Title:Untitled go ficlet



Rating:pg so far

Warnings: none really other than established relationship and slash, and fluff.

Summary: a/c are on a road trip.

A year after Azirphale's Smile


"Angel..Stop playing with the radio; there hasn't been a station that has worked in six hours," remarked the Demon to his lover before adding, "We're in the middle of no where, there's nothing here."

Azirphale tried to keep his eyes fixed on the barely visible path of the isolated road. His blue eyes slowly started to close but jerked back awake and glanced at the clock: midnight. Through the fog he saw the first indication of civilization since supper.

"I think I see a city. But there are no lights. that's strange ," he said to Crowley who was trying to study his impossibly thick, complex, encrypted textbook.

"Maybe they're having a blackout," suggested Crowley.

"I guess that makes sense. We should stop there to fill up on gas because I don't know where the next town is."

As they approached the city, objects emerged out from the shadows: buildings, unlit streetlights, alleyways, empty street vendor carts, but not a single person.

"Where is everyone?" Azirphale asked rhetorically. His angelic senses were going off.

"Somethings not right. I think we should leave."

"Me too."

They made a u-turn and started to leave the town. Azirphale stared down at the dashboard, knowing the truth.

"We don't have enough gas to make it to the next town. We're running on empty."

And with those final words, the car slowed to an unexpected stop. Crowley Miracled more gas he hate using his his powers when it was uncertain whether mortals could see them or not he had little choice.

He had a sensed they were being fallowed but by who? He expanded his senses to see if he could determine who they were and why were fallowing them. Hmmm.. mortals two males..and young between 20 and 28. Ah the Winchester brothers yes..he figured they'd be around eventually. He was the highest ranking demon above ground so to speak. And they were searching a yellow eyed demon after all.

He smirked maybe he'd let the boys fallow them for a while..after all the trip to Methos' new house was so long and they had little to entertain them these days. "Don't worry Angel I'll rub your wings when we get there after all it's been while since you could flex them." he soothed his lover..he was hoping to divert his lover form the uneasy feeling he could feel rolling the angel.

It seemed to work because the angel blushed "I'd like that my dear..I've been feeling out sorts today.". Crowley nodded his understanding and told the angel what Methos was planning for the weekend and this had Azirphale in much better mood. Figures the angel would be only too happy to help the old immortal look for Scottish tartan. Damn him and McLeod..oh well if it made Azirphale happy he could bear it.

He looked back he still couldn't see the Winchesters but they were there this would an interesting vacation.

An: no Crowley isn't the demon Sam and Dean are looking for but he's looking to make some trouble,lol. Note: this is set in spn season two so no it's not about the current season.

The End..well for now anyway :)