insightful review/constructive critique, most of your points are valid, but I always intended for Kari to beat TK to the coveted Ascendant power (and granted, TK unlocks his Ascendant power before the War Games start anyway). TK is still partly in the Gohan role. I know I should've focused on their relationship. You're already starting to see Kari and TK blossom as this chapter seamlessly shifts to the Season 3 Timeskip. Come Season 3, their relationship will have better developed since there will be a reasonable gap between Season 2/2.5 and the upcoming one. Not sure where you're getting plot holes from either. Those inconsistencies aren't really plot holes. So, I must respectfully disagree with this notion.

Now, I don't know if I can control the character overload. I always did my best focusing on most of every character that's relevant. Season 3 will be introducing a bunch more, including most from another dimension (the Tamers, the Frontier group, and a bunch of OC Sailor Senshi with Dimitri). These are characters from my other popular fic series YuYuGiDigiMoon. The best I can do is possibly divide the groups into smaller ones when the main conflict arises in Season 3.

In any case, I'm going to give it my all and carefully craft this next season. I can't promise perfection, though. Just don't be disappointed if certain things don't live up.

Anyway, getting that out of the way, hopefully Season 2.5 was enough to tide you through a slow DFKai year. Spring 2013, the long-awaited Season 3 (D-Reaper Saga)/Majin Buu adaptation is coming!

Until Season 3 is released, this story will be marked 'Complete' until I renew it and start the new season off with chapter 116.

Without further delay, here's the preview teaser from the upcoming DFKai season!


(Season 3 Bonus Teaser)

After DarkMagimon teleported them back on the desolate Southern Digiworld, Omega X, Dark Metalla X, Celesta X, and Shintomon were again surprised by how abruptly they were taken off the Digital World Tournament Arena. They were all standing on the backdoor platform into DarkMagimon's ship.

Shintomon paced over the platform center. He turned and addressed the two rivals. "You two fight to your heart's content then. Kari and I will break through the entrance to thwart DarkMagimon and KingDevimon. D-Reaper might possibly be awakened by the shock, but there's no turning back now. It will be preferable this way than if it reaches full power with all the energy it'll siphon from you two."

"It's still risky," Celesta X warned him.

"Yes, but if we're lucky, we might just stop them!"


(Cue Dragonball Kai OST – Ominous Silence)

When hearing this, DarkMagimon laughed. "Hahah, oh no you don't!" He waved his hands over his viewing orb. "Yamato, stop them! Kill everyone who gets in your way!"


Dark Metalla X felt a shock in the back of his head. Then, he heard DarkMagimon's beckoning orders to him telepathically.

'Kill them! Kill them all, Yamato!'

Dark Metalla X grimaced and succumbed to DarkMagimon's evil influence. Omega X, Celesta X, and Shintomon noticed this as the latter two tried to console him. Omega X ordered them back.

"Uugh! Augh!" Dark Metalla X gritted his teeth, trying his damned hardest to resist the sorcerer's influence.

'What are you waiting for?! Do it!'

Dark Metalla X raised his head, heavily wheezing. "I... refuse! They have nothing to do with this battle!"



Both DarkMagimon and KingDevimon were baffled by Dark Metalla X's initial protest. DarkMagimon was more shocked as his dark magic had never been resisted before.

"Yamato, I'm only asking once! Kill the Supreme Guardian's son!"


'Do it now, Yamato!' the dark mage barked in Dark Metalla X's mind.

(End theme)

"Grrr! Ngggh!" Dark Metalla X grimaced again, grabbing the sides of his head as the 'D' mark on his forehead gleamed. An evil smile formed on the proud Ascendant's features. "No... I won't be distracted by this anymore! It will take more than mind games to stop me. You may have my mind and my body, but there's only one thing an Ascendant always keeps..." He raised his head and raised his arms overhead, protesting in defiance. "...HIS PRIDE!"

(Cue The Dark Prince (New Vegeta Theme) by Scott Morgan of m0rganstudios (0:00-3:26)

Numerous golden rings of Ascendant energy wisping out from Dark Metalla X as the area quivered under his sheer power.

Celesta X and Shintomon moved away from the immense power being released.


DarkMagimon gaped in shock seeing his own globe shimmering with golden light. The shock from the Ascendant's power repelled the evil sorcerer.

"B-but, this has never happened to me before! How much pride does this warrior have?!"

KingDevimon scoffed. "It makes no difference. He'll still provide us with enough energy for D-Reaper's reawakening. The Supreme Prince can't do anything with me around. Besides, didn't you want to see him die with your own eyes?"

DarkMagimon picked himself off the floor and glared intently at the orb.


Shintomon was beyond flabbergasted. "How could such a mortal be in DarkMagimon's control and... yet defy him? This is infeasible!"

Omega X smiled off his rival's boast. "You really wanted to fight me that badly, huh?"


"Perhaps we should grant them passage. Let's open the doors for them. Otherwise, they may force it open themselves and cause D-Reaper to awaken prematurely."

DarkMagimon complied. "Hn, perhaps. So be it."

(End theme)


Suddenly, the platform beneath Celesta X and Shintomon opened up. They floated off and examined the descent into DarkMagimon's spaceship.

"Look at that! He opened it for us," Celesta X vividly pointed out.

Shintomon added. "Seems he doesn't want us to destroy his ship."

The Bearer of Light attentively turned to Omega X. "We're leaving, Tai."

(Cue DBZ Faulconer, Buu Saga (Unreleased) - Worry)

Nodding, the Bearer of Courage replied. "Good luck, Kari. Oh, wait!" He stopped Celesta X and Shintomon as he opened up his pocket and pulled out Digi-Vitamins. "I have two Digi-Vitamins left. You should eat one since you used up most of your stamina in that fight you had."

"Thanks, Tai," Celesta X said as she took a vitamin from her brother. "I'll really need this." She broke it in half and ate one half.

"Remember to get angry, Kari. Remember the times you fought Virus, Arkadimon, and Tyrantmon. Bring out your Amazing Grace. You can't lose to anyone that way, and I mean anyone."

"Right, but I'm sorry our fun day with our friends from the other dimensions had to be cut short. I'm really worried about the Tamers, the Legendary Warriors, and the Kuipers."

"I'm sure they're all fine, Kari. You go be a hero again."

"Thanks, Tai. We will stop DarkMagimon!" Celesta X declared as she and Shintomon made their descent into the ground level of DarkMagimon's ship.

With Celesta X and Shintomon gone, Omega X shifted his focus entirely on Dark Metalla X.

(End theme)

"I'm ready now."

"Excellent. Tai, the table has been all set," Metalla X dropped into a fighting stance. "Let us begin!"

The battle lines have finally been drawn and there was no one to pull them apart. No friends, family members, or foe alike were going to come between the two Ascendant rivals.


(Cue Dragonball Kai OST – Battle Dance Music)

Elsewhere, having departed from the previous post, Angemon X, Sailor Sedna, WarAngemon, Tike, David, Sheila, and Pikkan picked up the pace moving into the northwest direction. After helping their friends subdue the DarkMagimon-influenced Zhuqiaomon, they headed for the location of DarkMagimon's ship.

Suddenly, Angemon X, WarAngemon, and Tike each felt bad vibes.

"What's wrong, guys?" Sedna asked the threesome.

"Dimitri, TK, Tike, what's up?" Sheila inquired, noticing the worried looks on their faces.

WarAngemon replied. "I feel my brother's about to fight."

"So, he and Tai are finally going to settle it," Pikkan stated. "But, now of all times?"

"Listen, we have to find this spaceship that belongs to this DarkMagimon," the Ice Senshi reminded them. "That should be our first priority."

"Easier said than done," scoffed Tike.

"We're going in the direction Buddhamon instructed us and he gave us the exact coordinates," Angemon X said. "A part of me wants to stop my father and Tai from tearing each other apart, but we're wasting time."

"Then, it's settled. Off to DarkMagimon's ship," the Alterian officially decreed.

As the group flew off to their destination, WarAngemon felt more worried than he should rightfully be. Between Kari and Matt, he didn't want to risk losing either of them. He could honestly care less for Yamato, but the psychopath still inhabits his brother's flesh and bone body. Dimitri felt the exact same way, too.

Sedna was worried for the well being of Tai, but was determined to see through the success of their mission.

As for Pikkan, all he could think about was Jeri, who remained with the Victory Tamers in the Digital World Tournament.

With all their worries and fears aside, they continued their direction toward DarkMagimon's ship location.


Omega X and Dark Metalla X pierced scornful glares into each other's eyes. Both were fueled with the desire to beat one another. Omega X wants nothing more than to beat Dark Metalla X quickly and help the others. Dark Metalla X wants nothing more than a flawless over his rival as everything else was inconsequential.

"I'm not letting you harm me and give my energy to D-Reaper. I'll use all the power I have to end this quickly!"

"I can't wait to see the results of your training and your perfect Ascendant 2 power."

With that, Omega X powered up to level 2 status in response to Dark Metalla X's remark.

"Not bad, Tai. You're far stronger than Kari was in her fight with Virus."

Dark Metalla X powered up to full Ascendant 2 form.

Both sported auras crackling with electricity and determined war faces.

"I guess I can forget about ending this quick then," Omega X remarked.

Dark Metalla X dropped down into a fighting stance and smiled evilly. "C'mon, Tai! It's time for you to die!"

The long-awaited rivalry battle was set to commence amidst of the D-Reaper's possible reawakening.

(End theme)


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