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Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 2, Act 1: Artificials

Episode 67: Another Time Pod! Izzy Uncovers a Mystery!


Odaiba District/Odaiba Notama Apartments/Kamiya Residence/#1306/1:42 PM

Everyone in Tai and Kari's room listened to TK recap everything that went down with the Artificials. From the fakes being destroyed, Metalla X's subsequent rise, Dimitri and Faith's return, the true Artificials' awakening, Jax disabling Datamon, BlackWarGreymon's reveal, and the Artificials' terrifying power.

TK aptly pointed out as he finished. "...so, according to Davis, David, and Veemon, these Artificials think killing Tai and Agumon is just some game to them."

Both Sora and Kari furrowed their brows, conveying their disdain for the Artificials' choice to turn their manhunt into a cruel and sick game for their own amusement.

"And th-they're that powerful?" Joe asked.

Gomamon gulped. "Makes me glad I didn't join in."

"I don't think talking down to them would've been wise," Biyomon said.

"They're way stronger than how Dimitri described to us about," Keke said as she turned toward her 'brother,' who sat on the floor with Faith in his arms.

"What are we going to do?" Kara wondered.

"Gee, I don't know," Gatomon remarked. "What are we supposed to do?"

"Uh, what about the electromagnetic pulse discharge thingy that Dimitri kept alluding to?" Palmon pointed out.

Mimi blinked. "Where are supposed to find some of those?"

"And even if we get our hands on one of those, we'd need a clear shot of them," TK said. "And I doubt they're just going to stand there and let us take a free shot."

Dimitri offered an alternative solution. "Wh-What if I try this... I can go further into the past via my time pod and destroy them before they're activated. At least we know now where Datamon's lab is located."

Kara quickly got giddy with Dimitri's idea. "Hey, now THAT'S an idea!"

Keke interjected. "But, didn't you say your time pod was imperfect? Tai told us your time pod takes a while to charge up for a full trip back home. Right?"

"Uh... well..." The future Ascendant was abruptly left with nothing to say. Keke had pretty much had it covered and Dimitri's solution was immediately shot down for his own sake. "Will you even make it back to your future if you travel further into the past?"

Dimitri dismissively nodded. "That I can't tell you. I don't know."

Kari added. "Oh, but if Dimitri goes back further into the past and destroys the Artificials there... what's going to happen to them here in the present? Will they simply just vanish?"

The Ascendant from the future reasserted. "The future of that timeline would be saved from the Artificials, but there'd be no changes made to this specific timeline, where they already exist."

"What do you mean?" Gatomon inquired.

"Well, let me explain it in layman's terms," Dimitri stated as he set Faith down beside Patamon, as they greeted each other with smiles and head rubs. "Your Taichi and Agumon were saved by the medicine I brought from my future. But in my time, Tai and Agumon passed away. In other words, there's both a future in which Tai and Agumon died... and one in which they lived. Each change in the past gives birth to a new future."

"Wait a sec," Cody intervened. "Then, even if we defeat the Artificials here, wouldn't they still exist in your time?"

"Unfortunately, yes."

"Then, what was the point of you even coming to the past?" Patamon asked. "Don't take this as an offense, but I'm curious."

"Yeah, I mean, your future isn't going to change any," Kara said.

With that, Dimitri turned his view toward Mimi, who blinked in befuddlement. He pointed toward Mimi as all eyes fell on her."

"It was you, Mimi," Dimitri said, causing the Bearer of Sincerity to directly point to herself. "You said to me specifically, 'It was horrible what the Artificials did to us. My friends, your father, your uncle, and every innocent soul have lost their lives because of these monsters' senseless and violent actions. There needs to be a peaceful future where they no longer exist. Nothing can be done here, but we can prevent it from happening in the past where I'm still with my friends.'"

Upon hearing this, Mimi couldn't help but smile, agreeing with what her alternate future counterpart.

"And by going to the past, I could discern their weaknesses by watching them fight Tai and the others. And if that didn't work, then perhaps I could bring Tai and Agumon to our time via the time pod, but I've come to a past that's slightly off track from the one I know. Tai and Agumon caught the virus much differently, I've come to know the identity of the third Artificial and one I wasn't expecting, and these Artificials are far stronger than the ones in my time."

"But, why is it so different?" Kari asked.

Dimitri sighed deeply, unwilling to give a concrete answer through the sea of vagueness surrounding this era. "I can't say. What changed? Is it because I used the time pod before...?"

Suddenly, Dimitri felt Mimi's hand over his as he turned and saw her crawling up in front of him.

"I don't think it matters. I'm just glad you came," Mimi smiled with eyes brimming with passionate tears. "I couldn't agree with my future self more than to see a peaceful future."

Sora spoke up as she turned toward Tai and Agumon. "Please don't worry yourself, Dimitri. These two would've been long gone if you and Faith hadn't come. For that, we're all thankful and you couldn't have arrived at a better time."

"Don't you worry! Everything will work out this time!" Kara boasted. "Once we get done training and getting those electromag-whatevers, we're gonna blow them away!"

"But, there's also the matter of getting BW back his memories, guys," X spoke up as he barged right in and listened to their conversation. "Dimitri, we also need to figure out how we'll need to disable and jog BlackWarGreymon's memories."

"He's supposed to be your friend, am I correct?"

"He is, and if you don't helping us in any way you could."

Dimitri nodded as he walked up to X and shook his hand. "I'll do what I can, X."

"Thank you."

Kara smiled as she stood up and stretched. "Whew, man, I'm about ready to get off my toes!"

"We're about to head out very soon, everyone," X said. "Once Tai and Kari's parents return, we'll relocate with Tai and Agumon."

"GUYS! GET OVER HERE IN THE LIVING ROOM! QUICK!" Sam's voice echoed out from the living room, which reached everyone in the Kamiya siblings' shared room. All, except Sora and Biyomon, quickly bolted out of the room and headed to where the techies awaited them.


Mt. Hiei/1:45 PM

Hovering in the background and away from the famous Mt. Hiei, Metalla X was in deep meditation as mulled over his options. However, his burning anger over his loss continued to consume him internally. All he could hear were the rampant voices of Sonja's seductive yet condescending tone ringing in his mind clarified.

Curious, is Taichi stronger than you?

I really don't need to worry about either of you.

Seething with anger, Metalla X bellowed like no tomorrow as a golden pillar of light shot out of his aura and pierced through the skies, which reached past the heavens. His bellowing roars blasted through the skies as even Mt. Hiei in the background trembled behind his force. He powered down subsequently while cooling himself down and trying to keep a certain degree of restraint to himself.

"This can't be happening!" Metalla X exclaimed, clenching his fists tightly. "Isn't the Ascendant supposed to be invincible? How did that even happen? That was humiliating!" Taking a few deep breaths, he recollected his fury. "I am Yamato! Now having become an Ascendant, I should be the strongest in two worlds! Is it because they're Artificials... who run on unlimited power...? Is this the best I can do? NO!" He shouted and gritted his teeth. "This is just the first step! No matter how strong an enemy might become, I WILL raise and triumph over him or her! I will... they'll see. First, I'll dispatch that bitch and those two Artificials... and then after them, Tai, Omega X, you'll be next."

'Don't get your hopes up, Yamato. There are far more dangerous enemies you might not even be aware of, even stronger than perhaps Ascendants.'

And I'm going to prove you wrong, Matty boy. I WILL aim to achieve more power! Now, you shut up while I go to work.


40 Miles from Kyoto/1:48 PM

On their pursuit to hunt for Tai and Agumon, the Artificial twins were on the road and nearing Kyoto, the site where their creator and his subordinates attacked. In no real hurry, Jax leisurely took all the time to enjoy the beautiful scenery while Sonja leaned back in her passenger's seat with a sullen and bored look.

"Say, Jax, do you even know where Taichi and Agumon live?"

"We'll find out something eventually."

Sonja scoffed. "You seriously have no idea, do you? Ugh, this is going to take forever."

Suddenly, BlackWarGreymon's eyes gleamed as his scanners traced the address location of Tai and Agumon's current residence.

He confirmed the exact coordinates for the twins. "Taichi Kamiya and Agumon live in the Odaiba Notama Apartments in room 1306. They're directly near the Odaiba Ferris Wheel."

Intrigued with the black-bodied Artificial's intricately descriptive location, Jax and Sonja gazed at each other in awe. Not one of them even had Tai's exact address incorporated into their bio-engineered minds.

"You sure do know a lot, BW!" Jax replied. "Did Datamon tell you this?"

"Affirmative. We can be there in a few minutes if we flew."

Sonja chortled. "Ugh, you're so right, BW, but we're stuck here taking a boring road trip."

"Lay it off already, sis. It's the little things in life that make them worthwhile."


Odaiba District/Odaiba Notama Apartments/Kamiya Residence/#1306/1:51 PM

After having read the e-mail from the anonymous source, everyone was left in disarray over the message. Could it be true? A hoax? A cruel prank by a File Island Digimon? Many were skeptical, but the likes of X, Dimitri, and the Digital Humans took this message more seriously than the others. Fortunately there was a photo of proof attached to the message, which could unravel an image of this new mystery.

"Do any of you buy, guys?" asked Joe.

Izzy kindly pointed out. "For a minute, I didn't, but I'm curious. I'm glad I didn't chunk it into the recycle bin."

"Download the image, so we can see it," Yolei said.

Sam nodded. "Go for it, Izzy."

"Right," the Bearer of Knowledge moved the cursor over the 'Download Attached File' option, which pulled up a download percentage box. As it went all the way to 100 percent, a photographic picture of something that caught Dimitri's eye, caused him to gape in shock.

"I-It can't be!" Dimitri stuttered, completely taken aback by the image.

Everyone else, completely floored, shared the same initial reaction to the revealed image.

"No way!" Tike exclaimed.

David shook his head. "T-That's...!"

Kara gaped. "It's...!"

"Dimitri, that's YOUR time pod!" Keke exclaimed as she whirled around and faced the time traveler.

"How is that possible?" Kari turned toward Dimitri.

TK scanned through the message. "This message implies that Elecmon was walking out to gather food for the babies in Primary Village. Upon his arrival in the forest, he reported to have seen a large abandoned vehicle. Elecmon claimed he was going to take it with him to his storage homes..."

"Yeah, but he couldn't figure out how to operate it," Izzy said. "This anonymous messenger is telling us, the Chosen, to come there to investigate it."

"It is Dimitri's time pod, but it looks absolutely wrecked!" Ken proclaimed.

"Gee, it looks like it's been there for a while," Davis scanned the image.

Veemon added. "Like it's been there for years or somethin'!"

"But, I've never recalled seeing it there when we were on File Island," Izzy promptly stated.

Checking over his capsule case, Dimitri revealed the capsules with all, including his time pod restored, within.

"I have my time pod here," Dimitri answered as he showed it to everyone, eliciting confused reactions.

Sam nodded."That's what we thought. This one has a bunch of moss and stuff already covering it. It looks to be old, like perhaps several years and having already been consumed by nature itself."

"Dimitri, how many time pods were constructed in your time?" The redhead techie inquired to the time traveler.

Dimitri bluntly answered. "Just one and we were able to secure it from Odaiba Technological Research, which was nearly left in ruins by the Artificials. It was an experimental device, which a few Digimon helped modify for me before I departed here."

"Well, this definitely is the same model," stated Yolei.

Hawkmon added. "Right, we've seen you and Faith in it before you left."

"Yeah, and no mistaking it, it's mine," Dimitri further discerned the time pod on the image. He watched as Izzy printed it out using Mr. Kamiya's printer. Izzy handed him the printed page, which he studied it more discreetly. "But, I just don't understand... does this anonymous source know where on File Island it's located?"

"According to the source, it's two miles off from the Primary Village," Tentomon asserted.

Keke turned and nodded to Dimitri. "You going?"

"Oh yes, I have to see this for myself!"

"Then, I'll go," she offered.


Kari stepped in along with Gatomon. "We'd like to come, too."

TK added. "Count me in!"

Davis interjected. "Me, too!"

Veemon and Patamon exclaimed altogether. "Us, too!"

"Hey, don't leave us out either!" Tike, David, and Kara shouted in unison.

"And me," Sam stepped in. "Izzy, you keep at it with that anonymous messenger and send him a reply. Tell him we're on our way there."

"Right on it!" Izzy said as he typed away a reply message.

Mimi walked up to Dimitri. "Can I come, too?"

"Mimi?" Dimitri turned as he nodded. "Sure thing."

"I have a question for you, Dimitri," Cody asked as he walked up to the time traveler. "Is there really just one time pod?"

"Yes, there is, Cody."

Armadillomon scratched his head. "Gee, then where in tarnation did this one come from?"

"Be careful, guys," Yolei advised everyone as she walked up and hugged Sam. "And you, especially watch yourself."

"We'll be ok, Yolei," the purple-haired teen reassured his mother.

As Izzy moved aside, Dimitri, Faith, Davis, Veemon, TK, Patamon, Kari, Gatomon, Mimi, Palmon, Keke, Sam, Tike, David, and Kara moved in as the Chosen held out their D-3s to the laptop screen.

"Digiport open!" Kari commanded as she and the whole group were sucked right through the screen, and being transported to File Island.

Mulling over the situation, there was one discrepancy that bothered Izzy.

"But, how did a time pod from Earth end up on File Island? In the Digiworld, no less?"

Ken bemused on this fact. "That's a good question."

The purple-haired girl speculated. "Might've been by sure chance? I don't know?"

Meanwhile, watching from the corner, X overheard the entire conversation and was just as puzzled with the new development. Whatever it may be, he and the others could find out very soon once the investigation on File Island carries over.


Digital World/File Island/Primary Village/1:56 PM

One minute they were in the Tai and Kari's apartments, the next minute the group found themselves standing near the Primary Island. TK, Patamon, Kari, Gatomon, Mimi, and Palmon were the first ones to recognize the baby Digimon village, but it was TK and Patamon who were smacked in the face with instantaneous nostalgia. Dimitri and the Digital Humans surveyed the area as they turned, noticing an amassed gathering of infant Digimon greeting them in chorus.


"HOW CUTE!" Mimi, Keke, and Kara squealed with joy as they hurried over to the infant Digimon.

Dimitri smiled as he watched the girls picking up and hugging the babies.

"This place brings back good memories," TK said. "Doesn't it, Patamon?"

"Yep!" Patamon chirped, excitedly flapping his wings. "This is where we first met Elecmon and we had our duel!"

"And you won."

"Sure did! And we earned his friendship!"

Davis followed Veemon as they saw Kari picking up a Botamon in her arms. "They're really friendly, aren't they?"

"Wanna hold him?" She offered the Botamon to the gogglehead, who reached over and picked him up.

"Hey, little guy...!" Davis blinked as he watched as a cloud of pink smoke engulfed the Botamon, which turned him into a Koromon. "Wha...?" The Koromon latched itself onto Davis' face, applying a kiss to him. "Mmmmhmmm!"

Giggling, Kari watched as the Koromon fell back into Davis' hands. "He sure likes you, Davis."

"Ah-ha, yeah..." He chuckled, shaking his head.

Dimitri addressed to everyone. "We need to find that anonymous messenger and get to the bottom of locating that time pod. The message implied it was a few miles off from here in a deep forest. We might want to get going."

"Say, Koromon, where did Elecmon go?" Patamon asked the child Digimon.

"He said he went over to check on that weird machine thing," Koromon used one of his long 'ears' to point toward the forest. "You can find him once you follow that trail."

"Thanks a bunch!" Tike and Kara exclaimed.

David nodded. "Right! Let's get going then!"

"Still got the photo, Dimitri?" Sam asked the time traveler.

Dimitri drew out the photo from his jacket. "Got here."

"Good, we'll recognize it with that," Keke stated.

Faith flew over by Dimitri's side and sniffed the air. "Yep, I smell Elecmon's scent heading this way. That Koromon was right on the money."

"Then, let's head off and follow guys," TK ordered as he and Patamon walked alongside Dimitri and Faith. Trailing not too far behind them were Kari, Gatomon, Mimi, Palmon, Keke, Sam, Tike, Kara, and David.

The amassed group quickly headed down and paced through the long pass, which led into the forest. They were already far off from Primary Village and reached past a bridge.

Along the way, TK kept Izzy up to date with their progress. They found nothing peculiar in sight. Even Dimitri and the Digital Humans weren't able to sense any weird vibes, but could still feel out native Digimon presences around them. Davis and Veemon were already gassed out as they took a minute to recollect their breaths.

"Man, and you're supposed to be a soccer player!" Veemon remarked.

Davis retorted. "You're just as gassed out as me, Veemon!"

"Say, Dimitri, what do you think we'll find in that time pod?"

"To be honest, Davis, I wish I knew," Dimitri vaguely answered as he and the group stopped near an open plain ahead of them. He pivoted his head and saw Kari walking up to him. "Hikari?"

"Dimitri, how badly was your future affected? I mean, your world and the Digital World," the brown-haired preteen curiously asked, having just remembered what she needed to ask the time traveler. "Just remembering how precious life is after seeing the Primary Village... it got me thinking."

"Well, to answer your question, Hikari... it's a world you'd hate to live in."

"Tell me. I want to know how badly your future world was affected by the Artificials."

Dimitri deeply sighed, regretting telling a kindhearted girl of the grim future he's had to endure through the majority of his life. "The population of my world has been reduced to just tens of thousands from a former six billion. And add to the billions of Digimon living in Digiworld being reduced to mere thousands. With 95 percent of all the Primary Villages, including File Island's, wiped out, it was hard to recover so many lost Digimon, and many species became extinct due to the Artificials' actions. Even the Holy Beasts fell to these monsters. Every major metropolis was demolished. We've all had to hide in underground shelters. As for me and my Mimi, we were hidden in an amazon kingdom under the watchful eye of a powerful queen, who I consider my second mother."

"After all those Artificials did, that's horrible," Kari furrowed her brows, expressing her resentment of the Artificials' actions.

Gatomon added. "I just hope we can find their weakness."

"Those Artificials defied Datamon's orders. It's all becoming clear why he considered them failures, but he activated them anyway because he realized he had no other option. Even then, in the end, in an ironic twist of fate, they killed Datamon. Datamon must've known how dangerous they were during the testing procedures. What I want to know is, how did he manage to stop them at that point? My assumption is he must've had an emergency deactivation switch to shut them down. Would he even risk trying to turn them on again without one?"

As it became more clear to her, Kari concurred. "I get it now. It only makes sense if he has a switch."

"Like a bunch of dolls that need a remote control to turn on and off," the feline aptly pointed out.

Dimitri nodded. "I just hope there is one."

They all headed toward a large assortment of stones gathered in one setting. Davis and Veemon leaned back against a rock as TK and Patamon sat atop of one while reading Izzy's message via his D-Terminal. Kari and Gatomon got a clear view of their surroundings. Mimi sat down to relax as Palmon inserted her vines through the ground to gather moisture into her roots. Dimitri, Faith, Keke, Sam, David, and the twins remained vigilant as they scanned the spacious valley area. Everything seemed still and calm, perhaps a little too tranquil.

Dimitri flew into the air as he looked around and viewed the skies. Faith kept up with his partner and landed on his shoulder.

"Getting too antsy, are we, Dimitri?"

"How could you guess?" The teen asserted with slight sarcasm.

Faith giggled. "'Cause I am, too."

As Davis stood up, he turned toward the forest and headed off to use one of the bushes to do his business. After finishing, he heard a rustling noise and jumped back with fright as Veemon stalked right up through the bushes.

"Veemon, couldn't you just said you were coming?"

"Hey, I've gotta use the John, too!" The blue dragon grinned as he bent over behind the bush as Davis turned away.

"Gee, maybe I should just give up on Kari after all," the boy lowered his head, sighing deeply as Veemon heard him.

"What's that, Davish?"

Davis turned around as his partner finished. "Well, Kari's more interested in TK... and just now... Son..."

"Huh? Son-who?"

"Uhhh, never mind!"

"No, c'mon, Davish! C'mon, you can tell a buddy who's your new dream girl! Hey, Davish!"

Davis covered his ears. "Sondra... Sondra... a girl I knew from kindergarten... I just saw her last week!"

"You did?" Veemon blinked in befuddlement. "You never told me this."

"You weren't there."

"But, I'm always with ya, ol' pal."

Before Davis could go any further, his eyes and ears perked up as he pointed to something past Veemon's shoulders. This state of alarm drew Veemon's attention from Davis as he whirled around and gaped in shock. What they discovered was the object they had been looking for.




As they picked up on Davis' alarmed cry, the entire group headed off toward the forest. They saw Davis and Veemon standing at the forefront of the enclosed forest. Suddenly, a red-bodied rabbit creature lunged out of the time pod and landed right on top of Veemon. The Digimon raised his hand and fiercely prepared to hit him until the Digi-Destined intervened. TK and Patamon quickly recognized the red Digimon.

"Elecmon!" TK and Patamon cried out in unison.

Pivoting his head, Elecmon noticed TK and Patamon as he instantly recognized them. "Hey, long time no see!"

Veemon fidgeted and struggled to kick Elecmon off, causing Davis to promptly pull them apart. The group crowded over near Elecmon, who backed away and bowed his head.

"Please forgive me for trying to scare you off," Elecmon apologized to everyone, and most especially to Veemon, who he formally bowed his head for. "And you, too, Veemon. But, lately, I've been trying to conceal this thing behind me. You see..."

"Say, Elecmon, were you that anonymous messenger?" Kari asked.

"Not me, but..." Elecmon sweat-dropped as a familiar yellow custard and slimy-looking mutant with a long tongue hanging out. Sitting atop of him was a tiny pink mouse. "...these two."

"Wait? These two are the anonymous messengers?" Mimi gawked as her face turned blue, recognizing the two Digimon.

Palmon groaned. "Great, it's Sukamon and Chuumon."

"HEY, GIRLS!" Chuumon greeted Mimi and Palmon.

Sukamon winked as his eyes shaped into hearts. "Can I have that kiss now?"

"Like, ew... N.O. That spells NO!" The disgusted teenage girl turned her nose toward Sukamon and stuck her tongue out. "Why did you have be the mysterious messenger!"

"But, we kept this thing behind us safe and helped Elecmon take care of the babies," Chuumon said.

"WHICH YOU TWO SHOULD BE DOING NOW!" Elecmon roared as he landed a headbutt behind Sukamon and Chuumon. "I DIDN'T HIRE YOU SLACKERS TO BE GOOFING OFF!"

As Sukamon and Chuumon stumbled forward, they fell toward Mimi as she clenched her right fist. Keke jumped right in as mother and daughter landed a double knock out punch, sending the two sailing across the forest and back to Primary Village.

"Double home run punch!" Tike shouted.

Kara laughed. "They're looong gone now!"

David shuddered. "That's gotta hurt."

Mimi and Keke turned to each other, slapping each other high fives.

"Nice shot, girl!"

Keke smirked. "Now I get why you hate yellow slimy things so much."

"Man isn't Izzy gonna flip when he finds out who the anonymous messengers are," TK sighed.

"Actually, they're not the mysterious messenger," Elecmon said as he turned and beckoned for someone else to step through the forest.

Centaurumon emerged as he openly greeted the Digi-Destined and company. "Hello, old friends. It's to see you all."

"Hey, it's Centaurumon!" Patamon greeted the centaur Digimon as he flew around him happily.

Palmon replied with earnest. "No, that's a familiar face I want to see!"

Mimi walked over and embraced Centaurumon. "We're glad to see you again. How have you been?"

"Never been better since being revived," Centaurumon answered as he turned to the time pod behind him. "I've already contacted Izzy and let him know it's me. I've told him all I know about this mysterious vehicle."

Dimitri interjected as he walked up to the worn down time pod. "This is mine. Well, it's supposedly mine."

"You're the boy from the future. Do you know where this might've come from, young man?"

The time traveler answered Centaurumon's inquiry with the best of his knowledge. "Only one time pod was barely made in my time. This one is also my time pod."

"It still doesn't add up," Veemon said. "How can it be yours?"

"You still have yours tucked away in your box," Davis pointed out.

Keke folded her arms as she examined the time pod while dusting off the dried moss of its side. She and Dimitri noted writing on the side, which was inscribed in bold black lettering: 'HOPE!'

"Hope?" TK repeated. "That's the trait of my Crest's power!"

"Correct," Dimitri revealed as he pointed to the inscribed word on the time pod. He revealed it to all. "Your future self passed over power of the Crest of Hope to me. When you died, I became the new Bearer of Hope and I wrote this on the exact day I left for the past."

Keke covered another part of the dried moss and saw more inscribed, albeit smaller, front. "Odaiba Technological Research Facility."

"That's the corporation that built this device and it was the latest state of the art, but top secret until me and a few Digimon colleagues of mine found it. They were able to recover and modify it to suit my needs."

The Bearer of Hope encircled the mysterious 'second' time pod and studied it. "It's definitely yours, but how in the world did it get from Odaiba to File Island? And who would send it here? For what purpose?"

"Oh, boy, more questions," Patamon remarked.

Sam asserted. "But, this time pod seems like it's been sitting out here for a long time."

"Like a few years," said Palmon.

Centaurumon confirmed. "Correct, but none of us noticed it until much recently. Word has gotten out about it's antiquity and collectors have tried to ensnare it for money. Elecmon asked me to help protect it. We've tried safeguarding it in one of Elecmon's confinements, but had to continuously ward off the hunters and protect the children. So, I was asked to help safeguard it."

"Have you found out anything about it? Like what it represents and where it might've come from?" Mimi curiously asked.

"No, but I believe this vehicle came from out of time and space itself," the four-legged beastman proclaimed as he hinted to vague visions through his meditation. "Moreover, the stars have foretold me this vehicle will bring forth a terrible omen from another realm."

"Terrible omen, he says?" Kara shuddered.

David wondered. "What does it mean? Did something bad from this time pod?"

Meanwhile, Gatomon, Tike, Dimitri, and Faith checked out the glass bubble, which encases any passengers climbing aboard the time vehicle. They saw large gaping hole seemingly 'burned' the top layer of the bubble, leaving bubbly and foamy edges where it might've been cut through from the heat within.

Gatomon noted the hole carefully. "Looks like whatever did this, it was melted through by heat and from the inside, too."

Tike grimaced. "What the hell could've done this?"

"Are you saying someone was in there?" Mimi asked.

Elecmon blinked. "Very odd."

"Hey, guys! What do you see in there?" Davis called out.

Dimitri scooted Gatomon and Tike aside as he opened the bubble, pushing it off. Then, he, Faith, Gatomon, and Tike poked their heads inside to scour through the interior of the time pod. Dimitri shifted his view to the front passengers' seat and caught something sitting on the floor. It resembled a purple spiky coconut-looking ball, split in two halves. He picked up one half and thoroughly examined it.

"What is that thing?" Gatomon inquired as she picked up the other half and handed it to Dimitri.

Faith gazed at the two halves his partner pieced together. "Looks like a coconut."

Kari climbed aboard into the time pod and saw the mysterious ball in the teen's hands. "What is it you found? What is that?"

Sam, Keke, David, and Kara flew over into the already crowded vehicle whilst Dimitri was showing Kari the spiked shell.

"Can I look at that?" Sam asked as the time traveler gave him the spiked shell. He turned and opened the shell, examining its external and internal texture.

"What's your analysis, Sam?" inquired David.

The purple-haired techie replied, closing the shell up. "It's an egg. An oddly shaped one, but very much an egg."

"An egg of what?" Kara gulped, shuddering at the ominous sight of the purple spiked egg.

Kari added. "I've never seen an egg like that before."

"W-Was it whatever came out of the egg that made that big hole?" Tike curiously pondered.

Sam and Keke sat down at the passengers' seat as they noticed the power was still running, albeit on very low fuel cells. They noticed numbers, as if they were indicating a coordinated date.

"Guys, the power is still running on this thing," Keke announced.

Sam touched the controls. "But, it's about to run out of power soon."

"Let me see," Dimitri stepped right as he checked over the fuel power and noticed the coordinated date establishment. "It says... December 29, 2027. That's about three years further in the future... from which I came from!" His face grimaced, conveying great distress as everyone behind him overheard and crowded near him.

"What did you say?" Davis shouted from outside the time pod. "Three years from... what?"

TK specified. "Three years further from the time he came here."

Centaurumon reaffirmed. "So, my foreboding falls aligned with the stars after all. They spoke the truth about this vehicle coming from another realm."

"And it arrived here... December 21, 2002! It arrived here just a whole year before I came here for the first time!"

Gatomon nearly resisted the urge to hiss at this ominous arrival. "What came from the future... and why?"

"Dimitri," Keke gasped. "Could it be...?"

"I'm thinking the same," added the time traveler as his eyes fell on the date of this time pod's exact arrival. "Could it be this thing is the reason why history has altered so much?"

Overhearing their conversation, Mimi walked up and ran her fingers across the 'Hope!' message. She smeared the black off the tips of her fingers and wiped it off on the ground. She turned as Palmon examined the time pod curiously.

"Centaurumon," the Bearer of Hope addressed the four-legged, half-human beastman. "How long have you and Elecmon known about this?"

"Since recently, it was Elecmon who found it first."

"Then, Elecmon, you couldn't have known what came out of that pod?"

"Unfortunately, I don't, TK," the Digimon baby caretaker confessed with much regret. "But, whatever it was, no harm has come to any of the natives here. I haven't heard any peculiar incidents. It's all been peaceful here since you saved us from Devimon, Apocalymon, Burizalor's empire, and the Digimon Emperor."

Patamon mused deeply. "If it's not related to them, then could it be related to the Artificials? Or another enemy from another timeline?"

"Another timeline? Sheesh, exactly how many of them are there? Ow, my head... this really hurts!"

Veemon shook his head. "I concur, Davish. All this time travel business is giving me a headache! Make it stop!"

TK folded his arms and mused to himself. Another timeline actually makes sense. According to Dimitri, there should only be one time pod in his time... and I'm a firm believer of other alternate realities parallel to our own. Maybe this one came from a time when the Artificials were defeated or something. Still, it's just conjecture on my part. I'm just going by baseless speculation here. But, whatever came here... I feel a very dark and ominous vibe emanating from it. Between this and the three Artificials, we're stuck in the middle of a multiple crisis in our hands.

Everyone quickly jumped aboard off the time pod as they gathered around while Dimitri showed the mysterious spiked egg to his friends. When Keke tried showing it to Mimi, the diva girl flipped out without so much as wanting to touch anything she considers grotesque. Desensitized by the egg's appearance, Keke didn't seem to care holding onto it as a low rustling sound came from behind the group, unbeknownst to them.


15 Miles from Kyoto/2:34 PM

After speeding through a highway, cutting off a few passengers, and getting into a heated scuffle with local bikers, a local pair of police officers stopped the diesel truck commandeered by the Artificial trio. Jax and Sonja stood outside the truck as the officers approached them.

"So, you're with the Venom Raider gang!" A skinny and tall officer approached the twins as he checked the truck's registered license. He spoke with a redneck tone. "A-yep! Yer those hooligans who stole a truck from a couple of drivers on their way to send shipment in! Yer coming with us!" He quickly slapped on handcuffs on Jax and Sonja whilst his partner checked the back of the truck.

"Hey! Whoever else is in there, come on out!" A shorter and more obese officer called out as he held a pair of handcuffs out.

Complying with the officer, BlackWarGreymon stepped out from the back and stood out, towering over the flabbergasted man. He backed away, cowering at the sight of the black-armored giant. He turned toward his partner, who blanched and gaped at BlackWarGreymon's fantastic presence.

"Wh-What the hell are ya?" The fat officer stammered with fright.

Sonja chortled as she methodically paced to the officers' car. "Watch. This is what happens when you try and enforce your laws, officers."

"Hey! Get the hell away from there!" The skinner officer roared until Sonja bent over, lifting the car over her head, still handcuffed and with one hand. "Ga...Gah... Gah!"

"Put our car down, ya crazy bitch!"

"As you wish."

With little effort, the female Artificial tossed the vehicle a few kilometers away and sent it crashing into a nearby rockface. The car exploded upon impact as the officers witnessed the destruction of their vehicle. Both officers' wore bewildered looks, allowing the twins to break apart the handcuffs with seemingly no effort.

"There, I had my fun. You two pigs go back to the donut shop and be good, ok?"

"Right, let's get back in the truck, sis," Jax said. "BW, we're leaving!"

As BlackWarGreymon complied and closed the doors behind him, Jax and Sonja returned to their passengers' seats. The truck drove off, leaving the stunned officers behind a cloud of fumes. The Artificials leave yet another impression for the local authorities and have only started to become known locally. Their presence will become more well known as they approach Odaiba. They turned around and saw several police officers surrounding them. They were ready to pull out their rifles.


Digital World/Sovereign's Realm/2:36 PM

Meanwhile, the Holy Beasts and X remained vigilant as they carefully monitored the two worlds. They not just observed the Digi-Destined, X, Simms, and company, but watched the Artificials' current activity levels. However, something else was troubling them, which BanchoLeomon was left completely in the dark.

BanchoLeomon scoffed deeply, watching Gennai from the corner of his eye. "You really know when to stay observant, guardians. So, is there anything for me to know?"

Azulongmon stammered as he narrowed his eyes toward a visual displaying various sectors of the Digital World. "I should've been more truthful, but for the past year we've felt an ominous vibe coming from my realm. And it simply wasn't the Artificials. What was it? What came here from across space and time itself on a time pod?"

Suddenly alarmed by Azulongmon's vague and eerie remark, BanchoLeomon whirled around and stood up.

"BanchoLeomon...!" Gennai tried to intervene, but the warrior marched past him.

"What did you say, Lord Azulongmon?"

"All we know is somewhere on my quadrant... on both sides of reality... is a terrifying creature more powerful than the Artificials."

"Lord Azulongmon, you're not making any sense! What are you trying to tell me?"

Zhuqiaomon, Baihumon, and Ebonwumon all fell silent, becoming self aware of the impending new threat that arrived on the second time pod.

"The point of origin of this creature... it arrived in File Island, but now is loose after a year of dormancy. It's loose to bring chaos to Earth and the Digital World."

BanchoLeomon bellowed, demanding a concrete answer. "Tell me what this new threat is?"

Sighing deeply and ironically, Azulongmon replied. "Very soon, BanchoLeomon, this creature will herald chaos to both worlds. It will be nothing like the crisis we've all endured before. This... time... even I and my fellow guardians cannot see any hope."


Next episode: A Monster on the Move! Strike of a Bancho Warrior!


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