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a.n. Set sometime after chapter 95 of the manga (episode 54 of the FMA: Brotherhood anime), though the actual events of the storyline after said chapter/episode are pretty much irrelevant. Quoted italics are loose paraphrasing of the dialogue that occurred within that chapter/episode based on scanlation and subtitles. Unquoted italics are lyrics pulled from Emilie Autumn's "The Art of Suicide."

summary: When you have nothing left to live for, why live a life? Royai

Why Live a Life?
A Fullmetal Alchemist Drabble
By FlamingRedFox

Cold steel fit her palm like a tailored glove: familiar, comforting, at home.


She raised her gun.


His words from the past echoed in her mind, faded memories.

"You coward!"

The safety clicked off.

Why live a life that's painted with pity and sadness and strife?

She'd failed. No, they'd failed… She'd failed him.

Why dream a dream that's tainted with trouble and less than it seems?

Church bells chimed in the distance, drowning the sound of her gunshot.

Why live a life?

She'd vowed to follow him, always.

The world is full of lovers.

To her, that vow had been more sacred than any promise to continue living.

We don't need any more.

Not when all she lived for had been him.

a.n. I have a feeling contemplating suicide, albeit not my own, at four am is probably a bad thing. I also feel a little guilty about killing off my OTP of OTPs in the first piece I finally worked up the nerve to write for them. (Been an FMA fan for six years and yet I've only just now found an aspect of it worth writing about.) Ah well. The passing away of my dog a few weeks ago left me wanting to write something utterly tragic. Originally I was going to write a deeper, more contemplative, darker scene, but it would have thrown off the pattern I unintentionally created. I hope you've enjoyed this twisted little bit of Royai. And if curiosity hasn't gotten the better of you yet, I highly recommend you give a listen to EA's "The Art of Suicide." It is one of the most beautifully sarcastic songs I've ever heard.