A/N: It's Dimitri's turn to take center stage as he takes the fight to the seemingly invincible Virus!

Will Keke make a move to help her brother? And BlackWarGreymon, what of him?

Matters not. Dimitri and Virus clash head-on!


Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 2, Act 2: Virus

Episode 82: The Strongest Ascendant! Dimitri's Unleashed Power!


Earth/Island/2 Kilometers from the Izu Islands/7:18 PM

The epic face-off between Angemon X and Virus commenced as the winds picked up and blew around them. The output of energy leaked out from Angemon X and carved out wedges across the rocks situated near him. Virus analyzed Angemon X's power and maintained his calm composure. Keke and BlackWarGreymon monitored them from the sidelines, waiting for them to finally clash heads. The more angrier Angemon X got, the more power he accumulated and bulked up his base form. Angemon X gritted his teeth, seething whilst shooting an intense glare toward Virus.

Virus was ever silent, waiting to lure Angemon X in. As dust blew around Angemon X, the Ascendant's heavy bellows filled the entire vicinity. The golden sheen of light around him widened and discharged energy sparks that cracked rocks near him. Even the sea began wavering, which reflected the unsettling power exuding from the Ascendant's increasing power.

BlackWarGreymon watched silently, unable to convey words to describe what he was witnessing.

Keke, on the other hand, knew what was coming. Here we go! Show us what you've got, Dimitri!

As much power Angemon X was giving off, it produced earthquakes that could be felt over hundreds of kilometers from the battle location.


Meanwhile, TK, Davis, Ken, Sam, and the Digimon made a great distance from their previous location. It was that exact moment Sam and the Digimon felt an abrupt energy rise emanating from where Angemon X and Virus faced off. The flabbergasted look on Sam's face said it all. He couldn't believe the power exuding from Angemon X.

"Sam?" TK asked as he turned to the purple-haired teen.

"What's wrong?" asked Davis.

Shaking his head, Sam gritted his teeth and replied. "That energy spike... holy crap! That's really all coming from Dimitri!"

Veemon nodded. "...it's making my head spin."

Wormmon asserted. "Ken, it's an incredible power."

Suddenly, TK felt something grip his chest as he seemed to feel the power from his nephew. What was that I just felt? Am I really sensing Dimitri right now?

"Guys! We've got to keep moving! Dimitri and Keke have their own battle now. We've got to get Metalla X healed and up to speed!" Sam exclaimed as he led everyone across to the closest island that Virus didn't vaporize during his warpath.

TK didn't take his eyes toward the direction where he 'sensed' Dimitri. "...come back safe, guys. Beat Virus once and for all!"


Lake Taiho/Kamiya Lake House/7:19 PM

The earthquakes reached as far as even the Kamiya Lake House. The Kamiya family panicked inside the home as they felt the quakes. Gomamon and Tentomon bolted outside along with Joe and Izzy. They stared across the island and saw the clouds begin to darken. Izzy and Joe noticed their Digimon seemingly drawn toward a source from afar.

"Guys, what's wrong?" Izzy asked the Digimon duo.

They said nothing as subtle auras covered them.



Tentomon and Gomamon muttered together. "Get him, Dimitri."


Digital World/Azulongmon's Realm/7:20 PM

There was silence amongst the observes in Azulongmon's realm.

"This is incredible power from that boy!" exclaimed Gennai, assessing Angemon X's sudden power spike.

BanchoLeomon nodded. "This is it."

"Show us your medal, Dimitri," X muttered.

As Sora put a comforting arm over her friend, Mimi prayed and closed her eyes. "C'mon, Dimitri..."


Earth/Island/2 Kilometers from the Izu Islands/7:20 PM

Virus smirked contently as Angemon X continued accumulating all his power. Keke and BlackWarGreymon stayed on the sidelines. The anticipation was nearly killing them as Angemon X didn't take his eyes off the nefarious Artificial.

Virus openly complimented Angemon X, sensing his quick and substantial power growth. "What a extraordinary power. Yamato can't possibly match up with you."

"I'll never allow any Artificial to destroy the future!" Angemon X declared, drawing a perturbed frown from the bio-Artificial. "Your kind destroyed MY future! I won't allow this time to fall into despair like mine has! I intend to change the future!"

"And I came back from the future to see everything fall into despair," Virus clenched his fists and flexed his entire body, producing a golden aura around his complete body. "But, first, I want to test out the extent of my perfect power. Indulge me, Dimitri!"

"Go ahead, but let me warn you. What you're about to see is the full extent of an Ascendant power!" Angemon X bellowed as his aura grew and his energy spiked to an unimaginable level, beyond what his father was capable of tapping into. The muscles on his body bulked and he seethed, narrowing his determined eyes coldly toward the bio-Artificial, whose demeanor didn't change since the start. He was calm and self-assured as ever.

(Cue Dragonball Kai Insert Theme The Lone Warrior)

Virus slowly assumed a battle stance.

Suddenly, Angemon X propelled himself forward and surprised Virus with a right hook. The Ascendant moved at beyond hypersonic speed and caught Virus hovering into the air. He jetted up to where Virus was and unloaded with a barrage of powerful Ki blasts that blasted Virus head-on. Angemon X didn't stop there and kept throwing Ki blast after Ki blast until he went all out. He withdraw his hands and stopped firing, waiting for the billowing smoke to dissipate. To his dismay, he saw no signs of Virus.

"What? Where did he go?"


Virus phased behind Angemon X and landed a kick to his back. He sent Angemon X plunging toward the ground. Angemon X quickly put on the brakes and swerved, gliding right under Virus. He shot upward and flew right over Virus, catching and repaying him with a kick to his back. As Virus plummeted down, Angemon X dove toward him and reached him in time. Angemon X caught him with a punch to his jaw. Virus' head snapped back from the blow. The two warriors engaged in a quick flurry of punches, which was too fast for any normal person or Digimon to see. They immediately stopped as two of their fists connected, pushing them back from one another.

BlackWarGreymon was flabbergasted with he was viewing. "Amazing, they're speed is beyond anything I can track!"

Keke encouraged her brother on. "Get him, Dimitri!"

"I won't allow you to win, Virus! I'll wipe out every trace of Artificials from both worlds if it's the last thing I do!"

Both warriors quickly let their golden auras flare up. They quickly flew head-on toward each other, attacking at blinding speed. As Angemon X threw two punches, Virus caught both and locked up with the Ascendant. The two were in a lock up exchange as their golden auras intensified and coalesced with each other, creating energy bolts that discharged like electricity. Both of them focused and tried to overpower the other. For a while, they seemed on par with one another. Then, Virus quickly landed a headbutt, hitting Angemon X across his forehead.

Recovering from his headbutt, Angemon X shook off the pain and rebounded by flying up to Virus.

He landed his own headbutt to Virus' face and unloaded with a quick flurry of punches that battered Virus all over. Virus tried to take in all the blows from the stronger Ascendant, who polished off the bio-Artificial by launching an energy ball toward him. Virus took the energy ball head-on as it sent him plunging through a plateau.


Laying in a heap and buried under debris, Virus groaned and slowly sat up from his fallen position.

"Hell yeah! That's the way, Dimitri!" The girl cheered him on. Heh, looks like I might not be needed after all! Bro's got this one in the bag!

(End theme)

Virus opened his eyes and caught Angemon X hovering near him. He noted Angemon X appeared to have this battle already dictated in his favor.

However, despite what Angemon X and Keke might claim, the decisive victory hasn't been determined.

Virus stood and chuckled. "Yes, I grant you this, Dimitri. That was a magnificent power. Greater than mine by a wide margin. In the area of brute power, you surpass me." However, the bio-Artificial remained self-assured as ever, which didn't give Angemon X or Keke the slightest comfort. "But, of course, you'll learn, children. Power doesn't necessarily dictate a battle."

Keke furrowed her brows upon hearing this. "What?"

Angemon X scoffed irritably and descended near Virus' level. "You don't really believe that? Talk about arrogance."

"Oh, you'll see soon enough, boy," Virus chortled evilly. "You and your sister will learn why your father would be disappointed in you two right now. I'm going to show you the flaws you've exposed to me."

Keke pivoted her view toward Angemon X and watched his body thicken. Dimitri? Could it be... that...?

"Nice bluff, Virus!" Angemon X growled as he hastily flew ahead to pick off where they left off. He readied his right fist and aimed to take Virus head off. "But, you're not getting a leverage over me!"

Keke gasped as she realized what 'flaw' Virus alluded to earlier. "Oh no...! Dimitri!"

"Come at me, boy," Virus laughed, goading him to attack with reckless abandon.


Digital World/Azulongmon's Realm/7:24 PM

Everyone back in Azulongmon's realm were on edge. Whilst Virus and Angemon X were still locked in heated battle, X, Simms, BanchoLeomon, and Gennai were drawn close to the clash between titans. They sensed the substantial growth from Angemon X, surprising them completely. The Digi-Destined present in the dimension were astounded by Angemon X's progress. Mimi was even prouder for her son.

"This is incredible! Angemon X's power... it exceeds even Virus'!" exclaimed BanchoLeomon.

Gennai added. "No lie. What he says is true, my friends."

Holding back any urge to celebrate, X relaxed his stance and meticulously watched the battle.

"I never thought I'd be seeing this!" Cody exclaimed.

"Get him, Dimitri! Don't let up!" Yolei cheered on for the Ascendant.

Sora whispered to Mimi. "Your son's doing great out there, M..."

"HELL YEAH! KICK HIS ASS, DIMITRI!" The Bearer of Sincerity came out of her shell and got deeply immersed with the ongoing fight.

"Haha, she's really getting into the ol' slobberknocker!" Armadillomon laughed.

"That's the spirit, Mimi!" Kara giggled.

Tike grinned devilishly. "Well, well, Mimi's got a potty mouth, too? Ha, that's our Mimi."

David chuckled. "Yeah, I know, right?"

"I don't blame her," Sora replied as she felt her heart race. "Maybe we won't even need Tai and Kari for this."

However, X was still adamant that the battle was not as one-sided as the others might believe.

"X?" BanchoLeomon turned toward the masked watcher.

X just nodded. Something's wrong with this picture. Why isn't Dimitri landing any damaging blows to Virus? He should've at least hit him after he dropped him!


Room of Time/7:26 PM

(Cue Chrono Trigger OST - Sealed Door)

A few weeks passed inside the Room of Time. Needless to say, the Kamiya siblings pushed themselves on the long road to fully mastering their Ascendant powers. As Omega X sat in a meditative state, Celesta X flew into the air, fiercely throwing punches and kicks in mid-air. All of her punches and kicks moved beyond lightning speed as Omega X opened his eyes and viewed his sister's progress.

To say Omega X was astonished was a big understatement.

"Whoa, she's really progressed so fast," Omega X painstakingly noted. "At this rate, she could really become something else. Maybe stronger than me."

"Hyah!" Celesta X cried out as she rocketed into the air and turned to see her brother sitting away in solitude. He's been sitting there for so long. What's he really thinking? Could he really ascend past that state? Wasting no time, Celesta unloaded with fierce mid-air kicks and cried out. "Hyah! Hyah! Hyah!" She quickly descended after finishing up her solo training and knelt over, catching her breath. She caught Omega X standing from the corner of her eye. "Tai, Agumon?"

Omega X let out a deep sigh and flexed his whole body.


A golden aura produced ad flared like wild fire around Omega X. Celesta X keenly watched her brother and watched him relaxing his stance momentarily. Then, Omega X bellowed as he flexed his body and seemingly increased the mass of his muscles. Celesta X was taken aback by what she saw and probed the huge spike of power from him. Omega X bellowed as he accumulated more power.

"Oh god...!" Celesta X gasped as she flew over to Omega X and was awestruck by this muscular form. "Th-This is amazing! Tai, you did! You surpassed the standard form of Ascendant!"

Omega X nodded. "This is nothing. I can take up one more notch."

"Are you serious?"

"Watch. Hyah!" Omega X replied as he roared out and accumulated the reserves of hidden power within him. After another push, his muscle mass doubled in size on his arms, legs, and his chest even expanded. Gritting his teeth and focusing his seemingly stabilized power, he tried holding this more bulkier form.

Overwhelmed with shock, Celesta X gazed over her sibling and encouraged him. "You... You did really did it! This is amazing! In this form, you're practically unbeatable! I'm sure you can defeat Virus with this form!"

However, Omega X was speculative with his new form and rightfully so.

Because another Ascendant outside the Room of Time was learning the hard way.

(End theme)


Earth/Island/2 Kilometers from the Izu Islands/7:30 PM

Keke and WarGreymon watched as the tide of the battle completely turned against Angemon X. The momentum drastically shifted in favor of the evil bio-Artificial. Keke turned as she saw Angemon X flying over her. She saw Angemon X narrowly missing Virus, who swerved his body away from fist contact. Angemon X went for a kick, which Virus evaded. Angemon X whirled around and found himself in a desperate act of striking him. No matter how much power accumulated, he couldn't even land a single blow on Virus.

Both warriors flickered and reappeared around the vicinity. Keke and BlackWarGreymon saw that Angemon X missed Virus at every turn.

"DAMN YOU! STAND STILL!" Angemon X demanded as he missed hitting him with an forearm smash. He watched Virus calmly descending to the ground. "Why? Why can't I hit him?"

"No, Dimitri! All that power won't be able to catch him!" Keke called out.

Angemon X seemed to dismiss her as he didn't take him eyes off Virus.

"You should listen to your sister, Dimitri. She's good at giving advice."

"Keke... you mean..." Angemon X grimaced, panting heavily as the harsh reality of the situation settled in his mind.


Room of Time/7:33 PM

"You can beat him with this power, can't you?"

In response to his sister's inquiry, Omega X dismissively nodded and befuddled her. Could I defeat Virus like this?" He was taking careful examination of his bulky body. "No, I don't think I can."

"You mean..."

"This huge muscle mass gives me power, but it completely sacrifices the speed I need to match him. All the power in the world won't do me any good if I can't hit the bad guys." He abruptly dropped his arms to the sides and powered down to his standard form. "Plus, it consumes a lot of my power. Needless to say, my standard Ascendant form will do best. At least that's what I know. From now on, we'll make our Ascendant forms our natural form. It might seem like the long way, but it's the best way to go." He smiled and beckoned a nod to the girl. "Well? Sound like a plan?"

Celesta smiled and replied excitedly. "Yep, I'm ready!"

"Good. Now, let's get some rest, sis."



Earth/Island/2 Kilometers from the Izu Islands/7:35 PM

Back on the island, Angemon X was still stationary in mid-air, still getting over his distress over catching Virus. Keke flew up over next to Angemon X and placed an arm over her brother, trying to calm him down. Virus had effectively threw Angemon X's focus off. Keke tried holding Angemon X back to keep his fury under check.

"Im-Impossible..." growled Angemon X, falling into full denial with how the tide of the battle turned in favor of Virus. "I can't hit him, but..."

"You can't hit him because you're relying on too much power," Keke tried calming down. "Relax."

"Even your sister has better warrior's eyes than you. You're such a greenhorn, Dimitri," Virus downplayed the Ascendant.

"Greenhorn? Screw you!" Angemon X bellowed as he flew out of Keke's reach.

"DIMITRI! STOP!" Keke shouted as she dove down and tried catching up to her brother.

Once Angemon X reached Virus, the two engaged blows until Virus swerved around his powerful yet slow punches. Virus timed each punch and parried each blow until he swerved around Angemon X. He pulled Angemon X's arm back and kicked him away. Keke jetted across and caught Angemon X before he hit a plateau. Keke flew right past her brother and threw an energy beam. Virus backhanded the blast as she rebounded by forged a barrage of pink discs.

"Rosemary Discs!" She shouted, throwing the discs toward Virus.

The bio-Artificial flew toward the discs and phased out, seemingly passing through the discs. However, the projectiles went through his after image and cut through a rock face in his place. Virus reappeared behind Keke. She whirled around only to be backhanded back.

"SIS!" Angemon X roared as he flew up and returned the favor, catching his sister before she hit a rock face. "You creep!"

"Thanks, Dimitri, but I'm ok," she kindly reassured him, favoring her face with her hand. "Ow!"

"You're every bit of a fool like your brother, dear," Virus chortled evilly. "Learn your place."

Keke retorted angrily. "Bastard."

"Heh. As for you Dimitri, what happened to showing me the true power of an Ascendant? All you're doing is flexing your muscles out." He merely shook his head. "I can do that easily. Observe." With that, he, too, bulked up his body mass. His forearms, legs, and chest bulked up, surprising the siblings as they watched awestruck by his demonstration. "Feh, you fool. What good is a transformation that just grants you brute strength? Without speed, you can't even hit your opponent. You are just a child." He powered down and slimmed down to his standard form. "Well? What do you have to say for yourself?"

Shaking his head, everything Virus said metaphorically hit Angemon X in the face. Keke noted the defeated demeanor etched on his face.


Angemon X chided himself. "That's it. Right, Keke? That's why you and father decided not to transform this way. You both knew this would happen. Virus is right. I... I am a but a foolish child!" He sighed in dejection, conveying a defeated demeanor, which Keke took to heart. "Do what you will. Go ahead and kill me now."

Keke dismissed her brother's surrender. "Dimitri! What are you thinking?"

Virus openly smirked and nodded, seemingly accepting the warrior's surrender. "Perhaps I will."

"Dimitri! You can't..." Keke said as she grabbed his shoulders and shook hi hard. "Hey, Dimitri!"

BlackWarGreymon overheard their exchange and tried to get closer, but not too close as to attract Virus' attention.


Several kilometers from the battle site, TK, Davis, Ken, Sam, and the Digimon landed on the nearest but far off island. TK placed Metalla X on the ground as Sam handed him a Digi-Vitamin.

"Make sure he swallows that."

"I know, Sam. Thanks," the Bearer of Hope nodded graciously as he stuffed the vitamin into Metalla X's mouth.

Suddenly, Sam quickly sensed a power decline from afar and recognized the energy source as Dimitri.

"Guys, this is bad..." the purple-haired teen vaguely announced.

"What happened, Sam?" Ken inquired to him.

Davis blinked as he and Veemon faced Sam's direction. "Don't tell me something went wrong!"

"Dimitri's Ki suddenly dropped," Sam proclaimed what he sensed. "Keke's Ki dropped, too, but the good news they're not dead. But, the bad news is that Virus' power hasn't dropped any!"

"Um, yeah. That's bad," Veemon gulped, realizing this was indeed bad news.

"That can't be! I thought for sure he'd win!" TK exclaimed, overhearing their conversation. He looked down and watched Metalla X moving about from his unconscious state. "Bro!"

"Ugh, what happened?" Metalla X groaned while holding his head. "No, I'm still Yamato."

"Yamato! Dimitri and Keke are in trouble! We've got to head back!" Sam called over to the Ascendant.

"Let's get over there before it's too late!" TK cried out as he mounted Pegasusmon. He watched as Davis and Ken drew their D-3s, getting their Digimon to hastily Jogress evolve.

"Veemon... Shinka! XVeemon! / XVeemon... Chou Shinka! Paildramon!"

"Wormmon... Shinka! Stingmon! / Stingmon... Chou Shinka! JewelBeemon!"

"Paildramon... Mega Shinka! Imperialdramon!"

As Davis and Ken were pulled aboard by a beam, they boarded Imperialdramon's back. Metalla X hastily rocketed off back toward the island.

"Yamato, wait!" Sam shouted as he quickly pursued him.

"Man, that guy is always in such a hurry," Davis turned his nose up to Metalla X behind his back. "Let's follow 'em, guys!"

Imperialdramon and Pegasusmon carried their partners forward as they headed off to follow Metalla X and Sam.

Naturally, TK was worried for Dimitri and Keke while thinking of a way to finally utilize the full potential of his Crest's powers. I've got to catch up somehow. I feel like I'm so behind Tai, Dimitri, Keke, the twins, and even my brother! I won't be surprised if Kari does manage to become an Ascendant after getting out of that room. Maybe I should pay a visit in the Room of Time... it's tempting, but am I willing to go through with it? In any case, I won't allow myself to fall behind any longer! The Bearer of Hope renewed his hopeful spirit and aimed to become an Ascendant after fully invoking his Crest. "I have to... if Kari can possibly do it, then I can, too!" He shed away anymore self doubt he had about his potential power.


Virus had one hand extended and ready to fire a blast toward the siblings. However, he, for some inexplicit reason, decided against such a drastic course of action.

"You, Keke, and Yamato have been such disappointments. I thought I'd have more enjoyment, but it was not meant to be."


Digital World/Azulongmon's Realm/7:40 PM

The group were deeply distressed with the battle's end result.

"It's over," X nodded and sighed in exasperation.

BanchoLeomon scowled. "And after all the power Dimitri had."

Everyone else's faces completely changed from a few minutes ago. Looks of distress etched on their faces, realizing the futility of Angemon X's efforts.

Mimi sank to her knees, covering her face. "No..."

"Dimitri and Keke... those two don't even stand a chance," X angrily curled his lips behind his mask. "They need to pull out of there!"


Earth/Island/2 Kilometers from the Izu Islands/7:45 PM

Back on the island, Virus has yet to eradicate Angemon X and Keke for his own amusement. However, an idea immediately crossed the crafty bio-Artificial's mind.

"I'm curious. Do enlighten me with an inquiry I have. You three weren't in my league, but you all improved yourselves quite dramatically in such a short time. How did you three do it?"

Angemon X and Keke refused to disclose that information to Virus, who expected a silent response.

"Fine. Don't reply to that one, but answer this instead. Could you three improve further if I gave you time?"

Upon hearing this, Angemon X and Keke raised their heads, trying to discern Virus' vague question.


"How the hell should we know?" Keke harshly rebuked.

Angemon X asserted. "We wouldn't know until we tried. Why are you even bothering to ask?"

Virus replied with a subtle smirk. "Ah, so it's not impossible. Grant me with more inquiries: what is Taichi doing? Why hasn't he and Agumon shown up again?"

"What Tai is doing is training to defeat you!" Angemon X exclaimed. "You'll meet him soon enough! And believe me he'll do what I failed to do!"

Intrigued with Metalla X's quick and snappy response, Virus chortled. "Very good answer. Very well then. I shall open up a tournament."

Angemon X and Keke were taken aback with this revelation. "A tournament?"

Hiding behind a rock face, BlackWarGreymon quietly eavesdropped on the conversation. Even he was surprised to learn Virus' proposal. Staging a tournament? Why?


Digital World/Azulongmon's Realm/7:47 PM

"What? A tournament?" BanchoLeomon was alarmed by this abrupt news.

Everyone else was left flabbergasted when hearing Virus' declaration for a tournament event. Mimi raised her head, sighing with relief that her kids were eradicated by the bio-Artificial. Sora helped Mimi up to look into the viewing orb.

"Oh, Sora, I'm just glad they're ok," the Bearer of Sincerity said, coming out of the trance she had seemingly fallen into.

Sora put a hand over her friend's back. "Yeah, but this whole tournament thing still has me skeptical."

"Why would he even need one?" wondered Yolei.

"Who cares! If this means we get to beat him in this event, I'm all for it!" Tike cried out as his sister and David concurred with his sentiments.

Upon hearing the mention of the tournament, the Sovereigns emerged from their chambers and shifted their view toward the orb.

X's eyes fell back on the viewing orb. "Just what are you planning, Virus? Knowing him, there's more at stake here than we're being let on."


Earth/Island/2 Kilometers from the Izu Islands/7:49 PM

Back on the island, Virus didn't waste any more time letting the siblings know about the finer details of this proposed tournament.

"10 days from now, on December 31st, my event will commence. Consider this a generous opportunity. Train hard and get stronger. I'll be looking forward to facing you all again."

Keke demanded. "What's the meaning of this, Virus?"

Angemon X subsequently added. "What are you trying to do?"

"I'm not sure you're aware of this, Dimitri, but Keke may know considering she and her friends participated in tournaments before."

The female knew what the bio-Artificial was alluding to. She remembered that her genes and her friends' were incorporated into Virus, granting him all their memories. "The Digiworld Battle Tournament in Other World..."

"Ah, yes, that one," Virus said with a calm smile and folded his arms. "But, there was another event you will recall from the previous world you and your friends saved before."

"Yeah, I know. The Digital Warlord staged his own event back when we opposed him before!"

Angemon X turned to his sister. "Really? I didn't know this."

BlackWarGreymon listened to the conversation as images of an event staged by the Digital Warlord. He grabbed the sides of his mind and growled. She's right. Even I'm recalling such an event before... there was a competition that had higher stakes involved.

"Indeed, I know what you're referring to, dear girl," the crafty bio-Artificial continued. "I intend to revive that sort of event. Bring as many of your friends if you like, but I will be your only opponent. We fight one on one. If I win, the next competitor steps forward and takes a shot at me. I personally don't care how many of you come. The more the merrier. Get ready and gather your allies. You'll need it. The venue has yet to be announced. I'd advise keep your pretty little eyes glued to your televisions."

"You got nerve to make this televised!" Keke snapped.

Angemon X narrowed his eyes coldly toward Virus. "You're making a game out of this!"

"That's the idea," Virus smirked. "This will be a great way to pass time. Haha. Oh, and get plenty of Digi-Vitamins or whatever ready. Also, you better make sure Taichi is with you. He's the one I want to test my complete power against." He slowly turned his back to the siblings and prepared to take off.

"Hold it!" Angemon X angrily demanded as he raced up and stopped a few feet from Virus. "What's the point of this tournament? What do you want?"

Keke quickly asserted. "If you're anything like the Warlord, this is just a ploy for world domination! That or take over the four Digital Realms!"

"I simply want to confirm my superiority and spread fear over two worlds. And spread even more terror into the four Digital Realms. I know the Holy Beasts are watching and they know they're in no position to challenge me. Plus, all this will be good practice for me. As for what I want?" He slowly turned his head, peering over to Angemon X and Keke behind him. "Nothing materialistic or simple like global conquest. I was initially created by Datamon to kill Taichi Kamiya, but now I see little point of fulfilling his wishes. Perhaps I just want to have fun. That's all. There's no crime in such an endeavor, right? I want to have fun... and there's nothing more I enjoy more than looks of perfect terror my power inspires on people's faces."

Upon hearing this, both siblings did exactly what Virus wanted: contort their faces with fear.

"Yes, those are the looks!" Virus laughed as he beckoned a farewell, sliding his wings open and immediately took off into the air. He left the siblings behind questioning his motives and the mechanics behind his tournament. "So long, children."

As Virus disappeared off into the sunset, Angemon X and Keke turned to each other.


"We've got to tell the others."

BlackWarGreymon overheard the last tidbits of the conversation, trying to comprehend Virus' true intentions. There has to be more to this than that monster is letting on. Now he's gone beyond the point of Datamon's programming.


Room of Time/8:00 PM

Omega X and Celesta X quickly came into blows, rapidly exchanging and matching each other's attacks. The siblings timed each other precisely and diverged from each other's reach. Celesta X readied a battle stance and waited for her brother to come at her. Unbeknownst to them, the earth-shattering announcement for a 'tournament' was officially proposed. The Kamiya siblings were not only finishing up their year long training, but were just 10 days away from meeting their greatest obstacle.

"Let's go, Tai!" Celesta X said.

Omega X dropped into a fighting stance and nodded.


Next chapter: Virus Invades the Airwaves! Announcing 'The War Games!'


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