A/N: We're in a new story arc! Two major turning points will occur, which will set the course for the remainder of Season 2!

BanchoLeomon receives his 'Burst Mode Limit' and a 'monster' (as the episode title suggests) will be unveiled. ;)

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Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 2, Act 2: Virus

Episode 68: A Monster on the Move! Strike of a Bancho Warrior!


Digital World/File Island/Primary Village/2:40 PM

The group near the mysterious pod were were barely finishing up their brief conversation.

"So, you're telling us this thing is from the future and you weren't aware of this?" Davis exclaimed.

Sam corrected the irate goggleboy. "Technically, it came from an alternate future, because Dimitri said there's only one pod in his time."

"And that's the one he used to get here," Kari said.

Dimitri nodded as he walked over to the old, moss-covered pod. "They're right, Davis. What they say is likely true. It came from another alternate future parallel to my own."

"Yeah, going by that theory, there has to be other parallel timelines to this timeline proper," Keke deduced.

"Well all of this time periods and futures are really confusing me!" Mimi chimed in, rubbing her head and having heard enough of time travel and timelines.

Palmon groaned. "How could you keep up with this stuff, Dimitri?"

Veemon concurred with the plant Digimon. "You're telling me! It's giving me a headache!"

Just then, something caught TK, Kari, Patamon, and Gatomon's eyes as they pointed to something across the bushes. Everyone turned as they noticed the Bearers of Hope and Light, and their Digimon partners directly pointing several feet across from them.

"Hey, what are you two pointing at?" Tike curiously asked.

Kara asserted, curiously looking over to the bushes across from their positions. "Hmm?"

Davis blinked. "Huh? What's there?"

Dimitri focused and narrowed his eyes toward the bush, noticing a 'trail' of purple liquid leading to the bushes. "There's a trail. Whatever came out of that pod just recently went on the move."

"But, that's strange," Elecmon added. "I would've known and smelt this creature before!"

Centaurumon nodded. "I've noticed no peculiar incidents for a long time. That is if whatever came out of this pod would bring harm to the natives here."

The Digimon and the Digital Humans carefully followed the purple ooze trail leading through the bushes. The Chosen immediately followed behind them. Mimi clung onto Dimitri as they advanced to where the trial led them toward. Dimitri, Mimi, Davis, Veemon, Palmon, Keke, Sam, Tike, Kara, and Davis came to an abrupt halt. Everyone's eyes and mouths gaped in aghast at the first sight of where the trail ended. Mimi screamed out with fright as she hid behind Dimitri, barely even poking her head out to see what resembled a large, cicada-like insect molten skin, which was ten times the size of Elecmon.

The dead insect skin looked like it had been recently shed. Most evidently were a pair of reptilian eyes on the creature's face.

"Oh god... look at that thing!" TK cried out.

Kari grimaced. "D-Dead insect skin?"

Patamon added. "It's huge!"

Mimi conveyed disgust on her face at the disturbing sight. "Th-That thing is disgusting!"

Dimitri boldly stepped toward the insect skin. "I'm about to find out."

"W-Wait! You don't know where that thing might've been!" Davis exclaimed.

"I'm coming," Keke insisted as she, Sam, the twins, and Davis followed behind Dimitri and Faith.

"What do they think they're doing?" Palmon wondered.

"I'm gonna check this out, too! C'mon, Veemon!" Davis exclaimed and bolted ahead with his partner trailing behind him.

"Might as well," TK shrugged as he and Patamon raced on ahead.

Kari called out and followed them with Gatomon. "Wait for us!"

Mimi and Palmon were hesitant to go forward, but Centaurumon and Elecmon stayed behind to safeguard them. Dimitri, Davis, TK, Kari, the Digimon, and the Digital Humans crowded around the giant molten skin. Tike, Kara, and David curiously prodded its side, verifying its stationary and immobile state. Davis and Veemon lowered their heads through the slit cut through the insect's back. There was still fresh and sticky purple ooze inside the molten skin. Their faces conveyed disgust as if they wanted to throw up. Dimitri and Faith closely examined the skin.

"Yeah, take a look at its skin," Dimitri verified. "It's recently been shed."

"A giant insect Digimon, perhaps?" TK wondered.

Patamon hovered over the dead insect skin. "But, who'd send it here?"

"You've got me there," Gatomon replied.

Kari bent over and touched its left side, feeling the rough texture of its exoskeleton layers. "Well, I can't identify what Digimon this could've been."

"It looks like a giant cicada of some sort," David stated.

"I don't think it's a Digimon, guys," Dimitri deduced. "It's likely what hatched out of the egg in the time pod."

Faith concurred. "Yeah, and then it grew while molting its skin."

Keke turned toward her brother. "What makes you come to that conclusion?"

"Just a very good assumption," Dimitri said as he struck his hand through the slot cut through the molten skin. He felt his hand grab something soft and mushy, causing him to withdraw his hand out. He groaned with absolute disgust as purple slime smothered his hand. He threw some off his hand.

Faith sniffed the purple slime and stuck his tongue out. "Yuck."

"How could you even stick your hand in there?" Mimi exclaimed.

Palmon added. "Yeah, you don't know where it's been!"

"I'd be less worried about germs," Davis promptly stated. "We have some freaky bug monster out there on the loose in Digiworld!"

"And it could fly!" Veemon added. "Meaning it could've gone anywhere!"

Mimi shrieked as she and a frantic Palmon surveyed around the localized vicinity. It didn't make their situation better since they were in the middle of a forest with bushes barricading their surroundings and the tranquil atmosphere added a sense of an ominous vibe, sending chills down everyone but the warriors. Mimi and Palmon huddled behind Centaurumon, who readily readied himself to protect them. The Digital Humans and the Digimon quickly turned, hearing a rustling sound coming from behind them. This alarmed Mimi and Palmon as they shrieked with fright. Dimitri, Keke, and the Digital Humans stood their ground as they waited for what made the rustling behind the bushes.

Then, as two Botamon poked their heads out, everyone dropped their guards and sighed with relief. Tike and Kara hurried over as they picked the babies out of the bushes. Elecmon trotted over and took the babies from the twins.

"You two shouldn't be out here," Elecmon scolded the two Botamon. "I'm taking you back to nursery."

"Whew, that was a close one!" David said.

Davis sighed. "Yeah, don't scare us like that, little guys."

Relieved no danger came to them, Dimitri turned toward Sam, who carried the eggshells with him. "We better take those back to Izzy. May be we can get those scanned."

"I agree," Sam replied, holding the odd-looking eggshell. "You're suspicious about that creature not being a Digimon might be accurate."


"Yeah, for one, this egg doesn't look like a Digiegg."

"Good point," Keke simply put it.

As Elecmon carried the Botamon, Kari and Gatomon approached the caretaker while petting the newly born babies. They squeaked as Kari gently pet them.

"Dimitri, what will you do about the pod? If I may ask," Centaurumon inquired.

With that, Dimitri stepped over to the pod and placed his hand over it. He found a switch, which made it shrink and compact itself into a hand-sized capsule. He picked the item up and placed it into his box with his sealed time pod. "No use keeping this thing out here anymore. Do what you wish with the molten skin. It won't do any harm."

Centaurumon nodded. "All right then. Thank you, time traveler."

"All right, guys! We are ready to go?" TK asked the amassed group.

Mimi took a few deep breaths and spoke up. "Yes, let's get out of here. That thing over there is giving me the creeps."

"It's dead skin, Mimi," Davis said.

"It's still creepy!"

"For now, just keep us updated on anything you might discovery regarding this creature's whereabouts," Sam advised Centaurumon and Elecmon.

"Let's all head back to Primary Village, guys!" Kari declared as she and Gatomon went on ahead.

With that, the whole group marched on ahead back to Primary Village and left the molten dead skin of the elusive 'creature' behind.


Cyberspace Tunnel between Real and Digital World/3:05 PM

After the group went through the monitor, they were passing through cyberspace and headed back to the real world. Dimitri, TK, Kari, Davis, Mimi, the Digimon, and the Digital Humans were still coming off a state of shock over their mind-boggling discovery. What they discovered might be a new menace along with the Artificial trio.

"Dimitri," TK openly addressed the time traveler. "You're certain this thing might've arrived here from an alternate future timeline?"

"That's my deduction."

Kari added as she flew alongside Gatomon. "Doesn't it sound peculiar this thing has been on low profile? You don't anyone in Digiworld might've suspected it earlier."

"Centaurumon and Elecmon sure didn't," said Gatomon.

"I'm surprised we haven't heard anything from Gennai and Azulongmon about this," Sam proclaimed. "Why did they keep this confidential?"

Davis replied. "How would we know? They barely tell us anything as it is."

"But, Izzy keeps in touch with Gennai," Patamon pointed out.

"Then, they have a lot of explaining to do," Dimitri declared, shifting his eye view toward the white door made of digitized energy. What's going on? None of this is making even the least bit of sense!

The Digiteam gazed ahead as a vortex gaped and pulled them through, granting them re-entry back into Tai and Kari's home.


Earth/Local Town/10 Miles Past Kyoto/3:07 PM

Meanwhile, the Artificials parked outside a western-styled clothing store. Just as promised, Jax took the time from his relaxing road trip, delaying the hunt for Tai and Agumon, to let Sonja find new clothes to try on. As BlackWarGreymon remained stationary in the back, Jax relaxed against his seat.


As she stood in front of dressing mirror, Sonja surveyed the new attire given to her. Her attire was a western cowgirl style: from the brown leather top, a sexy cowgirl skirt, and brown leather boots. Lifting an eyebrow, the perturbed android pressed both hands against his hips and looked rather displeased with the selection given to her. The store owner nervously backed away, intimidated by the woman's cold presence. He feared if he didn't give her the right choice, she'd mug him for even insulting her sense of fashion.

"Let me get this straight, this is the best you've got?" She curiously asked, her face conveying disgust and boredom.

The store owner remarked. "I-It looks good on you, miss. What do ya think?"

"What you think? It blows," the astute girl bluntly replied. "But, it's the best I can expect from a hick town like this." With that, she turned and paced off through the exit. "See ya."

"Whoa! Hey, miss! You can't leave without paying for that!"

Seemingly unfazed by the store owner's warning, Sonja headed into the diesel truck and sat in the passengers with her brother. She closed the door on the store owner, who tapped angrily on the window. As the owner turned, he caught a glimpse a BlackWarGreymon, who opened his right eye, which gleamed white. The owner was left alarmed as his face expressed absolute terror at the sight of the black-armored giant. the diesel truck took off, leaving the owner behind a sheet of fumes.

The owner stammered, trembling with fright. "Wh-Whoa... that was scary..." He shook his head and returned to reality as he bolted back into the store and phoned the local police. "Officers! I've been robbed! There's delinquents driving a diesel!"


"Hey, Jax, check out this hick outfit. Doesn't it just totally not fit me?"

"Heh, heh, relax. I think it looks good on you."

Sonja scoffed, rolling her eyes. "Shit, guess I've gotta wait until the next town."

Suddenly, the loud siren of police emanated behind them as Jax spotted two police cars through his viewing mirror.

Jax smirked as he swerved through a corner on the mountain road. "We've got pigs hot on our tail."

"Pigs should be at the donut place where they belong," the sister remarked as she opened her door. "I'll take care of this." She undid her safety belt and flew out, jetting toward the two police cars.

"OH SHI-!" The officers in the first car exclaimed in unison, taken aback by the woman flying head-on toward them.

Sonja drove her fist through the police car hood and pulled out the gas tank, letting them swerve and fall into a ditch. She landed as the second police car and a third one closed in. She stood her ground with her back turned, extending her arms out freely as the cars seemingly ripped through her arms. She watched as the two cars split apart and landed in a heap on the road. The officers jumped out of their cars as Sonja took off flying past them. If they hadn't realized a teenage girl had shredded their cars, they would've chalked it off as a monster taking out three police vehicles. The other officers, who landed in the ditch, barely escaped with their lives.

"Ugh, why does... it hurt so much...?" A fat officer groaned.

The other, a skinny man with a mustache, mumbled as his eyes saw stars. "...the sheriff ain't gonna like to hear that some girl took down three police cars... a-yep... we're gonna be a laughing stock."

As Sonja flew back inside the diesel truck, Jax greeted her with a smile.

"Had fun?"

"Hardly," Sonja said, crossing her legs against the front. "But, I'm in a better mood."

"Good to hear."

"I hope Omega X can provide us with some fun."

Jax nodded. "And he will once we get to Odaiba, sis. Only a matter of time now."


Digital World/Sovereign's Realm/3:10 PM

As they closely monitored the ongoing situations scaling both the Real and Digital Worlds, the Sovereigns and Gennai noted the Artificials' activities. However, they sensed the terrible omen that has recently befallen both worlds as there was a substantial disappearance of human and Digimon lives. Azulongmon and Gennai, most particular, were aware of the ominous presence 'slipping' in between two worlds.

BanchoLeomon remained stationary in his seated position. "I don't suppose you have anything to share?"

"No, this is terrible," Gennai mumbled, suddenly catching BanchoLeomon's ears.

Azulongmon turned his eyes away from the viewing orb. "What is this... this vile monstrosity?"

"Monstrosity? Clarify what you mean by such, Lord Azulongmon!" BanchoLeomon bellowed.

No initial response came from either Gennai or Azulongmon as they left the warrior completely in the dark.

"Well, what? Say something! Does it have anything to do with the other time pod discovered on File Island?"

"BanchoLeomon. Azulongmon, myself, and the other Sovereigns have closely been monitoring both realms," the former Digital Knight turned as he delved into the secret behind this terrible omen. "Most recently, we discovered a peculiar creature that's neither human or Digimon. We can't confirm what it is. Not even the Sovereigns' foresights can tell me what new enemy we could be dealing with."

"Is it an Artificial?"

"I don't know, but it's more lethal than these three Artificials."

"How is this thing able to slip between worlds?"

Gennai dismissively replied. "I don't know how. We will need a little more time before we can initiate our next move. As we speak, X is already filling in Dimitri, Keke, TK, Kari, and Davis about this creature."

However, the brave warrior wouldn't have anything to do with more lull periods. "And let more people and Digimon die? I demand we go through my power enhancement! There's no time for us to lose!"

"And let all of those innocent people to die? I won't have any of that! We must get through with this power increase now! We're running out of time!"


Earth/Odaiba District/Odaiba Notama Apartments/Kamiya Residence/Room #1306/3:20 PM

Unfortunately for Izzy, the group's timed landing couldn't have been any worse for him. The Chosen and their Digimon were piled right on top of him. Dimitri and the Digital Humans were standing at the front as they turned to help the Chosen off of Izzy. Izzy barely managed to crawl through and gasped heavily for air. Ken, Yolei, and Tentomon scrambled over to help the nearly squished techie off the floor. Izzy shook his head as he resisted the urge to scream his head off at the group while coughing out.

"Ack... gotta breathe!" Izzy hacked and coughed.

"You'll be ok, Izzy!" Tentomon tried to reassured his partner.

Yolei dusted off Izzy's back. "Sheesh, couldn't you guys give us a warning next time? Poor Izzy here almost got crushed."

"He should be used to it by now," Davis replied.

Cody groaned. "Guys, we've got more important things to talk about."

"Yeah, and you won't believe what we found!" Tike and Kara chimed in.

Keke nodded. "Dimitri, want to take it from here?"

With that, Dimitri opened up his box and revealed the two capsules with the time pods contained. Izzy, Ken, Yolei, and Cody crowded around to check over the capsules. Sam handed the eggshells they discovered inside the old and abandoned time pod. Ken and Yolei examined the egg closely, conducting a thorough analysis over it. Kari showed the digital photos of the giant insect's molten skin. A mix reaction of awes, befuddlement, and mystification filled the living room.

"A second time pod, an eggshell, and now dead skin of some large insect creature?" inquired the Bearer of Knowledge, examining the photos and the eggshell closely. "So, we can conclude someone sent this thing from the future?"

"Yeah, but my conclusion this thing came from an alternate timeline," Dimitri vaguely answered, sitting down next to Izzy as he pointed to each photo. "The time in which the time pod came from was 23 years in the distant future."

"23 years? That's a few years off from when you left to come here," Ken asserted.

Yolei folded her arms as she, like Mimi, turned her nose up at the insect skin and the eggshell. "Could it be some kind of Digimon? A genetic freak of nature?"

"Dimitri doesn't think this is a Digimon," TK proclaimed.

"Well, judging by this eggshell, it looks nothing like a Digiegg," Tentomon examined the eggshell in Izzy's lap.

Hawkmon blinked. "Could be of some kind of creature, but heavens knows what it could be."

"Judging by the skin, this creature looks like a cross between a cicada and a reptile," Cody viewed the photos in Kari's digital camera.

Mimi shuddered with disgust. "I don't care what it is. It's disgusting!"

"I second that, Mimi," Keke concurred with her mother.

Dimitri nodded after hearing differing views regarding this discovery. "And since it came here from the far future, and a few years before I came, I believe this thing might've altered this timeline's direction."

"So, besides the Artificials, we've got this freaky bug monster in Digiworld!" Davis exclaimed as a hint of sarcasm was evident in his tone. "Yeah, things just keep getting better, don't they?"

"Hey, guys! You might want to check the news on the TV right now!" Jun called out to everyone behind her. "There's some freaky stuff in the small town Hinohara!"

As soon as this announcement was made clear to them, the group headed into the living room were Jun turned up the volume on the TV. There was an image of a live coverage shot on a small town with an anchorwoman reporting on a strange phenomenon regarding missing civilians. X and Simms, too, came walking out from Tai and Kari's room to find everyone gathered.

"Mr. and Mrs. Kamiya just arrived, guys," X publicly announced to his friends and their cohorts. "We're leaving in a few."

"Are you seeing this report? Something's going on in some town off Hokkaido," TK beckoned the masked man and his assistant. "It's strange."

"We didn't have to watch the news, TK," Simms vaguely answered. "We sensed an ominous vibe in the air."

"What...?" The Bearer of Hope gazed at them in befuddlement.

Kari approached X. "How's my brother doing?"

"He's doing fine, Kari," X reassured the worried girl. "We're about to relocate. Tike will take us where we need to go."

"Good. We'll be going to my grandparents' lake house"

Meanwhile, the others in the room gathered near the television to hear the breaking news of sudden disappearance of an entire town. Izzy pulled up the latest reports via his laptop for others to observe.

"Are we on? All right, this is Tomoe Hachikaya of Fuji News Network. Just an hour ago, we suddenly lost contact with the local town, Hinohara, in the Nishitama District, in Abuta in the outskirts of Tokyo. As we speak, a government investigative team was rushed immediately and they have found that its local residents have seemingly vanished. There's absolutely no sign of life. We cannot explain this strange and alarming isolated incident at this time."

"T-That's right close where we went to summer camp those years ago, Izzy!" TK abruptly brought to this the techie's attention.

The Bearer of Knowledge affirmed. "I know! And that's where the gateway between our world and the Digital World meet. Most specifically that's exactly where File Island is." It suddenly dawned on him and the others of their suspicions regarding the ominous discovery of the time pod, the eggshell, and the molten skin.

"And this just in! The investigative team in Hinohara has discovered thousands of articles of clothing believed to have belonged to the victims. Let's turn over to our correspondent, Kento Ishihara, to the scene...!"

The television screen switched from the TV Fuji anchorwoman to the correspondent, a middle-aged glasses-wearing man with a head of gray and black.

"This is Kento Ishihara live at the scene. Yesterday, close to 3,000 people once lived in this seemingly calm town in Hinohara... are now gone. We also have confirmed the town in Hinode had a population close to 15,000 that vanished so suddenly. And now another disturbing discovery was just made..."

"Are you kidding? 15,000 and an addition 3,000?" Yolei exclaimed.

Hawkmon gaped in aghast. "T-That's staggeringly high..."

Armadillomon stammered. "Y-Yeah, might be the work of those nasty Artificials, no doubt."

"All we find are empty articles of clothing - as if these residents suddenly melted away," the correspondent depicted a photo of loose clothing settled next to a rifle. "The clothes in this picture show a rifle lying nearby, suggesting they were engaging something in a heated clash."

"Cody, you might be onto something," Kara said.

Davis snapped. "It's definitely those Artificials! I mean, who the heck could it be?"

Izzy quickly interjected, seemingly in disagreement with Davis' assumption. "I doubt that."

"What makes you think so?" Veemon asked.

"Hello, you two were just there at the site," the Bearer of Knowledge aptly pointed out.

X chimed in to add to the discussion. "Yeah, Dimitri, Keke, Sam, Tike, David, Kara, Kari, TK, and you can agree with the assessment that there's a connection between this and what you guys discovered on File Island."

Everyone who were witnesses to the discovery nodded in unison. Davis and Veemon both felt stupid for even suggesting the Artificials as they suddenly heard rapid gunfire on the live television coverage.

"There's gunfire and a scream just now. More gunshots... AND MORE GUNSHOTS! Members of the investigative team and the police are firing at something! Wh.. what's going on? The noise suddenly just stopped again. It felt like a warzone out there and everything's gone silent. We'll keep you updated on this situ-!" The correspondent's face conveyed fear as his face seemingly paled as the camera went off and static filled the screen.

"Wh-what just happened?" Jun cried out.

"Change the channel!" Tike cried out as he and David played with the remote, flipping through numerous channels.

The next news channel showed a camera shot lying on the ground as blood-curling screams filled the Hinohara localized area.




Then, in less than a few seconds, every scream suddenly subsided and the background noise went eerily silent, save for the wind blowing. The atmospheric scene now sounded akin to a ghost town.

Everyone in the room fell silent as they were left with more questions than answers about the situation.

"T-The screaming just stopped," whispered Mimi, covering her mouth as she backed away from the frightening coverage she and the others witnessed.

X and Simms quickly exchanged looks as they nodded vaguely. Dimitri, Davis, Kari, TK, and Keke noticed X beckoning them over to meet with him. The five humans followed him into another room as the others were left changing to other news channels.


After relocating themselves into another room, X and Simms filled Dimitri, Davis, Kari, TK, and Keke on the whole mystery behind the sudden disappearances. When the masked man told them about the abrupt disappearance of Digimon populations, they finally put two and two together. It was becoming very clear as the pieces were being put together: the second time pod, the eggshell, the large molten insect skin, Digimon vanishing at an alarming rate, and now a sudden disappearance of two civilized Japanese towns outside Tokyo. On top of that, these towns were located near the summer camp the Digi-Destined went to on the day they were pulled into the Digital World.

Davis, Veemon, TK, Patamon, Kari, and Gatomon were left speechless with the news.

Dimitri and Faith didn't know what to make of it.

However, Keke was peeved as she kicked down the chair she sat on and stormed right up to X.

"...and you're telling us this now? Why? Did the Sovereigns ask you not to tell us?" Keke passionately shouted at the masked man.

X stood unfazed by his friend's aggressive approach. "We didn't know if it'd be that much of a greater threat than the Artificials."

"And you just so happen to let that thing roam about feeding on Digimon? And now it's reached this side of reality feeding on people! That's sick!"

Dimitri growled as he shifted his view over to X and Simms. "And you didn't do anything about this thing? It's been sitting on File Island before I even arrived in this time."

Simms dismissed his accusation. "We saw no imminent danger when the time pod arrived."

"Until now," TK asserted.

Kari sank her head, expressing grief for the losses. "Those poor people and Digimon... they didn't need this."

"And since we know this creature is a threat, it's time we take action," X stated.

"But, what about all those Digimon and people who were eaten by this thing?" The Bearer of Miracles rebuked the masked man. "You guys don't have those special Digicore things to repair the damage!"

"You're correct since the specific Digicores you speak highly of are now within the Spirian's hands," Simms proclaimed. "They've relocated to another Digital World."

"Then, while you guys search for the Spirians, the most we can do is find this creature and stop it!" TK exclaimed.

Dimitri glanced over to the box in his hand, opening it to reveal four capsules (two of which contained his own time pod and the worn down one). He closed the case as Faith hung over his partner's head, waiting for Dimitri's next course of action. Dimitri considered his options and opted to go with the obvious choice.

"Keke, I'm really sorry about this, but we'll fix this," X reassured his friend as he put his hands on her shoulders. "Between the attack on Kyoto and these incidents, we'll find and ask the Spirians to help us." He lifted Keke's chin up as her expression softened.

Keke hugged X, bringing much needed comfort to everyone in the room.

Veemon leaned over, whispering to Gatomon. "What's the story on those two?"

Gatomon smirked. "They're really close friends."

"But, nothing too intimate I should know...?"

"Veemon!" Davis covered Veemon's mouth. "Ehehe, forget what he said, you two! You're just friends!"

X and Keke both sweat-dropped whilst Davis wrestled Veemon down and covered his mouth.

"Riiiiiiight," the duo droned.

"So, what now, guys?" TK asked as Dimitri advanced toward the door. "Dimitri?"

The time traveler initially responded. "I know what I need to do." Everyone shifted toward Dimitri and realized what he was alluding toward. "If there's anybody who should go out there, it'll be me and Faith. We feel partially responsible for not finding the source of the problem in the first place."

"Dimitri, wait!" Davis exclaimed.

Kari added, trying to talk the young man out of taking the risky venture. "You don't need to go alone."

Keke concurred. "Let us come with you!"

They were speechless not just with Dimitri's intention of departing alone with just Faith, but thought they were better off working together. However, being a seasoned warrior consistently fighting monsters throughout his life, Dimitri was not about to step down from taking on this risky venture against an ambiguous enemy.


Digital World/Sovereign's Realm/3:25 PM

Slowly pivoting his eyes from the orb displaying the countless disappearances, Azulongmon sensed every life force, be it Digimon and human, dissipating completely. He heard every synchronized plea, haunting cry, and prayers running through his mind. He seethed and trembled with overwhelming sadness and grief.

"I've grown tired of this," BanchoLeomon scowled angrily. "You and Gennai had your moment. Tell me everything you've seen up to now."

"Lord Azulongmon?" Gennai murmured as he and BanchoLeomon watched the saddened deity consciously answer them.

"As you wish..."

"Tell me what kind of monster you, Gennai, and the Sovereigns have been monitoring recently."

"There's no need for any explanation. Once me and my fellow Sovereigns converge our energies to you, you will share our knowledge."

BanchoLeomon nodded. "At last. You Sovereigns must've witnessed some kind of extraordinary monster."

"We must hurry, BanchoLeomon. The time has come to receive your Burst Mode Limit."

With that, BanchoLeomon stepped up to a platform resembling an altar. Azulongmon turned his head as Ebonwumon, Zhuqiaomon, and Baihumon reappeared on visual screens.

"Close your eyes and drop your guard."

"Of course," the warrior complied with the Sovereign's command.

Gennai stepped away, giving BanchoLeomon all the room he required for the Sovereigns to converge their energies toward the composite warrior.

"Let us remind you, BanchoLeomon," Baihumon deepened his tone.

Ebonwumon added. "This is merely an opportunity to boost your already strong power..."

Zhuqiaomon stated. "...and grant you our vast knowledge of our realms."

"You, being the foundation, must remain stationary where you stand and receive our powers," Azulongmon solemnly stated. "What both worlds need now are now gods, but warriors."

With that being said, the Sovereigns focused their energies and fired four varied colored rays of light. Azulongmon gave off a cyan aura of pure light. Zhuqiaomon transferred red energy through his fire aura. Ebonwumon sent a pine green aura of light. Baihumon sent a silver-colored beam. The four holy energies converged as the blue, red, green, and silver colors coalesced with one another, creating a giant ball of white light that washed over BanchoLeomon's body. Behind BanchoLeomon, images of Ogremon, Marsmon, and Mercurimon materialized behind him. The four mystic energies were absorbed by BanchoLeomon. Throwing his head back, the composite warrior bellowed as the intense god-like powers merged with him. Amidst the white aura expanding around him, BanchoLeomon's overall power augmented nearly five-fold.

Blinded by the light, Gennai turned as he watched BanchoLeomon step through the light. He watched in aghast at the subtle orange aura coating the warrior's form. Gazing over his empowered form, BanchoLeomon marched toward the entrance as the Sovereigns and Gennai watched him depart.

"Farewell, BanchoLeomon, and good luck," the former Digital Knight addressed the renewed warrior. This is Burst Mode Limit? His strength coupled with the Sovereigns'... this is astounding!

"I'm no longer Leomon, and am not just BanchoLeomon," the calm and composed warrior answered as he stopped near the edge of the Sovereign's temple. He turned his head and nodded to the Digigods. "I must go."

"Good luck, BanchoLeomon."

After receiving Azulongmon's final blessing, BanchoLeomon leapt off the edge and descended at supersonic speed, passing through a rift into the real world. BanchoLeomon made a successful re-entry into Earth and jetted toward the location of the monster's last attack: Hinohara.


Earth/Odaiba District/Odaiba Notama Apartments/Kamiya Residence/Room #1306/3:30 PM

"We're still unable to contact the correspondents at this point. We may have to assume the worst..."

Dimitri wasted no time and headed toward the door as Faith accompanied his partner.

Jun blinked as she watched Dimitri. "Is he seriously thinking of going out there?"

Yolei finished calling her family. "My sisters and brother just told me there's been no contact from anyone in Hinohara."

"Touche," Joe said as he closed his cellphone. "My brothers just called to see if I saw the news."

"Everyone's on edge here," Cody said.

Armadillomon asserted. "Ya would be too if you found out towns full of people just went up and gone away."

"Guys, I'm off to check it out," Dimitri addressed to everyone in the room.

Sam objected. "Wait, don't!"

Tike and Kara shouted in unison. "At least bring us along!"

David added. "We don't know what's out there, Dimitri. Please think about this."

Davis exclaimed. "He's right! Let us come!"

Keke nodded. "A few of us here are Ascendants."

"Which is why you need to be with Tai and Agumon in case the Artificials come."

"Yeah, but..." TK was cut off as X and Simms walked up to Dimitri. "Wha...?"

"At least let us come," X insisted, seemingly able to convince the time traveler. "The others' main priority will be to watch over Tai and Agumon while protecting them from the Artificials. Simms and I feel like we're partially responsible for letting these chain of events to unfold."

"Fair enough," Dimitri nodded as he, Simms, and X stepped out.

Suddenly, Mimi raced right up to her son and hugged him.

"Mimi..." Dimitri was caught off guard by the Bearer of Sincerity's not-so-subtle embrace. He returned a hug to Mimi and leaned her close to him, 'reuniting' mother and son divided by time and space itself. "I'll be ok. Don't worry."

Mimi jerked herself off Dimitri and dried her tears. "Be careful, dear."

Keke walked right past Mimi, standing in between X and Dimitri. "We'll be ok, mom."

Sora abruptly called out to the group. "You guys be careful! In case anything happens in Hinohara, come right to Tai and Kari's grandparents' lake house! We'll all be there!"

"Thanks, Sora," X nodded to the redhead. "Ready?"

"Yeah," Dimitri spoke for everyone.

Once Dimitri (carrying Faith in his jacket), X, Simms, and Keke propelled toward their route to Hinohara, everyone else stayed behind and watched them depart. Mimi stood at the forefront, clasping both hands together as she prayed for them.

Come back safe and sound, Keke, Dimitri.


Hinohara/Nishitama District/Outskirts of Tokyo/3:46 PM

Hinohara. A localized town with a population of nearly 3,000 vanished without a trace. There was seemingly no clear explanation why such a horrific and ambiguous tragedy occurred. Anyone who dared infiltrate this town also vanished without a trace. Local police and government agents have been unable to 'escape' without their lives. None were spared from this elusive creature of mystery.

Hinohara was now a ghost town. There was no vivid activity and not a single human were to be seen. Only the whispers of wind and the chirps of birds were the only sounds to be heard.

BanchoLeomon hovered on the center of an empty intersection. He noted all the empty articles of clothing scattered across the streets and inside vehicles. As he walked through an empty street, his ears barely made out a low 'clicking' from the distance. Then, he picked up on a slow paced foot steps coming through a dark alleyway. BanchoLeomon alternated toward the alleyway and caught glimpse of the creature advancing forward. One foot stepped over a stick, cracking it in half under the weight of its heel.

"About time you've revealed yourself, monster," the brave warrior addressed the creature of mystery.

Standing 10 feet away from BanchoLeomon, the creature revealed itself. Standing upright in a humanoid posture, the creature's facial features haven't full developed, wearing an orifice-like mouth rather than any human facial features. There were two sections jutting off in a 'V-shaped' formation and in different directions rather than standing straight up. Orange sections of layered skin covered its abdominal area, the back of its skull, and around the crotch area. Two green wings hung down its back with black spots. Its entire 'exoskeleton' was composed of a mix of reptilian dark green and light green skin, from the head, body, and legs. Its hands composed of five long fingers and had three toes akin to Burizalor's, including its long tail. At the end of its tail was a long stinger. At the center of its abdominal area was a large black spot. Another black spot was visibly situated in the middle between the two sections of its head. Another black area was visibly seen underneath its long tail. Tiny blue veins were revealed in its arms, legs, and around its waist.

At last, the elusive creature has revealed itself from the darkness.


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