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Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 1, Act 3: Burizalor

Episode 54: Omega X Vanishes in Space? The Adventure Ends!


Other World/X's Planet/August 3, 1999 (Digital World/Real World Times Synchronized)

Letting the sheer and cruel reality of Planet's Spira demise became apparent, X sadly turned away and looked over his shoulder. The File Island trio took this awkward and grim silence as a sure tell sign that the Ascendant met his end. X conveyed grief behind his mask, but repressed his emotions and withdrew his face from the trio.

"X..." Centaurumon muttered.

The masked man nodded, sighing sadly. "I... I know... I'm going to check." With that, he closed his eyes and focused, meticulously probing the direction where Spira used to be. He carefully probed and through his god-like vision, he found no signs of Spira intact. All he saw was floating debris where the planet was once situated. "As I feared... I didn't want it to be true... I tried to deny such a possibility, but Tai and Agumon... Omega X didn't make it." He drooped his head, sighing deeply.

Andromon turned his head, nodding. "Tai, Agumon..."

"I didn't want it to be so, guys. This is really going to tear Kari apart. Likewise for the others."

"Are you going to break the bad news to them, X?" Inquired Piximon.

X nodded. "Yeah, I'll take care of this. I'm about to contact Gennai, Azulongmon, and Keke." With that, he closed his eyes and channeled a direct telepathic link to Azulongmon and Gennai first. Great Dragon Lord, Azulongmon, and Gennai! This is me, X, calling you from the Other World! Come in!


Digital World/File Island

Quickly picking up on the masked watcher's message, Azulongmon lifted his head and replied telepathically. You must be the current Watcher of the realm under my jurisdiction. X, correct?

That's correct, Lord Azulongmon. I wish to confirm the outcome of what transpired on Planet Spira. Gennai, are you able to hear me?

Gennai nodded, quickly picking up on X's telepathic reach. I'm here, X. What happened back on Spira? Tai and Agumon haven't returned with their friends after they disposed of Apocalymon.

Yeah, about that... first of all... Keke! Are you listening?

As X mentally reached Keke, the female teen withdrew from her team and the Digi-Destined. X! We have a situation here! Tai and Agumon haven't come back!

Yeah, you see... well, first, I do have good news. I can happily confirm that Burizalor has met his end. Omega X finished him off.

"REALLY?" Keke gasped as she broadcast the news to everyone. "Guys! He defeated Burizalor! Omega X did it!"

"ALL RIGHT!" Tike, Kara, and David jumped up, hollering and whooping with joy.

Sam smiled, nodding. "Hey, who would've ever doubted that."

Kari turned as she overheard the mention of the Ascendant. "My brother...? Agumon...?"

Clenching his fists, Matt angrily scowled. "I still can't believe those two defeated Burizalor!"

"But, why hasn't Tai and Agumon returned?" Sora asked as she walked up to Keke.

BanchoLeomon added. "Those two were supposed to be transported here if they were there to defeat Apocalymon."

Falcomon listened to the exchange amongst the group members. "What's happened?"

Dianamon affirmed. "We don't know, Falcomon. I'm sure we'll get an answer soon, but I'm happy to know the Ascendant has defeated that tyrant."

"What's more is that the Digiverse is finally free from that tyrant's wicked hand!" Apollomon exclaimed. "That alone calls for a celebration!"

"Let's wait to find out what's happened to the Ascendant," Neptunmon interceded.

Gennai, Azulongmon, and Keke remained silent whilst X continued mentally conversing with them, filling them in on the updates.

Azulongmon, Gennai, Keke, what I'm about to tell you next will... it's going to be very difficult for me to say. Well, this will effect the others more than anything.

Gennai furrowed his brows and folded his arms behind his back. We're listening X. Don't hold whatever you need to inform us back.

Keke asserted. We're listening, X. Go on.

After Omega X finished Burizalor, well, he was transported to Apocalymon's realm and helped his friends vanquish that monster. Well, there was a specific I had completely forgotten about. Anyone who have been transported to Apocalymon's dimension and destroy him, they are promptly transported to where they were taken from. In the Digi-Destined's case, they were swiftly taken from File Island. Omega X, on the other hand, were transported from Spira... and they had only less than a minute to reach Burizalor's ship. By the time Omega X returned to Spira, he tried to escape, but... he couldn't get away from the explosion in time! And when the planet went boom... he died. I can't even sense Omega X's presence anymore. I checked the vicinity where Planet Spira used to be. Nothing's left but the planetary debris. He's gone. I'm sorry.

Gennai and Keke were taken aback with grief, saddened over the loss of the Digiverse's savior.

"Keke? What happened?" Sam asked as he walked up to his colleague.

Sora blinked. "Keke? Gennai?"

"Guys... he's gone..." Keke muttered as tears fell from her eyes. As she turned, she faced Sora and embraced her. "I'm sorry... but Omega X... he's gone..."

"What...? This is a sick joke? Stop playing around..." The Bearer of Love tried denying this truth, but she felt sad and genuine tears falling on her bare shoulder. She put her arms around Keke and shed tears. "No... Tai... Agumon..."

Sinking to her knees, Kari buried her hands into her face. "Tai..."

"Kari..." TK said, walking up behind the girl.

"TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAI!" The Child of Light screamed as she turned and jumped into TK's arms. "TAI! AGUMON! NO, NO, NO! THEY CAN'T BE GONE! THEY JUST CAN'T!"

Everyone fell silent as they gave Kari a moment to let out all her pained emotions. The other Digi-Destined and the Digital Humans conveyed sadness, mourning the loss of the Ascendant.

"Damn you, Tai... you just had to go and sacrifice yourself for all of us," Matt growled, resisting the urge to cry as he turned away. ZeedGarurumon tried to console his partner, but Matt completely turned his back to the metal wolf. And I thought my sacrifice hit everyone hard... but, you really topped his one off, Tai. You defeated Burizalor at the cost of your own life!

The Great Elder mumbled as he confessed his condolences to the Digi-Destined. "I'm sorry... I, too, grief with your loss... but, my time is also drawing to its close."

Upon hearing this, the Olympian guards and the Spirians turned as they surrounded the dying elder. Baronmon checked the Elder's health status by running his hand over the Elder's face.

"His life force is fading, everyone," Baronmon confirmed.

"No! Great Elder!" Minervamon cried out, tearing up. "If the Ascendant sacrificing himself wasn't enough, but you're leaving us?"

"The Great Elder was due to pass, my friends," Apollomon stated.

Dianamon concurred. "That's correct."

Falcomon walked up and bowed his head to the Elder. "Thank you for everything, Great Elder."

Suddenly, dropping from the heavens, the four Digicores landed after scouring across the Digiverse and turned into stones. Without a doubt, this confirmed the Spirian's fears as the Digicores were linked to the Great Elder's life. When the Digicores turn to stone, this was the obvious sign that the caretaker of the orbs was passing on.

"It's true," A SpiraKnightmon said, gazing over the Digicores. "They've been turned to stone and lost their aura."

"Yes, it seems the Digicores have followed us here," the Great Elder confirmed, conveying a smile over his wrinkled face. "Rest assured, my children... the Digicores' shine will return one day. As I speak, with what little of my life I have left..." He pivoted his view specifically to Baronmon and openly addressed him. "Baronmon. When I pass on, you shall become the new Great Elder. Just ensure the Digicores regain their shine. Use them well."

Taking a bow, Baronmon accepted. "Yes, sir. I'll honor your final request."

Smiling, the Great Elder felt his body buckle as he slowly faded. "This is my charge to you. Find a Digiworld where you and the Spirians can live peacefully... farewell, my children." With that, his essence turned into particles and scattered across File Island.

Naturally, the Spirians mourned over the loss of the Great Elder, but the Olympian guards realized a bright future was ahead for their race.

"Great Elder, I will honor your last request and find them a suitable planet," Azulongmon said as he turned toward Baihumon. "Is the world in your domain most suitable to them?"

"I'll do my chest and research, my friend," the white tiger deity replied in earnest.

"Great Elder, rest in peace," BanchoLeomon muttered as he spoke on behalf for Mercurimon and Marsmon.

Falcomon heard BanchoLeomon and looked up to him. "You really are part-Mercurimon and part-Marsmon, BanchoLeomon. Thank you."

The brave warrior conveyed a vague smile to the child.

Meanwhile, the Digi-Destined were without their leader and the end of the road seemed to draw near. Their arduous adventure drew to a close and Gennai realized there was no reason for the children to remain in the Digital World, especially after what they had gone through. But, would he be willing to let them return without Tai and Agumon?

Keke, Mimi, Palmon, and Biyomon consoled Sora as they sat on a log.

TK, Patamon, Gatomon, Tike, and Kara tried comforting Kari, reminding her of Omega X's noble deed. Their words fell on deaf ears as Kari continued to cry, which was quite understandable considering what she and the others have been through. They've been through thick and thin. They've overcome many enemies. Kari was self-assured she, Tai, and the others would return home to see their families, but that was not the case. In her mind, Tai was somehow she considered invincible, but this unfortunate loss hit her hard. Nothing like a lethal dose of reality to bring someone out of their fantasies. In this case, Kari Kamiya was clearly smacked hard.

"I just wish there was something we could do," Izzy murmured, wiping tears from his eyes.

Joe shook his head."I know, but what can we do?"

"So, after all that we didn't get a happy ending like we wished for," Gomamon said. "Really sucks."

Tentomon added. "We all thought those two could make it. Or, maybe they did?"

"No, if X said he couldn't find them... then... well you know..." David asserted.

Gennai addressed everyone. "I really hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Digi-Destined... you don't have much time left here."

"What do you mean?" Matt inquired.

"You see when you defeated Apocalymon, the time between the worlds became synchronized again."

Mimi blinked. "Come again?"

"After Apocalymon was defeated, this side of the Digiverse has been reformatted," Azulongmon clarified for the Digi-Destined. "The time difference has finally been equalized."

"But, is there a chance Apocalymon will show up again to screw around time?" Izzy inquired.

"No as Apocalymon has self-destructed and it was your Digivices powers that contained him before he planned to destroy both worlds."

Tentomon sighed, shaking his head. "Whew, what a relief."

"Tai..." Kari murmured sadly as TK and Gatomon stood her up on her feet.

Before Kara tried to reach her, Tike reached out and pulled her aside.


"Leave her. She's going through a rough time."

Kara nodded as tears fell from her eyes. "Right."

"Digi-Destined, we are forever in your debt," Baronmon approached the group."But, we're dearly sorry for your loss."

"If there's anything we can do?" Dianamon asked.

"Maybe you can try and find Tai using the Digicores... should they ever regain their power," the Bearer of Knowledge.

"Izzy?" Joe muttered, taken aback by the computer whiz's remark.

"I think Tai and Agumon are still alive."

Tentomon replied. "That's a real positive outlook you have on the situation."

"What? I'm just speaking from the heart?"

"If you think Tai and Agumon are still alive, then I believe you!" Mimi called out.

Matt scoffed, turning his head away. "Optimistic fools."

Suddenly, the 'voice' Matt that heard during his time in the medical chamber interjected, chortling deeply and devilishly. The blonde quickly shook his head and tried to keep the voice from irritating him. The last thing he wanted was, obviously, his alter ago bothering him.

'Awww, what's wrong, Matty boy? Has your pride been crushed? Too bad things never turn out the way you want, huh? Life is such a proverbial pain. Hehehe! First Burizalor kills ya and your rival gets a one-up over ya by becoming the first Ascendant in a thousand years. That must be a major boot to that self-esteem of yours. And to further rub salt in those wounds...'

Shut up, Yamato.

'...your rival winds up dying in the process. He broke that vow to grant ya a rematch! What will you do now, Matt? Eh? Ehehehe. It's such a pleasure seeing you in such a sad and pathetic state. Hehehe.'

I'm not listening to you.

'Are you going to cry? C'mon, cry, Matty boy! You have nothing left to fight for! Burizalor is gone. Tai is gone. Agumon is gone. What's waiting for you back home? Your family don't give a damn about ya! Hehehe. I doubt they'd want you getting too close to TK after all what's happened between you and your alliance with Lord Burizalor.'

Gritting his teeth, Matt growled deeply and shook his head again. You keep talking. One day we're settle this out one on one! Just you wait! I WILL become an Ascendant and prove all of you wrong!

"Digi-Destined, with the times equalized, your only way back home will be sealed," Gennai addressed to the Digi-Destined. He pointed toward an eclipse forming over the sun, which was only half-way blocking out the sunlight. "Unless you've chosen to remain in the Digital World, otherwise this is your only chance to go home."

While Kari wiped her tears, Sora walked up behind Tai's sister and embraced. "Are you sure you can't do a thorough search and really confirm if Tai is really gone? We can afford to wait."

"The gate will close in 15 minutes. I'm sorry."

"I see," the Bearer of Love replied, wiping tears from her own eyes.

Keke nodded. "Don't worry, guys. You can leave the rest to us."

Sam assured the Digi-Destined. "When we see X, we'll make it a priority to perform a thorough search across the galaxy where Spira was before it met its demise."

"As a matter of fact, we'll ask Gennai and the Sovereigns to search," David said.

"Thank you... but going home..." Sora sighed. "How are we going to break it to the Kamiyas?"

"I'll tell mom and dad everything," Kari said.

"Are you sure you wish to undertake such a responsibility?" addressed Gennai.

"As his sister, I believe it's my duty to tell my parents the bad news."

"Kari, you'll always have us to help you explain," TK replied.

"I appreciate it, but let me handle this."

"I admire your valor, child," Gennai smiled, folding his arms behind his back.

"Child of Light," Azulongmon interjected as he shifted his eyes over to the Digi-Destined. As he cast his head down, a Digicore flew off his back and descended over Kari. "This Digicore can't grant wishes, but this will allow us to get into contact with you. Should we find the Bearer of Courage and his Digimon partner, we will inform you of their whereabouts." His face conveyed gentleness toward Kari, who readily grabbed the orb and pressed it against her chest. "Take good care of it."

"Thank you, Azulongmon," Kari said.

"Once we help relocate the Spirians to another world, we will return the favor by looking for Tai and Agumon," the old man reassured the Digi-Destined. "Thank you for everything."

"Please do your best and fill us in on what you find," Joe said

Izzy smiled. "But, I know Tai and Agumon are out there. I just know it."

"Keke, Sam, Tike, Kara, and David," Sora turned as she and the group approached the Digital Humans. She reached out and embraced them. "Thank you."

"I still can't believe you're our kids from another time," TK said. "But, we'll keep that to ourselves."

"Your secrets are safe with us," Patamon said.

"Good," Sam smiled. "When the time comes, we'll see your families one day. We can't say when, but know that time will come."

A vague smile formed on Kari's face as Gatomon pat her partner's back.

"It'll be ok, Kari."

"I know..."

Lifting his head, Azulongmon projected a beam through his forehead and forged a portal in front of the Digi-Destined. The group turned as mixed emotions coupled with regret made them abruptly stop.

"Digi-Destined, thank you for everything," BanchoLeomon said. "We will stay in touch. Young Kari, keep that Digicore secured."

Firmly holding the mystical orb, the child nodded. "I will, BanchoLeomon." She turned toward her friends. "Are we ready?"

As the Digi-Destined nodded in unison, they and their Digimon partners headed toward the portal.

"This shall led you back to your home, Digi-Destined. We thank you for everything. And if you want to return, just use the core's power to activate a portal or simply use your Digivice to open a digital port into the Digital World."

"I will," Kari replied, "So are we ready?"

The children nodded and they started towards the portal. As ZeedGarurumon de-evolved into Gabumon, he accompanied Matt toward the portal.

"Is it wise letting the Digimon go with them?" Gennai watched the children walking through the portal.

"For now until we summon them back for a status report on the children."

"Right," the old man said as he observed the Digi-Destined and their Digimon partners walk further into portal.

BanchoLeomon, the Digital Humans, and the Spirians saw them off.

"It's imperative we do our best finding Tai and Agumon if they're still alive, guys," Sam affirmed.


BanchoLeomon promptly offered. "I'll offer my services to help, friends."

"Thanks BanchoLeomon," Keke said, turning toward the brave warrior. "Since the Digital World has been reformatted, every Primary Villages on this world will be restored. It won't be long until Centaurumon, Andromon, and Piximon return."


Folding his arms, Gennai added. "Time for us to get to work on our end, friends." He turned and faced the Spirians. "First and foremost, Azulongmon will find you a suitable new home for your people." He addressed the new Great Elder, Baronmon.

"Thank you, but we can afford waiting and assist you all on your search," Baronmon insisted.

Dianamon quickly asserted. "It's the least we can do for you and the Chosen. We owe them our deepest gratitude."

Falcomon added soon afterward. "That's right! We will find their friends!"

Azulongmon turned toward his fellow Sovereigns. "Now we shall do our part, fellow guardians." He received nodding gestures from his colleagues, willingly offering to search for the Bearer of Courage and Agumon.

One everyone promptly agreed, each group were dismissed as a new era of peace and recovery began for the Digital World.

The dark reign of Burizalor officially drew to a close.

And it was a period of tranquility long overdue.


"Damn... those... Digi-Destined... they... haven't finished me... I'm still alive... hail, Lord Burizalor."

Unbeknownst to everyone, one survivor from Burizalor's regime managed to crawl through a small pond.

It was Shadramon, who barely managed to survive the fall after being removed from UmbraDevimon. He barely dragged himself near an inanimate object resembling a television set.

"What... what's this...?" Shadramon scanned the monitor weakly. He threw a hand over the screen and caught a key of a dark blue-haired boy. The boy curiously stared at the screen from the 'other side' and seemingly got into contact with the shady villain. Narrowing his eyes, Shadramon meticulously stared at the boy and saw an instrument that resembled a Digivice in his hand.

An devilish thought crossed the creature's mind.

"I've found my ticket... to restoring Lord Burizalor's rule over this world... boy, you shall herald the renaissance of Lord Burizalor's empire..." With that, an evil chortle escaped the creature's mouth and quickly got into contact with the child. "Child... you with the device... I need your help..."


Odaiba District, Tokyo, Japan/Near Tokyo Bay/August 4, 1999/6:45 AM (Digital World/Real World Times Synchronized)

(Cue Gundam 00 OST IV - Affectionately)

Following a tearful goodbye to their Digital World friends, the Digi-Destined, save Tai and Agumon, safely passed through the portal and arrived at the ground zero site where VenomMyotismon was defeated. The children's families readily hurried toward their children and graved them with open embraces. The Digi-Destined were greeted with hugs and kisses only a mother could provide. The fathers thanked the gods the kids returned safely from an arduous return to the Digital World.

What seemed like a month on the other side was over an hour during Earth's time.

Nevertheless, the children and parents were reunited.


Sora quickly embraced her mother, who saw Biyomon walking up to them.

"Mom," Sora whispered as she pulled away and looked at her mother's teary eyes. "It's ok. I'm home. Everything will be better from this point on."

"Sora... I... I don't know... you and I have been butting heads until these attacks."

Biyomon interjected, reassuring Sora's mother, Toshiko Takenouchi. "Sora has truly realized what it means to be a responsible person. She helped take care of her friends. You should be proud of how much she's matured."

"It's true, mother," the redhead said, folding her arms behind her back. "The next thing I want us to do is one day reconcile with dad. What do you think?"

"Yes, you're right. That's only if you're ready to see him."

Sora frowned. "When I'm ready, I'll let you know." She knelt over by Biyomon's side. "And would it be ok if we had a new addition to our family?"

"I promise not to eat out of your apartment, Ms. Takenouchi!" The pink bird Digimon immediately reassured the lady.

Smiling, Toshiko replied. "For looking after my daughter, yes, I'd gladly accept you into our household."

Biyomon giggled as she openly embraced Sora. "I'm apart of the family now!"

"Oh, Biyomon... yes, you are," the Bearer of Love returned an embrace, reaffirming her strongest trait - love.


Izzy approached his foster parents and greeted them with an embrace, surprising them both. Nonetheless, they couldn't deny their foster child's love and hugged him.

"Welcome home, Izzy," Yoshie Izumi said, folding her arms around Izzy's neck. "We never thought we'd see you again."

Masami Izumi added as he pointed to Tentomon. "And thank you for bringing our son home."

"Yes, well, everything we went through was complicated... you see..."

"Tentomon," the whiz child turned and faced his partner, dismissively heading as if telling him not to tell them he was killed by Burizalor.

"Right, sorry."

"Mom, dad, would it be ok if Tentomon stayed with us? He did return me home safely."

The Izumis looked at each other, perplexed by what their son suggested. However, they couldn't turn down their son's request and owed Tentomon for bringing Izzy home.

"Welcome to our home, Tentomon," Yoshie said, kneeling over and shaking Tentomon's right limb.

Blushing, the insect lit up an electrical bolt that startled the woman. "Oh, sorry about that, Mrs. Izumi! I can hardly compose myself, but I'll get used to living in a human household!"

Izzy chortled. "Ah, Tentomon. You'll cope, old pal."


"MOM! DAD!" Mimi cried happily as she hugged her parents. Keisuke and Satoe Tachikawa greeted their daughter with hugs a daughter would gladly receive. Palmon stood quietly in the background, waiting for the family to pull away from each other's warm embrace.

Throwing her hat off, Mimi walked by Palmon and led her forward.

"Thank you, Palmon. You brought our daughter home. We'd like to repay you somehow," Keisuke said.

"Nah, don't but... would you mind if I stayed with you and Mimi?"

"Of course, you can!" Satoe approved as she wore a big smile. "You protected our daughter! That's the least we can do for you!"

"Waaaah, thanks!" Palmon added with a big smile.

Mimi nodded as she put her hat over Palmon's head. "It's about time I change for the better, Palmon."

"But, you have matured..."

"I can mature even better and become just... like her," Mimi said as she stared toward the skies. A smile adorned her soft lips as Keke and the Digital Humans crossed her mind. "Keke." I hope we'll meet again.


"Jim!" Joe called out as he hurried over to his older brother. "We need to call mom and dad to let them know!"

"Yeah, but, I'm glad you made it back, bro," Jim remarked as he noticed Gomamon sitting by Joe's right side.

The sea mammal greeted him with a clever smirk. "Your bother is quite the comedian."

"What? Really?" gawked Jim, who turned and faced Joe with a gaping mouth. "When pigs fly!"

Gomamon jokingly chortled. "Nah, seriously. Granted, he was a stick in a mud, but he's gotten better. He's even surprised me."

"Well, Joe, I'm looking forward to some stand-up shows from you later."

The Bearer of Reliability shouted in declaration. "Just you and see, Jim! Prepare to laugh your head off!"

Oh boy. Maybe you shouldn't go too far. Gomamon groaned in thought.


"Mom, dad!" TK hugged both of his parents.

Hiroaki Ishida knelt over and hugged his second born son. Natsuko Takashi noticed Matt standing in the background with Gabumon standing near him.

"Matt," Natsuko smiled, wearing a tearful smile. She hurried over and hugged her first born son, crying against his right shoulder. "I'm so glad... you and TK made it back to us. We never thought..."

Matt sighed while putting an arm around his mother, calmly reassuring her. "We're ok, mom."

Gabumon asserted. "Me and Patamon have carefully looked after your sons, miss."

Hiroaki approached Matt and gave him a firm man hug. "Welcome back, son."

"Dad..." Matt said, returning an embrace to his old man. He opened his left eye and shifted toward Gabumon, who lowered his head. I don't know mom and dad to know I nearly killed my friends, tried kidnapping TK, and affiliated myself with a monster. But... even now the remnants of the darkness that took me over still have receded. Maybe the only way to cure myself of this... nasty darkness... is if Tai and Agumon can come back. I need to become an Ascendant and beat those two! I need that power should I ever want to solidify myself as the better Chosen. I need to fight him to cure myself of this darkness forever!

TK scooped Patamon in his arms and meticulously watched Matt.

"Matt, just what are you thinking?" The child murmured as he had somewhat of an idea of his brother's motives. "Are you still thinking about Tai?"

"But, do you think Tai and Agumon are still alive?" wondered Patamon.

"I don't know," the child shook his head. "But, I want to believe they're still out there. I want to believe for Kari's sakes." Kari, I hope you and your family can cope with this. Just hope they're still out there in the Digiverse.


After Kari filled her parents on everything, the devastated couple embraced Kari with years. They couldn't take the fact that their son was gone and might never come back. Kari explained to them about the Digicore granted to her by Azulongmon. Hope instilled the girl as she turned toward Gatomon.

"Tai..." On the verge of tears, Yuuko Kamiya cried as she threw herself into her husband's arms. "TAI! NO!"

Susumu Kamiya shook his head sadly. "Damn it... Tai... why do this?"

"Kari," Gatomon said as she walked up behind her partner's side. "I'm sure we'll find out something soon."

"Yeah," the Bearer of Light muttered, firmly holding the Digicores in her arms. Big brother. Wherever you are now, just remember that we'll be waiting. Come back soon, Tai, Agumon.

(End theme)

Odaiba soon recovered from Myotismon's attack and just now the latest developments occurring over the past few days. Both worlds have secured and equally synchronized with each other. The threat of Burizalor's expanding empire was repelled. However, one thing was for certain, nothing would be the same without Tai and Agumon.

The best case scenario would be hearing any latest development from Gennai and Azulongmon regarding Tai and Agumon's whereabouts.

The mighty Burizalor has been laid to rest, but at the cost of a planet and two heroes.

The Digi-Destined have reunited with their families following an arduous and difficult summer adventure. They mourned for their fallen leader and his Digimon. Firming her resolve, Kari hoped for return of her brother, Tai Kamiya, otherwise known as the Ascendant Omega X.


Four Months Later


Odaiba District/Odaiba Notama Apartments/Kamiya Residence/#1306/December 5, 1999/1:23 PM

'This is Kari Kamiya, younger sister of Tai Kamiya, and the holder of the Crest of Light. It's been four months since our last adventure in the Digital World and our war with Burizalor. And well... it's been four months since I've last seen my brother. We almost had a memorial service for Tai, but I was dead set against until I had proof Tai was still alive. Only few believe me. From what I know, there hasn't been any big activity in the Digiworld. All seems peaceful.

From what I know, the Spirians have been relocated to another Digiworld. I heard they're doing well and I couldn't be any happier for them. I don't know if their Digicores have regained their power yet, but hopefully they one day will. Falcomon, Dianamon, Minervamon, Apollomon, and the rest of you... I hope you're all doing well. We'll never forget you.

And here in our world we've been coping with the loss of Tai and Agumon. But, it still hasn't been easy.

Matt's become more obsessed with trying to become an Ascendant, but I don't know how he's going to do that.

Gatomon and the other Digimon have pretty much adjusted to living in our world. Though, occasionally they've been called back to Digiworld by Gennai to give him status reports in our world. Other than that, nothing much has happened. Me, I'm looking out through the window for the 100th time this week. Kinda boring, but you know what?

I haven't given up on hoping for good news regarding my brother and Agumon. I truly believe they're still alive.

Then, on a quiet December day, the Digicore I received from Azulongmon started emitting a subtle glow.'

Noticing the Digicore glowing behind her, Kari hurried over by the construct and placed a hand over it.

"There's our calling card!" Kari cried out. "Gatomon, look!"

"What happened?" Gatomon's voice emanated outside the room. The digital feline hurried into the room as her eyes captured the glowing Digicore. "Ah! You're right! Azulongmon and Gennai must have found something!"

Suddenly, Azulongmon's voice was heard directly from the glowing orb sitting in front of them.

"Bearer of Light, you need to arrive at the site where you and your fellow Digi-Destined parted ways from the Digital World. We have news concerning the Bearer of Courage and his Digimon partner!"

"Kari, did you hear that?" Gatomon gasped, her mouth curled into a big smile. "They really must've found them!"

"We need to head over to Tokyo Bay. That's where we left the Digital World through the portal," Kari said as she picked up the orb. "And we need to tell the others right away!:

"Right! Let's go!"

'Finally, this is the best news I've gotten in the last four months! Tai and Agumon are possibly coming back!


Odaiba/Near Tokyo Bay/4:30 PM

Later that day, the seven Digi-Destined and their Digimon arrived near Tokyo Bay. They saw Gennai, BanchoLeomon, and the Digital Humans appear before them.

"Welcome everyone, we're glad you all can make it," Gennai greeted the group.

Tike and David called out to the Digi-Destined. "Hey, guys!"

"Tike, David!" TK cried out.

"Digi-Destined, you're looking well, my friends," BanchoLeomon openly addressed the children.

"You, too, BanchoLeomon!" Mimi waved to the brave warrior.

Palmon chimed in. "Likewise to you, too, guys!"

Kara smiled as she approached Kari and hugged her. "We're really glad you could even make it."

"When it comes to my brother, you know I'll be there."

"Yes, and we have news regarding Tai and Agumon," Sam said.

Keke nodded. "Though, we both have good and bad news."

The group immediately fell silent as Keke raised the 'bad' point toward them. Naturally, they hadn't counted on anything terrible to come out of this situation.

"What bad can come out of this?" Mimi said, nervously chuckling.

"Quiet, Mimi," Izzy remarked.

Tentomon added. "Still, I don't like the sound of this. I hope it's nothing too bad."

Gennai cleared his throat. "On behalf of Azulongmon, I've confirmed that Tai and Agumon were located on another planet a few light years from where Spira used to be. They're both well."

Upon hearing this, the Digi-Destined cheered in unison as their worst fears about their fates were dashed away. Their hopes were lifted when Tai and Agumon were confirmed to be alive and well.

"YES! I knew you were alive, Tai!" Izzy cried out.

Sora said as she picked up and hugged Biyomon. "They're still out there!"

TK jumped around with Patamon in his arms. "YES! YES!"

Taken aback, Matt mumbled. "You two are still alive. I'll be damned, but... I'm glad." A devilish smile curled on the rival's face. Finally, I'll get to see the Ascendant up close again.

"Hold on, guys. That's just the gist of it," Sam addressed to the Digi-Destined. "That's the good news."

"The bad news is that Tai and Agumon were taken to Huanglongmon's realm. And those two have requested to stay there," Keke regretted shedding the bad news to the group.

"WHAT?" Kari shouted.

TK gaped in shock. "BUT WHY?"

"We're all waiting for them to come home!" Joe exclaimed.

"Lord Huanglongmon has granted Tai and Agumon's request to stay," Gennai said. "I don't know how long they plan to stay there for, but it's beyond my power. Their decision is final. This could be special training from Lord Huanglongmon to help control his Ascendant power."

After hearing this, Matt reproved Tai's action and balled his fists angrily. Damn you, Tai! So, you really want to get stronger and one-up me again! I should be with you! Are you afraid I'll become an Ascendant and challenge you if you returned home?

"Ugh, Tai... you fool..." Sora furrowed her brows.

Suddenly, X cut through Gennai and his friends as he appeared before the Digi-Destined with an slightly distressed look in his eyes.

"X?" Sora gasped, taken aback by the masked man's startling entrance.

TK pointed to the masked man. "Did you convince X to train with what's-his-name?"

"Huanglongmon, and no I didn't convince him," the masked man confessed, folding his arms behind his back. "In fact, I tried convincing Tai and Agumon to return home, but they insisted to stay with Huanglongmon. Tai has made it clear he won't return home until he's mastered control of his Ascendant power. I'm deeply sorry. I've tried my best, guys."

Kari quickly interjected. "It's ok, X. Don't blame yourself. I know how stubborn my brother can be."

"He's an adamant one, I can tell you that," Gennai said.

Izzy sighed. "Yeah, but he wouldn't be Tai if he wasn't thick-headed."

"X. I think I understand why he chose to stay," the Bearer of Light addressed, visibly upset as she wore a vague smile. Though, deep down, she was truly hurt by her brother's decision. "When I saw him become an Ascendant, I was amazed. A part of me really wants to know how it feels. What does it feel like being an Ascendant? I'm curious."

Intrigued with Kari's sudden curiosity, Gatomon blinked. "Kari..."

X wore a vague smile behind his mask. "Who knows? Maybe one day..."

"You think so, X?"

"Kari, you're Tai's brother. A Kamiya never gives up, right?"

Kari smiled, nodding. "Right!"

"But, just because Tai said he won't be coming back for a while, you're more than welcome to see and check on his progress," X added. "There'll be free periods when you can visit him."

"That's even better!" TK said.

While the Digi-Destined and their Digimon were happy to hear this latest development, Matt was visibly upset.

Damn you, Tai. You want to get a few steps ahead of me. Well, I'm not about to let you get one over me! I'll find a way to become an Ascendant!

'Hehehe. Keep dreaming, Yamato. Or, who knows? Maybe you can, but Omega X will be another level above you. It's gonna be a pain to play catch up!'

We'll see about that. I'll show you what my Crest power can do, Omega X. And there's no way I'll let Tai's sister get ahead of me either!

'Awww, won't it suck if Tai's sweet darling sister become an Ascendant. After all, between her and TK, she's more than likely to achieve that rare power. You have much work to do.'

Matt muttered deeply to himself. "I will become the strongest Ascendant."

"For now, you all have futures to look forward to," X addressed to the Digi-Destined. "And don't worry. Tai and Agumon will return."

Kari smiled as X pat her head. "X..."

"Take good care of yourselves, my friends," the masked man stated.

"And may there be another adventure in Digital World someday," TK said.

'Tai, wherever you are now, don't worry. We'll do our best and press forward with what next Digiworld adventure lies ahead for us. Just remember, we're all pulling for you. You and Agumon come back when you can. We all miss you. But, I wonder... is X right? Could I become an Ascendant like my brother one day? Guess time will tell.

This is Kari Kamiya and see ya'll on the next adventure!'


Season 1 complete


Next episode: That's Earth, Milady! Burizalor and LadyMyotismon Strike Back!


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