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Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 2, Act 3: War Games

Episode 98: Free the Future! Tai's Next Adventure!


Odaiba, Tokyo/DF-811/January 1, 2022/2:04 PM

(Cue Chrono Trigger OST Ruined World)

Post-apocalyptic Odaiba, 18 years into the distant future, was under another malevolent attack by the Artificials. Still ravaging Dimitri's time, Jax and Sonja relentlessly unleashed a volley of blasts that wiped fleeing masses and sent survivors fleeing for safety. Loud blood-curdling cries filled the chilly atmosphere coupled with the explosions that ran rampant across Odaiba. Jax and Sonja laughed together as they took delight in massacring the 'meatbags' as they deemed humans.

However, the evil twins' days of committing senseless murder and chaos would soon end.

(End theme)


On the outskirts of a ruined Odaiba, Dimitri and Faith touched down after turning off the time device. They faced a seemingly abandoned and lifeless home.

"Good to be home!" Faith chirped, raising his wings excitedly. "Right, Dimitri?"

Dimitri smiled comfortably. "Yeah, won't my mom be happy to see us." He casually pushed the front gates open and stepped to the front.

"Let's make and get something to ear while we're at it!"

"Heh, but we just had a big brunch with Tai and the others back in their time. Faith, you gotta watch your weight."

"You calling me a pig, Dimitri?" The winged Rookie puffed up and inexplicably snorted, which incited a chuckle from his partner. "Honestly!"

The Ascendant apologized politely. "Relax, I'm just saying for your own good. Anyways..." He and Faith faced the front. Dimitri opened the door using his spare key and stepped inside the front. He bolted toward the dining room to find a 32-year-old Mimi Tachikawa sitting on a chair next to a coffee table. She was seen reading a magazine with Palmon seated next to her. Though aged from her days of youth, Mimi maintained a beautiful outward look wearing a raggedy pink shirt with her Crest's symbol emblazoned on the front. She wore a blue jean mini skirt coupled with pink slippers. She wore her long strawberry hair into a long ponytail. Palmon remained unchanged.

"Hey, mom! Palmon! We're back!" Dimitri openly announced, catching both of them by surprise.

Faith waved and smiled. "HI!"

Turning around from her seat, Mimi's eyes lit up as she got up from her seat and bolted toward her son. She threw her arms and embraced the Ascendant, happily crying over his shoulder.

"Oh, mom..." Dimitri blushed a bit and returned an embrace.

Mimi pulled away and put both hands on his broad shoulders. "Dimitri, I'm glad you and Faith made it back safely! I kept thinking of you'd be safe in the past!"

Palmon nodded. "Don't worry. I took care of her while I said I would!"

"I can count on you, Palmon," chuckled Dimitri as Mimi walked around and scanned her son.

"Wow, you've gotten a lot taller. Not to mention more handsome," Mimi beamed over her son's physique. She checked his back and smiled proudly. "You've also gotten more buffer." Folding her arms, the woman nodded. "One thing I'll forever be proud of is giving birth to a handsome young man!"

"Oh, mother..." Dimitri said as he accompanied her and Palmon into the dining room. "The reason for my physical changes is because I spent a lot of time training with Tai and the others. I've fully mastered my Ascendant power. There was this place called the Room of Time in Azulongmon's realm. Just spending one day equals a year inside."

"I figured you'd find a way to get stronger," Mimi giggled as she led Dimitri and Faith into the kitchen. "You Ascendants are always training junkies. You're starting to take on more of your father's image facial wise."

"Speaking of father, I met and got to know him better."

Upon hearing this, Mimi nearly froze as she grabbed a coffee cup. "I see. Well, you can tell me all about it with hot chocolate. What do you say?"

Dimitri smiled. "Sure thing."


For the past hour, Dimitri and Faith recapped on their experience in the past starting with fighting alongside Tai and his friends, meeting Mimi's past self, bonding with Keke and her friends, meeting his father and uncle, facing their time's Artificials, and the entire Virus conflict. Mimi sat with her half empty cup and nodded, listening to her son's whole past experience.

"I see," the woman muttered, taking a sip of her now cold chocolate drink. "So, in the end, none of our friends perished. I'm glad." She said while broadening her beautiful smile. "And it ended with Kari destroying Virus? Who would've thought?"

"Yeah, I know," Dimitri sagely nodded as he set his coffee cup down. "Oh, mom. Get this. You won't believe this, but father actually went out of his way to avenge me when I was briefly dead!" He got a delayed reaction from his mother and Palmon, who naturally were astounded with what he told them. "Mom? Palmon?"

"Hah! See I told you there was some good in your father!" Mimi said, laughing delightfully as she sipped more of her hot chocolate. My god, Matt. Did the Yamato side of you really do that? I never would've expected that!

"Never should've doubted your mom, Dimitri!" Palmon said.

The warrior smiled and nodded. "Yeah, never should've."

"Dimitri?" Came a girl's voice from out of nowhere. "And Faith! You're back!"

Quickly able to discern the voice, Dimitri stood from his chair and turned around. Standing at the front of the dining room was a teenage brunette girl wearing shoulder-length hair, strikingly beautiful azure eyes, and, healthy flesh-colored skin. She wore accessory set of a fitted and sleeveless aqua blue shirt with a plum heart symbol emblazoned on it with the words 'Rocker Girl' inscribed; she also wore fitted blue jean capris, and white tennis shoes. She nearly dropped a grocery bag she carried as Dimitri hurried over and caught it.

"Karin, you should be a little more careful..." Dimitri stopped abruptly as the girl embraced him. "Karin." He smiled warmly and put his arms around her. "You've been helping my mother while I was away?"

"I have and we were just talking about you," Karin smiled as she pulled herself from Dimitri. "Wow, you've gotten taller, Dimitri!" She then slyly smirked and ran a finger down his chest. "Not to mention you just couldn't get anymore hotter."

"Oh, Karin..." He said, blushing again.

"How did it all go? By the looks of it, you looked to have trained pretty hard."

"We saved their future, Karin. The threat in their time has been put to rest."

"That's good and Tai lived through?"

Dimitri nodded. "He did. He nearly died, but..."

Just then, the radio playing some soothing music in the background shifted to a news broadcast, which them to stop and listen to the latest news.

"...We interrupt this daily program for an update on the Artificial threat. They're currently attacking the Akihabara District near the Tokyo Station just five miles off!"

Casting his eyes toward the door, Dimitri firmed his resolve and clenched his fists. "It's time for me to finish this once and for all." He walked past Karin, who quickly seized him by his arm and leaned her head against his back. "Karin Osaka, I know you want to help me and all."

"I do. Tell you the truth, I tried to fight them once while you were away... to protect your mother and Palmon," Karin confessed, closing her eyes and half-expecting her boyfriend to yell at her. "Even as Sailor Sedna and despite me gaining my Valkyrie form, I couldn't beat them both. I had to retreat. Even I have my limits..."

"Karin, it's ok," Dimitri said as he turned to her and kissed her. "You did it to protect my mother and this planet while I was gone. You're brave taking them on by yourself, but let me handle this one on my own."

"Are you sure you'll be ok?" Mimi asked her son.

Looking back to his mother, Dimitri gave her reassurance. "I'll be fine. There's a reason why I went to the past to see Tai and the Chosen."

Nodding, Karin withdrew her hand from the Ascendant's arm and smiled. She watched Dimitri throw off his coat as he and Faith merged together to become Angemon X. Mimi and Palmon walked up next to Karin as they watched him leave.

"We have to bring peace to this timeline once and for all!" Angemon X declared. "We're long overdue for it!"

"Take those two down, Dimitri!" Palmon encouraged him.

Mimi nodded and called out. "Be careful out there, Dimitri!"

"Show us your Ascendant power!" Karin exclaimed.

Angemon X nodded. "Right!" With that, he bolted out of the front door and immediately took off into the air, heading toward his destination to resolve the conflict once and for all.

Now standing at the front door, Karin, Mimi, and Palmon watched him leave.

"Mimi, Palmon, I'm going after him, but I'll just be watching," Karin said as she drew out her Valkyrie Henshin Dagger.

"Please be careful, Karin, and come back safely."

"Right!" The brunette said as she hefted her Henshin Dagger and cried out. "Sedna Valkyrie Power! Make-Up!" Engulfed by a sky blue aura of light, Karin's attire was replaced with silver and bluish Valkyrie armor coupled with matching color schemed boots. Her mini skirt was dark blue and resembled hanging cloth underneath her armor. She was armed with an ice harpoon in her right hand. Her helmet had the design of a polar bear's face etched on it. Shards of ice materialized behind her back and solidified into wings as she propelled into the air and flew off at blinding speed to follow her boyfriend's direction.

"Come back, you two... safe and sound" The worried Bearer of Sincerity clasped her hands together.


Akihabara District/3:30 PM

Having lost a video game in a local arcade, Sonja went all out crazy and unloaded by firing blasts at the arcade, reducing it to rubble. She aimlessly fired more blasts that obliterated half of the Akihabara district, but she cared less for the destruction of a few obstructions in her path. Jax simply shook his head, sighing at his sister's umpteenth PMS moment.

"Man, how immature can you get, sis?"


"Just cause you couldn't beat a simple game? You just suck as a gamer."


"If you need to cool off, I know a good place you can pick up some clothes..."


Just then, a shaded figure was seemingly crawling out from underneath a black Toyota truck. The figure, an old and aged gentlemen, reached for his semi-automatic pistol and aimed toward Jax's head.

"That was... my son and grandson you murdered... you vile monster..." The older man gritted his teeth and pulled the trigger, firing off a shot that bounced off Jax's face. Upon witnessing his futility, his attempt at avenging his loved ones failed. He watched as Jax pivoted his view and sauntered toward him. He fired more shots that bounced off Jax like nothing. "No... no...!"

"Nice shot there, old timer!" Jax mocked the old man's heroics and knelt down, pulling out his gun from his gun holster. He grabbed the man's head as his cold eyes pierced through the man's eyes. A devilish grin adorned Jax's face as he raised the gun to the old man's head. "Want a reward? I know you want it. Now take it." Broadening his grin and preparing to pull the trigger...


...a loud resounding screech came. Then, a beam seemingly flew out of nowhere and impacted the space between the Artificial twins. Alarmed by the attack, Jax and Sonja sprang back whilst scanning their immediate surroundings. They watched Angemon X descend 20 feet from them.

"It's... it's you!" Jax snapped at Angemon X's general direction.

"This is where it all ends, Artificials," Angemon X openly declared to his two long-time enemies. "I've come to kill you both for good."

"Still alive, Dimitri?" Jax shrugged as he put his gun away. "I think the word fool should be redefined for you."

"Ugh, he's such a cocky bastard!" Sonja hissed as she readied a blast to hit the Ascendant with. "Can I kill him this time? He's been out biggest eyesore for god knows..."

Jax interjected. "...but, that'll make it one less toy to play with, but oh well. Do whatever you want, Sonja."

"Hell yeah! Won't miss ya, Dimitri!" Smiling evilly, Sonja fired off a discharged blast toward Angemon X.

(Cue Chrono Trigger OST Battle 2 (Unreleased Track) )

However, Angemon X quickly predicted her attack and batted it aside with one hand. He propelled himself forward and phased out, letting an after image pass through Sonja. Taken aback, the female Artificial panned her surroundings until Angemon X reappeared behind Sonja.


Taking heed of her brother's warning, Sonja turned...


...and was met with a punch that sent her sailing through a pick-up van. Jax's mouth dropped at the Ascendant's astounding feat, which he never would've expected from him.

Sonja picked herself out of the debris and scowled, cursing. "YOU BASTARD! YOU'RE DEAD!" She screamed and headed off to engage Angemon X. She threw a punch, but Angemon X evaded her fist and swerved around behind her. She turned and went for a spinning back kick. To her shock, Angemon X flickered out of her reach again and reappeared behind her. She turned and was punched through two buildings. Jax flew right in and caught his sister.

"I... I don't seem to understand! How did he get this freaking strong?" Jax was overwhelmed.

Picking herself up, Sonja seethed angrily and snapped. "BASTARD!"

Angemon X coldly replied. "You two are completely outmatched. You're going to learn just how frightened those people and Digimon were when you senselessly slaughtered them for your sick pleasure! This especially goes for my uncle! Now you're going to feel the taste of fear before you two die!"

"So, you say! You surprised me with those fancy moves, but the end result's gonna be the same!"

"Jax, let's finish this once and for all!"

As the twins nodded, they stormed ahead simultaneously to attack Angemon X. He quickly discerned their attack patterns and phased out of their reach. Jax whirled around and was dropped by a single punch from the Ascendant. Sonja quickly put up her hands and fired off a volley of blasts toward Angemon X. The Ascendant battered all of her blasts and quickly shot up in front of her.

Throwing a hand right in her face, Angemon X yelled. "THIS IS FOR JAGUARMON!" He discharged a Ki blast and completely obliterated her in one shot, leaving nothing but ashes of her remains. Her blood-curdling screams echoed across the vicinity, causing Jax to stop dead cold in his place.

Jax came to the realization that his sister vaporized completely. All was done with little effort by the Ascendant. Jax was now coming to grips over the reality that the gap of power between them and Angemon widened by a greater margin than before. Sonja was the first to pay for all her sins. Angemon X shifted his cold glare toward Jax, who was standing horrified and unable to move.

"N-No! You couldn't have... you senselessly killed my sister!"

"Senselessly you say? Tell that to all the people and Digimon you two murdered in these past 18 years!" Angemon X bellowed, raising his tone. "That was for all my friends, my family, all the Chosen, and this one..." He flew up at blinding speed and landed a kick to Jax's face, which crippled the Artificial and downed him in one blow. "...THIS IS FOR MY UNCLE TK!" He quickly somersaulted into the air and launched a beam toward Jax's limp form and obliterated him in one shot.

Looking on from atop of a billboard, Valkyrie Sailor Sedna's face lit up. "Yes..." She quickly cheered. "YES! YOU DID IT, DIMITRI!" She quickly flew down to meet with Angemon X, who helped the old man off the ground. "Dimitri, you really killed them and with ease!"

(End theme)

Angemon X nodded. "You watched the whole thing?"

"All two minutes of it," she winked as she scanned her surroundings. "We need to get this poor man help."

"It's really over."

"Yeah, it is. Now we can go and tell your mom. Peace has returned to this world!"

Suddenly, Angemon X just remembered one more discomforting detail. "No, I just remembered. There's just one more thing."

Valkyrie Sedna blinked in confusion. "Huh? One more thing?"

Angemon X nodded and turned to the skies. "Virus..."


Kyoto/3:30 PM

Stalking across empty streets littered with clothing, Imperfect Virus continued his search for the Artificials to achieve perfection.


One year later


Odaiba District/Tachikawa Residence & Fashion Drift Store/February 12, 2023/12:23 PM

A year passed following the destruction of the Artificials. Dimitri's time drive regained enough power for him to return to the past to tell Tai and his friends about his victory. During the last year, much of the world recovered and rebuilt thanks to united nations efforts to move toward peace.

The Digital World, too, had undergone a major revamp in restoring the lands the Artificials destroyed. Primary Villages were revived and new Digimon life were becoming plentiful. Though a few, like the Sovereigns, Athenamon, Omegamon, and the Royal Knights, were not revived due to some circumstances.

The Real and Digital Worlds formed a pact to rebuild each other's worlds after the Artificials ravaged much of their lands.

When peace came, Mimi was finally able to open up the fashion store she always dreamed for and had it built along with her new home. Moreover, being the last of the original Digi-Destined still alive, she took the responsibility of teaching the new generation of Chosen kids the principles of being a good Digi-Destined. Her experience ensured they'd follow up as the true successors of her team.

Dimitri, with Faith on his shoulder, stood outside of the store. He was fully garbed in a black muscle shirt coupled with his blue jacket, brown army pants, and white boots. Dressed in a brown cowgirl vest, a white cowgirl hat, a pink shirt, a pink skirt going down above her kneecaps, Mimi fashioned herself with one of new fashion lines. She had her blonde hair cut short into a shoulder length. She kissed her son's forehead and stepped back with Palmon standing beside her.

"Tell everyone, especially the present me, I said hi," Mimi smiled and nodded.

Palmon added. "Don't forget me!"

"No problem. I won't be staying over there too long," Dimitri reassured them. "I'm going back to..." He stopped and slightly veered his eyes over his back. Faith was able to sense the sinister vibe behind them. "Mom, Palmon, could you two get back inside?"

"Huh? Why?" Mimi blinked as she smiled and pat her son's shoulder. She curved her lips into a smile. "Oh, I get it. You're waiting for Karin to get here, huh?" She stopped and discerned the serious look on her son's face and took the hint. "Right. C'mon, Palmon." She quickly picked up her partner and withdrew back into the store.

(Cue Levo Lution - World Revolution [Holy Divide mix] )

Without looking back, Angemon X called out to the shaded figure poking his head out of a wall. "I know you're there, Virus!"

Upon realizing this, the shaded figure, Virus, was left speechless and watched Angemon X intently glare at him. "Wh...What? How did he know...?"

"You're planning to kill me, aren't you?" Angemon X addressed the creature. "After that, revert into an egg, take my time device, and head to the past to absorb Artificials Jax & Sonja. Am I right, monster? Those are the two you require to reach perfection!"

"B-B-But, how do you know all this?" The bio-Artificial stammered, completely shocked with how much Angemon X knew of him already.

"Your plan just went up in smoke," the Ascendant calmly smirked. "It all ends here."

"My plan went up in smoke you say?" Virus relieved his anger and chuckled. "You're talking nonsense!"

"You were indeed very powerful in your perfect form," Angemon X addressed the bio-Artificial. "Very powerful might be putting it mildly. I'm already good enough to defeat you as the way you are."

Virus realized what Angemon X alluded to. "Yes, that's it! You went to the past and learned of my existence! It's no surprise you know so much. But, do you think that'll make a difference?" He painstakingly explained to the Ascendant. "The spy robots have already scanned your strength level. Your power is significantly less than Jax and Sonja's, much less mine!"

Faith chuckled when Virus mentioned the twins.

Dimitri smirked nonchalantly. "Well? Where are they now?"

Upon realizing his failure to finding the Artificial twins, Virus was pulled into a mental freeze and gaped. "... you mean... you destroyed them?" Clenching his fists, the bio-Artificial hissed toward Dimitri's direction. "You realize what you've done, right? With Jax and Sonja gone, I can attain my perfect form! Well, I'll just kill you and confiscate the time device!"

Shaking his head, Dimitri raised both hands. "I don't want to fight you here. My mother's watching and we've worked hard rebuilding so much. Let's take this elsewhere, Virus!" With that, he expelled an incredible force of energy that repelled Virus into the air and sent him sailing miles away toward Odaiba Bay. Dimitri and Faith merged together and became Angemon X right off the bat. Leaving a trail of golden light behind him, the Ascendant pursued Virus all the way over to Odaiba Bay and Rainbow Bridge.

The two had a quiet and intense standoff. Whilst Angemon X took a pre-battle stance, Virus postured and readied himself as he finally broke their long silence.

"I suppose I underestimated your power, Dimitri," the bio-Artificial asserted, slowly taking a stance. He watched Angemon X power up and produced a golden flare around him. He, too, forged a golden aura that outlined his green body.

"Virus, I'm not going to allow you to go back in time! You die here!"

(End theme)

(Cue Dragonball Kai Insert Theme The Lone Warrior)

Virus rocketed forward and attacked Angemon X head-on. "You keep believing that nonsense, you punk!" He laughed and threw a punch, which Angemon X easily sidestepped. Alarmed by his adversary's reflex speed, Virus tried hitting him with another punch. Angemon X raised his arm to counter the bio-Artificial's blow. Before he realized it, Angemon X drilled his face with a punch that sent him sailing back.

"Im-Impossible!" Virus screeched whilst eyeing Angemon X. "How is he this fast? He shouldn't even be strong enough to faze me!"

As Virus landed on all fours, he watched Angemon X fly up and clobber him with a punch to the face again. Virus was punched across near a rock face. The bio-Artificial flipped into the air and fired a beam toward Angemon X, who phased out of the way. Angemon X reappeared above Virus and landed an forearm smash across the creature's back. The blow sent Virus plunging to the ground like a dead weight, leaving a small crater in the wake of the impact. Almost breathless, the horrid abomination struggled to sit up, wheezing and coughing up purple blood from his mouth.

"Virus, it's over! I'm not leaving until you're gone from my sight!"

Struggling to sit up, Virus sank to one knee and chuckled, letting purple ooze drip from his mouth. His sickly chuckle garnered Angemon X's attention.

"What's so funny?"

"Oh, you poor boy... Dimitri, there is something I've been meaning to tell you."

Angemon X looked up and overheard Virus, awaiting what the horrid creature's last words would be.

"You might not know this, but have you ever wondered the whereabouts of your adoptive mother?" The bio-Artificial chortled cruelly, licking the purple ooze from his side orifice. "I believe this description of her fit best... sapphire eyes, brown and luscious hair, and the body to die for..."

As the description became more clear, Angemon X's eyes burned with fury and this stimulated the fury in him. He clenched both fists and angrily demanded. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?"

"The bitch had it coming, Dimitri! After Athenamon transferred her power to you, she was left a weak and feeble shell of her former self! Having reduced herself to a low-level metahuman, I effortlessly took advantage and fed on her!" The bio-Artificial boasted, laughing hoarsely as sick pleasure exuded from his tone. "You should've been there, boy! She is now a part of me! Now, you can join that whore when I consume you!" With that, he threw his tail across to strike Angemon X with.

Angemon X quickly seized the creature's tail and spun him around a few times before flinging him into the air.

Virus put on the brakes in mid-air and hovered 30 feet over Dimitri. "You think that's good? Well, you haven't seen anything yet!" He cupped both hands together and chanted. "Ter...ra!"

"You... you..." Angemon X gritted his teeth as tears streamed down his eyes. He reminisced his entire life spent with Athenamon. The nurturing, training, and love he received from the former Amazon queen. She was a second mother to the boy and even went as far as to sacrifice her power for Dimitri's sword. She granted him her power and wisdom. The boy opened his eyes as they turned sapphire, much like his adoptive mother's. The knowledge, power, and wisdom of Athenamon coursed through his body. Mother, you can't be gone. No, I can still feel your presence guiding me! With your power and mine, we're going to end this nightmare once and for all! He hefted both hands over his head and concentrated energy into both hands, which surprised Virus.

"What? No... NO!" Virus gaped in aghast as he watched Angemon X's body producing a golden pillar of light.

Holding his hands far above his head, Angemon X formed a massive ring of energy. His eyes flashed a sapphire color and the spirit of Athenamon materialized behind him.


"NO, VIRUS! THIS NIGHTMARE FINALLY ENDS!" Angemon X boldly declared, yelling at the base of his own voice. "NOW DIE! HOLY DIVINE PUNISHMENT!" He discharged a dome-shaped beam into the air and pushed it toward Virus, who had a mental freeze and couldn't react in time to evade.

"No! No... NO! CURSE... YOOOOOU!" Bellowed Virus as the beam caught and engulfed him, completely obliterating his body and reducing him into ashes.

The smoke cleared and revealed no trace of the insidious monster. Angemon X dropped both arms to his sides and sighed, regressing back into Dimitri and Faith.

(End theme)

"We did it, Dimitri!"

Caressing Faith's head, Dimitri sighed with deep relief. "That we did, Faith." He and Faith watched the skies, mentally sending their regards to his friends in the past. It's finally over. Thank you mother, father, TK, Kari, everyone... and especially you, Tai. I owe it all to you.

Looking down at his feet, the boy sighed once realizing that Athenamon was gone. "Lady Athenamon, I'm sorry. I wish I could have been there to save you, but I know..." He smiled and knelt down to catch a reflection of himself near the water on the coastline. He noticed his eyes were normal. He saw the spiritual forms of Athenamon, Omegamon, his uncle, Jaguarmon, and those murdered by the Artificials. "...you're a part of me. We'll never be divided." He turned toward Odaiba in the eastern direction and smiled. "Peace has finally come to our future."


(Cue Chrono Trigger OST Scattering Blossoms)

Upon his return home, Dimitri and Faith noticed Sailor Sedna standing outside the door. She had awaited for his return from dealing with the Virus pestilence. They noticed a purple-spotted Digiegg folded in Sedna's arms.

"Karin?" Dimitri eyed her and the Digiegg.

"Glad you're back. Had a rough fight?"

"Nah, but I'll give you the run down later," the teen walked up to Karin and meticulously analyzed the Digiegg. "What's with the Digiegg?"

When he noticed a smile smearing over her face, Dimitri further examined the Digiegg and sensed a familiar vibe inside of it. When realizing whose energy he felt, Dimitri's smile broadened and gleamed over the Digiegg.

"You mean... J-Jaguarmon?"

Faith gasped. "What?"

Sedna giggled. "Yeah, I wanted to surprise you, Dimitri. The Anubimon of this universe granted her a second chance after I paid him a visit. Since the Primary Villages have been restored, I was fortunate to allow her soul and data to become reconfigured back into a Digiegg. Unfortunately, the souls of Athenamon, Omegamon and the others turned down the chance of being revived. They wished to remain in the afterlife, because they had fulfilled their duties to safeguard the Digital World. There will be new deities to assume their vacant positions. They all see you as this time's defender."

"Is that so?" Dimitri smiled, happy tears in his eyes. "That's great. I'm happy you managed to at least retrieve Jaguarmon."

"Anything to make you happy," Sailor Sedna smiled, setting the egg beside Faith and pacing towards Dimitri. "I'm sorry about Athenamon."

"It's okay. I know she'll always be watching over me. In essence, she is a part of me now."

"If you truly believe so, then I admire you for that. Dimitri."


The two looked directly into each other's eyes and embraced one other. Sedna stood on her tiptoes and reached up to plant a kiss on his lips. Dimitri returned a kiss and embraced her with his arms around her waist. Finally, after years of war and angst, Dimitri settled down to care for his down with his loved ones and lead the two worlds to the road to recovery.

Watching from inside the house, Mimi smiled and felt a tear drop from her eye.

"They're so cute together, Palmon."

"When do you suppose they'll tie the knot anytime soon?" Palmon wondered, curiously watching the couple kissing. "Hmm?"

"Give them so time, Palmon. At least let their love continue to grow until they make that decision," Mimi said, broadening her curious smile. "Then again, I was never married when Matt and I had Dimitri. I'm the only family he's got left. I won't even force them to have any kids one day. That'll be their choice alone. I've learned the quality of life and the strongest hope can certainly come out of terrible times."

Palmon nodded. "Yep, I can agree to that!"

"Dimitri, you've grown so much. I'll let you make the decision of marrying this girl and having children. You've certainly earned the time to settle down. Lady Athenamon, watch over us and guide us to a brighter future ahead of us."

Nudging their noses against each other, Dimitri and Sedna kissed once more to signify their bond.

I know one thing is for sure. The nightmare is at last over. the young man thought, embracing Sedna.

(End theme)


X's Planet/Other World/DF-616

Very good. So, he's finished the Artificials in his time. Good. X observed the series of events unfold in Dimitri's time. He veered over his back to find Sam and Keke trading blows in another sparring session. He pivoted to the other side to view Tike and David engaging in their own spar match. Kara was spotted sitting on a rock, watching the boys trading a flurry of rapid punches. "Guys, I've got good news."

They all stopped and turned as X filled them in on the situation in Dimitri's time.

"HELL YEAH!" Tike and Kara hollered, celebrating the warrior's triumphant victory.

David shared their sentiments. "Oh yeah! Awesome!"

Sam added. "I knew he'd take care of business."

Keke was most especially pleased. "You did it, bro. I'm glad."

"Sir," X overheard Simms addressing him. He looked over his shoulder and noticed the older gentlemen beckon to him. "So, it's time."

The Ascendant children were befuddled what X meant and watched the masked watcher leave.

"X! Where are you going?" Keke asked as she ran up to him.

"There's still some unfinished business. I'm going to see Tai and Agumon. What this means... I'll fill you in later," X smiled behind his mask as he and Simms departed.

Tike scratched his head and blinked. "Um, so where are they going?"

"Beats me. He was very vague about it," Sam replied.

Keke, Kara, and David were equally as puzzled as their friends. They saw X and Simms gliding off across the heavenly skies.


Earth/Odaiba Middle School/Classroom/January 25, 2005/3:30 PM

Three weeks since the fallout of the War Games, schools, businesses, and daily lives returned to their norm. With the fall of Virus came a promising new beginning for the Digi-Destined and their friends. When word spread of the Odaiba Digi-Destined's victory over Virus, they learned from sources that it was Kari Kamiya who destroyed the villain. This became an issue for Kari as she had to outrun and hide from the hordes of fans wanting her autograph and the media bombarding the poor girl with a thousand questions.


The school bell finally resounded and officially released the students for the day.

Thank god. thought a certain Kamiya girl.

Sliding her notebook into her backpack, Kari Kamiya stood from her school and finished writing the homework assignment reminder on the board. She watched TK and David waiting for her near the door.

"Ready to go, Kari?" TK asked, smiling and waiting for his friend.

Looking carefully around the room, Kari bolted over to her two friends. They followed her down the hall and headed out the backdoor. Davis looked behind him and nodded to TK.

"Coast is clear."

With that, TK opened the door...

Fwoosh! Fwoosh!

...they were blinded by repeated camera flashes, prompting Davis and TK to close the door. The boys and Kari bolted down the aisle and headed down toward the direction of the computer lab.

"Sheesh, don't they ever quit?" Davis cried out, running down the hallway and picked up the pace with his two friends.

TK cried out. "Our Digimon are supposed to be waiting for us outside!"

"Don't worry! They should know to always meet us in the computer lab after school!" Kari said as she spotted Yolei waving out from the computer lab. "Yolei!"

"Over here, guys!" The purple-haired girl waved to them as the trio ran inside the computer lab. Closing the door behind her, Yolei watched them settling down. "...again?"

"Yeah," the trio groaned in unison.

Cody, Upamon, and Poromon were inside the computer lab, watching their Ascendant friends sitting down to catch their collective breaths. Sneaking through a window, Gatomon, Patamon, and DemiVeemon raced toward their partners in a hurry.

"Davish! Those pap-whatever you call them are going crazy out there!" DemiVeemon added.

"I really want to know what who's been spreading the word about me," Kari sighed, sitting Gatomon on her lap. "We can probably take off from the roof." She quickly suggested to her friends, to which TK and Davis nodded in agreement.

Yolei sat down and folded her arms. "Sheesh, you three are so lucky you can fly! I wish I could fly."

"Believe me it's only worth it when you want to get around and avoid the crowds," TK said.

Cody turned toward Kari. "The crowds aren't stop until you approach them."

"Guess I might have to," the Bearer of Light sighed in defeat. "Me beating Virus really was a world changing event."

"Your brother picked you for a reason because he knew you had the power," Davis reassured her. "I'd say you were a solid choice to take that freak down."

"Thanks, guys," Kari picked up her backpack and faced the door. "Yolei, Cody, you two staying after school?"

"As the new president of the computer club, I've got duties," Yolei said as she opened a bag and fed Poromon chips. She watched Cody feeding Upamon a cookie. "You three go on home. We'll meet tomorrow. Just make sure you avoid those crowds."

TK and Davis stood as they picked up their Digimon. "Ready, Kari?"

"To the roof," she said, leading TK and Davis up the roof as they took the more convenient route to avoid the reporters. Yolei and Cody followed them out, watching their three friends flying past the school grounds on their own power.

"Cody, things just aren't going to be same," Yolei remarked, folding her arms and shaking her head. "Though they're Ascendants, they're still our friends. Know I understand how Sora, Mimi, Joe, and Izzy feel."

"It's not all bad, Yolei. Like you said, they're still our friends."

"I wonder how Ken feels."

"He doesn't mind. Bottom line, Kari, Davis, and TK are superpowered warriors, but they're still our friends first and foremost. Keep that in mind."

Scratching her head, the purple-haired girl smiled nonetheless. "True. I can't be hard on them. At least dealing with troublesome Digimon will be a heck of a lot easier."

"Say, did you call Ken?"

"Gah! I forgot! Thanks for reminding me, Cody!"

The boy sweatdropped and watched his friend head back into the school. "...your welcome?"


Odaiba Pappon Apartments/Motomiya Residence/4:18 PM

Davis and DemiVeemon returned home after closing the door behind them. They were greeted with Jun seemingly waiting for their arrival.

"About time you came home, Davis," Jun said with a perturbed look. "Did you even get my calls?"

"Uh... I forgot my cell?" Davis replied as he walked past her.

"No wonder I kept hearing someone's phone ring. By the way, a friend of yours just came by and is in your room."

Hearing this made Davis stop at his tracks. The preteen slowly turned his head as his heart stopped.

"She said the last time you two spoke... she said take care."

Davis and DemiVeemon quickly knew who was waiting for them. They quickly headed to the room and opened the door. Their eyes widened when they saw Sonja sitting on Davis' bed. Davis dropped his schoolbag and gaped in shock, seeing someone who he never in his life would end up in his own room!

"About time you came home, Davis. Your sister was kind enough to let me in."

Davis vividly stammered. "H-Ho-How...?"

"Next time," she said, throwing Davis his cellphone. "Don't leave your phone when your sister is trying to contact you."

Catching his cell, Davis faced the other girl of his dreams. "I talked with her and your parents agreed I can stay with your family."


Flicking her hair back, Sonja got up off the bed and scanned the mess that was Davis' room. "I agreed I'd clean the house and will look for a part-time job to help pay for the rent."

"But, why here? How did you find our apartment?"

"I looked your family up in a data entry and did some background check. You weren't hard to find. I came here because I have nowhere else to go."

DemiVeemon interjected. "Ya couldn't that brother of yours? Where's Jax?"

"I've been unable to find him. I don't know where he is. Davis, I don't have anywhere to go. Besides," the female Artificial looked away, putting on a saddened look, which to Davis was somewhat uncharacteristic for her. "Do you want me to be alone? I have to admit I've taken a... liking to you, Davis. I can discern by the look on your face you feel the same way. Your friend, Kari, is right." She faced Davis and walked right up to him. "You have a crush on me, don't you?"

"Um... well... heh... yeah I did..."

"Let me repay you for watching over me when I was out cold," Sonja leaned forward and seductively kissed him on his lips, naturally causing the preteen to freak out. DemiVeemon's eyes popped open watching his partner being kissed by the Artificial. Withdrawing her lips from Davis, she smiled and winked. "Thank you, Davis."

"W...W...Wow... babe..." Davis sighed happily as he fainted on the ground and had both legs sticking up.

DemiVeemon hopped atop Davis' chest. "Hang on, buddy! I'll give ya CPR!"

Sonja managed to let a small chuckle slip from her lips. "Hah, staying here is gonna be fun. Next thing we need is a bunk bed since I asked to sleep in here." She noticed a goofy smile etched on the preteen's face. Welcome to the Motomiya family, Sonja.


Odaiba Music Hall/4:35 PM

Mimi, Palmon, and Gabumon watched Matt rehearse with the Teenage Wolves band. They listened to Matt's voice, to which was music to Mimi's ears. Palmon sipped some juice whilst Gabumon bobbed his head back along with the music rhythm.

(Cue Sonic Adventure 2 Live and Learn)

The song the Teenage Wolves were rehearsing was the song Live and Learn from Sonic Adventure 2. Matt sang in the mike, singing in an uplifting voice that allured the fans (and fangirls) watching his band's rehearsal. Mimi smiled and leaned back, seemingly enjoying the teen's beautiful singing voice.

"Hard to imagine this is the same guy sharing a body with that homicidal Yamato," Palmon remarked.

Gabumon corrected her. "That's Yamato as the homicidal maniac. Believe or not Matt sings in order to subdue Yamato, albeit it works temporarily."

"I wonder if Yamato likes Matt's singing?"

Mimi replied to her partner. "Who knows? Yamato's ego might not take it." A calm smile curved over the diva's face as she twirled a lock her hair and pulled out a photo of herself, Dimitri, Keke, and Matt/Yamato posing together before the future warrior's departure. I hope all is going well back home, Dimitri. I do hope we see each other again.

While Matt continued singing to his fans' delight, Yamato chuckled in the back of the teen's head.

'Got to say for a prissy punk, your singing isn't half-bad. But, you're deluded if you think this will subdue me. Remember, I'm still the dominant driver in this vehicle!'

Then, you don't mind if I borrow the wheel?

'Feh, do what you want, but I will take control when you least expect it.'

Tell me. Why did you do it?

'Do what?'

Go all-out ballistic when Dimitri and Tike died? Did the papa wolf effect come into play?

'Look. It's simply that Virus pissed me off! I couldn't stand stepping all over my pride!'

Sure. Just admit a psychopath like you has some semblance of nobility! You wouldn't have attacked Virus like that if he didn't fell Dimitri and Tike.

'You want the truth? Perhaps it was to avenge them, or maybe I simply wanted that Artificial dead.'

Well, that also begs the question. You aren't going to stop trying to one-up Tai, right?

'You should know me better than that, punk. I won't stop until I'm above Tai and Kari! Kari might have a leg up on me, but I'll catch up and gain the pinnacle of the Ascendant power! Just you wait!

Heh, should be an interesting adventure... for you. Just don't pick a fight with Kari any time soon or you're gonna get burned. In fact, I won't allow you to put your hands on her.

'I'd like to see you try. Besides, Kari's a big girl now. She destroyed Virus, can fend for herself, and doesn't need a prissy heartthrob protecting her.'

(End theme)

Matt finished playing and received a chorus of cheers (and squeals from his crazy fangirls). He and his band crew bowed before their viewing audience. Matt pivoted toward the backstage and got a wink from Mimi.

"Great job, Matt!" Mimi called over and prepared a bottle of water for him.

Wiping the sweat from his left brow, Matt coolly smirked. "That's that for today, guys." He motioned to his crew and headed to the back.

'I hope you enjoyed yourself today, because tomorrow I'm borrowing this body and I'm going to work myself up to become a greater Ascendant than either Kamiyas hope to be! Tai and Kari won't deny me my rightful position as the top Ascendant!'


Odaiba Park/5:02 PM

Speaking of the Kamiyas, Tai, Agumon, Patamon, Gatomon, Sora, Biyomon, Izzy, and Tentomon were together on the sidelines watching TK and Kari spar with each other.

"So, this is their idea of a date?" Tentomon curiously watched the two preteens trading kicks and punches.

Tai chuckled, wearing a big grin. "Nah, this is just a spar session. They've been coming here everyday after school."

"Kari's looking pretty intense," Sora observed as she felt Tai's arm crawl over her shoulders. "Don't you do any training with Agumon, Tai?"

"Yeah, but we get a kick seeing these two train."

"But, there's no immediate threats we should know about, right?" Biyomon asked.

Agumon answered quickly. "No, this is just fun for them. They can get the exercise and stay in shape."

"Especially Kari," the Ascendant watched his sister land a fierce kick to TK's side, dazing the blonde. "Now that she's a level 2 Ascendant, she can't afford to slack off too much. She promised she'd find a way to balance out her daily activities, school work, and training."

"Hope it works out for her and the rest of you Ascendants, Tai," Izzy said.

"Ah, I'll be ok!" The Bearer of Courage broadened his nonchalant grin and folded both arms behind his head.

Kari and TK landed simultaneous kicks that sent light shockwaves that blew the leaves around them away.

"Go, TK!" Patamon cheered his human partner.

Gatomon encouraged the chocolate brown-haired girl. "Nice kick, Kari!"

(Cue Dragonball Kai Opening (Full) Dragon Soul)

Kari and TK exchanged smiles as they sprang back, creating a distance between themselves. Both dropped into battle postures and leisurely paced around each other. TK sprinted ahead to meet Kari head-on. Kari was prepared and phased right out of his reach. She appeared behind him and grabbed his arm, locking up his arm and giggling. TK shared a chuckle and threw Kari into the air. Kari somersaulted in mid-air and scanned around the park to find TK gone. She sensed her friend's approach and whirled around, grabbing TK's arm and throwing him to the ground. TK hit the ground and cushioned his fall while planting his feet down. The brown-haired girl descended and let out a relaxed sigh.

"Not bad, TK! Want to call it quits for today?"

The blonde smirked and stood, dusting his pants off. "Sure. That was a good session."

"Until tomorrow," she smiled while picking up her backpack and Gatomon. She walked over to TK and gave him a kiss on his cheek. "How about in the Digital World next time?"

"File Island?"

"I was thinking the Continent of Server. There's a lot of room."

TK readily accepted. "Sounds perfect."

Turning toward her brother, Kari smiled. "I'm ready, Tai."

"Yeah, tonight mom's making dinner."

Sora folded her arms and giggled. "Poor her. Now she's got to feed two hungry Ascendants."

Izzy added, nodding. "I'm surprised you two haven't eaten out of the whole apartment complex yet!"

"I'm surprised I can get as much as I can when I became an Ascendant," the Bearer of Light chuckled nervously. "Tai said Ascendant metabolisms are a lot higher than normal humans."

"See you later, guys!" TK said after picking up Patamon.

The group watched the Kamiyas and their Digimon head back home.


Odaiba District/Odaiba Notama Apartments/Kamiya Residence/#1306/6:30 PM

Later that evening, Tai and Agumon stood on the balcony to watch the stars. The teen had finished a phone conversation with his girlfriend Sora and used the rest of the night to relax. Kari was inside finishing up homework with Gatomon sleeping on her partner's bed.

Suddenly, a gleaming white ball of light caught Tai's eye as it landed on the balcony. The ball grew into a pillar of white light that seemingly split open like a door. Alarmed, Kari and Gatomon bolted outside to join Tai and Agumon. From behind the pillar 'door', X and Simms emerged to their surprise.

"X?" Tai and Agumon gasped.

Kari and Gatomon added. "Simms?"

"Sorry I have to come on such short notice," X openly apologized. He veered his eyes to Tai and Agumon, beckoning them. "Tai, Agumon, you two have been summoned."

"By who?" The Bearer of Courage demanded. "Please don't tell me there's another big bad preparing an attack on our side."

Simms reassured him. "Nothing like that, Tai, but someone of the highest digi-deity elite status requires an audience with you and Agumon."

"Someone of important?" Agumon blinked. "Wants to see us?"

"Who is it?" Kari wondered.

"All right then," Tai furrowed his brows. "Just let me tell my family and I'll go. They have every right to know I'll be leaving."

"Fair enough," X accepted, allowing time for Tai to tell his family.

Kari walked up to Tai and called to him. "Wait, Tai."

"Kari," the older brother smiled and hugged his sister. "I can count on you to look after the two worlds while I'm gone. Remember the power you have and nothing can stop you."

"I know, but that doesn't mean... I don't want you around..."

"Don't be silly Kari. You're a big girl. Make sure to help mom and dad around the house."

Resisting the urge to cry, Kari nodded and stepped back. "I will, Tai! I won't let you down!"

"That's my Kari," Tai turned to X and Simms. "This will take a few. Let me call Sora, too."


After convincing his parents about his new journey, Tai and Agumon stood in front of X and Simms. The Bearer of Courage gave his family, who watched him leave, a goodbye wave and passed through the gate with Agumon. Sora arrived just in time to see them leave. Tai walked over and sealed her lips before approaching X and Simms.

"We'll be back soon, guys!" Agumon called out, waving.

Tai waved back and threw a golden locket to this sister, which she caught. "If you need to contact me, X told me to use that to call me. We'll be back!"

"Tai!" Sora called out to her boyfriend. "Be careful! Agumon and X, make sure he stays out of trouble!"

"Tai! Agumon!" Kari cried out, holding the locket in hand. "Take care, you two!"

As the gate closed, Yuuko and Susumu watched their son and his Digimon depart to the Other World.

Sora folded her arms and smiled, accepting the fact her boyfriend was off on his own adventure. She was reassured his departure wouldn't be long. Scanning the locket in her hand, Kari became seemingly complacent and reassured the two would find a new adventure in the Other World. Accepting the new responsibility handed to her, the girl smiled and eyed the skies, watching a shooting star pass by.

Have fun, Tai and Agumon! Come back soon!

'My brother and Agumon are off on a new adventure in the Other World. Wherever they're going, I know they'll meet some interesting Digimon. Whoever this digi-deity who wants to see Tai and Agumon, I wonder what he wants from them? Well, for one thing's for sure, I know they'll be back to tell us of their experience. But, until then, I'll be waiting for their return... and I've come to accept my new responsibility to help my friends look over the two worlds. This is Kari Kamiya, wielder of Amazing Grace and the Ascendant that surpassed Omega X, saying see you again!'

(End theme)


Unknown Location/Other World

"So, word has it he's coming. The Ascendant from Earth is coming here soon to meet with Lord Shinmon and Prince Shintomon."

"Indeed," a white-armored version of Imperialdramon Fighter Mode descended from a long suspension in the air. He openly addressed a smaller figure sitting in a crouched position. "Are you setting off to meet with him, Pikkan?"

Standing up, the shaded figure replied in a gruff tone and a gleam in his eye. "Stupid question to ask, Paladin." He clenched both of his fists tightly and tightened the belt around his waist. "I can't wait to meet this Omega X with my own two eyes."


Season 2 complete


Next episode: Into the Other World! Enter Pikkan the Alterian!


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