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Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 1, Act 3: Burizalor

Episode 36: An Enraged Burizalor Approaches! State Your Wishes!


Planet Spira/Outside Burizalor's Mothership/August 3, 1999 (Digital World/Real World Times Unsynchronized)

Astonished with Gorugon's presence, the Digi-Destined, the Digimon, and the Digital Humans gawked at the gargantuan hovering in front of them. The large, golden dragon casted a menacing glare at them. His presence drew the group's attention.

"Yikes! He's huge… like REALLY huge!" Joe panicked, grinding his teeth as he hid behind Mimi.

Mimi gulped, backing away. "He's bigger than Tokyo Tower… I'll say that much!"

"What's with this place and giants? Sheesh!" Palmon exclaimed.

"Gorugon?" TK stuttered, taken aback by the deity's presence.

Patamon and Gatomon stood quietly, not making any sudden movements.

Kari pressed a hand against her chest. "I… I can feel some gentleness. There's nothing to be afraid of."

"She's right," Falcomon replied. "This is Lord Gorugon. He's the deity of Spira. He's the one that has protected the Holy Beasts' powers within the Digicores."

"Lord Gorugon. I'll be…" Sam murmured softly. "Is he the one to give the Sovereigns life?"

"No, that could be Huanglongmon," Keke confirmed.

"Huanglongmon?" Sora overheard the female warrior. "Who's that?"

"The Grand Digimon Sovereign and creator of the Holy Beasts. The four legendary beasts are often handed multiple titles. They're often called Holy Ones, Holy Beasts, Harmonious Ones, or just plain Sovereigns."

"That's right. Gennai told me all about them. They're the watchers of the Four Digital Realms," the Child of Knowledge interjected. "This Lord Gorugon must serve as Huanglongmon's messenger of sort."

"Wow, I had no idea!" Tike exclaimed.

David sighed. "You really should pay more attention to X, Tike."

"Yeah, Tike," Kara snorted.

Frustrated, the boy folded his arms. "I don't like listening to boring history lectures. Can you blame me?"

"Yes," the two shot back.

"This is the first time I've seen Lord Gorugon," Falcomon addressed to everyone. He gawked at the sheer and massive size of the golden deity.

Dianamon interjected. "Likewise."

Apollomon gazed in astonishment. "I can hardly believe this is our deity."

"I can feel his power… his aura … I sense a vast and benevolent power emanating from it," Apollomon proclaimed.

"Well, Sora?" Biyomon said, pivoting her head as she faced her partner.

Sora replied with a nod. "Right. Keke, we're ready to get this over with."

"Got it. Time to grant our wishes," Keke concurred as she walked up behind Falcomon. "We're ready."

With that, the tension mounted as the Digi-Destined and company watched Falcomon approaching the golden dragon. Falcomon realized how crucial his part in the grand scheme was and remembered the gift the Grand Elder bestowed him.

"Here goes. This is for you, Grand Elder," the rookie digimon muttered.


Other World/X's Planet

Once X found out about the situation on Spira, he quickly gathered Leomon and company. They amassed behind the masked man to get the full scoop on the Spira mission. The fact they were ecstatic was a great understatement. They were overly excited upon hearing that the children gathered the Digicores.

"Hear that, guys? Looks like you'll be revived!" X announced.

Ogremon hollered, throwing his arms over his head. "About time! We get the heck off this floating ball of earth!"

"I knew they'd collect the Digicores," Centaurumon stated.

Piximon nodded. "Indubitably! I had faith in them! Yep, yep!"

Andromon smiled. "With the Digicores, they can revive us and free the Holy Beasts."

"At long last, good news has finally come," Leomon proclaimed. "Well done, Digi-Destined."


Planet Spira/Outside Burizalor's Mothership

Gorugon bellowed, drawing everyone's attention to him alone. "YOU HAVE GATHERED THE LEGENDARY DIGICORES. STATE YOUR WISHES AS YOUR HEARTS DESIRE!"

"This is it, guys," Sora declared as she turned, facing everyone as they nodded in unison. "Falcomon." The redhead shifted her view and addressed the rookie bird. "Let's make our first wish known."


"WOW! Three wishes?" Joe and Mimi exclaimed in unison.

Gomamon smirked. "Three? Sounds like our lucky day."

"I'll say," Gatomon added.

Tike chuckled. "Now, where have I heard this before?"

"Doesn't matter either way. This is good for us," David said.

"Ok, let's get our wish granted!" Kara openly declared.

"Hold it," Izzy interjected as he approached Sora and Keke. "Let's not just revive our friends."

"Where are you going with this, Izzy?" inquired Tentomon, who flew over by his partner.

Keke blinked. "Well?"

"Let's use our first wish to restore the Digital World and get rid of Spiral Mountain," the Child of Knowledge affirmed. "If we revive the Digital Worlds, then the Primary Villages will be revived. And that should allow for all the good digimon that were killed by the Dark Masters and the Invaders to be revived."

"Great idea, Izzy!" TK added. "Then, Elecmon and his Primary Village could be restored!"

"That's crazy enough to work!" Patamon said.

"Yep and why didn't I think of that? Great brainstorm, Izzy," Keke said, turning toward Sora. "What do you think?"

The Child of Love smiled. "It's bound to work. Falcomon, that'll be our first wish."

"Make it so the Digital World of the Eastern Sector is restored," stated Sam.

"Yes, it'll be done!" Falcomon declared as he walked up to the Digicores. He raised his head and faced the golden behemoth with confidence.

The Olympians stood in the background, observing Falcomon as they watched the Great Elder's successor carrying out his will.

"Let's hurry, Falcomon. The evil one will return here at any given moment!" Apollomon bellowed.

Dianamon firmed her resolve. "Once we use all three wishes, the tyrant won't have any chance to get his wish for immortality."

Nodding, Falcomon answered to the golden dragon. "Lord Gorugon, I'm ready."

"Yeah, that's right. Burizalor will come here once he realizes we summoned Gorugon!" exclaimed Palmon.

Crossing her fingers, Sora prayed. "Let's hope it doesn't come down to that."

"Teruop-Kaanaan-wa-wa-Vuyu-Kio-Deegta-Worldai!" Falcomon cried out in Spirian, effectively asking for the Digital World to be restored to its former state – one completely free of Dark Master and Invader influence.

Gorugon's eyes glowed, growling deeply. "YOUR WISH HAS BEEN ACCEPTED."

"YES!" Sora, Keke, and Izzy shouted simultaneously.

"Awesome!" TK and Patamon exclaimed.

Kari grabbed Gatomon and hugged her in an embrace. "Now, the Digital World's problems are solved!"

"Yeah and you can say goodbye to whatever's left of Spiral Mountain!" The feline digimon's face beamed with bliss.

"Good, that's one wish done," Joe said.


Digital World

On the other end of the Digiverse…

Lord Gorugon utilized his powers to restore the Digital World.

Like an anti-virus cleaning out the bugs from a computer, a rainbow colored aura completely washed over the entire planet and healed it.

The Digicores' influence spread the light across the planet. Many lands and civilizations were restored to their former glory prior to the Dark Master incursion.

Even File Island separated itself from the main continent and became an isolated island.

The oceans were now restored, which allowed large creatures such as Whamon to swim and rule the oceans once again.

Forests rose prominently and covered the dry lands where the Invaders laid siege.

Mountains rose where flat lands once were.

One by one, lost civilizations were revived in midst of all the Primary Villages being restored.


Other World/X's Planet

Once the wish restored the Primary Villages, the five warriors watched as their halos vanished. Ogremon shed tears of joy as he wailed happily. Piximon, Andromon, and Centaurumon nodded to one another in approval. Leomon never felt better as X turned to face them.

"Your halos are gone!" X ecstatically pointed out. "That pretty much means the Digital World and Primary Villages are restored. The wish worked."

"Yes, but we're still stuck here, aren't we?" asked Centaurumon.

"Yeah, unfortunately, you guys will have to cross over the Orochimon Road again. I can't teleport you to Anubimon's station or to Spira."

"Unless, we can ask the Digi-Destined to use the wishes to transport two of us to Spira," Leomon suggested as he approached X.

Upon hearing this, the green ogre promptly interjected. "WHAT? And hog all the glory to yourself? I'm coming with you then!"

"If you insist, then. I was just going to offer you to come anyhow."

Folding his arms, X turned his back to Leomon. "I'll link you to one of the kids on the other side. Just make sure to place your hand on my back."

"I understand," Leomon nodded as he put his hand on the masked man's back.

"Ready whenever you are, Leomon."

"Thank you. I'm ready."

With that, both X and Leomon closed their eyes whilst linking their minds with the Digi-Destined and the Digital Humans.


Planet Spira/Outside Burizalor's Mothership

"ONE WISH GRANTED. YOU HAVE TWO LEFT. WILL YOU STATE THEM OR NOT?" The golden dragon demanded as he casted his ever intimidating gaze over the group.

"The Digital World should be restored now," Keke said.

"We could probably use one of the remaining wishes to restore our world," Apollomon suggested.

Minervamon chirped happily. "Oh yeah! That's a good idea!"

"I can't believe we really did it," Mimi added.

"It's not over yet. That creep, Burizalor is still out there," Palmon reproved.

"Ok, then. Now, let's get the second wish granted…" Sora said as she and the others heard Leomon's voice beckoning through their minds.

'Digi-Destined. Chosen. Can you hear me? It's Leomon!'

The Digi-Destined and the Digital Humans abruptly paused, taken aback hearing Leomon's voice in their minds. TK and Kari were the first to blurt out the brave warrior's name.


"It's Leomon!" Patamon exclaimed.

Gatomon blinked. "But, where is he calling us from?"

'I'm contacting you through X. I'm on his planet in the Other World with the others.'

"Others?" Joe wondered.

"He must mean Ogremon, Centaurumon, Andromon, and Piximon," Biyomon replied.

Sora nodded. "Yeah, and if the Primary Villages are restored, they'll be back in the Digital World anytime soon."

'Correct, but in our case we've been give the privilege of retaining our bodies. We won't be required to return as Digi-Eggs.'

X quickly interjected, speaking after Leomon. 'What he said is true, my friends. In fact, Leomon has a suggestion as what to do with the last two wishes.'

"Really? Yeah, we have two wishes we need to be granted!" Keke said. "X, what's Leomon's suggestion?"

'Simple. He wants you to use the second wish to transport him and Ogremon to Spira. The others have agreed to let them go and chose to remain here with me. What do you say? Is that fine?'

The Children of Hope and Light both smiled in earnest.

"That's more than just ok," Gatomon remarked.

Patamon added. "That'll definitely help out a lot!"

"We'll need all the help we can get to stop Burizalor," Sam said.

"Yeah! My brother and Agumon will sure be happy to see Leomon and Ogremon back!" Kari cheered.

"What's going on?" wondered Apollomon as he eyed the enthusiastic group, befuddled as to what excited them. "Dianamon?"

"No telling, but they did mention transporting two of their revived comrades to this world."

Apollomon folded his arms and speculated. "They must be the friends who were killed by those Invaders."

"So, what's your second wish? Lord Gorugon is waiting!" Falcomon abruptly called out to the Digi-Destined and company.

"Yes, our second wish will be to transport the ones named Leomon and Ogremon from the Other World!" Keke demanded.

"Right! I've got it!" The rookie bird alternated his view and addressed the second wish to the golden dragon.

'Let's make this fast, guys. Make sure Gorugon transports Leomon and Ogremon as soon as possible. Burizalor's bolting towards your location! And he's overly pissed off!'

"Crap! He's right!" Keke shouted as she, Kara, David, Tike, and Sam sensed the evil one's approach. Clenching her fits tightly, she yelled toward Falcomon. "Go for it!"


Gorugon initially responded with a low growl.

"Here we go! Leomon, Ogremon… welcome back," Sora's face gleamed with overwhelming joy.


"YES!" Everyone, sans the Olympians, cheered.

"Just one more wish. That's all we need!" TK said.

Suddenly, Kari looked around and noticed absence of the two warriors.

"Kari?" Gatomon inquired. "What's up?"

"I don't see Leomon and Ogremon anywhere! That wish should've brought them here!"

"But, you didn't specify to me where you wanted them transported. That would've required me to use the third wish to transport them at this site."

"Then, that second wish only transported them to the planet?" Kara cried out, panicking. "That means…"

"They could be anywhere on Spira and probably far off from where we are!" panicked David.

Tike cursed. "Crap! Then, we need to use the third wish to bring them here!"

"Calm down, guys! We'll get this issue resolved!" Keke reassured everyone.

Sora nodded. "She's right! But…" She turned toward the Olympians. "But, don't you want to use the third wish to restore your planet and its people?"

"No, we can afford to wait. Besides, you've done a lot of goof for our people," Apollomon said.

Minervamon sighed sadly. "But, if Mercurimon and Marsmon perished with Neptunmon, it'll be a while for them to be reborn."

"They sacrificed themselves so that we can assure the children get their wishes," Dianamon promptly stated. "Don't forget that. We mustn't let their sacrifices go in vain."

"I understand," sadly nodded Minervamon. "Go ahead, Chosen. We'll allow you to use the third wish."

"Thank you," Izzy said as he turned, facing Sora and Keke. "Let's get this over with."

"Ready whenever you are," Falcomon said.


Other World/X's Planet

Immediately following the wish, both Leomon and Ogremon vanished off X's realm. Centaurumon, Piximon, and Andromon were taken aback as they walked up beside X. The masked man faced the skies, still deeply maintaining his mental link with the Digi-Destined.

"Will they be enough, X?" wondered Centaurumon.

"I would hope so," X added. "But, I really doubt their chances of stopping Burizalor."

"Let's not give up hope, my friends," suggested Piximon, flying over and landing atop Andromon's right shoulder. "We mustn't give up on our friends."

Andromon nodded. "Indeed."

Sighing, X traced Leomon and Ogremon's exact coordinates on Planet Spira.

Now to find where those two landed. Ok, there we go.


2 Miles from Burizalor's Mothership

Closing in near his spaceship, Burizalor noted the golden dragon hovering in the distance.

"What is that column of light?" The tyrant quickly glanced at his scouter, which traced an assorted number of battle powers. His face contorted, conveying irritation. "There are readings emanating from that direction!" Bellowing with rage, the icy villain closed in toward his destination. "HEADS WILL ROLL IF THE DIGICORES ARE BEING USED! RAAUUUGH!" He screamed with rage as he rocketed across in a hurry and with reckless abandon. "VERMINS!"


Central Sector/Spira Capital: Spirus

"Have all these scum being collected?" inquired a Zambamon, watching a Musyamon fleet dragging a group of Gotsumon.

"Yes, sir!" A Musyamon bluntly answered while aiding his cohorts leading a Swanmon family into a hovercraft.

"Sir! I've found something!" A Boogeymon called out, pointing to a pearl white statue resembling Mercurimon. "Shall we collect it?"

"Lord Burizalor did require us to bring artifacts for study. So be it. Bring it along."

As the Boogeymon picked up the statue, he couldn't lift it. He tried again, but to no avail.

"What's the problem, maggot?" Zambamon snarled as he stepped over, pushing the Boogeymon aside. "Let some real muscle pick this up for you!"

Once Zambamon tried lifting, even he couldn't get it off the ground. He pulled until his face turned beet red and gritted his teeth until blood spilled from his lips. He let out, seemingly out of breath.

"Huh, so much for muscle," Boogeymon snorted.

Suddenly, the statue fell to the ground and shattered...


Out of the statue, a giant column of white light swept across the capital city. In the blink of an eye, every digimon were wiped out in an instant - natives and invaders alike. They didn't have a chance to scream or flee from the vicinity. As the light faded, every digimon vanished without a trace. Spirus practically became a ghost town in less than a few seconds.

The remnants of Burizalor's forces who accompanied him were wiped off the map.

With the battalions gone, only the tyrant remained.

The statue itself was gone in shattered pieces.

The unexplainable column of light was the will of Spira's spirits acting against the invaders desecrating their world.

However, the root of all the evil has yet to be extinguished.


200 Miles from Burizalor's Mothership

Perplexed, the rivals surveyed the lush green landscape where hills and a vast lake dotted the area. Leomon shifted his eyes from one direction to another, alternating his view altogether. Ogremon scoffed as he smashed the ground with his club.

"Where the hell are we? I think they botched their wish!"

"I don't see the Digi-Destined anywhere here. They must be far off."

The green-skinned ogre digimon snorted. "No, you think?"

"Calm down, Ogremon. I'll just have to sense the digimon's exact location," Leomon muttered as he walked up a few steps and closed his eyes. "Planet Spira is beautiful, isn't it?"

"Huh? I guess…"

"Majestic and yet there's a vibe of vagueness, Ogremon. I can't put my finger on it…"

'Leomon, Ogremon! This is X. Can you two hear me?'

Upon hearing the masked man's voice in their minds, the warriors raised their heads and answered immediately.

"We can hear you, X. We made it on Spira safely," Leomon confirmed.

'Good. Can you sense where the Digi-Destined are?'

"Yes, I'm picking up the energies of their digimon and your friends, X," the brave warrior replied as he turned to the northwest direction. Suddenly, his eyes hot wide open as he scrutinized and isolated a specific evil power closing in toward the same northwest direction. "No! This power… this evil power… the evil one is closing in."

'No doubt it's Burizalor. You two better get on it and meet with the Digi-Destined before he does!' X quickly shouted.

"Ow! Don't shout!" Ogremon rubbed his ears. "We can hear you! Sheesh!"

"You heard him, Ogremon. We need to hurry," Leomon said as he grabbed Ogremon's right arm. "I'll give you a lift over there."

"Hey! Whoa! I didn't sign up for this!"

"You insisted on coming here, didn't you?"

Ogremon groaned, shaking his head. "Why me? I haven't even mastered flight yet!"

"Don't worry. Just hang on tight."


With that, the brave warrior levitated off the ground and jetted into the distance. He carried Ogremon along and took off toward the northwest direction that X specified. Ogremon's screams echoed along as Leomon flew further off into the distance.

Good luck, my friends. We're counting on you.

"Don't worry, X. We won't let everything the Digi-Destined worked hard to achieve go to waste."

Folding his arms, the stubborn ogre furrowed his brows. "Yeah, and get ourselves killed again. What a waste."


Planet Spira/Outside Burizalor's Mothership

Meanwhile, Keke and Sam received word on Leomon and Ogremon's approach. They quickly turned and filled in on the others with the uplifting news.

"Yes! So, the wish did work!" TK exclaimed jovially.

Patamon sighed with relief. "And here I was getting antsy."

"Good. Now, we'll have all the help we can get," Gatomon said.

"Now, all we need is for Agumon to recover," Kari replied, clasping her hands. "I hope it's sooner than later."

Turning toward the mothership, Sora gulped and felt her body tense.

"Sora? Is something the matter?" Biyomon inquired, tilting her head curiously.

"It's nothing. I'm just wondering how much longer it will take for Agumon to fully recover."

"It shouldn't be long. I think," Sam answered. "Matt said that medical tank shouldn't take long for Agumon."

Keke frowned. "Or, so he says. But, we can't quantify the amount of time for certain."

"Ok, now can we get the third wish out of the way?" asked Tike.

"I think our friends here want their wish granted," Kara turned toward the Olympians.

David nodded. "Yeah! You guys still need to make your wish!"

"Thank you, my friends," Apollomon bowed as he and the Olympians walked up to Falcomon. "Falcomon, it's time."

"Right, I've got it," Falcomon nodded in response.


Burizalor's Mothership/Rejuvenation Chamber Room #7

Back in the chamber, all was quiet. Panning over to Matt, the Bearer of Friendship leaned back on a wall whilst taking a small nap. Gabumon was left on guard to look after Tai and Agumon. Tai was sleeping atop of a bed as Agumon was still sealed in the rejuvenation tank.

"Agumon, recover soon, my friend," Gabumon murmured as he turned, facing the window. He blinked and noticed the skies completely dark. "Oh! Now, why didn't I notice this sooner! The skies… it's already night! Matt, Matt!"

Quickly awakened by Gabumon's cries, Matt shook his head. "What is it, Gabumon? What did you see?"

"Look outside!"

Befuddled, Matt blinked thrice as he saw the sky completely darkened.

"What do you make of this, Matt?"

"Night already? But… wait a second. According to what I've heard, this planet has three suns and therefore never has nightfall. That mean…" Matt turned as he noticed a massive golden monster hovering outside the ship. His eyes shot wide open whilst his mouth gaped. "What is that? Could that be… the deity from within the Digicores?"

"Matt! The others probably have already begun using their wishes!"

Matt frowned. "No! If it's not too late, we've got to tell them to use them to destroy Burizalor! Let's go, Gabumon!"

"But, what about Tai and Agumon?"

"They'll be fine as long as they remain in this ship. We'll keep that bastard Burizalor from entering the ship!"

"Got it!"

"Let's go, Gabumon!" The blonde-haired pre-teen shouted as he dashed out of the chamber with Gabumon following him. He anxiously repeated to himself mentally. Please, let there be another wish! Let there be another wish! They better not have wasted the wish they asked for!


Planet Spira/Outside Burizalor's Mothership

It didn't take long for the Digital Humans and the digimon to feel the evil presence closing near them. They all sensed Burizalor's approach, prompting Matt and Gabumon to run beeline out of the ship. They stopped just in time once the Olympians were ready to make their wish.

"Tentomon?" Izzy faced his partner, who nervously shivered after sensing Burizalor's evil aura. "It's him. It has to be."

"Burizalor is on his way here, everyone!" Gabumon abruptly warned the group. We have to get going and collect the Digicores!"

"Hey! You guys didn't just waste wishes, did you?" Matt snapped as he ran up to Sora. "Well? We need a wish in order to neutralize that psychopath!"

"No, we only used two of the three wishes so far," Sora answered.

"No wait! The last wish should be for Apollomon and his crew!" interjected Joe.

Mimi quickly added. "They want to revive the innocent people killed!"

"Please, Matt… if we work together, then we still stand a chance," TK tried convincing his brother to make amends with his decision.

"Just one wish left, eh?" The Bearer of Friendship replied, ignoring his brother's plea. "Then, we'll use it to defeat Burizalor." He shifted his view toward Falcomon. "Are you the one making the wishes?"

"Matt! Look at that!" Gabumon cried out, pointing to the golden-skinned gargantuan hovering in front of them.

Naturally, Matt and Gabumon gawked in absolute flabbergast once they saw Lord Gorugon glaring over them. Matt slowly advanced towards Falcomon.

"Amazing… so, that's the deity you guys summoned?"

"Gee, and he didn't even notice while inside the ship?" Gomamon murmured to Palmon.

"This is Lord Gorugon, but I'm Apollomon and the others desire for their wish to be granted," Falcomon addressed to Matt. "Please, just stand back."

"Use this last wish to defeat Burizalor, kid!" Matt called out to the rookie-level bird. "Do it before it's too late! I'd rather us just get rid of that monster now than facing him!"

"MATT!" Keke shouted as she threw herself in front of the blonde-haired youth.

Both Matt and Keke had an awkward stare down, leading to Keke making a drastic decision.

"Do what he says, Falcomon."

"WHAT?" Dianamon exclaimed.

"Wait a minute! We can't revive Neptunmon and our people without our wish granted!" Minervamon angrily retorted.

"Matt's right, guys! The smart thing would be to get rid of Burizalor now!" Keke cried out.

Smiling devilishly, Matt walked up behind Falcomon. "You heard the girl, kid. Make the wish."

"You know. This is not that bad of an idea," Joe remarked.

"But… they've just missed their chance of reviving their people," TK felt remorse for the Olympians.

Kari nodded sadly. "I know."

"Keke, Matt, I hope you know what you're doing," Sam said.

"For our third wish, make it so that Burizalor is destroyed!" Matt said.

With that, Falcomon turned and regrettably repeated Matt's wish. "Finatto-Zee-Shuu-Burizalor!"

In response, Lord Gorugon growled deeply. "IT CAN'T BE DONE."

"WHAT?" Everyone exclaimed in unison, bewildered with the deity's initial response.

"WHY…? WHY CAN'T HE?" The blonde-haired Bearer of Friendship roared, clenching his fists.

"What's the problem, Falcomon?" Keke asked as he ran up by the rookie's side.


"No… No way! Then…" Kara stuttered nervously.

Tike cursed. "Crap! Then, Burizalor's power is greater than the old guy's!"

"And all four Holy Beasts," added Sam. "This isn't good! What now?"

"Use this wish to transport Burizalor off this planet then!" Sora frantically came up with a resolution to solve their dilemma.

"Yes, I'm on it! Sessta-Va-Spira-Etu-"

Suddenly, Lord Gorugon's golden aura began fading in midst of the Digicores floating into the air. Everyone watched as golden smoke seeped throughout Gorugon's body. As the deity seemingly faded, the darkened skies returned to normal. The Digicores quickly lost their beautiful luster and turned into stones.





Like stones, the four objects dropped one by one near the group.

"No… it can't be…" Falcomon whispered as he sank to his knees. "This means…"

"What happened to the Digicores?" Dianamon exclaimed.

"And the beast!" Palmon exclaimed.

"Lord Gorugon… vanished… but, did you make the wish Falcomon?" Apollomon asked the rookie.

"Falcomon! Was the wish complete? All three wishes were just made," Sora added.

"No, I didn't… I couldn't finish the third wish…" Falcomon cried as he sunk his head. Tears seeped from his eyes whilst trying to hold them back.

"Falcomon?" TK and Kari expressed concern, prompting them to kneel by the rookie's side.

"Why is he crying?" Patamon wondered.

"No, I just remembered!" Gatomon exclaimed.

"What, Gatomon?" Izzy inquired.

"This must have something to do with the Great Elder," the feline affirmed. "Right, Falcomon?"

"Yes," the rookie bird replied, trembling as he choked with tears. "The Great Elder… he's… he's gone."

"The Great Elder passed on?" Minervamon said with grieve in her tone.

Silence fell on the group as the news finally sank in. The tragedy that was supposed to strike the Elder finally came. This couldn't have come at such a drastic situation.

"He, whose power is linked to Lord Gorugon, is the key to the Digicores and only the cores can release the four Holy Beasts," Falcomon openly addressed to everyone. He wiped his tears while TK and Kari comforted the rookie digimon. "Without the Great Elder and Lord Gorugon, the Holy Beasts are the only ones to revive and forge new Digicores. Now, that can never happen!"

"Then, you're saying… if the old fellow dies… I didn't go through all that just to end up empty handed!" Matt growled deeply, clenching his fists as he turned to face the group.

"Im sorry," Falcomon wept.

"You wasted two of our wishes for nothing?" bellowed the Bearer of Friendship.

"We used them to restore the Digital World as a whole," Sora said.

Keke added. "We used the second wish to bring Leomon and Ogremon, who were revived with the first wish."

"And you just heard Lord Gorugon! His power couldn't wish that villain away!" Apollomon exclaimed.

"Shut up… SHUT UP!" The frustrated blonde-haired pre-teen screamed, taking his verbal frustrations on the group. "Bringing Leomon and Ogremon to life isn't going to make a difference! Don't you realize the kind of monster we're going to face? No…" He gritted his teeth while trying to contain his fury. "He's going to kill us all the moment he arrives here! None of our digimon has what it takes to stop this madman! This planet… its history… everything will be lost… when he destroys it."

"He's going to destroy this planet?" Minervamon cried out, panicking.

"We won't let him," Keke spoke out.

Matt frowned, alternating his view on the Digital Humans. "And you think you guys stand a chance against him? You're fools!"

"We'll give it our all, Matt," Sam said. "We've faced super powered tyrants like him before."

"We just need to work together, Matt. We must never give up hope!" TK said.

"But, hope won't work against this monster. You're all being delusional! The moment Burizalor comes, we're finished!"

"You better lower your tone when you address your friends!" Apollomon resisted Matt's disparaging remarks. As he and the Olympians stood in his way, Matt called to Gabumon, who raced up to his side.

"ZeedGarurumon will be enough to walk over you three," the Bearer of Friendship growled.

"MATT! STOP IT!" TK pleaded to his brother to cease his foolish action.

"The moment we start fighting, Burizalor's going to notice!" Sora shouted as she threw herself in between Matt and the Olympians. "Stop it, Matt! You heard TK!"

"I don't care. You guys are going to get it now!"

"Your brother has matured more than you have, Matt!"

Taken aback by the Bearer of Love's retort, Matt snapped. "Take that back!" He grabbed Sora by her shirt and violently pushed her to the ground. "The Great Elder is gone and the Digicores can't be utilized anymore! Our trip here was a waste! Now, we're all going to die! All of us! HE'LL KILL US ALL!"

"Not on my watch!" Keke interjected as she ran up and prepared to throw a punch at Matt. Please, forgive me, Matt. But, you'll understand why I'm doing this!

"You're scared of Burizalor! Face it, Matt!" Sora snapped.

The blonde-haired pre-teen roared. "I DON'T FEAR BURIZALOR!"

Suddenly, Keke abruptly stopped as she pivoted her head and gasped. Sora and Matt's eyes fell on the peculiar short, horned figure facing them. Everyone all turned and gawked in horror as their worst nightmare arrived in midst of the heated argument.

"It's… it's him…!" TK stuttered.

Kari gasped as she hid behind TK.

Gatomon hissed as the fur on her back stiffened.

The other digimon's glares darkened as they locked eyes with the evil figure.

Panning over to the top of a hill, Burizalor faced the group with a calm expression.

Like the calm before the storm, the enraged villain was ready to explode at any given moment.

However, he maintained his calm demeanor.

Matt's heart sank as his body frozen once Burizalor glared at him.

There was a sense of absolute dread that filled the scene. The Digital Humans and the Olympians stood poised, readying to engage the super powered dictator facing them. The Digi-Destined had fear instilled in them once Burizalor faced them.

"We're… we're too late," Matt quietly murmured.

Burizalor coldly glared at them, smiling. "Well, I hope you're all satisfied. You've successfully dashed my hopes against the craggy shores of your ignorance."

"GAH! BURIZALOR!" Joe screamed with fright.

"He... he found us?" Mimi cried as she sunk to her knees.

"And we had a chance to escape with Tai!" Sora exclaimed.

"Oh, look who showed up!" Kara shouted as she, David, and Tike jumped at the forefront with Keke and Sam.

"Feh, this drag-looking queen is supposed to scare us? I've seen trash bag hoes scarier looking," the ever arrogant Tike snorted.

David frowned. "Remember, we're not ascendants anymore, guys."

"He's right. We're going to have to fight with what we have now," Keke added.

"Don't forget us! Dianamon, Minervamon!" Apollomon called out to his colleagues.

Dianamon and Minervamon jumped at the forefront with the others as they cautiously faced Burizalor.

"This power he possessed... it's like a great tidal wave waiting to wash us away," Dianamon said. "Be careful, Minervamon."

"Right," the younger Olympian replied, slightly and visibly trembling.

Burizalor slowly shifted his eyes, surveying the surrounding region. "Hmmm." His eyes immediately fell on his spaceship, which sat in solitude several kilometers in the distance. He pivoted his view back on the group, maintaining an ever-so calm composure - though, frankly, he was concealing his malevolent hatred. "Huh. What has become of the Nightmare Special Squad? Or, Shadramon and UmbraDevimon for that matter?"

"We kicked their sorry butts! That's what!" Tike and Kara shouted.

"What they said!" Gatomon exclaimed.

Patamon puffed up his cheeks, snorting. "Yeah!"

"So, you actually managed to defeat them, didn't you?" The horned tyrant addressed to the amassed team. "At this point, this won't do. Indulge me. You've at least said your goodbyes, yes?"

The group stepped away as Burizalor hovered off the cliff and landed twenty feet from where his opposition faced him. The warriors sensed the horned creature's power, unhinged by the hidden strength instilled within his diminutive form.

"Oh, if the Digicores hadn't turned to stone, you could've gotten your wish and freed the Holy Beasts. Quite a disappointment, eh? Well, Chosen Children, life is full of disappointments. That's just the way things are. That's quite the pill to swallow, eh, Yamato?"

Matt shot a scornful glare at the icy tyrant.

"As a matter of fact, of all my life, I've never been as angry as I am now."

One foot stepped forward, causing the group to stand their ground.

"It's quite irritating to have not seen the writing on the wall!" Burizalor growled as his lips curled, snarling as his anger slowly surfaced. "Now you pay!" Clenching his fist, he angrily bellowed at the Digi-Destined and their cohorts. "YOU WILL RUE THE DAY YOU CROSSED MY PATH! PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR DEATH AT MY HANDS!"

With that, Falcomon scrambled over to TK and Kari. The Digi-Destined, sans Matt, stood behind their digimon partners, the Digital Humans, and the Olympians. The warriors readied themselves for the tyrant's forthcoming wrath.

"Get ready, guys!" Keke and Sam exclaimed in unison.

Suddenly, Matt stepped forward and exchanged words with Burizalor.

"Finally letting your true colors show? Go ahead, Burizalor! Do your worst!" Matt provoked Burizalor, taunting the villain to accept his challenge.

"MATT! GET BACK!" Sora shouted from the distance.

"MATT! PLEASE! HE'S GOING TO KILL YOU!" TK cried out, pleading to his brother as Gatomon and Patamon cut him off from reaching his brother. "Let me through!"

"And get killed? No way!" Patamon replied.

Gatomon watched Matt and Gabumon facing off against Burizalor. What are you thinking, you idiot?

"Burizalor! If you think this is going to be easy, then you're dead wrong!" Matt retorted.

Upon listening to the boy's meaningful taunt, Burizalor chortled while concealing his fury. "Of all the idiotic things you've said, I daresay you've forgotten how vastly terrifying I can be."

"Heh, bring it on."

"Matt! That's enough! Stop provoking him!" Keke shouted at the arrogant, blonde-haired pre-teen.

Apollomon watched as a light blue aura flare around Burizalor. "Too late."

With that, the ground trembled as Burizalor powered up in response to Matt's challenge.

"Let me refresh your memory, Yamato! Let this be a lesson to you and your friends as to who you're dealing with!" Burizalor roared as hundreds of rocks hovered around the villain. The ground continued trembling as the group was horrified with Burizalor's increasing power.

"This... this isn't happening!" Joe cried out.

Izzy trembled as the tremors knocked him off his feet. "Ah! This is crazy!"

"Crazy? This is practically... INSANE!" Tentomon panicked.

Crying in pain, Kari sank to her knees and grabbed her head. "AH! The darkness... this great darkness... coming from him... it's too powerful!"

"KARI!" Gatomon hurried over to her partner. She put both arms around Kari, comforting the child as she exchanged a scornful glare with Burizalor. "This guy... his power is making the whole place trembling!"

"This is even worse than I thought it'd be!" Gomamon exclaimed.

"My friends. Let's not stand down! We must face this monster and make him pay for all the crimes he's perpetrated to our people!" Apollomon declared as he forged two balls of heat energy. "Dianamon! Minervamon! We are Spira's chosen warriors! Don't let this tyrant's power intimidate you!"

"Right!" A determined Dianamon replied.

Minervamon nodded though visibly trembled. "Yeah... yeah!"

"Let's fight him with Magna Evolution, guys!" Sam shouted, pulling out his D-Vice.

With that, the other warriors drew out their D-Vices.

"Digivolve, guys!" Sora called out to the digimon.

In response to the great threat, the Digivices/Crests and D-Vices reacted to initiate their evolutions.

"Biyomon... Shinka! Birdramon! Birdramon... Chou Shinka! Garudamon!"

"Tentomon... Shinka! Kabuterimon! Kabuterimon... Chou Shinka! MegaKabuterimon!"

"Palmon... Shinka! Togemon! Togemon... Chou Shinka! Lillymon!"

"Gomamon... Shinka! Ikkakumon! Ikkakumon... Chou Shinka! Zudomon!"

"Patamon... Shinka! Angemon! Angemon... Chou Shinka! MagnaAngemon!"

"Gatomon... Chou Shinka! Angewomon!"

"Magna Digivolve... ACTIVATE!"






The evolved digimon and warriors emerged at the forefront as the Burizalor seemingly showed no concern.

Matt promptly turned toward his partner, drawing out his Digivice. "Go, Gabumon! You're up!"

"Gabumon... Warp Shinka! ZeedGarurumon!"

ZeedGarurumon jumped right in front of the group as he and Matt prepared to engage the tyrant in battle.

"Guys, we better keep him from the ship," the Bearer of Love proposed to the group, whispering under her breath. "For however long Agumon can fully recover."

Kari closed her eyes, praying. "Please, Tai, Agumon, we need you."

"Courage, Friendship. Love, Knowledge, Sincerity, Reliability, Hope, and Light! All eight traits that embodies the Chosen Children, but that won't be enough to deter my path to bringing order to the Digiverse! I won't allow anyone to deny me the right to rule all worlds! And these would-be warriors of unknown origins won't make any difference! Numbers won't make any difference, the result... SHALL BE THE SAME! LET THIS BE THE DECIDING BATTLE TO END IT ALL!"

The battle lines were finally drawn.

The conflict to end the Spira Saga.

The Digi-Destined, the Magna/Digital Warriors, and the Olympus trio on one side of the field.

On the opposing side was Burizalor.

The epic battle begins.


Next episode: A Nightmare Transformation! Burizalor's Battle Power: One Million?


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