A/N: Yes, finally, the first major fight you've been waiting for. War Greymon vs Metal Garurumon, the forerunner of every Digimon Fusion battle that will come in the future. Enjoy the show!


Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 1, Act 1: The Digital Invaders

Episode 14: The Power of Fury Blitz! Wargreymon vs Metalgarurumon!


Digital World/August 3, 1999 (Digital World/Real World Times Unsynchronized)

"Yeah. Finally, we get to see that big jerk afraid!" TK laughed. "After all of that time he bragged about being invincible!"

"He's too scared to fight with War Greymon," Kari added.

"It'll be over in no time I'll bet," Sora said.

"I knew that the monkey crybaby wasn't going to be that big of a deal," Tai scoffed as he glared toward the blonde-haired youth and the metallic wolf. "It's Matt and Metal Garurumon that we're really after."

"Curse you to hell, Zero-009. Curse you, Taichi," Babimon tensed up as his body trembled and anger setting in. "Making me surrender your execution to Metal Garurumon and Yamato." Slowly descending, he cracked a devilish grin. "Heh. Well, you'll be sorry it ever happened. You're a disgrace, Zero-009. You and your partnership with this human make me RETCH!" Looking down at Matt, Babimon gave him the approval nod. "Yamato. I'll leave these two to you and Metal Garurumon. Just make sure they die painfully for what they've done to my pride!" So, I'm going to take my frustrations out on the other set of bugs!

Then, Babimon's eyes settled upon TK, Kari, Sora, and their digimon.

It didn't take long for Tai and War Greymon to figure out Babimon's next ploy.

Tai uttered a gasp. "No... What the hell do you think you're doing, Babimon?"

"Don't tell me he intends to take out everyone else in exchange to Matt and Metal Garurumon for us two!" War Greymon shouted and immediately roared out to the observers, sans Matt and Metal Garurumon. "TK! KARI! SORA! GARUDAMON! ANGEMON! ANGEWOMON! GET AWAY FROM THERE! BABIMON'S TARGETTING FOR YOU NOW!"

Gasping all at once, the group screamed out as Babimon quickly took a nosedive at them like a peregrine falcon. ""RAHAHAHAHA! HERE I COME! IN EXCHANGE FOR TAICHI AND ZERO-009, I DECLARE THOSE THREE HUMANS AND THREE DIGIMON DEAD!"

"THERE HE GOES, TAI!" War Greymon roared as he jetted down, pursuing the frantic Babimon. I've got to make it in time!

"HURRY, WAR GREYMON!" Tai called out to his partner.

War Greymon finally came to a settlement. I didn't want to have to use it, but… Fury Blitz.

The Child of Courage turned away, calling out to his friends. "Get away you guys!"

"HERE I COME, PREPARE TO DIE!" Babimon yelled, gaping his mouth whilst preparing to repeat his most powerful technique. "RAUGH!"

No… No choice! War Greymon yelled as a bright red aura flared around him. "Fury Blitz!" With that, he utilized X's secret technique while rocketing down faster than the eye could follow and jetted further down, spinning his Dramon Killers, impacting Babimon's back. "Brave Tornado!"

"What…? No… NO! NO! YOU CAN'T… DO THIS TO ME…. AUGH!" Babimon howled in excruciating agony as War Greymon drilled through his torso, ripping him into two halves. "AUUUGHHHH!" His final words echoed out for everyone to hear. "NO! YAMATO, AVENGE ME!"

With that, Babimon's body was split into two and both halves exploded into data. Babimon was silenced forever, deleted from the Digiworld completely.

War Greymon descended over to TK, Kari, Sora, and the others. Tai hurried over toward his partner.

"He… he did it!" Sora exclaimed happily. "War Greymon got him!"

TK and Kari cheered. "YAY! WAR GREYMON DID IT!"

Angewomon had watched the events while sitting up. "Excellent. That takes care of one invader..."

"And two more to go," Angemon murmured, grinning from ear to ear.

Tai stopped as he spoke to his friends. "Well, did you guys see that?"

"Yeah, but what did War Greymon do?" Sora asked.

"I utilized a technique passed to me by X. It's called Fury Blitz," War Greymon stated.

"Fury Blitz?" TK inquired.

Garudamon asked. "How does that work?"

"By controlling all the Digital Ki in my body," Tai's partner explained. "I amplify it for a heartbeat."

"When one gets it right, one's power, speed, and anything else skyrockets… even for just a second," the Child of Courage said. "Pretty cool, eh?"

"Oh yeah!" TK said, clenching his fists eagerly.

Angewomon addressed to Tai. "But, why didn't War Greymon just use it in the first place?"

"It doesn't work like that," War Greymon shook his head dismissively. "If I can't control my energy carefully, I'll end up blowing myself apart. There's only a certain limit I can reach now, but with training… well, you know. I'll be ready for more."

"I see now," the female angel nodded.

"Yeah, I remember X warning me about this," Tai said, reflecting on the last days of War Greymon's training.


Flashback/X's Planet/Two Days Ago

War Greymon was taking a break after having gone through hurdles upon hurdles across a 29,000-kilometer race.

He didn't show much signs of fatigue.

X reappeared in front of Tai and his digimon, lecturing them on the use of the Fury Blitz technique.

"War Greymon. You both have come further with the Fury Blitz technique than I had when I was a young fighter. But remember at your present level of skill, you have to beware of the over usage. Just the slightest error in your control will destroy your bodies. For War Greymon, his data code will overload and explode. Don't increase any higher than twice your normal power. Do you understand, War Greymon?"

"I got it."

"Tai, are we clear? Don't make War Greymon expend too much. I know how trigger happy you can get."

The Child of Courage comprehended the situation. "Right."

"Remember anymore than two times the Fury Blitz will take a heavy toll on your body."

"Damn, that sucks. Thanks for the warning, X. I didn't know what we'd do without you."

"Well, Tai, War Greymon would be dead for one thing."

"True... Heh, don't worry I won't get careless!"

The masked watched nodded, folding his arms behind his back. "Let's hope so. For your sake and our sakes."


Digital World

"Now, all that we have to deal with are Matt and Metal Garurumon," War Greymon said as he watched the partners standing afar from the group.

The Child of Courage affirmed the situation. "We're down to the main event."

Metal Garurumon turned, silently murmuring to his partner. "Babimon's incompetence led to his own downfall. He has nobody to blame but himself."

"Humph, he asked us to avenge him? Sorry but we don't avenge losers," Matt scoffed as he unfolded his arms. A devious smirk adorned his face. "Whatever War Greymon, you made sure to make note of it. Didn't you, War Greymon?"

"Yes, I have."

Matt smirked. "The others don't matter to us now. Tai and War Greymon are our main priorities until we defeat them." The Corrupt Child of Friendship heatedly pointed toward Tai's direction. "Only ONE of us will be declared the best of the best. Tai, get ready! The time has come for us to settle this!"

Tai locked eyes with Matt. "Of course, just you, me and our digimon. No more games."


Other World/X's Planet

Overseeing the events that had taken place, X nodded in approval. "Now, it's down to how it should be. Tai and Matt facing one another with their digimon." But, I just hope he doesn't go as far as killing Matt. The Child of Friendship is crucial if the Digi-Destined are to defeat the great evil that looms. No doubt the evil one is aware of what's going on.


The masked man turned and saw a teenage girl standing behind him. Her very presence was beautiful and serene. She was approximately 5'1 and had long golden brown locks, a pair of purifying sky blue eyes and a slim figure. A pink flower adorned her hair. She wore a spaghetti-string pink t-shirt with a white heart symbol embroidered on the front, a pink skirt and a white platform boots.

"Oh, Keke... So, you've come to oversee the fight that's going to commence in a short while?" inquired X.

"That's right," Keke added while walking toward X and standing by his side. "I just wish it didn't have to end like this. Their digimon are going to tear each other to pieces."

"Matt's been influenced by that 'evil one.' There's nothing I can do to stop this since I would be directly interfering in Tai's fight. As you know, I am an watcher."

"I know but why are you forbidding me from going over there? I could stop the fight!"

"You could have if you still had your Ascendant powers, but the Nexus has all but stripped us of our powers after we vanquished our greatest enemy. You're back to what you were before we met the Chosen of that other universe."

"I know, but still… I wish I had my Ascendant strength back."

"Relax, Keke," the masked man reassured her. "I have an important assignment for you. One that will help the Digi-Destined get to where they need to be."

Keke blinked. "Rea... Really? You mean...?"

"That's right. However, we cannot know what the future will brings us as far as this battle goes. Let's pray that neither one of them kills one another and that Tai comes out victorious."

"As long as Matt lives... Then, that's all that matters to me..." she deeply sighed.

X furrowed his brows and thought. It's time. War Greymon will really need to step it up against Metal Garurumon. Tai, this won't be a cakewalk. Good luck, my friends.


Digital World

Tending to the survivors, Tai gave each of the digimon Digi-Medical vitamins. The digimon had expended most of their energy during the battle against the invaders.

Having defeated Babimon, Sora and Garudamon felt their bodies completely rejuvenated with an energy boost. One they really needed.

Garudamon felt her energy being replenished. "Wow, this really works!"

"I was lucky to take them from Gennai before I got here. When I feed one to War Greymon, his energy was replenished," Tai added. "I figured if it would work for our digimon."

Kari approached her digimon partner. "How do you feel, Angewomon?"

"Much better, Kari. I think I'm ready to see action soon."

Angemon picked up his staff and flexed his left arm. "Sure enough I think I might want to help you, two." He turned to face War Greymon and Tai.

TK sighed, nodding. "You two are going to be fighting my brother and his digimon."

"Yeah... I know you don't seem too happy about it, TK. But your brother really needs to get his head out of his rear and get over himself," Tai frowned while facing Matt's direction. "If anyone's going to bruise that ego of his, it's going to be me and War Greymon."

Sora approached TK and knelt down beside him. "You do understand where Tai's coming from with this? Matt's not himself..."

"I know... I know," TK stammered. "But I just wish this doesn't have to be settled through violence! That's all! I don't want to see you two fighting, Tai."

"I understand. Look, I can't make any guarantees, but I'll try to talk him out of this," the Child of Courage knelt in front of TK as he put his hands on the boy's shoulders. "I'll do what I can. But if that approach doesn't work, then I'm going to knock some sense into him."

"You have to understand. This not only hurts you, but it really hurts Tai to have to do this," War Greymon assured the Child of Hope. "He didn't want to have to fight Matt but we weren't prepared for this. We didn't expect Matt to have been one of the three Invaders coming to the Digiworld."

"He's must have been brainwashed somehow," Sora stated. "The question is who could have influenced him? That we'll never know."

"Believe me, Sora. Before we go back home to our families, I'm going to find whoever did this to Matt. Just you wait and see!" Tai declared, clenching his fists. "But for now... I think it's time we settle this."

Facing Matt's direction, the Child of Courage's face conveyed determination. "One on one."

Standing beside Metal Garurumon, Matt smirked with both arms folded.

The blonde carefully watched Tai. Ah, just what are you thinking, Tai? You sure have that angry look on your face. How long will you keep me waiting?

Taking notice of Matt from the distance, Tai turned and faced the Corrupt Child of Friendship. Matt.

Sora blinked and noticed her best friend not taking his eyes off Matt. "Tai...?"

"You guys better get going and meet up with the other Digi-Destined," Tai ordered. "I'm sure Mimi, Joe, Izzy and their partners will arrive anytime now."

TK frowned and ran over toward Tai. "What? But I have to see this!"

"No, he's right, TK. We'll only get in the way," Kari replied. "This is no place for us. Not even our digimon have what it takes to compete with Metal Garurumon. Plus, this is something my brother wants to settle on his own."


Sora claps the little boy's shoulder and tenderly brought him close to her side. "It's okay, TK. Your brother will be brought back to his senses. Okay, TK? You just have to trust in him and War Greymon."

"Oh... I... Oh all right," TK sighed.

"If we were to stay here, then we would only distract War Greymon, TK," Angemon said.

"Look, I understand you want to see your brother, but we have no choice," Tai implied. "If I confront Matt, I'll try talking to him, but I can't guarantee we won't end up clobbering one another. As for War Greymon and Metal Garurumon, well, those two are going to fight each other no matter what since they'll be protecting us regardless." Turning around, Tai gave an assuring smile to the group. "Rest assured, guys. I'll bring back Matt to his senses."

"Just don't kill each other. That's all I'm asking," TK pleaded.

Kari nodded. "We believe in you, Tai."

"Thanks, guys," Tai knelt down as he embraced TK and Kari. One corner of his eye didn't sway from Matt's direction. This will be my biggest test to date as the Child of Courage. But, you know what? I really do hunger for the challenge. This is what I live for: to find the greatest challenges and overcome them.

"Do us a favor though," Angewomon said. "Fight somewhere else. This place is barely an battlefield anymore."

"No problem. Once I've settled things with Matt, we can find the location of those Digicores and those four Holy Beasts. That way we can restore our slain digimon friends and repair the damage done to the Digital World. Since Leomon, Andromon, Piximon, Ogremon and Centaurumon can't all be reborn without a Primary Village."

"Yeah, they've all been practically wiped out in the Digital World. Until they are restored, no digimon can be resurrected," Sora said.

"That's what X told me," Tai promptly stated. "Sora, I'll leave you and Garudamon in charge of taking everyone away from here."

The tomboy nodded. "No problem."

"Protect TK and my sister. Go meet with the other Digi-Destined and wait for me with Matt. Ok?"

"Understood, Tai. Just be careful," the redhead said.

Tai smiled and winked to his childhood friend.

"What's keeping you, clown?" Matt barked out. "You and War Greymon aren't getting a case of cold feet, are you?"

Turning to face Matt and Metal Garurumon, Tai frowned. "Wish me luck, you guys."

"Tai. Sorry we have to leave it to you alone," said Angewomon. "Just don't die on us."

Kari clasped her hands together and let out a few tears. "Good luck, big brother!"

"Bring my brother back, Tai!" TK exclaimed.

Sora smiled as she took TK and Kari by their arms. "Let's get going you two. We'll leave this to those two."

Before long, Tai and War Greymon both levitated off the ground. He waved to Kari and TK. "Take care of them, Sora. I'm counting on you."

"Leave them to me, Tai," the red-haired girl nodded.

Hopping on Metal Garurumon's back, Matt called out to Tai. "Have you already figured that there is no way out of this, clown?"

"We're not fighting here," Tai replied, climbing on War Greymon's back. "I have a better spot for us to settle our score."

"Have it your way, old friend. Just lead the way."

With that, Matt and Metal Garurumon watched Tai and War Greymon jet off into the distance ahead. The blonde and his wolf flew out in pursuit of their rivals.

Watching the four disappear into the distance, Sora, TK, and Kari were lifted by Garudamon. Angemon and Angewomon hovered into the air alongside the giant bird digimon.

"There they go and we should be leaving from this point forward," Sora stated as her eyes faced the direction the rivals crossed.

Angewomon spoke up. "Tai said the others would arrive? Though we're not even sure if they're coming."

"Remember to feel them out, Angewomon," Angemon said to his female colleague.

"We still have our digivices," Sora confirmed. "With those, we'll find the others for sure."

Garudamon agreed. "Should we start going now, Sora?"

"Yeah... C'mon, guys. Let's go," Sora said as Garudamon led the group and flew out.

TK and Kari glanced behind them to get a view of the sun in the background. Far off into the distance of the canyon valley, their brothers would finally settle their dispute.

Kari feared for Tai's survival.

TK was worried for Matt.

No matter who won, these two children will never forget this day.



Sora sighed deeply as she visualized Tai and Matt in her mind. "Tai. Matt. Somehow, we've got to get myself involved... Those two can't end up killing one another."


As they soared across another canyon valley, Tai and War Greymon scanned the terrain and ranges that dotted the landscape. Figuring out which spot to land, the duo wanted to ensure that they weren't any innocent bystanders to get in their way.

Without distractions, they were free to fight Matt and Metal Garurumon.

Matt and Metal Garurumon were keeping up pace with their rivals.

Then, once Tai spotted an area to stop, War Greymon vanished.

Metal Garurumon phased out, following War Greymon's direction.

Landing on a lower cliff ledge, Tai and War Greymon cushioned their landing. Both sets of their feet touched the surface of the rocky surface. Strong winds blew against Tai's air as it moved out into a wave-like motion. Towering behind him was War Greymon.

On the opposite end of there the duo stood, Metal Garurumon landed with Matt standing by his side. The blonde still had both arms crossed with a devious smirk etched on his face. Another strong wind blew against his spiked/slicked blonde hair.

This was it.

The two megas had a standoff while the two boys' eyes pierced through one another.

Matt affirmed. "Nice relocation, Tai. I like this spot. We fight it out to our heart's content."

"Thanks, but I wasn't looking to receive any compliments from you," Tai frowned.

"No need to get so pushy, my friend," the blonde chuckled. "But, I have to say that this makes it a fitting place for your grave. Now, there's the easy way or the hard way."

"What are you getting at?"

"Simple, Tai. It's really an easy question I think you can answer. Just don't think too hard now."

"Go on. I'm listening."

"If you were smart, you will do the right thing and hand TK back to me. This way we can avoid any further and petty dispute. Just think, I could let you live and we could become partners. The boss I'm working for would personally be interested in you. Just think, we could be his two prototypes and one day we'll give us the power we've wanted. We could build an army and crush anything that dares to challenge our authority. We're the next evolutionary step in digital life forms. We can take over many worlds. Starting with this one. What do you say? Does that sound like a great deal? You and War Greymon would make the finest soldiers within my boss' military empire."

Tai retorted, turning down the offer. "In your dreams, Matt! I would never turn my backs on the other Digi-Destined or our digimon friends! Sora, my sister, your brother, Mimi, Izzy, and Joe were brought here to keep bad creeps from harming the Digiworld. You turned your back on us, Matt. You spit on the face of every digimon that sacrificed themselves out there just to stop you and that psycho partner of yours. You didn't even seem to show any remorse when watched them die, did you?"

"They fought and died like the dogs they were," Matt candidly stated, showing no shred of remorse for the fallen warriors.

Upon hearing this, Tai restrained himself from blindly attacking Matt and growled behind his breath. "Bastard. Yet, you've made your own brother cry."

"He shouldn't be crying..."

"No, he should learn to grow up, but you left him without as much as a goodbye! You didn't even tell us where you were going! We could have needed your help with Daimaomon and Neo Devimon! Yet, you didn't come back. You left the Digital World with this evil force to see more power."

"And I've been away for seven months..."

"Wait, seven months? But, you've been gone for two weeks."

"On that day that happened, I left with the dark lord on his ship and departed to his home world. You'd be surprised how time flies and goes in other worlds. On my new boss' home planet, I was told that at least two weeks equates to seven months in this Digiworld."

"How long were you on that planet?"

"Seven months, but it would merely be a 14 days in the Digiworld. I only spent two weeks traveling in that pod."

"So while we were fighting Daimaomon, you were ready on that planet?"

"You'd also be surprised how fast the dark lord's ship can go."

Tai scowled. "Back on topic, you deliberately aligned yourself with this creep and allowed him to influence you with darkness?"

"I wanted power, Tai. Power to control my life. I also needed it to one day confront you. You, Tai..." Matt pointed at the Child of Courage. "You had the nerve to take TK from me. He's my brother!"

"Yeah, he's your brother, but you sure don't act like the brother he looked up to! He's scared of you now. He even asked me to talk sense some sense into you, but somehow I doubt that's going to work," Tai continued. "You seriously intend to fight me."

"A fight to the death is what I desire. You see, Tai, I cannot allow you to live for the sheer fact that you make me sick. I loathe the fact you are the leader of the Digi-Destined. I should have been the rightful leader and you know it!"

Irked with Matt's rant, Tai frowned. "All you do is whine, Matt. You don't get your way and now you're going to take your frustrations out on me? The way I see it... I don't see a super powerful guy." He frowned, clenching his fists. "All I see is an egotistical and self-absorbed bastard who can't get over the fact that there will always be someone better than him!"

Matt had heard enough and cut Tai off with a yell. "Enough!"

There was silence as both youths stopped talking. The only sound that could be heard in the background was the whistling winds blowing across the landscape.

"Do I have to remind you? I chose to become leader since I felt responsible for everyone. The crest I have embodies the courage I exhibit. I speak for everyone that I've done an okay job as a leader. TK is still safe, as you've already seen. I lived up to my promise, Matt. I can never replace you as his brother. You both are blood brothers and there's nothing I can do about it. But, I told TK that I'd be a secondary brother in case you weren't around. He has appreciated what I've done, but he wants his true brother back. He doesn't want this self-absorbed fool who doesn't know what's good for his peers. How TK could call you his brother now baffles me, but I understand the fact he respects you. So, if you can hear me, Matt. Please just snap out of it and return back to us."

However, the blonde youth wasn't going to give in to Tai easily without so much as a resistance. "Feh. Quit trying to butter me up. All of that nonsense you spat out was nothing but lies. I will say this, Tai. You are a great liar. No, I really do applaud you for that."

"Shut up. You know I'm right!"

"No, you shut up, idiot! I've heard enough out of you! If you aren't going to join me, then Metal Garurumon will wipe your digimon partner out! Then, once we're finished playing with him, I will take TK back. I won't allow you to corrupt his mind anymore!"

"You've completely lost it," Tai was taken back by Matt's declaration. "You're the one who's corrupted! Wake up and realize what you're saying!"

"Humph, no. I'm perfectly fine, Tai. Now, I'm not going to ask you again. Will you hand TK back to me and join me? This is your final opportunity to make the right choice."

"Offer denied, Matt."

Sighing in disbelief, the blonde muttered. "Disappointing really."

"I have all that I need to keep me happy. I have a sister and friends waiting for me. I've got a family back home. You have a family, too, that's waiting for you. Can you imagine how they must feel to see us preparing to wage war on one another?"

"You say that as if I'm supposed to care."

"You'll regret ever saying that..."

"I have no regrets," Matt promptly stated. "You had your chance. My boss would have enjoyed having you on our side."

"Heh, I wouldn't say that if he were around. He'd kill you in a heartbeat. And he's many times more powerful than either of us," Matt said as he unfolded his arms. "Once I'm done with you, I'm taking my brother back. He's going to be a fine soldier."

"You won't lay a hand on TK!" Tai retorted.

"Sorry but you have no say in the matter. Now... PREPARE YOURSELF, TAI!"

"Let's get this over with!"

"Metal Garurumon!"

"Don't let me down, War Greymon!"

With that, Metal Garurumon crouched back and was ready to go.

War Greymon crouched and took a fighting stance with his left foot out and both arms extended out.

Neither one took their eyes off one another.

They each faced off with the winds blowing around them.

There was a moment of silence during the stand off from both sides.

War Greymon vs. Metal Garurumon.

As if time suddenly stopped, neither side moved a muscle.

Not even a single eye blink.

Then, a rock tipped over a ledge nearby and immediately plummeted to the ground below.

Then, as it hit the ground, the rock shattered.


This quickly signified as the starting bell and both sides started to move.

War Greymon launched out at Metal Garurumon with full speed.

War Greymon yelled out as he came toward Metal Garurumon head on. "HI-YAAAA!"

Metal Garurumon quickly sidestepped his rival, throwing out his blade-like tail. War Greymon quickly countered and caught his hand.

War Greymon proceeded to throw a rapid flurry of punches at Metal Garurumon, who easily telegraphed and evaded all of the punches. The wolf was reading him like a book and continued evading his enemy's punches.

Looking behind him, Metal Garurumon quickly zipped across and over a canyon ledge. The Dragon Warrior followed out in pursuit of the metallic-armored wolf.

Just then, Metal Garurumon bounced off a rock ledge and catapulted himself directly at War Greymon. Before the he could dodge, War Greymon was on the receiving end of a tail swipe. War Greymon was sent flying back and into a nearby rock ledge.

However, War Greymon quickly stopped himself and shot up into mid-air flight.

He scanned the area for any sighting of Metal Garurumon.

"Watch your back, War Greymon!" Tai called out. Where did he go?

Matt grinned. "Heh, you should've taken his advice, War Greymon!"

Metal Garurumon jetted behind War Greymon. The wolf went for an overhead chop with his tail. He only managed to slice air as War Greymon ducked under.

Shooting himself forward, War Greymon attempted rapid kicks to catch Metal Garurumon. Though, Metal Garurumon once again telegraphed War Greymon's ferocious kicks.

The two eventually flew further up while rapidly trading blows with one another. Mainly punches and most of them quickly countered from both sides. But, it was Metal Garurumon who got the better of War Greymon.

He quickly saw an opening, repeatedly headbutting War Greymon's chest. The warrior grunted from each blow pounding his chest violently.

"Ha! What's the matter, Tai? I thought War Greymon was capable of better than this!" The Corrupt Child of Friendship laughed.

"Show me the power you could have used to destroy Babimon!" Metal Garurumon roared as he continually battered War Greymon. "Bring it out! Quit holding back you fool!"

"WAR GREYMON!" Tai cried out.

Matt yelled out as he laughed and enjoyed every minute of Tai's punishment.


Metal Garurumon nailed another headbutt into War Greymon, following it up with a spinning tail slap over the warrior's back. "Show me now or die!"


One shot across War Greymon's back sent him plummeting toward a pit below. But, War Greymon quickly prevented his own fall and back flipped on top of a neighboring rock ledge. He set himself down and looked up to find Metal Garurumon looking down from a higher ledge.

Watching the fight unfold, Matt folded his arms and faced his rival. "Is this really all War Greymon can do?"

"No, he hasn't even gotten started!" Tai retorted, smiling. "C'mon, War Greymon. You can do better than this."


An explosive flash expanded from the horizon.

The two streams of light collided with one another and criss-crossed through each other.

During each collision, the heavens nearly trembled and more explosive flashes popped everywhere. Several rock hills shattered from the force of power exerted from both digimon.

War Greymon flew with full speed toward Metal Garurumon. Metal Garurumon saw it coming and lifted his shoulder armor, countering the punch.

Jetting upward, War Greymon spun himself into a tornado aimed to collide with Metal Garurumon. "Brave Tornado!" The drilling claws came within range of the metallic wolf digimon.

Metal Garurumon countered by maneuvering to the side and avoiding contact with Tai's partner. As the plate armor around his body opened, Metal Garurumon launched a barrage of missiles at his intended target: War Greymon.

"Giga Missiles!"

As the missiles came toward him, War Greymon swayed around the shots. They exploded rapidly and forced War Greymon back.

"Behind you!"

With War Greymon preoccupied with the missiles, Metal Garurumon quickly u-turned around the warrior and delivered a head butt across War Greymon's' back.


Spinning himself around, War Greymon retaliated with a claw slash across Metal Garurumon's face. The blow registered, knocking the metallic wolf away.

"Two can play that game, Metal Garurumon!"

"Curse you, War Greymon! I'll get you for that!"

War Greymon went for a straight kick but Metal Garurumon ducked under the blow. The wolf went for a claw slash attempt, which War Greymon barely managed to dodge. War Greymon dug deep and quickly leveled Metal Garurumon with a right hand fist. As Metal Garurumon's head snapped back, War Greymon delivered a sledge across his rival's back.

Gathering quick successive energy in his hands, War Greymon launched a massive, orange sphere at the wolf digimon. "Terra Force!"

Spitting out an ice stream out of his mouth, Metal Garurumon countered the warrior's attack. "Cocytus Breath!"

Both attacks collided at once.


War Greymon and Metal Garurumon shielded their eyes from the explosive blast as a result of the collision from both attacks.

Suddenly, Matt noticed a subtle red glow around War Greymon, which expanding into a crimson aura and glowed profusely. The aura was now flaring up like a raging inferno.

Gathering power obtained from X's training, War Greymon felt the muscles in his body tightening with a surge of new power.

"What...?" A flabbergasted Matt gaped. "What's going on here?"

"You're about to find out," Tai said. "Let him have it, War Greymon!"

War Greymon gritted his teeth, focusing as a protective orange-red aura flared around him. "Fury Blitz! Engage!"

With that, War Greymon pushed his right hand forward and released a seemingly 'invisible' force of power at Metal Garurumon's direction. "Terra Fist!"

The wolf quickly made wind of this and jetted straight into mid-air as he watched the 'invisible' force blast the canyon. The giant pillar of stones exploded and crumbled down into fallen debris.

Metal Garurumon stopped completely in mid-air and watched as…

War Greymon rocketed at Metal Garurumon, demonstrating an incredible speed feat that lasted less than a second. The wolf didn't get time to perceive and hear a 'sonic boom' effect.


War Greymon's armored fist impacted Metal Garurumon's face.


Metal Garurumon reeled back from the blows as War Greymon followed up with a series of rapid punches. One each impacted Metal Garurumon's face, repelling him back.

War Greymon followed it up with a kick to Metal Garurumon's face, sending him hurtling through the rocky grounds below. Utilizing his Fury Blitz, War Greymon rocketed down, completing a rapid u-turn to continue the assault.


Tai clenched his fists, anticipating his partner's next move. "GET HIM, WAR GREYMON!"

Suddenly, Metal Garurumon vanished from out of War Greymon's sights.

"What? He's gone!"

Just as he stopped, Metal Garurumon phased in front of War Greymon, headbutting him squarely under his jaw.


Reeling from close contact with his rival, War Greymon growled while Metal Garurumon's vicious headbutt.

"That Fury Blitz technique was a nice trick," Metal Garurumon proclaimed. "But, I've encountered something akin to it!"

War Greymon scoffed, rubbing his jaw. "I somehow doubt it."

The Corrupted Child of Friendship chuckled. "Do you see now, Tai? You digimon still can't do a thing to Metal Garurumon. My partner is superior and more efficient than yours."

"We'll see," Tai said. "War Greymon, time to get serious!"

"Please, don't tell me that's all you've really got, because if it is you had better quit," Metal Garurumon growled, his icy eyes glared intently at War Greymon.

War Greymon clenched his fists, readying his next attack. Funny... As grim as things look right now, I kind of enjoy the challenge."

"Let's see who'll truly come out on top, Tai," Matt declared. "But, you already know the outcome."

"Don't get your hopes up," the Child of Courage scoffed. "Let's take the Fury Blitz to the next level, War Greymon!"

Acknowledging his partner's suggestion, War Greymon nodded. "Right."

War Greymon criss-crossed around the canyon ledges and leveled several hills down with his fiery aura. He launched himself straight at Metal Garurumon and kicked the metallic wolf in the gut.

I can't believe Metal Garurumon is stronger than he used to be. War Greymon thought as he seized Metal Garurumon by his blade-tipped tail.

As he spun hurled Metal Garurumon across, War Greymon blitzed across to engage the wolf with another drilling maneuver. Metal Garurumon recovered, evading War Greymon's drilling attack.

Taking advantage of the situation, Metal Garurumon headbutted War Greymon's obvious blind spot - the back. War Greymon howled out from the blow, whirling around to nail him with a crescent kick.

The two megas immediately pulled off one another and stopped fighting abruptly.

Tai observed the heated engagement, chuckling. "Heh, our digimon are pretty much equal if you ask me."

"I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but he's not even close to hitting his max potential!"

"Likewise for War Greymon. Matt, just don't cry when War Greymon beats Metal Garurumon down," the Child of Courage murmured, watching War Greymon preparing to make his next move.


As they were on their way, Mega Kabuterimon, Lillymon, and Zudomon stopped as they probed several energies gathered in one location.

Izzy stared into his laptop monitor and announced. "You guys! There are three beacons heading our way! According to the online map, I'm seeing the Crest of Light, Hope and Love."

"Then, that means Sora, TK and Kari just left the battle? Is it over?" Joe wondered.

Zudomon answered for his partner. "No, I'm sensing a gathering some large powers. I can't really make out who they belong to..."

"Yeah, these are two really strong and mind-bobbling powers," Lillymon said as she shivered.

Mimi gasped in worry. "I hope they at least beat one of those invaders."

"Well, there's a good chance Tai and War Greymon is already engaging battle with them," Mega Kabuterimon stated. "No doubt those two will be fighting Matt and Metal Garurumon."

Izzy nodded. "Yeah, that's highly a possibility. So, if these two belong to War Greymon and Metal Garurumon, then the other Invader must have been taken out."

"But who I wonder?" Joe said.

"It was War Greymon. I just sensed him earlier and his new power crushed the weaker Invader," Zudomon confirmed.

"Wow! He actually beat an invader! Way to go!" Mimi happily clapped her hands. "One down and two to... But, this is Matt and Metal Garurumon."

"If anyone's going to stop Matt and his digimon, it will be Tai and War Greymon. He probably told Sora and the others to leave to find us," Izzy deduced, scratching his head. "I think he did the right thing. Otherwise, he and War Greymon will get too distracted if we interfere."

"You think Tai and War Greymon will stop those two?" Lillymon queried

"I... I can't say for sure, guys," the Child of Knowledge promptly stated. "I can't predict battle outcomes. I don't hold all the answers, guys."

Upon hearing this, the digimon and the children feared for the worst.

Not just for Tai, but for Matt, too.

The possibility of one of them getting killed in action was highly probable.

"Tai. Matt," Mimi whispered as she clasped her hands in prayer. "Please don't kill each other."


Other World/X's Planet

"Keke, normally you'd enjoy watching a great fight," X addressed to the girl standing behind him.

"I know, but watching two Digi-Destined fighting like this just gets to me..."

"You're really worried for Matt?"

She didn't want to admit it but seeing Matt in action was awe-inspiring. However, she forced herself to support Tai in the conflict.

"You could say that..."

X looked away and sighed. "Rest assured. Neither of these two is going to get themselves killed. Tai will restore Matt and make him see the error of his ways."

"I hope so. There's still hope in Matt, right?"

"Of course but it all depends if Matt wants to be saved. We'll see but this battle isn't likely to end quickly. It will take a while," X closed his eyes to view the climatic fight. "War Greymon's already using the first level of the Fury Blitz technique. The worst possible outcome would if he's forced themselves to amp his power up three times the normal max." Tai, if you know what's best… War Greymon shouldn't go three times the max. But, if you that you must… well, I can't do anything to change your mind. Be wise with your decision.


Digital World

"Well, I'd say that he's already hit your limit, loser," Matt remarked with a grin.

Tai scoffed. "Oh shut up. I'm sick of hearing you run your mouth."

Matt chuckled and closed his fists. "Spare me, Tai. Allow my partner to show you something for you to dread."

"What now?" Tai growled as he watched Metal Garurumon and War Greymon in the distance.

Metal Garurumon tensed his body, channeling his energy as a transparent orb materialized around him. On the outside, electrical bolts surged around the orb whilst Metal Garurumon's body shimmered with a bright blue aura.

War Greymon tensed up, clenching his fists. I'm... I'm feeling that power. Wow, this is intense.

"Holy crap!" Tai gaped. Matt wasn't kidding!

"Keep it coming, Metal Garurumon!" Matt exclaimed.

War Greymon glanced around as uttered a horrifying gasp once dark clouds covered the bright blue skies. All of that power that Metal Garurumon accumulated was generating an electrical storm within the area. Lightning bolts struck across the land and strong winds knocked down numerous of cliff ledges and tall stone pillars.

Tai noticed the darkened skies and watched as more lightning struck down over the rocky landscape.

War Greymon paced himself, sensing Metal Garurumon's power substantially growing.

The Child of Courage exclaimed as he glanced around the unstable environment. "Man, this is not good! His power is causing all of this? I would hate to see what happens if he went all out!"

"This area is becoming too unstable!" War Greymon exclaimed. "All of this is generating from Metal Garurumon!"

"HOOOOOOWL!" Metal Garurumon roared out, howling as the orb exploded and released an expanding aura of white light.

The entire area felt the effects of the initial power-up.

After what seemed like eternity, the radiant light faded. Everything seemed tranquil. There was an unpleasant silence that followed.

Uncrossing their arms, both Tai and War Greymon uttered a gasp at the after math of Metal Garurumon's initial power-up. A series of rock ledges and stone pillars collapsed. Smoke clouds covered the land below them.

The expanding light cleared even half of the entire landscape.

"This... This is crazy!" Tai gasped in horrifying disbelief. "The land. Those stone pillars. Nearly everything's been wiped out clean..."

"He sure wasn't planning to renovate the land. That was all Metal Garurumon."

"Look ahead of you, you two," Matt said to Tai and War Greymon.

Facing the front, War Greymon narrowed his eyes as a smoke cloud cleared away. A shadow emerged through the smoke screen. Metal Garurumon emerged with a shiny metallic blue aura outlining of his body. The aura radiated magnificently to give the metallic wolf a more streamlined form.

Closing his fists, Matt cracked a grin. "Heh. Impressed?"

"Impressed? War Greymon's gonna kick his ass," Tai angrily retorted.

"Metal Garurumon, walk all over him."

Metal Garurumon silently nodded and his eyes glowed white flare to them.

Just then, catching War Greymon off guard, the wolf was suddenly gone from sight.

War Greymon felt a gust of strong air coming towards him.

Metal Garurumon appeared above War Greymon, nailing him with a vicious tail swipe that impacted the warrior's face. Tai's digimon grunted from the registered blow and was sent plummeting below.

"This is it, Tai!"

"War Greymon! Rebound!"

Metal Garurumon delivered another head butt, knocking War Greymon senseless. The blow impacted the Dragon Warrior, dropping him to the ground below. The enhanced wolf phased and appeared above his adversary. Metal Garurumon followed it up with a four-legged stomp over War Greymon's back. War Greymon was on the edge as he plummeted to the earth.

Regaining his momentum, War Greymon somersaulted onto a nearby ledge and recovered from the attack. He scanned the skies for any signs of Metal Garurumon.

"Where did he go? Matt!"

"I'd look up if I were him," Matt devilishly smiled.

"BEHIND YOU!" Metal Garurumon howled.

Overhearing the wolf's howl, War Greymon whirled around but he didn't have time to perceive Metal Garurumon's next move.


Headbutting War Greymon over the back, Metal Garurumon catapulted himself and sent War Greymon flying forward. As the warrior roared from the velocity he was traveling, he saw a rock ledge was ahead. Capitalizing on the momentum, War Greymon stopped himself and bounced right off the ledge. He jetted straight up and landed on another ledge.

War Greymon turned up as Metal Garurumon fired a dark blue beam at his direction.

Reacting to the incoming shot, War Greymon utilized his new technique and amplified it out of desperation. "Fury Blitz! Times Two!"

Augmenting his speed, War Greymon jetted off the ledge and glided into mid-air, avoiding Metal Garurumon's beam. That beam collided with the steep, shattering it in an explosive blast.

Metal Garurumon fired another beam at War Greymon. "TAKE THIS!"

As soon as War Greymon stopped, he phased and appeared above Metal Garurumon.

War Greymon kicked Metal Garurumon aside, knocking him a few feet back.

As both mega digimon met head-on, they collided and traded blows at a rapid pace. War Greymon threw out a fury of claw strikes as the metallic wolf relied on jaw bites.

Seizing the opportunity, War Greymon shot a knee into Metal Garurumon's gut to send him flying backward. Matt's digimon somersaulted back until he regained his own momentum and shot himself forward. Gaping his mouth, the wolf released a stream of ice.

"Cocytus Breath!"

War Greymon gathered a ball of energy, expelling it in the form of an orange energy wave. "Terra Beam!"


The megas' attacks collided and imploded into an explosive force of white light.

Tai and Matt yelled out as they were knocked away by the single explosion.

The digimon resumed their fighting in aerial flight until they flew apart from each other. They landed on opposite ends of the vicinity, landing on nearby ledges.

"Well, that was impressive. I must at least give your digimon some credit," the Corrupted Child of Friendship proclaimed, clapping his hands. "Whoopie."

Tai angrily scowled. "War Greymon's not done yet."

The digimon exchanged glares. War Greymon was noticeably breathing hard while Metal Garurumon was cooling down by taking a few breaths. However, it was fairly obvious Tai's digimon had expended more of his own energy from the get-go.

"Damn, I didn't expect his speed and power to be so incredible," War Greymon panted, albeit wearing a smile behind his mask. "Even with twice the Fury Blitz, I'm still having some difficulty..."

Metal Garurumon frowned. "Had enough?"

"Not a chance," retorted War Greymon, crouching over whilst maintaining a fighting stance. He then closed his eyes, focusing through his Digital Ki. It will be better to blow myself up than allow him to do the honors. I've gotta amp up the Fury Blitz - three fold.

"Heh. Is your digimon buddy chanting a little prayer, clown?" Matt chuckled.

Tai retorted. "You wish. Just watch."

War Greymon focused. I wonder how long my body will last if I increase my Fury Blitz up to level three? X is going to kill Tai if he ever finds out he let me do this.

"What's the matter, Tai? Have you already lost your will to fight?" Matt asked, glancing over his shoulder at his rival. "I expected a little more out of War Greymon. This has been a disappointment by far."

The Child of Courage heatedly spat out. "Well, there's no other way for him to win… he's going to take it to the next level!"

"Face it, Tai. You and War Greymon chose the wrong guys to mess with. Metal Garurumon and I are a formidable team who can never be beaten! Your chances of victory are looking grim and it's such a damn shame. I truly expected a true challenge upon coming here. I wanted to end your life in grand fashion, but if this is all I get then so be it. Just remember, TK comes with me."

As Matt ceased talking, War Greymon closed his fists. The intense crimson aura returned and expanded around his physique.

Matt raised a left brow and noticed War Greymon's expanding, his muscles expanding and broadening.

Metal Garurumon studied his rival carefully with keen eyes. What's this? He's drawing out more power.

Flexing his arms, War Greymon gathered more power, quickly augmenting his form into the third Fury Blitz level.

Closing his eyes, War Greymon murmured. "Just as long as you can body, it's time for three times the Blitz Fury power."

Other World/X's Planet

The masked watcher clenched his fists angrily and roared. "No! What the hell are you thinking? You should never go beyond two-fold! Tai, what are you thinking?" But then, it is true. War Greymon can't win against Metal Garurumon in his current state. C'mon, War Greymon… don't let up!

Keke sighed sadly with her eyes closed, but she was able to see the battlefield site in the Digital World clearly. "C'mon, War Greymon! Go for it!" That and save Matt, too.


Digital World

War Greymon continued to gather Digital Ki, enhancing his Fury Blitz form to the third level.

"Get ready, Matt! You'll regret making me do this!" Tai called out. "Now, War Greymon's going to teach you and Metal Garurumon a lesson! Don't underestimate us!"

Matt was starting to show some shred of concern as he watched War Greymon.

"Incredible, his power is rising..." Metal Garurumon gasped, his eyes and mouth gaped in bewilderment. "But how? He should be..."


Izzy, Mimi, Joe, Zudomon, Lillymon, and Mega Kabuterimon noticed a large gathering of smoke.

Noticing the scouter going off, Izzy watched the official power reading calculation flashing on the screen.

As he removed the scouter from the laptop, Izzy took a look at it and put it over his right eye. "Whoa! You guys! You're not going to believe this but the scouter is somehow working again and picking up a power calculation. This is coming from... War Greymon!"

"What does it say?" Mimi asked.

"Yeah, we would like to know!" nodded Joe.

"The power reading is increasing way too rapidly!" Izzy checked the scouter and read out the calculated numbers. "17,000! 19,000! 21,000!"

Suddenly, the scouter exploded and shattered into pieces right. This quickly took Izzy by unexpected surprise.

"Izzy!" Joe and Mimi cried.

"Are you all right, Izzy?" Mega Kabuterimon shouted as he worried for his partner's condition. "Izzy!"

"I... I'm fine but the scouter just self-donated. My guess would be that the device overloaded from calculating such a large power reading. But, that's my only guess."

"Well, we're just glad you're all right, Izzy," Lillymon said with concern for the child. "We could care less about that stupid little device."

Zudomon scoffed. "Forget about the scouters. We can easily pinpoint their location. War Greymon's power is going off the charts!"

"Is that right, Zudomon?" Joe asked his partner digimon.

"Then, we better get ahead! I wonder if we'll meet up with Sora and the others along the way," Mimi said.

Izzy shrugged. "We'll know once we continue moving forward you guys."


At last, War Greymon gathered enough power, reaching the Third Stage.

Metal Garurumon felt the rising winds and was taken back by them.

Matt's contorted with disbelief, while Tai sported a confident smirk.

"How can this be?" Matt exclaimed. "Metal Garurumon, don't stand down!"

The wolf gasped. "Yes, but this isn't po-possible!"


The Dragon Warrior bellowed, his voice echoing. "Fury Blitz! Times Three!"

The flaming crimson aura exploded around War Greymon's body as he flew out. As his eyes flared, he came within reach of Metal Garurumon and closed his right fist.

"No…!" Metal Garurumon gaped.

"This is Fury Blitz Stage Three!" War Greymon declared. "I'm sorry to do this to you, old friend."


Next episode: The Ultimate Clash! Awakening of the Wolf Beast!


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