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Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 2, Act 3: War Games

Episode 83: Virus Invades the Airwaves! Announcing 'The War Games!'


Earth/Island/2 Kilometers from the Izu Islands/8:02 PM

The shocking announcement was instilled in Angemon X and Keke's minds. Learning they had 10 days before this event commences, they had to tell the others quickly. Virus' last words repeated in their minds, causing both to control themselves from flipping out.

"How are we going to tell them, sis?"

Keke replied, shaking her head. "Very easy. We just tell them..." Suddenly, she looked up to spot Metalla X, Sam, Imperialdramon with Davis & Ken, and TK mounted on Pegasusmon's back. "Looks like the gang's back! We can tell them first." She pointed up as she and Angemon X watch the whole group descend on the island. "Guys!"

"Oh, thank god! You two are ok!" TK exclaimed as Pegasusmon landed on the ground. The Bearer of Hope jumped off his Digimon as he raced over to the two. "We thought you were goners!"

The others noticed the obvious absence of the bio-Artificial. Sam looked puzzled as he was unable to sense Virus anywhere.

"Where did Virus go?" inquired the purple-haired teen.

"Yeah, where did that big jerk go?" Davis demanded.

Ken turned toward Angemon X and Keke. "You two were the last ones to see him. So, where is he?"

Angemon X and Keke both sank their heads in shame following their humiliating defeats. Their dismayed looks pretty much conveyed a bad message to the group.


Digital World/Azulongmon's Realm/8:04 PM

Even the mood back in Azulongmon's Realm was melancholic and low in spirits after Virus' announcement. All the hope heavily weighted in the Ascended Ascendants, and that was quickly dashed away the moment Virus became perfect. Yolei, Cody, Sora, Mimi, and their Digimon felt despondent with the turn of events. As for the more hardened warriors, they were discontent with Metalla X's foolish act.

"After all that, Virus got what he wanted!" Davis exclaimed.

Tike cursed. "Metalla X is such a jackass! Man, we should knock some sense into him!"

Kara concurred. "Right with you, Tike! He needs a good ass kicking for this!"

"I'm just... relieved Dimitri, Faith, and Keke are safe," Mimi said, trying hard not to let the stress get the best of her. Sora stood by her side and calmed her down. "Thanks, Sora."

BanchoLeomon growled, clenching his fists tightly. "Looks like I'll be going into the Room of Time, after all."

"Likewise!" Tike and Kara cried out in unison. "We need to catch up, too!"

Davis joined in. "I'll go with you two if y'all don't mind."

Kara nodded and was more than happy to approve. "Sure!"

X sighed deeply. "We have 10 days. So, BanchoLeomon can take one day. Tike, Kara, and David can share one day together." He viewed the mirror, picking out a few others from first glance. "Yamato will surely want to go back in for more training. No doubt Dimitri and Keke have the same idea. Perhaps, we should let TK and Davis have a shot? Those two are the next potential Ascendants."

"Is that wise?" Simms questioned the masked watcher's decision.

"What choice do we have? We need more Ascendants to up our chances. Unless Tai and Kari finally found another way to ascend to a greater level, Virus' power is beyond anyone's measure on this side. Even if he has no intent of conquest, if we don't defeat him in this event, he will fulfill Datamon's desire to destroy all human and Digimon life as we know it."

Azulongmon interjected, which was accompanied by a booming tone. "Virus is not bluffing, my friends. The fiendish Artificial possesses the powers of not only your past enemies and those of the strongest warriors, but inherits powers of the Crests. What he intends is to test the extent of his powers against the strongest, but it's in our great interest to wait for this announcement he intends to make."

Zhuqiaomon angrily scoffed. "Feh, Virus' demeanor exudes a high level of arrogance it's sickening! Where does he go off claiming his power is greater than any being in the four Digital Realms? And he means to demean us!"

"Sounds to me you want a crack shot at Virus then. Right, Zhuqiaomon?" Gennai seemingly teased the angry phoenix.


"Is that doubt I hear in your tone, Zhuqiaomon?" X inquired, trying hard not to smile behind his mask.

"Leave me alone."

"So, are we clear everyone?" X shifted his attention to his friends and colleagues.

Sora nodded as she walked up to X. "How long until Tai and Kari are out?"

"Until tomorrow, but they've produced better results than Yamato, Dimitri, and Keke could."


Earth/Island/2 Kilometers from the Izu Islands/8:15 PM

Meanwhile, Angemon X and Keke brought everyone up to speed regarding Virus' tournament proposal. Needless to say, and right fully so, the others were overwhelmed with bewilderment and dismay. The news definitely aggravated Metalla X to no end and it showed with him trying hard not to lose his cool.

"...that's what he said?" Sam asked after Angemon X and Keke explained in detail.

"A tournament?" Imperialdramon wondered.

Davis snorted. "Man, that guy really is full of himself. He needs some grand stage to humiliate us on television!"

Ken nodded. "I'd have to agree with you there, Davis."

Metalla X growled, fuming over the bio-Artificial's announcement. Virus is really playing with us! Damn him... now he wants to humble me on his tournament?

'Well, well, how does it feel being humbled twice? Don't you just love the taste of defeat? Better yet, how does it feel eating dirt twice?'

Perturbed with Matt's mental taunts, Metalla X rebuked against his other self. No one asked for your stupid opinion. Butt out!

'Because you know the truth hurts! Everything that happened just now is all on your head! You've made it that much harder for Dimitri, Keke, and Mimi to forgive you. What are you going to do to correct your errors, Yamato?'

You don't worry about. I intend to use the Room of Time and get stronger than before. The next time I face Virus, I'll be wiping the floor with him!

'And with that mentality, you're bound to lose in a more humiliating fashion. What else is new, Yamato? Your pride is nothing more than parody at this point.'

I'll show you parody, punk. You and everyone else will be bowing before me.

"But, who'd want to enter some event like that?" Davis exclaimed to everyone. "This is crazy! Only a few of y'all can probably last more than minutes in a fight with him! Forget about us regular Digi-Destined, we can't possibly damage that guy! Imperialdramon couldn't even put a dent on him. Not even Dimitri, Yamato, and Keke stood a chance!"

"I've made a decision," Angemon X announced to those present. "I'll be going first into Room of Time."

Keke nodded. "Me, too. I'll join you."

"No, we don't need you two or Tai," Metalla X quickly interjected against their intentions. "I will only require one more day in that room. Virus made the biggest regret allowing me more time to train!"

"Maybe I should use the room, too," TK proclaimed much to Angemon X and the others' shock. "Hey, I think I can do it!"

"And I'll join in the tournament, too," Came a voice behind them.

Everyone whirled over and spotted BlackWarGreymon gingerly pacing toward them. He favored the side where half of his face was melted off by Virus' attack. Taken aback by BlackWarGreymon's approach, Angemon X was the first to naturally take a defiant stand against him.

"Please take me somewhere to get repaired..." BlackWarGreymon begged despite the scornful look he was drawing from Angemon X. "I'll do what I can to better your chances..."

"BlackWarGreymon?" TK exclaimed as he narrowed his eyes coldly. "Why should we trust you?"

"TK's right! Why should we help you?" Angemon X demanded, gritting his teeth as BlackWarGreymon advanced closer to them. "You're one of Datamon's Artificials! You don't deser-!"

Suddenly, Keke and Sam walked right up to BlackWarGreymon. The two teens patted his knees and nodded in approval.

"Sure. We'll take you somewhere," Sam said. "In fact, I know a few geniuses who can fix you right up." He turned an eye to Ken and nodded. "Right?"

The Bearer of Kindness blinked and nodded. "Sure, I suppose. Yolei, Izzy, and I can get help from Gennai and Simms."

"Wait, Keke! Sam! You wouldn't...!" Angemon X was taken aback by their choice to help BlackWarGreymon.

Keke calmly reassured her brother. "Relax, bro. BW's not a bad guy. In fact, you could say he's an old friend reincarnated. Heck, I'd say those two Artificials Virus swallowed up aren't bad people either. They were just pawns for Datamon's sick and twisted visions."

"Right, I doubt they're like the Artificials from your future," said Sam.

"We're going to need all the help we can get, too!" Davis added. "I approve!"

However, TK and Angemon X were still unsure. The latter may eventually get over it, but TK still holds an obvious grudge against the darkness.

BlackWarGreymon nodded sagely and apologetically. "Thank you." He was supported by Keke and Sam, who helped carry him.

Angemon X sighed. "Maybe, you guys... are right?" He noticed BlackWarGreymon not attacking Keke and Sam. To his surprise, he noted the two were seemingly familiar with 'BW', a name they're acknowledging him with like a nickname. "He's not attacking them or us. Maybe I am being too harsh and unfair."

Metalla X folded his arms and snorted. "Do what you want, but remember I'm going into that room first."

Once everyone departed from the island and headed back to the Digital World, another day would quickly pass on. On this day, the eventful worldwide broadcast that would spread terror across the Real and Digital Worlds.


Room of Time/8:45 PM

(Cue Chrono Trigger OST - Sealed Door)

The Kamiya sibling's training continued forward without delay. Omega X and Celesta X stood on opposite ends near the entrance. They walked forward and diverged from each other. They turned and faced each other. They forged a long distance between each other. Celesta X clenched her fists and took on a fighting stance.

"Let's get serious, Tai! This time I'm ready!"

Omega X smirked. "Show me what you've got."



The Kamiya siblings phased out from their positions and in no time flashes of light collided at blinding speed. Following the flashes of light colliding, shock waves emanated and shook the entrance near them to its foundations. The settings in the background matched the passion of their intense training. Burst of flames seemingly expelled around Omega X and Celesta X. Amidst the flames, the Ascendants swerved around each other and phased out.

Suddenly, Celesta X flew around Omega X and attempted a kick to his back. Omega X quickly phased out. She, too, vanished and pursued her brother around the dimension. They quickly vanished and reappeared at random spots in the spacious zone. Omega X reappeared and flew down to kick Celesta X. She whirled around and made an evasive counter, tilting her head at the last second. Celesta X quickly lifted a palm and batted Omega X's fist aside. They vanished again and reappeared around other areas of the Room of Time.


Omega X and Celesta X clashed as their forearms quickly made contact. The flames danced around them and turned into pillars. Every move they made influenced the flames in the background. They followed up forearm strikes with an assortment of punches and kicks. The siblings matched each other blow for blow. They diverged away and flew head-on to attack each other. They both flew up as Celesta X launched a volley of pink blasts at his direction. Omega X evaded the incoming blasts and even batted a few aside.

Omega X dove right back on the ground and looked up as Celesta X descended. She unleashed a pink beam through her right hand.

"Holy Beam!"

He countered, firing a blue beam to counter hers. "Tsunami Wave!"

The siblings' beams impacted with full force and matched each other. Neither Omega X and Celesta X were willing to give in. Then, they exerted more energy into their attacks, igniting a bright flash of light that consumed the entire area they were fighting on.

As the light seemingly faded, Omega X walked forward to their beds whilst carrying an unconscious Celesta X on his back. He lied Celesta X on her bed and pulled the covers over her. Before leaving her to rest, Celesta X instinctively shot up and gasped, startling him. Omega X smiled as Celesta X sat up heavily breathing.

"Tai... I... I'm sorry for holding you back. You could've been getting stronger yourself..."

"Are you kidding? Thanks to you, I think I've strong than I can be. It's you I want to see improve."

"Right, but what if... I can't get stronger than you?" Celesta X sank her head, looking seemingly dejected.

Omega X nodded dismissively. "Don't think so negatively, sis. You're doing great! Just hang in there! These last months are going to be much more straining." He said while sitting beside his sister and putting a finger under her chin. "Will you be ready?"

Shaking her head, Celesta X regained her high spirits. "I am. Sorry for doubting myself."

"Get some rest. We've got more work tomorrow."

As he closed the curtains behind him. Celesta X lied back in bed and stared at the ceiling. Her mind was jumbled with mixed emotions involving their training. She wondered if it were ever possible to ascend on a level past what her brother has achieved.

Celesta X quietly vowed. "...I won't let you and the others down, Tai."

Omega X did manage to catch what she mumbled. And you won't. Everyone will be surprised with what they'll get.

(End theme)


Earth/Odaiba District/Abandoned Garage/9:23 PM

Instead of reconvening in the Digital World, the group led by Metalla X arrived at an abandoned garage established as an outpost for the group to meet and for BlackWarGreymon to be repaired in secrecy. Sora, Biyomon, Izzy, Tentomon, and Simms gathered outside to greet Metalla X, Angemon X, TK, Patamon, Keke & Sam carrying BlackWarGreymon, Davis, Veemon, Ken, and Wormmon.

"Guys!" Sora greeted the assembly. "Sorry about that, but X insisted you guys come here instead."

"It was last minute, but since you brought BlackWarGreymon we can examine the critical damage he's taken," Simms addressed to them. He approached Keke and Sam while checking over BlackWarGreymon's face. "Ok, bring him in."

"Right!" Keke and Sam replied as they loaded BlackWarGreymon into the garage.

"BW, it's really you," Simms mumbled as he turned an analytical eye to BlackWarGreymon.

"My goodness! I didn't realize it, but Keke looks taller!" Izzy exclaimed as he noticed Angemon X and Metalla X turning back to normal.

Tentomon hovered right over Dimitri and Faith, examining them closely. "Indeed, you've gotten taller and gotten quite buffer, Dimitri!"

"You think so? Thanks for the compliment," Dimitri replied modestly.

"Mimi would go crazy if she saw you and Matt as you are now," Izzy said as Yamato walked away with Gabumon. "Ok... I take it that's not Matt right now."

"Nope, it's been Yamato ever since we left the Room of Time," Dimitri glared darkly to Yamato.

"We saw what happened, guys," the Bearer of Love looked solemnly at the group.

TK quickly asserted. "Yeah, Virus completely dominated. None of our Digimon put a dent on him."

"All because of Yamato's ego!" Davis shouted. "He let that freak absorb Sonja!"

"But, weren't you the one to destroy the control?" Ken reminded his friend, making Davis even more of a fool to make any accusations.

"I'd say you both botched our only attempt to prevent Virus from becoming a digital god," Izzy promptly stated.

Both Davis Veemon sunk their heads, realizing the truth was harsher than they believed.

"Anyway, Yolei and Hawkmon will be arriving here shortly, Ken. I'll need your expertise along with Yolei and Sam to repair the damage BlackWarGreymon received."

The Bearer of Kindness nodded sagely. "You can count on me, Izzy."

Inside the garage, Keke and Sam placed BlackWarGreymon on a large table after putting a sheet over it. They examined the damage to BlackWarGreymon's head.

"How badly damaged is he, Sam?"

The purple-haired teen carefully prodded BlackWarGreymon's right half of his melted face. Though BlackWarGreymon felt no pain, he wondered if he been real if he'd be suffering with half of his face missing. BlackWarGreymon turned his head after Sam finished preliminary examinations.

"He's going to need new Chrome Digizoid armor to replace half of his face. His internal sensors are also in need of repairs."

Keke nodded. "I see."

At that moment, Yolei, Hawkmon, Ken, and Wormmon walked into the garage. Upon seeing BlackWarGreymon, Yolei was slightly taken aback by the dark Artificial's presence and cringed at the grisly sight of his melted face. Nonetheless, Yolei sucked it up and walked alongside Ken.

"BW, we're going to get your repaired, old friend," Sam said with reassurance to the BlackWarGreymon.

"BW, that's a name Sonja and Jax referred to me as... it's my name shortened."

"We used to call you BW. That's who we used to call you by in another world we once protected," Keke said. "Don't you remember?"

"Memories are coming back to me. I seem to remember you two and all the Digi-Destined... yet... the identity of one young man hasn't fully returned."

Keke and Sam turned toward each other, recognizing to who BlackWarGreymon was alluding. Keke walked out of the garage until she stopped when Izzy and Tentomon passed by her. She joined Sora, TK, Davis, Yamato, and the others outside.

As Izzy and Tentomon closed the garage behind them, the Bearer of Knowledge joined Sam, Yolei, and Ken with making thorough examination of BlackWarGreymon. Izzy turned on the light in the garage and checked on the Artificial's melted face.

"Yep, head damage and half of his face melted," Izzy nodded, stating the obvious while Tentomon hovered over BlackWarGreymon.

"I conclude we'll need to get Chrome Digizoid and create a replica of the other half of his face. We can easily replace the side that Virus seemingly melted off."

"Good call, Ken," Yolei concurred with the former Digimon Emperor. "We've got 10 days to fix him up."

"It's doable. We can finish him up by the time Virus' event takes place," Sam said.

"About that..." Izzy added before Sam cut him off.

"Let's just get to work, guys."

With that, they further analyzed BlackWarGreymon's body and made their own assessments regarding his overall condition. BlackWarGreymon shut his one good eye and shifted to sleep mode until more vague images of the young man he referred to earlier freeze framed and flashed.

It's him again! I wonder... is he in this world?


Outside of the garage, Dimitri, Keke, TK, and Davis recapped all that occurred leading up to Virus' shocking announcement. Mimi, Palmon, Cody, Armadillomon, Joe, Gomamon, Tike, Kara, and David came exactly the same time Izzy and Tentomon did. Tai and Kari's parents were transported back to their apartment thanks to measures from X and Simms.

"Why would Virus even bother with a tournament?" quizzically pondered Cody. "Sounds like an obvious trap to me."

"I sure don't trust him!" Armadillomon added.

"Sheesh, he hasn't even hit TV yet and I'm already getting anxious," Joe said, folding his arms around himself.

Gomamon chuckled. "This just means we can sing some songs for ten days. Right?"

"You're not helping, Gomamon."

"Aw, Joe. I try!"

Palmon shook her head, rolling her eyes. "How can you joke, Gomamon?"

"We know Virus has no interest in conquest," TK stated. "We can rule that out."

"As far as I'm concerned, the Artificials never delighted in conquest like Myotismon or Burizalor," Dimitri addressed the group. "They take more pleasure in spreading chaos and fear. That's the purpose of this tournament of his. It's propaganda to spread fear amongst the masses."

"On top of that, he wants to fully test out his complete power," Keke stated. "Believe us. Virus has been very subtle with his new power. I believe he intends to go all out when he fights Omega X."

Upon hearing the mention of his rival, Yamato scowled and openly scoffed. "Feh."

Mimi nodded dismissively in disapproval. "Matt, c'mon now." She turned toward Dimitri and Keke as she embraced them. "I'm just glad you two came back safely! You had me worried!"

Dimitri and Keke returned a hug to their mother while Faith flew over to Palmon.

TK stood clenching his fists, reaffirming his decision on using the Room of Time. Patamon noticed the look of determination etched on his face.

Even Davis noticed the uneasiness from TK.

"TK?" Patamon blinked as he looked up to his partner. "You really mean to use that room?"

"No doubt about it. If Kari could become an Ascendant, I can, too."

"TK, are you sure you want to go through with that?" Sora asked the determined preteen.

"That's going to wait, TK," Yamato openly interjected against his younger brother. "I said I'd go in first. You and whoever else can wait."

Davis whirled around and knelt down, whispering to Veemon. "Shoot, guess we're gonna have to wait, pal."

"Shoot!" Veemon mildly cursed.

"Hey, guys," Tike announced. "We just announced the order of who will go into the room."

Kara continued. "First, BanchoLeomon go in for a day. Then, the next day, it will be Yamato and Gabumon ."

David added on. "After him, it will be Tike, Kara, and I. Then, Dimitri and Keke have their turn. Then, after that, whoever else needs to go in."

"I'll use the room after Dimitri and Keke!" TK declared.

"TK, are you sure you want to go through with this?" Cody tried talking his friend out of his mindset.

"I've made my decision, Cody. I... I must invoke my Crest's full extent," TK said, placing a hand against his chest.

Patamon nodded with determination. "I'll help you become an Ascendant, TK!"

"And I'll use the room, too!" Davis exclaimed.

Joe gaped. "You, too, Davis?"

"Why not? I ain't about to let TK pass me up!" Davis declared.

Veemon asserted. "Same here!"

"Then, we have a lot of work ahead of us, guys," Sora said as everyone but Yamato nodded altogether.

Dimitri concurred with the Bearer of Love. "Sora's right! We have 10 days left. Let's make good use of it. I just hope Tai and Kari yielded some excellent results from their training."

Listening to the others carry on their conversation, Yamato sat down in isolated as he looked up to the dark skies.

"All right, Virus. Whatever you've got in mind, this tournament of yours better be worth."


December 22, 2004/7:34 AM

The next morning, Virus glided across thousands of kilometers from Tokyo. On his chest an array of different colors flashed and emblazoned on his chest. Each colored light had the nine Crests, including the Crest of Kindness. The power of these copied Crests invoked a power that allowed Virus to slip through between the Real and Digital Worlds. He opened a portal and entered it. He found himself in the Digital World and descended near a village full of Pagumon.

"Hmm, perfect. This is an ideal spot," Virus smirked, surveying the vicinity.

Unbeknownst to the devilish Pagumon, a greater evil was about to make his presence known. Their fiendish pranks would swiftly come to an end by a glowing ball of light forming inside Virus' hands.

"For the ring, I'll need to make it bigger than the one used for the old tournaments."



With a mighty god-like hand, he leveled the entire Pagumon village with a large blast and laid it into a massive wasteland.


He swiftly pivoted to his right and noticed a large rock face. He utilized telekinesis to lift the gargantuan rock off the ground and waved his fingers, carving the giant rock into a large white square.

"I figured the Digital World would have some quality rock and I was right."

Then, as his eyes glowed, he used eye beams to carve out the edges and finger beams to carve through the square, cutting it down into over a hundred tiles. He motioned the tiles and waved his hand across, sending the tiles over to the ground. As the tiles landed, a ton of dust was thrown up as the ring was firmly pieced together. It stretched across 40 feet in length and 20 feet in height. Virus hovered closer and inspected the ring, checking the finer details of his work.

"Eh, it's a little vanilla, but I'll work on the details later and relocate it to a better venue," the bio-Artificial smiled as he turned to the direction where he opened the portal. "Now to get the word out to the viewing public!"

With that, Virus hastily opened the portal and returned to the other side to broadcast his tournament for both worlds.


Odaiba District/Odaiba Pappon Apartments/Motomiya Residence/11:30 AM

Gathered near a television, Davis, Veemon, TK, Patamon, Cody, and Armadillomon waited for Virus to make his announcement. Tike, Kara, and David were outside training on the rooftop. Jun barged right in and saw the group amassed around the television painstakingly flipping through the news stations.

"What's going on? Why are y'all been so quiet?" Jun blinked as she saw the Digi-Destined staring toward the TV. "Oh shoot. You're using the TV and I was going to watch my soaps."

"Jun, we've got bigger problems than your stupid soaps!" Davis snapped as he tried controlling himself. He noticed Cody nodding his head to his direction. "Look, it's hard to explain..."

"What? Another Digimon attack? Please that's not hard to believe," Jun said.

TK sighed with exasperation. "It's bigger than just you usual Digimon attack. I have a bad feeling it's going to be a whole a lot bigger than the Odaiba Fog Incident."

"You're serious...?" Davis' sister was taken aback.

Veemon turned to Davis. "Did he say what channel he's be making his announcement?"

"Nah, Dimitri and Keke didn't say when he made his stupid announcement."

"So, we're just flipping through random channels for nothing?" Cody pondered.

Armadillomon added. "I'm sure he'll turn up somewhere, right?"

"My dad works at Fuji TV. I just hope Virus doesn't wind up there," TK said, flipping through channels. His eyes were becoming tired out from seeing different channels. "Ugh, this is so nerve-racking."

Jun walked over and sat on the couch. Folding one leg over her lap, she watched the boys going through every channel.

"Oh, you boys..." Jun muttered under her breath. "What I could do with a Digimon... I don't even know how I'd handle being a Chosen like y'all."


Over on the roof, Tike, Kara, and David sparred rigorously before their inevitable Room of Time training. Tike lunged at David and went for a kick. David countered. The boys quickly traded blows as Kara sat on the sidelines, waiting to make her move. As Tike and David locked up for a minute, Kara flew in and caught them with Ki blasts in their faces. Tike and David fell back, kicking the Ki blasts into the sky where they exploded.

"Nice try, sis!" Tike said, sticking his tongue at her.

Kara playfully smirked. "I'll get you next time."

"Guys, does the whole tournament and Virus' new look seem familiar to you?" Davis, being the inquisitive little boy he was, asked his two friends.

Tike nodded. "Yeah, back when we faced the Digital Warlord. We remember telling you about it."

"Only this time we're going to be better prepared!" Kara declared. "We have to work to become Ascended Ascendants like Yamato, Dimitri, Keke have."

"Sis is right. We have the Room of Time to train in and you'll be helping us out, David."

"I hope so," David said as he put his hand out. "Let's buckle down hard and work our butts off!"

Tike and Kara put their hands over David's. "And work hard to become Ascended Ascendants!"


Odaiba Music Hall/11:46 AM

Meanwhile, over in the local music hall, Dimitri, Faith, Mimi, Palmon, and Keke settled down near a television in the backstage. Yamato and Gabumon were in the background, staying in isolation while waiting for the likely global announcement Virus planned to broadcast.

Dimitri leaned back, reflecting back to Virus' announcement. "He's supposed to be making his announcement soon."

"What makes you even think he'll show up on a TV station?" asked Palmon.

"He warned us he'd be making an televised announcement," the time traveler proclaimed.

Keke concurred. "And he seemed very adamant about it."

Mimi just shook her head and turned toward Dimitri. "Son... I mean, Dimitri..."

"Yeah, Mimi?"

"I wanted to ask you something about the future. Have I raised you well during the horrible period you've had to endure?"

"Treated me like any good mother would. You and another woman raised me well. In fact, I had two mothers. You were the one to teach me good manners and be respectful to my peers. My second mother trained me to be an efficient warrior since childhood."

Upon hearing about this 'second mother', Mimi, Palmon, and Keke were curious to delve more into his background. They crowded near him and Faith.

"Who's this second mother of yours?" Keke inquired. "She must've been something else to train you since childhood."

"Well, I had my uncle TK train me, too. I learned the ways of the warrior from these two. First of all, uncle TK was an Ascendant and even helped fight alongside me for a while against those Artificial monsters. As for my second mother, she was a queen of a women's warrior race of Digimon. They were called Digi-Amazons..."

Keke blinked. "Wait, I've heard about them! X told me their queen is named Athenamon. Would she be your second mother?"

Nodding, Dimitri finally confirmed. "That's right. After all the Chosen but my mother and uncle TK perished, they were taken to a new sanctuary. Lady Athenamon agreed to take them in and it was during that time my mother was pregnant with me." He faced Mimi, who sat still and listened to his story. "Athenamon and her Amazon sisters were adamant against men living in their territory, but took great exception with TK and I. Shortly thereafter TK would leave to train and harness the Ascendant powers that my father gained before."

Yamato was overhearing Dimitri in the background, though naturally said nothing while the time traveler continued his story.

"My mother finally gave birth to me on one fateful night. Lady Athenamon held me in her arms and declared I'd be the one to change the future. I was the shining beacon of light to extinguish the darkness the Artificials brought to the worlds. The Amazons became my family. I considered them my mothers, aunts, and sisters. However..." He eyed Mimi and smiled toward her direction. "You and Lady Athenamon were the ones to nurture me to be the young man I am today. I have both of you to thank. I couldn't have asked for better mothers than you two."

As she got misty-eyed, Mimi wiped her tears and smiled proudly, not only for Dimitri but her future self.

"Mimi is still alive in your time, right?"

"Yeah, but uncle TK met an unfortunate end at the hands of those monsters," Dimitri gritted his teeth and almost seethed. He quickly calmed his fury and pat Faith's head, making him purr lightly. "Uncle TK passed the power of his Crest of Hope to me. I became Hope's wielder and as he passed in front of me... my fury let out and I became an Ascendant."

The ladies were shocked in silence. Even Yamato was conveying emotion when he heard his brother's future counterpart died a hero's fate.

"Shortly before I first came to to this time, Lady Athenamon arranged one last test. I was to go to a temple where the Holy Sword was sealed. This was the weapon I used to cut Burizalor in half."

Keke nodded. "I remember and that sword broke against Sonja's arm."

"Yeah, I didn't think that'd happen, but anyway... the final test was for me to face the evil Medusamon and her children. I was to fight without Faith and my Crest, the sources that make up my Ascendant power. With all the training I accumulated from Lady Athenamon and her sisters, I fought off Medusamon's children. Then, I was able to overcome the odds and grab the sword. I turned it against Medusamon and cut her head off."

"Just like Perseus," Yamato spoke out, surprising everyone in the room.

"Well, well, you finally speak!" Mimi openly teased Yamato, folding her arms. "Why not join in our family conversation?"

Yamato snorted and turned away. "Hn. You're pestering the boy. Go on with your story."

Dimitri chuckled. "Like I was saying, I cut Medusamon's head off and returned with the sword in hand."

"And Medusamon's head?" Palmon asked.

"The sisters collected the head and have it sealed in one of their holy shrines," Faith replied.

"Once I was bestowed the sword, Lady Athenamon made a final act. She transferred her powers and knowledge over to me. I not only wield Ascendant powers, but the power of Lady Athenamon. After she passed her power over to me, Lady Athenamon lost her power and became a normal human. She named one of her trusted sisters the new queen and departed to live a new life in the human world."

"She's really just a human now?" Keke asked.

"In my time, she is and I haven't seen her since. I hope she's doing well, but I figure she'd be living in isolation somewhere. Who knows? But, I hope to see her again."

Mimi added as she leaned back on her chair. "I wonder if our Athenamon is aware of you being here."

"Who knows? But, if she's anything like my Athenamon, she will have good foresight and know of my existence."

"Sorry to change the subject, but what about this Karin girl?" Keke interrupted and shifted subjects over to another one of Dimitri's personal relationships.

Dimitri slightly blushed and smiled modestly. "Sh-She's a friend I made during my childhood."

"Yeah, a friend, sure," Mimi teased her future son.

"She started out as a spirit..."

This quickly hushed Mimi as her curiosity piqued even more while he delved more into this back story.

"Initially, she was like my guardian angel. As I grew older and after my uncle died, our relationship became that much closer. She comforted me through the hard times. I learned she was able to dimension shift from another world. One day, she returned with a physical body. For the first time, I was able to feel and touch her skin. She was no longer a non-corporeal spirit."

Keke immediately asked. "Did she help you in any fights with the Artificials?"

"Not, but she did save me on a few accounts and prevented me from taking extreme measures. She was out for my well being and said I had a greater purpose one day. She was right."

"Karin, why does that name sound familiar?" Mimi wondered. "That sounds like the name of one of Tai's close friends... she died..."

"Must be a coincidence," Keke shrugged. "So, Karin is called Sailor Sedna? She's like one of those Sailor Senshi from the Sailor Moon anime?"

"Yeah, she told me she was the leader of a group called the Kuiper Belt Senshi. These Senshi only exist in the world she came from."

Curiously wanting to know more, Mimi was the next to throw another inquiry. "And the Senshi from the TV show exist in that world?"

Dimitri nodded in response. "Yes... but I can't say much beyond that. I can only tell you... Sedna is able to dimension hop into different worlds and comes by to visit me."

"Man, Dimitri, you sure are a man of surprises," Mimi giggled as she pulled him into an embrace. "But, I love you for that. Thanks for coming here to warning us about these androids and for bringing us closer."

Keke concurred. "Likewise, I'm proud to have a brother like you. Now, all we've got to do is prepare and stop Virus at all costs!"

"And we will!" Dimitri declared as he gave the girls a look of reassurance. He meticulously eyed Yamato from the corner and scoffed. And hopefully you'll be up to speed when we all use the room of Time, dad.


Odaiba District/Abandoned Garage/12:15 PM

Back in the garage, the once abandoned facility was teeming with a group of Chosen and helping hands repairing the damaged BlackWarGreymon. Izzy, Yolei, Ken, and Sam worked almost round the clock on BlackWarGreymon. Gennai installed a CAT Scan machine to scan over the dark Artificial. Joe checked the CAT Scan and viewed the machine's 'skeleton', which displayed a layer of metallic 'bones'. X and Simms stood in the background, watching quietly. Sora, Biyomon, Gomamon, Tentomon, Hawkmon, and Wormmon were on the opposite of the room.

Joe tried to zoom in on BlackWarGreymon's x-ray image. "I know I'm studying to be a medical doctor, but I've never had to examine a machine before."

"He's not completely machine. This big guy does have a heart," Sam said.

Yolei added. "Metaphorically speaking, right?"

"No, I'm serious."

Ken, however, believed him. "If he was able to put up a fight against Virus, it's not hard to believe, Yolei. Machines usually follow their program accordingly. For a machine to make a choice..."

"You called him BW with such familiarity. It's like you know him," pointed out Izzy.

Nodding, Sam affirmed. "I do."

"It's because BW"s memories haven't fully been brought out," X announced as he walked over to BlackWarGreymon's side. "BW? Can you hear me?"

Slowly turning his head, BlackWarGreymon acknowledged the masked man. "...you..."

"You were created from Dark Towers. Correct?"

"Affirmative. One hundred Dark Towers gave me life and Datamon modified me with extra implements."

"And did you rebel against him?"

"He deemed me too dangerous and sealed me in my stasis chamber. I was locked up for a while until Jax and Sonja freed me from my imprisonment."

"Yet you didn't attack any of the Digi-Destined."

BlackWarGreymon replied. "Negative. I was programmed only to terminate Tai Kamiya and Agumon."

Yolei glanced over the blueprints based on Jax's design. "Well, we can't use these. They're useless since this guy was built differently from those two." She quickly discarded the blueprints and put them on a table.

"You're not a real Digimon then," X said. "But, as far as I'm concerned, you're as real as the Digimon you see across the room." He pointed over the garage as BlackWarGreymon scanned Biyomon, Wormmon, Gomamon, Hawkmon, and Tentomon. "To me, you're every bit as real as they are. And I know your memories are resurfacing."

"Yes... I am recalling everything... including the people I fought alongside with, including a young man that resembled Tai."

Upon hearing this, the room became silent when BlackWarGreymon unveiled this piece of information.

"Resembled Tai?" Sora blinked in befuddlement.

X, Simms, and Sam knew who this 'individual' BlackWarGreymon alluded. X placed a hand over BlackWarGreymon's forehead.

"May I, BW?"

"Are you going to scan my mind?"

"Yes, now, relax."

Complying with the masked watcher, the Artificial relaxed and allowed him to probe his mind.


BlackWarGreymon's Mind

X concentrated as he found himself inside BlackWarGreymon's consciousness. The mind resembled a spacious dark desert with endless white sand and black skies. He looked around and saw BlackWarGreymon sitting alone. As X tried to approach him, a face of Datamon appeared before him and barricaded his path.

"Going somewhere? The BW you knew is gone! He is my slave to do my bidding!"

"You're wrong! Leave BW's mind now!" demanded X.

"BlackWarGreymon, what will you do? Rejoin these pitiful friends of yours or continue to make my vision for a bleak future a reality? Make them pay, my BlackWarGreymon! Destroyed them all!"

BlackWarGreymon stood from his seated rock and grabbed his head, bellowing in excruciating pain. "GAAAAHH! LEAVE ME ALONE!"



"No! I won't listen to you anymore... I will... be... FREE TO MAKE MY OWN CHOICES!" BlackWarGreymon shook his head and resisted, lifting both arms over his head. "If I ever face Tai, it'll be for my own satisfaction! Not for your own twisted ambitions!"

Datamon's face contorted with terror and openly pleaded. "NO! BLACKWARGREYMON! STOP! YOU DARE BETRAY ME LIKE YOUR BROTHER AND SISTER HAVE?"

"If they can resist you, then I can, too! I will ensure that Virus perishes and with it... the bleak future you wish to bring to these good people!"


"I have no regrets for what I'm going to do!" BlackWarGreymon bellowed as the red ball of energy grew over his head. "TERRA DESTROYER!" He flung the massive red ball toward Datamon and watched it blow away the evil mastermind from his mind.

"NOOOOO! AUUUUUGH!" Screamed Datamon as he vanished for good, leaving X alone with BlackWarGreymon.

X nodded, smiling behind his mask. "Well done, old friend. Now have all your memories returned?"

BlackWarGreymon answered, glancing over his hands and Dramon Killer claws. "...I remember all. Thank you, X."

"And do you remember him?"

"The young man who looks like Tai? Yes..."

"Good, but let's keep that between us. Although, I have a feeling Tai already knows..."


"Who I am. Now, that doesn't matter. We have to stop Virus and prevent the apocalyptic future that ravaged Dimitri's world from happening to this timeline. Will you help us?"

BlackWarGreymon nodded and accepted. "I will... so as long as I get one good fight with Tai and VictoryGreymon."

"That can be arranged somehow. Anyway, welcome back, BW."


Abandoned Garage/12:25 PM

Withdrawing his hand from BlackWarGreymon's face, X walked back. The two exchanged looks as Sora walked up to him.

"X? What happened?"

"It's ok. I was able to bring a peace of mind to BW," the masked man turned toward Sam, Izzy, Ken, and Yolei. "You guys continue working diligently. We'll have the Chrome Digizoid armor to reconstruct and modify BW."

"You heard him, guys. We have work to do," the Bearer of Knowledge said as he and the others quickly returned to working over BlackWarGreymon.

"Thank you, X..." BlackWarGreymon mumbled, causing the masked man to give him a thumbs up.

"Good to have you back, old friend."

Sora looked between X and BlackWarGreymon's friendly exchange. "Is there something I'm missing."

"I'll tell you later, Sora. Let's give them room to work, ok?" X addressed Sora and the Digimon. "What we need to do is wait for that monster's announcement. When it comes..."


Odaiba/12:55 PM

The Odaiba district was ever so peaceful on this winter break. Christmas was approaching and shoppers went in a frenzy to get gifts for their families. However, the spirit of the holidays was about to be dashed by a certain individual, who didn't share their holiday spirits.

As he glided over Odaiba, Virus moved at blinding speed and coasted over the streets, bringing some calamity to a once busy district. People panicked and ran at the sight of the bio-Artificial gliding over past them. Then, something peculiar caught Virus' eye. He viewed the Fuji TV Station next to the Daikanransha Ferris wheel. A devilish smirk adorned the Artificial's face as he jetted toward the building. He landed right in front of Fuji TV Station's entrance and walked right throwing, sending a shock wave that blasted the entrance down. Shards of glass scattered across the floor. Workers quickly hollered in terror, which brought much delight to Virus, and fled from the facility.

Two female receptionists cowered with fear behind their task as the creature approached them.

Virus smiled and politely asked them. "Excuse me, ladies, where can I find the global broadcasting room?"

The receptionist with the long red hair pointed up, stuttering nervously. "U-Up in... Studio D... the very top level... sir."

"Ahh, is that so? Thank, you miss."

With that, Virus flew up into the air and went through the ceiling headfirst. However, he went through with ease and reached the the second floor, interrupting a broadcast of a J-Drama episode. Naturally, the actors and film crew panicked with terror as their cameras caught live coverage of Virus.

And this quickly broadcasted on channels across the country, including the homes of the Digi-Destined.


Odaiba Pappon Apartments/Motomiya Residence/12:58 PM


As Davis called for everyone, Tike, Kara, and David joined in with the others in the apartment. Davis, Veemon, TK, Patamon, Cody, Armadillomon, Tike, Kara, David, and Jun watched tensely as Virus appeared on the channel the J-Drama show he interrupted. The bio-Artificial wore that same smug and conniving look, which was viewable up close on the camera.

"So, he finally shows himself!" TK exclaimed. "I think my dad is working at the station today! Damn...!"

Jun demanded. "Who or what is going on here?"

"You'll see soon enough, Jun," Davis said.


Abandoned Garage/12:59 PM

The only available television they had showed Virus passing through the next floor. Those present stopped work over BlackWarGreymon and watched the television, which showed live footage of Virus.

"There's that conniving jerk," Yolei remarked as she saw his smug look.

Sora walked close net to X. "...it's like he said he would do."

"Just can't believe he's going through with it," Biyomon said.

X, Simms, and BlackWarGreymon intently focused on the television screen.


Odaiba Music Hall/12:59 PM

"It's Virus!" Palmon cried out as she pointed to the television screen brought in by one of the backstage crew.

Alarmed, Yamato, Gabumon, Dimitri, Faith, Keke, Mimi, and Palmon huddled close to watch the screen.

"Damn him..." Dimitri scowled and gritted his teeth.

Mimi shuddered with dread. "Ugh..." She quickly turned toward Yamato. "Hey, doesn't your dad work at that station?"

"Matt's father does..." Yamato growled as he was immediately turned off by Virus' smug look. "Pfft, you show off!" He angrily barked toward the television, conveying his obvious disdain for the bio-Artificial.

Matt even interjected in Yamato's mind. 'That bastard better not blow up that station! Dad has to get out of there!'

Yeah, but what am I do? scowled Yamato.

Palmon flipped through other channels, including a cooking show, a pro wrestling auditions program, and even educational children's show featuring hamsters. Virus went through all those studios and interrupted their programs whilst making his ascension to the top floor. On the top floor, the national, global, and international news programs were prominently broadcasted.


Fuji TV Station/Floor 4/Studio D/1:00 PM

"And we conclude this noon's broadcast. Stay tuned for later this afternoon as we..."


A dark-haired male anchorman was thrown back as his broadcast table was blown away. The film crew panicked with terror as Virus emerged through the hole. Amidst the sea of crew people, Matt and TK's father, Hiroaki Ishida, was shocked at the sight of Virus.

"Hiroaki! It's another one of those 'Digi-men' as you called them!" one of his crewman pointed to Virus.

Hiroaki gaped in aghast. "...it's Digi-mon... and this thing... could it be that creature that wiped out those local populations recently?"

As the anchorman tried to flee, Virus seized him by the throat and lifted him up.

"Tell me. Is this Stupid D?"

"Ye... Yes...!"

With that, Virus dropped him and let the scared man crawl away in terror.

"...help... call security!"

Virus would have none of that and fired a warning beam, blasting the floor next to the anchorman.

"No doubt Matt and TK would know what this thing is," Hiroaki muttered as he glared intently at Virus, who immediately and easily took over the broadcast.

All terrified eyes in the studio fell on Virus, who calmly turned and faced the cameras filming him.

"Are those cameras rolling? Good, because today I have an important global announcement that will change the fate of many worlds."


Room of Time/1:02 PM

Kari... Kari...

Celesta X stirred in bed as an image of herself outlined by a mysterious white light covered her.

Child of Light... you mustn't fail...

They're all counting on you.

Came the haunting lady's voice, which Celesta X became familiarized with. It was the same entity that possessed her during the adventure on Spira. It was the same light that gave her the initial boost to become an Ascendant. Now, the same voice was reminding her of her purpose.

"...you..." Celesta X muttered as she struggled to sleep in her bed. "What do you want?"

Your friends and your brother are all counting on you. You are the key to turn away the darkness. You are the reason Dragomon wanted you in the first place. Your light was the instrument that allowed you to escape his realm. However, you must delve further... delve further and harness the full extent of the light to balance the darkness!

"But, I already did... and it was... too much. Please, don't go...!" Celesta X shot up and screamed, her face covered with sweat. "NOOO! DON'T GO! TELL ME WHAT I-!" She abruptly paused and surveyed her bedside, finding herself in her bed after another long day of training. She took a deep breath and crawled through, parting away the curtains whilst watching Omega X meditating. She closed the curtains and sat down, mulling over what the entity said to her. She had her doubts of ever going that far to surpass her brother. I nearly lost my mind when I pushed myself that far. Can I ever push myself that far just to surpass Tai?


Celesta X gasped as she quickly slipped under the covers and feigned sleep. Omega X walked in to check on Celesta X and saw she was asleep.

"Sorry, didn't mean to," Omega X smiled as he closed the curtains. He glanced over his shoulder and sighed. "I won't be long, Kari. Just a few more weeks and we're done."

Curling up in her bed, Celesta X smiled and nodded. "...I wonder how TK, Davis, and the others are going to react when they see me like this?" She noted her chest slightly grew out and grew a few inches in height. Her once short brunette hair was now blonde and past her shoulders with spiky trims around the edges of her face. "I can't wait to be in my own bed." She closed her eyes and slept, anticipating her return home.


Fuji TV Station/Floor 4/Studio D/1:04 PM

(Cue Dragonball Kai Insert Theme News of the Cell Games)

Facing the cameras capturing him from different angles, Virus addressed the views worldwide with a tinge of politeness.

"Good day, viewers. I'll be interrupting your regularly scheduled programming briefly to bring you some delightful news! I understand it's the holiday season and you've been delving into the holiday spirits, but I'm here to bring you a little more extra flare to the otherwise stale holidays. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Virus. I'm sure you've all heard of that monster that slaughtered all those civilians in the local towns a few days ago. I am that monster. Only now I've evolved and grown more powerful."

Upon hearing this, everyone in the stupid became spooked, realizing this was the same monster responsible for the countless deaths and leaving a trail of ghost towns behind him.

Hiroaki was confirmed of his suspicions. "I knew it."

"I thank you and the Digimon I consumed for all the bio-energy I required. Rest assured, I don't need anymore. As for the wonderful news, nine days from now, on the 31st, at noon, I'm initiating a battle tournament called the War Games. I've prepared a ring and the venue will take place northwest of Tokyo. It's in a spacious outskirts in the middle of nowhere. Unlike the Digital World's battle tournaments, all Digi-Destined and Digimon will only fight me..."


Odaiba Pappon Apartments/Motomiya Residence/1:06 PM

Davis, TK, Cody, Tike, Kara, David, Jun, and the Digimon were drawn to the announcement as Virus continued his terrifying broadcast.

"Feel free to have as many on your side. You will fight me one on one. The next opponent will take over after the first has lost."

Jun freaked out. "Is that the thing you've guys been dealing with?"

Davis clenched his fists. "This jerk has the nerve to treat us like we're inconveniences!"

Tike added. "One on one, eh? I kinda dig that."

Kara frowned. "It should be two or three on one if he's so sure of himself."

TK angrily stared toward the screen. "Besides being perfect, he's become that more arrogant."


Digital World/Azulongmon's Realm/1:06 PM

BanchoLeomon, Gennai, and the four Sovereigns laid their eyes on the viewing orb, displaying Virus' television broadcast.

"Thus the greater number of competitors you assemble, the bigger your advantages. Even I might get fatigued after many rounds."


Fuji TV Station/Floor 4/Studio D/1:06 PM

As crewmen and security carried the anchorman off, Virus continued on. "The rules are mostly the same as the Digital World battle tournaments. You lose if you surrender or if a part of your body touches the ground outside the ring. You'll also lose if you die... though I'll try going easy on any weaklings."


Colorado Springs

Virus' broadcast reached airwaves across the world in no time. International broadcasts were on edge while the bio-Artificial's message spread.

Amongst the International Digi-Destined, Willis, Terriermon, and Lopmon watched the broadcast.

"When I'm the last one standing, and I will be the victor, I intend to kill every single human and Digimon."

Subsequently the other International Digi-Destined tuned in to Virus' announcement.


New York City/Times Square

The New York Digi-Destined amassed together and viewed the live broadcast that reached their side of the world.

Those present were the following: Michael & Betamon, Phil & Flarizamon, Maria & a Centaurumon, Lou & Tortomon, Steve & Frigimon, and Tatum & Airdramon.

"I'll even hunt you all down methodically... each and every single one of you aren't safe."


Paris, France

Catherine and Floramon sat together in the dining hall to observe the broadcast. They were terrified like the masses across the world.

I'll watch your faces contort with fear."


Mexico City, Mexico

Rosa and Gotsumon sat together with the family viewing the villain's announcement.

"I welcome any and all who think they've got what it takes to beat me."


Hong Kong

The Poi Brothers and their Octomon partners watched their television, receiving Virus' message.

"Observe for what you're up against."


Odaiba District/Odaiba Music Hall/1:07 PM

Clenching his fists, Yamato darkened his glare and gritted his teeth. "Bastard! Don't you even...!"

"No, he can't be planning to-!" Dimitri exclaimed.


Fuji TV Station/Floor 4/Studio D/1:07 PM

Virus put his hand out behind him and fired an energy blast.



The discharged blast went through the wall behind him and hurtled several kilometers in the distance. A bright light lit up in the distance and ignited an explosion that wiped out a large mountain. Everyone in the TV station felt the tension as their faces contorted with terror, which brought a smile on Virus' face. Hiroaki pushed through his crew and tried to call his sons.

"C'mon, Matt... TK... pick up!"

Virus lowered his hand and evilly chuckled. "If you don't want to turn out like this, you'd better find that one savior who is willing to fight me." He pivoted his view back on the camera and smirked. "Now, let the games begin. Remember, nine days." He quickly took off through the collapsed wall that destroyed and flew back to the venue where the proposed War Games was established.

(End theme)

Amidst the sea of terrified people in the studios, fear spread across Tokyo, Earth, and the four Digital Realms. In little time and less than ten minutes, the news of the War Games spread like wildfire.


Odaiba Pappon Apartments/Motomiya Residence/1:08 PM

"This guy's arrogance knows no bounds!" Cody said with anger in his usually calm tone.

Armadillomon concurred with his partner. "Tell me about it, Cody!"

Shaking his head, TK's face contorted with passionate fury. "H-He intends on killing every human and Digimon if we don't beat him!"

Davis quickly turned to Jun, who Virus inspired fear into like many others. Jun. And I bet she ain't the only one flipping out over this!

"Just who could fight that thing now?" Veemon said.

"Us!" Tike declared as he nodded over to Kara and David.

TK quickly asserted. "Me, too! Come hell or high water, I will use Room of Time and became an Ascendant!"

"Same here! I'm not letting you pass me up, TK!" The Bearer of Miracles vowed.


Abandoned Garage/1:09 PM

Turning away from the television, X saw the mix of angry and terrified looks on his friend's faces.

"Just who does he think he is? He intends on challenging every Digi-Destined?" Yolei expressed her disdain for the creature's announcement.

Ken shared her sentiments. "His arrogance is even greater than Yamato's."

Sam replied. "I didn't think that was possible."

"Sir," Simms addressed X, who was standing by Sora's side.

Sora muttered as X walked away. "X, can you tell me if Tai and Kari will be ready."

"They'll be out soon," X reassured the Bearer of Love as he and Simms exchanged words. "...I see. So, it's almost time? Good to know."


Odaiba Music Hall/1:10 PM

As he kicked a chair away, Yamato walked off and gave himself some space to cool off.

"Ugh, this is terrible!" Keke cried out after shutting off the broadcast.

"Matt!" Gabumon hurried over to the angry blond-haired teen.

Mimi blinked as she approached Yamato. "Where you going, Yamato?"

Yamato glanced over his shoulder and frowned. "Where else? I'm going back to that damn room again. I can't sit still until I've finally beaten that cocky bastard."

Dimitri, Faith, and Keke immediately turned toward Yamato and Gabumon preparing to leave.

"Hold on, Yamato! Don't forget us!" Keke called out.

Dimitri shouted. "We're coming with you, too!"

Mimi beckoned over to Dimitri and Keke. "Guys, how about I give y'all a haircut? That way your hair don't get in the way."

Dimitri and Keke exchanged glances as they nodded to Mimi's offer.

Yamato scoffed and turned away. "Hn. You know where you can find me then."


Room of Time/2:00 PM

Back in the room, Omega X and Celesta X came into blows for their final sparring session. Both were greatly on par with each other. When they leave the room, they will be given word about the War Games, a game-changing event that will determine the fate of many worlds.


Virus' broadcast instilled Earth's and the four Digital World's populations with overwhelming terror. Earth immediately lost faith in the military and police. Earth had no faith in its heroes... except for the original Eight Odaiba Chosen and the New Generation Chosen. They were the same young heroes that united to defeat Myotismon twice. The Digital World certainly hasn't forgotten the Chosen that turned away the threat of the Digital Invaders, Apocalymon, and Burizalor.

Who can turn back the threat of Virus? The answer lie in two young heroes now preparing for the announced War Games.

The Kamiya siblings: Omega X/Tai Kamiya and Celesta X/Kari Kamiya.


Next episode: Training Complete! Omega X Faces the Competition!


A/N: The War Games is coming! Get ready, guys!

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