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We now make the transition into Season 2.5. The first part will be the Other World Tournament adaptation. Some new faces and old ones will be appearing in this chapter. This mini-arc should be fun since after that we're entering new side stories.

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Fave Digimon Characters: VictoryGreymon, BanchoLeomon, BlackWarGreymon, ZeedGarurumon, Omegamon

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Fave Villains You Love to Hate: Datamon, Babimon, Shadramon/Cyrus Fujita

Fave New Characters: Simms, Tike, David, UmbraDevimon

Fave Arc: Tie between Burizalor Saga and the War Games

Fave Comical Moments: Davis fainting from Sonja's second kiss, Tai flipping out after Dimitri tells him about his parents, Mummymon's stupid antics, Nightmare Special Squad's goofiness

Fave Sad Moments: Deaths of Matt, Sora, and BW

Fave Battles: Omega X vs Virus, Omega X vs Burizalor, Celesta X vs Virus, WarGreymon vs MetalGarurumon, Celesta X vs Dragomon

Fave Unexpected Twists: Adding UmbraDevimon, Apocalymon's appearance

Fave Darkest Moments: Hard to say. Maybe the slaughter of the Spirian race by Burizalor and his men. Dimitri's dark future is a definite contender.

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Other World Realm/Paradise Gateway & Passage

It had been full day since they left the human world. Tai, Agumon, Simms, and X assembled outside a familiar grounds the former two recalled entering. Tai and Agumon recognized the Shaolin-like temple situated in front of them. X was the one who brought them to this specific site before. Two Tapirmon guards bowed their heads as they allowed the masked watcher and his colleagues to enter through. Upon entering the temple, they saw an endless line of floating orbs across a long road stretched across the gates.

"Wow, the after life passage is still busy as we remember it!" Agumon said in astonishment.

Tai laughed a little. "Yeah, I'll say. Lord Anubimon's busy life can never be dull. I doubt he ever complains."

"He doesn't. He realizes his duty and sees through that every soul receives judgment," Simms asserted.

"C'mon, guys, let's fly over this line and get to Lord Anubimon," X said as he hovered off the ground. "Besides, we don't need to check in since we're not dead."

"Right," Tai and Agumon said as they hovered, following the masked watcher.

Simms followed the three and glided toward Anubimon's temple. They passed over the seemingly endless line and landed at the main check-in entrance. They passed through the open doors and saw Anubimon stamping a document for one of the recently deceased. This fortunate soul passed and was stamped the symbol of heaven on his paper.

"You go to heaven, you good little soul," Anubimon said as the orb danced around and transformed back into its original form: a Clockmon. He stamped another paper and gave the next soul the pass to heaven. "You can pass on to heaven." He waved off the orb as it turned into a Crabmon. He waited for the next soul to step forward. "And now for you... hm?" He poked his head over to see X, Tai, Agumon, and Simms. "Oh, it's you! My friends, thank goodness you saved me with less work to deal with." His features conveyed relief as he faced Tai and Agumon. "Thank you two. If you hadn't stopped that bio-artificial, I don't know how I'd handle a billion more Digimon souls than we're used to seeing!" He leaned back and wiped his forehead.

"Thanks, but my sister was the one who wiped Virus out," Tai chuckled modestly. "You should thank her."

"By the way, Anubimon, we're heading out to Lord Shinmon's sacred world."

Upon hearing this, Anubimon jumped right out of his seat and almost flipped out. "Seriously? You mean... THE Lord Shinmon?"

"He has asked us to bring Tai Kamiya and Agumon to see him," the masked watcher nodded in response. "It's a true honor for Lord Shinmon of all people to request to see anyone."

"Indeed, I don't remember the last time Lord Shinmon has expressed any interest in lower beings," the Underworld ruler stated. "Of course, no offense meant to you Tai Kamiya and Agumon."

Agumon shook his head. "None taken!"

Slightly irked, Tai scoffed. "Lower beings he says?"

"Before we head there, we'd like a request to go down to the Digital Limbo," X asked from the Underworld lord.

Anubimon asked rather dubiously. "Whatever for? I wouldn't have any reason to send any of you four down there."

"Oh, I just want to give a little grand tour of where all Tai's enemies have gone up to now."

Simms sweatdropped and sighed. "Sir, really? You're going to ask for a tour down in Digital Limbo? What's next? Are we going to tell the Underworld lord how to run his gateway?"

"If you could, perhaps you can give us a tour, Lord Anubimon? You can ask one of your assistants to fill in for you."

Tai looked over to X and blinked. "Erm? Is this a good idea?"

"Well, it is going to be my lunch break soon," Anubimon said as he stood and beckoned over one of his Cerberumon. "I'll have Cerberumon take over. So, a tour into the Digital Limbo Prison then?" He got up from his seat and called the four over to a large elevator made for him. He watched Tai, Agumon, X, and Simms enter the elevator. "All right then. Next stop... the Digital Limbo Prison!" With that, he pressed a button that read 'Digi-Limbo Prison' as they descended into the bottom and in a few moments they would be taken to Digital Limbo.

Tai and Agumon looked out the elevator, awestruck with the beautiful view of the Other World.

"This is sweet!" The Bearer of Courage cried out excitedly.

X leaned back and folded his arms. He quickly remembered an old friend he hadn't seen in a long time. Since you're now serving as a guardian down in Digital Limbo, I wonder if we'll run into you, Pikkan.


Digimon Fusion Kai

Season 2.5, Act 1: Digiuniversal Battle Tournament

Episode 99: Into the Other World! Enter Pikkan the Alterian!


Digital Limbo/Digital Limbo Prison

Upon stopping past a draw bridge over a blood color-schemed river, Tai, Agumon, Anubimon, X, and Simms stood outside the mouth of a large gate. Beyond the gate was a large black prison stronghold with large skull headstones mounted on the edges of the facility. Tai and Agumon both gaped in awe at the prison stronghold, which was larger than any building they've seen in their home city. Anubimon, X, and Simms continued to guide them across the bridge toward the prison.

"I know it's large prison guys and you're fascinated with it, but we have to keep it moving," X motioned over to Tai and Agumon, who hurried along behind him.

Anubimon chortled as he walked forward. "Can't say I blame you two looking surprised. This is Digital Limbo's prison. No surprise it's large. It's the largest prison constructed on this side of reality."

"This must be where all the bad guys go when they die," Tai stated the obvious, to which X and Simms shared a chuckle.

Simms added. "Yes, indeed, including Burizalor and Virus."

"Devimon, Myotismon, the Dark Masters, and the Nightmare Squad?" curiously asked Agumon.

"All the evil creeps are in this prison," X confirmed, glancing over his shoulder to find Tai and Agumon getting closer to him. "I have no doubt they'll be pleased to see you two."

Flashing a cool and collective grin, the Bearer of Courage wasn't deterred. "Ha, I'm looking forward to seeing their ugly faces." He noticed Anubimon conversing with two Boltmon, both of whom served as guards for the front prison entrance. "Is that the entrance?"

"Indeed," Simms replied as he folded both arms behind his back. "Once we enter, refrain from getting too close to the prisoners."

"But they're locked up, right?" Agumon asked.

"Yes, but we wouldn't want you to try and goad the prisoners into a fight. You two have a habit of picking fights with evil villains."

Tai wore a calm smile and demeanor. "We'll control ourselves, Simms. Don't you worry about us."

"Good. I would hope so, Tai," the older gentlemen replied, shaking his head modestly.

As the Boltmon opened the front entrance, Anubimon walked through leading X, Simms, Tai, and Agumon into the prison.

(Cue Power Rangers - Lord Zedd's Theme)

As the Boltmon closed the door behind the group, they walked through a concealed hallways devoid of light except for the fire lit on a row torches. As they pressed forward, they heard loud cackles and boorish screams that normally sent chills down a person's spines. None within the group let the ominous prison scenery intimidate them. Tai and Agumon maintained their calm dispositions as they followed Anubimon, X, and Simms. Once they walked up a flight of stairs, they passed by a hundred or so prison cells until they came upon the cells of a few familiar faces almost concealed behind the shadows.

Anubimon barley turned an eye toward the prison cells. X, Simms, Tai, and Agumon caught a view of an individual behind a forcefield concealing a set of prison bars. There was a human resembling Yamato with long blond-hair and a black full-bodied bodysuit with white armor adorning his shoulders, boots, gloves, and chest. The blond-haired man remained stationary in a seated position as his eyes fell on Tai and Agumon. Tai and Agumon held their ground as both sensed an evil vibe. To them what astounded them was seeing a human locked in the Digital Limbo Prison.

"Cyrus Fujita," X addressed the blond-haired man, whose icy blue eyes shifted over to the masked watcher. "Been enjoying your stay down in Digital Limbo?"

"Cyrus Fujita? That name sounds familiar, but I've never seen him before," Tai said as his chocolate eyes were firmly locked on Cyrus. "He almost looks like Matt."

"Because he was the one who helped recruit Matt to join Burizalor in the first place," Simms replied. "Cyrus was one of the five original Digi-Destined. He was a traitor to the group. He would later become Shadramon, loyal servant who sold his soul to Burizalor. In exchange of his human body, he gained a Digimon body and more power. Now that he's dead..."

"He's lost his Shadramon form and has been reverted back to his original, natural form," Anubimon asserted. "The Shadramon form was just an artificial."

Cyrus didn't budge an inch from his position as he veered his eyes from Anubimon and back on Tai. Tai clenched his fists tightly. His anger was slightly fueled when he heard from Simms of Cyrus' betrayal of his own Digi-Destined team.

"I remember Shadramon!" Tai exclaimed as he turned all the way around and snarled toward Cyrus. "You tried killing my friends back on Spira and the clone me even remembers you manipulated Ken to be your own little puppet!"

"On top of helping to create UmbraDevimon and Chimeramon!" Agumon snapped.

Upon hearing the accusations shot at him, the calm and collective man evilly grinned. He was suddenly blasted a memory of an old rival who not only resembled Tai but had the same 'naive' notions of friendship and loyalty. Tai quickly calmed down and sighed, letting a small chuckle escape his lips.

"Well, I'm not the one sitting up in his jail cell right now," the Bearer of Courage talked down to the traitorous scumbag. "For all you've done, you deserve where you're at."

"His fate has been decided, Tai. He's here for all the wrong doings he's committed serving as Burizalor's lapdog," X replied. "His old friends, the same ones he betrayed, are chilling up in Digi-Paradise."

"Feh, good at least they saw some happiness in the end," Agumon snorted whilst turning a cold shoulder to Cyrus.

Tai furrowed his brows and turned away from Cyrus.

"How's Yamato been treating you?" Cyrus called out to Tai. "Has Matt's darker side been giving you a hard time lately? I'd best watch myself. Knowing him, he'll find a way to surpass you and that sister of yours." He chuckled again and leaned against his cell wall. "Yamato won't rest until he's the most powerful Ascendant ever." He heard Tai walking away and smiled in solitude inside his cell.

As the group advanced through the corridor, they passed a few other cells. One caught Tai and Agumon's eye as they noticed Babimon growling and seething behind his prison cell. The baboon's red eyes gleamed as he eyed over the ones responsible for his untimely demise. They recognized him quickly and taunted him a bit before Babimon rushed forward, only to be repelled by the forcefield covering the prison bars. Tai and Agumon raced forward to catch up with Anubimon, X, and Simms. They passed another cell with NeoDevimon. The Digital Invader's sinister eyes followed Tai and Agumon.

"Been a long time, NeoDevimon," Tai remarked, facing down the demonic fiend. "I bet you and Babimon have been on your best behaviors?"

NeoDevimon gruffed and watched them leave. "Mark my words. One day we'll escape here and hunt you down, Ascendant."

"Please, we're light years ahead of you, freak!" Agumon said, sticking his tongue out at the fiend.

As they left NeoDevimon to scowl under his breath, they passed along more prison cells. They passed Devimon, Etemon, Myotismon, and Demon next.

"No you four really take us back," Tai addressed the evil quartet. "Well, my clone and my friends did have a run-in with you, fangface." He pointed to Myotismon, who glanced a menacing gaze with his cold blue eyes. "Don't think that scary glare is gonna intimidate me. I've already been through stronger guys than you four could ever dream of!" He then shifted toward Demon, whose eyes burned with fury. "Yeah, yeah, you go ahead and put on that scary face behind bars. You got creamed by my friends. Look where that got you. You don't want none of Omega X."

"Tai? Can we move along?" X beckoned the Bearer of Courage and his Digimon partner forward. He waited as they rushed ahead to catch up.

Devimon watched them leave with a sneer. "Those fools."

Demon was inclined to agree. "Indeed, an Ascendant's arrogance know no bounds." He got concurring nods from Etemon and Myotismon, all of whom shared their disgust for Tai Kamiya.

Anubimon led the group into another hallway. As they passed along, they noticed another set of familiar faces Tai and Agumon recognized on the spot. Inside one cell, he noticed three figures standing together. One of the lit torches shone a beacon of light that pierced through the darkness, revealing two bald-headed lizard-like humanoids - one with a full white body appearance and the other with a larger purple-skinned frame and white chitin shoulder armor - and a female version of Myotismon. The appearance of the two lizard humanoids caught Tai's eye, making him gape in shock.

"Burizalor? Mutalior?"

"Are you surprised? Of course, they'd be down here," X sweatdropped as he watched Tai and Agumon taunt the three villains.

"Taichi!" hissed Burizalor, wearing an irate look on his face. Naturally, the once formidable digital tyrant conveyed a negative reaction toward the Ascendant who humiliated and left him for dead. Gritting his teeth, Burizalor seethed when Tai and Agumon stood before him taunting him. "You're the last two pieces of trash I wanted to see again!"

"Yeah, nice to see ya, too, Burizalor," Tai said, folding his arms and grinning off Burizalor's idle threats. "You can't touch me as long as you're behind bars."

Burizalor scowled. "Bastard!"

"Besides, it was Dimitri that killed you not me. So, shouldn't you be bearing a grudge toward him and not me? Oh, nevermind me, you've got us Ascendants on your mind, right?"

Shaking his fists, Burizalor tried to lunge at the duo, but he stopped and restrained himself.

"Can't forget about you either, Mutalior," the big-haired teen shifted from Burizalor and over to the slightly larger purple-skinned Corrupt. "Bet the family reunion between you two has been unpleasant." He said in a sardonic tone, drawing a heated glare from Mutalior.

"You only got lucky, Ascendant," Mutalior remarked with anger in his tone.

LadyMyotismon added in a haughty manner. "Taichi Kamiya, your reputation proceeds you. So, you're the famed Ascendant."

"You're Myotismon's sister. If you weren't evil, I'd say you're quite the looker, but you're scum just like Burizalor and your brother."

"Don't patronize me, you arrogant boy!" LadyMyotismon hastily retorted against Tai.

"Ooook, I think you've antagonized enough bad guys for the past few minutes we've been here," X said as he dragged Tai away with Agumon following them.

Burizalor, Mutalior, and LadyMyotismon watched the group depart from the scene. Burizalor scowled as he sat down and coiled his long tail around him.

"Relax, my love," LadyMyotismon said, trying to soothe Burizalor whilst rubbing his shoulders. "Don't let that Ascendant get under your skin."

"Feh, you were humiliated by one Ascendant and killed by another," Mutalior snidely remarked, leaning back against the wall. He flicked his long purple tail and crushed a stone under the weight of his tail. "You shame our clan."

Burizalor continued to seethe and grit his teeth, conveying unbridled hatred for the Ascendants. I hate you, Taichi. I HATE all of you Ascendants! If I were still alive, your numbers wouldn't have exploded like they have now! One day... I will escape from his scummy place and bring vengeance on you... and your loved ones, Taichi! You, Hikari, Yamato, Takeru, the goggleboy wannabe, X's band of brats, and that boy from the future will pay dearly for this! "I HATE YOU ASCENDANTS!" He screamed so loud his voice could hear from where Anubimon and his colleagues heard him.

(End theme)

Tai and Agumon covered their ears.

"He really does hate you, doesn't he?" Simms got a laugh, getting modest snickers from Tai and Agumon.

(Cue Aliens Soundtrack - Sub Level 3)

They stopped at the entrance of a large steel door. Anubimon pressed a code command that activated the door that concealed the most recent addition to Digital Limbo Prison. They bypassed a few guards, who granted authorization to Anubimon and allowed the group to enter a chamber. Upon entering, Tai and Agumon's eyes widened in shock. X and Simms firmly gazed over a large triangular-shaped crystal, which encompassed nearly the entire chamber. It was almost 13 feet in height and 20 inches in height. Sealed inside the crystal, which contained a liquid-like stasis, was the bio-artificial recently slain by Celesta X. It was Super Perfect Virus, who appeared to be unconscious and immobile. A few lab coordinators maintained the machines, which helped keep the crystal solidified.

"It's Virus!" Agumon exclaimed.

Recalling his most recent battle with the bio-artificial, Tai meticulously eyed Virus. "He came close to killing us, Agumon. Hadn't Huanglongmon pulled us out at the last second, we'd be goners."

"But, the most important thing is that Huanglongmon saved your butts," X said, patting the two on their backs. "Right?"

Tai and Agumon nodded in response. They quickly caught Virus opening his eyes and intently glaring over the duo. Tai didn't budge an inch and kept an intense stare at Virus, who couldn't break out of the crystal.

"Why keep him locked in this crystal and not with the other prisoners?" Agumon curiously asked.

"Well, the creature recently gained the Instant Movement," Anubimon promptly stated. "Even when dead, he could still utilize that sneaky technique and slip right back into your world. It took a lot of the Other World's forces to get the jump on him before we trapped him in this crystal." He examined the crystal and walked around it. "He can't escape from this position. These machines will continuously run for eternity. As long as they're maintained carefully, Virus won't ever escape."

"Good contingency plan, Anubimon," the Bearer of Courage said. "And this is a perfect way to tighten up security. Virus is a sneaky one. Agumon and I can tell ya that from prior experience."

Agumon concurred with a nod. "Yep!"

Inside the crystal, Virus tried opening his mouth, but had a mask covering it. Bubbles came expelling from the oxygen mask as he watched Tai and Agumon leave with Anubimon and the others.

One day... Taichi... you and your sister will pay for this... thought the devious bio-artificial as he fell back into his long eternal sleep. That 'day' the creature spoke of would never happen as long as he remained locked inside his crystallized prison.

(End theme)

Once they departed from the highly secured chamber, Anubimon ordered two guards to close the doors behind them. X, Simms, Tai, and Agumon were directly lead out through a door. They came toward the outside of the prison. They faced a spacious area with numerous rock formations with pointed spikes protruding out like a sea urchin's body. The skies were red like blood and the landscape was dry. Minus the hellfire and brimstone, this is exactly how Tai might've imagined Digital Limbo to look. This was the last place anyone would want to spend eternity in.

Calmly pressing his knuckles together, Anubimon whirled around and faced the group.

"I hope you all enjoyed the brief visit," Anubimon addressed them. "Do any of you have any further questions?"

"Yeah," Tai raised his hand. "Lord Anubimon, are you sure they won't get out?"

"Tai Kamiya, I wouldn't worry about any of your former enemies escaping," the Underworld judge reassured them in a calm tone. "We monitor the activities in Digital Limbo 24/7. There has no prisoner that's ever escaped Digital Limbo Prison."

"LORD ANUBIMON!" Came a loud and boisterous voice out of nowhere.

Anubimon and the others quickly turned to the skies as a Gargoylemon dropped in front of them. The Gargoylemon looked like he had left a fight as he came with a fresh black eye and bumps on his head. He fell right into Anubimon's arms, who set the Gargoylemon down.

"Whoa, what the hell happened to you?" Tai exclaimed as he and Agumon checked over the Gargoylemon.

"We've just... had a break out... and we tried to detain them..."

"Who broke out?" Anubimon inquired, his tone conveyed little concern. He leaned forward and listened to Gargoylemon whisper into his ear. "Huh. I see. Certainly they're a problem for you and your team, but for our elite guardians, they should be a piece of cake."

"Who broke out, Lord Anubimon?" Agumon asked.

Still carrying Gargoylemon in his arms, Anubimon whirled around and addressed the group. "The Nightmare Special Squad have broken out with their old leader. Along with them Piedmon and Puppetmon."

"What? The Nightmare Special Squad?" Tai and Agumon shouted in unison, conveying familiarity with the aforementioned villain squadron.

Nodding, X added to the discussion. "By elite guards, you mean Pikkan and Imperialdramon Paladin Mode."

"What? Imperialdramon?" Agumon asked curiously as he turned to X.

"Not the same partner of Davis and Ken," Simms immediately corrected the reptile. "Paladin Mode's power exceeds even regular Imperialdramon. He and Pikkan serve as Anubimon's elite prison guards."

"They must've been off duty when this happened," X added.

"Oh, I wouldn't worry. They should be over there to take care of business," Anubimon replied. "Those goons will be locked right back in their cells in no time."

"Easy for you to be calm and collective, Anubimon!" Tai asserted as he pulled out his Digivice. "We'll take care of this since we've faced the Nightmare Special Squad and Piedmon already."

"Do whatever you want, but don't be surprised if Pikkan and Paladin are over there."

Flashing a jubilant grin, Tai readied his Digivice and pointed it toward Agumon. "Let's go join break up a prison fight, pal!"

"I'm on it!"

"Ah, so you're Tai Kamiya!" Another voice came out of nowhere.

The group were taken aback as they surveyed the area and looked up to spot a figure descending from the skies. Another larger figure dropped in next to the smaller warrior. Anubimon, X, and Simms faced the two warriors with familiarity, but Tai and Agumon were unsure of what to make of the new arrivals. On the right was a white-armored version of Imperialdramon Fighter Mode. Where Imperialdramon's normal red, blue, yellow, and ivory armor would be was replaced with white and gold embellished armor. He stood several stories tall and next to him was a humanoid figure. The humanoid warrior wore a fitting white cloak outfit with a navy blue long-sleeved shirt underneath. Atop his head was a brown round-topped hat wrapped with white straps coupled with dark brown shoes. His distinct and outward appearance resembled a human, but his eyes, which clashed with his appearance, were a bright shade of red and his ears were large and pointy enough to stick out of his hat. What little hair he had was gold.

"Who just addressed me?" Tai demanded as he walked up to the two warriors.

The humanoid scoffed, eyeing Tai's direction. "Tai Kamiya, I presume?"

"Yeah, what of it?"

"So, you're Omega X."

"We're Omega X," Agumon corrected the warrior as he stood by Tai's side.

"Pikkan, it's been a while, old friend!" X waved to the humanoid warrior.

"Wait, you two know each other?" The Bearer of Courage blinked in befuddlement. He and Agumon alternated between X and Pikkan.

"He's a slow one, isn't he?" Paladin Mode added.

Pikkan folded his arms and nodded. "That's putting it mildly."

"We heard that!" Tai called back, facing Pikkan and Paladin Mode.

"We'll take care of this prison breakout, Lord Anubimon," Pikkan said, turning and bowing to the Underworld judge. "This'll be a cakewalk for us."

"Sure thing, but why not let Tai and his Digimon tag along? Perhaps you could let them lend a hand?" Anubimon suggested much to Pikkan and Paladin's chagrins.

"Seriously?" Pikkan frowned as he veered over to Tai and Agumon, conveying a not-so-excited look on his face. Is this really the famed Ascendant I've been hearing everyone talk about lately? He couldn't even kill that android back on Earth. His sister had to finish the job for him. "Fine, let's see what you two are made of." With that, he and Paladin flew up into the air as they took off.

Agumon shouted. "Whoa! Wait for us!"

Bold and exuding confidence, Tai smiled and allowed his Crest of Courage symbol be emblazoned with orange on his chest. "Let's not wait any longer, Agumon! Let's join in!" Upon invoking the internal energies of his Crest, Agumon hastily evolved right off the bat.

"Agumon... Mega Shinka! VictoryGreymon!"

As VictoryGreymon flew into the air, Tai rocketed upward and glided across alongside his Digimon partner.

"Tai! Agumon! You two be careful!" Simms called out to the duo.

Anubimon chuckled in amusement. "Oh those two amaze me a lot. I wouldn't worry too much. I'm sure Pikkan and Paladin will be surprised when they see those two in action."

"No doubt," X said as a smile curved behind his concealed face. You're in for a big surprise, Pikkan. He also remembered the 'arrangement' he planned before bringing Tai and Agumon into the Other World. Looks like everything's been set. Now, it's time to implement your move... B...


As soon as they arrived in a spacious courtyard, Tai, VictoryGreymon, Pikkan, and Paladin came to a stop when they spotted the Nightmare Special Squad, Piedmon, Puppetmon, Phelesmon, SkullSatamon, MarineDevimon, Machinedramon, and Rezo amassed with Gargoylemon and Cerberumon guards laying unconscious. Amongst the villains a new face was spotted, which caught Tai and Agumon's attention. They saw purple-skinned burly alien garbed in Buriza Empire armor akin to the Nightmare Special Squad's. He wore two, black horns, which protruded through the sides of his head in near 45-degrees angle, similar to Burizalor's horns in his base form. He stood at the forefront of the Nightmare Special Squad members - Brutemon, Devilin, Chaser, and Gurdmon - and wore a fiendish smile.

"Huh, so you're behind this jail break, Ginyumon?" Pikkan remarked, addressing the purple-skinned Digimon. "When will you and your crew learn?"

Tai blinked thrice. "Huh? Ginyumon?"

"He's wearing the exact uniform the Nightmare Squad guys are!" Agumon quickly pointed out the obvious.

"That's Captain Ginyumon to you!" Ginyumon roared in response, pumping his right fist forward and striking a battle pose. He whirled around and poked his butt out, shaking it as he struck an outlandish pose. "And don't you forget it!"

Naturally stupefied by Ginyumon, Tai blinked again. "...are you high?"

"You have no idea," scoffed Pikkan, intently glaring down the escaped prisoners. He then popped his knuckles and then his neck. "All right, boys. We can make this easy."

Paladin nodded as he clenched his fists. "Or, we can rumble and lock you guys back up."

"Not today, because today we're getting our taste for freedom!" SkullSatamon shouted, raising his staff overhead as he jumped around like a goofball.

MarineDevimon quickly bopped the skeleton in the back of his head. Piedmon walked right up to Ginyumon and chuckled.

"See the young man with the Agumon?" Piedmon murmured, wearing a devilish smile as his insidious eyes fell on Tai and Agumon. "That's the famed leader of the Chosen. Who you are seeing is Tai Kamiya and Agumon, the components that create the Ascendant named Omega X. He's the one who defeated our leader Burizalor." He said while backing off when Ginyumon's face contorted with fury. "Looks like I riled you up, Captain."

"I still don't know who this purple-skinned freak is," Tai said.

"He's the original leader of the Nightmare Special Squad," Pikkan calmly explained to the big-haired teen. "Can't divulge into full details, but he got killed on some mission and Piedmon took his place as the head of this group of morons." He grunted as he intently glared toward Ginyumon and this crew. "Calling them retards would be an insult to the mentally handicapped."

"Hey, Cap!" Chaser openly addressed Ginyumon. "Can we take care of these blokes?"

"Yeah! Let me at 'em!" Brutemon hollered. "Besides, I wanna payback Tai and that pet of his for knocking me out! I could've beaten 'em if I didn't drop my guard!"

Devilin hissed toward Tai and his Digimon's direction. "I wouldn't mind wringing the necks of the ones who defeated Lord Burizalor!"

"Then, it's decided!" Piedmon declared.

Rezo shouted. "In the name of Lord Burizalor, we're cutting you down to size!"

With that, Ginyumon and the Nightmare Special Squad immediately did a line formation.

"Ah, I see you're going for the super ultra fighting pose I taught your men, Captain Ginyumon," the Dark Master chortled an evil laugh as he jumped back and let the Nightmare Special Squad have the floor. "Knock yourselves out, my friends! Give us a splendid show!"

"All right, men! You're gonna have to guide me through this!" Ginyumon barked as he and the Nightmare Squad they each struck an outlandish pose individually.

(Cue Dragonball Kai Insert Theme Sanjou! Ginyu Tokusentai!)

Dun… dun… dun… dun… DUN! DUN! DUN! DUN! DUN! DUUUUN! DUUUUN!

Tai, Agumon, Pikkan, and Paladin looked on awkwardly, beyond stupefied over the ultra fighting pose set to commence.

As if ripped right out of a Sentai/Power Rangers sequence, the five Nightmare Squad members performed their poses and announced their names.











Commence bright and colorful background accompanied with cherry blossom petals raining behind them.

(End theme)

Piedmon, Puppetmon, Rezo, and company clapped for the Nightmare Squad's united pose.

"Ha! We've got it down, men!" Ginyumon boasted as he and the Nightmare Special faced their adversaries. "All right! First order of business! We take you pansies to school! Show 'em how we deal with those who oppose our Lord Burizalor!"

"RIGHT!" The other Nightmare Squad members shouted in unison as they flew across.

"Allow us to lend you a hand!" Rezo cackled as he and Phelesmon dashed ahead to assist the Squad members.

In response to the charging enemies, Tai and VictoryGreymon dropped into battle stances.

"Walk all over them, VictoryGreymon!" The big-haired teen openly declared as VictoryGreymon readied his Dramon Breaker and propelled forward.

"Time to see what he's made of," Pikkan mumbled as he and Paladin viewed VictoryGreymon taking to the air and luring the Squad members. They both quietly observed VictoryGreymon easily evading the Nightmare Squad's array of punches.

After invoking his Fury Blitz technique, VictoryGreymon swerved around Brutemon and landed a kick to the muscular behemoth's face. He immediately whirled around and nailed an elbow to Chaser's face. He followed up with a spinning back kick that knocked Chaser away. Then, he landed an elbow into Gurdmon's back and dropped him like dead weight. All four Squad members fell with ease as they hit the ground one by one. Rezo and Phelesmon flew up to meet VictoryGreymon. The modified Mega swooped down, hitting both with his sword and sent him crashing to the ground near the fallen Nightmare Squad members.

"Incredible... his power has grown beyond what any of us would've perceived!" Machinedramon droned.

SkullSatamon and MarineDevimon blanched in shock when seeing the Nightmare Squad beaten with swift ease. Machinedramon charged forward and readied his cannons, expelling dual blasts at VictoryGreymon. As VictoryGreymon prepared to stop Machinedramon's blasts, Paladin flew forward and caught Machinedramon's blast. The white-armored behemoth punched the blasts back at Machinedramon, which impacted the mechanized monster and sent him flying back knocking him out.

"I DO SAY!" Piedmon screamed, his mouth widened agape.

Puppetmon panicked, screeching. "HOW DID THOSE PUNKS IMPROVE SO MUCH?"

"Don't you worry, boys," Ginyumon wore an infectious smile and maintained his composure. "This is nothing that the Captain can't handle."

"Ha, you don't say?" The evil jester cackled as he stepped back. "After you, my friend."

Ginyumon laughed aloud and propelled up to meet VictoryGreymon. "HERE I COME! THE CAPTAIN'S COMING FOR YA!"

"Heads up, VictoryGreymon!" Tai exclaimed as he pointed to Ginyumon preparing to hit VictoryGreymon.


(Cue DBZ - Pikkon's Theme)

Suddenly, a resounding force seemingly shot out of nowhere and blitzed past VictoryGreymon like the wind.

"WHA...?" VictoryGreymon gaped as the last thing he saw as Pikkan hitting Ginyumon with a kick to his face. Blinking thrice, the Mega was stunned beyond belief. "Whoa..."

Needless to say, Tai was stunned in absolute silence. He watched Pikkan drop Ginyumon like he were nothing. "Pikkan...?" He moved so fast!

Pikkan pivoted his view and eyed the remaining villains stupidly spacing out. He flickered out from their view and appeared in front of both Piedmon and Puppetmon. He quickly landed a quick elbow shot into Piedmon's abdomen whilst cold clocking Puppetmon with a punch. As Puppetmon fell unconscious, Piedmon sank to his knees gasping with both arms folded around him. Piedmon, too, fell facefirst and was knocked out cold.

"GAH! WE BETTER SPLIT!" SkullSatamon screeched as he turned to leave...



Just then, Tai, VictoryGreymon, Pikkan, and Paladin watched SkullSatamon and MarineDevimon hit the nearest wall. They spotted a shadowed figure pacing toward them. The figure walked a methodical pace as he flew out and landed atop of a tall stone platform. Tai and VictoryGreymon raced to where the figure stood perched with arms proudly folded. What they saw wasn't anyone they were familiar with, at least by first impression. The individual resembled a older teen with a very much human-like with spiky brown hair, almost like Tai's. He wore a fitting black muscle shirt and black pants, which were supported by brown boots. His hands were sported by black fingerless gloves and military-themed boots.

The spiky-haired individual kept a calm and vague, glaring down the four spectators. Before Tai could speak, the mystery guy hovered off the platform and landed in front of them. His vague frown was replaced with a crescent smile as he approached them seemingly with familiarity.

"Tai, he's approaching us," VictoryGreymon growled as he cautiously took a stance against the mystery man.

"Who are you?" demanded the Bearer of Courage, dropping into a defensive stance against the unknown individual.

The individual stopped as he unclenched both fists and relaxed his posture.

(End theme)

"I'll give you two a hint," the spiky-haired man replied in a tone familiar to Tai and VictoryGreymon. "Terra Destroyer."

Upon hearing this, VictoryGreymon and Tai felt their worlds completely turn not only upside down but flipped several hundred degrees! Pikkan and Paladin both nodded, acknowledging the mystery guy standing before them.

"BLACKWARGREYMON?" Was all Tai and VictoryGreymon shouted as their minds became boggled.

"Good timing, BW," Came X's voice, which drew everyone from 'BW' and over behind them to see X with Simms and Anubimon. "Looks like you came just in time to test your new body."

"New body? X, clarify all this to me," the Bearer of Courage turned and demanded from the masked watcher.

Before Simms interjected, X waved him off and answered Tai's inquiry. "When BlackWarGreymon's body was destroyed, we asked Anubimon to transfer his essence into a new artificial body. When the wish to revive everyone killed by Virus was made, BlackWarGreymon's essence appeared before me and I collected it. I arranged for a new body to be forged. It was to be one most suitable for him." He smiled behind his mask and approached BW. "The Digimon you once knew as BlackWarGreymon is now BW." He introduced the spiky-haired man on his right shoulder, to which BW nodded.

"Man, that's so awesome!" A giddy Tai exclaimed as he walked up to BW and extended his hand to BW. "It's really great to have you back!"

BW slightly frowned. "Remember, you and VictoryGreymon owe me a fight. One day we'll have our duel." Nonetheless, he put down his hand and gave Tai a firm handshake. "No more will I ever be bond by Datamon's control again."

VictoryGreymon added with a nod. "Good for you, BW."

Pikkan scoffed with an irritable tone. "Look, this whole reunion is nice and all, but I'm still not convinced you're all that, Tai Kamiya." He stopped to give Tai and VictoryGreymon a indifferent look. "Yeah, your Digimon helped take down a bunch of lightweights, but you're in the Other World. There's warriors that'll chew you up and spit you out."

"Like you, right, Pikkan?" X queried with a chuckle.

"Damn straight."

X clapped his hands together to get everyone's attention. "And that's why I brought you all here in the first place!"

"What do you mean?" queried Tai, glancing over toward X looking befuddled.

"The reason Lord Shinmon asked me to bring you here is to participate in the next Digiuniversal Battle Tournament."

Both Tai and VictoryGreymon conveyed even more confusion, which became evident on their faces.

"Digiuniversal Battle Tournament?" VictoryGreymon asked, unsure of what to decipher of this out-of-the-blue announcement.

"Oh, you guys have no idea. This event is the mother of all tournaments," BW replied as he finished and let X delve into the subject matter.

"Like BW said, it's the biggest battle tournament in the Digiverse," said the masked watcher. "It'll take place in about week."

"Well, this is quite the honor," Paladin acknowledged this. "I've been preparing for this event. Tai Kamiya, this is quite the opportunity."

However, Pikkan shared an opposing view over this announcement. "Even more reason why you're gonna get chewed up and spit out. You're facing the strongest from other Digirealms, Tai Kamiya." He garnered the Bearer of Courage's attention away from X and the others. "You're talking warriors from the South, North, West, and other various sectors throughout the Digiverse. You might be strongest in the East, but you only dealt with not even a quarter of what you might go up against. Take my advice. If you want to save face, don't participate in this tournament."

"Well, guess what? I'll take up this challenge!" Tai openly declared, clenching his right fist. "Omega X will take on any challenge!"

"Now, that's the fiery courage I know," X acknowledged Tai's passion.

"You going to take that, Pikkan?" BW chuckled, trying to get the Alterian riled up.

"By the way, X, how big is the Digiverse?" VictoryGreymon inquired to the masked watcher. "If our Digiworld is just one world in our side of sector..."

"Yes, y'alls Digital World is just one planet along with New Spira. Your side of Digigalaxy is viewed by Azulongmon. Simms and I are the co-watchers. Picture this: y'alls Digital World is just a mere singular dot in an infinity of inhabitable worlds. The world you come from Agumon is a single planet in a universal sea of digital information."

"Do you mean all of that was powered by computers? I mean, when our internet grew, the Digiverse just expanded along with it?"

"No, Tai," X replied. "The Digiverse has always existed for thousands of years, if not millions of years before mankind evolved on your world."

"Indeed, this side of the universe has always existed. It will exist before mankind existed and will continue to exist regardless of what happens to humans."

"Lord Shinmon, who we will see very soon, is also known as the Supreme Digi-Deity."

"Supreme Digi-Deity?" Tai was left speechless. "Is he above the Sovereigns?"

"Yes, even Huanglongmon. He is the higher authority."

Humph, and he wants to see Tai and his Digimon pet? Ok, I get Omega X is a strong guy and all, but still... I'm not entirely convinced he's a match for me. Pikkan observed the Bearer of Courage and his Digimon partner standing side by side.

"Before we go, I hope the Alterian didn't give you two much of a hard time," X said, glancing over to Pikkan.


"Pikkan comes from an advanced race of Digimon from the Alterian Empire. He is the champion of the Western Quadrant, the realm watched over by Baihumon."

"That and I'm one of the unofficial wardens of this prison. Everyone in this prison is my bitch."

"Heh, so you say," Tai laughed a bit as he glanced over to Pikkan.

Pikkan grunted, withdrawing any snide remark he would've given him. X and BW shook their heads when listening Pikkan chide the Bearer of Courage.

"You two enough!" Simms barked at the two, making them both turn and cooperate.

"Anyway, Lord Shinmon awaits us on Central World," the masked watcher spoke up after clearing his throat. Then, he stopped to survey the grounds and saw the unconscious villains scattered around them. "But, first, lock these creeps back in their jail cells." He said whilst everyone else sweatdropped following his awkward remark.


As their jail doors closed, the Nightmare Special Squad were locked in single cell while Piedmon, Puppetmon, Rezo, Machinedramon, and Phelesmon thrown into separate cells. On the other side, Burizalor, Mutalior, and LadyMyotismon shook their heads, showing disapproval of the bad guys' attempted jail break.

"Well, this stinks," Ginyumon groaned, sitting cross-legged on the floor with stacks of towels behind him.

Piedmon scoffed and sat down. "They could've at least let us take showers."

Brutemon quickly added to lighten up the gloomy mood. "Do y'all wanna arm wrestle?"

"SHUT UP!" The villains from both ends shouted in unison.


Standing outside the prison facility, Tai, Agumon, X, Simms, Anubimon, and Pikkan gathered to depart for Central Planet.

"Paladin and BW decided to stay behind for a bit to check all the prison's perimeters," Anubimon said. "They told me to tell you all to go on without them."

The Alterian nodded. "All right then."

Tai added with a genuine smile. "It's good to see BW back again... with a new body that is. Won't the others be surprised when I return home and tell them."

X beckoned over to everyone ready to depart with him. They were rearing to go and leave for Shinmon's planet, which was well known and fabled by many who've dreamed of going there. Today, three warriors were about to embark on a journey they'd never forget. To many this was considered beyond an honor. It was truly a once in a lifetime invitation.

"Ok, guys, we're all ready to go?"

"You bet!" Tai exclaimed excitedly, pumping his right fist up.

Pikkan and Agumon both nodded but the Alterian reluctantly said anything to bring down Tai and Agumon's spirits now. Anubimon waved goodbye to the group as he headed up the elevator that took him back to his check-in temple station.

"I'll place my hand on your right shoulder. Read my thoughts and it'll show you Lord Shinmon's Central World location."

When picking this instruction up from X, Tai nodded and placed two fingers on his forehead.

"Go on, Pikkan."

The Alterian complied with X's order and slowly put his hand on Tai's back. Agumon and Simms did so without a second thought. Once X projected Central Planet's coordinates into Tai's mind, he was granted a boost from the watcher to teleport them onto Central Planet.


And just like that in a flash they were gone.


Central Planet/Garden Area outside Shinmon's Palace

Upon arriving in a beautiful lush garden, the group made it to their destination. Tai, Agumon, and Pikkan were awestruck by their surroundings when X and Simms suddenly knelt down.

"Greetings, my friends," Came a calm and pleasant voice from behind them.

Befuddled by whom the voice came from, Tai and X sensed a powerful presence behind them. They and Pikkan whirled around to see Shinmon, Kibitomon, Shintomon, and Buddhamon standing before them.

"You must be..." Tai muttered as he gazed in awe at the Supreme Digi-Deity.

Shinmon responded with a tranquil smile. "Welcome, Taichi Kamiya and Agumon. I am Lord Shinmon." He continued as he smiled a bigger crescent smile, getting Tai and Agumon face him.


Next episode: Gathering! The Digiuniversal Tournament Begins!


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