A/N: The Nightmare Special Squad conflict finally ends. After that, the deity behind the Digicores will be revealed. Enjoy.


Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 1, Act 2: Spira

Episode 35: The Great Turnabout! Finally, the Summoning!


Planet Spira/Outside Burizalor's Mothership/August 3, 1999 (Digital World/Real World Times Unsynchronized)

"DIE, ANGEMON!" Piedmon shouted as he bee-lined toward MagnaAngemon, brandishing his dual swords. Once he was within reach of the ultimate, MagnaAngemon evaded a sword slash and swerved around the Dark Master. Whirling around, Piedmon slashed at MagnaAngemon.

With quick reflexes, MagnaAngemon countered Piedmon's swords with his Excalibur. He saw an opening and decked Piedmon with a punch. The impact blow sent Piedmon sailing back 10 feet.

MagnaAngemon flew ahead and pursued Piedmon, slashing at the Dark Master. The Pierrot digimon phased out and reappeared behind the ultimate.

"Too slow! Clown Trick!" The Squad leader cried out, throwing a white sheet at MagnaAngemon.

The angel lifted his Excalibur and slashed the cloth in half.


Piedmon glided at MagnaAngemon and shot an elbow to his face. The angel swerved around Piedmon and shots his own stiff elbow shot into Piedmon's back. The blow connected and sent him plunging to the ground.

"All right! Way to go, MagnaAngemon!" TK cheered on his partner.

ArchAngemon and Seraphimmon nodded in encouragement.

"The clown's done for," said ArchAngemon. "Kick his pasty ass, MagnaAngemon!"

"Yeah!" Seraphimmon shouted.

"Alright! I add you to my key chain collection! Take that!"

Struggling to get up, Piedmon coughed and pivoted his head as MagnaAngemon paced toward him.

"I… I will add you to my key chain collection! Mark my words!"

He threw another sheet out of sheer desperation. The ultimate cut through the sheet smoothly and jetted forward. He blasted Piedmon with a punch to his abdomen. That one punch was enough to sent Piedmon sailing through a rock face.

The key chains attached to Piedmon's hips fell off as they landed on the ground.

"Angewomon! Gather the key chains together!"

"Right!" The female angel replied as she flew over, scooping the key chains. She flew over to MagnaAngemon and placed them on the ground.

Spreading his wings, MagnaAngemon gathered holy energies as a multi-colored aura washed around him. "Now its time we bring our friends back to normal. Magna Antidote!" Crossing his arms, he threw his hands over the key chains and converted his holy energies into a white aura that washed over the items.

At that instant, the holy light 'healed' the Digi-Destined and the digimon, turning them back to normal. TK and Kari immediately ran up to their brothers and embraced them.



Shaking his head, Tai finally came to his senses. "…Huh?" He stared over Kari, whose eyes filled with happy tears. "Kari?"

"TK?" Matt lowered his chin, staring over his brother. He noticed MagnaAngemon standing behind the boy. "Huh? MagnaAngemon?"

"Tai! You and the others were turned into key chains by Piedmon, but MagnaAngemon restored you," the Child of Light explained to her older brother.

Tai scratched his head. "Huh, I was wondering I had this sudden urge to collect some key chains."

"Well, I'm glad we're back to normal!" Joe exclaimed.

VictoryGreymon pivoted his head as he saw Piedmon emerge from a pile of debris where he landed. He turned, catching UmbraDevimon engaging the Olympians in a heated battle.

"Looks like we've missed out on some action," VictoryGreymon noted.

"We took care of that Squad member you missed," Metal Lilamon said as she descended near Tai, Kari, and VictoryGreymon. "Only Piedmon and two cronies are left."

"Whoa! Who… what the hell is THAT?" The Bearer of Courage exclaimed as he pointed toward UmbraDevimon.

"You'll remember him as NeoDevimon, Tai," Matt said.

Blinking thrice, Tai was taken aback with this revelation. "NeoDevimon? But, we defeated him!"

"He's been revived thanks to Shadramon and was implanted with enhancements, modifying him into UmbraDevimon," ZeedGarurumon promptly stated, growling as he faced UmbraDevimon's direction. "Those three aren't going to hold him off for too long. Now as UmbraDevimon, NeoDevimon's power has grown."

"Then, this time we'll take him out permanently!" Tai declared. "VictoryGreymon?"

The mega acknowledged. "Between this renewed NeoDevimon and Piedmon, it's a tough choice. If it were me, I'd want to fight both."

"Leave Piedmon to me, my friend," MagnaAngemon reassured his colleague.

Metal Lilamon flew over to her cohorts. ArchAngemon, Seraphimmon, and FlareVeemon stood up as they steadied themselves.

"Keke. Glad you took out that Aussie jackass," ArchAngemon said.

Seraphimmon nodded. "Now, we only have a few of these jerks left."

"I'm sure MagnaAngemon and VictoryGreymon will take care of them," FlareVeemon said.

"Now that our friends are no longer key chains, I agree," Metal Lilamon said, shifting her view toward Ninja Stingmon pursuing Shadramon. "Sam!"


As he pressed on, Piedmon struggled not to cough. As he coughed, he covered his mouth and noticed bloodstains on his glove. Irked with the injuries inflicted by MagnaAngemon, the Dark Master growled angrily and cried out.

"You'll pay dearly for this! Angemon, mark my words! YOU WILL PAY FOR MAKING ME BLEED!" Piedmon screamed as he picked up his swords. "PLAYTIME IS OVER!" His calm and playful disposition faded at the drop of a hat, replaced with an angry and passionate demeanor. Driven by vengeance, Piedmon raced ahead and phased out from everyone's views.

"He's coming behind you, MagnaAngemon!" VictoryGreymon called out.

As the ultimate turned, he stopped a pair of swords with his Excalibur. Piedmon pushed MagnaAngemon back, sending him away from his colleagues.

"I'll get rid of the MVP first! Namely you, MagnaAngemon! You can't heal anyone if you're turned into a key chain!"

Gritting his teeth, the ultimate was taken aback by Piedmon's sudden recovery. MagnaAngemon turned his head as Piedmon thrust his left sword. The ultimate delivered a headbutt, letting his helmet mask impact Piedmon's face.


MagnaAngemon whirled around and kicked Piedmon, sending him sailing into Burizalor's ship.

"Nice shot!" Sora, Mimi, and Lillymon cheered in unison.

Izzy nodded. "I'll second that!"

"Had enough, Piedmon? Face it, you can't win," MagnaAngemon stated, calmly pacing toward the Pierrot digimon.

Suddenly, Piedmon smirked deviously and cackled, provoking MagnaAngemon. "That's what you think. Hehe, I'm going to send you all to Digi-Hell."

"Talk is cheap, Piedmon."

"We'll see!" Piedmon roared as he fired a magical beam at the ultimate. "Clown Trick!"

MagnaAngemon batted the beam with his Excalibur, sending it hurtling into the air. The beam exploded as it reached the skies. Taken aback by the ultimate's reflexes, Piedmon backed off out of shock. MagnaAngemon raced up and shot a boot into Piedmon's gut, sending him hurtling into the air. Piedmon stopped himself in mid-air and swiftly landed on the ground on all fours.

"Finish him, MagnaAngemon!" TK cried out.

MagnaAngemon rapidly jetted at Piedmon, readying his Excalibur.

Shaking his head, Piedmon came to and chortled. "You'll be my ultimate collector's item, MagnaAngemon! Consider it an honor!"

"No! MagnaAngemon!" VictoryGreymon roared as he flew in. "Move away!"

"MagnaAngemon!" The group exclaimed.

The Dark Master threw another sheet. This time it approached MagnaAngemon faster than before. MagnaAngemon stopped abruptly at his tracks and raised his Excalibur.

"MOVE! GET AWAY, MAGNAANGEMON!" TK cried out, pleading to his digimon.

"Game over, MagnaAngemon!" Piedmon laughed.

VictoryGreymon closed in between Piedmon and MagnaAngemon.

Please, let me get there in time!


"YOU WON'T DEFEAT ME, YOU PESTS!" UmbraDevimon roared, charging as he pursued Minervamon and Dianamon. Throwing his Devimon and SkullGreymon arms over them, they turned and retaliated, bombarding the behemoth with a fiery assault. "GAUGH!"

"That won't do him in I'm afraid!" Minervamon exclaimed as she rocketed into the air to catch her breath.

Dianamon hefted her staff overhear and murmured a soft incantation.

Pushing his way through the billowing dust cloud, UmbraDevimon raised his head as he surveyed the area. He found no signs of the female Olympus digimon. Pivoting his head, he caught the duo standing afloat whilst gathering energy to produce their attacks. UmbraDevimon flew up, flapping his Angemon and Angewomon wings, and fired a black beam from his mouth.

"Apocalyptic Viper!" The behemoth roared, expelling continuous blasts that exploded around the Olympians. "Let's see you escape this!"

"GAH! REGROUP!" Minervamon wildly flailed her arms around and pushed Dianamon away as a black beam hurtled by, barely catching them. Turning her head, Minervamon faced… UmbraDevimon's revolting visage right in front of her. "Uh… Dianamon… look…"


Gaping his mouth, UmbraDevimon produced a black ball and prepared to expel it with devastating force.

"Neptunmon… looks like we'll be joining you…" The child Olympian closed her eyes and accepted her fate.

As Dianamon flew in, she stopped as a giant glowing sphere hovered behind UmbraDevimon. The Chimera digimon turned around as he watched Apollomon holding a giant ball of heat energy in his right palm.

"This attack again?"

Apollomon's face contorted with furious passion. "Creature of darkness, this is where you end!" This one's for you, Neptunmon! "Sol Blaster!"

Attempting to evade the orb, Minervamon and Dianamon bombarded him with assorted blasts to hold him at bay. As the solar orb impacted UmbraDevimon, it pushed him back and greatly overpowered him. UmbraDevimon gripped the orb, trying with all his might to rebound it toward Apollomon.

The Olympian relentlessly pushed the orb forward, keeping it stabilized before it detonated.


Apollomon fiercely growled. "You murdered our colleague. Neptunmon, do you remember?"

UmbraDevimon cackled as he lashed out, demeaning the fallen Olympian's name. "He died a FOOL'S death!"

"No, the only fool dying here is you," Apollomon scoffed. "You should've never crossed members of the Olympus guardians. We are Spira's warriors… if all 12 of us were here together, even you wouldn't stand a chance!"

"I WON'T BE DEFEATED!" UmbraDevimon violently boasted, pushing the solar orb. Suddenly, he sensed his own body giving out and heard a crack forming in his body. What…? How could there be a flaw in this body? "Shadramon!"


Ninja Stingmon lunged at Shadramon, nailing him with a right hand. The blow knocked Shadramon into the air. The sinister digimon whirled around as he caught wind of the situation with UmbraDevimon.

As his eyes fell on the cracks forming behind UmbraDevimon's back, Shadramon gasped.

"No, your body… it's destabilizing!" Shadramon exclaimed. How could I have missed such a technical flaw? UmbraDevimon's body is imperfect! I knew it was too soon to release him! Lord Burizalor demanded he'd be utilized without the proper testing procedures! That warrior's solar orb… it's… it's cracking through his armor! "UmbraDevimon! You must retreat!"


"You fool! If you continue to participate in the heat of battle in this condition… your body… you won't last long!"

"What?" Ninja Stingmon alternated between Shadramon and UmbraDevimon's heated exchange. "You're a fool. You shouldn't have unleashed a project you knew wasn't going to be sufficient enough. Flawed products should always be modified before you release them."

"How dare you talk down to me, boy! What do you know?" Shadramon snapped.

"I'd take a look at your big friend up there."

As Shadramon turned, his eyes widened in disbelief as UmbraDevimon's body cracked. The intense solar energies emanating from the orb washed over the behemoth, melting away the skin.


Shadramon gawked, stepping away as UmbraDevimon descended near him with the orb pushing him back. "Th-this isn't good!"


Standing between the crossfire, VictoryGreymon barely rushed in and cleaved Piedmon's sheet in half. VictoryGreymon turned and nailed the Dark Master with a punch, sending him sailing into the air.

"VictoryGreymon! Great hit!" Tai shouted.

"Yeah! Nice save!" TK exclaimed as he watched MagnaAngemon hovering up to meet Piedmon in mid-air. "Let's finish this." With that, the boy grasped his glowing Crest of Hope and prayed. I'll lend you my strength, MagnaAngemon. Let's beat him together!


Suddenly, UmbraDevimon saw VictoryGreymon striking Piedmon. The behemoth snickered as he took this chance and fired a blast directly at the mega.

"NO!" Ninja Stingmon shouted. "Tai! He's aiming for you guys!"

As the Digi-Destined turned, they saw UmbraDevimon firing his Apocalyptic Viper at them. VictoryGreymon took note of the massive beam and flew in to intercept it.

"VictoryGreymon!" Tai cried out as the blast closed in, ready to engulf the boy and the other Digi-Destined.

"GET BACK EVERYONE!" Sora cried out.

VictoryGreymon threw himself in front of the brunt of the beam.

The warrior united the shells from his back, forging a shield to hold the beam back. "Victory Shield!" With his other hand, he threw his Dramon Breaker sword as it split and meshed its pieces into his arms. Then, he drew in the atmospheric energy encompassing the vicinity and concentrated. "Here's one right back at you! Trident Gaia!" He roared, firing a massive beam that split through UmbraDevimon's beam and caught the behemoth in the forehead.

"GAAAUGH!" UmbraDevimon roared as the attack stunned him at that exact moment, allowing for Apollomon's orb to push him into Shadramon.

"No… NOO!" Shadramon cried out as he and UmbraDevimon were sent plunging through a nearby lake. The attack detonated, triggering a massive explosion that rocked the entire vicinity.

VictoryGreymon collapsed on the ground as he exhausted all of his power. Worst of all, some of UmbraDevimon's attack power leaked through the shield and blasted him, critically injuring him.

"That takes care of them!" Izzy exclaimed.

MegaKabuterimon pointed to where VictoryGreymon lied nearly unconscious. "Look!"

"VictoryGreymon! Hang on, buddy!" The Bearer of Courage shouted as he hurried to his partner's side.

Witnessing the apparent demise of UmbraDevimon, Apollomon sighed deeply and closed his eyes.

"We've avenged Neptunmon," Dianamon said.

"But, at what cost? This planet has seen enough damage," Apollomon retorted. "But, alas, this one was for you, Neptunmon."

Tai and Kari raced over to the fallen VictoryGreymon. As they tried to move him, ZeedGarurumon threw the warrior on his back and carried him.

MagnaAngemon cupped two hands together and fired streams of holy energy, which entangled Piedmon and binded him in place. The ultimate glided forward and tried to decapitate him with his Excalibur. Piedmon barely tilted his head and cleaved through the holy ropes with his swords. MagnaAngemon rocketed back toward the Dark Master and shot an elbow to the small of Piedmon's back.

The attack sent Piedmon falling to the ground.

MagnaAngemon hovered down where Piedmon stood on his knees.

"Its time to finish this fight, MagnaAngemon!" TK ordered.

MagnaAngemon threw Piedmon into the air. As the Pierrot digimon sailed into the air, MagnaAngemon pursued his adversary. Piedmon quickly put on the brakes and faced forward as MagnaAngemon closed in.

"No, I'm ending this routine, MagnaAngemon! I'm sure to declare victory after I unleash this!"

With that, Piedmon meshed his two swords together. The two swords fused and turned into a large white javelin with an evil court jester's face emblazoned on the tip. Snatching the javelin, he glided toward MagnaAngemon at full speed, preparing to meet him head-on.

It was now or never, the final clash to the finish.

Only one would come out on top.

"Have a taste of your own medicine, MagnaAngemon! I'm pulling the curtain on you!"

MagnaAngemon could only smile and phased away. Piedmon's eyes widened in shock as he whirled around to find the ultimate wave his sword around. Using his Excalibur, he forged a golden, circular construct, which opened into a gate and formed a portal.

"No, it's over for you, Piedmon. For good… Gate of Destiny!"

"WHAT? What is this… trickery?" Piedmon ceased his attack as he suddenly felt a vacuum of air pulling him into the portal. "It's pulling me in? No! This… this can't be!" Piedmon tried with all of his might to keep himself from being sucked in, but it was no use.

MagnaAngemon shot forward, pummeling Piedmon and pushed him into the gate.

As he was inches from being sucked in, Piedmon stabbed through the gate opening and held on tightly.

"You're persistent," MagnaAngemon scoffed.

"You won't send me Digi-Hell! But if I do, I promise I will come back to haunt you! You and that ungrateful child! You will remember who I am! And besides… Lord Burizalor will know of my defeat and kill you all! You thought my power was impressive… wait until you face Lord Burizalor! So, no, you haven't won! NOT ALL! Hehehe… HAHAHA!"

Without regret, Piedmon jerked his hands off the sides and allowed himself to get sucked through the portal. Piedmon's laughter carried on, sending chills down the Digi-Destined's spines as his last words were an indication of Burizalor's terrifying strength.

As the gate sealed, MagnaAngemon hovered down.

"We did it! We beat Piedmon!" cheered TK. "MagnaAngemon! You were awesome!"

"Yeah, way to go," Tai nodded. "You saved our butts again. Not to mention NeoDevimon can finally go away."

"Hopefully for good this time," Matt remarked. Damn, and just when I had Shadramon! Well, at least he met his demise.

MagnaAngemon looked down to TK, acknowledging his proud partner. The Digi-Destined now had more troublesome situations to deal with: namely VictoryGreymon's condition.

Suddenly, Tai collapsed as he seemingly appeared exhausted.

"TAI!" Kari gasped.

"TAI!" The others shouted as they crowded around him.

Ninja Stingmon hopped off the top of Burizalor's ship and landed near Metal Lilamon.

"Did you see that, Keke?"

"Yeah," she nodded as she eyed Tai and VictoryGreymon. Tai's bond with Agumon has become too deep, they can feel each other's pain. Incredible, I can't believe VictoryGreymon was able to contain that attack and repel it at that monster. "These are the signs of an ascendant in the making, Sam."

"I knew…"

"Hey! What are you two standing there for?" ArchAngemon said.

"Let's get those two treated!" Seraphimmon said.

As everyone gathered around Tai, Kari and Sora knelt over to check over him.

"VictoryGreymon, we're going to get you two healed up," ZeedGarurumon said.

"Kari… Sora… you won't believe this, but I was feeling the same kind of pain VictoryGreymon was feeling. It's weird to explain…"

"Tai, don't talk. Just take it easy," Sora insisted as she grabbed his right hand. How did this happen? He wasn't even involved with the fight! Wait, did he just say he felt the pain VictoryGreymon was feeling?

"You guys. We have to take Tai and VictoryGreymon into the ship," Matt addressed to everyone.

"And why should we trust you?" Joe questioned Matt, growing suspicious of his former friend's recent actions. "Aren't you still in league with these creeps?"

"Calm down, Joe!" Zudomon barked.

"Look, if you guys want to live, you'll have to trust me," the blonde-haired pre-teen proclaimed. "We shouldn't celebrate with Tai and VictoryGreymon hurt. Burizalor will be approaching here soon."

"Don't forget," Dianamon spoke up as she, Apollomon, and Minervamon hovered over the sealed Digicores. "We still have to unlock the Digicores. These shields need to come down."

Metal Lilamon sighed and raised her tone. "We're going to have to go along with Matt. He knows what and whom we're dealing with. None of us can know for sure when Burizalor will come here until we sense his approach."

"And we'll need the strongest players all in good shape," Ninja Stingmon said. "Namely VictoryGreymon."

"So? What are we wasting him dawdling for?" Matt frowned as he accompanied ZeedGarurumon into the ship. "Follow me."

"You guys go and get your friends healed," Apollomon insisted as he and his colleagues formed a circle around the sealed Digicores. "We'll coalesce our powers undo the seal."

FlareVeemon checked over Tai's bag. "Guys, he's fresh out of those vitamins he fed us earlier. This sucks."

"And MagnaAngemon is spent," TK said. "I don't think he can use his healing power."

"Neither can Angewomon," Kari added.

"That's more than enough reason to get Tai and Agumon into the ship's medicine chambers," the Bearer of Friendship pressed as he and ZeedGarurumon lead the group into the mothership. "Hurry! We need to get this over with and unlock the Digicores before Burizalor gets back."

"All right, guys. You heard him," Sora said as she glared toward Matt.

With that, the group pressed on into the ship while the guardians began channeling their energies to undo the barriers encasing the Digicores.


Burizalor's Mothership/Rejuvenation Chamber Room #7

After the digimon and Digi-Humans settled in, Matt and Sora set Tai on a small bed. Having expended his power, VictoryGreymon turned back into Agumon. TK, Kari, Tike, Kara, and David walked in to watch them.

"I've been in these before. They're the latest technology and a quicker method in healing injuries. Depending on the severity of injuries or any mortal wounds, time varies in these chambers," Matt explained as he and Gabumon activated a medicine chamber. "With Agumon's injuries, it could take up to an hour. Maybe three hours at the most." He helped Gabumon carry Agumon, setting him inside as the chamber overflowed with healing liquids.

"Gabumon, isn't he going to drown in there?" TK inquired.

"No TK. It will help him. That liquid is a sort of medicine that cures the wounded after a tough fight. And not only will it heal him, it'll build up his strength."

"Damn, that's neat," Tike said.

Kara nodded. "Yeah."

David approached the machine Agumon was in and smiled. "Neat."

"This machine is not a toy," snorted Matt as he walked up to Tai's bedside. "For now, we can just wait." He turned toward Keke, who didn't take her eyes off him for a moment. "What? Is there something you need?"

"Oh, no. Don't mind me," she replied. "Tell us if Tai will be ok, Matt."

"Who knows? But, his condition isn't as severe as Agumon's. I'll watch over him."

Just then, Biyomon, Patamon and Gatomon, who previously de-evolved from their ultimate forms, hurried into the medical room.

"Alright gang. This is it. I don't know what to say," Sora addressed to those present in the room. "With Tai and Agumon recovering, we're going to have to get it everything we have."

"You hear that? That means we fight Burizalor and kick his ass!" Keke declared.

"RIGHT!" Tike, Kara, and David cried simultaneously.

"Guys!" Izzy called out as he, Joe, Mimi, and their digimon hurried into the room. "The guardians just released the Digicores!"

"They're outside waiting for us," Joe said, kneeling over while catching his breath.

"Well, guys. Shall we check this out?" The Bearer of Love faced everyone.

Keke smirked. "Now, all we need to do unlock those Digicores with this password."

"The question is, do any of the guardians know?" wondered TK.

"We'll just have to ask. Let's go, guys!" Sora instructed as she glanced over her shoulder. Her red eyes fell on Tai, who was still in the bed. She then alternated her view directly to Agumon. Heal quickly. We'll need the strongest players if we do end up facing Burizalor. I just hope we don't.


Ten Miles from the Great Elder's Summit

The tide completely turned against Mercurimon and Marsmon. Delivering punishment to the Olympus pair bored Burizalor. He stood still, smirking without a single scratch on him. He wasn't even winded as the Olympus duo were both panting and completely worn out. Both of their bodies racked with excruciating pain after stalling long enough to keep Burizalor occupied.

"…Mercurimon… we've tried everything…"

"I know. And yet nothing's even fazed him, but we have to hold out… for a little longer."

Burizalor interjected. "Talking amongst yourselves?" He didn't lose that smirk even for a moment. "Why don't you just tell me? Look, I've been beating you two senseless with only one arm – and you two still look hopeless. What do I do with the Digicores? How can I obtain my wish?"

As Mercurimon and Mars both turned, they fired simultaneously…


Their blasts impacted Burizalor head-on. However as the dust settled, the warriors blanched in horror as Burizalor stood without a scathe on his body.

"No…!" Marsmon growled.

Mercurimon coughed. "That took all we had."

"Your struggles truly are a waste. Such tactics will never work on me. Why do you two insist on dragging this out when you know you can't defeat me? Is it because we killed your people, or is this due to your native stubbornness?"

"We can't let him near the Great Elder… no matter what it takes, Marsmon!"

"I know!"

Burizalor slowly floated off the ground, chortling.

Then, he vanished from their view, almost disappearing in a flash.

Little did Mercurimon and Marsmon realize, Burizalor was standing in front of them. The tyrant had his back turned to them.



Burizalor knocked Mercurimon back with a fist whilst whipping Marsmon aside with his prehensile tail. Both Olympians were downed as the tyrant stood over them calmly.

"This is your last warning. Tell me the incantation or die."

Suddenly, Mercurimon chuckled as he covered his bloody face. He defiantly stared at Burizalor, wearing a proud smile.

"You find the thought of death funny?"

"Heh, no, but I'm afraid it's too late, even if I tell you…"

This remark drew Burizalor's interest as he walked up over to Mercurimon.

"What do you mean?"

"They should have all the Digicores."

"Don't be foolish. They wouldn't even know this password you've alluded to."

"By now, Falcomon will have reached the Chosen… and told them what you want so much…"

"No, it… WH-WHAT?" Burizalor quickly realized whom Mercurimon alluded to. He reflected to passing by and seeing Falcomon on route toward the Great Elder's summit. Yes, it must have been that speck of dust I let go earlier! Balling up his fists, the tyrant bellowed, building up his rage. "So, you were only buying time? YOU TWO WILL REGRET THIS!"

With that, Burizalor flew off in a hurry and disappeared into the distance.

The Olympian guards were left on their backs and their bodies completely worn out after being dealt with severe punishment. Marsmon tilted his head as he crawled over to Mercurimon.

"My friend… can you move?" inquired Marsmon, coughing as he gripped his right arm.

"What's more crucial at this point… is that the Chosen get their wishes granted… but… it all depends how long the Great Elder's life can last…"

Marsmon lowered his head, closing his eyes. "Great Elder, don't give out. For the Chosen's sake… you must hold out for a little longer."


Burizalor's Mothership/Rejuvenation Chamber Room #7

As they walked outside the ship, the Chosen, sans Matt and Gabumon, gathered near the Digicores. Mimi, TK, and Kari were drawn in by the beautiful color schemes each orb exuded. Keke, Tike, Kara, David, and the digimon patrolled around the area to keep a look out for any approaching enemies.

"There's supposedly more minions out there," Keke said. "We should have no problems with them. It's Burizalor we need to worry about."

"Correct," Apollomon said as he watched Dianamon and Minervamon conversing with Sora.

"Guys, I'm thinking we should find a new place to hide soon if Burizalor is coming here," the Bearer of Love announced, finishing her brief talk with the Olympian duo. "These two suggested you and I should go with them to see the Great Elder, Keke."

"Us? Well, ok."

Apollomon concurred. "That's a good idea. We can get the password from the Great Elder."

"Wait, you don't know the code to unlock the Digicores?" Izzy inquisitively asked the Spirian warriors.

Dianamon simply nodded. "Only Mercurimon knows since he's been the one to guard the Elder. He'll tell us since this is a grave situation."

"Then, it's best we get going," Sora said as she watched Biyomon running up to her. "Ready to digivolve?"

"Yep," the pink bird added.

"Once we get the password, we'll use the Digicores to restore our friends and the Digiworld to normal."

"Sora, we'll need to hurry then," Joe said. "But, get back as soon as you can!"

"Can't we come with you?" asked TK.

Kari walked up to Sora. "Can we?"

"No. You two stay here with the others," the redhead ordered.

Keke turned toward Tike, Sam, Kara, and David. "You guys stick here. We'll be back."

"Right!" The other Digi-Humans responded with no arguments.

Drawing out her Digivice, Sora allowed Biyomon to evolve.

"Biyomon… Shinka! Birdramon!"

Once Sora boarded Birdramon's leg, the giant bird flew off with Keke and the Olympus trio. They pressed onward through the route leading to the Great Elder's across the other side of the planet.

"There they go," Kara said.

David turned as he eyed the Digicores meticulously. "Guess we're left in charge of guarding these."

"Shouldn't be too hard," Sam said.

As she sighed, Mimi fell on her back and groaned. "Man, what a day! My feet and my back… I wish there was a hot bath in that ship, but I couldn't find even find one stupid leisure room!"

"Relax. Once we get the Digicores working, we'll be out of here," Palmon reassured her girly partner.

"I wish it were that simple," sighed Tentomon.

"Please come back safely, Sora, Keke," TK murmured as he picked Patamon up.

Kari sighed, kneeling down by Gatomon's side. "The worst that could happen is Burizalor showing up."


100 Miles from Burizalor's Mothership

With this aura flaring violently, he zipped through the waters with a menacing scowl.

Pressing his scouter, the tyrant surveyed the vicinity where the Nightmare Squad engaged the Chosen. "Nightmare Special Squad, answer! No, answer? Their power readings are gone! Impossible! All five of them!" He alternated his scouter and surveyed near other various locations. "I can't even pick up UmbraDevimon, LadyDevimon, and Shadramon's readings either! They couldn't all be dead!" His face contorted, conveying distress. "Something's happened, in any case. Between Yamato, the Chosen, the Digi-Humans, the planet's guardians, and the Nightmare Special Squad… that means the Digicores were… no… no…" Then, as his inner rage billowed inside him, he released it in one enormous outburst that filled the planet. "DAMN THEM! I'M THE ONE WHO DESERVES THE POWER. NOT YOU… VEEEEERMINS!"


Burizalor's Mothership/Rejuvenation Chamber Room #7

Matt walked inside the rejuvenation chamber. He stopped by Tai's bedside and leaned against a wall, observing his rival discreetly.

"You leave Burizalor with ZeedGarurumon and me. I'll make sure that your sister and my brother come out of this battle alive. Then again, I might need your help after all. After everything's settled, we can settle the score back home. Is that a deal?"

Meanwhile, Gabumon observed the chamber containing Agumon. Agumon's recovery was substantially going well, but only required another hour until he was fully recovered.

"Rest your injuries my friend. Once this is done, you'll be a new you."


Inside the Great Elder's Summit

The Great Elder barely tilted his head as he faced the summit. The sun's rays beamed over his face as the butterflies settled atop of his head. His breathing was becoming shallower and softer, almost raspy and barely able to speak coherently.

His vision was completely blurred as he closed his eyes, which both have lost their color completely, completely.

"I never imagined it would come to this… Such agonizing pain I put Mercurimon and Marsmon through. Hurry Falcomon, my time… is almost up…"

For a little while longer, the Great Elder tried to sustain his life for however long his strong will could compel him.


10 Miles from Burizalor's Mothership

As luck would have it, Sora, Birdramon, the Olympians, and Keke watched as Falcomon reached them in time.

"Falcomon! Over here!" Sora called to the rookie bird.

"You guys! I found you!" Falcomon cried out as he glided toward the group. "Dianamon, Apollomon, Minervamon! You're all here!"

"Where are Marsmon and Mercurimon?" asked Apollomon.

The rookie bird nodded. "I'm sorry, but I don't know. When I left, they stayed to guard the Elder, but I have the password to unlock the Digicores. But, I also require that the Chosen with the Crests of Hope and Light help me."

"Why TK and Kari?" Keke raised a brow in an inquisitively.

"Their crests embody sacred power to unlock the Sovereigns' powers and break their seals completely. I'm only there to unlock the Digicores with our planet's native language."

"Wow, now that's really taking it to a whole new level of security… or something," Sora blinked out of astonishment.

Falcomon chuckled. "Yes, but we must act quickly! If we don't activate the Digicores and grant your wishes, the Great Elder's life will expire… along with the Digicores!"

"Then, we better bee-line back to the ship. We'll move from there," Keke promptly stated.

"Please, lead the way," the rookie bird requested.


Outside Burizalor's Mothership

Suddenly, the Digi-Humans, Patamon, and Gatomon sensed an approaching assortment of energies heading their way. They stood in alarm as they faced the direction Sora, Keke, and company ventured off toward earlier.

"What is it, Gatomon?" asked Kari.

"I feel a strong power coming this way."


"Stand back, TK."

"There's a group heading our way," Tike confirmed.

Kara replied. "Get ready for anything."

"Hold it… you, guys! It's Sora! She, Keke, and the others are back!" David pointed out as everyone watched Birdramon and the guardians soar toward their direction.

Sam spotted Keke and Falcomon flying at the forefront of the group. "There's Keke."

"And Falcomon!" TK and Kari cried out.

Once the group landed, Falcomon quickly greeted the Digi-Destined and their digimon.

"Did the Great Elder send you our way?" asked Izzy as he and Tentomon walked toward the group.

"Yes, and I have the password to unlock the Digicores."

"Good. Now, we just need to relocate," Joe added.

"We need to hurry, guys. Time is against us," the Bearer of Love announced as Tike, Kara, David, and Sam collected the Digicores.

Keke affirmed. "Good. Now, Falcomon, you said TK and Kari are essential to unlocking the Sovereigns from their seals. Is this a sure thing?"

"Well, I don't know, but it should. I've never even seen what happens when the Digicores are used. The last time they were used was thousands of digi-cycles ago to restore Spira after the Great Catastrophe. I wasn't even born then."

"Us?" Kari blinked as she and TK exchanged looks.

"That's right. Will you two help me unlocking the Digicores?"

"Just tell us what we need to do, Falcomon," the Child of Hope replied.

"Your crests' powers will do."

Holding her Crest of Light, the young girl smiled. "Its worth a try, TK."

"Yeah! Let's see if we can bring Leomon back!" TK added.

"Yes, not to mention Ogremon!" Mimi and Palmon said.

"Andromon, Piximon, and Centaurumon, too!" Joe added.

Gomamon smiled. "I second that. It'll be good to see those five again."

"On top of that, restoring the Digiworld back to what it was," Izzy promptly stated.

The Digi-Humans set the Digicores away from the ship and near the bank of a lake.

"All right, Falcomon. We're ready," Sora said as she stepped aside.

Dianamon encouraged the rookie bird. "Make the Great Elder proud, little one."

"We're behind ya, little guy!" Minervamon cheered.

"TK, Kari, go for it," Patamon and Gatomon said as their partners trailed behind Falcomon.

The trio stood in front of the Digicores with their backs turned to everyone.

"Can't wait to see what the fuss is all about," a giddy Tike smiled.

Kara responded. "Likewise, bro."

"Let's get this over with!" David said.

Suddenly, Keke and Sam sensed a sinister power approaching them. They and the guardians sensed the evil source emanated from Burizalor.

"It's… the evil one!" Apollomon roared.

Keke turned, yelling at Falcomon. "Hurry! Get our wish granted!"

"Ready, you two?" Falcomon asked for the last time as he lowered his hands over the four Digicores, muttering the incantation in native Spirian. "Hopus-Litus-Soo-ve-rein-Owaoken!"

"That's the password?" A befuddled Joe blinked thrice.

Wearing a clueless expression, Mimi gulped. "Uh… ok. What now?"





The skies darkened as four pillars of light shot out of the four orbs.

The colored beams shot out as follows: blue, green, red, and silver. The four colored lights coalesced, creating a giant pillar of golden light. The shapes of four animals materialized.

A dragon.

A phoenix.

A tiger.

A turtle.

Situated at the center was a giant, golden seventy-foot tall golden dragon with a muscular upper body, two large limbs equipped with claws, and fin-like spikes jutted across its back. The monster had a short-face with two black horns protruding through its head.

The Crests of Light and Hope started to glow and emitted two powerful rays of light, which washed over the majestic beast.

"Whoa, that's cool!" TK said.

Kari smiled, murmuring. "That's pretty."

"HOLY CRAP!" Tike and Kara exclaimed.

"So, this is the legendary god of Spira," Dianamon muttered as she knelt, bowing her head. "Our god."

Apollomon and Minervamon followed in suit.

"Lord Gorugon."

"Lord Gorugon?" Sora curious asked.

Naturally, the Digi-Destined, the digimon, and the Digi-Humans were drawn in by the majestic presence of the legendary god of Spira – Gorugon. They were completely in awe and speechless.

"Amazing," Keke said with inspiring awe.

Izzy gaped in shock and astonishment. "There's no confirmed identification on this big guy."

"No surprise," Sora added.

Gorugon spoke in a deep and booming voice that filled the area. "I AM LORD GORUGON, DEITY OF SPIRA. STATE YOUR REASON FOR SUMMONING ME!"


20 Miles from Burizalor's Mothership

Burizalor wore a blank expression, surveying the strange phenomenon as the skies turned pitch dark. "What is this? Why is it dark?" Suddenly, his scouter probed a collection of powers gathered in one location. "What? Can it be that… NO! THEY DID!"

Burizalor jetted over the coastline and sallied forth toward his ship.



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