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But, first, a once believed dead villain returns. How?

Find out.


Eastern Digigalaxy/Ruins of Planet Spira/August 6, 1999/2:23 AM

The vast endless darkness of space stretched across the exact spot where Planet Spira existed.

In it's place was post-planetary destruction debris, which scattered across miles of space. Hundreds of debris floated across space. Amongst the planetary graveyard floated a familiar white-bodied tyrant with this lower body bisected, left arm missing, and the right half of his face completely gone. The damage sustained to the emperor made him horribly disfigured and almost beyond recognition. There was a skeletal distinction in his mouth since half of his face was torn off. He barely managed to come up and moved his lips, weakly muttering.

"I... Burizalor... humiliated... by that Ascendant... scum..."

The once powerful emperor's body floated across space with seemingly no one around to save him before his fatal wounds sealed his fate.

That is until a large mothership similar to Burizalor's own coasted through the planetary debris.


Sitting in a row, three Nightmare Soldiers - an Astamon, a MetalPhantomon, and a Boltmon - scanned the planetary graveyard. They meticulously zoomed in and further scanned through the debris. To their dismay, they couldn't pick up any traces of life activity.

Gazing outside a large viewing window, a figure sat in a large seat with a BlueMeramon standing by the side.

"Your highness. I regret to inform you that Planet Spira has been completely destroyed," BlueMeramon confirmed, nervously sitting still on a knee. He gulped, trembling before the intimidating figurehead behind the seat. "No one could've survived. Not even your lo..."

Crushing a glass filled of red wine, the tall and imposing figure stood from her seat. The figure revealed herself and closely resembled Myotismon with notably distinctions. For one, she was a lady. Two, her blonde hair was shoulder-lengthened and went down her back. Three, long red wings protruded from her back and her skin was paler than Myotismon's. Half of her wardrobe was mostly revealing, including the upper section of her chest and abdomen. She stood a staggering seven feet and walked past BlueMeramon, causing him to cower back in fear as he should.

Speaking in an eloquent and irked voice, the 'female' Myotismon asserted. "My Burizalor met his match? Our clans are feared throughout the Digiverse. What fool dares challenge our supremacy?" She raised her voice as she turned and faced a viewing glass. First my brother falls and now my lover? This fool will look forward to defeat at the hands of me, LadyMyotismon! She shot a burning gaze toward the window, causing the glass to shatter as the vacuum of space began pulling in soldiers aboard her ship.

"MISTRESS I FOUND HIM!" The Boltmon announced as he pulled up a visual displaying Burizalor floating near them.

LadyMyotismon hurried over and scanned the screen. A wicked smile adorned the empress' face. "Bring him aboard immediately!" My love... I've found you at last!


Eastern Digigalaxy/Planet Buriza No. 47/LadyMyotismon's Kingdom/Emergency Medical Facility/August 10, 1999/5:09 AM

Three and a half days following his rescue, Burizalor was rushed to LadyMyotismon's world and preserved in a medical chamber. Soon after that, an advanced group of surgeons and engineers were summoned by the mistress to reconstruct and augment Burizalor's body, incorporating cybernetic parts to replace his lost limbs and organs. It was a thorough and carefully crafted process, but through rigorous hard work they were able to complete Burizalor's new body.

LadyMyotismon observed carefully as the team implemented a piece to his forehead.

A Vademon added, putting the finishing touches to the tyrant. "There."

Finally opening his eyes, the tyrant saw light through two eyes for the first time since the Ascendant seemingly left him for dead.

Ecstatic, LadyMyotismon smiled with delight. "Ah, Burizalor, my love. Welcome back."

"Lord Burizalor!" Vademon said as the emperor rose from the surgeon's table.

Turning his head, Burizalor pivoted his view toward LadyMyotismon. "Milady, we have much catching up to do, but we will go to Earth." His eyes burned and consumed with hatred as he visualized Omega X. "The Ascendant will meet his end!"


Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 2, Act 1: Artificials

Episode 55: That's Earth, Milady! Burizalor and LadyMyotismon Strike Back!


'Hi, guys! This is Kari Kamiya, Child of Light! It's been three and a half years removed since our last adventure in the Digiworld! Wouldn't you believe it? Time has really flown by. As the old cliche goes, time flies by when you're having fun! Anyway, a lot has happened over the last three and a half years since Burizalor was beaten. Why don't we recap over what happened? Ok, I hope you guys are able to follow along! I'm not the best story teller, but here goes...

Since we found out my brother and Agumon were confirmed to be alive, we were told they would be gone training under Huanglongmon, the golden dragon and creator of the four Sovereigns. Well, according to X, he said it might be a few months, a year, of several years. Well, get this. We got to see Tai and Agumon again, albeit while being granted a one day visitation, three months after we found out where those two have been! Doesn't that sound great? Well, we got to see my brother, but that day was quickly ruined by the unwanted arrival of Burizalor's father - Mutalior, who decided to crash our reunion party. He and his band of mercenaries attacked us, cutting our reunion short. Like Burizalor, Mutalior was a horrible monster and nearly came close to destroying us. He even hatched an elaborate plan for one of his cronies to hack a computer system in America to launch a missile to our hometown. Mutalior was taking no chances, but in the end, Tai and Matt combined VictoryGreymon and ZeedGarurumon to form Omegamon! Omegamon saved the day by thrawting Mutalior's scheme and stopped the missile from going off. That was a close call!

Shortly after that, Tai and Sora visited the grave of an old friend. Her name was Karin Osaka. I didn't get to know her well, but I know she's resting in peace.

We skip over three years after those events. During those three years, Tai and Agumon returned to train under Huanglongmon. Azulongmon offered to create a clone of my brother and Agumon to fill in their vacant spots. So, the Tai and Agumon I've been growing adjusted to were not really my brother and his Digimon. I'll be frank. It was a bit creepy, but I got used to it. I kept this a secret with mom and dad obviously.

Anyway, three years after Mutalior beaten, I entered my year one of junior high. Our Digimon briefly returned to the Digiworld to report to Azulongmon, but a strange turn of events completely changed the entire scope of the Digiworld. Before I get into that, TK enrolled in the same school I was going! It was good seeing him, but obviously my friend Davis was none too pleased. I do feel bad for teasing Davis when around TK and did apologize. Fortunately, Davis is a forgiving guy... but I think he still likes me.

Oh, how I forget? We met new friends!

For starters, there's Davis Motomiya. He does come across like Tai and even wears goggles, the trademark befitting for a capable leader. He's brash and hard-headed, but I admire his courage and his ability to befriend anyone. He often plays soccer with the Tai clone, but wait until he meets the real deal when Tai ever returns from Huanglongmon rigorous training. If he really admires the clone, then he's going total fanboy mode when he meets my real brother. He's a swell guy and couldn't ask for a good guy. He has the courage to develop strong and healthy friendships. It took a while for Davis and TK to get along, but things worked out well in the end.

Then, there's Yolei Inoue. Oh, boy, where do I begin? She's the oldest out of our group being a second year student. Like Izzy, she's a techie and loves working on computers. She's often working with Izzy and Cody in the computer club. Yolei can be very kind and helpful, but she's hard-headed herself and a real spitfire. She and Davis are often at odds with each other. I see their relationship as more like a sibling rivalry, but Yolei means well. She has a family that runs a convenient store and she often brings us tasty snacks when we're in the computer lab. Despite her flaws, she's a loving and sincere girl.

And there there's Cody Hida. He looks like a cute little boy, but don't be fooled. He's pretty wise beyond his years. He's soft spoken and modest, but maybe too modest. He's often the voice of reason between Davis and Yolei. What else can I say? He's a good friend and someone we can rely on. Doesn't that just remind you of Joe? And he shares a great deal of knowledge like Izzy.

As for Matt, Sora, Izzy, Joe, and Mimi?

Matt's started his own band and has done everything to get his mind off Tai. He doesn't even bother interacting with the Tai clone and brushes him off. I can tell he's waiting for the day my real brother and Agumon return. Matt is driven to becoming an Ascendant and he'll go to any ends to get what he wants.

Sora's developed more feminine tastes and has taken up tennis as a activity.

We often see Izzy a lot as he's been keeping contact with Gennai, X, and the others. Our friends from the Other World are doing great, but have been handling other endeavors in other parts of the Digiverse. Guess there's still remnants of Burizalor's empire needed to be dealt with.

Joe's studying to get into an advanced medical school. He's been out of contact most of the time and been studying endlessly while meeting a lot of deadlines.

Mimi and her family moved to New York City. She still keeps in contact with us online and has sent us pictures of their new home. Rumor has it she and Matt have somewhat been closely interacting online. Don't quote me on this.

Now, what new enemies have we faced? The first major enemy we faced was a human. A boy about our age named Ken Ichijouji, AKA the Digimon Emperor. He was our first major enemy since Mutalior. But, this was the case of our enemy being a human being. It was far difficult obstacle we had to overcome. We can freely kill an evil Digimon, but taking a human life was a different matter. Well, as we learned more of the Emperor, he established a network called Dark Towers that cut off the powers of evolution. Gatomon lost her tail ring, depowering her level to that of a rookie. With our Digimon unable to evolve into their advanced levels, we were given Digimentals, an alternate power to allow our partners to evolve.

Did I forget to mention Davis, Yolei, and Cody became Digi-Destined with us? Davis was partnered with Veemon while gaining the Digimentals of Courage and Friendship. Yolei partnered up with Hawkmon and gained the Digimentals of Love & Sincerity. Cody was paired with Armadillomon while obtaining the Digimentals of Knowledge and Reliability.

With these Digimentals, these three were able to Armor Evolve, a solution to resist the Dark Towers' ability to block out evolution.

With the Digimentals of Courage and Friendship, Veemon was able to Armor Evolve into Flamedramon and Raidramon.

Using the Digimentals of Love and Sincerity, Hawkmon was able to Armor Evolve into Halsemon and Shurimon.

Utilizing the Digimentals of Knowledge and Reliability, Armadillomon can Armor Evolve into Digmon and Submarimon.

TK and I received our own Digimentals, enabling Patamon and Gatomon to Armor Evolve during the Digimon Emperor crisis.

With the Digimental of Hope, Patamon was able to Armor Evolve into Pegasusmon.

Finally, with my Digimental of Light, Gatomon Armor Evolved into Nefertimon.

Overtime, we were able to destroy the Dark Towers and cleansed many territories of the Emperor's control. We freed many hundreds of enslaved Digimon placed under the control of Dark Rings, or in some cases Dark Spirals. The Emperor went to all lengths to kill us and nearly succeeded. During an encounter, Davis put two and two together when he played Ken's team in a competitive soccer game. We found out Ken was in fact the Digimon Emperor. Why didn't we see this coming? Don't ask.

At some point, he captured all the older Digi-Destined, except Matt, who was seemingly absent during most of the Emperor conflict. In a twisted attempt to shatter our spirits, he placed Dark Rings on Sora, Izzy, Mimi, and Joe along with Biyomon, Tentomon, Palmon, and Gomamon. For a short time, we were forced to fight our own friends. To make matters worse, the Agumon clone was captured and was the first to receive the Dark Spiral, turning him into DarkMetalGreymon.

Despite those odds, we overcame them. We freed our friends and released them from the Emperor's clutches. Unbeknownst to us, the Emperor was merely a puppet in the grand scheme of a bigger picture. The man pulling the Emperor's strings was Shadramon, who we thought died on Spira. He not only survived, but assisted the Emperor in establishing the Dark Towers to establish something grand. I don't know what it could mean, but it wasn't long when Shadramon and the Emperor created Chimeramon, a retread of UmbraDevimon.

Granted, while not as powerful as UmbraDevimon was, the Dark Towers couldn't allow our Digimon to evolve into megas to fight Chimeramon. Our Digimon were still depowered for a while. In our final encounter with the Digimon Emperor, we crashed into his base of operations to confront him. Well, little did we know, the Emperor had a Digimon named Wormmon, Ken's partner. In a final attempt to kill us, Shadramon sent Chimeramon to finish us. Davis and Veemon found the Armor of Miracles inside the base. With the armor, Davis enabled Veemon to Golden Armor Evolve to Magnamon. Wearing a golden sheen, TK and I were quickly reminded of Omega X's awesome presence. It was like deja-vu. Ultimately, BanchoLeomon arrived to help us destroy the base. Magnamon wiped out Chimeramon while BanchoLeomon finished off Shadramon for good. Following the battle, BanchoLeomon gave Gatomon the tail ring she had lost while on the run from one of the Emperor's enslaved Digimon.

The Emperor departed with Wormmon to mull over the terrible atrocities he's committed for Shadramon. Shadramon practically crushed Ken spiritually.

It wasn't until a month later when Ken returned to us with Wormmon, who was able to evolve naturally into Stingmon. One by one, Veemon, Hawkmon, and Armadillomon evolved into their champion-level stages with nearly all the Dark Towers removed. After Shadramon was removed, Ken joined our cause after he and Davis had a thorough talk. For a while, Ken was unable to forgive himself and stomach having to work with us. But, I think a little talk with Yolei set him straight.

For a while, our Digimon were able to evolve naturally after scuffles with Digimon seemingly created from Dark Towers. We didn't know who was behind this, but as more of these Artificial Digimon became common, our Digimon had trouble dealing with them. This prompted them to evolve into their ultimate-level stages. XVeemon was first as he became Paildramon. Stingmon became JewelBeemon. Aquillamon evolved into Silphymon. Ankylomon evolved into Shakkoumon. Later, after dispensing most of these Artificial Digimon, we saved our home from a Digimon invasion. As it became known Digimon were suddenly appearing all over the world, we took an immediate course of action. With one of Azulongmon's Digicores, he was able to fuse Davis and Ken's Digimon, via Jogress Evolution. Paildramon and JewelBeemon emerged to form Imperialdramon. Patamon and Gatomon regained their Seraphimon and Ophanimon forms.

After meeting the International Digi-Destined, we aided them in sending wild Digimon back into Digiworld. It wasn't long after that when we faced the Demon Corps, who initiated an attack on our home. Learning they're remnants of the Buriza Empire, we took action against Demon and his cronies. In the end, Imperialdramon achieved Fighter Mode to obliterate Demon for good. On that same night, BelialMyotismon launched a long term scheme to cover our world in darkness. Even with our Digimon as strong as they were, BelialMyotismon was able to brush us off. Once the Tai clone and Matt joined together, VictoryGreymon and ZeedGarurumon bonded, reforming Omegamon. In the end, it took Omegamon, Seraphimon, Ophanimon, Imperialdramon Fighter Mode, Silphymon, and Shakkoumon's combined power to wipe out BelialMyotismon's existence. And that night was the day after Christmas.

One more thing: Wizardmon's spirit left us with an ominous message after we defeated BelialMyotismon. A great evil would be approaching soon and that reinforced my belief that evil couldn't truly be defeated. As long as there's light, there's always darkness. As the Child of Light, I can vouch for that statement.

Those extraordinary events ultimately led to the next chapter of our lives.

Just recently, the Tai and Agumon clones were called off.

And I was about to receive some good news from Azulongmon.

Could this be what I think it is?

I'm so excited!

This means... they're coming home? FINALLY!


Odaiba District/Odaiba Notama Apartments/Kamiya Residence/#1306/January 18, 2004/1:34 PM

Stepping out through the door, 12-year-old Kari Kamiya stood outside her apartment door and stretched her arms over her back. Without turning, she heard Gatomon walking up behind me. Kari wore a pink coat, lavender pants, and a cute pink hat with mittens. Naturally, the preteen girl was several feet tall than she was nearly four years ago. It was almost a month since BelialMyotismon was defeated and peace seemingly returned to both sides of reality.

However, there was still a vacany to the assembly of Digi-Destined.

The heart of the old team was still gone.

Yes, for a while, the Tai and Agumon clones served their suited purposes, but they've been recalled to Azulongmon. Gennai recently sent Kari an e-mail regarding big news forthcoming. Kari already had an intuition that it most likely will be linked to her brother and Agumon.

"Kari. What do you think? Could it really be Tai and Agumon returning?"

The preteen folded her arms, smiling. "I don't think. I know. They're finally coming home."

Gatomon smiled, nodding. "It's been too long since the real ones have been around."

"I do miss them..." Kari sighed, shifting her eyes to the ground.

"C'mon, Kari. Davis, TK, and the others are waiting for us over at the park!"

"Coming, Gatomon," the Child of Light replied whilst gazing up toward the skies. Biting her bottom lip, she closed her eyes and prayed. Azulongmon, I hope you'll tell us Tai and Agumon will return. I miss them. And on top of that... I really want to see Omega X up close and personal again!

"Kari! Are you daydreaming or something?"

"Oh, sorry! I'm coming, Gatomon!" Kari snapped back to reality and hurried after her partner. Big brother, Agumon, it's been three and a half years. I really hope you're coming home!


Odaiba Park/1:50 PM

"Pass it over here Davis!" Veemon chirped, failing his tiny hands overhead. He watched as Davis dribbled a soccer ball toward his Digimon.

The ever enthusiastic Davis Motomiya hollered and kicked the ball hurtling to Veemon. "Alright! Motomiya shoots and passes!"

The ball hurtled so fast that it impacted Veemon and pushed him into the soccer goal. The ball fell right out of Veemon's hands and rolled into the net.

"Aw, nuts..."

Davis pumped his fist, wearing a proud smile and turned to give his team a thumbs up. "And he scores!"

Clapping his hands, Ken chortled. "Good shot, Davis."

Wormmon nodded. "Poor Veemon. That's the tenth shot he's missed."

Davis walked over and helped Veemon up. "My passes been too much for ya? Why didn't ya just dodge then?"

"Ah, maybe I'm just having an off-day," the blue-skinned dragon said whilst dusting himself off.

"Let's go take a break, Veemon."

"Great! Lunchtime!" Veemon exclaimed as he raced to where TK, Patamon, Kari, Gatomon, Yolei, Hawkmon, Cody, and Armadillomon placed out a picnic set-up with a sheet and delicious snacks bought from Yolei's convenient store. "Yummy!" He shifted his eyes toward California rolls. "Let's dig in!"

"Hold on, Veemon!" Yolei barked as she pulled away the California roll tray. She turned as Ken and Wormmon approached them. "Not until Ken and Wormmon join us."

"This was a perfect day for us to have a picnic," Cody said.

Armadillomon smiled peacefully. "Mmmhmm, sure is, Cody!"

"Kari, was there something you wanted to share with us?" TK inquired, shifting his view over the Child of Light. "Is it about Tai?"

Nodding, Kari answered and folded her arms over her legs. "Azulongmon said he wanted to share good news with me soon. It's more than likely linked to Tai and Agumon, but nothing 100 percent confirmed."

Davis sat down as he picked up a tuna sandwich. "I'll tell you this... I'm JACKED! If that clone is anywhere near as awesome as the real Tai Kamiya, I'm gonna..."

"...cream in your pants?" Yolei smirked devilishly.

The Child of Miracles groaned, resisting the urge to throw the sandwich at the purple-haired girl. "...very funny."

"I know what you mean, Davis," TK added with a smile. "You only got to know the Tai clone who helped us deal with all the bad guys we faced just last year."

"But, the real Tai is the Ascendant. The one who fought and beat that Burizalor guy when you guys were on that planet?" Cody pointed out, reminding Kari, Gatomon, TK, and Patamon their adventure on Spira nearly four years ago.

Gatomon mused. "I wonder are Tai and Agumon really coming back?"

"I believe it," Kari replied. "It has to be them."

"If it is, we're all looking forward to it," Ken smiled softly as he offered Yolei a California roll, who gladly took it and bit into the the snack.

"It'll certainly be a day for us to look forward to, my dear," Hawkmon said.

Patamon immediately raised another issue. "But, don't you guys think... Azulongmon might be trying to warn us ahead of time of what Wizardmon warned us about?"

"You mean immediately after we beat BelialMyotismon?" queried a curious Cody. "I do remember that vague message."

"How could I forget?" the white feline sadly murmured, curling up into a fetal position. "He said a great evil might be approaching soon."

"Whatever it is, we all better be prepared for when this evil threat comes," TK declared. "Remember, we're not alone in this. We have my brother and the other originals to back us up."

Davis quickly asserted. "Don't forget me. I'll help mop the floor with this evil creep!"

Yolei finished swallowing her California roll and mused. "But, I wonder who this evil force might be? Haven't we pretty much cleared the Digiworld of major bads?"

"But, there's still threats out there in the Digiverse," Patamon said. "Trust me. The Digital Invaders sure proved there's more out there than you'll believe."

"Could it be... nah, that would be a worst case scenario," Kari said.

"Burizalor?" TK blinked. "I doubt it. Tai and Agumon turned into Omega X and finished that creep off. We heard it straight from Gennai and X themselves. They checked and found no traces of life amidst the ruins of Spira. Omega X and Burizalor were the only life forms there before it exploded."

"But, we weren't there, TK," protested the Bearer of Light, who looked up and meticulously stared at the skies. "We didn't see how Omega X killed Burizalor."

"While it's true we weren't there, and Shadramon sure surprised us when he was revealed to be Ken's puppet master," Gatomon pointed out. "He was amongst those wished off the planet since he was barely hanging on with life before Spira exploded."

"And naturally if Burizalor were still out there, we'd know about his latest activities if X and Gennai did their research," TK said.

Kari quickly gasped. "Unless, they just recently discovered that monster's whereabouts!"

"Kari, calm down," Yolei interjected, folding her arms. "That cold-hearted monster isn't coming back. If he hasn't turned up, then's most likely gone thanks to your brother finishing him. You can't let ghosts form the past come back and haunt you."

Cody deduced. "He could be covering his tracks and keeping us in the dark. Evil never truly goes away."

The white feline concurred with Cody. "Yeah, I've got a strange feeling about this. Wizardmon isn't someone who likes playing pranks. He sounded pretty sure."

Veemon mused as he turned toward Davis. "What do ya think, Davish?"

Davis glanced over to Kari, who wore a somewhat distraught look on her face. "Kari... you really think this Burizalor guy might be alive?"

"It's just a hunch and like Gatomon said, Wizardmon's warning was ominous," she replied to Davis' inquiry.

Yolei sighed deeply. "Look. Let's not over analyze Wizardmon's message. He could be wrong, right? It's best we don't stress over this and hope Kari's brother returns."

TK picked up a bag of chips. "Yeah... maybe you're right."

Patamon puffed up his cheeks. "Hmmm."

Suddenly, Kari's D3 Digivice abruptly went off, which drew Kari and everyone else's attention from the picnic. Kari quickly drew out her D3 and opened it; her eyes read the e-mail message and followed each sentence until a smile crept while her face lit up enthusiastically. "You guys! Look at this! Azulongmon just sent me great news!"

"What is it, Kari?" asked Gatomon.

Davis curiously crawled forward and poked his head near Kari. "What does it sat?"

"HEY! QUIT PUSHING, DAVIS!" Yolei snapped as Davis accidentally crushed her foot with his hand.

The other New Digi-Destined and their Digimon partners gathered around Kari whilst scanning Azulongmon's e-mail message.



I have wonderful news! I've received word Tai and Agumon will be touching down soon. They've completed Huanglongmon's training and will arrive in your world soon. They should be arriving four hours, possibly less. Get to Tokyo Bay as soon as possible. Keke, Sam, and the others will be there to escort you all to Tai and Agumon's landing coordinates.



As her eyes lit up with joy, Kari hollered and threw her arms up. "YEAH! TAI AND AGUMON ARE COMING HOME!"

"Awesome! That's great news, Kari!" Davis added.

TK nodded. "Yeah, it's been such a long time since I've seen the real Tai. I wonder if he's managed to tame the Ascendant power."

"Who cares about what his power is like? I'm just glad they're coming home period!" Gatomon exclaimed.

"Yep, I'll second that notion," Patamon said.

Giggling like a schoolgirl, Davis clenched his fists and snickered, drawing Veemon's attention away from the others. "Man, the real Tai Kamiya. I wonder if he's as great as I hear he is."

"Well, his clone was a pretty swell guy. The real deal must be super cool, Davish!"

"Well then! What are we doing sitting around here for?" Yolei called out, standing up with her head held high. She threw up a finger into the air, smiling gleefully. "Let's head on over to Tokyo Bay!"

"We should send an e-mail to the others, Kari," TK suggested. "If they haven't gotten word on Tai and Agumon's return..."

Kari nodded. "I'm pretty sure they might've gotten a message, but it's a good idea to remind them."

"Say, the message mentioned those Digital Humans who aided you guys back on Spira," Cody stressed this point to TK and Kari. "Keke, Sam, Tike, Kara, and David... this will be our first time meeting them."

"Oh right. You guys haven't met them, but they're a nice group of people," TK pointed out.

Kari addressed. "Yeah, and very strong. They're able to fight alongside our Digimon and can turn into Digimon warriors using Magna evolution."

"If they're so good, why didn't they come to help us when we needed them?" inquired Davis.

Gatomon answered Davis abruptly. "They've been busy tracking down the remnants of Burizalor's empire, which are scattered across various Digiworlds. They ensured all their bases were destroyed and that way we wouldn't have to deal with them later."

"That's a good call on their part," Hawkmon said.

Armadillomon nodded. "Good point. We wouldn't want any hassle with those guys."

"Guys, less talk and more talk, let's move out!" Davis declared as he and Veemon hurried toward the park exit. "Race ya'll to the bay!"

"WAIT UP, YOU FOOL!" Yolei shouted as she chased off after Davis and his partner.

As Hawkmon hurried along, Cody and Armadillomon followed. TK and Patamon moved ahead next, but as TK turned he saw Kari and Gatomon slowly down their pace.

"Kari? C'mon, they're gonna beat us to the school."


TK blinked. "What's wrong?"

"Don't get me wrong... I'm thrilled my brother and Agumon are coming, but... I can't shake off this feeling."


Gatomon interjected. "Want me to tell him, Kari?"

"No, I'll do it," the Bearer of Light conveyed uneasiness and anxiety through her body movements; most notably her voice wasn't as overly enthusiastic was it was a moment ago. "I've gotten little sleep because of nightmares I've had."

Patamon asked. "What kind of nightmares?"

"That the evil Wizardmon vaguely described is... Burizalor. He's been in my nightmares trying to kill me. I... I just want to be convinced that monster is gone, but this dark feeling... I can't shake it off."

As he walked over to Kari, TK firmly placed on her shoulders, consoling his friend. "Listen, Kari. If Burizalor does happen to be this great darkness. your brother is coming back. He beat that monster before and he can surely do it again."

"Yeah, no doubt he can..."

"Cheer up, Kari! This is a big day for all of us!" Gatomon said, giving her partner a reassuring smirk. "Now, let's go! Davis and the others are gonna wonder why we ditched them."

"Let's go, Kari," the Bearer of Hope said as he walked off, smiling.

Now feeling reassured, Kari paced forward and followed her friends. "Everything will be fine. Just like you guys said..." But, I still can't shake this ominous feeling off. I'm sorry, guys.


Odaiba Kazuya Apartment Complex/Takenouchi Residence/1:57 PM

As she received TK and Kari's e-mails, the 15-year-old Sora Takenouchi stood up from her chair and wore an excited smile. Biyomon jumped off Sora's bed and was just as overly enthused with the news.

"Tai and Agumon are really coming back! Can you believe it, Biyomon?"

"It's been long overdue," Biyomon said. "No clones. The real Tai and Agumon!"

Nodding, the redhead pressed a hand against her chest and sighed. I wonder how far you've gone with your Ascendant training. You must've really mastered it by now.

"Let's start calling the others."

"Right, I'll start with Izzy. I'm sure he'll be thrilled!" Sora said as she sat on her bed and picked up her cell. "After that, we'll head on over to Tokyo Bay."

"Got it!"

With that, Sora dialed Izzy's number and waited. "Tai, it's really been so long... you know... I've been meaning to ask you something for the longest time..." She stopped as Izzy's number started dialing.


Odaiba Junior High-High School/Computer Lab #26/1:58 PM

Izzy Izumi, 14 years old, finished a conference call with Gennai and Azulongmon via satellite. Like Kari and the others, he had just received confirmation that Tai and Agumon would return soon. The jubilant teen was overly enthused with seeing his best friend since their brief reunion three and a half years ago. Sitting by his side, Tentomon jumped off and prepared to gather Izzy's bag.

Just then, Izzy's cell went off and prompted the whiz to answer it. He checked the caller ID as a smile curved on his face.

He answered his cell. "Sora. I take it you got the news?"

"Tai and Agumon are really coming home. Of course, I'm excited! We're supposed to be going to Tokyo Bay."

"Right, I just got off from a conference call with Gennai and Azulongmon. They just informed me. They've sent Keke, Sam, and the others to escort us where they're landing."

Sora's overly excited voice answered from the other line. "It'll be good to see them again. I wonder how much of Burizalor's bases they've cleared off."

"There's still plenty of work across the Digiverse. Remember, Burizalor's empire is pretty much scattered across various worlds in the Digiverse. It's not as easy as finding and destroying the Dark Towers."

"And there's still quite a bit of Dark Towers left we haven't taken down."

"Yeah," the Bearer of Knowledge said as he picked up his laptop. "Also, this is important. Azulongmon informed me a dark energy has been detected and approaching near our side."

There was a delayed and hushed silence from Sora's line.


"A dark energy... you don't think it's... you know who?"

"Burizalor? I've got my hunch it's him," the Bearer of Knowledge sighed deeply, reflecting back to his brief rush with death. He placed a hand over his chest, exactly where the tyrant shot him. "The scars that monster made are still with me."

"Likewise. If it's him, then he knows Tai and Agumon are coming. So, he's going to cut them off before they even reach us."

"Or, worse, if he's alive, he might destroy our world before Tai and Agumon arrive. We need to hurry and get to Tokyo Bay!"

"Right..." Sora sounded less than enthused once Izzy shed the bad news.

"I'm heading over to Tokyo Bay. See you there?"

"I'll get there by bike. See ya, Izzy."

With that, Izzy turned off his cell and took a moment to mull over a less than hopeful situation. It wasn't long ago that he was anticipating Tai and Agumon's return, but the rumor of Burizalor closing in toward Earth killed his spirit. Tentomon walked over and handed Izzy his bag.

"Izzy. Don't be down."

"Easy for you to say, Tentomon. You weren't killed by a tyrant."

Tentomon tilted his head. "But, if we reach Tokyo Bay, we'll..."

"Let's go, Tentomon," the teen mumbled as he opened the door and let Tentomon through. What now? As threatening as Demon and BelialMyotismon, Burizalor's on a whole different league. Unless Tai and Agumon get here... this could be the end of all of us.


Odaiba Music Hall/2:04 PM

Having spent three hours rehearsing, Matt Ishida, 15 years old, stormed off stage and took a one hour break. Awaiting him backstage was 14-year-old pink-haired diva Mimi Tachikawa, Palmon, and Gabumon. Mimi gave Matt a bottle of water, which he grabbed and chugged down excessively.

"Looking great out there as usual, Matt," Mimi said.

Matt finished drinking, wiping a drip of water from his side lip. "Thanks."

"Oh, you don't need to thank me! After all, I didn't just move back here to watch you play, an agency approached my dad and offered me to be your agent. You think I'd drop that opportunity?"

Palmon snickered. "Nope. It's good to be back home."

Gabumon sighed. "You two haven't even bothered to tell him yet."

"About what?" Matt inquired, listening to his partner slip out something that shouldn't have been said. He pivoted his head while facing Mimi, Palmon, and Gabumon. "Well? Is there something you're not telling me?"

"Well, you see..." Gabumon murmured.

After a few minutes of explanation, Matt reacted by punching a wall and cursed out, drawing out the attention from his band mates and his associates. Mimi tried her best to console everyone and walked over to Matt to relieve him.

"Ugh, that idiot didn't kill Burizalor off?" The Bearer of Friendship snapped as he stood up and punched a table. Seething, he gritted his teeth. "I can't believe he was actually merciful toward that monster! What the hell was he thinking?"

Mimi backed off, giving Matt space to vent out. "...Matt..."

"And believe me I can sense an ominous presence closing in," Gabumon added.

Palmon concurred. "Me, too."

"But, Matt, how can we be sure it's Burizalor?" Mimi inquired. "He's supposed to be dead. They told us they found nothing left of Spira... right?"

"How should I know?" Matt nearly barked at Mimi. Then, he took a minute to relieve himself and cool off. "Sorry... I didn't mean to yell."

"It's ok. I was kinda expecting this reaction from you."

"Let's go then. We're off to Tokyo Bay, guys," the Bearer of Friendship said as he stormed through the back door. Gabumon marched forward to accompany him. The blonde-haired teen glanced over his shoulder, waiting for Mimi and Palmon. "You two coming?"

"Oh...! Yeah, we're coming!" The teen girl cried out as she picked up Palmon and hurried out toward the back door.

"HEY, MATT! WAIT! OUR REHEARSAL!" One of the band crew called out, but was immediately shut off by the closing door.


As Matt, Gabumon, Mimi, and Palmon reached a side corner, they happened to run into 16-year-old Joe and Gomamon unexpectedly.

"Hey, guys! Did you just get Izzy's message?" Joe was abruptly taken aback by his friends' arrival.

Gomamon smirked, noting how close Matt and Mimi were becoming. "Uh huh..."

"Yeah, we just got the word. It's really Burizalor," Matt said.

Mimi asserted. "Well, we can't be sure..."

"Why would I lie? Azulongmon said it best. He sensed an evil power was closing it. Who else could it be but Burizalor?"

Joe deduced. "Or, just another really strong enemy?"

"Don't be such a fool, Joe. Now, c'mon, the others are waiting for us!" The Bearer of Friendship barked.


Odaiba/Tokyo Bay/2:10 PM

The Digital Humans and BanchoLeomon didn't take long to sense Burizalor's approach. They all pivoted their heads and shot horrified looks toward the skies.

"No way..." Kara muttered.

Tike cursed. "Damn it! That bastard is still alive?"

The tension mounted amidst the group, who had gone out of their way vanquishing most of Burizalor's scattered bases. To realize their efforts were still in vain, they felt they had let down the Digi-Destined.

Keke frowned, balling her fists up. "After we've done for our friends!"

Sam added. "There's not just one, but two evil energies heading here!"

BanchoLeomon snarled, baring his teeth. "How could this be? Burizalor, just how did you manage this?"


Sovereign's Realm/2:13 PM

Sensing the dark power quickly approaching Earth's realm, the Holy Beasts ultimately remained in their posts, hoping Tai and Agumon reached the Earth soon. Upon realizing the tyrant wasn't slain, their greatest fears were realized. The endless speculation regarding Burizalor's whereabouts became crystal clear.

Gennai, now turned back to his youth following a viral removal procedure, stood by Azulongmon's position and faced the viewing orb. He collectively gathered as much background on where Burizalor was last seen and just happened to discover LadyMyotismon's home world.

"I didn't think it were possible, Azulongmon," Gennai proclaimed, conveying disdain in his voice. "The tyrant, who thought was slain, never ceased to exist. He's been recuperating and has gain a new enhancement. On top of that, he's managed to form an unholy alliance with LadyMyotismon, the older sibling of Myotismon."

"Our worst fears have been realized. If the Ascendant doesn't reach Earth in time... no... I can't imagine the unspeakable atrocities the tyrant will bring to the human world."

"Keke and the others are waiting for Tai's friends, but it just might be too late..." Gennai anxiously observed the orb, which displayed Tai and Agumon's spacecraft heading through time and space. "They're still not there yet." The orb switched to a full view of a mothership. This was the enemy ship heading toward Earth. "No... they're about to reach their world soon. Oh, great Holy Beasts... hope and pray... nothing befalls our friends."


Other World/X's Planet/2:15

The tension reached as far as X's realm. Like the others, he sensed the dreadful and atrocious power heading toward Earth's realm.

"Im-Impossible! I just can't be... Burizalor?" X gaped in shock. C'mon, Tai, Agumon, get home on the double! The darkest hour is vastly approaching!


Time and Space Dimension between Eastern Digital World and Earth/LadyMyotismon's Mothership/2:17 PM

Moving across time and space in Slider fashion, the mothership cruised through and headed directly for their next destination: Earth's realm.

Inside the nose of the spaceship, an ominous figure was concealed behind a black cloak. The figure's eyes burned an intense red as he eyed Earth's position through a visual feed.

The snake-like, devilish voice permeated from the cloaked figure. "There it is, milady. Planet Earth." He stuck a hand through a sleeve as it rotated like a winding robotic limb. "It seems we'll be getting there faster than the Ascendant who did this to me." Behind the hood, an evil smile curved over a pair of black lips.

LadyMyotismon lounged back in her chair and viewed Earth on the visual feed. "Such a small world. I can't believe my dearest brother tried conquering it twice. What was he thinking? My love, you can easily destroy it in one fell swoop."

"Oh, but that would be too anti-climatic, milady," the cloaked figure pulled off his cloak outfit and unveiled himself. It was indeed Burizalor with a newly reconstructed cybernetic body. Nearly 60 percent of his whole body had to be reconstructed, replacing limbs and replacing lost organs with cybernetic parts to sustain his life. The metal was a rare form of space chrome digizoid reconfigured for medical research. It was greatly enhanced by LadyMyotismon's engineers to suit Burizalor's new body. Standing behind LadyMyotismon, Myotismon's sister was twice as large as her lover. "I want to show Taichi the new and improved me."

"And right on schedule," LadyMyotismon chimed in, reading a radar displaying a beacon hurtling through another vortex dimension. "The Ascendant and his pet are reaching their destination back home."

Burizalor chortled, observing the screen. Heh, heh, yes, I can see you right on radar. You're also heading toward Earth. Chortling, he hefted his right hand and boasted loudly. "AND WE WILL SEE WHO THE STRONGEST IN THE DIGIVERSE TRULY IS!"


Earth/Odaiba/Tokyo Bay/2:30 PM

As they arrived in less than an hour, the New Digi-Destined reached the bay side and hurried to where the warriors stood. The Digital Humans and BanchoLeomon raced up to the group as everyone stood in an amassed group. It didn't take long for Sora, Biyomon, Izzy, and Tentomon to make their timely arrivals.

"So, is it true?" Kari asked as she ran up to Keke and Sam. "Is...?"

Nodding, Sam sighed grimly. "The tyrant and another powerful enemy will be touching down here soon."

"Damn it all!" TK cursed.

Yolei turned toward Sam, immediately becoming infatuated with his presence. "Oh, wow... you're a cutie..."

Ken blinked as he watched the purple-haired girl walk up to Sam. "Wait! Yolei!"

"Hello, have we met?" Yolei asked Sam.

The purple-haired teen chuckled nervously. "You could say that..." He blushed and scratched his head awkwardly.

Keke coughed. "Sam, we've got important business to deal with."

"Sam? That's odd," Ken said. "You have the namesake of my late-brother."

The Digital Humans looked at one another, quickly reminded of another monster they've had to deal with in their original universe. Hearing Ken bring up his brother brought uneasiness toward them. Ken was befuddled as to why mentioning his brother bothered them.

"Hello, Davis!" David said as he walked up and shook Davis' hands. "Nice to meet you!"

"Uh, hey, kid... don't suppose we met?" Davis blinked in befuddlement.

"Well, let's just say you will get to know me better in the future."

"Huh. I don't know what you mean, but you sound like a good kid."

Tike and Kara sighed in unison. "David... ever heard of low profile?"

"Look, guys. We've got important work to do," Keke immediately addressed to everyone.

Sora interjected as she entered the conversation. "You got that right. So, we're dealing with the return of Burizalor."

"Heck, after we kicked Demon and BelialMyotismon's butts last month, I think we can take on the world!" Davis gloated.

Sam quickly shot down Davis' confidence. "No, you haven't! Demon and BelialMyotismon may have been great threats to your group. Burizalor is a completely different beast! Their powers combined don't compare to this monster's."

"Demon and BelialMyotismon are lightweights compared to this guy," Tike added.

Kara nodded. "Believe me. We've been there and live to tell about his horrible deeds."

Veemon gulped. "Uh, hoo boy, Davish. I think we might be over our heads."

Cody added. "And he's been spending on this time waiting for the right moment to attack us?"

"His activities until now have been low profile," BanchoLeomon affirmed. "No doubt he's chosen now to attack since Tai and Agumon are coming here."

"Talk about auspicious timing for Burizalor," quipped Izzy.

"If that's bad enough, there's another powerful energy joining Burizalor," Keke revealed.

"Another one?" Tentomon exclaimed.

TK shuddered with disgust. "Great, so he's bringing back-up."

"Not just any back-up. LadyMyotismon, Myotismon's older sibling, is coming here, presumably to avenge her fallen brother," Sam said. "So, we have two superpowers to engage."

"Two, including Burizalor?" Gatomon muttered. "Sheesh, we're gonna need to pull out all the stops then."

"Imperialdramon, Seraphimon, Ophanimon, Silphymon, Shakkoumon, and you guys should be enough firepower," Yolei blatantly pointed out. "I mean, I doubt Burizalor can stand up to that much strength."

The Digital Humans sadly couldn't disagree more. Their faces conveyed appropriately distressed looks, which didn't get Yolei's hopes too high.

"With all due respect, Yolei, our Digimon, even in their highest forms, will need more than a miracle to pull this off," Kari simply put it. "Sora, Biyomon, Izzy, Tentomon, TK, Patamon, Gatomon, and me know what Burizalor's capable of. You and the others don't. You guys will know true horror with this monster."

Davis clenched his fists tight and protested. "Then, I'm ready to meet this jerk head-on! Right, guys?"

Yolei and Cody were both on edge.

"I'm with you, Davis," Ken spoke up.

Just then, the group noticed Matt, Gabumon, Mimi, Palmon, Joe, and Gomamon running toward their direction.

"About time," Keke murmured.

TK nodded. "Now, the whole gang's here. We better plan out our counterstrike and fast."

Kari stared toward the skies and prayed. Tai, Agumon, c'mon, what's taking you two?


Time and Space Dimension between Eastern Digital World and Earth/LadyMyotismon's Mothership/2:33 PM

Observing another visual close-up for Earth, Lady Myotismon held a glass of red wine, patiently waiting for their forthcoming incursion. She sipped her wine and smiled seductively, licking the wine from her fangs.

"Ah, really. While Earth is filled with humans suitable to enslave, they don't have much as far as resources go. Who knows? Perhaps by visiting their world, we might some value to it. You realize we'll be touching down Earth long before the Ascendant, my love?"

Burizalor remained silent through LadyMyotismon's monologues. "..."

"First Shadramon attempts to revive your empire using a human as a puppet to reclaim control of Azulongmon's Digital World. He fails and the Digimon Emperor shifted sides. On top of that, your dearest father, Mutalior, was slain by the Ascendant three years prior. And just now my brother was killed by the Chosen. I have to say, I'm quite intrigued with the Chosen and how far they've managed to persevere against all odds. But, I'm afraid their luck has run out. Without the Ascendant there, they will fall to us, my love."

Tuning out LadyMyotismon, Burizalor's fractured mind reflected to his immediate defeat at Omega X's hand. The humiliation of his untimely defeat against Omega X didn't sit in well and caused Burizalor's cybernetic body to fizzle. The amassed soldiers aboard backed away with fright.

Unfazed by Burizalor's tense mood, LadyMyotismon chortled. "You really are anxious to get your hands on him, my love. Patience. We will get there soon."

"Me? Anxious?" Burizalor smirked as red electrical sparks fizzled around him. "Fufufu, yes, you could say that."

The mothership made its routine breach through the vortex, which would lead them into the Earth's realm. An Astamon soldier approached LadyMyotismon's throne and reported.

"Lord Burizalor, your highness, we're about to breach Earth."


Earth/Odaiba/Tokyo Bay/2:35 PM

"So, he's touching down at these exact coordinates?" Matt asked Keke and her group. He turned and watched Gabumon simply nod. "Then, there's no room for mistakes."

"We have to hit Burizalor and his new pal hard with all we've got," TK proclaimed.

Davis replied. "Right then. Hear that guys?"

Cody and Yolei nodded in response. "Yeah."

"And we have to suppress our Ki for now, guys," Sam suggested to his crew. "Every fighter and Digimon suppress your energies, because these guys will have scouters to trace your positions!"

"Good point about the scouters," the Bearer of Friendship pointed out. "They're sensitive and can lock onto any visible K across a whole planet."

"And we have to keep them away from the city!" Sora said.

"Then, it's agreed. We give this one our all and delay them until Omega X gets here," Keke stated, facing her team. "We'll Magna evolve like always."

The Digital Humans crew out their D-Vices. "Right!"

"Mimi," Palmon whispered as she walked up to her partner. "I just wanted to say..."

"What?" The pink-haired teen turned as she knelt down to Palmon's eye level.

"If this has to be our last fight..."

"Don't say that. If we die, we'll be with everyone else here."

Sora overheard Palmon and Mimi's exchange as she placed a hand against her chest. She reflected to her own death, as temporary as it was. "Tai..."

Suddenly, BanchoLeomon whirled around and roared out to the assembled team. "THEY'RE HERE!"

All eyes quickly shifted to the skies above them. They watched as a vortex, several hundreds of feet in diameters, opened up as a large mothership hung over them. The mothership sent a powerful wave of energy, which swept across Odaiba and screwed around with anything technology-based. Parts of Tokyo's power went out while cell phones began buzzing loudly. Data encrypted codes materialized across big screens and billboard displays. Even television and radio feeds were temporarily losing transmissions.

The Digi-Destined, their Digimon, the Digital Humans, and BanchoLeomon followed the mothership as it swept over the opposite side of the bay. It passed over and headed toward a more spacious section of the bay. Their natural reactions conveyed fear, distress, and anxiousness. It's not everyday when you realize your biggest enemy ever rose back from the grave and beyond to exact their revenge. But, in Davis, Yolei, Cody, Ken, and their Digimon's case, they're facing the tyrant that ravaged nearly the whole Digiverse.

The spacecraft descended behind a large assorted wall of rocks.

"Over there," Ken murmured as his whole body shook.

Wormmon gulped. "Ken... I sense a powerful evil from that ship... bigger than anything we've faced."

"Yeah, I definitely recognize this power," Gatomon hissed, baring her teeth and claws. "He's really back."

Everyone watched as Kari sank to her knees with her hands over her face.

"Kari!" Davis and TK cried out, tending to their quivering friend.

Kari mumbled. "Burizalor really is here... his darkness... is just as evil as before! And there is someone else with him!"

"Yeah, LadyMyotismon," Keke affirmed.

Matt whirled around, barking at everyone. "None of you attempt to unleash your energies or fly!" He turned toward the Digital Humans and BanchoLeomon. "That does double for you, too!"

"We get it. The scouters," said Sam.

"Seriously? Are we really going to fight someone that powerful?" Yolei immediately reconsidered, stepping away. "I mean... if he's more powerful than Demon, BelialMyotismon, and the other bad guys we faced. What's the point of us facing him and possibly losing our lives? We're throwing our lives out there!"

Hawkmon looked up to his frightened partner. "Yolei..."

Cody shook his head. "Yolei's right..."

Armadillomon tried to console Cody. "C'mon now, we're all in this together."

"Yolei," Sam said as he walked up to the purple-haired girl. "Listen, we're all fighting this together. The team needs to be stand united, not divided. Do you want to live with the fact you've abandoned your friends and left them to die?"

"No, of course not! But..."

"We need everyone or else this world is gone forever," Sam said.

Tearing up, Yolei turned her head away. "...don't treat me like I'm some coward. I'll come."

"Thanks, Yolei," the purple-haired boy smiled. "We'll protect you and the others while the fighting is going on."

Yolei nodded as she looked up at Sam closely. Her observant eyes picked up on his purple hair and his facial features. Is it just me, or does he look like...? Nah, I'm just seeing things!

"It's true we're facing an enemy like none other, but there's always hope on our side," TK said. "And I want to put my hopes that we stop Burizalor before Tai and Agumon arrive."

Keke firmly nodded. "Or, delay him before those two get here. We can do this. We just have to put our minds together and utilize a united front against a common enemy."

"That's how we defeated BelialMyotismon," Davis said. "And it'll work against this Buriza-whatever and his friend."

"Two of them and a fleet of soldiers against us?" BanchoLeomon added. "The final outcome is anyone's guess, but let's make it so we come out alive. Running away at this point won't do anyone any good."

Matt turned and blatantly told everyone flat-out with no restraint. "If we run, it's not only hopeless for us... it will truly be the end of our world."


LadyMyotismon's Mothership/2:39 PM

The Astamon soldier confirmed. "Milady, Lord Burizalor, we've at last landed. We are on Earth."

LadyMyotismon stood from her throne and stepped forward with Burizalor by her side. Both slowly ascended through the roof of the ship whilst the soldier fleet immediately filed out of the mothership.

"Ready to settle this, my love?"

The cruel tyrant smirked evilly, eager to step foot onto Earth for the first time. "I, Lord Burizalor, will be Planet Earth's harbinger of death. May the end of Taichi's world be at hand. By my hand alone."


The fleet of 25 soldiers lined outside the mothership, awaiting for further instructions from LadyMyotismon and Burizalor. The two warlords ascended through the rooftop and landed in front of the fleet. Burizalor stepped forward and surveyed the beautiful bay. He glanced forward and caught a glimpse of Tokyo in the distance. Breathing in the air, he calmly sighed and wore a serene smile while maintaining malicious thoughts in mind.

"Planet Earth, not so bad," Burizalor murmured.

LadyMyotismon quickly asserted. "Yes, it's nice. Luckily, exposure to a sun doesn't effect me the slightest. Anyhow, we have three hours until the Ascendant arrives. Are you sure you want to wait, Burizalor?"

"But, of course, milady," the tyrant walked forward. "I want Taichi to suffer when he gets here. First, I'll exercise an extermination of every Earthling. There's quite a lot of them, but three hours should be plenty for us to wipe them all out, including all of his friends." He chuckled and then he bawled out laughing like the madman he truly was. "Hahaha, won't he be happy? Taichi and his pet will become mortified to see not only his friends and every human dead, but they'll realize that I've returned... FROM THE DEPTHS OF HELL TO GET REVENGE ON THEM!"

The evil mistress nodded. "I personally don't care for the Earthlings, but we must eliminate the Ascendant at any cost. To avenge my brother and your father, our clans must maintain their absolute sovereignty in the Digiverse. This will send a message to the Holy Beasts."

"With the two of us here, it will be no trouble. I could do it by myself since I've become more powerful since becoming enhanced. Milady, you just sit back and let me find Taichi's friends first."

"Do as you wish, my love," LadyMyotismon said. "This will be a splendid show."

"NOW GUYS!" The cries of Matt, Davis, TK, and Keke emanated from the other side of the wall of rocks.

Burizalor and LadyMyotismon quickly turned their view as bright flashes of light emanated across the bay.

"Heh, right on cue," the tyrant smirked.

"Gabumon... MEGA SHINKA! ZeedGarurumon!"

"Veemon... SHINKA! XVeemon!/XVeemon... CHOU SHINKA! Paildramon!"

"Wormmon... SHINKA! Stingmon!/Stingmon... CHOU SHINKA! JewelBeemon!"

"Paildramon/JewelBeemon... JOGRESS SHINKA! Imperialdramon!/Imperialdramon... MODE CHANGE! Fighter Mode!"

"Hawkmon... SHINKA! Aquillamon!/Aquillamon... CHOU SHINKA! Silphymon!"

"Armadillomon... SHINKA! Ankylomon!/Ankylomon... CHOU SHINKA! Shakkoumon!"

"Patamon... MEGA SHINKA! Seraphimon!"

"Gatomon... MEGA SHINKA! Ophanimon!"

"Biyomon... SHINKA! Birdramon!/Birdramon... CHOU SHINKA! Garudamon!"

"Tentomon... SHINKA! Kabuterimon!/Kabuterimon... CHOU SHINKA! MegaKabuterimon!"

"Palmon... SHINKA! Togemon!/Togemon... CHOU SHINKA! Lillymon!"

"Gomamon... SHINKA! Ikkakumon!/Ikkakumon... CHOU SHINKA! Zudomon!"

"Magna Digivolve... ACTIVATE!"






"Hoo-hum," Burizalor maintained his calm demeanor despite the overwhelming odds stacked against him. He eyed the amassed army led by the Chosen to stop his incursion. He took note of the Digi-Destined and the Magna warriors facing him. He stifled a small laugh. "Oh, look. A bunch of familiar faces and a few new faces. Fufufu, so I take this is your last ditch effort to thwart my invasion of your world?"

Matt frowned. "Bastard. We're finishing you since that idiot didn't get the job done."

MetalLilamon heated pointed toward Burizalor. "I doubt even you can survive against these odds, Burizalor!"

"WHOO, MAN! Omega X did a REAL number on ya, Burizalor!" ArchAngemon called out.

Seraphimmon laughed. "He WHOOPED your ass and look at you now!"

Davis stepped forward and chastised the tyrant. "You're facing all of us now! By the way, nice to meet you, the name's Davis Motomiya!"

Blah, blah, there they go again. All these heroic banters are so irritating. But, this boy sort of resembles Taichi. Is this his successor? Humph, well who cares? He's an upstart. Burizalor mentally noted as he shifted back to the situation at hand. "How cute. Just like Taichi, you wear the trademark goggles and banter on how you're going to defeat me. So predictable. You and Taichi think and act on the same wavelengths."

"I'm not Tai. I'm Davis..."

"Whatever, you're no Ascendant like Taichi," Burizalor chortled as he lifted his finger toward Davis. "You're just a dust mite. Be gone." With that, he fired a beam, which hurtled toward Davis.

Imperialdramon Fighter Mode moved in to stop the beam. FlareVeemon quickly threw himself in front of Davis and batted the beam aside.

"AUGH!" Davis cried out as he fell back in shock. "Da... David?"

"Are you ok, Davis?" FlareVeemon asked, turning around as he checked over the preteen.

"Yeah... thanks David..."

Imperialdramon FM growled deeply as he eyed Burizalor. "You'll pay for that! No one does that to Davis!"

"Burizalor, you can't beat all of us at once!" TK called out against the tyrant's actions. "Surrender now!"

"No, I see what you're doing," Burizalor added. "You're trying to delay until the Ascendant arrives. I won't have none of that." With a snap of his fingers, a large cannon resembling Imperialdramon's mounted on his back. In addition, a belt equipped with explosive materialized around his waist. Razor explosives quickly became attached down the length of his long tail. "You might have numbers, but I've come well-equipped, Chosen!" Hefting his right hand, he brought the cannon over his right shoulder. "DO YOUR WORST!"

"ENGAGE, EVERYONE!" Matt howled as the Digimon and the Magna warriors initiated their counterstrike against the enhanced tyrant.

Imperialdramon, Silphymon, and Shakkoumon hastily flew forward to engage the tyrant, who jumped into the air and positioned his cannon toward the trio. The first to attack, Silphymon cupped his hands together and fired a red energy ball at Burizalor.

"Static Force!"

Shakkoumon fired beams through his eyes. "Justice Beam!"

"Sphere Bombs!" Burizalor countered as the spheres attached to his waist disassembled and impacted the Digimon's attacks. Two explosions followed as his bombs nullified their attacks. He launched forward, landing a kick to Silphymon's face and sent him plunging into the shore. He turned as his left robotic hand disassembled and fire a beam toward Shakkoumon, blasting the angel-winged teacup away. His left hand reassembled, switching out with the cannon. "Humph, this is mere child's play!"

Yolei screamed, quickly sinking to her knees. "No... Silphymon!"

"He... he easily beat Silphymon and Shakkoumon? How?" Cody stammered, quivering at the terror of Burizalor's strength.

Silphymon groaned, barely able to sit up. "His... strikes... are so painful... even with my armored body... he was able to pulverize me."

"And his movements were so rapid," Silphymon moaned. "Sorry, Cody..."

As a large shadow towered over him, the villain caught Imperialdramon pointed his mounted armed cannon at the tyrant.

"Positron Laser!"

Burizalor cackled and immediately launched a beam through his mounted cannon. "Breezer Cannon... FIRE!"


Both attacks collided, but Burizalor's beam overpowered Imperialdramon's and knocked the behemoth back. Burizalor rocketed forward at blinding speed and landed a kick, which dazed the behemoth and caused him to stagger back. The tyrant jetted up and pulverized Imperialdramon with a headbutt, making him to collapse on his back.

"Augh! No! Imperialdramon!" Davis shouted in horror.

Ken cried out. "Imperialdramon! Get up!"

"Is that all you've got? How tedious!" The tyrant boasted, laughing over Imperialdramon, Silphymon, and Shakkoumon's defeated forms. As Burizalor descended, he turned, catching Seraphimon and Ophanimon converging their attacks toward his direction.

"Strike of the Seven Stars!"

"Eden's Javelin!"

Burizalor thrust both hands at both sides, abruptly catching both attacks. He flung and 'force pushed' the attacks, redirecting them toward the angels. Both Seraphimon and Ophanimon were knocked away after their attacks struck them.

TK and Kari cried in unison. "Seraphimon! Ophanimon!"

Seraphimon muttered as he stirred. "His attacks are much... fiercer than before..."

He watched as Lillymon, Garudamon, and MegaKabuterimon launched their attacks simultaneously, converging them on Burizalor's path.

"Flower Cannon!"

"Wing Blade!"

"Horn Buster!"

The mechanized villain scoffed as both sides of his hips disassembled, unveiling a set of smaller laser cannons. The cannons opened fire, converging their blasts forward and launched a two massive beams that cut through the Digimon's attacks at once. Before he realized it, MetalLilamon and NinjaStingmon raced up behind him. He turned as MetalLilamon threw her whip to ensnare him. The tyrant opened his right hand and pushed MetalLilamon back with an energy beam. He whirled around, catching NinjaStingmon with a tail whip that sent him sailing through a set of rocks. He pivoted his large cannon and fired a large guided beam at the Digimon trio.

"Breezer Cannon... FIRE!" The tyrant roared as the beam knocked Lillymon, Garudamon, and MegaKabuterimon out of their aerial positions. Feeling Zudomon's approach, Burizalor didn't bother to turn and brought an elbow back, landing a vicious elbow shot into Zudomon's stomach. Zudomon's face contorted in pain as he dropped his Thor's Hammer and sank to his knees. Burizalor turned and kicked Zudomon's face, sending him hurtling into a rock. "Next." He shifted his view as Seraphimmon, ArchAngemon, and FlareVeemon attacked him in unison. He evaded their flurry of punches and weapon strikes, causing them to aimlessly miss him. "Well, well, if it isn't the little brats! I see you haven't lost your step!"

"You'll be missing a lot more than we're done with ya!" FlareVeemon shouted as he fiercely punched and kicked at the tyrant.

ArchAngemon shouted. "Hold still, ya bastard!"

Seraphimmon cried out. "Take this!" As she threw a punch, Burizalor caught her fist and whipped her back with his tail. He opened his right hand and blasted both young boys back. "Heh, too easy. I can't believe how utterly easy it's been and these enhancements are certainly worth it!" As he gloated, unbeknownst to him, BanchoLeomon jumped down from behind and brought down his Dankon sword over the mechanized villain's head.

"King Lion!"

Before BanchoLeomon's attack landed, Burizalor flickered out from view.


BanchoLeomon slightly doubled over as Burizalor reappeared with an elbow buried in the brave warrior's abdomen.

"What was that just now? I was just mulling over my next tactic and you so rudely interrupted me."

"You.. won't win..."

"Another generic heroic banter. Got anything else to say before I kill you?"

"THIS!" BanchoLeomon bellowed, quickly gaining a second wind and hefted his right hand. "Flash Bantyo Punch!" Channeling his fighting spirit, he drove his Ki-imbued fist into Burizalor.

Burizalor caught the warrior's fist and landed a tail whip, sending BanchoLeomon sailing across the shore.

"How boring. Who's left?" Burizalor muttered as ZeedGarurumon landed behind him.

"GET HIM, ZEEDGARURUMON!" Matt hollered from the background.

"Ah yes, Yamato's pet. How could I have forgotten about you?" Burizalor calmly turned and watched ZeedGarurumon gliding up at blinding speed. ZeedGarurumon managed to slam right into Burizalor and pushed him across Tokyo Bay in the distance. Chortling deeply, Burizalor flickered from view.

"NO!" ZeedGarurumon turned as he caught Burizalor hovering over him. "Blowback Breath!" He expelled a powerful blast, which exploded around Burizalor's position, catching him with a series of explosions that reverberated and dotted across the skies. He turned and followed Burizalor, who coasted through the air. "COME HERE!" He howled and jetted in pursuit of Burizalor. As he closed in, ZeedGarurumon launched simultaneous missiles and laser projectiles that blasted around Burizalor. "Fullmetal Blaze!"

Suddenly, Burizalor vanished from ZeedGarurumon's vantage point. This quickly threw the metallic wolf off as Burizalor reappeared and hovered over ZeedGarurumon.

As ZeedGarurumon turned, a beam blasted through his right shoulder.

"Death Beam!"

One shot cut off ZeedGarurumon's momentum and sent him plunging toward the beach.

"NO! ZEEDGARURUMON!" Matt cried out as he hurried toward his partner. He angrily glared up at Burizalor and cursed. "Bastard!"

"Don't be like that, my former disciple," Burizalor chortled, descending on the beach. "I'll give you another chance to join me."

"Get bent. I'm not kissing your ass anymore."

"The kind of answer I'd expect from an ape," the tyrant smirked as he backhanded Matt down and left him laying next to ZeedGarurumon.

"MATT! NO!" TK shouted as he raced across the beach.

"TK!" Kari shouted as she and Davis hurried to stop the Bearer of Hope.

Matt barked out toward TK and the others. "STAY BACK! DON'T EVEN COME NEAR!"

"MATT!" MetalLilamon cried out as she raced to where Matt was laying.

Burizalor turned his view as he noted MetalLilamon and the Magna warriors were gliding toward the others. He flickered and reappeared, quickly obstructing the Magna warriors' paths.

"Going somewhere, young warriors?" The tyrant chortled as he pressed a switch on his left hip. "You five have been a thorn on my side. I've just got the solution to get rid of those Magna powers of yours." With that, he pulled out a black orb from his belt. He crushed it in his palm, shattering the orb into five smaller ones. "Have these!" He flung the orbs toward the Magna warriors and quickly targeted their D-Vices.

"No! He's using the Warlord's tactic!" NinjaStingmon shouted.

"Move!" Seraphimmon cried out.

"Heh," Burizalor chuckled as he caught on their tactic and moved his right hand, swerving the orbs after the Magna warriors. "You can't escape!"

As the orbs homed in on their D-Vices, the black orbs entered their devices and infected them. The Magna warriors watched as their D-Vices turned black and lost access to their Magna Evolution powers. Each warrior turned back to normal, bringing shock and distress to the Digi-Destined.

"Ah, that takes care of that," Burizalor chortled. "Now, you can't utilize your Magna forms anymore. Those orbs contain a virus that blocks out access to your Magna powers. Sorry, but I forgot to mention this as one of the new toys incorporated into my enhanced body."

Tike scowled. "With or without our Magna powers, we can still fight ya!"

"Yes, but I doubt you can beat me without them," the tyrant corrected the child.

"C'mon, we're gonna finish this!" Sam exclaimed as he and his friends surrounded Burizalor.

As the five warriors converged head-on from all angles, Burizalor merely threw his right hand and 'force pushed' Kara back. He turned and tail whipped Tike aside. He grabbed David and threw him into a wall. He caught Sam with a backhanded fist. Then, he caught and rung Keke by her neck with his tail. He yanked her forward and landed a gut punch, making her double over and fall in excruciating pain.

"And the dust mites have fallen," Burizalor muttered as he shifted his focus back on the Digi-Destined and their Digimon. "You're all that's left, Chosen."

"He... He just flat out beat them!" Davis exclaimed. "This guy is... just... on a whole different league than we are!"

"He just took their Magna powers away and utterly annihilated them!" Joe exclaimed. "Now what...?"

TK shook his head. "No... it just can't end here!"

Sora, Mimi, and Izzy tended to their Digimon while realizing how futile their efforts had been with Burizalor. The renewed tyrant returned with a vengeance and served a beatdown, which none of them would ever forget. The tyrant's new unspeakable power was staggering. None could've seen this coming. Burizalor came well-equipped and prepared, utilizing his new enhanced abilities to overpower his enemies.

Dismayed, Kari sank to her knees and cried. "...no... this just can't be! After all that..."

"We couldn't even put a dent on him!" TK said.

Matt gritted his teeth as he tried to stand. "Burizalor... you came well prepared for us... clever bastard. You've won... do what you want."

"Hey! How could you say, Matt?" Davis called out on Matt's remark.

"But, you'll have to do it... by killing me first!" The Bearer of Friendship admirably declared.

Burizalor folded his arms, shaking his head in irritation. "Yamato, you're a glutton for death. I'll be gladly to kill you again, my former subject."

"Matt... no..." Keke mumbled as she struggled to move."Matt... get out of there!"

Mimi gasped as she saw Matt dropping his guard. "Matt...? MATT! GET OUT OF THERE!"

Suddenly, an impatient Lady Myotismon interjected during the exchange. "My love, let's dispense of these foolhardy children and their pets. We came here to destroy the Ascendant and none of these insects are an Ascendant."

Burizalor snorted. "Ah, but I was just having fun. You and your cohorts can begin slaughtering the human population. I'll join you later." He shifted and fixated a terrifying gaze to the Digi-Destined. "I won't leave here until Taichi get here. After all, we have an old score to settle."

LadyMyotismon nodded. "So be it." She called out to the fleet assembled behind her. "Soldiers, spread out and began exterminating the humans in that city across the ocean! I, LadyMyotismon, command you!"

"YES MILADY!" The fleet roared out in unison.

"They're gonna attack our home!" Izzy cried out.

"Our families!" Yolei screamed.

Cody quivered with utter fright and contempt. "These monsters are sending soldiers to kill those innocent people and our families?"


TK, Davis, and Kari quickly assembled in front of Matt as Burizalor glared them down.

"Four for the price of one? Fair enough," Burizalor smirked as he pointed a finger at their direction. "This makes my job easier."

"DAVIS! TK! KARI!" Sora cried.

Mimi turned away and covered her eyes. "NO!"

As 15 soldiers took off into the air, Burizalor gathered a beam of light at the tip of his finger.

"Be gone forever, Chosen."





Suddenly, in an unexpected turn of events, the 15 soldiers all dropped in a giant heap. Some were sliced into pieces as others fell with holes in their chests. The slain Digimon soldiers piled on the shores and became deleted. All eyes looked up in utter disbelief and shock as a human figure and a creature resembling a Pegasusmon descended from the air.

"WHAT THE HELL CAUSED THAT?" Matt exclaimed.

Yolei gawked, having witnessed the fallen Digimon been sliced into pieces. "Ugh, now that was gross! I'm gonna be sick!"

Cody frowned. "Whoever did it... killed all of those Digimon..."

Ken blinked thrice. "Look! Up there! There's someone coming down with..."

TK gasped. "A Pegasusmon?" Like mine?

Their questions were answered as a Pegasusmon descended on the shore with a teenage youth standing by his side. The mysterious short-haired, blond teen wore gray pants, yellow boots, and a blue long-sleeved vest coupled with a black muscle shirt underneath. The Crest of Hope was embroidered on the left side of his chest. The youth had a long strap-on sword sheath tied behind his back. The mysterious youth pierced a cold and intense glare toward Burizalor, LadyMyotismon, and the remaining 10 enemy soldiers.

A strong wind whistled by, brushing across the space between the villains and the mysterious, blonde-haired youth and the Pegasusmon.

The Digital Humans stirred as they looked ahead.

Keke weakly muttered. "...who is he?"

"Who... who is that?" Sora murmured, taken aback by the youth's sudden entrance.

Matt stared toward the teen. "...he's... facing Burizalor and his crew?"

Mimi blinked as she eyed the teen, muttering. "But, why...?"

Sheathing a long sword behind him, the youth stood his ground and shot a murderous glare the villainous duo.

Taken aback, Burizalor scoffed. "Can we help you with something, Earthling?"

The youth spoke calmly but with a hint of malice in his tone. "Burizalor, I'm here to kill you."


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