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Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 1, Act 2: Spira

Episode 18: Dawn of a New Journey! Onward to Planet Spira!


Eastern Digi-Galaxy/Planet Buriza No. 79/Briefing Room/August 3, 1999 (Digital World/Real World Times Unsynchronized)


The briefing room was packed with a group of the higher powers in charge of the Buriza Empire.

Red eyes flared within the dark room as a short, horned seated figure glanced at his subjects. His very evil presence made them tremble and not even object to his word.

This feared authority figure was none other than Burizalor himself, who hid himself behind the shadows. Standing on opposites sides of the warlord was a tall, skinny figure with a devilish smirk and the other was a gargantuan with a pair of giant cannons mounted on its back.

"Starting first thing tomorrow, I shall depart for Planet Spira with my handpicked subjects to accompany me in search for the Digicores. Mr. Phelesmon and Mr. Machinedramon are the gentlemen who I have chosen to join me." The figure spoke in his usual calm, aristocratic demeanor. Yet, there were hints of evil behind this soft tone.


"Once I have these Digicores, not only will I demand immortality, but my royal empire will grow beyond the cosmos. I will become the most powerful and innovative force in the Digiverse! No one and I do mean no one will ever be a threat to my ever-expanding empire. I.." The tyrant pierced his gaze toward a soldier entering the briefing room. "And what is you have to report?"

"Sir, I have come with great news! Yamato's pod has arrived as he and Gabumon have been recovered!"

Burizalor's interest peaked as a calm smirk crossed the villain's lips. "Is that so? Well, it seems the rodent has come back to us. Where is he at this time?"

"Sir, he and his digimon have been taken to the medical and treatment center. We have placed those two inside rejuvenation chambers."

"Interesting. So his former colleagues have managed to defeat him. I wonder... just how have the other Chosen Children gotten powerful enough to stop the likes of Neo Devimon, Babimon, Metal Garurumon, and now... Yamato. It'll be even more interesting if I ever do confront these children. Still, no matter. Thanks to my unofficial source, I know where to find the legendary Digicores. Planet Spira is my next destination. I'll worry about the Chosen Children for another time."

The warlord chuckled, plotting his next move and anticipating his impending journey to Planet Spira.


Digital World

The Northern Wasteland.

This region is arguably the most barren and coldest region in the Digital World. Surprisingly, no arctic snow ever comes in this region like the Freezeland region on File Island. However, the Northern Wasteland has been known for its strongest winds in the Digital World. No other region even comes close to having the strongest winds.

Excluding a few small mammal and insect digimon, this region was not the ideal place to build a community. Many believed this land had once been occupied eons ago until the climate changed and drove out the terrestrial natives.

One individual, not a digimon, sat on a rock while waiting for the arrival of his colleague and two guests. The individual was a youth with short purple hair, wearing a blue shirt and gray pants.

However, three arrivals were about to set foot soon.


Keke, Tentomon, and Izzy Izumi appeared in the middle of the wasteland. The red-haired child and the insect digimon scanned their surroundings. Blinking his eyes repeatedly, Izzy was taken back by this instantaneous teleportation.

"Overwhelmed, young Izumi?" Keke giggled, walking past the child and the digimon. She put her hand across her face to keep the blow from blowing against her. "A bit chilly. Don't you think?"

Izzy shivered as he tried covering his body, even with the orange coat and yellow gloves. "Chilly is an understatement."

"My... wing... gett...ing...cold..." Tentomon shivered.

"Ha! Man, I've walked across colder regions than this," Keke chuckled.

"It's about you came!" The purple-haired youth yelled out to the group. He walked up to Keke, arms folded as he scoffed. "I can't believe you made me stay here for hours waiting for you're a-"

Keke shot an angry glare, which made the youth flinch away.

"Is this your tech pal, Keke?" inquired Izzy, who pointed to the purple-haired male.

"Yep, this is Sam," she introduced her friend to the Child of Knowledge. "Sam, this is…"

"Izzy Izumi and Tentomon? Yeah, X told me everything I need to know."

"I see. Then you know what we came for," Izzy insisted.

Sam nodded. "Correct. I know where exactly it is."

"Where are we anyway?" Izzy addressed, looking around the desolate landscape. "It's dead here. I doubt anyone would find this environment the ideal spot to live on."

"Not to mention it's colder than a freezer box!" Tentomon stated.

"Welcome to the Northern Wasteland!" she announced, pointing to a sign post behind her.

Sam announced. "The coldest non-arctic site in the Digiworld!"

Both Izzy and Tentomon sweat-dropped. "You had to point to a sign post?"

"Well, I was once a tour guide," Keke scratched the back of her head. "Anyway, the Northern Wasteland isn't exactly an original name. What can I say? That's beside the point. This is the farthest corner of the Digital World."

"Shouldn't it be frozen like the arctic or even the Antarctic region?" Izzy observed the lack of ice sheets or even any sign of snow.

"Eh, what were you expecting? A winter wonderland? This is the Digiworld, kid," she shrugged, walking ahead and looking for the spaceship.

"She does have a point, Izzy."

"Well, you expect us to believe that X left his spaceship here?"

"Sure, you better believe it," Keke winked while leading Izzy and Tentomon across the barren wasteland. She did not like the strong winds bother her as she had to slow her pace to allow the boy and the digimon to catch up.

"Izzy, just follow us," Sam insisted.

"So, tell me. You two have known long X for a long time?" inquired Izzy.

"That's right," Keke replied.

Sam nodded. "For a long time."

"How long?"

"Longer than you could possibly think. I'd say probably before you were born. I'm really not supposed to reveal anything you should know."

"If there are some secrets you to keep confidential, then I'll respect that."

"It'd be for the best," Sam said. Well, until the time is right.

Keke stopped and pointed ahead. "Ok, we're here, guys. Take a look for yourselves."

Izzy and Tentomon's eyes widened. Their eyes lay upon a large, round ship with four skinny stilts completely holding the ship's balance. Around the sides were large yellow, glass domes, which served as window. The ship itself stood as tall as fifteen feet in height.

"Wow! Now, that's quite a transportation unit if you ask me!" Izzy was awe struck by the oddly shaped spaceship. "Certainly not a model I was expecting."

"Heh, like it?" the purple-haired youth grinned.

"Don't judge a book by its cover," Keke reminded the Child of Knowledge.

Hopping off the edge of the cliff, Izzy raced toward the spaceship with Tentomon tagging along. The child stopped in front of the shuttle and rubbed the surface. Tapping it, he could not hear a chink but rather a tong.

"Hmmm, this is some alloy. It's not metal," Izzy confirmed. "I've never seen anything like it."

"It almost feels like the dead skin I peel every few months," Tentomon replied.

Sam chortled. "Dead skin? Are you for real?"

"Ok, Keke, enough of the silent treatment. Exactly what do you know about this?"

"I can tell you this much. A long time ago, X commandeered a dimension pirate's ship while he was on a routine mission."

"Routine mission from what exactly?"

"We had just defeated a powerful enemy from an alternate universe where we came from. Suddenly, we were transported from there and arrived on an unknown planet. Our team had to fight off a strong army for trespassing on their turf. We escaped by hijacking a spaceship piloted by a wanted criminal in the Digi-Cosmos."

"Most wanted criminal in the Digi-Cosmos?" Izzy questioned.

"That's right. His name is Zagato," Keke confirmed.

"Yikes, something tells me this guy is not someone you'd want invite to a party," Tentomon said.

"Indeed, Zagato has pillaged nearly every corner of the Digi-Cosmos for a certain number of millennia. He is ambitious with an amoral curiosity. He has been in search any artifact that contains the greatest energy in the universe."

Izzy chilled at the mere mention of his name. "This guy sounds like he makes the enemies we've faced seem like child's play."

"The most dangerous abstraction of this monster is not his strength and power but his genius intellect. Only few have ever outwitted this guy and lived to tell about. Maybe none at all. Zagato has already destroyed over 3,000 ruins as he left an overwhelming loss of life and stolen innumerable cultural artifacts."

"Over 3,000 ruins destroyed?" Izzy and Tentomon exclaimed.

"Yeah, but we beat him. You don't have to worry about him anymore."

Sam added. "What she said. He was tough, but we barely managed to defeat him."

"Are you sure you two aren't human?" Tentomon tilted his head, staring at Keke and Sam.

"Not fully," they said in unison.

"We're part digital, but that's for another story," Keke said.

"So, why are you telling us about this maniac if you beat him?" Tentomon asked.

"Just to warn you of one of the many dangers that the Digi-Cosmos will pose on our journey to Spira. Zagato's not even a tiny fraction of the unknown dangers out there."

"Can you confirm if Matt has any affiliation with a guy like him?" Izzy addressed an important issue. "He mentioned a greater evil power before he and Gabumon departed."

Keke sighed at the mention of Matt's name, folding her arms. She and Sam exchanged looks as she turned toward Izzy. "Matt's with an even more powerful enemy. This tyrant is a master warlord of an intergalactic, planet-invading and trading organization spanning at least 79 Digiworlds."

"79 worlds?" Izzy was taken back by such a great accolade.

"Izzy, my boy, we have our work completely cut out for us."

"For each world he's conquered and destroyed, he has forged armies made of strong inhabitants of those worlds. The name of this monster is Burizalor," Sam stated, shivering at the mere name of the space tyrant.

"Great... So, we have a powerful maniac out there," Tentomon lowered his head.

"So, he's the great evil Matt's currently working for?"

"That's right. He's probably heard about Spira and X has forewarned me that Burizalor will set sights on that planet. No doubt to look for those Digicores."

Izzy was horrified by the news. "So, he must be the one Gennai told me about when we had our talk before the invaders landed. Burizalor must be the one who destroyed the Central Digital World of the Northern Galaxy!"

Taken back by what Izzy stated, Keke frowned. "Gennai's well-informed as always. Glad to see he's been giving you the heads-up on what's been going on. Then, Gennai's told you of a previous invasion launched here after you kids left to stop Myotismon."

"That's right."

"It was Burizalor who arrived to lead an invasion," Sam explained. "He and the Dark Masters not only destroyed, but their presence completely warped the entire Digital World. It was truly catastrophic. Burizalor's said to warp fabrics through Digiworlds."

"Well, we're not going to let that maniac get those Digicores! Not as long as we beat him in this race!" Izzy declared.

Smiling at Izzy's growing confidence, Keke placed her hand on the spaceship. "I love your show of passion, Izzy. That's exactly the state of mind our teams needs to be in on this journey."

Gazing up at the bottom of the shuttle, Sam closed his fists. "Izzy, this ship can only open for you once you state the password."


"Observe," Keke cleared her throat. "Zuma."

With that, a platform lowered from the bottom of the ship and hovered in front of the trio. Izzy and Tentomon circled around the platform with widened eyes.

"Whoa... did you see that, Izzy?"

"No kidding. And that's all I need to say?"

"Yep, that's right," Keke smirked as she hopped onto the platform. "C'mon! You've got to get familiar with the ship you're going to pilot!"

"Looks nice, eh?" Sam chuckled.

Izzy and Tentomon jumped onto the floating platform. They gazed up to gaze into the inside of the shuttle.

"Um, so, how do we get in now, Keke?" Tentomon asked.

"Just say 'Zuma' again."

Izzy confirmed the password. "Zuma."

Before long, the hovering platform lifted back up and sealed shut. Izzy and Tentomon gazed at their surroundings and were awe struck. It appeared the inside of the spaceship was far larger than what it looked on the outside.

"Prodigious! How could all of this fit inside a small ship?" Izzy was awe struck. "This is simply amazing!"

"Izzy's going to have a field day with this. Starting... now," Tentomon crossed his arms.

"It's like I'm living in a dream. I'll be honored to pilot this ship..."

"Hoo, boy. He's absorbed in it now," Sam joked.

The girl giggled. "Somehow, I knew you'd like it. X told me just how you love handling tech."

"Yeah, he knows me too well," the red-haired child examined the ship. "So, how do we use it?"

"Well, the door's are working for sure," Sam said, checking the platform. "There has to be juice left in this thing."

Noticing a seat at the front of the ship, Izzy advanced toward it and sat on the cushioned seat. Examining the control panels, he pointed to a small monitor screen with buttons on the top of it. "Hmmm. Could this be the main switch? No... This is weird. I wonder if there's a password on this module or something."

"Allow me to give you some help, Izzy," Sam approached the computer whiz. He looked at the control panels and blinked. "Oh, these buttons here are voice sensors! Just as you stated the password, it opened by command after decoding the password."

"Go ahead, Izzy," the girl said. "Try stating a command."

"I'll give it a try," Izzy shrugged and leaned back. "Hello? I command you to move!"

The spaceship did not respond to the boy's command.

"Move! Can you hear me? Fly!"

The spaceship remained still. Izzy sweat dropped while feeling rather embarrassed.

"Go! Zoom! Zip! Travel! GO!"

Sam sweat-dropped. "Eh."

Tentomon tilted his head to the side. "Nothing? This thing is a piece of junk!"

Placing a hand over his forehead, Sam sighed. "No, I just remembered an important detail. Izzy, this ship cannot understand commands in the human language. In your case, you speak native Japanese. You have to speak in Zumanese. That's the language Zagato speaks."

"And who here can speak it? Definitely not me and I doubt Tentomon even knows."

"I didn't even know anything about Zagato in the first place. I thought I knew everything..." the insect digimon hung his head in shame.

"No, you two can't speak Zumanese, but Sam and I can," the girl said.

Upon hearing this, Izzy and Tentomon turned toward Keke with shocked expressions. Their mouths nearly dropped.


"Yeah, Zumanese is actually a pretty common language in the Digiverse," Sam said. "X, Keke, myself, and our colleagues learned to speak the language on the planet we occupied before we departed on the spacecraft."

"That's great and all. But, you should have told me you knew Zumanese," Izzy raised an eyebrow. "Why do I have a feeling you wanted to see me make a fool out of myself?"

"I have to admit. That's partially true," Keke giggled.

Sam snickered. "Don't feel bad, Izzy. We want to ensure you can work this spaceship yourself."

Great, I'm dealing with teases. Izzy thought. "Why don't you tell this thing to fly?"

"To where?" she blinked.

"Wherever! For starters... Well, does this side galaxy have its own equivalent of Jupiter?"

"Yeah, it sure does. Everything correlates with your own universe," the purple-haired youth affirmed. "It'll open up a stargate out of this world and take you where you want to go."

"Okay, that's where I want to go."

Tentomon flew up to tour around the ship. "Something tells me this isn't going to be a rough lift off!"

Keke confirmed Izzy's command to the ship's voice sensors in Zumanese. "Aket su ot Pijuret."

The computer replied to the command.

"What's it saying?" Izzy wondered.

"It said: Roger."


Izzy felt the whole ship rumble as he jumped right out of his seat and fell back. Keke and Sam grabbed the red-haired child, preventing him from hitting the nearest wall. Tentomon whirled around as his eyes were spinning.

In a matter of seconds, the spaceship had already launched through the Digital World's atmosphere and flew past orbit.

Looking out the nearest window, Izzy was taken back in shock at the speed the ship was traveling. He watched as the Digital World's view vanished as they entered the outer regions of space. Before they realized it, they stopped by a large planet, which had a striking resemblance to the largest planetary body in the Solar System. The Child of Knowledge found himself eyeing the planet as his interest in researching the Digi-Verse... peaked to extraordinary heights.

In other words, Izzy was going to have more than just a field day researching. He was a pioneer on a new journey to seek an unquestionable amount of knowledge.

"So, what you think, Izzy?" Keke stood beside the red-haired child and gazed at the Jupiter-like celestial body.

"That's definitely the Digiverse's equivalent of Jupiter!"

"Impressed?" Sam said.

"More than just impressed. This is like a dream come true!"

"If we can leave the Digital World this fast, just imagine how long we'll reach Spira. If we had used any other spaceship, it would take us over 4,000 years. Be lucky I have good connections with X," Keke flashed a 'V' sign with her fingers.

"Just wait until I tell everyone about this!"

"Yeah, they'll be very impressed with how fast this ship will go. By the way, Keke and I will be accompanying you guys on your trip. Probably two or three others want to join."

"You think you could be of any help in case we run into powerful enemies?" Tentomon addressed to the teens.

"I maybe a lady, but don't let my looks fool you! If I been there to fight those invaders alongside you guys, I would have beaten them without breaking a sweat! Especially Neo Devimon and Babimon!"

Sam nodded. "Trust me. Most of our old powers might've been stripped from us, but we're no pushovers. We've fought our share of strong fighters."

"Well, you said you're part digital… so, you're digimon in human form?" Tentomon blinked. "Right?"

The teens exchanged looks and sweat-dropped. "More like Pico-humans, but whatever you say."

"The fact is we're stronger than normal humans," Keke said. "We have a few tricks up our sleeves."

Izzy chuckled a bit as he backed away. Hard to believe that these two are actually stronger than those invaders. Guess what they say is true… this universe is vast and filled with surprises. Makes me wish these two were with us from the start.

The insect digimon folded his arms. "Well, in any case, thank goodness we have you joining us."

Sam addressed to the two. "Now, we have to start making preparation time before we launch out in a few days. Izzy, you'll learn the Zuma language from Keke. Don't worry. She promises you'll understand the basics by tomorrow. Then, we can install the data you collected from the invaders' pods into this ship's main control system. Let's not forget to revamp this whole thing in the meantime."

"Can we actually get that done in a few days' time?" Izzy asked.

Keke nodded. "Sure, with your young brilliant mind, we can get it done. Gennai will also be lending us a hand."

Izzy smiled, his hopes were raised. "Gennai will definitely be helpful. With him, we can get the ship upgraded and set to go."

"Let's not forget to test run it before we officially launch," the purple-haired male suggested.


Keke smiled. "Good. So, ready to get back? I'm sure everyone will want to know about what we've uncovered."

"Yeah, let's go. Um, you think you can state the command to get us back?"

"Uhhh... sure thing."


Izzy, Tentomon, Sam and Keke discovered X's spaceship as preparations would be made for the next three to four days. The spaceship was collected to be revamped and upgraded, incorporating the tech from the invaders' pods. A test run would follow before final adjustments are made. With Gennai's assistance, they would completely get the spaceship up and running.

Meanwhile, Tai recovered but insisted to stay with Agumon as their injures were further examined.

Kari and TK took it easy during the reprieve. Recovering from a bout of depression, TK observed everyone working hard in preparation for their departure for Planet Spira. The Child of Hope wondered if he'd ever get a chance to see his brother on Spira. Whatever the case, he had high hopes of seeing Matt again.

These few days would come to pass quicker than the children realized.


Gennai's Home

Two days prior to departure.

Izzy entered the briefing room inside the home of Gennai. The Digi-Destined, their partner digimon, and Gennai all stood to await the Child of Knowledge's confirmation.

"Guys, I have great news!" Izzy announced to his entourage. He took a seat and waited for Tentomon to land beside him. "The spaceship is perfect! With the final installations made and the ship completely revamped. We can get to Planet Spira in just five days!"

"That's great," Joe smiled, adjusting his glasses.

"No doubt about that!" Sora said.

"We can take off in two days," Izzy continued with his report. "Sam and Keke here can agree."

Upon hearing her name, the two demi-humans entered the briefing room and smirked. "That's right, guys. Even I can confirm that. We're all good to go."

"Man, that's awesome! We're going to be traveling out in space!" TK jumped up in excitement.

Kari nodded. "Sounds like we're in for yet another adventure."

"Plenty of time for me to catch my cat nap," Gatomon leaned against Kari's chest and exhaled in a relaxing manner.

"Me, too," Patamon sighed happily.

Biyomon added. "So, the faint glimmer of hope has become a reality."

"Keke, it'll be an honor for you and your friend to join us," Mimi clasped her hands together. "You and I really need to get to know one another."

Scratching her head, Keke sweat-dropped toward the Child of Sincerity. "Um, yeah. Sure..."

I swear I don't know if I'm going crazy here but Keke kind of looks like me. Mimi thought, closely observing the girl. She definitely has a good taste in fashion. And that friend of hers looks like a cutie.

"Izzy, I heard you've mastered that alien language those two taught you, right?" Tai addressed.

"Yeah, Tai. It's called Zumanese and it's not as complicated as I was led to believe. They made it seem easy."

"Eh, I'm not that tough of an instructor," Keke pointed out.

"Likewise, I just hate the idea of making someone sitting down and studying from a book," Sam added. "I'm a laid back kind of teacher. Once Izzy mastered the language, we carried on conversations in Zumanese."

"Wow, now that is something," Agumon was impressed.

The Child of Courage nodded. "I'll say."

"The mechanics is pretty darn simple once you get used to it," Izzy said. "Oh, Gennai, don't forget about the installations we've added in the ship's revamping process."

"That's right. You kids now have a shower room, comfy beds and even a stereo system installed into the spaceship. I made sure to test everything out before telling you right now."

"Wow! A shower room! Squee!" Mimi squealed happily.

Palmon smirked. "Mimi's sure happy to hear that."

" Tai and Agumon, you two said you want to stay here?" Keke inquired.

"Right, I want to get Agumon to get better prepared after he fully recovers," the goggleboy said.

Sam replied. "Well, we've built a second spaceship you two can use when you're ready to go to Spira. Upon your request, we've included a gravity chamber room for Agumon to use. X and Gennai can show you how to use it."

"Thanks for the heads up, Keke," Tai said. "I really do need to push Agumon to the next level… like maybe unlock some mode upgrade he might desperately need.."

Agumon added another point. "Yeah, you warned us about this great evil… so, his name is Burizalor? He's the one who wants the Digicores and the one to turn Matt against us?"

"That's right," Keke confirmed. "Sam, myself, and a few of our friends will be accompanying your friends. Though, I doubt any of us are a match for Burizalor. His power exceeds mega-level digimon or anything on this side of the Digi-Galaxy."

Izzy made sure to make his point across with his eyes on Tai. "Let's not forget why we're going to Spira, guys. We need to find those Digicores in order to revive our friends, repair the damage the Digiworld has had to endure in our absence, and release the Holy Beasts from their imprisonment. Let's really try our best to avoid contact with these enemies. Tai. You and Agumon need to be careful on your journey after we get a head start."

"I know," Tai said, shifting his view toward TK. "TK. Listen to me. If we by chance run into Matt, I promise you that I'll bring Matt fully back to his senses. I feel deep down he feels guilty over what he's done and the horrible decision he made by aligning himself with this Burizalor guy."

"Even if you don't, it's okay..."

"You don't have to be modest, TK. I'm a guy of my word. That promise will be fulfilled before we leave Spira."

"That's if Matt is even on Spira," Kari said.

"He'll be there. Somehow, I have that deep feeling he'll be there waiting for us," Tai was positive over the whole ordeal. At least, I hope I'm right. "Keke..."

"Yes, Tai?"

"You and Sam make sure everyone comes out safely," he asked.

"Sam and I promise," she reassured him. "Who knows? We just might be able to unlock our full powers once we leave Spira. But, don't give your hopes up that Sam and I can stop Burizalor. We're not what we once were."

"Sounds like Agumon's got to train hard then!" Tai declared as he knelt by his partner's side. "Ready for some hard training, pal?"

"Ready and willing, Tai!" The digimon acknowledged.

"Any objections? Feel free to speak now or say nothing at all," Izzy asked his entourage. "Tai? Sora? Mimi? Joe? TK? Kari? Gennai? Guys?"

"No objection here," Agumon said.

"Just a question... is there a refrigerator installed in the ship? Cause we're going to need a lot of food!" Palmon raised her hand.

Joe quipped. "A lot is an understatement. You digimon are bottomless pits."

"Don't worry. We'll collect a week's supply of food and pack it into the ship," Izzy reassured everyone. "Let's all make sure to pitch in and find as much edible foods as we can."

"Well, I suppose that takes care of everything?" Gennai looked at everyone in the briefing room. "No other questions?"


"That settles it then," Izzy sat up. "Everyone's dismissed. Remember, five days until we depart."

"Personally, I can't wait," Tai closed his fists. "This is something we can never forget, guys."


Outside Gennai's Home

Three days later.

The spaceship, now revamped with as a cleaner and sleeker model, stood yards away from Gennai's home. The eight Digi-Destined, their digimon partners and Keke all faced the shuttle standing before them. Each child carried bags filled with the essentials for their month trip.

Stroking his chin, the old man was impressed with the spaceship. "Yes, we did splendid work on remodeling the spacecraft, Izzy. Keke."

"Yeah, but we really couldn't have done it without you, Gennai," Izzy thanked the old man.

"So, can we really go into space with this?" Mimi looked at the ship, raising an eyebrow and crossing her arms.

Joe interjected. "Let's save those comments until we actually enter that spaceship, Mimi."

"Hmmm, you guys did great work but I want to see how you're going to run this thing," Tai said.

Izzy smirked. "I can assure you guys won't be disappointed. We made a few last modifications two days ago."

"I made sure to pack an umbrella in case the weather on Spira is bad," Mimi checked her bag.

Sora sweat dropped and chuckled. "Prepared as always, Mimi."

"Okay, this is it, guys. We're ready to embark on a new frontier," Keke stood facing the Digi-Destined with Sam by her side.

Sam turned around as he spotted three kids running up toward them. Amongst them was a brown-haired boy wearing an orange and blue gi and wearing glasses. The second child was a blonde wearing a green gi and pants coupled with an orange belt. The third was a small girl with brown hair and wearing a fisherman's hat.

"Ah, about time you three came!" Keke called out to the trio.

The blonde-haired boy jumped over in front of Keke and Sam. "Sorry, but these slow pokes were holding me back."

"Slow pokes? Like hell I am!" The girl snapped.

The brown-haired child sighed. "You took off in a hurry, man."

"Hey, we can't pass this opportunity up!" The blonde exclaimed. "I didn't want to sit on my ass in training sessions all day!"

The Digi-Destined were flabbergasted to say the least. Words couldn't describe how shocked they were hearing foul language from kids as young as TK and Kari were.

"Uh… these kids are coming?" Joe blinked, adjusting his glasses.

"Yeah? Got a problem?" The blonde frowned. "We're not weak like you think."

"What my bro said!" The girl replied. "We heard you had trouble with some losers. We could've taken them in our sleep!"

"But, we're truly sorry about the loss of Leomon and the others," the brown-haired boy bowed to the Senshi.

Keke promptly bonked both the blonde and the girl on their heads. "Don't talk down to them like that. Anyway, allow me to introduce to you our three short friends." She pointed to the blonde. "This is Tike, loud-mouthed to the very end." She shifted toward the girl. "This is his twin sister Kara, foul-mouthed and ravenous." Finally, she turned toward the third child. "And this little guy is David."

"Nice to meet you three," Sora said.

Gatomon and Patamon glanced at Tike and Kara. TK and Kari blinked, keenly looking at the twins.

"TK, is it just me or…"

"They kinda look like us?" The Child of Hope added. "Yeah, I noticed."

Gomamon smirked. "They might be you two from another world."

"Ha, ha," Joe remarked. "Not funny."

"I wasn't trying to be funny."

"Anyway, I trust you five can look after everyone?" Tai asked.

Sam replied. "Yeah, these three might be small, but they're strong enough to make Neo Devimon look like a bitch."

"Whoa, really?" Agumon and the other digimon exclaimed.

"Heh, piece of cake," Tike flashed a grin.

Kara smirked. "I heard they're bringing food on board! All we can eat!"

"Just make sure and leave some for everyone," David advised the two.

"This is gonna be a crowded trip," Mimi murmured.

Palmon replied. "That's an understatement."

"Kids," Gennai spoke up, addressing to the group. He put out his hand in front of Izzy. "We're counting on you. Find those Digicores to restore all that we've lost dear."

"We won't let you down, Gennai," Izzy replied, firmly shaking the old man's hand. "We're all coming back together. Right, Keke?"

"Oh yeah," she said.

TK nodded as he knew that Tai would not fail to bring Matt back to the team where he rightfully belonged.

"Don't worry, TK. We'll bring that brother of yours back!" Tike reassured the child. "If he doesn't, we'll kick his ass and make him."


"You guys, be careful," Tai said as he and Agumon waved to their friends. "We'll catch up!"

"TAI! AGUMON! WE'LL SEE YOU THERE!" Kari and TK called out.

Waving to Tai, Sora smiled. "Don't keep us waiting."

"This is it! Gather around everyone!" Keke called out, standing on the floating platform. She watched the other Digi-Destined step forward. "Okay, Izzy. Do it."


Once he stated the password, the platform ascended into the ship and closed shut to seal the group inside. Much like Izzy before, the kids were awe struck by the inside of the spaceship. Only this time everything was remodeled thanks to the work of Izzy, Keke, and Gennai.

"WOW!" TK and Kari glanced around.

"You guys really outdid yourselves this time," Joe rubbed his chin. "I couldn't have done it better myself."

"No kidding! I mean, look! There's the shower room, the comfy beds and even sound systems installed!" Mimi was giddy with excitement.

"Guys, I'd advise you all just sit down," Izzy warned his friends. "The lift off is going to be a bumpy one."

"Right, five seconds to take off: Destination... Planet Spira," Keke said. "Izzy, go for it!"

"Natiesontide anletp Spira!"

Just like that, with the Izzy stating his command, the spaceship quickly lifted off Gennai's property and flew up past the atmosphere in seconds.


The old man's eyes nearly popped out after realizing how fast the shuttle moved. Never before had he seen anything so fast in his life. It was simply indescribable even for Gennai.

"Yikes... just what kind of engine did those kids put into that spaceship?" Gennai got up, dusting himself off. "I'm getting too old for this."

Tai and Agumon watched the ship pass through a stargate. Determined glares etched on their faces.

"Gennai, how long until our ship is done?" The Child of Courage asked.

"Two or three days. Give or take."

Tai added. "Nice. Can't wait to catch up…" He clenched his fists. In the meantime, I hope they can at least avoid contact with that Burizalor guy. "Agumon, let's get your training started."



As for the Digi-Destined, nearly all of them had fallen off their feet and were hanging onto dear life at whatever they could grab. Palmon implemented her Poison Ivy vines to pull Mimi toward safety. Tike and Kara caught TK and Kari. David floated around the ship. Sora held onto Biyomon. Izzy, Keke, Sam, and Joe sat down on a pair of seats to prevent themselves from being forced back. Gomamon hung onto a steel bar while Gatomon and Patamon climbed the top of the railing near the top of the ceiling. Tentomon stayed airborne.

"Geez, we haven't even fastened our seat belts yet!" Joe exclaimed. "Can someone slow this thing down?" The blue-haired teen panicked, nearly jumping out of his seat in frantic.

"Okay, since we're now out of atmosphere, we should be good," Izzy confirmed, wiping his forehead in relief. "Whew, we're safe."

"Yep, you're all free to move about now," Keke turned and faced everyone.

Sam sighed with relief. "Thank goodness."

"Ahhh, I wanted to see one last view of the Digiworld. It's gone," TK pressed his face against the window.

"And so we begin a new journey. Just when we thought the Digital World itself was unpredictable," Joe leaned back on the seat he occupied.

Gomamon hopped onto his partner's lap. "Heck, we still haven't seen anything yet. There are other worlds out there. I wonder if the people on Spira are like us."

"Well, X said they're friendly in nature," Kara said. "We'll take his word for it."

"I hope he's right," Palmon said.

Mimi yawned. "All of this talk is making me sleepy. I think I'm going to hit the shower first though."

"Tike, want to go check out the gravity chamber?" David ran over and asked his friend.

"Hell yeah!" Tike said. "Hey, Keke, want to show us the chamber you guys installed?"

"I'd be happy to," Keke smiled, jumping out of her seat. "Izzy, you take over."

The red-haired computer whiz added. "Leave it to me."

Walking past Izzy, Keke led both Tike and David toward the back room to where a steel door was closed shut.

Kari sat down and took a deep breath. She looked up to find Gatomon crawling on top of a railing. "Gatomon, what are you doing up there?"

"What does it look like?"

"You can come down now. It's all safe."

"Ahhh, I was just about to take my cat nap up here."

"I don't think that looks nice and cozy there," Kari replied. "I swear… that Kara girl really looks like me." She glanced at the girl, who sat down and waved to her. Kari waved back.

Gatomon purred. "I wonder if she's a clone of yours, Kari."

"Doubt it. Though, that Tike boy looks like TK," the Child of Light alternated her view toward her friend. Speaking of TK…

TK walked over to Kari. "Patamon might not even get any good sleep up there either."

"So, how are you feeling, TK?"

"Excited... yet, afraid."

"Of what?"

TK knelt down and put his arms around his knees. "Well, I wonder if my Matt will change for the better or will he attempt to take me away to see this Burizalor creep? I just want my old brother back. The one that I used to look up to."

"My brother has promised he would do everything in his power to bring Matt back with us and we'll all be together with our families once we've gathered the Digicores. It's that simple, TK. Just think about the positives"

"I'm trying, Kari, but don't forget. There are a lot of evil creeps. That Burizalor is just one of them."

Kari couldn't help but agree. "You have a point but we'll be ready for whatever gets in our way. We can't lose now."

"I hope you're right."

Putting an arm over TK's back, the Child of Light smiled softly and looked up at the ceiling. "I hope so, too, TK. I hope so, too."

Taking a deep breath, Keke pushed herself away from the wall. "I hope to god it's a safe journey." Matt, please come to your senses and recognize the evil you're serving. If no one can snap sense out of you, then I'll do what I must.


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