A/N: The invaders battle reaches its conclusion. And plans for departure to another Digital World will be set in motion.


Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 1, Act 1: The Digital Invaders

Episode 17: The Invincible Metalgarurumon Defeated! A Shining New Hope, MagnaAngemon!


Other World/X's Planet/August 3, 1999 (Digital World/Real World Times Unsynchronized)

Bewildered by the turn of events, X was flabbergasted. "Magna Angemon? Well, this is an interesting turnabout."

"I honestly never expected this," Keke said.

"Well, let's take into account on TK and his Crest of Hope," he implied. "It was only a matter of time before the boy's crest could shine. This is his shining moment. Strong as Magna Angemon maybe, he's still no match for the great evil that awaits them."

"You mean Magna Angemon hasn't reached full power?"

"No, but I suspect he will in the future. Though, this is simply overkill. Metal Garurumon no longer stands a chance."

Keke nodded. "But I hope they can at least change Matt. This conflict can't go on much longer. Can it?"


Digital World

"Go for it, Magna Angemon," TK instinctively stood his ground. "I want this to end."

"Metal Garurumon!" Magna Angemon hollered, throwing his fist as it impacted Metal Garurumon's face.

TK watched with anticipation and crossed his fingers. "C'mon, Magna Angemon!"

On the other hand, Matt was nearly down on his knees as he was stunned by the events. Reaching down into his pocket, he pulled out a tiny remote control and pressed a red button with the words Pod Activate. If I'm beaten, then I'll leave here and come back stronger than ever. "I can't believe my own brother's crest was this powerful. I underestimated the Crest of Hope... I hate to do this but it's time to retreat..."

In retaliation, Metal Garurumon shot out a volley series of weak ice blasts, which were easily deflected by Magna Angemon's blade.

"No! My attacks have become weaker and I've expended too much of my energy... Losing power as it is," the wolf digimon groaned, a subtle cyan glow engulfed his body. It was an indicator that his body breaking down was imminent.

"You and Matt shouldn't have underestimated us," Magna Angemon chided Metal Garurumon. "You've done enough damage here. It's time to put an end to this for all time."

"Let him have it, Magna Angemon!" Tai called out.

Sora nodded. "Metal Garurumon's lost most of his power from the looks of it."

Kari clasped her hands together. "You can do it, Magna Angemon!"

"Let's end this, partner!" TK cried out as he clenched his crest. "Matt, I want you sit and watch! Because you're not going to forget this."

Ignoring his brother, Matt was on his knees, trembling. "No... He won't lose! NOT Metal Garurumon!"

"Again in denial, Matt? You've become a sad case," TK sighed and looked up at the face off. "Face facts... this invasion ends here now! This one's for all our digimon friends killed!"

Magna Angemon jetted toward Metal Garurumon, but the mega was ready. The wolf lunged forward, attempting to catch him with a claw slash. However, Magna Angemon whirled around to the side, nailing an elbow strike into Metal Garurumon's cranium.

"TK... If you won't come with me, then I'll have to take you by force!" Matt declared and picked himself up.

"No! I won't go with you, Matt!" TK retorted angrily with a determined glare on his face. "If you really cared for me, you would let me make my own decisions! I'm not a scared little boy anymore! I've grown up and it's time for you to grow up, brother!"

These words were enough to throw Matt into a mental state of disarray.

Magna Angemon pummeled the mega with a flurry of fists. Metal Garurumon howled, his head rocked back from every damaging blow. Magna Angemon whirled like a tornado, impacting the ground below him as he closed in on the metal wolf. Metal Garurumon sprang away, but Magna Angemon flew out of the earth underneath the wolf. The angel's right hand was closed, readily delivering an uppercut into Metal Garurumon.

NO! I CAN'T DODGE THAT! Metal Garurumon thought, his eyes and mouth widened in shock.


The angel's fist impacted with Metal Garurumon's chest, rocketing up into the air with the wolf's dangling form going for the ride. "AHHHHH!" Magna Angemon roared out with raw fury as he held Metal Garurumon's weakened form on his right hand. "Excalibur!"

Then, came repeated sword slashes.





Like lightning strikes, they were brief but dealt plenty of damage.

Magna Angemon finished the job and dropped Metal Garurumon. The wolf digimon groaned as his lost nearly off his power, resulting in him de-digivolving back to Gabumon.

"HE DID IT! THEY DID IT!" Tai exclaimed.

"Prodigious!" Izzy said.

Kari sighed with relief. "And Gabumon managed to live through. I'm glad Magna Angemon didn't bring himself to kill him."

"I can't believe it! We actually won?" Joe was flabbergasted. "We won?"

"Well, we did survive," Mimi smiled as she helped Lillymon back to her feet. "Lillymon, you won't believe this but we've won!"

The flower digimon smirked weakly as she slowly stood up. "That's good... I'm glad we all managed to survive."

Tai noticed Matt in the distance and saw an object levitating from the skies. It was Matt's space pod as it landed beside the blonde-haired youth. "Hey, what's that pod doing here? Wait! Don't tell me he's intending on getting away without us knowing?"

"What?" Sora looked across. "Yeah, he's trying to get away!"

Magna Angemon levitated as he de-digivolved back to Patamon and fell into the boy's waiting arms. The Crest of Hope's glowing light faded as TK deeply sighed. "Patamon, are you all right? I really thought I was going to lose you!"

Slowly opening his eyes, Patamon cooed and cradled himself in TK's arms. "I'll never leave you again, TK. And you see? I promised Gabumon would be just fine."

"Thank you, Patamon, but I wonder..." TK looked down at his crest. "That was intense, but awesome. Magna Angemon saved us all!"

Sora raced over to check on Gabumon's unconscious form, while Tai hurried toward the blonde-haired youth. The blonde-haired boy looked right at the Digi-Destined leader.

"Get away, Tai! It's time I leave here!"

"It's over, Matt! You put up a valiant effort. We've been through hell today, but no thanks to you and that monkey friend of yours. We lost five digimon comrades. Centaurumon, Piximon, Andromon, Leomon, and Ogremon. We took care of that that baboon freak! My digimon and TK's partner defeated Metal Garurumon!" Tai roared, grabbing Matt's shirt as he jerked him forward and balled up his right fist. "TK has a stronger heart than you ever will! His love for you and hope for a miracle finally allowed Magna Angemon to digivolve! Your hate allowed Metal Garurumon to gain so much power, yet that power could've destroyed him! It's over. You're beaten. Be a man, Matt. Or have your forgotten all about that?"


Matt gave no response as he pushed Tai away and frowned.

"I'M NOT GOING TO ASK YOU AGAIN, MATT!" Tai yelled out. "ARE YOU A MAN OR NOT?" Noticing the dangling blue Crest of Friendship around Matt's neck, Tai scoffed. "And in my view, you don't deserve the Crest of Friendship. As enacting leader, I demand you to hand it over!"

"No..." Matt frowned and stepped back. "You think this is over? You stupid idiot. It's NOT over until it's over!"

"Matt! Just get over that damned inflated ego of yours!" Sora screamed out as she faced the Corrupted Child of Friendship. "We've been through too much pain! Physical and emotional pain! We've suffered heavy losses and some of us are in need of recovery. We're tired and can't go on anymore! If only your brother wasn't here, I'd knock you out myself!" Closing her fists, the tomboy was more ready to knock sense to Matt, but she managed to restrain herself from doing anything reckless. "But, out of respect for TK's wishes, I'm not going to do that. Matt, what you need to do is think about what you've done if you're going to leave. Hopefully until then, you'll be a changed person."

"Sora, wow, I'm speechless," Tai smiled as he collapsed, feeling the pain he sustained after the nasty fall he took after Metal Garurumon blasted the rocks he stood on while harnessing the Life Bomb's energy.

"Oh, Tai! Are you all right?" Kari called out as she and the other Digi-Destined dashed over to check on the gogglehead's condition.

Sora hurried over to Tai and knelt by his side. "Hang in there, Tai!"

With everyone preoccupied with the injured gogglehead, Matt seized the opportunity as he picked Gabumon up and walked toward the space pod. He stood beside it.

However, before he stepped inside it, Tai called out to him once again. "Matt!"

Looking over his shoulder, Matt made no response. "..."

"You better take Sora's warning seriously. You had better think about everything that's happened. The next time we meet... You better be the old Matt we used to know or else you'll be dealing with me again," Tai stated. "Cause if I have to fight you again, then I'm all for it!"

"Feh. If that's the case, then I'll be waiting for you. TK, I will not give up on you, my brother. Tai, you're still not fit to lead this group. Only I can make everyone stronger. Until then, I look forward to the day when we meet again."


"Matt!" TK called out. "Please, don't leave us!"

The brothers stared each other down for a few moments.

Nothing but silence as the two brothers' eyes softened.

"Sorry, TK... I'm sorry for all of this..." Matt muttered as he showed hints of regret. "You are the only one... I truly care for. Farewell, my brother and take care of yourself. Until we meet again." I can certainly use your strength… to help me stop him. By him… I mean the evil one.

Sora rushed over to Matt and stopped halfway. "You're not going anywhere, Matt! Only cowards run away!"

"I'm not running away!"

"Then, what the hell are you doing, Matt? Answer me, damn it!"

"Sora! That's enough!" Tai ordered as he strained. "Just let him go... because I said so."


"Let him go, Sora. Trust me on this one."

"But we can help you through your problems," Kari pleaded to Matt. "Just give us a chance."

"No, I must go," Matt sighed deeply. "I have to go back and face him..."

As soon as 'him' was hinted, Tai's interest piqued. It was the dark force that Matt recently aligned himself with. "Him?"

"All I can say is that you guys have to stay clear of this one. You need to turn away now. This great evil is far greater than anything you've ever faced. It was through him that Metal Garurumon was able to harness great power… so, it seems it wasn't enough. No matter how strong Metal Garurumon has become… no matter how mighty War Greymon and Magna Angemon are… His strength surpasses ours. He is the Digiverse's greatest threat and you guys would be suicidal if you ever faced him! I'm giving you one, final warning. Turn back now and don't attempt to challenge him if you value your lives."

"But, if we work together we can…"

"That won't work, TK," the Corrupted Child of Friendship boldly stated.

"Matt…" The Child of Hope whispered.

Giving his omnious warning to his former friends, Matt stepped into the pod and placed Gabumon inside. "TK..."

"Yeah, Matt?"

"You're growing up, TK. I'm surprised. You stood up to me and because of that Angemon finally digivolved. Remember, who you're fighting for, TK. Though, I wish Magna Angemon and you were fighting alongside me."


Matt spoke out for one final comment before his eventual departure. "We'll see what the future holds in store for us, but you guys would be better off staying here. Do not attempt to go anywhere... Like Planet Spira. There are dangerous on the other side." With his back turned, Matt crawled inside. "Goodbye and I will return to finish our fight, Tai. Get stronger. It's your only key if you want to survive."

Overcoming the pain in his body, War Greymon raised his head, frowning. "Your pride's crushed, Matt."

"No. I admit my defeat here... Which is why I am leaving..." Matt answered. "I don't know when I'll return but here me out... I will be back and stronger than ever!"

With that, Matt pressed the red button and activated the door to shut the hover pod. Blasting from off the ground, the space pod was launched straight into the heavens and disappeared, passing through a stargate portal that opened. It closed as the pod breeched the portal.

TK had a few tears coming down his face. But, Sora walked over and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry, TK. We tried our best."

The boy wiped the tears from his face and sighed. "It's okay, Sora. I know my brother will come back. I just need to be strong."

This brought a smile to everyone's face. Patamon cradled himself and slept in TK's arms.

"You did great, TK. I'm proud of you," Kari approached TK and hugged him.

"I'm not a scared little boy anymore."

"You've faced your fears."

"But then again, this is just only the beginning," Tai looked up at the skies. "There's an even greater evil out there. Are we even prepared to face it?" And whoever this is... Matt warned us that this guy's power far exceeds ours? What kind of overpowered freak is out there watching us? Am I even ready to face it?

Izzy surveyed the area as he turned to find Tentomon, now de-digivolved from his ultimate form. "This place is trashed! I'm just glad we all survived this."

"The invaders have been beaten and we saved the Digiworld," Joe wiped his forehead and sighed a relief.

Gomamon, now de-digivolved from Zudomon, hopped onto his partner's lap. "And we saved the day, too! It was my brilliant plan to cut his tail off."

"It was my plan… you just went along with it," the doctor-in-training rolled his eyes.

Mimi jumped up to her feet and laughed happily. "I'm just happy we're alive period! I mean. We saved the day! We ought to be commemorated!"

War Greymon Lightning Mode groaned and de-digivolved back to his Agumon form. The rookie digimon lied beside Tai and was hurt to even move. "I can't get up… need a bed… maybe pain medicine."

"You took it worse than I did, buddy! I think I broke my tailbone!" Tai called out. He tried standing up and hunched a little. "Man, that was a nasty fall I took…"

Sora looked up at the heavens and thought, the Digicores came to her mind. "You guys. We're going to have to venture through into the other side and find this Spira world."

Izzy nodded. "Yes, in fact, Gennai informed me sometime ago about using a ship to get there."

"Wait? Gennai knows about a ship to get to Spira?" TK asked.

"Why didn't you tell us this before, Izzy?" Joe picked himself up. "That information would have been useful!"

"Not if we were killed by the invaders," the Child of Knowledge replied. "Besides, this spaceship was commandeered by that masked guy. Tai, I think you know him..."

"Of course, X..." Tai responded. "But, where are we going to find this spaceship?"

"A spaceship in the Digiworld?" Kari pondered.

Gatomon, now de-digivolved from being Angewomon, walked beside her partner with a fatigued look. "Kari... Need some sleep."

Tai closed his eyes. "Well, if anything, I could project my thoughts to X and he can trace a link telepathically to me. I'm sure he can help us out." Ok, X, let's see if you know anything about getting us to Spira.

And Tai would be right. Only X would provide them with the answers to their questions about finding the spaceship and the mystery of Planet Spira.


Other World/X's Planet

Deeply sighing a relief, Keke leaned back on the ground and spread her arms out. "Thank goodness for that! Gabumon lived, but Matt got away... This sucks."

"I think this is for the best, Keke. Matt will eventually come around. I think we're seeing signs of the old Matt returning, especially when he spoke with TK. What's more imperative is getting the spaceship prepared."

"The spaceship you once commandeered on a long ago?"

The masked man nodded in response. "Yeah, Gennai knows what I'm talking about. But first, I would suggest we grant the Digi-Destined at least a few days of reprieve."

"I see. That's a good idea."

Turning away, X faced the skies as he reflected on what Matt said regarding the great evil. "Because, the evil one will be going to Spira shortly for the Digicores. Before they go, Tai and Agumon need treatment. His friends need rest until we get that ship. Besides, Keke... I have a job for you."

"And that would be?"

"How would you feel about helping to find the spaceship and teaching them how to run it? Besides, it's better than staying here. I'll even provide you a fake spiritual body for you to actively use."

Jumping to her feet, Keke gasped. "Really? Me?"

"Of course. So, are you up for it?"

"You bet! I've been craving for some real action in a long time! I may not be as powerful as I was before but it'll be good to go back to my roots!"

X smiled underneath his mask. "Good, until then start training. I'll contact our other friends and I'll contact Tai in a minute."

"Got it!"

The masked man turned away as Keke sprinted away back to her training grounds. Tai, I've been overhearing you and your friends mentioning Spira. Don't worry. I have that covered for you, my friends.


Farthest Corner of the Eastern Digi-Galaxy/Unknown Planet/Throne Room

After monitoring Matt's mission via his scouter and spacepod, the short, seated figure faced a large, ten-foot tall screen and picked up a beacon moving across space and heading toward his sector.

The evil one, which Matt alluded to, was seated on a chair with a glass of red wine on the side. Smiling, the evil one sipped his wine and spoke in that same snake-like tone with dripped with malice and pure evil. "So, Yamato has failed me. No matter. I don't have a use for him anymore. Though, I'd like to thank him and Neo Devimon for gathering more classified information on the four Digicores. Planet Spira, it'll be good to visit you once again. And I have finally decided what I wish for. Even the Chosen Children can't hope to stop me." Getting up from his seat, the evil one's eyes gleamed blood red and with deadly intent. "In one month's time, I shall be ready. For, I will become the most powerful and feared single entity in the Digiverse!"

The evil one had already set his goal and would depart shortly.


Digital World/Inside an Aircraft Carrier

Following the grueling battle against the invaders, the Digi-Destined managed to dodge yet another bullet. The three Invaders, two of which were two of their own friends, were defeated.

Those two friends were Matt and Gabumon.

Thanks to Magna Angemon, the threat was thwarted.

As Matt and Gabumon retreated, the other Digi-Destined realized the conflict hasn't been resolved.

Not by a long shot.

They suffered five major causalities.

Those five slain digimon were Leomon, Ogremon, Centaurumon, Piximon and Andromon.

Realizing that their digimon friends could not be reborn with all the Primary Villages destroyed, they were left no other option but to seek out the four Digicores to restore their lives. However, there was one issue that prevents the children from ever locating these Digicores.

The orbs were on a far off realm known as Spira across the farthest sectors of the Digiverse.

However, Izzy recalled Gennai telling him about a spaceship, which had been previously used by the masked man named X. Now it was up to Tai to convince X to let them borrow his spaceship.

But, first...

The Digi-Destined were in need of reprieve. Tai and Agumon required treatment to their injuries.

Fortunately, thanks to Izzy, he contacted Gennai to come retrieve them. The old man offered to nurse the kids back to good health and help them convince X to grant them permission to borrow the spacecraft.


(Cue Dragonball Kai Insert Theme Over the Stars)

As he leaned against a wall in the aircraft, Tai took a deep breath. His body ached from the fall he took after Metal Garurumon blasted the rock ledge he stood on. He landed awkwardly, injuring his tail bone and threw out his back. Agumon lied next to his partner with his head resting on the boy's lap.

Patamon and Gatomon were both laying on their partners' laps while catching up on some rest.

Sora, Biyomon, Mimi, Palmon, Joe, and Gomamon were all sitting on the corner on the opposite side. Their eyes faced the ceiling as they recalled Matt's final words before he departed.

Every one of them was still attempting to cope with the fact that they had to fight their best friend and his digimon partner.

"To think our worst enemy turned out to be one of our own," Joe spoke through the silence.

Gomamon mumbled. "Like they say, life's full of surprises? Huh?"

"This isn't a time to joke, Gomamon," Palmon rolled her eyes.

"Who said I was joking?"

Sora scoffed angrily. "How could he do this to us? I mean, here we are looking for him throughout the Digiworld and he decides to come back trying to take our heads? Not to mention we've lost digimon friends because of that stupid..." Closing her fists, the redhead growled and cursed under her breath while avoiding cause an outburst.

"Please, try to control yourself, Sora," Biyomon pat her partner across the back. "We're all upset here."

"But the fact that he came back for TK and trying to kill us? Who does he think he is?"

Mimi backed away and gulped. "Sora is already scaring me. I've never seen her like this."

The Child of Reliability frowned as he spoke out. "I can concur with her. Matt turned his back on us and turned tail once he realized the odds were stacked against him. There's no way he and Metal Garurumon could have lasted with Magna Angemon."

"Speaking of Magna Angemon, now that was some evolution. It's about time TK's crest was activated," Biyomon said.

"Then, there's Agumon's new Fury Blitz," Sora turned as her eyes were on Tai and Agumon. "From what I'm told, it's a technique passed over by X."

"What can I say? We're full of surprises," Tai snickered until his body once again racked with pain. "Owww! Even when I chuckle, my back hurts!"

"Oh, Tai, why don't you try and relax?" Sora said.

Kari noticed TK keeping silent and felt sorry for the young Takashi. She wished she had anything worthwhile to comfort TK but was still surprised by the turn of events that had developed.

"Poor TK. I doubt even you saw that coming," Kari sighed sadly. She huddled close to TK. "Don't worry, TK. I'm here whenever you need to talk."

Nodding his head slowly in response, TK looked down on the floor with his mind solely on his brother. "Matt..."

(End theme)

Sitting at the front, Gennai navigated the aircraft across whilst humming a song. He suddenly stopped once he heard footsteps behind him. Without turning around, the old man was quick to guess to whom was approaching him.

"Izzy, my boy, what is that you need?"

"Wow, you figured out it was already me?" the computer whiz was taken back.

"Sit down, please."

Nodding in reply, Izzy took a seat from edge of the corner and set it down. Tentomon came walking by to accompany his partner, listening to the two proceed with their conversation.

"Now, what is it you wish to discuss about, Izzy?"

"Well, I..."

"It's about the Digicores and Spira, isn't it?"

"Wow, you're good," Izzy blinked.

Tentomon crouched and crossed his arms. "He got you there, Izzy. Now, you might as well bring up the whole spaceship issue."

"That's right. You said that X had commandeered a ship sometime ago?" Izzy bemused. "Right?"

"Well, I only know half the story. X would know more about it. If anything, X should be able to communicate with him."


"Simple, Izzy. He'll speak to Tai through telepathy."

"He can do that from all the way from the other side?" Tentomon inquired.

Gennai steered the wheel as he turned the ship and maneuvered around a tall, brown obelisk. Concentrating on navigating the ship, the old man momentarily ignored Izzy until he moved above a large forest.


"Sorry, Izzy. Talking to you and trying to maneuver around these roadblocks... I haven't driven this piece of junk for generations!"

"Well, it could use a few repairs and maybe an upgrade?" Tentomon suggested for the older man.

"Now, let's get on with the point. You brought up the Digicores. Now, these Digicores on Spira are four mystical orbs forged from out of each Holy Beast. They each sacrificed a great portion of their own power to form these four special Digicores. Now, these items are not just your ordinary item collectors. When these four are collected, it is said that the one who brings these orbs together will be granted wishes."

"Wishes? You mean you can wish for anything you ever desired?" Izzy inquired.

"That's what I've heard from X. Now, once these wishes are made, it is believed the seal that has locked the four mighty Holy Beasts will be broken. Though, let's not jump into conclusions. It hasn't been proven since no one has ever gathered these four specialized Digicores together."

Tentomon raised his left arm. "But, we'll be the first to gather all four."

Izzy scratched his chin. "So, all we need to do is gather them, make our wishes and we'll release the four Holy Beasts? Yet you proclaim that there is no guarantee the Holy Beasts will be freed."

"Correct but you will need the spaceship to even reach Planet Spira. Believe me you kids are going to need that ship."

"So, how long would it take us to reach Spira?" Izzy was curious to find out the length of time to reach this far off realm.

"On any regular craft would at least get you there approximately... Well, it would take you 4,400 years and three months to reach Spira."

Izzy jumped right out of his seat in shocked disbelief. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 4,400 YEARS AND THREE MONTHS?" His mouth nearly dropped from hearing what Gennai had to tell him directly. "That's practically the same length of time as the entire ancient Egyptian civilization lasted! In fact, I'm talking about everything between the rise and fall of that said civilization!"

"That's a long time, Gennai! With all due respect, I don't think we can last a voyage for that long. The kids won't even be dried up piles of bones before we land there," Tentomon scratched his head. "Or worse yet, they'll become dried mummies."

"Don't even joke, Tentomon," Izzy sighed.

Gennai nodded. "Yes, that's why you should take the spaceship X had commandeered."

"Commandeered? You mean he stole it from someone?" Izzy stopped as he sat down.


"4,400 years and three months to get to Planet Spira...? That's insane!" Joe panicked while keeping quiet to himself.

Mimi nearly wanted to faint. "Sorry but I'm not going to sit on my butt and wear the same pair of clothes for 4,400 years! Oh, who am I kidding? I'm going to become a dried prune!" The girl shuddered at the thought of becoming a dried up old woman and gagged.

Sora remained quiet as she continued to listen. Ok, so I'll bet the ship X had taken has to be something special.


"...That's correct, Izzy. X had hijacked it from a space criminal during a routine mission to seek out another mad powerful dimension pirate. Of course, this was before X assumed the duty of becoming Other World's greatest combat master and donning the mask."

Izzy leaned back on his comfy seat and closed his eyes. "Tell me. With the ship X took, just how long will it take us to get to Planet Spira?"

"Using X's space, the least it will take you should be between 5 and 10 days. 5 days at the least. Now that's much better than 4,400 years plus those three months if you ask me. Besides, you can't imagine how much light years you'll be covering each day."

"I can imagine. So, where is the ship?" Izzy queried.

"I believe X has the answer to that question," Gennai answered as he set the ship on auto and turned his seat around. He turned to face Tai's direction. "Tai, I believe you should contact X."

Groaning while ignoring the pain shooting out throughout his body, Tai tried pulling himself up. However, Sora immediately stopped him and set the goggle boy down.

"Take it easy, Tai. Your body needs rest," the redheaded tomboy stated. She ran a hand through Tai's big hair and smiled. "You don't want to throw out your back."

"Yeah... but I have to call X... Only he knows about the spaceship we need to borrow and I'm sure he knows the location of that planet."

Of course, I know where Planet Spira is!

Everyone stopped as they glanced around the room to listen to the disembodied voice echoing. They had thought someone was playing with their minds until they glanced over toward Tai. The goggle boy lifted his head up and smiled.

"X! I'll bet you listened to our entire conversation?" Tai asked.

I did. Do not worry, Tai. I have everything covered for you and your friends. Besides, why do you think I'm called the overseer of this side of the Digi-Galaxy?

"Wow, so that's X?" Mimi stood up and listened. "He sounds hot!"

"Hoo boy. She's admiring a mystery man she's never even met," Joe groaned.

"Ha, don't let it put you down, Joe," Gomamon pat Joe's leg. "Relax, buddy."

Sora heard X and smiled. "Sounds like a pretty cool guy."

"Are you sure this isn't some kind of trick?" Kari raised an eyebrow. She slightly elbowed TK in the side. "Hey, TK, did you hear that? That was X."

The Child of Hope nodded solemnly. "Yeah. Though, I was kind of caught off guard there for a minute."

First of all Digi-Destined, I just wanted to say that you all did very well defending the Digital World. I didn't think you'd pull it off and stop those Invaders. TK really surprised even me. I mean… Magna Angemon? Whoo-wee, we have two trump cards to improve our chances. Between Agumon's Fury Blitz and that… your chances are better than I imagined. However, I must also tip my hat to the rest of you Digi-Destined.

"Gee, it was nothing," Sora smiled.

"Well, I suppose you can say that but I don't think..."

Don't doubt yourself, Mimi. You played your part in the battle well.

Slightly blushing from the kindness from X's voice, Mimi covered her mouth and giggled somewhat. "Please, you're making me blush!"

"Case in point, Mimi's found a secret admirer," scoffed Joe.

Joe. You and Zudomon continue what you do best.

The pre-teen responded with a salute. "Roger that!"

So, finally TK's crest activated? Can't say I'm surprised and it's about time, too. TK, whatever it takes... We will get your brother back I promise you. But, I don't want you ever losing any faith and hope in your friends or your brother. Hope makes you stronger. Don't forget that.

Nodding in response, TK sat down with Patamon in his arms. Kari smiled as she smiled proudly for the young boy.

Those invaders, including Matt and Metal Garurumon proved to be stronger than I thought. I'm sorry to hear about Matt and Gabumon being one of the enemies.

"It's fine. Like you said, we'll bring Matt and Gabumon back to our side!" Tai boldly declared, raising everyone's hopes – including TK's. That's my promise before we return home!"

Yeah but it was a miscalculation on my part for gauging their true extent of their powers. For that, Tai, I apologize.

The Child of Courage smiled. "Nah, you don't have to anything to apologize for, X. You did the best you could."

Ok, now onto matters at hand. Now, Planet Spira... It was once a paradise that teemed with one of the more advanced civilizations across the Digiverse. It is also known for the largest mountain peak, which can be seen even from an outer space view. This geographic peak is otherwise known as Spiral Mountain. However, sometime ago the planet suffered a climatic cataclysm a long time ago. Actually, I thought the native people on that planet all died off at the time. Though, recently, it does seem to be going back to the way it used to be. But really, how could many of them survived...?

"What...?" Sora gulped, as she feared the worst.

"You mean it's no good? Then, the Digicores were wiped out, too?" Izzy jumped out of his seat in alarm.

Now, now, don't jump to conclusions. I'll just have to check up on the planet. Ok, now which way is it again? Oh, it's this way! Let's see here.

"So, let me get this straight. These Digicores can supposedly grant wishes?" Joe scratched his head. "If those people on Spira had those Digicores, why didn't they use them to stop that cataclysm?"

"They probably didn't know how to activate them," Gomamon shrugged. "Go figure."

"Whatever caused this cataclysm was too much for those Spirians," Sora said.

"Wish we could have had those Digicores when the invaders came," Palmon murmured.

All right! I found them, everyone! There are approximately a hundred of them, but they survived. In fact, they're already thriving again! I expect the numbers to double into the thousands in a year or two.

Upon hearing this news, the Digi-Destined cheered in unison. The mood went from being gloomy to instant gratification. Gennai and Izzy both nodded approvingly.

"YES! Spira, here we come!" Mimi jumped up and cheered.

Oh and don't worry if you believe these are hostile people. The Spirians are mostly a peaceful race.

Tentomon clarified. "Plus, I'm sure they'll understand our reasons for needing the Digicores. Though, we will need to explain with good reason. Oh, I'm feeling so optimistic!"

"Since we've already calculated the time it would take to reach Spira with the fastest engine any normal ship can take us," Izzy said. "X, Gennai calculated it would take us 4,400 years plus three months."

Sounds very accurate. I see Gennai's been doing his homework.

"I don't read books and research for nothing. Then again, you were of great help to me when I needed you the most."

Anytime, Gennai. Now, using my spaceship, your trip should only last between 5 and 10 days at most. You're not going to believe how fast this baby can go!

"I've got another suggestion. Why don't we use the others pods they left behind? Remember that Matt took his and left with Gabumon in it," Biyomon reminded everyone.

"The ones that could have been used by Metal Garurumon and Babimon?" Sora wondered. "You know..."

I propose one of you find that pod so it can be analyzed. Izzy, you think you can do it?

"First of all, I would have to go back to Andromon's factory to get whatever tools I need. My laptop can be of some help, too."

Good, because I believe we can use whatever technology those pods have so we may integrate it with my spaceship's systems. That should at least upgrade the navigation system.

"Do you know where they had landed in the first place?" Sora wondered for a moment.

"The location would be Star City," Gennai confirmed. "Though, from what I hear, it was wiped out as soon as the Invaders came out of their pods. Let's go look for it there later, Izzy."

"Sure thing, Gennai!"

Yes, but first my suggestion is for you guys to recuperate over at Gennai's. I am proposing you all rest up for three days. There needs to be a lot of preparations made.

"Hey! You still haven't told us the location of your ship!" Joe exclaimed. "Now, hold on just a minute!"

Yes, I do apologize. However, I will fill you guys in on that for another time. Just as I suggested, please take this time to rest. You've been through a lot of grief and just came fresh out of a war. You leave the rest to me. I will be sending a colleague down to lead you to the location of my spaceship.

Tai spoke out. "Who's this colleague you're sending down?"

Just a very close friend of mine.

"Well, I'm looking forward to meeting this friend of yours," Sora smiled. "Won't we, Tai?"

"Yeah, sure will."

"Well, kids. We're getting close to my home. Tai, I can let you and Agumon borrow my bed. Don't worry I can manage with a sleeping bag. As for the rest of you, well, I have some medicine that should treat your wounds or any injuries you might have."

"Thanks a lot, Gennai. This means a lot to us," Izzy bowed.

"Of course, you kids are my guests. Besides, I'll have plenty of company for a whole month."

Well, it appears everything's been taken care of. I must be getting back to making arrangements then. Rest easy, guys. I'll contact you within a few days time. Talk to you all soon!

Leaning his head back, Tai took a deep breath. Sora knelt next to her friend and smiled.

"You going to be okay, Tai?"

"Once I've fully recuperated, yeah. I'm kind of actually looking forward to this trip to Spira."

Rolling her eyes, Sora giggled. "Stupid Tai..."


Gennai's Home

One day passes…

The Digi-Destined spent the first day resting and being treated by Gennai's care. The digimon recovered and consumed enough food to regain their much-needed strength while replenishing their energy.

As for Tai and Agumon...

The goggle boy was barely managing to awaken in Gennai's bed. He slowly opened his eyes, as his vision was blurry. Agumon was asleep inside a sleeping bag provided by the old man.

"Wh... Where?" Tai groaned while trying to regain his senses.

"Well, it's about time you woke up, boy," Gennai's voice was the first to be heard by Tai. "You've been asleep for a whole day!"

Upon hearing this, Tai slowly sat up and palmed his face. "A whole day? You're kidding..."

"The herbal medicine really did the trick. I think the medicine from the herbs was potent enough to knock you out, too!"

"Man, I can't believe I've been asleep for the whole first day," Tai groaned even more until he realized the conspicuous absence of his digimon partner. "Um, where's Agumon?"

"Asleep on the floor in one of my handy sleeping bags."

"And everyone else?"

Gennai sat down and explained. "Izzy's out with Tentomon to analyze the space pods those invaders left behind. TK and Patamon are playing out in the forest. Joe and his partner are in the other room. The girls I believe are taking a bath. I must say they're already starting to enjoy the hot springs."

"Hot springs...? You have hot springs?"

"Yep." The old man pulled the covers over Tai's slumped form. "Relax. You'll be back on your feet in no time."

"Has that friend X mentioned come by yet?"

Nodding his head, Gennai added. "Not yet, but that individual should be here soon enough."

Arriving onto the front porch, Izzy and Tentomon stepped through the curtains. He walked inside to find Gennai sitting beside Tai.

"Hey, Gennai! We're back and have all the data we need from those pods. Hopefully, we can successfully integrate it X's ship systems," Izzy confirmed and noticed Tai was awake. "Tai! You're awake!"

"That was a refreshing nap," Tai smirked.

"Oh, gee, did I interrupt your beauty sleep?" Izzy scoffed.

"Ha, ha."

"So? I can sleep longer than that during hibernation," Tentomon scoffed.

"Tai will still need to stay in bed until tomorrow."

"Gennai, we managed to bury those pods," Izzy informed the old man but Tentomon cut him off.

"Well, I did bury them after digivolving into Kabuterimon."

"You could have just trashed them," Tai suggested.

"And what if we need them sometime in the near future?" Izzy addressed.

Gennai scratched his chin. "He does have a good point. Though, I hoped you had buried them deep. Otherwise, someone might end up digging them out. Then, we'll have problems."

"Obviously but Kabuterimon buried them deep enough for no digimon to ever find them. Unless they have metal detector or something to that extent. Eh, what we can do?" Izzy shrugged. "What matters is that I've downloaded the data into my laptop. You guys aren't going to believe what I've uncovered."

"Well, don't leave us out of the loop. Tell us," Tai demanded.

"This is language I can't even decipher myself. It appears we have a lot of work translating these data codes," Izzy turned toward Gennai.

"I'm afraid that won't be necessary!"

A girl's voice erupted from behind and caused everyone in the room to turn around. Izzy, Tai and Gennai faced the direction of where the stranger called for their attention.

"Who are you?" Izzy asked.

Stepping forward through the curtains, the individual was revealed to be none other than X's female colleague - Keke. She wore a completely different outfit - a reddish-pink spaghetti-string tank top, blue jeans and pink tennis shoes. Her hair was long and flowed out along with the wind blowing behind her. Covering her eyes were a pair of blade shades.

"Did someone request for a spaceship?" Keke glanced at the trio.

Gennai smiled. "That we did, Keke."

"Keke...? So, you must be X's colleague?" Tai pointed out while his face twisted with a devious grin. Whoa! What a babe! X's not just a combat master but he's got good taste in hot girls!

The girl removed her shades and winked. "That's me! And I see that look you're giving me, Taichi Kamiya." She slyly smirked. "Now, now, we don't want your friend, Sora, to see you checking me out. Now, do we?"

"Um... Well..." Tai was caught red handed and slinked under the covers.

"Eh, no biggie. I see that same look from every guy that has ever checked me out," Keke chuckled. "As you know now thanks to Gennai, my name is Keke. I know the exact location of X's spaceship. But, I'd like someone to come with me."

Izzy inquired. "One of us?"

"That's right. Though, you could bring your insect buddy of yours, kid," the girl noticed Tentomon. "I could ask one of the girls but none of you seem to have any expertise in handling or operating a spaceship, but Izzy here seems to be the type that probably understands. Besides, he's the smartest one of the bunch."

"Could you also try helping me decipher some codes I downloaded from those pods the Invaders used? I want to try and see if we can integrate the data into X's spaceship?"

Keke nodded her head and accepted Izzy's proposal. "Sure. I have a tech friend who can help out with deciphering codes and all that stuff. I see what you're attempting to accomplishment. You want to improve the navigation systems to help us locate Planet Spira? Not a problem. My tech pal and I can decipher any digital code even alien ones."


"Now, once my tech friend meets with us, we'll teach you how to operate, fly, and study the data code all before we leave. We've got two days of work ahead for us."

"Great that sounds like..." Izzy suddenly cut himself off and was overwhelmed from what the girl also had to offer. "Wait? Me learning to fly the ship and study the language?"

Tentomon snickered. "Well, it looks like you've got your work cut out for ya, Izzy my boy."

"Indeed," concurred the old man.

Tai chuckled. "Heh, c'mon Izzy. Since when have you ever turned down learning more about the Digiworld? I mean you did want to study everything about it. Right?"

"Well.. That's true but..." Izzy stuttered and turned to face Keke.

"Don't worry, Izzy. We'll take each step slowly so that way you don't feel overwhelmed. It may seem hard, but you find it to be extremely easy. Trust me," Keke extended her right hand. "Are you ready to go?"

Thinking this over for a moment, Izzy knew that he was the only one who could possibly learn to operate the ship and learn a new digital language. Izzy was always fascinated with the very existence of the Digital World, but he sought new interest in discovering other worlds and realizing that there was vast Digiverse beyond just this realm.

This was Izzy's opportunity to take part on a new frontier.

As he put out his hand, Izzy shook Keke's hand. "Let's get to work."


Next episode: Dawn of a New Journey! Onward to Planet Spira!


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