Final Chapter

The new city soared past us. My arm was around Rosalind's waist and Petra was on her tip tiptoes trying to peer over the window ledge. I closed my eyes, letting the voices of the city below fill my head. It's a strange sensation, hearing millions of people's thoughts, like standing in a huge hall where every word echo's off the walls. It was like I had stepped right into my childhood dreams, but this time it was not confusing or scary. It was happy and a source of hope. "It feels like home" Rosalind whispered. I smiled in agreement, opening my eyes. I thought about what I had originally called home, the corrupt religion and lack of acceptance. It was a cruel world and I was pleased I had saved Petra and Rosalind from what would have been an unmerciful death. Shuddering at the thought I focused my attention on the earth beneath us, towers and buildings of a size I had never seen before glided underneath us at a steady pace.

The routine beeps and comforting roar of the flying machine let me drift off into a sort of semi-conscious state. I was sitting leaning against one of the metal panels that bordered the walls supposedly hiding the masses of wires and technology behind. An ear piercing screech broke the regular noise of the machine. I woke with a nauseating start. Opening my eyes I saw Rosalind holding tightly to the metallic rail by the window and desperately clinging to Petra who seemed to be sliding away. I felt myself slipping to the right and grabbed the nearest hold and struggled to my knees. "What's happening?" I asked out loud, shouting to be heard over the protesting growl of the engines. Rosalind's face was the definition of petrified so I knew she had no clue either. Petra was screaming, terrified tears rolling down her pale cheeks as she grasped onto Rosalind in an awkward way.

Everything happened in the matter of fateful seconds. I opened my mind and was physically knocked back into the panels by Petra's mental fear. Through the wails of distress radiating from my sister I heard the Sealand woman who had remained with the pilot throughout our journey. "David, David? David you must listen to me," her tone was panicked "our fuel level is too low, we are going to crash" A cry from Rosalind made me concentrate on the real world, Petra was literally holding onto Rosalind's hand, dangling into thin air as the machine spiralled down, turning sideways so the only thing holding us up was our grip to the hand rail. "Hold tight everyone," said a calm but urgent male voice, the captain I presumed "I am going to open the doors, we are going t o have to jump for it." Then everything slowed down. The beep of the sliding doors was barely audible over the thunderous avalanche of crashes surrounding us. The scream of "NO!" rang round my head and mouth. My prediction was correct and as the doors slid wide open Petra lost her grip on Rosalind's shaking hand. There was nothing for her to catch onto and in a blur I saw her falling helplessly towards the earth.

How we landed safely I don't know. Part of me wished I had perished along with my little sister, but I had to stay strong for Rosalind. Life would never be the same. I missed her with all my heart and the Sealand woman's attempted comfort only angered me. It was her fault. If she had not wasted time coming to rescue us, Petra would still be here. But how long could I defy myself? I was just clinging to desperate hope. Deep down I knew the blame for everything that had happened, everyone who had been hurt: Sophie, Katherine, Michael, Anne Rachel and now my Petra, was all due to the crazy religion that ruled Waknuk. I hated people for believing in it, and I knew I was going to make them pay for all the pain they had caused my friends.